Report: Liverpool 5-1 Arsenal


If you want to read a proper match report, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Arsenal produced a total clusterfuck of a performance and deserved to get battered by a rampant Liverpool side that scored four goals inside 18 minutes and could have added more.

Martin Skrtel converted twice from set pieces inside the first ten minutes before Raheem Stirling and Daniel Sturridge added further quick-fire goals to kill the game off.

We didn’t string together more than three consecutive passes in an opening 45 minutes that was reminiscent of the abject performance against Southampton. This time the scoreline actually reflected the home side’s dominance.

Somehow we managed not to concede during the break, although that brief period of solidity was quickly ended by Stirling who added a fifth on 51 minutes.

Arteta reduced the deficit from the spot after Gerrard felled Chamberlain but it was a low key last quarter of the game as Liverpool wound down and we accepted the inevitable defeat. Amazingly Suarez didn’t score.

We can only hope this doesn’t do lasting damage. There’s certainly no time to dwell on the result as DEATHRUN 1 continues with United’s visit on Wednesday.


      • It was an abject performance. Still top of the table for the next few minutes. Stop with this “wenger out” garbage. Özil should be rested vs utd

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        • Would have preferred Rosicky over Ozil today. We missed his energy and combativeness from the start…

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      • Well, you know, the team needed a mid-season kick up the arse. A shiny new transfer-y type addition would’ve been nice, but a humiliation like this could do as well.

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      • @Previgo – “Wenger knows best as usual.”

        So were still top 3 in the league, have produced a great season thus far regardless of today’s breakdown, and all you can do is take a pot shot at the coach? Id love to see you out there coaching. Im still behind our boys! Cmon you gunners!

        Life must be pretty shite for you huh Previgo. Get a life.

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    • Owen blew his load when Suarez didn’t score that free kick. Was blowing so intensely that he’d completely forgotten that Szcz saved it.

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    • Koscielny with another top striker in his back pocket once again. Too bad there were 10 other Liverpool players out there. =/

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    • At the end of the day it’s 3 points lost against a team that played very well.The real problem may start if we
      Don’t get a result against Manure on Wednesday.
      Too many “Supporters” overreacting both when we win and lose.Its a 38 game season a lot can happen and
      probably will.Believe.

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      • I do believe

        I believe our annual February implosion will continue unabated.

        But hey, it’s supporting Arsenal that counts.

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        • It’s baffling, right?

          I feel like this has happened every season in February going back to like 5 or 6 years ago when we were top of the league by 4 points. We lost an FA Cup match to United pretty handily and promptly shit the bed in the league. I can’t even remember if that was the season we got hosed on that bullshit penalty against Liverpool in the CL or if we went out to Barca, but it seems like since that FA Cup loss February has fucking ruined us every season.

          There has to be a reason. Is it squad depth catching up to us? Extended hangover from holiday fixture congestion? Deflated psyche because Wenger again didn’t make any signings of note (the last big January move I can recall was for Arshavin)? Some of it is our own doing. Think we’ve finished second in our CL group 3 years running so we’ve done ourselves no favors for the draw of the first round knockouts. But something has to change (and no, I’m not saying ‘Wenger out’).

          Not to be overly pessimistic, but looking at what we’ve got coming up in the next two-plus weeks, unless this was just a freak occurrence, we’re going to run ourselves out of silverware again before March even gets here.

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    • Disgrace. We dont deserve to win the title. We cant win games when it matters.

      Our most reliable backline failed.

      Im done with Arteta. He is a player in decline(32 years old..). Seems slower than BFG and should not be our DM. We need a STRONG,and FAST DM

      Im done with Giroud. It was just sad to see Liverpools strikers play compared to Giroud. Hold up play my ass, defending corners my ass. He is NOT the arsenal striker that will take us to a title!

      Özil should wake up and STEP up! This is NOT Real Madrid. We dont have a Ronaldo/Benzema. We have Giroud. STEP UP FOR F**CK SAKE.

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      • twenty thub downs??.. but the man is right on the money.. support Arsenal but don’t be freaking blind.. FACT: Arteta’s best games are against those teams we are expected to do well against.. master of the side and back pass.. Giroud wtf can i say.. only wilshire looked like he was playing yesterday.. WTF!!!!!!!!!

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    Stuff of relegation NOT Champions

    Ozil massive let down today and am being objective here. That performance was abject.

    Some strong words need to be said in that changeroom regardless of player status or importance. Some players need to do a personal evaluation of their attitude. What we saw there isnt the Arsenal we know.

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        • Gargs, the reason OG was so pressured is that he was double marked plus nobody in midfield got close enough to support him.

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        • @Gargoyle,

          Giroud’s performance today was shite, no one will argue that. But to say he has 0 ball control is ludicrous. Already forgotten Chamberlain’s second goal last week? And countless other examples. Problem with Giroud is that he is one-dimensional.

          Today’s performance of the lads was complete shite. I should know, the last few weeks I’ve been shitting elephants due to too much coffee and cigarettes.

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        • @Big Chief from Antarctica

          Zero ball control is a little extreme, but yes, I stand by the fact the Giroud is not really a good technical player. Layoffs aside (which to be honest, they come off, as much as they don’t), you can’t argue when I say that he is not the player to dribble past one player, let alone 2-3. His traits are obvious, he’s a strong-ish player who is good with his head. He can’t shoot, well he can, but there is no comparison between him and the other decent strikers out there. So yeah, he is a tall player who helps defensively. Other strikers offer so much more than he does, but it’s easy to be sentimental about it. I don’t blame him, in fact I like him and his work ethic, but we need someone better (or different, depends on your point of view). No doubt about it.

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        • Apparently he can’t score even with service.. really blind fans.. giroud is ave!! its true and needs to be accepted.. so is arteta btw

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      • I have to agree, Giroud is not at all the striker that arsenal deserves, he is more of a backup player. Wenger needs to realise that we need a player who produces more goals in order to win the league..

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        • No, just no. Giroud doesn’t need to produce enough goals. Arsenal does.

          We can discuss how Giroud fits into the team, if his overall contribution is good enough and stuff like that.. and they are questions certainly open for discussion. I, among others, believe he does hold up the ball well enough, contribute to play enough, dominate set pieces and has an overall workrate for him to be considered good enough.. but it’s up for discussion.

          Just looking at the number of goals he scores though.. it’s just, well, stupid. The players on the pitch all fill a multitude of roles during the match, so this defenders defend, midfielders run around and attackers score thing? Well, that’s how to *not
          * be a top team.

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        • Its not just giroud, we are to predictable and we are not direct enough. We have been playing badly lately and today we were found out and it kills me to say that. Ozil needs to wake up, he has been out of form for a few weeks now and giroud im sad to say is good but not good enough. We needed another striker in January and wenger bought a 31 year old injured has been. We need to be more direct and clinical in our attacks not just passing sideways because this always gives the opposition time to regroup and against tougher teams we will be beaten,as proof of today.Its one game and we can get back on track, we need ramsey back and flamini, the season is still wide open and we can still win the title but we need to regroup and then be more ruthless against all our opposition. Come on Arsenal we are much better and bigger than we were today.

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      • Thought Girouds attitude today was absolutely shocking. It’s easy to raise your hand after making a mistake. But why not take a que from Wishere’s book and try harder? Ozil was simply awful again. I don’t care how much money we paid for him. I would start rosicky over him any day of the week. Shocking performance. Absolutely disgusted with everyone bar Wilshere. Not because we got beat, but because our attitude was terrible.

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        • Really, Wilshere? Are you serious? Stop babying the guy he was not good today and let his emotions get to him as per usual and got booked, thereby limiting him for the rest of the game.

          To be fair no one deserved praise today.

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        • Wilshere was good today. Hell fuck yeah. If I’m losing 4-0 because Mesut Ozil can’t make a simple pass then I’m going to play with emotion and be better for it. He was the only one with some desire, I would say chamberlain was decent too.

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      • Arteta and Monreal although I feel like Monreal is a decent player he’s got nothing on Gibbs. Arteta needs to be replaced. The rest of the team I can be happy with as we’re still higher than I thought we’d be over the summer.

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      • Giroud is a good player but honestly if you compare our strikers to the other competing teams: Chelski, Man Shitteh and Liverpool you will notice that Suarez, Aguero, Negredo, Dzeko, Jovetic, Sturridge, Ba, Eto’o are all better strikers and would all produce more goals than Giroud in an arsenal shirt! And surely Podolski would be a better option than Giroud in the striking position, the chances Podolski gets – he scores. But don’t missunderstand me, Giroud is not that bad at all but he is not a striker that will win you the title. And we need someone that are a bit better in order to compete.

