Report: Arsenal 0-2 Bayern Munich


Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Flamini, Wilshere, Ozil, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo

Subs: Fabianski, Monreal, Jenkinson, Rosicky, Gnabry, Podolski, Giroud

10 man Arsenal fell to a brave 2-0 defeat against Bayern Munich at the Emirates tonight.

Arsene Wenger pulled something of a surprise with his starting line-up, keeping faith with Yaya Sanogo after his display against Liverpool in the FA Cup and Olivier Giroud’s disciplinary issues.

Arsenal started brightly but had Wojciech Szczesny to thank in the 3rd minute. From Bayern’s first attack Toni Kroos hammered a shot towards the top corner and only a great save tipped the ball away from the top corner.

Arsenal then got on top of the game with Yaya Sanogo testing Neuer  in the Bayern goal. The ball came to the young Frenchman in the box, he sidefooted it towards goal and the keeper got down quickly to save.

Moments later Arsenal had a great chance to take the lead when Mesut Ozil won an 8th minute penalty. The German stepped up to take it but his casual looking spot kick was saved by Neuer, making it Ozil’s second penalty miss in the Champions League this season.

The atmosphere took a hit after that as Bayern grew into the game and Arjen Robben dived to win a free kick which he smashed into the wall then over the bar.

Mathieu Flamini shot over the bar as Arsenal made a rare foray forward, and after a spell of Bayern possession good work by Sanogo sent Oxlade-Chamberlain through on goal but once more Neuer was in control and came out well to clear.

Mario Mandzukic headed a free kick not far wide after Ozil had conceded a free kick in the Arsenal half, before Arsenal were forced into a change. Kieran Gibbs looked to pull a hamstring and he was replaced in the 31st minute by Nacho Monreal.

The Germans began to put Arsenal under real pressure with Robben shooting from inside the area only to see it blocked by Mertesacker, and the cheating Dutchman was involved in a major incident in the 37th minute.

He was sent in behind the Arsenal defence and got a toe to a high ball. Although caught by Szczesny, the ball went away from goal and he went down as if he was shot. The referee gave Bayern a penalty and showed the keeper a red card. Considering the ball was going out for a goal kick, it seemed very harsh.

Santi Cazorla was sacrificed for Lukasz Fabianski and although the Pole didn’t save Alaba’s penalty, his first action was to watch it rebound off the outside of the post and away. Justice, of sorts.

The Gunners managed to see off the Bayern threat until half-time and the game, remarkably, was scoreless at the break. There was a half-time change as Rafinha replaced the booked Boateng.

Bayern were dominant from the off, and a poor Monreal clearance gave Kroos a shooting chance but it was straight at Fabianski. Laurent Koscielny found space behind from an Arsenal free kick, but couldn’t quite get the ball out from under his feet and his shot was tame.

The pressure was huge and it was no surprise when the opening goal came in the 54th minute. Bayern worked it down the right, cut it back for Kroos, Arsenal were pushed too far back and the midfielder’s shot curled into the top corner to make it 1-0.

The game was then played mostly in Arsenal’s final third as Bayern pinged the ball around like it was a training game, the Gunners forced to defend from side to side as they moved the ball.

Fabianski had to save from Robben as the cheating Dutchman got in behind Koscielny and the German pressure grew and grew. Robben curled a shot wide, Bayern passed the ball from side to side to side to side to try and work openings, but Arsenal stayed as solid as they could.

Arsene Wenger made his final change in the 74th minute, bringing on Rosicky for Oxlade-Chamberlain, but little changed. Arsenal lacked any kind of outlet, and the visitors continued to dominate.

It was relentless from Bayern, and last ditch from Arsenal when they did get near the ball. Rosicky got booked, Koscielny tried to drive Arsenal forward, but in the 88th minute Bayern got a second when Muller headed home from close range.

It was hardly a surprise but still a bit cruel on Wenger’s team. It could have been worse as Kroos hit the post with a low shot, but even still a 2-0 defeat leaves them with a huge job to do in the return leg.

And Arjen Robben is a cunt.


        • yeah I would bet on that actually. Or maybe draw it 2-2 and go out penalties.
          Mesut Ozil might even learn a new way to hit it straight at the keeper.

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      • Brave defending overall and therefore disappointed with the result. But when you’ve got to defend with 10 men, how can you let Özil stay on the pitch? – No doubt he’s our weakest link defending wise and sad how many times he can miss a pass, well I thought that was his strength. The only reason for him being on the pitch must be because of his name and price tag..

        The only positive if we go out of the CHL is that we can focus fully on the EPL.

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        • I can’t agree with people who think that going out of the Champions league is a good thing for the club. I really can’t. Where’s the guarantee we’ll do well in EPL. A loss here hits our confidence and our annual end of season slump begins. Give me a break. Arsenal will get through this tie. All guns blazing in Munich.

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        • The Ox hasn’t long been back, and it showed so I can see why Wenger took him off…ideally we’d have taken off Sanogo, who looked dead from the 60th minute on and Ozil too but sadly not the case.

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        • Ozil looking like a mistake now. He was slaughtered on Irish TV tonight for being a gutless lazy bastard who Wenger hasn’t the balls to drop because of the massive transfer fee!

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        • I know it goes against the flow, but I’m not so sure about Özil’s efforts tonight. Penalty aside (just don’t…), the guy was everywhere. I’d like to see how much ground he covered tonight compared to the rest of the midfield. I’m not sure Santi would have offered more defensively, and after missing the pen, he at least seemed to be doing as much as he could to make up for it.

          As to the rest of the subs, the Red and the injury to Gibbs screwed any plan we might have had.

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        • Shit, forgot. — You never wish to go out of any competition.

          We are better than last year, that and 2 other things must be gnawing at Bayern right now:

          They were not better than us until they had an extra man, and we need 2 goals at their place to make things interesting. We’ve already done that, and they know it.

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        • Ozil has been playing better in last 3 games (ManU, Liverpool and Munich) but through-out this period he tends to keep hold of the ball for too long, reminds me a lot of a certain AR16 when he was struggling.

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      • Santi surely should have. I know Özil since he was ~17 and he certainly isn’t someone you would want to take the penalties.

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      • Ozil should have been subbed too. I know Cazorla is no speed demon, but Ozil just looks like a man in need of a hug right now – no confidence, no fight.

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      • Well in defence of Ozil he didn’t look confident at all lining up the penalty seems no one else wanted to put there hand up maybe Santi still haunted by his miss at Bradford. Look it was a good fairly even game destroyed by a red card two or three minutes after Boeteng avoided a second yellow card for a poor tackle that’s what fucked me off most.

