Sagna exit likely as contract talks break down

Bacary Sagna

Arseblog News has learned that Bacary Sagna is likely to leave the club this summer after contract talks between the player and the club broke down.

Wranglings between both sides have been ongoing for some time now and last month Arsene Wenger hinted that although the club were still trying, the player’s commitment could not be called into question if he were to leave when his current deal ends.

“We try to secure Sagna because he is a very important player,” he said. “He is fully committed and will be as long as he stays here.”

As we told you in January the issue is related to the length of the contract and the salary on offer. Despite further talks no agreement has been found.

Arsenal do have to compete with clubs who can sign him on a Bosman, allowing them to pay a significant signing on fee alongside an improved wage, and with rumoured interest from super-wealthy clubs like PSG and Monaco, the financial incentives to move at his age must be great.

Sagna turns 31 in two days time, and the security of a longer deal with a big pay rise is probably the main issue – although Arsenal’s reluctance to push the boat out for players over 30 is well known too.

It’s not impossible that something could be done between now and the end of the season to ensure he stays, but at this point it seems very unlikely.


      • so when other sites don’t cite their sources, you guys pooh-pooh it, most likely because you don’t want to accept bad news, such as when you covered the Daily Star reporting that Sagna was going to leave for the exact same reasons you now cite.
        In your post
        you guys wrote:
        “For what it’s worth, the Daily Star also include a sensationalist take on Sagna rejecting a new deal, but seeing as that’s not backed up by quotes it’s not really worth anything.”

        But now it’s ok to take your word without you citing a source or having any oh-so-valuable quotes?

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    • Technically, and in fairness for Blog, reporters have no obligation to cite or disclose his source of the news as long as the reporting is done in good faith. It is a recognized privilege. The keyword here is “good faith,” a word which the likes of Metro, The Sun, Daily Mail, etc., don’t really seem to understand. (How much you trust our very own Mr. Blog, well, that’s another story. :P)

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    • He is not holding the club to ransom. He is getting old and he wants more money. Cu
      Lb can’t afford to give it to him. Fine, he will play for the club till the end of the contract, and then leave. Simple as that, there are no bad feelings here, just a disagreement of interests. No reason this will ruin the relationship or commitment of sagma toward the club

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      • unless of course he stand to make £3mill on the 1st of June all he has to do is be fit on the day of signing, he’s human that must effect the way he’ll play

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      • Let’s keep some perspective here.

        We’re talking about a 31 year old, multi millionaire footballer who wants a final pay day and what Arsenal are offering isn’t enough. There’s speculation that other clubs (with more advantageous tax allowances) are circling with the prospect of 3 and 4 year deals with a pay increase and a signing on bonus. Just for shits and giggles, a 4 year contract on £80K per week before tax (although excluding bonuses and signing on fees) equates to £16.6m.

        Honestly, as much as I love him (and would like him to stay for another couple of years), he has shown some vulnerabilities in recent times so personally, I don’t think it would be good business for Arsenal to give such a long contract given that he’d be a 33-35 year veteran come the end of his deal. Spend that money on some fresh talent and let’s move forward.

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        • I agree, a 4 year deal at £4m probably isn’t good business (for the club, anyway). But I’ll still be sad if he goes. Unless he leaves in June as a recent winner of the treble – that would take some of the sting out of it.

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        • Maybe 4y@80 is too much, but the figures thrown around were 2y@65, and I really see no reason as why to NOT offer him at least 3y@75, I think he would also be very valuable for the development of the younger players. From this point of view, I could easily justify even 4y. The last thing is that even for your 16.5m the club will have huge difficulties in finding a suitable replacement.

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        • Letting him go for free, means we need to spend big on a replacement. Jenkinson is not ready to take over yet, but if we keep Sagna on another 2- 3 years, then Jenninson will be ready, and the increase in Sagna wage will probably not be as high as the cost of buying a New player in this posiion at the same lvl as Sagna. Especially not when we are also looking to buy another midfieoder and a striker aswell.

          And what is good business for Arsenal should not be something Arsenal fans worry about. I would rather do bad business and overpay for some good players and win some titles with red numbers in the accounting books. Better that than looking for bargains, and worry about making money more than winning titles.

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  2. How frustrating. I guess we’ve gotta look forward and look into a suitable replacement. I like Jenkinson, but is he up for the challenge of first team football?

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    • As much as we hate to admit it, Arsenal Football Club is a business, and not a charity or resting place for aged footballers. I admire the sentiment, but can’t agree with you.

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    • Big difference between what he wants and what he deserves. I am all for keeping him, but to expect him to be worth MORE going forward than he is now is financial folly. If he wants a big pay day I do not hold it against him. However I don’t think we should break the wage structure for him.