        Truth is the key to our success this year have been the midfield and a strong solid defense. However I think we desperatly need a new striker I hate to say this but I miss the time when we had a striker which had the capacity to turn matches around. I expect arsenal to sign another striker for the next season.. We should go for Mandzukic or Benzema in the summer!

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        • giroud did not take us top of the league.. the whole team did.. if individual names have to be mentioned it has to be ramsey, the defence and GK.. no one else.. yea giroud headed a couple in.. got at the end of a couple of chances from abt a million.. but thats it.. some of the goals he scored anyone would score.. some the chances he missed anyone would score.. has ok hold up skills (he is not Drogba for instance).. lends a hand in defence (he is no Terry either) and has no freaking composure and hardly gets one or two shots off in each game.. there has to be something wrong if the striker hardly ever shoots!!

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    • Disastrous embarrassing effort, yes! And yes, we probably wouldn’t win the PL this year. – But at least in Arsenal we’re with the team in both ups AND downs. COYG! <3

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    • No top flight team should concede 4 in 19 minutes. This is embarrasing, after the 3 subs were made that xi should start wednesday

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    • May be i got it wrong but I don’t really agree that Ozil was pathetic. Yes, he wasn’t good but to me it looked that he and Wilshere were the only two players trying to bring a little pace to our game. Unfortunately, they couldn’t because we don’t have any of it now, and both at the front and the back side of the pitch, we were outpaced by their players. The game was pretty open and fast and many times none of our players were there up front, apart from Giroud who was bad as well, to provide any support. We got whatever hold we could on the game only when we calmed the tempo a bit – fruitless. Our entire campaign has been built upon defensive solidarity this season. We have not been the high scoring, fast flowing Arsenal since after Ramsey got injured, so, right after the 3rd goal, I had this feeling that this game had become out of our reach.

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  2. This was on the cards for a long time.
    Remember how some of us critisized the performances despite the fact that we won by one goal or two and you said “the only thing that matters is three points, who cares” or “why are you so negative, shut up, we won”? This is the culmination of those shit performances where we got a win because the opposition was shit.
    I guess you care now.

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    • In most matches when we got to 2-0 we didn’t go on an onslaught like Manchester City because we have a smaller squad. I still feel we should have gotten a quick striker in the window, but that is in the past now. Onwards and upwards!

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    • Completely agree. time and time again this season we’ve put in lethargic performances but got lucky because the teams we played were not that good. Think both performances against Southampton, Cardiff at home, Palace at home, etc. We finally faced a squad that had the pace and ability to punish us for not turning up and we got our asses handed to us. Fully deserved defeat.

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      • I can get behind this comment 100%. I’ve been thinking the same thing for some time now. And people like to fool themselves that we play good attacking football. Well that’s not true either, at least not for the way we’ve played for the last 3 years. You can always point at a few games, but those are an exception. We’ve been pretty average throughout the season. I don’t mind that. We aren’t that good, so what?! Well, here’s the thing, the fact that someone is trying to fool me that we are, is pissing me off.

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    • i agree totally, weve been poor for a while, since ramsey. the team lacks players the llack of movement was brutal. ozil was horrendous cost us two goals, world class my ass. i think hes only interested in his passing stat. need a change

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  3. It was like a clown running across a minefield. I think the problem is with our passive and languid playing style as of late – moving it around slowly and comfortably, taking few/no shots and trying to score perfect goals. Contrast that style to how Liv played, if we played with that tempo and speed, and take shots more often, especially in the first 45 mins, we would score a lot more and take teams apart easier. Rosicky is one who often does that for us so I think he should have started. And Poldi too. Oh – and what are the chances of that gloating c**t Alan Hansen being on MOTD tonight?

    Anyway – onwards and upwards, it’s not a one game season. COYG! And I’m optimistic that a positive from today will be that Michael Owen has probably picked up multiple injurys and will be in hospital for a while due to what sounded like wanking and repeat cumming himself silly whilst doing the commentary. The c**t.

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  4. Very Sad, But The League didn’t start today and it sure as hell doesn’t end today.. 1 game shouldn’t undermine what this team has done through the season.. Support and Believe!!! COYG..

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  5. You can’t play with:

    42 millions of baggade when you have a Mozart
    one out of form fullback when you have Gibbs
    the same formation and tactics regardless off opposition when you can make changes to counter players as Suarez and Sturrige
    one lone striker in evey game
    Wilshere and Arteta as CM (we need a proper defensive midfielder FFS!!!)
    a high defence against quick players like Suarez, Sturrige and Sterling
    players that are asleep in the first half (why is it that we look like we just got out of bed, with some exceptions, the first 45 every fucking game?)
    Two CB the entire season
    without speed

    This is Wenegers loss. The team was ill prepared, had the wrong mentality, the wrong formation, the wrong players on the pitch and he gets outsmarted by Brendan fucking Rogers!

    We were lucky Pool didn’t get double figures.

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        • Well, I mean, it’s not. HE doesn’t play. Even if we’d bought a back-up striker or an un-injured central midfielder the same players would’ve started the game, they just shat the bed. If we go on a downwards slope that is accentuated by player injuries in key positions and miss out on the title as a direct result of not strengthening in the January window, now THAT would be Wenger’s fault. But it’s the players that lose the matches.

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        • The same guy who had us top of the league till yesterday. Tone down the Wenger nonsense. We all know what his strengths are and one of those strengths is to believe in the players. They let him down today by not fighting. Now you can say that Wenger picked the players etc etc etc but seriously, until today we were top of the league, so it’s not that the players themselves aren’t any good. They just had a really poor attitude today. We can blame the manager for that, but if the players aren’t up for a big game at a stadium like Anfield then Wenger really has his work cut out for doesn’t he?

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        • Not Wenger nonsense mate. I’ve never called for his head or called him names my respect for him is immense but we are all human and make mistakes today I felt he made a few errors. TR7 should play in all the big games he dictates the pace and has amazing energy. Monreal is a back up man for Gibbs and that is how it should stay. The Ox and Jack will be massive stars for Arsenal in the future but both together in a big game like today(I love the heart they showed today) but not right now. TR7 is underused and why wait till 5-0 before using any subs.

          On a separate note I would love him to sign a new contract!!!!

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      • Well Unlike Rodgers whom actively spent the entire game motivating his players and tweaking his tactics from the sidelines, Wenger sat with his head in his hands staring in to nothingness while the goals were pouring in behind sczcesny, and he could not be bothered to get off his ass and try to get the players heads back in the game or tweak the team tactics. So this loss was definetely not all down to the players performance, for Wengers performance was equally abysmal today.

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    • Wenger can’t legislate against effort. This was a lethargic performance, like many we’ve had this season. I just despise assholes like you who believe you have a greater understanding of what managers should do with their squads than the managers themselves. FFFS THIS ISN”T A FUCKING FOOTBALL MANAGER SIMULATION YOU TWAT, IF YOU THINK YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN A MAN WHOSE BEEN MANAGING FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS, HAND IN YOUR FUCKING APPLICATION. THIS LOSS IS HARD ENOUGH TO TAKE WITHOUT HAVING TO LISTEN TO SOME CUNT STROKE HIS COCK IN DELIGHT AT WENGERS FAILINGS.

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      • He prepares the team and I do blame the players but this is, in my opinion his loss, and reagrdless of opinion I wouldnt call you a twat or anything like that but halwit comes to mind.

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        • Ok lets do things your way. Everyone’s been raving all week about how Mourinho got his tactics right against City. Well did he do anything special or different than what he usuall does? No. He played the same way with two holding players in front of the back four, one advanced, two wingers, and a lone striker. Its how he always plays. The only difference is HIS players, all eleven of them, turned up and worker hard to execute those tactics. Managers don’t usually change or deviate their tactics all that much its up to the players to execute. When they play well we all praise the manager but when they don’t its the managers fault, its one of the oldest cliches in football. The only thing that he did wrong was not playing Flamini but then again he couldn’t. Thats why youre a twat.

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        • You’re clearly the “halwit”. Sorry but with the bollocks you’re talking you shouldn’t be sharing your opinions on football.

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      • it’s neither one nor the other, it’s a collective. Questions have to be asked as to why an entire starting 11 can play with such little energy. it isn’t just coincidence.

        p.s what is the matter with Ozil at the moment!? his attitude is way off.

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    • AW aid afterwards: “It wasn’t good enough. I include myself in that performance which raises questions about us. It’s how we respond that matters.”

      Says it all. No one comes out of this showing today with credit. But that doesn’t mean we want to sack everyone. As the manager points out, it’s how we respond that matters now. Not how much mud we throw.