        On a side note piss poor time of the season for Giroud to have disciplinary issues!!!!!!

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    • Never been a critic of Ozil, bt What the FUCK was that? should have been removed instead of Santi. Bt still a great performance by all the boys. So proud to be a GUNNER

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      • Probably shouldn’t have taken the penalty, but otherwise Ozil was one of our brightest players, looking to create something. I’d say the fault really isn’t his, but more that we were unlucky the ref loves robben’s cock in his ass.

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        • I fail to understand that line of thought. I like the way he makes himself available for a pass and the fact that he can run with it, it’s just that even with the ball he tries to dribble through 3 playes all the time. Why can’t he pass?
          He’s going through an Aaron Ramsey 2012 season. I don’t know if we can afford to keep having players going through one of these spells. It costs us every season.

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        • remember the invincibles Who would he pass to. Did u see anyone making a run and making themselves availalbe for a pass.

          Everyone just sat back, and there was no outlet. Even Sanogo was not making forward runs, and at times Ozil was being tackled even ahead of Sanogo on the field.

          I really felt for Ozil today. Especailly the commentators slating him for Bayern runners going through. Ozil has many fortes but defending is not one of them. Many class defenders have trouble dealing with Bayern runnerns. In Germany I am sure all teams bar none have better options for left backs than Ozil and they struggle to deal with those runners. Suddenly one sending off and Ozil is supposed to defend like Maldini. I mean come on.

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        • As a soccer coach I can’t be bothered for a single center forward that spends most of his time jogging around and not applying needed pressure at every opportunity. Giroud and Sonogo are 2 very different forwards in work rate philosophy.
          I’m not talking ‘run at the keeper and then keep chasing the ball around the back – I’m speaking of soft pressure 1v1 and not being bothered to even step towards an unclaimed ball merely 5 yards away.
          Do I believe the boy might be something someday – yes, just not as of this moment.

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        • Thumbs down all you want – you’re just trying to make lemonade out of not buying a Striker that can dribble around the box or actually apply pressure more than 1 out of 5 opportunities.
          Watch the match on replay and watch Sonogo specifically – jog-jog-jog-jog-pressure… and then more jogging.
          Easy to spot a lazy forward that only works when it’s easy. But he is young and supposedly can be taught. He’ll either learn or go the way of Park.

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        • Yeah I’m with you TRob13 I expect so much more from a young kid on his second start for Arsenal in a massive champions league match against the holders!

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    • this actually made me feel slightly better:

      nelly ‏@thefakeloomer 14m
      You’re a cunt, Robben, you’re a cunt
      You’re a cunt, Robben, you’re a cunt
      You’re a cunt, Robben, you’re a cunt
      Oh Robben, you’re a cunt

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    • Extremely proud of all the boys and absolutely irate about that dutch arshole for spitting on Bac.What a piece of shit. OK we lost but none of my team spits on people laying on the ground.

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    • what a game that would’ve been if a). we had a decent penalty taker on the pitch b). gibbs never got injured… where was monreal for that red card.. left szczesny no choice..

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      • Damn right…all started to unravell when Gibbs got injured…Monreal ain’t too good at tracking runners, hence we conceded that pen…we were definitely the more threatening team up until then….Wilshere, Ox , Sanogo brilliant! proud of the boys tonight….2-0 and through on pens at the Allianz…COYG!!!

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    • Given the way we started this overall performance turned into a real shambles. Ozil was really terrible( what’s new?) and the injury to Gibbs really fucked us. Monreal came on and they immediately targeted him. With Ozil giving him support it, it became a bit too easy for them. Ozil just allowed runners to go? he just let them go? What was THAT? Szcz has been asking for this all season and it’s no surprise.

      What I can say is that we aren’t out of this tie. It’s another mountain to climb away from home, but the way we started was seriously impressive. We have nothing to lose again and maybe we have Ramsey back in time?

      Shout out to Sanogo and Flamini, both of whom were outstanding.

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      • Don’t mean to be rude but you are wrong.

        They targeted our left flank long before Gibbs went off, and even longer before Ozil switched to left Midfield. Although I agree that Ozil did not play well – his confidence levels must be at an all time low!

        We started this game the way I hoped – and I hope we go at iyt like this for the remainder of the season. We are not that light up top now, that Sanogo is a go for me xxx

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      • I hate to disagree with most of what you have said. Ozil was not shit just that there was no one making any runs for Ozil to pass to, not even Sanogo. On that groud I do criticise Sanogo. I know he is young and all that, but where were the runs. I know one can’t expect him to do a Giroud in holding up the ball, and naturally he struggled there, but Sanogo should have been making runs every second Ozil got the ball. There was nothing from him though. Not one run for Ozil to find. One can understand the rest of the team having a def outlook, but why Sanogo didn’t make any runs at all, is beyond me. Ozil would take the ball run into their half, and get surroinded by three defenders and lose that ball. That happened so many times, but at least Ozil was getting the ball out of there, and with no one making runs what do u expect but him to lose the ball.

        Why Sanogo started ahead of Poldi is beyond me. i mean Poldi this seaosn has 6 goals from 8 shots. How can anyone with just strike rate not play ahead of a 21 year old who made is debut just one match ago is something I cannot explain. I have nothing against Sanogo and I know he is inexpereiced and will improve, but while I will cut him slack on that account, I will not give him a special mention of praise for sure.

        Also, Arsenal are more out than in, and quite frankly I don’t care if Arsenal do get knocked out of the CL. Sunderland being beaten at the weekend now is of twice greater importance. Success in CL is a long shot anyway, and to be honest, the squad has too many injuries to think of fighting on three fronts. The team should think of FA Cup and EPL only. SO in that regard going out of the CL won’t be the worst possible outcome.

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    • Robben’s reaction was no worse than any other player when they are felled in the box. Ozil’s earlier collapse was a bit theatrical as well. Still, the ref was a cunt.

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    • aside from the penalty, he was having an amazing game till the red card. And let’s not forget it was he who had won it, trying to do something beautiful.

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      • He is a world class player as I’ve heard. So I don’t give a feck the “aside from the penalty” aspect. CL-tie against München. You have to bury the penalty.

        “aside from the penalty, he was having an amazing game” is like “consistent in patches”.

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        • you do realise world class players DO miss penalties?

          See Cristiano Ronaldo Champions League final 2008
          See Lionel Messi vs Chelsea Champions League semi-final 2012

          Ozil is not a defensive player and I doubt he would have stayed on had we not been forced into making 2 subs due to injury and the red card.