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  3. This would be devastating. Im sure there are better attacking right-backs out there but he has been the bright spot in what has been a typically fragile back 4 over the last 7 years. Reliable and solid and will be very missed! Perhaps if we finally come up with a song for him, he might be persuaded to reconsider!!!

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  4. Maye for the best, he’ll be 31 next season and you need to be probably the fittest players on the team being Arsenal full backs. Cut back on a high earner so wenger can find another gem from ligue 2.

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  5. He’s one of our key men in defence and I really think the club should pay him what he wants on a 2 year deal, especially considering he’s able to play anywhere in defence. I know we have Jenkinson who can fill in at RB but Sagna is undoubtably one of the best right backs in the league so keeping him should be one of Arsene’s top concerns.

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  6. The club should have learned their lessons.
    Letting players like Gilberto, go as soon as they turned/crossed 30 and dismantling the invincibles too soon has been, a big reason for our undoing in the past.
    Players are fitter then ever before. Look at players like evra,who I think is 34-35 has just began to lose his mojo.
    And can’t believe its not a money issue. Shame we are reluctant to offer 10/20k pounds a week more to keep, one of the best right Backs in the world.

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  7. Shame to read this, but not surprising. I hppe he gets his big payday, and a Ligue 1 trophy as well.

    Wish he’d stay, but fair winds & following seas if he won’t.

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  8. “Arseblog News has learned…”

    You know I trust ya, blogs, but care to site a source? Kind of irresponsible reporting otherwise.

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    • I can’t, Matt, for obvious reasons – but would hope that people realise I wouldn’t post something like this unsubstantiated. I really hope he stays and that we up our offer, but from what I’ve heard it’s stalemate and he’s probably going to go 🙁

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      • Extra-wack news.

        “the player’s commitment could not be called into question if he were to leave when his current deal ends”

        No, definitely not, but the *club’s committment* by contrast can and should be called into question.

        This guy has been a rock at the back for us for years, and he ought to be kept as one of our more experienced players, able to play RB or CB, move into a mentorship role as we bring along Jenkinson and hopefully a young CB as well, and get a just reward for sticking around when the dutch skunk, clichy, and other scum were bailing on the team. Instead, it’s our own team being cheap punks and refusing to pony up.

        Wenger says “We try to secure Sagna because he is a very important player. He is fully committed and will be as long as he stays here.” So commit to him right back and pay up at a level that demonstrates his importance, you fools. I’ve been defending Wenger for online and in bars against the hordes of haters, but the idea that they’ll let Sagna walk makes me sick.

        Murs said it best: “pay me what you owe me, and don’t play with me homie”

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    • I believe this. When I had met Blogs few years ago, he said Song was leaving and I didn’t believe him. But his sources are good indeed. (And it was way before it actually came up in the news that he was leaving)

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  9. This ‘issue’ Wenger seems to have with players over 30 is an annoyance.It is as if he saw the film ‘Logans Run’ at an impressionable age.

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      • Ah Jenny, I remember falling in lover with her after sneakily watching my Dads video of American warewolf in london as a youngster
        Great pair of tits she had.

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    • Perhaps Wenger has someone else in his mind to bring in over the summer. Possibly he’s seen a hint of decline. Maybe it really is just an issue of not wanting to pay more money as documented here. We all know Wenger’s frugality. Regardless, at the end of the day, managing football club has become a business, and sentiment, as much as it still carries some importance, is secondary to what manager thinks is the best for the club.

      More reasons for us to win a silverware or two this season: (1) Because we are Arsenal FC and simply it’s about time that we win something and (2) if Sagna is to leave, I want to see him leave us on the best terms possible with a medal or two, since his service to our club in his position has been nothing short of legendary and probably the most consistent despite missing games due to his injuries.

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  10. To those who doubt Blogs’s credibility: I don’t remember a single instance where he’s got it wrong with news of any kind.

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  11. Why not just give him what he demands? He’s a very importamt piece to the club, and it’s not easy to look for a replacement.

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    • Maybe it’s not only about money. He could just fancy a change of scenery. He mentioned a while back that he’s the last one of the generation of Cesc, Clichy, Van Persie, etc. still remaining, so it wouldn’t be that strange if he feels a new club in a different country (Paris, Italy, Spain?) would be interesting for the final years of his career.

      Very sorry to lose him. He’s been one of my favourites since he arrived. But I do think the club are right not to offer him a ridiculous contract – too much money, too many years – just to keep him if his heart is set on a new challenge.

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  12. Anus x a million. This is shit, and you should have slapped your source senseless for being the bearer of bad tidings.