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  6. Should’ve stayed in the bus with that performance. Ox was the only one that showed any kind of spark. Time to learn and forget about this.

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  7. Well, if the game plan was to keep Suarez from scoring, we managed at least that.

    As @arseblog said, if we manage win against Manure, that’s better than 2 draws. I’m looking at positives here.

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  8. First instinct at 3-0 was to turn my tv off. but i heard the supporters sing their hearts out and i had to virtually watch this agonizing 90+ minutes of football. Fair play to the Away supporters the only thing that has justified my waking up at 7.00 am to watch this

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  9. Well, not an ideal start but nevertheless, the next 3 games are massive and at home. The crowd at the Emirates will have a massive part to play. Hopefully, they don’t act like short sighted retards that this forum is about to get infested with.

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  10. Final whistle. Best moment of the match.
    That performance was not the stuff of champions but how we respond could be.

    I mean seriously COME FUCKING ON MEN!

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    • They could score 12 against us, it’d just be 3 points. How we react to this is important. We have no chance to dwell on this, we need to come out and win against Man Utd, and then hopefully get some revenge against Pool in the cup.

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      • But in terms of the damage a 12-0 spanking would do, it would cost a lot more than 3 points due to the effect on confidence. Same with today – hopefully they can use this game as motivation to do better rather than let it affect their game negatively.

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      • Did you see Bully in the crowd standing up and yelling from the stands after the third went in? I thought he was going to jump the fence and offer to put a pair of boots on!! Fucking livid, so he was!

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  11. Sad very sad. A setback . Time to register another long run of wins after this match. But seriously what happened today?

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    • Liverpool scored 5 goals and somehow that’s all on his shoulders? Ozil and Giroud are our two most offensive players on the pitch, they’re probably the two with the least blame here. Not that they’re without blame, but they’re far from the worst offenders.

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        • Complete nonsense. Losing the ball on their half is fairly common, happens loads of times in every match, and if it leads to a goal it’s because we’ve failed at pressing, defending and and regaining the ball.

          That doesn’t absolve him from guilt, but it does mean that everyone who were supposed to defend failed as well. We’ve done well at defending as a team this season. Yesterday we sucked at it, simple as that.

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      • Not so fast, mate. He’s a fucking prima donna! It’s not just about his mistakes. He mucks things up, sometimes I wonder if he almost expects team mates to run after the ball when he’s just lost it. I read some nonsense about fans saying what BFG did to him at City was unnecessary. Did you even see his countenance at being substituted after his mistakes directly resulted to 2 goals today? It’s total disrespect to veterans like Rosicky who continues to give his absolute all whenever he’s been called upon even though he’s done nothing to deserve sitting on the bench with each passing game. I think that halo around him is coming off now.

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    • That’s what makes this Blog the absolute best you’re as mad as a box of frogs Blogs but you made me laugh even though we were getting trashed by the bin dippers. Speaking of which tonight it’s time to get outside lots of alcohol and forget this crap and move on

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  13. I’m glad I woke up at 6:45 am local time to just watch us get shit on. Everything about this game was just pure shit. Wednesday is a must win!

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    • I know, im a Dubliner living in the states and the nightmare I had before I woke up to watch that rubbish was sweet compared to that Arsenal performance. I don’t think our style of play suits Ozil and that’s why hes not playing aswell, the same with Arshavin, great players but they don’t fit our style of play, we are too slow in our attacks and are not more swift and direct and they are having to adjust to a slow passing game and I don’t think they are used to it, that’s why Arshavin was class when he arrived then got used to playing wengers way and he suffered because of it and now its happening to Ozil.

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  14. “Somehow we managed not to concede during the break” Thanks Blogs. That bit cheered me up as I was just about to go out and find a cliff to jump off. Very witty.

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    • I conceded to a big green carrot shaped stogie during the break.

      It worked for the first five minutes of the second half.

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  15. When are we going to learn that Ferguson used his most experienced players in top matches for a reason? He’d drag Scholes, Giggs and what not out of retirement for those matches, and it worked every time. We, on the other hand, place Rosicky and Poldi on the bench, despite the fact that they’re far more experienced and better defensively than Wilshere and Ox.

    I’m not saying that alone would’ve made a difference today, but it certainly wouldn’t have made it worse.

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      • I thought our best were Szcz, without whom it could have been eight, and then the next best, even though they only got half an hour, were Rosicky and Gibbs.

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      • He did well offensively, but not defensively, which is probably the biggest issue when you ship four goals in a single half.

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    • Agreed that we definitely should have played Rosicky today! He is one of our only big game players!

      More than any specific player. Our team shape in the first half was all over the shop. Sagna Monreal Arteta Wilshere constantly caught upfield. Absolutely abysmal defensive display.

      Why do we reserve our most abysmal defensive displays for the biggest games. I’m convinced it has nothing to do with our ability to defend.

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  16. What a rousing speech / hair dryer treatment that must have been at half time. Wenger the best tactitician and man motivator in the world.

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  17. I think we have the strategy all wrong. In terms of formation, the lack of an outright big defensive midfielder is the reason why we play two makeshift deep-lying midfielders. This makes it necessary for those full-backs to go forward every single attack. When we are down and chasing, we find it increasingly tough to win for this reason.

    At this stage I have to question if we needed flamini and Ozil. Flamini can do a decent job against 10 PL teams, so I dont rate him poorly. Fact remains though, that decent jobs dont win you games. We needed a Nemanja Matic much more than chelsea. We have enough creativity in the midfield. Arsene made a signing for the fans, not for the team in Ozil. He’s good and he will get better, but we could have used the resources elsewhere.

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  18. This is not Arsenal we knew. I am afraid this will affect our psychology, hope it is not.
    Bad day getting worse seeing people retweeting Piers tweets. He is absolutely cunt!

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  19. 1- this game had nothing to do with a lack of strikers
    2- it exposes our complete weakness against fast forward lines (city, pool)
    3- it exposes a lack of tactical flexibility when 4-0 down at halftime there are no changes
    4- arsenal is a passion team – when we win it’s with style, when we lose it’s a ball of flames
    5- this team is still capable of winning a competition with better game preparation, but it’s most likely going to be the FA cup. And I’m ok with that, we were never supposed to be “contenders” this year.

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    • With you except for the last point. As far as I’m concerned any season that doesn’t involve a proper title challenge is a waste.

      I know that sets the bar high, but you don’t win anything without raising the standard.

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    • Can’t disagree there, though, the first point. Once we were 2-0 down I felt it would’ve taken something special to come back from that because I just didn’t feel Giroud would be clinical enough. Love the guy but it was evident that we needed a plan B at that point

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  20. Holy shit what a clusterfuck. Credit to Liverpool but my God there is no excuse for being so abject and off the pace from the kick.

    That was an epic shitstorm from the lads…..all of them.

    I feel for those that travelled to Anfield today you all deserve an apology and your money back.

    Fuck me…..

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  21. Our 1st half performances have been poor this season. I honestly didn’t see Alex in 1st half. Giroud was lightweight in attack, Jack looked like he was returning from injury. Today’s score is a fluke. Sadly the performance wasn’t; poor in 1st half and better in 2nd half will get us murdered in DeathRun1!

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    • I don’t feel today’s score was a fluke. We have lost plenty of away games and home games by big scores when we go out and play that badly and with that lack of urgency. There will always be results like this for all teams that play football. It is how the team responds now that is crucial.

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  22. The only potential positive I can see out of this (and I’m being really hopeful here) is that after the occasional tonking the team do generally pull their socks up. There’d better be a lot of embarrassed faces on that coach home tonight, they need to pull absolutely hammer Manchester United on Wednesday to make up for this.

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  23. on the evidence of this i think its tactics not players that have dictated the games against “so called big teams”. This probably was a game for flamini but no crying over spilt milk. now i have lost my will to cotinue my usual saturday football watching marathon.
    I hope against all , all hope that these are the only goals we concede this month.but on the evidence of this it seems like a fools dream.

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    • What!?? Jack was NOT really good, he was in fact rash and picked up a yellow earlier in the match, lucky not to pick up two yellows and be sent off, and didn’t do much productive.

      On the other hand Ox was the better of other evils, yes. But I can’t bring myself to praise anyone right now that soon after that performance perhaps later…

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 4

    • They were invisible in the first half, where the game was lost. Rosicky would’ve been miles better than either one in such a situation, no doubt about it.