          Where is the guarantee Cazorla would have scored the penalty? Bradford?
          Ozil did not have a bad game, no it wasn’t great either, but none of the attacking players had a great game after the 38th minute as all they could do was defend.

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      • I’m hearing that a lot and I’d love to believe it, but do you not think we have very highly qualified people that are tracking this stuff and concluding that he should play.

        Let’s face it, we have three other potential No.10s we could play there, if he is wrecked (Santi, Jack, Rosicky) but we continue to play Ozil, so I can’t believe for a second he is knackered and AW just keeps on sending him out there oblivious to this.

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      • I don’t blame him for being knackered though, at Madrid he had runners all round thus passing was more his job him, also occupied a slightly different role than he is now (looks like he drifts outwide more than he did at Real). looks like it will take abit longer before he fully adapts. if he ever!

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        • I’ve no doubt he’ll adapt, we’ve had plenty of top talents who have taken a season to adjust….we all know the names.

          I just can’t believe we’d be sending him out game after game if he was truly knackered. It wouldn’t make any sense. If it is the case, we need a new set of physios..

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    • He should have been subbed for Rosicky, you can’t blame a player for being who he is, he hasn’t got the stamina to track back and tackle like a fullback for 90 mins against the best team in the world. I think everyone gave their best and unfortunately this happens.

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      • Just out of interest, did anyone notice any bad defending by Ozil? Everyone’s saying we should have left Santi on but I honestly don’t remember Ozil ‘not tracking back’ or ‘being slow and lazy’. None of the goals came from defensive mistakes by Ozil anyway, and he seemed to be dangerous going forward – that is until we were on to 10 men.

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    • I don’t know about the game generally, but… European night, huge opponents, we’ve got them under the cosh from the off, penalty…. pick a fucking corner!!! If it’s saved right on the corner, okay, that’s atleast good keeping. I don’t care if he backheels it into goal sipping a mojito, just for god’s sake pick a damn corner.

      But I think one of the key elements to a successful Champions League is a Ph.D. in conning refs. When a 6’3 motherfucker goes down to a 20 year old’s challenge like he got pantsed at an ice rink…

      Anyway, we pulled 2 goals at the Allianz last year, I’m keeping my hopes up.

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    • Some Arsenal fans are so fickle.. Hail him as the messiah one second and the next he becomes the devil.. For God sake recognize Ozil for what he is.. From my vantage point anytime he is a threat always on the ball.. some of the passes that he plays blind folded, none of our other midfielders can even dream of trying.. the tightest angles, inside outside and other parts of the foot that i didnt know could be used.. I really mean this, people should WATCH what hes doing on the pitch.. Yea so he is not perfect but he is still one of the best.. I think some fans got carried away and thought we got Messi+Maradona+Henry..

      I think the red card was harsh and killed us.. Positives in the performance for sure.. FA CUP and LEAGUE.. COYG!!!!

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        • Don’t get me wrong. Loved the effort, Sanogo especially, heart of the lion. Point being, you can’t make contact with Robben in the box. You know he’ll go down like he’s been hit with a machine gun bazooka. That was not red card, yellow+ pen at the most.

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        • Robben is just disgusting. its things like rolling and clutching your “amputated” leg that prompts the ref to give a red.

          Szczesny was within his rights to go for the ball it was in his area so penalty + yellow not RED!

          Did i mention how big of a cunt Robben is?

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    • The ref was pretty decent. Szeczsney had a judgement of error that he shouldn’t have made. I would blame the ref all day long, if there was at least room to debate.

      It’s a damn shame because the game pretty even until the red card. Ozil might have missed that penalty but everyone was putting on a shift. Sanogo, what a lad. Worked his socks off. Chamberlain as well. The back four was tight as fuck. A damn shame.

      Second half is something to forget. Away in München, here’s hoping. Big ask, but 1-0 deficit makes it so much easier. Yet, 90 minutes of the same that we have seen before the red card, definitely possible. COYG!

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    • Fuck ref what? He had little choice. It’s the fucking rule that’s stupid.

      Nobody but ourselves to blame. And that’s not just tonight. If we could win our fucking CL group for a change we might get a decent draw out of the round of 16.

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    • yeah. we all say that but in the end you can’t argue with that. Red cards ruin games like this. Shouldn’t the penalty be enough? Ruined the beauty of the game. same as city’s red card yesterday.

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      • It really wasn’t the same as City’s red card. But if it had gone in, the result could’ve been 4/5-0 by the end. I say we forget this robbery, and applaud the lads for their fight and effort because they deserve to be lauded. It wasn’t really their fault. You cannot do much with ten men, especially against a team like Bayern.

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      • Even Manuel Neuer said after the game that in his opinion red cards like this should not be given as the penalty is enough of a punishment.

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  1. Dear Wenger

    Indeed Ozil is a great player but he needs the bench now more than ever. Please assist him.

    Yours Faithfully

    Concerned Fan

    Ps. Robben is a massive cunt

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    • You know Ozil was fucking crap at anfield just like the rest of the team was. He has responded with 2 damned good performances before tonight and guess what he played alright tonight. Players miss penalties they don’t always go in,we were matching them until the red card. Then strangely enough he isn’t going to have much influence when we go down to 10 men against the holders.

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      • It’s sweat that rolled down the left side of his face.

        I don’t get the Robben hate. He went down theatrically but it was a foul anyway. Same as what Suarez was trying in our last game. Also he was their most dangerous player IMO, I lost count how many times he dribbled past someone on the right, or managed to squeeze a really tight pass in the box.

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      • He doesn’t have to spit. He could have mustered enough saliva and just let it drool and drop.
        It came from the mouth and if your sweat drop is so big, you better consult a doctor.

        Jeez, your stupidity.

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  2. Missing the pen was a blow and took the steam out of us a bit, losing Gibbs was equally a big blow, Monreal is just a shade worse which can make a difference.
    And after the sending off we had to play for 0-0 if we could

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    • But hey, we still nicked a slightly better result than last time!

      I’m calling a reverse of the scoreline on the return tie, and on to extra-time.

      Hopefully with 11 men on the pitch!

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  3. Well I hope the European champions are proud of themselves after that display.
    Dirty, moaning cheating bunch of cunts, led by the most despicable player currently plying their ‘trade’ in Robben.
    What a cunt that cunt is. The fuckin cunt.

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    • Alaba’s penalty miss was unfortunate, but Ozil had no excuse for such a shot penalty. Killed our momentum and our game. Just not good enough from him, so disappointing.

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  4. gotta feel for the other midfielder’s and what they have to do to get a game, Wenger keeps Ozil on purely for the price tag.

    fans were fantastic tonight though, proud to be a gooner

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    • really.. so you think the other midfielders could have done a better job, including taking the penalty.. I don’t think there are any natural penalty strikers in our squad after arteta, podoski.. maybe cazorla.. hmmmm

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    • Me too. I honestly cannot get my head round how utterly, utterly dull Bayern Munich are. That was like watching Stoke, but sideways. Seriously, give me Barcelona any day. All that godawful switching wings, aimless crossing and shooting from distance. If you’re going to dominate a game, you have an obligation to make it interesting. What they did was anti-football. I have never felt more irritation towards an opposing team’s playing style than I do now.

      We didn’t dominate, but we did what we had to do diligently. We were undone by a war of attrition. I would love to see us go to the Allianz and impose OUR game on them. At least we try and play the right way.

      Obviously I fully believe we will win the Champions League this season, but if we don’t, I hope it’s not Bayern who do.

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  5. Who to blame? Ozil for killing our momentum with the penalty miss, Wilshere for taking the free kick far too quickly, or not winning the group from the position we were in going into the away game at Napoli?

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    • 0 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down so far; maybe I should have included my self-reply in the original post. I’m impressed with the performance, offensively when we had comparable numbers, and defensively afterwards in general, but I think that any/all of the three things I mentioned played a role in the result, and I think that’s fair to say. Oh, wait, is it my use of the word “blame”?

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  6. Hard to turn this around now.
    Now on to the premier league and fa cup.
    Focus on what we can win guys.
    CL is far from over but i don’t think it’s worth the effort right now.
    Let’s be real here.

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  7. Sanogo > Giroud

    Faster. Better ball skills. Bulk up an little and he’ll be stronger.

    I see what Wenger saw in him. He’s still the master scout.

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    • Sanogo achieved what Giroud has failed to do since the start of 2014 – turning and having a shot. Also fed a beautiful lobbed pass to the Ox that nearly led to a goal. Genuinely impressed with the lad and I can easily see him taking the regular striker spot from Giroud for the games to come.

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    • I love sanogo’s play but Giroud does have better short passing. I am with you on him getting better than Giroud though, because he’s just turned 21. We still need an established forward, but for this season, he will do. Also, I hope giroud has had enough of a rest and enough of a warning about scoring out of games and wedlock.

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    • Not in the mood now….

      But had prepared a mind-sketch of a post-match post along the lines of:

      “Flipping Venga, imagine where we’d be if we had acquired any proper back-up for Sanogo up front.”

      0-2 on the return. tdm

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  8. And I’ve defended Ozil all the way this season but, fuck me.
    For a player like him to fuck up one penalty is bad enough. To make the same mistake again just isn’t good enough. Especially against his national keeper who knows EXACTLY what he’s gonna do.
    Bendtner’s right foot, the skunk’s chip, Ozil’s pen – at this level, these are the fine margins that could get you through or don’t.

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  9. Proud of our performance tonight, ashamed of neuer though, when sanogo tapped him he played for a yellow. Not how keepers should behave

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  10. I love ozil as much as the next gunner. But his effort really does get on my nerves. Granted he’s had slot of good games he has gone missing in many big games (Liverpool fa cup excluding).
    Whether this is down to fatigue or adapting I’m not sure but I really want more from him

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    • yeah, given the last week I thought we came out looking much better than I would have hoped, second half was pretty dismal but chasing Bayern all around the pitch would have played into their hands and exhausted our players. Wish it had stayed at 0-1, would have been an ok scoreline to take to Munich.

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  11. Schezny Had not been sent off things would’ve definitely been different , and had ozil put off that penalty we would have surely won the game ,still proud of the boys way they played

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    • Yeah and if we had had two more players on the pitch we would have scored. You’re not helping.

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  12. Arsene mate those balls of steel should be used to bench Ozil next time. He has needed a rest for sometime now. (and poor at penalties: Someone else should deputize for Arteta)

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    • If Wenger has the balls to drop Giroud and play Sanogo in a game like this then I’m sure he’d be able to drop Ozil if he thought it was a good idea, whatever his price tag. Give the professor a break.

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  13. Not even going to talk about how fed up I am with Ozil. What the FUCK was Kos doing going up for that freekick on 87 minutes??? Their second came directly from him being out of position. 1-0 would have been a great result in the circumstances, now 2-0 and it’s gone. Once again, Arsenal fail to realise that they didn’t need to chase a goal. The boys did so well up until then 🙁

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    • Kosc would naturally go up because we had 10 on the pitch – if you actually wanted to have a fighting chance, you need to even the numbers farther up.

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    • If you look carefully, Flamini marked Muller until his run, and then stopped tracking him. Kos was the standout in that defensive line tonight and you need to do the unexpected to try and get something out of game against Bayern. Sanogo started for this reason too.

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    • Agree about Koscielny. Absolutely mental to be going up like that at that time. We didn’t need to score, we just needed to make sure we didn’t concede again to keep the second leg open. Now it’s going to be twice as hard in the return leg.

      Still, lets hope we can get an early goal there and really give them the willies like last time!

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  14. Standard script. Save this match report Blogs or u could have the report from previous seasons – AC, Barca, Bayern.

    I would go to the extent of saying u can use the return leg report as well from those ties.

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  15. Ozil mate, that penalty was just not fucking good enough! All over Bayern at the start and could of potentially won it

    I can imagine hatred on Montreal now from Arsenal fans but he played so well when he came on, that robben cunt is too good for us.

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  16. No shame in losing this way. Did our best (mostly) however missed chances of the first half cost us at the end. Oh also do you think UEFA gonna allow the holders to go out and other teams like Barcelona. No
    chance. Never have i seen a sending off this way. Never.

    Never mind. Chin up and cocentrate on the double which is more achievable

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2

  17. Should have kept the Ox on instead of Ozil. Why keep a playmaker on when there is no one to make the forward run? Ox would have at least kept an outlet alive.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 0

  18. why did wilshere rush the FK before their second? basically gave it away right after we got it and then 20 seconds later it’s game over

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  19. We don’t have much luck do we, not helped by Robben being one of the biggest diving cunts on the planet. Would have subbed Ozil not Santi as quite frankly at the moment he does not deserve his place in the starting 11.
    I thought Spanish teams were bad at simulation and going over as if shot but Bayern take are just as bad …

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  20. Huge huge gamble playing Sanogo tonight and a pathetic team effort during the second half. Hope Arsène manages to get us through but very very disappointed to watch us refuse to play for a whole 45 minutes.

    Robben is a cunt.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 42

    • that’s right Ernest, 10 men against the best team in the world, no excuse for us not spraying the ball around like Brazil 1970, go back to the Olympics….