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  24. My worst Arsenal related start to a Saturday morning. I was so excited to wake up at 4:45 today and watch this game. Have been looking forward to it all week… But fuck all that did. Gonna just leave some observations from the game:

    – I thought in the build up to this game that this was not only one we had to win but one that we HAD to show up for. Call it a mental block, handbrake, whatever.. but we simply don’t turn up for some games, but this was one and we got a fucking hiding.

    – When teams press us and don’t give us time on the ball we struggle horribly.

    – Arteta just doesn’t provide enough cover for the back four and has not been playing well since his injury. This game needed Flamini’s tenacity and aggression in the cent of the park. I also like how he shouts at the team to step up. Only saw Wilshere doing that today.

    – Our overall team performance was piss poor we just wern’t up for it came into every challenge and pass second best. Ya we played a little better in the second half but I feel that had to do with the fact that Liverpool eased off and sat back a bit more.

    – Not to single any particular player because the whole team played bad, but Özil was terrible today. Show some fucking passion and grit.

    The game was effectively over in 18 minutes… 4 goals scored. It could have easily been 6 with the 2 sitters they missed early on. Worst possible start to our death run as arseblog coined, but we’ve got to pick our heads up and power forward. Now more then ever the team and manager need to show their quote on quote mental strength” and push the fuck on.

    Keep the faith and COYG.

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  25. This is what happens when you consistently refuse to buy a world class defensive midfielder & striker, play exactly the same way against teams every week, don’t do your homework about the opposition and adjust your tactics accordingly.

    Every time we play a direct competitor away we lose and more times than most ship loads of goals in. 8-2, 6-3, 5-1 and still the Manager doesn’t learn and change.

    Ever he pulls his finger out and does some tactical work before games or he can leave that contract renewal unsigned and leave knowing he’s done all he can.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 8

    • This. I appreciate what the manager has done but there seems to be a lack of desire to adjust Arsenal’s game plan significantly according to the opponent.

      Sometimes that’s fine, like when we play against weaker teams, but, more often than not we’ve been skinned by teams of comparable quality and that has to go down to tactics and/or man-management.

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  26. As a mathematician, I look to see what’s the missing variable in this equation.

    All I can see is RAMSEY.

    It’s simply not been the same since he got injured. This was the first top level opposition we faced without him.

    Thumb up 22 Thumb down 1

      • Indeed, simply having Walcott on the pitch allows us a bit more space because teams can’t go all out attack – they know his blinding speed means they get punished if they press too high and fail.

        Thumb up 3 Thumb down 1

        • While I agree, just going by correlation Walcott was out during our early run this season that got us to where we are right now. Yes, it doesn’t equal causation but I went with it regardless. I agree though, Theo brings a totally different aspect and danger to this team. I starting to think Ramsey does as well, he seems like a different B2B than Wilshere and Ox, much more of an all round threat.

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  27. A better second half peformance softens the devastation. The defeat was disastrous and now means we have to beat Man city, chelsea and man utd to win the title. The odds are heavily against us. I. am. scared. I knew complacency would fuck us at one point. Anyway, there were positives mainly in individual performances. Ozil must learn to work harder and Gibbs should start against Man Utd.

    We needed this.

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  28. The worst thing about this is knowing that Michael “The Kop know their football” Owen had his hand on his exposed cock after sixty eight seconds.

    Other questions – Wilshere barges Gerrard – yellow card. Gerrard shoulder charges Wilshere off the ball – no yellow. Why?

    Giroud gets a yellow for backchat. Flanagan goes in over the ball with a straight leg stamp on Wilshere, which is now deemed a red card offence. The referee’s view was not obstructed, in fact he’d positioned himself very well. No card whatsoever, not even a warning. Why?

    How many free shirt grabs does Martin Skrtel get before conceding a free kick? My estimate is 8 or 9, but it could well be higher. (N.B. Skrtel shirt grabs do not apply in own penalty box).

    I thought about directing these questions to the F.A., or the Referee’s Association, but given their verdict on the Carroll vs. Flores scrap, it appears common sense is currently not in vogue with either.

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  29. I think some fans need to calm down. It’s not Wenger’s fault. It’s the same team that has been winking game in game out. If anything it’s players. They played like shit. They look scared from the first goal onwards. The second goal zonal marking players left the zone alone. WTF?

    After that Liverpool kept hitting us on the break.

    I think Arteta and Giroud need replacing ASAP. We don’t seem to have any pace in the team whereas Liverpool and Chelsea have loads of pacey players.

    Ozil needs a day off on Wednesday. We can’t play him week in week out without him making any contribution.

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  30. Could have been the most depressing game I’ve ever watched it’s even comparable to that 8-2 loss against manure..

    Liverpool was great today but I think it’s obvious that a signing in January was really needed, especially in striker position. Giroud are a good player but really if we want to compete for titles we need someone who produces more goal and has the ability to turn a match around.. And also the defending today was shockingly bad, not at all the usual performance we are used to see from Koscielny and Mertesacker..

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  31. Glad Arsene substituded Ozil. Now he has an excuse to NOT go and thank away fans. I seriously hope the team and Arsene have the balls to tell Ozil that 42.5 mi / best player means shit if you cannot make a tackle for your team.

    Loved Ozil but I rather support someone who may be 1/10th as talented but fights tooth and nail for the team. #Ramsey #Jack #Gibbo

    Thumb up 21 Thumb down 5

    • his style is always gonna be languid but its another matter all together to just sit on your arse demanding a free kick after getting out muscled by jordan fucking henderson. (why do we always make it look like hes not totally useless?) And thats twice now hes pulled out of a run in on goal…he did it a few months back when rambo chipped a long ball over the top….Rosicky to start against Man u

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    • you mean the one where every time the ball was in our half you just assumed it was a goal against us? Yeah. hated that feeling, still hate that feeling.

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  32. Sick. I feel sick because it isnt that Liverpool were superior, we were bad in the middle. Ozil i guess the Madrid coach had a point when he said there is a different side to hkm and to get £42 million for him was the best business done by them ever. For a german player to be so poor on the ball its mind baffling. Even Zelalem would have been better. Arsene and the senior teams should have straight away gone to defensive mode after the second goal because there is no pride in being attacking and losing 5-0. I guess sometimes tacticians are required to when games because brute force is not the best way every time. I remember the Madrid game we played where Thiery Henry scored it was a masterclass from Wenger. Everyone can have a bad game but when the fundamental reasons are always the same then there is a problem and to be fair we have addressed it this season successfully. But a few slip ups is all you need for it all to crumble down again as we have experienced in the last 8 years.

    Still a supporter and a Life long Gooner

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  33. Be honest, when’s the last time we actually played good? And don’t tell me it doesn’t matter when you win, it matters. This is an ongoing problem. Good attacking football has been the exception rather than the rule for the past three seasons.

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    • And I feel bad for players like Chambo and Cazorla. They actually tried really hard, only for another player (read Ozil, Jack, Arteta) to fuck everything up.

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  34. For all the good things wenger has done his approach to transfers is his biggest enemy, and most probably his downfall. Podolski looks out of his depth, Geroud is a west ham/stoke kind of striker. Arteta past his best. Surely wengers contract negotiations should be at the end of the season

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  35. probable post-match repones from wenger- “well, statistically we’ll be level on points with man city and chelsea even when they win their next games” or ” it’s just another defeat, we have to focus on the next game”. FUCK THAT. you want hyperbole from me? i’ll give you hyperbole- this arsenal team is full of losers. 42 m ozil plays like that. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCK. this is hyperbole.

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  36. Players getting carried away not doing the basics right. You don’t give away the ball in the midfield like we did against a good side and not get punished. Thought we had learnt something after the loss at city.

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  37. First offside, first two abject set piece marking. First, Mertesacker left chasing Suarez down the wing? Second, Skrtel 7 yards from any Arsenal player as the corner started. They were brimming with confidence after that, but we did ourselves no favors. Wrong personnel available for their speed – missing Ramsey, Gibbs, Walcott. Would have gone with Rosicky in such a big game.

    After the season’s start, Anfield could have been seen as a possible loss. Not like *that* though. Too many turnovers all around, panicking g with the ball in their half, trying to hoof it, silly passes.

    Bring on the next game.

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    • Don’t rationalize. What about our non-existent attack? Don’t tell me that Walcott would’ve made the difference, please. This was the shittiest shit that was ever shat and there is no denying it. There is no way you can justify the fact that the team played like it’s fighting to stay in, rather than aspire to win the Premier League.

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  38. How good did we make the mugmashers look today last time we played this bad was when untied bet us 8 2 are the wheels going to fall off the wagon now how bad were we today but united next good game to bounce back to get the confidence back

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 9

    • Looks like the Arsenal players weren’t the only thing gone missing today, someone’s nicked your punctuation keys

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 3

      • and have already been flogged from a trestle table at Croydon Market for a tenner by the time you finish reading this.