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      • This Bayern team is not better than 2011 Barça’s, and we won that game.

        As Thierry once said we’re not a big club, specially if we hide from the ball against a very good team like Munich is now. It’s quite difficult to win something playing like we did tonight. We need the ball to attack, there’s no goal killer on this team that can score from nothing like van persie did so many times in the past. Maybe you’re happy with it? Wasting time at home against one of the worst man utds we’ve seen??

        I’m not.

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        • In a game that should have been defensive minded and focused on controlling possession in the first place, playing Sanogo was possibly the smallest gamble to make out of all the positions.

          Secondly, Sanogo was also one of the more promising players, and in his SECOND START IN FIRST TEAM GAME, against Bayern nonetheless, in a stretch of three days? The kid has been massive this week and demonstrated composure far beyond his years. How could you fault him for not willing to go forward when you’re a man down in a midfield battle (Cazorla)?

          Sorry but Sanogo isn’t a dead horse to beat. Going down a man is hard enough against any team, and the resilience we showed today is belied by a harsh scoreline.

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  21. The ref killed the game, but I do like sanogo, he won lots of headers and is strong and has good feet, good plus point. Ps bold headed dwarf is a complete cheating cunt!!!!!

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  22. Maybe 1 or 2 signings in the summer as well as Walcott back, we will be able to compete at the highest level next season. Right now, we just don’t have enough quality. We sure missed Ramsey and Walcott tonight.

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  23. When Ozil went to take that penalty, I was yelling for him to drill it in the left corner. He didn’t, he tried that cheeky thing and Neuer saved it.

    Then when Alaba had that penalty I was afraid he was gonna score it by drilling it into the corner. Instead, He hit the outside of the fricken post. So glad he missed and that I was proven wrong.

    I still say drill it hard on a penalty though.

    Whatever, we played fantastic anti football when down to ten, probably would’ve won if not for the red.

    Almost seems like Fabianski is fated to play Bayern in the Champions league; can only assume he will be starting in Munich, seeing as Szczesny will be out.

    Sanogo was brilliant, until he lost all his energy, if we had another sub opportunity it would’ve helped alot.

    Wilshere looked really good, Ozil looked lively, Monreal did well enough, Kos was boss.

    Overall it was a great first half, solid enough second half defensively, lots of bad luck.

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  24. Don’t understand the grunting at all. Were the first 35 minutes so back in the past that we have all forgotten them. The red card changed the course of the game and don’t think we had any other option given that we were playing against the champions. It’s Bayern Munich we are talking about for god’s sake.

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    • Exactly.. I don’t understand why everyone is behind Ozil..! He was good until the red card..! Positive is, he will never ever attempt to take a penalty in this manner from now onwards! Stop pinpointing him. He earned that penalty. And I am so sure that he will earn many more for us in future..!

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  25. I feel people are being overly negative here. Given the opposition, the first 40 min of the match were some of the best we’ve played in quite a while. It was very impressive. The real culprit here is a silly rule that I’ve disliked for years: Red card and a penalty for fouls inside the box. It’s a double penalty, a yellow would be more than sufficient. I’m not blaming the ref – the rule is what it is, but the rule really needs to be changed.

    I have to agree with Ballack on that one: Red outside the box + freekick, yellow + penalty inside.

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    • @MTZ, While I agree that this rule is terrible what really hurt was that it was not applied equally to both sides. Boateng fouled Ozil in the box but only got a yellow. How is that fair?

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  26. Play like how we did before that penalty miss and we will go through. Can’t really blame anyone! Sanogo should start more..
    Disappointed because they are not as good as everyone claim they are! Could have been a completely different outcome with 11 against 11 !

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  27. If only he had to score that penalty it could have been so different very unlucky . great support from the fans tonight they really got behind the team tonight

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  28. Exhausting to watch.

    Sanogo looked promising, his little bit of skill to escape three players from TheBestTeamEverWhenBarcaAren’tTheBestTeamEver FC before nearly setting up the Ox was one of the highlights from a match which lasted under 40 minutes.

    Fuck you Neuer, you whinging gowl.

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    • As much as it pains me, but on german TV Neuer spoke up in favour of Sczes after the game. He said that this did ntot warrant a sending off and that as a goalkeeper he is opposed to this type of double punishment (referring to penalty plus significantly weakening the opposition).

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      • BTW the fucking whinging cunt is that unspeakable rotten dick from the Netherklands -and NO IT IS NOT RVP. Such an unsporting self-centred speck of unworthiness in football boots. It simply pains me to direct any of my cognitive abilities to perceive him onthe screen. Urrghh.

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      • Ballack said the same thing in the Sky studio. I agree with them. The whole double punishment rule is flat out stupid, and it just cost us the game.

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  29. No complaints about the result or the sending. Off. Great effort against a great team. Almost the whole team deserve credit. Not scapegoating but Ozil just didn’t look interested. Terrible performance.

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  30. What the fuck was Kos doing running up the field trying to score a goal with 5 mins left??! He barely got back into position for the last goal. He should have been there to help organise the back four.

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  31. When I tell people I’m tired of the champions League, they think I’m joking… There was a time I used to watch every CL match I could get my hands on replays, live, etc. That eventually dropped down to just the English teams matches and now it’s down to pretty much just Arsenal matches. I’m afraid worth the great referee influence in every frigging knockout stage game, I might just start skipping the whole damn thing.

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  32. We were definitely still in the game before the red card. Still a decent performance considering the opposition and the amount of time we played with 10. I do think Ozil should be rested for the Sunderland game purely because he looks like he needs it. Also, it can’t be doing his confidence any good keep getting berated after each game. I think Arsene needs to give him a break from the spotlight to get himself together and hopefully come back fresh and ready to go for the big games we have coming up.

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  33. Okay hard luck guys. Both penalties were penalities and by the rules, the red card was also fair. Chessers clearly battered through Robben’s leg. One may at best argue that Robben was not strictly in control of the ball, but even that is a far stretch. Robben had out controlled the keeper and in all likelihood would have gotten to the ball and scored. So no real complaints there. I still feel that the rule of sending off after a penalty is stupid. One goal scoring opportunity was denied, but another has been presented on a platter. Sure send off the last man in case of only a free-kick being given, but even a last man foul leads to penalty it should not be a sending off. Unless of course its also a studs up tackle or something. However the refree can only apply the rules he has to work with, and in that part I don’t fault the referee.

    Having said that, I like Ozil tonight and I know a lot of ppl will brandish him the villain, but while the penalty miss was unfortune, he got blasted by the commentators for letting runners go. I do sympathise with him. He is not exactly a world class defender, and they have trouble dealing with Bayern’s runners, what did u expect Ozil to do. He still stuck at it, and put in shift. After the sending off he was the only one taking the ball forward and trying to do something.

    Wenger was not helped by the injury and then the auto-sub in of the keeper, Wenger had only one sub to work with. I like Sanogo, but given that task ahaed, Giroud was the person to be playing up front he would give more, holding the ball up, and Sanogo really struggled at that and Arsenal had no outlet whatsoever to speak of, expect Ozil running into their half, into three defender with no runners at all to find and losing the ball. I really Giroud should have been brought on. I failed to see the point of Rosicky coming on, I mean the Ox was doing a great job defensively, supporting Sagna and nothing was going down the right side of Arsenal defense. So I really failed to understand what subbing Ox for Rosicky achieved, unless maybe Ox was tired and we required fresh pair of legs.

    Apart from that I do have a huge gripe about the starting line up and that is Podolski’s absence from the starting line up. The guy has 6 goals from 8 shots, how on earth can a team not utilise him is beyong me. Gamble on him, and start him ahed of Saongo. Its obvious Giroud is serving some kind of a ‘sentence’ due to his allegend sex romp, but in that case, Wenger just has to utilise Podolski.

    All said and done, we need to start working on our movement going forward and no runners makes it only harder when facing a side like Bayern with 10 men. Sometimes one comes up against sides much better than you, and the cards don’t exactly fall favorably to add to that, and that is what happened today. It was a tall order and while I would be glad to see a real go in Munich, but looking at the larger picture perhaps this team was not suited for a three way challenge anyway. At the risk of sounding like sour grapes, I will say that competing in just EPL and FA cup which are more ‘realistic’ shots at winning something anyway would actually, be not the worst thing.

    Hard luck, try again in Munich !! More importantly the side are exhausted and Sunderland will be fighting for every inch at the weekend fighting for their PL lives. So win there is, I feel, far more important than whether this is overturned or not. So forget about this and 3 points that the weekend is all that should on everyone’s agenda.

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    • I beg to differ: that nefarious bald headed bubble of pus let himself fall over Sczes who was where he needed to be to defend his goal. Yes it is a penalty. A very opportunistic penalty at that.

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  34. Seriously. How is the tackle on Özil less of the last deferender preventing a clear goal-scoring opportunity? Scenario 1: Özil beats the player, is about to pull the player and gets felled. There is no one else who can possibly tackle him, so the tackler is the last defender. Scenario 2: the bald Dutch automoton gets to the ball first, studs up, which he kicks away, and then gets tackled. There is no opportunity to score whatsoever until he retrieves the ball, which more likely will roll out or Sagna would get there first. Am I right? Otherwise, proud of the team. We now know we can keep a clean sheet against these dullards and score three, our performance showed that tonight.

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  35. Fact: Ozil is shit
    Fact: Monreal is shit
    Fact: Def pen for Bayern
    Fact: Szhezney def red card
    Fact: We were always going to lose the match with 10 men
    Fact: Podolski must be totally gutted he can’t get a game in front of fuckin’ Sonogo…
    Fact: Podolski to be sold in summer
    Fact: I’m pissed.

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  36. Seems to me like there is a part of Ozil’s contract that says he must play every game. Wenger’s hands are tied with that one.

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    • I think nothing is wrong with that. And a top top team is what I saw tonight.

      The team that was on the pitch tonight showed that they belong in the final stages of the worlds best club competition, hands down.

      I saw focus, I saw determination, I saw belief.

      I also saw moments that could have gone another way, circumstances, and even failures. That tends to happen in sports.

      Yes, tonights result may have been a disappointment. Watch the game again and you will see that your demand is reality.

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  37. Robbens skill is diving, and Ozil did play poor, missing that pen just set him up for the rest of the game..Boschielny and Per were outstanding even down to ten men and Bednap is quite right in spotting flamini’s error on kroos’s goal but hey you did us proud Gunners! GFLife!

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  38. You know what really pisses me off. That obnoxious cunt Maureen is no doubt laughing his ugly mug off at Ozil struggling at the moment. so FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MESUT get your form back if nothing else just to shut that cunt the fuck up!

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    • I think it’s inevitable that at *some point*, Ozil is going to have one of those games that shows the world (or at least the premier league and the c*nty British press) who he really is. On his day, I really believe he has the ability to absolutely tear apart just about any team in the world. Lets just hope he has some of those days soon!

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  39. Ozil is going to get a lot of stick for the penalty miss, and rightly so, but its a shame it will take away from what was otherwise a good performance by him and the team. Thought we were the better team for the first half an hour, but the Gibbs injury really unsettled out back line and led directly to the sending off, killing the game. If we play like we played today we might be able to surprise a few people in Munich…

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  40. Without reading all of the comments, I think I am in the consensus when I say that I am truly proud of our team today. It’s disappointing, but we played hard and with pride. It’s great to see the young guys out there (especially Sanogo and Ox) who were really giving their all. We played the best team in the world and looked the part – had it not been for the sending off, this was a different game.

    Out mentality was right from the start. A shame about the penalty, but even though the attempt was a bit pithy, you have to give Ozil some slack if only because Neuer is an absolute monster and that can’t be easy for anybody to go up against in that situation.

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  41. This was an unlucky game by arsenal:

    1.Ozil missed the penalty
    2.Gibbs got injured
    3.When szczesny got sent off.

    Well, we did everything we could but…
    But we have to still believe, remember last year in munich.Keep the faith!coyg!

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    • I think the most significant of that was Gibbs getting injured. Monreal is the Spanish Eboue: Good going forward, good one v one, but when it comes to positioning and winning headers they are same as useless.

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  42. Ozil’s head dropped after that penalty….and never came back up. There’s something wrong here at the moment but dropping him isn’t the answer. I’m just not sure what is
    Also, Jack does not seem to like him

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  43. The next leg will be a challenge, but it’ll hopefully be a really fucking exciting challenge. If we hadn’t gone a man down, things would have been different. I don’t think anyone can argue that. So next leg, we need to make sure no one gets sent off, go into the match with belief, and try to get something from it. And Robben is a massive cunt.

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  44. Robben really is a cheating bald cunt. You watch that clip of him, he pretty much lands on two feet, has a good look about *ref I am over here* than throws his fuck ugly mug to the floor shrieking with simulated agony.
    I hate cheating and diving and conning the ref in football. I hate it if an Arsenal player does it and hate it when another team do it. Robben you should fucking embarassed!