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  39. What a load of hogs cunting bollocks that was. Shit from start to finish. You cannot go into a big game like that with such a lackadaisical attitude because there’s only one way it will ever end up!
    Really fucked off with the lot of them. I can take losing but when it’s in such a piss poor manner it’s not acceptable.
    Still, we’re top of the league, at least for a couple more hours so it’s not time to panic yet.
    I expect to see a much improved attitude against United on wednesday and in the cup out for revenge next weekend.

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  40. I might’ve punched the wall so hard that I sprained my wrist at the fourth goal, but I’m a gooner through and through, and I firmly believe that we WILL come through DEATHRUN 1 with at least SOME points.

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  41. cue the hatred and vitriol towards SOLELY Ozil. The fella is in his first season in the League, first time playing a League game at Anfield. Yes he has a languid style of play, yes he lost the ball twice, but cut him some slack – it’s not as if he was any worse than the rest of the team.

    Bar Sir Chesney, every single player had a shocker.

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  42. Right at the end of the day we lost 3 points. Nothing more (apart from goal difference I guess). Being an optimist here, I think in a way this could have been a good thing. Yes, don’t get me wrong 3 points is better then no points (no shit) but we have just shown our team that they cannot afford to be poor in the first half. Maybe just maybe they will realise this and therefore perform much better in the next couple of game of DEATHRUN.

    It surely wasn’t a good start, but all those fools on BBC calling for Wenger’s head are just being stupid. Wenger got us to the top of the league. All I’m hoping for is that the players learn from this. Please don’t let it be called just a “blip”. They need to learn and learn quickly as we have united at home.

    Cmon you gooners, chin up, were going win the league ! …. hopefully… Maybe… ah fuck it

    WE ARE

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  43. Relax guys we have just gotten all that out of our system. We’ve responded well to defeats. Now let Manure suffer the backlash.

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  44. A team that sits at the top of the league should not be losing 5-1. A loss is one thing, but to be humiliated like that is just wrong. What is it with us and getting spanked? When we lose, we lose properly.
    Maybe this will be the kick up the arse we’ve been needing for a few week now, and if we beat Utd it will go a long way to erasing the memory of this absolute shite

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  45. [For short read just read last paragraph]

    Contrary to popular belief I don’t actually think that Koscielny, Per or Szczesny were that much to blame for the defeat. The problem lay with losing the ball in midfield and then not tracking back to retrieve it. All Liverpool were doing was long passes upfield in the hope it would reach one of the strikers, and it must be said that Coutinho and Flanagan played amazing passes today. Also the fact that Monreal and Sagna were stuck in the opposition’s half when the ball was already with Liverpool’s strikers meant we were caught out with only our centre backs against three or more pacey attackers, which was hugely reminiscent of the controller-smashing pace abuse you see on FIFA.

    Attacking wise, passing was incredibly poor and both Giroud and Podolski failed to produce even a half decent chance on target which only further illustrates our lack of quality in that department, even though Liverpool piled nearly everyone back to defend at all times.

    Quite honestly we deserved to lose after that performance and for me Suarez was the MOTM. He was the energy that pushed his whole team forward and his belief that he can score from anywhere is a welcome change from the usual attempt to engineer a “perfect goal”. It will be interesting to see what will happen in the summer when the inevitable offer comes in from Real Madrid.

    Either way from the two legs in the PL against Liverpool we collected three points. Considering this leg was at Anfield against a team that has had a very good recent run and is currently 4th in the league, and without key players like Flamini this isn’t actually too bad. We lost probably the least important match of death run 1. Oh well. Let’s get our heads in the game for the more important matches. COYG!

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    • Respectfully disagree, but appreciate the sentiment. The first goal was down to a mistake from Mertesacker, and he was incredibly unlucky to be punished. After that we always seemed to be caught too high, and our defenders were nowhere to be found. The midfield and attack are of course culpable, but the defense was piss poor as well.

      Chesney is blameless though.

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  46. I’m not going to shit on certain players. It’s pointless. It’s a team sport.

    What I will say is I expect every single player to cover every single blade of grass on Wednesday, to run their fucking socks off, and to tackle like their fucking lives are on the line – from the 1st minute to the last.

    Nothing short of a win will do on Wednesday.

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    • Absolutely … The all know what a fuck up that performance was without as telling them. Time for the players to step up and earn those fucking wages starting with Man U on Weds!

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  47. First game of the Death Run and we’ve been hammered. Ozil looked like he couldn’t be bothered! What will we be like with tired legs, 4th place battle here we come.

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  48. I really can’t understand how, after what happened at the etihad, he left rosicky out and played mineral instead of Gibbs. Wiltshire ox and Ozil are NOT defensive/disciplined enough to go together in midfield against the top teams away. Also why did we not close them down as hard and fast as they closed us down? Our closing down was half hearted compared to them. I still don’t believe Liverpool are the better side than us, they just simply got their tactics right and worked harder. It’s gutting to admit this.

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  49. Rushed home to find us 4-nil down, but still watched till the final whistle. I mean the 2nd half was an improvement at least? Need to pick ourselves up and remember the next 3 are at our house, hopefully the home support will be as good as the away fans (they do sing loud). Time to hush the bavarians, stop the kop from their best chance at silverware and slap that ‘little boy’ across his c**t mouth COYG!

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  50. on a ridiculously positive note…..maybe this was the needed kick in the but we needed. kinda like the bayern /spurs defeats last year

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  51. Another big match and again Ozil ‘disappeared’. I’m a big fan of him but he too need to fight for his place. Drop him against United and play Santi in the middle. Jack again played with lot of heart but didn’t find much support.
    How did we concede 4 in opening 20 mins?!!
    Wenger knows?? Hope he does..
    Hope we dont dwell over this too long…we dont have time either.

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  52. Too bad this ass-kicking didn’t come before the transfer window closed. Knowing our reactionary nature regarding transfers, at least it would have guaranteed us buying more than an injured past his prime midfielder. Our seasonal meltdown commences.

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  53. You can’t blame Arsene Wenger for the worst Arsenal peformance since the 8 goal drubbing by Man U a few years back. Yes we all know we need a world class striker, a new dm in the making, some more pace to the side etc etc BUT the 11 players wearing the Arsenal shirts today were more than capable of winning that match!

    That was an appalling team performance in the first half. They should all be bloody embarassed by it and made to watch a video of the first 45 minutes before every match from now on!

    They players had just better hope that hasn’t blown the chance of winning the prem title and I sincerely hope they unlease one motherfucking backlash against Man U next week. One more result like that and you can forget about winning the league this season!

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  54. Tough to be objective, so disappointed in result and effort. Woke up @ 7:30am and tuned-in expecting a win (or at least a performance). Before my coffee finished brewing, we were down 1-0. As I commented after Southampton, #1 target during transfer window should have been an athletic, tough tackling defensive mid; we were overrun. In fact, the scoreline may flatter, could have been even worse. Team selection indicated Arsene expected us to dominate possession with Liverpool focused on counter-attack, when that clearly turned out to be wrong, why no adjustments in tactics and personnel?

    Even more troubling is the fact that they simply wanted it more. When was the last time Arsenal started a game flying out of the blocks? Can’t think of one player, beside AOC, that left it all on the pitch. Love Jack’s aggression, but too many easy give-aways and always walking on razor’s-edge. All losses are painful, this one feels like it could be fatal to title chances. Did it expose lack of belief in dressing room?

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  55. Even Eboue is embarrassed for us.

    We need to rub……fucking drown Ramsey in horse placenta right now! and time travel back to the FA cup game with Spurs so Arsene could sub Theo off.

    Arsene should go old school on Ozil and make him go outside and get a switch, bring it back for Arsene so he can beat his ass with it. He’s supposed to be “world class” but lets be honest we have seen little evidence of it.

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  56. Playing with the handbrake on In reverse gear. With the power steering broken. And four flat tyres.

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  57. As the scousers would say ”Calm down, calm down.”

    Yep. We were utter shite for 30 minutes. Really poor. All of them.

    My take is that we’ve got away with slow starts for ages and it was bound to come and bite us at some point. It really did today.

    We haven’t got the our current points total by being shit. That is a fact.

    One last sentence, just to make you think a little. And there are plenty of other examples if you look for them.

    Newcastle 5 Man Utd 0, mid season and Utd won the title.

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  58. Out of the night that covers me,
    Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
    I thank whatever gods may be
    For my unconquerable soul.