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  45. Shame the ref had to put it on a plate for them by sending sczc off. You can say rules are rules, he’s the last man yeh yeh but that is so down to interpretation it is farcical.. Robben gets to the ball yes but where’s he heading? Out..

    The worst thing is we have to go there now in a tie that is as good as dead with a tired squad in the midst of more achievable competitions (prem and FA cup). And you know we will give 110% which will likely restore pride.. But at what cost to our other targets?

    I’m not one for kicking a man while he’s down, but it was very obvious that ozil was offering no protection on the left hand side. Perhaps wenger could see ozil had dropped his head and forced him to see it out rather than giving him the easy way out and pulling him from the field. Who knows but I think I’d have preferred rosicky for ozil

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  46. Ozil could have changed the course of his season & arsenals with that penalty. He was bought for such nights in the CL. His dwindling confidence may continue to spiral. He has failed thus far to satisfy expectations.

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  47. that fucking free kick pumped straight to neur with koscielny stranded up the pitch. 1 minute later its 2-0. i am beside myself with rage at that free kick. it was fucking ridiculous. two players wide right with all the space in the world. and the ball is hoofed lazily straight back to bayern, who go down the pitch, at no great apce, and score directly from neur’s release of that ball. i cannot fucking believe we did that.

    people have short memories calling this tie. before the red card we were on them, and had by far the better chances. AND WE BEAT THEM IN GERMANY 2-0 LAST YEAR! what the fuck! one goal and the game is turned on its head.

    oh and i couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw ozil walking over to take the penalty. i thought it was a joke. what in good fuck is going on there. the guys clearly fighting to turn around his form, so take a penatly in a champions league game? ridiculous.

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  48. Ozil played really well. Cut the bullshit lads. He won the penalty with a sublime cut back and was running the midfield for the first half. So he missed the spot kick, shit happens.

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    • he was bloody awful in the second half. Wasn’t his fault really, he isn’t a defensive left midfielder. But I think he should have been sacrificed rather than the Ox who was much better defensively.

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  49. Forget about Jonathan Walters, I think Mesut might actually be the EPL’s worst penalty taker. And what a dreadful defensive performance from him. I do wonder who is a worse defender, him or Santi?
    But great performance by Kos, Mert and Flamini. Sagna didn’t get tested that much (I wonder why? The answer might have something to do with Özil and Monreal playing on the other side).

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  50. Munich looked miles fresher. Not surprising seeing as they’ve had a two week break in the sun while we played six games in the cold and rain.

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  51. With the way Nob-end can fake stimulation he might have been better suited with a career in Amsterdam’s red light district. The dutch douche.

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  52. Two things for me.

    First, if you’re top class footballer , you’re obviously blessed with top class technique so when you get a penalty, slam the bag of air into a corner and forget the stutter run up cute shit.
    Secondly, I hope we don’t go for Mandzukic. Doesn’t look like he would offer more than Giroud and the impressive Sanogo for me.

    Actually three things….. Robbed really is a deplorable turd.

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  53. Bergkamp failed to convert one or two important penalties in his time so I don’t wanna jump on Ozil’s back about that but the way he takes them is fucking ridiculous for a player of his quality. He’d be better off putting a blindfold on, putting his laces through it and hoping for the best.

    We know we can beat them at theirs but to be honest I wouldn’t mind going out now…..we don’t have the depth/legs to cope with what we have in front of us as it is, another two games against whoever it would be too much. Lets really make to good go of it in the league and fa cup.

    Well done to the home support who were in fine voice.

    Sanogo has been thrown in the deep end at this stage of the season and done very well under the circumstances. It’s a shame it has taken Fab all these years to finally develop into the keeper he is now and he’s off this summer.

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  54. Great team effort. ozil looks depressed maybe he just needs some zannix!
    I know sanogo put in a lot of effort but he is just not up to the required standard to take us to the next level. mind you i am glad we didnt buy manzukic cos he looks utterly shit. we lost against the 2013 chaampions and probably this years also. 3 points on sat is all that matters.

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  55. I’m sorry to say that ozil is the one to blame for tonight’ s turn of events.he should at least picked a corner and go for it.after the penalty miss it was clear that the players had in the back of their minds that they lost a great opportunity to control the game.gibbs injury was also a big blow.finally we should accept that the ref in the penalty case had no other option but to show the red card and award the penalty.I hope wenger shows the bench to ozil for a couple of games but also understand that his last substition should be used much earlier in the second half.In Munich i think we ‘ll give hem a real battle.

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  56. Koscielny deserved better. Incredible for us this season. On the heels of Kompany as best centre back in the Premier League. Giroud and Cazorla to bang some goals in on Saturday and put the smiles back on our Goonery faces.

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  57. So disappointed for the lads. There’s really nothing you can say about that game, everything that happened was clear as day. Oh well, all we can do is look forward to revenge at the Allianz.

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  58. I guess its time to rest Ozil against Sunderland. He look knackered. Lets restore rosicky / cazorla at the CAM. Plus, for someone who supposed to be a big game player, he bottle it again.

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  59. Don’t worry blogs, there’s a special place in hell reserved for Robben. And missing penalties at this level is unforgivable.

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  60. If only Ozil did this. If Only Kosc stayed back. If only the Bayern team ate 3 day old lasagne and puked all over the pitch!

    I thought we had a good game and if we were in it to win it we had to go for it. Shame it didn’t work out. Leave the finger-pointing to the ‘I told you so’ analysts that love to hate Arsenal.

    Me, I have no nails left. Need to start growing them again for Death Run 2.

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  61. Such a brave performance from the mighty Gunners!

    2 major things highlighted though:

    1. Ozil should never ever take a penalty for us again. I don’t care if our 1st and 2nd choice takers are out.

    2. The failure to land a striker bit us on the arse tonight. I just hope with everything that’s going on with Giroud, it doesn’t cost us again in the FA Cup and league.

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  62. People are expecting miracles from Ozil. All the best playmakers needed good runners into space. Who has been offering that? Unless we sign players on his level, we could destroy him like Arshavin

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  63. Turning point of game…Gibbs injury. 0-0 at the time…doing just fine. Then Monreal….what a poor left back.
    Always seems to be running backwards to cover spaces he leaves wide open. Always panics, first touch average, no sense of awareness at all. Rubbish player.
    Good to see Flamini giving a bollocking to Ozil….after being told to get his fucking lazy arse in gear, Ozil aggressively pushes out at Flamini.
    I’m telling you now…Ozil is a fucking twat. He’s not an Arsenal man….one more season and he’ll fuck off. Plain as day.