    In the fell clutch of circumstance
    I have not winced nor cried aloud.
    Under the bludgeonings of chance
    My head is bloody, but unbowed.

    Beyond this place of wrath and tears
    Looms but the Horror of the shade,
    And yet the menace of the years
    Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

    It matters not how strait the gate,
    How charged with punishments the scroll.
    I am the master of my fate:
    I am the captain of my soul.

    Who are we???? We are THE ARSENAL!!! We played like shit, lost like shit and now we all feel like shit. But, people, WE ARE THE ARSENAL!!! We must simply refuse to turn on the team, the manager and each other simply because we had a rotten day. I am Arsenal til I die and I will support this team until the last day of the season, after which….. I will support my team. Aleuta Continua: The struggle continues…. VICTORIA CONCORDIA CRESCIT…. Its days like these when we need that harmony most. COYG!!!!!

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  59. Shit performance, 3 points lost, move on and beat mancs Wednesday and fuck the scouse cunts out of the cup next Sunday

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  60. I fail to see how a striker would have added anything. This was a dismal team performance. Don’t fucking tell me that a new striker would have scored 6 goals and won us the fucking match. Defence fell apart. Suarez was deliberately moved to the wings to disturb Monreal. Two set piece goals, two goals from dispossessing players. It was completely avoidable. The team let Wenger down. We have got to pick up the pieces fast because it’s not getting any easier from here on. So, get behind your fucking team!

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  61. We have to have some changes to team selection for different games. Ozil when pressured is no where up to speed on the English game yet. Great with time and space, few are better. But with pressure he goes to shit. Maybe he’ll adapt in time, it is his first year in the prem but he seems to show a bratty attitude (judged purely on tv i don’t know him, may be completely wrong) when things don’t go his way. We cant play liverpool with sterling ,suarez, sturridge and coutinho as a counter attacking trio with a midfield of Arteta (slow) Wilshere (slow) Ozil (slow+lazy) and Cazorla (slow). We have one midfielder in the whole squad who will pressure defences into errors in Rosicky and he sits on the bench because we paid a shit load for Ozil. Ozil is a class player but just because he cost 1 or 2 £shitloads it doesnt mean he has to start every game. Its obvious a deep lying quick countering team will not suit his style at all. Also compare how isolated giroud is when we have cazorla and chamberlain instead of poldi and theo as inside wingers.

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  62. Tuned in at 4-0 and thought: where’s Arshavin when you need him?

    We fucked Liverpool out of a title that night, so maybe we had it coming… but regardless, judging by the mental breakdown that occurred on the Live Blog (has that ever happened?), the psychological damage this loss causes among squad and fans alike might be immense. Oezil better already be on a couch somewhere, surrounded by white coats. More importantly, Wenger and Bould need to look at this game and the City match again and figure out how one of the best defenses in the league suddenly turns to shit like that. The City result doesn’t look like a fluke anymore, unfortunately.

    I can’t believe we made Raheem Sterling look that good. Muppet.

    Move on, destroy United on Wednesday please.

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  63. Blogs, you sumed it up perfectly in the 56 minute…..

    “This is worse than finding out Phil Collins is your real dad”

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  64. Very small point but shouldn’t Skertl have been booked for each of his goal celebrations (jumping in the crowd and pulling shirt over head) and sent off for two yellows?

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  65. That’s what happens when you play “shit” football. At a point, I thought Lpool will score 10. If only Giroud had converted his chance a minute after their opener, “maybe” it would have been a different story

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  66. Liverpool didn’t actually produce such great football today. It was much more of an old-school self-destruction job than any true quality on Liverpool’s side.

    Defensively catastrophic today. A combination of high defensive line and zero pressing philosophy a la Villas-Boas! Why choose today to employ Tottenhamesque defensive tactics. The first goal was absolutely criminal as was the second!

    Takes a number of circumstances to fall our way for our midfield to click and produce fluid attractive football. And even then we can’t sustain our attacks for me than a ten minute period per half.

    Why are we always waiting for other teams to come out of the blocks before us. Ironically, the only time we have come out of the blocks all season was against Liverpool at home and the Napoli performance.

    Zero to no goal threat provided by our centre forward, who maybe plays well every 1 in 3 games, although you can’t fault him for effort. We need a striker that can produce even when the service is not forthcoming – even when it is forthcoming, he spurns multiple opportunities. However, this is nothing new.

    A position that for me is light is CDM. Arteta is clearly low in confidence right now and Flamini is a liability. We need a top quality holding midfielder.

    Is it me, or is Ozil quite wimpish? Looked like Nasri’s alterego on the pitch today. Needs to man the fuck up and work on his upper body strength. He seems to crumble when players press him.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 5

    • Yeah I’m starting to think those “number of circumstances” comes down to two things: Aaron Ramsey and Theo Walcott.

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  67. Bottled it away to a big team, yet again. Stuff of champions.. yeah right

    Only consolation I suppose is that we’ve improved from last year and hopefully won’t be far off next season with the right signings

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  68. The one good thing about DEATHRUN is we don’t have to wait long for a chance to put things right. Hopefully United will suffer the backlash from this on Wednesday and we have the chance of revenge next weekend by putting mugsmashers out of the cup. Time for the lads to start showing some of that mental grit they all keep going on about. It is worrying how we consistently fail to win the ‘big’ games. If you’re going to win the league you have to take points from the teams who are up there with you but we haven’t been able to do that on a regular basis for years. I think our predictability is really going against us. Teams know exactly how we’re going to play which is a big advantage for them. There’s no plan B. As for Ozil, I’m hoping it’s just a case of him getting used to the more physical side of the Premier league. I’ve seen countless times this season where he’s been tackled or pushed off the ball and he’s stood with his hands up expecting a free kick and not bothered to chase the player back. To be fair he would probably get those free kicks in La Liga but he needs to realise it’s not the same in the Prem. He just doesn’t look up for the fight a lot of the time. If he could toughen up a bit he could be the driving force of the side we all hoped he would be when he signed.

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  69. Coming up short against the better teams is no great surprise but we have done fantastic against the middle to lower teams.
    Unfortunately our expectations were high which makes results like this a shock.
    An improvement on last season but the next few months will be the chelsea/shiteh show I would love first place but 3rd is likely.
    God bless all gooners

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  70. Wenger was abit passive i thought. While Rodgers orchestrated his team continuously throughout the game, Wenger just sat there staring in to thin air while the goals kept rolling in backwards. But that being Said, the only team to come away from Anfield with 3 Points this season is Southampton, so a loss was not unexpected, but such a beating as 5-1 was a bit of a shock.

    Lets hope the team will respond vs United and get Revenge on Liverpool in the cup. Coyg!

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  71. Obviously no one has been watching liverpool play – they are a smart outfit this year – brendan rogers has really given this team a strong spirit. Combine that with sturridge suarez coutinho and the ever improving sterling – they are a force to be reckoned with – many of their scorelines have shown this. It’s a strong wake up call for sure – but god almighty it’s not the end of the world. So far this is a real topsy turvy league – no team unscathed.

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  72. Wenger – flops at yet another big game.
    That’s what happens when you send them out with just belief and no game plan.
    Out thought by Brenda…. Embarrassed.

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  73. I was a bit worried before the game reading all the hype on per and Kos partnership. That partnership works only when the midfield shields them well. The first warning signs of problems in the team came for me in the Everton game at home where they pressed really well and Arteta was lucky that he did not get 2 yellows in that game. Then we lost at Napoli to a fast counter attacking team. The sucker punch was the Man City game where we had Ramsey and Flamini in the middle. That time we had the excuse of tired legs. But what excuse for Southampton and Liverpool games? Red card for Flamini was not a total surprise. This team cannot cope with fast pressing teams. The two times we faced such teams who had quality strikers, we got hammered. Yes, Ramsey and Flamini were missing today but fact is that Rogers did his homework well. He must have noted our weaknesses from the city and saints games and put that plan in action. It helps that he had the right players to execute his plan and it came off spectacularly with our defense and midfield guilty of 4 soft goals.

    We couldn’t really play the counter attacking game because we had no such players to execute the plan. Lack of theo was going to bite us. Well, it did. Wenger’s philosophy has always been to play our own game which taps onto the strengths of the squad. Unfotrunately, he doesn’t seem to have skillfull enough players to execute the plan against fast paced high quality teams. Our players made too many individual errors under pressure. This means either they are not mature enough or not good enough to perform against big teams. We really needed a better DM in the squad. More than a striker, we needed a calm and pacey DM. Tough to find? Yes, but Wenger is paid millions for making us world class.

    I really see us drawing with Man U at home just like Chelsea after City loss. Most likely we will not catch up once we drop to 3rd. I am ok with it if Wenger will take FA cup seriously and go for a trophy. Another implosion will shatter all goodwill towards Wenger and personally I feel, make his position untenable. I

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  74. I also fear greatly the trip to Chelsea. They play pretty similar to Liverpool at home. They also have good pacey players who can score goals. That “little pony” in title race Maureen refers to was actually us. But I fear that Liverpool might infact overtake us even for 3rd. The only saving grace for us is that we play decently against teams outside of top 6. That might save our season if the players cannot self motivate themselves against the big teams.

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  75. Sad to say, there is no way that a team that ships 6 goals against one title rival, and now 5 against another is going to have a snowball’s chance in hell of the title. We may be only a point off, but we have these abject performances against big teams periodically. The same ‘malaise’ afflicted us here as at Eastlands. This suggests that there is still something missing that needs to be addressed, if we are to have a decent chance of future titles.

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  76. The match report is absolutely right. The fact of the matter is my beloved Arsenal is not good enough. We think we are good but we are not. You can’t expect to be a champion when you concede 11 goals in two games (6 against Man City, 5 against Liverpool). We cannot even get a decent result against our rivals. Arsenal’s failure to buy a striker will cost us big time. Next game is Man Utd….suddenly is a must-win match now. To rub salt into the wound Chelsea are now top of the league. We all know what that means!

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  77. Given the result I’m happy to say I couldn’t watch this one. Think saving myself from watching the minutiae of such an embarrassing defeat leaves me with decent perspective. We’ve been pretty solid bar this game of late- and all in the space of twenty minutes we’ve gone and conceded 4 goals to a good team that were fired up against the league-leaders and ready to come at us when we were, as a lot of you have commented, clearly not ready for it.

    I tell you what though- this result guarantees we’ll show up against united. I honestly cannot imagine a scenario where every single one of the Arsenal players out there on Wednesday doesn’t want to smash that ball into the back of the net as many times as they can muster. In my mind, tonight’s result, especially the number of goals conceded, is an anomaly (city result notwithstanding). We have been rock solid at the back, and we will be again. This is a learning curve- we’ll bounce back. I have every confidence that we will dick all over the average mancs in the week.


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    • I won’t bet on it. In fact I see Man U lining up exactly like they did at Old Trafford and try and nick a goal just as they did at home (when Ramsey forgot all about zonal marking and moved from his space to get the ball, missing his header in process and allowing RVP to go in that space to score with his shoulder). We made the same mistake today with the 2nd goal. So, as long as we are not tuned in to defending properly, we will give chances against quality teams. I do foresee a stronger defensive performance but may be a pretty boring affair with both teams afraid of losing. If our guys don’t take one or two half chances to score, I fully expect a 0-0 draw. I can already hear Wenger’s post match comments that “the team was playing with handbrake because the confidence got affected from pool game. We had couple of chances we didn’t take. Only one team came to win while the other wanted a draw”. Read today’s comment about naïveté in defending and then read the same comments after Man City game. Question to ask Wenger is how come these mature players made the same mistakes in such high profile games? Is it that they are overplayed? Tired? Is that why we always have a slow start to 1st halves? It might not be just physical tiredness, it could be mental fatigue too.

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  78. I’m not sure why Giroud is getting a bashing. Did none see Ozil’s ‘performance’? A player bought for over £40million with his reputation should be fighting back in games like that, not cowering away like a little boy lost. Dreadful. We need a win against Manure otherwise DEATHRUN will spiral out of control and we’ll be out of the running for any trophies this season.

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  79. Even after the anal rape (no lube) by the Scousers, we’re still (quite amazingly) second! Thank you very fucking much, Norwich!

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  80. Today was not a good day to introduce Arsenal to my gf. “It will be fun babe” “you will love it” turned to ” well, it’s just one goal, it will make things more exciting” then “holy fucking hell, someone stop this”.

    Well on the bright side of the 4 games we have coming up If we were due a battering in one, I would have picked this one…. I know, I’m grasping for straws here.

    I don’t mind that we were not getting credit in the media for out run. What I do fing hate is that we give them a chance to write all those fing articles about SPECTACULAR spring collapse.

    I think I’m gonna work from home this week. I have no desire to face Liverpool fans this week. See you guys on Wednesday, b/c we all fing know that we can’t stay away. Fuck days like today I wish I did not give a flying fuck about football.

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  81. The problem existed before but we were lucky enough to get the results and thus nobody said anything! lucky against southampton, struggled against the shittiest side by far (palace), same against Cardiff, nothing special against villa, destroyed against city! After the game against Napoli, apart from the glorious victory against Sherwood Forest in the F.A. Cup, the team simply cannot function. Not only this, we spent January doing nothing ending up with a dreadful transfer! that was completely unprofessional! it’s a shame, i want to believe that this team has a chance this year but the facts prove the opposite

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  82. I see everyone blaming players, but this is all Arsene. When you play the same players all the time something has to give.
    If you enter a motor race without a spare tyre as soon as you’ve a blow out your race over.
    Cheers Mr know it all.

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  83. I missed this one so can’t comment on the tactical aspects of the game till later.

    But there should have been enough quality for us in the team.

    Having said that, this was not Death Run 1.

    We had failed Death Run One earlier and still found ourselves on top.

    The margins this time round are much much slimmer. City and Chelsea will take advantage.

    I’m not sure how a team that has been consistent in defense for large parts of the season can suddenly suffer such occasional large defeats (City and now Liverpool).

    With City, we did not adjust sufficiently quickly to their strength in the middle (with just Flamini stretched) and were torn asunder.

    Things are only going to get sterner for us against United, Liverpool (again) and Bayern.

    I can’t say where Wenger may have gone wrong yet having not seen the match but its hard not to say the players should not should er the blame on this one if they did not turn up sufficiently to compete.

    It does not (again) fill one with confidence going into the next 3 games with this sort of performance.

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  84. the first goal was offsides- ok it was total piss poor defending but it shouldn’t have been allowed.
    the second goal nobody could deny that skertels header was fabulous and perfectly placed
    after that we played into liverpools game plan as were were chasing the game at that point and they caught us on the counter.
    the biggest point is that liverpool cut off a very predictable pattern we have established about moving the ball up the flanks- they swarmed and we were not prepared for plan B.
    cuple that with their intensity and our piss poor passing and tactical spacing…..well we were lucky not to be beaten by more.

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  85. None of this almost had it stuff. That, friends, is how you drop points!

    F*ck all…on the day.

    Hoping for some postscript about the team having contracted diarrhea/ebola/avian bird flu before the game.

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  86. Shit. What happened there. Still in shock. Please wake me up. Oh well at least we’ve got the transfer window to . . . . Oh shit. Weell, at least the players tried – oh shit. Well they looked upset at being humiliated … Oh shit. At least we can use our financial resource to plan to kick on next year with a coherent strategy to identify players and act proactively – just like we always do . . . . Oh shit. At least the club uses its finances to look after fans …. Oh shit. At least we, as fans, are respected by the club ….. Oh shit. Well, at least we have ambition …..errr Oh shit. But at leeast we have got the biggest financial reserves in Europe. Phew. It took a while, but at least I found something positive that doesn’t make me feel mugged off.

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  87. that a shit display today. Arsenal was shit today. So sad i’m scared, i’m really scared…

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  88. Calm. The. Fuck. Down. The game was horrendous. Absolutely. But shit performances and freak results happen sometimes. It doesn’t mean the players are shit or that the manager is shit or that the whole lot of them don’t care.

    The same Man U that handed us an 8-2 spanking turned around and got spanked 6-1 themselves. Did that mean that Ferguson invented tactics and that Ashley Young was the second coming of Garrincha during the first game and then miraculously Ferguson was useless, lacked tactical knowledge and that the players didn’t care during the latter game? No.

    And if I remember correctly, Ferguson and his squad kept on keeping on and nearly won the league.

    The manager and the squad need to pick themselves up and get ready for the next one. And it would probably help if their supporters weren’t a bunch of fair-weather friends, mouth breathers and half wits who jump ship and point fingers the minute things get tricky.

    I’m not gonna end with any Arsene knows tripe but he did take us to top of the league. Also, ask Bergkamp if he knows tactics? Or do you folks reckon you know more about the game than Dennis and Arsene? SMH.

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  89. Far too many players hiding on the pitch today. Not good to see. Let’s hope they see that too. Otherwise this season ends as usual, with a top 4 trophy.