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  64. Well you all guys I’ve said everything about Özil. This is not a shame to lose against Bayern but I feel like we defended without making any pressing on their mildfields. That allowed them to shot properly on the first goal or to delivery clinical long balls like on the penalty or for the 2nd goal. We were very low on the pitch but still we left some big spaces.

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    • Pressing with 10 men? What kind of tactic is that? You are going to be shot full of holes against a team like Bayern. The obvious tactic is to hold shape and keep them at arms length which is the opposite of an active pressing game.

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      • Come on this is the basics ! Because your 10 men you won’t press on the whole pitch, but close to your 18 yards you cannot stay without watching them doing whatever they want ! You have to prevent the guy who has the ball to find an easy solution. On the second goal, you can see Flamini asking Wilshere to press on Lahm. But too late. As a matter of fact, because we were too much passive we still left some big holes, they found easy way to shoot and cross the ball, they hit the post… “Fortunately” Lucasz did very well against Robben who wasted a lot and our full backs did pretty well in the air (’till the 87th min).

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  65. Can someone tell me why passive offside is still considered so even when the player offside impedes a defender from getting back to an on-running on-side attacker ?

    Because that’s exactly what Mandzukic did to Koscielny in the lead-up to the penalty/red card…

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  66. Oh and please give Fab a contract he cannot refuse…give him 50% share of all games….he has developed very nicely, would be a shame to loose him.

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  67. We could have easily got a result tonight, but it wasn’t to be. We had them shitting themselves at the start, but hey ho. I will be more upset if we lose to Sunderland at the weekend.

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  68. Anyone with brains can tell that the combo of red card/penalty/suspension/bollixed legs/tie-handed-over-to-opponents-on-a-platter-of-gold is a punishment not commensurate with what happened in that split second. #GetItSorted

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  69. Firstly I am proud of our club and the players tonight. The first 35 minutes we were largely on the front foot and everytime forward we were dangerous with Ox creating havoc for their back line.

    The loss of Gibbs basically decided the tie in my opinion. He was sharp and totally switched on as Bayern were trying to flood in on that side and overrun Cazorla. Monreal for all his effort and endeavor was switched off for that one moment and watched the diving cunt make that run. And for as much disdain as I have for that diving cunt, and the argument that the ball was going away from goal, he was caught and the referee 9 out of 10 times makes that decision.

    The blasts of Ozil….no I am not on board with that. The guy has been slotted in the side for every match except when knackered and basicallly has had no break….and certainly has not been put under such stress while at Madrid. This was always going to be a challenge his first year here in this domestic league. They missed the pen too so you move on.

    Everyone put in a shift and basically the fortunes went against us…..thats it.

    Put in an effort in 2 weeks and outside of that the league and cup are now the focus.

    Come On You Reds…..heads up.

    Wilshere, Sagna, Merts….all excellent. Its a shame Kosc tried to make something happen at the end and got caught out, but the best sides will take advantage of that every time especially against 10.


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    • “all excellent”. I would love to agree with that but I can’t. Actually, Wilshere was too far from Kroos on the first goal and you could see Flamini asked him to press Lahm while he was unmoving close to the penalty area. He should have been closer and put a pressure on them.
      Sagna had lost a lot of easy balls, because he looked affraid of Bayern players.
      Per was great, Lukasz made some really great saves on Robben’s shoots. I think we missed Santi a lot, he’s the guy who still tries something, he is able to change the face of a game thanks to his shoots, he is still in motion giving a solutions for the man who has the ball… while we were too much passive

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  70. Was at the game this evening and I for one am massively positive about our performance. When was the last time we went into a huge game and played without fear? it was great to watch and it is only a shame that matters transpired during the game that made a positive result against a great team nigh on impossible.

    Now go out on the weekend, get a good result and save these similar performances for man shitty, chelscum and everton next month.

    Come on you gunners!

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  71. Look, we played really welll, we restricited the best team in the world to errant crosses to nowhere and only 2 goals against a 10 man side. Defensively we were really rather good. And a shout out to Flamini who was absolute boss tonight, keeping the momentum throughout. Also Sanogo looked really sharp, loved it when he closed down the keeper and took a yellow.

    Besides, I replayed the match on Fifa 11 and won 1-0 with Chamakh socring a screamer…so…you know…every cloud

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  72. Real pity we could not capitalize on the penalty. We started well but were punished for not taking the chance presented.

    Don’t think you can blame Ozil entirely though as at least he had the guts to take it.

    That said, think the penalty miss merely glosses over some shortcomings on our side.

    Chiefly whilst Sanogo (surprise surprise did reasonably well) we could have benefited from someone who could have added a big of magic on his own up top.

    Particularly down to 10 men, we would have benefited from a bit of pace up top and the creativity to beat two players

    Pato (another player who missed an important penalty recently) is just the sort of player on loan (with option to buy) who could have given us something extra when we were down in numbers.

    Without the striker, I felt we were ample for the League and FA push but that we were a bit short in Europe.

    There is of course still a (VERY) slim chance we can turn it around in Munchen but it seems highly unlikely. Effectively, we are out of it.

    Meanwhile as Metersecker rightly points out, time to move on and get a focus back on the PL. We must make up some ground there.

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  73. Szsc’s sending off reminds me of the recent Suarez penalty claim in that the ball was played and likely out of reach of the attacking player before the foul was commited. Well, they have been known to be given.

    Unfortunate for Gibbs. He is terribly injury prone.

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  74. Proud to be a gooner tonight. We matched them until the red card. Kroos’ goal was awesome. Unstoppable. Muller was left open, stupidly. Santi should’ve thumped the pen. Robbed is a cunt. Proper old man faced cunt.

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  75. Just got home from the match. Now its time to watch the re run just to confirm what a cheating little dutch twat robben is and neuer.

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  76. The referee just gave the match to Bayern. There is nothing so fantastic about the Bayern team. They only became dangerous when we went one man down. when refs go wrong we say it’s the rules, refs are no robots and should use their discerning ability as humans.

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  77. There’s so much time for Sanogo, but this choice for him to start has more to do with the internal politics rather than the best team on the night; I’m not saying it would have meant he’d scored but certainly would not have been worse.

    Giroud would have nailed it, again.

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  78. I mentioned it here – that we shouldn’t commit too many men forward recklessly to try and get a result on the night if we are still in a decent position in the tie – and we very much were still in a good position at 1-0 down with 10 men. The way we conceded the second killer goal is very disappointing when we could have kept it cautious with that hopeful freekick instead of sending Koscielny charging forward.

    On the red card, unfortunately European referees follow the law to the letter – so Szczesny was always going to be sent off. Harsh or not. Personally I don’t agree with it. We seem cursed in this competition, and our naivety doesn’t help.

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