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  90. After we beat Dortmund away i convinced myself that we’d overcome our fear of playing the big sides away. But today was like it had all been a dream. I can take us losing any day of the week, but four fucking goals in under 20 minutes, I mean come on? You know on that Keane / Vieira thing, where Vieira said Wenger’s biggest weakness was that he trusted the players too much, well maybe results like today are exactly what he means. Another thing, I’d have given Per the captaincy on a permanent basis, certainly till the end of the season anyway. And he should definitely have started with Tommy and Gibbs today, but then again hindsight is a wonderful thing. Can we also stop digging out individual players, please, be it Ozil Giroud, Arteta or whoever, cos we win as a team and lose as a team, and it does nothing for either fan or team morale. I mean can you imagine what will happen against manure if Ozil gives a couple of balls away and the crowd turn on him? I know it’s difficult at times, but they’re OUR players, it’s OUR club and OUR team, so lets support them as best we can, especially given the opposition on Wednesday. COYG!

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  91. Yet again it’s Ox and Wilshire, Sir Ches and Rosicky with energy and spirit.

    If only the others had the same fight in them… Ozil needs a slap after that shiteness.

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    • Oh get off it what good is “spirit” if you’re utter shite on the day, which is what Wilshere was. He was on walkabout half the game, leaving Arteta, who was already having a piss poor game, hung out to dry!

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  92. Attaclapse, no-one, beyond the usual headbangers and trolls, are criticising the team for one (very) poor game. This match was the culmination of several worrying concerns that were not isolated, but distinct patterns eg the team’s inability to cope whwn the opposition press, the lack of speed in the team (who would believe we would ever say that), the pronounced tendency to play for one half (going back 3 years), the lack of forward momentum (too much passing sideways), the seeming lack of tactics that is exposed when we play good opposition, and the very poor record against ‘big’ teams that suggests a level of ‘choking’. Overlay this with inexplicable transfer dealings and a total absence of a transfer strategy and you get dissatisfaction. The fact is that the fans are loyal, very loyal. The vast majority of fans have put up with 8 years of austerity and no cups whatsoever, and that this has come at the same time as price hikes that exceed any other club’s ticket pricing structure. This doesn’t point to fans being fickle. It points to massive frustration. Neither Arsene or the board have set out a vision oer goals beyond mouthing cliches – sustainable model, self financing. These shibboleths are presented as the rationale to accumulate obscene amounts of money. The dichotomy of being frugal / living within your means or embarking on a self-destructive journey of a drug-induced orgy of spending is false. The club is hoarding money. It has no clrar plan. Why is Fox telling us we can’ compete with oil-money? No we can’t, but we can target certain players knowing that those clubs can’t pick up every player.the reasoning is based on the club having a huge, and I mean obscenely huge, reserve. Just ask two questions: 1. what is the primary purpose of clubs – to compete vigorously, and 2. whyan and for who’s benefit, has the club accumulated this money. Unless our next transfer window is managed totally differently it will be exactly the same. The half truths, lack of ambition and lack of clarity leave a vaccuum in which frustration, a deep frustration, festers. Within this potentially toxic environment, vermin such as Piers Morgan thrive. In short, the complaints about today’s fiasco is not a knee-jerk reaction: it’s multi-faceted and deep-rooted.

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    • Okay.

      Regarding tactics: When Arsenal loses or performs poorly, a truck load of folks get on here, going on and on about Wenger’s lack of tactical nous blah, blah, blah. When Arsenal wins, sometimes in circumstances when the experts tell us the Gunners are underdogs (sometimes huge), think Barcelona 2-1 at home, AC Milan 2-0, Bayern Munich 2-0, I never hear mention of tactical anything. Just this season, Chelsea comes to the Emirates, and Mourinho sets them up like they’re defending Helm’s Deep, and the game ends in a draw. All I can hear about, on here an in other quarters, is that it was a tactical victory for Mourinho and so on and so forth. Fact is though, Chelsea have a plethora of high priced attacking talent but before the game even began decided to concede possession and territory. Doesn’t that point to a victory for Wenger as well? As we’ve seen through the years, whether it’s Swansea or Southampton, City, United or hell, even Spurs, it’s not automatic that the only way to beat or frustrate Arsenal is to park the bus.

      Regarding Arsene, Board, Finances etc.:

      I don’t believe I made mention of any financial issues in my initial comments. My points simply addressed those who love to dispense stuff like “the manager is shit” and “the players are shit” with impunity. Anyway, you and any other fan for that matter, are free to be frustrated by what I think are legitimate issues; rising ticket prices, lack of investment in players etc…I myself, don’t know enough and don’t feel qualified to really discuss governance and financial issues in depth. Still, I don’t get how ALL that frustration is directed at Arsene Wenger. I find it amusing when he’s painted as the ogre who says no the board when they want to spend money on Draxler or some other object of our (and the media’s affection) or to paraphrase Stewart Robson, Wenger is an autocrat and dictator who runs the club like a personal fiefdom. This same line of argument also holds that he’s never been the same since David Dein left and that he no longer has anyone to stand up to him. This reasoning would only make sense if, say, Wenger himself asked the board to or endorsed on some level Dein’s removal–didn’t Wenger offer to resign when Dein left?–and that since then has been getting everything his way. And that he genuinely enjoys watching the likes of Nasri, Fabregas, Van Persie leave while being painted as someone who doesn’t care about winning and enjoys finishing in fourth place. However, if anyone believes all of that then, more power to ’em.

      **Side note: what people need to remember is the summer Nasri and Fabregas left, on several occasions Wenger said you can’t be considered a big club if you always sell your best players. Two weeks later Nasri and Fabregas are sold. Does that sound and look like a man who rules the club with an iron fist? Does that sound like a manager who bullies the board into getting what he wants? It doesn’t to me.**

      I guess my point is, frustration with the board and governance etc…is legitimate. Directing that anger at the manager and the players with vitriol, hyperbole and utter nonsense doesn’t help anyone. There are legitimate criticisms to make of Arsene Wenger, but the crap I see on here is just that. Crap.

      As it stands, Arsenal is in second place, 1 point behind the leaders. 13 games left. No one would have predicted that at the beginning of the year. Give the team and the manager some credit. And let’s support them. The title is still winnable. That doesn’t mean you or we are happy with the board. We just support our boys. Nothing more. Nothing less.

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  93. We needed this. No matter what anyone says, we have not been playing well as of late, and it was good to have a wake-up call like this now before it is too late. Lets hope it can have the same effect as the Spuds loss last year.

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  94. We were utter turd burglars today, but it’s February, we’re one point off Chelsea for the lead, and at least we didn’t draw with Norwich. We’ll sort it out.

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  95. I guess thoses “slow starts” in recent games couldn’t go on forever. One thing I don’t understand is how some blame, individual players and lack of signings for Liverpool putting 5 past us today. The blame goes to overall performance of the starting 11, we know they are capable of better as we wouldn’t be top of the league otherwise. One thing we haven’t been much of this season (Barr the Napoli Liverpool home games) is ruthless… And I give credit where credit is due to Liverpool for exploiting this weakness. Let hope we can get a response from the lads in the midweek game, a convincing win against Man U …..then we can rebuild the way we approach these “big” games going forward.

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  96. THis has been coming we have been lucky in defence for most of the season, with Ozil playing how he is at the moment it feels like we are playing with 10 men

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  97. Every single one of you that has given up after one loss sounds like efffing Piers Morgan! You enjoyed the good times (being top of the league) now get behind your team after they had a bad day at the office.

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    • Everyone is behind the ream.. losing is ok.. Humiliation is hard to take man!! and no its not just the tree ponts.. its FIVE goals!! 4 GOALS IN !* MINUTES.. THIS IS NOT A STUFF OF CHAMPIONS!!! THIS IS NOT A RESULT A CHAMPION TEAM ENDURES DURING THE SEASON.. ITS SHOWS THAT THEIR ARE SERIOUS CHINKS IS THE ARMOUR.. maybe fans that just have an eye on the league have no real love for Arsenal.. care about the trophy only eh?

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  98. I feel that Ozil needs some time off, maybe on the bench for the next 2 games. Instead Deploy Ox and Areta as pivot since Ox has done well, Wilshere to shoulder more responsibility up, deploy Santi and Poldoski on the flanks and later Ros for the change of pace. Change abit of the team dynamics and let Ozil rest and see from the bench. May help in the next few games and also take off some pressure. I really like the 2nd half subs for LP match. Feel bad for the lost, but in past records this season, we usually bounce back after losing a game. #COYG.

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  99. btw, i think this was what Sp*ds did to self destruct… think they didn’t watch that game.. sad to find the similarity. but we scored 1, them NIL. So we’re still the better team!

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