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  13. If he thinks its time to go. I don’t think we can begrudge him. Its like when Henry was living. No hard feelings.
    If he is convinced then I guess we have to focus on getting either Seamus Coleman or Debuchy..but if we are to go be wenger’s record nobody can predict who will come

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  14. Sagna leaving would be a massive blow, but right now I just wish we can win trophies this season before he leaves. He deserves it.

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  15. it will be criminal if we let him go for nothing. he has been one of our most consistent performers this season. no doubt we will be offering diaby a new contract when his expires.

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  16. I too believe we should try hard to keep him. He’s fit and has had a great season and I would be inclined to offer him up to a 3 year deal. But there will always have to be a line in the sand and, as the piece says, if he is getting offered ‘silly money’ elsewhere there comes a point when you have to say ‘ok, we can’t match that’. Without knowing the intimate details I.e how much it would take to keep him – then we can’t really criticise the club or player. It is also amazing how quickly a player’s legs can go. Just look at Arteta this season or indeed Evra at Utd – a shadow of the player he was only a season or so ago.

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    • Spot on. From a fans perspective it’s simple. But the devil’s in the details. It’s sad to lose one of your hero’s but that’s professional football. Arsene’s not stupid. He knows that Sagna has many strings to his bow: Great defensive stability at right back, a wealth of experience, a warriors ethic, and of extreme importance is his ability to cover at centre back where we are light particularly with the TV situation.

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  17. No more saucy pics of Ludevine Sagna in a Gooners shirt 🙁

    He should be given the key to the Emirates for his loyalty when there were other departures, which left him frustrated. Also for that no nonsense header he smashed in against Spurs which sparked the comeback. If he does go, hopefully it’s with a trophy for his services.

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  18. We have money for Kallstrom, J.Campbell, Park, Wellington Silva but we can’t find extra 20-30k for best RB in the premiership.
    What the f*ck Mr. Wenger?

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  19. Coleman would be ideal. An attacking right back would suit our system perfectly. Sometimes Sagna attacking side of his game lets him down in my opinion. Good defensively tho and aerially which will be missed. Also versatility to cover cb will be lost

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  20. This guy deserves a PL title, it would be the perfect send off for a loyal servant. (Hopefully doesn’t go to another English club…)

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  21. This is unfortunate news, as mentioned above, it seems a recurring theme that we seem to let players go when they cross the 30 mark, even though they still have a lot to offer the club.

    On the other hand, from Sagna’s point of view, he has one last chance of a “big contract” – so fair play to him, he’s done us no wrong, been a good servant and would leave on good terms; unlike some in the past (one in particular who we play tonight ** cough ** Dutch Skunk ** cough **).

    Regardless of whatever his decision may be, I wish him well and hope the Arsenal faithful do too…

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  22. Real shame but I don’t understand it from a financial point of view either. How is it cheaper for us to splash out to get someone of his quality in as replacement rather than just increase his salary for the next two years after which we can worry about replacing him. Sagna is very fit and he’s still good for two years at least. If that cunt Ashley Cole can do it…..

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  23. Best right back of the past 8years? I think so! He’s been one stand out, dedicated player. if he is to leave, I hope he has a trophy of some sort to show for his efforts at the end of the season.

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  24. Huge mistake! He’s proven his worth and buying a new RB (sorry but Jenkinson is far from ready to replace him) would cost us in the transfer market. That’s if he’s good enough and doesn’t take time to get used to the league/the club!

    Stability FFS!

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  25. Bacary Sagna is an Arsenal legend. He works his nuts off every day despite being underpaid at £60k-a-week while Samir Na$ri and Robin Van Cuntflaps go fuck off to earn triple/quadruple that. A few years ago Sagna even turned down £120k-a-week from Man $hitty to stay here.

    Sure he’ll be 31 soon but he’s as fit as they get and can play at centrehalf too.

    May I ask… WHY are our ticket prices going up again for the 2014-2015 season? WHERE is all that extra money going? WHO do we need to buy in the summer to replace Sagna quality-wise and HOW much will that cost?

    I’m not an accountant but think he’s worth a 3-year extension at £90k-a-week, which is still less than PSG rumoured to offer him but enough to convince him to stay.

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  26. An absolute rock and anchor at right back.

    He deserves a juicy (tax free) 6 figure deal in sunny Monaco. It’s gonna be speedboats and champagne and caviar for him come summer.

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  27. One of our most consistent players ever since he joined. Will be a big miss if he goes. At his age you can’t blame him for wanting the best deal he can get for what will likely be his last contract. He’s shown more loyalty than a few others who have gone before him that’s for sure.

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  28. Absolutely pathetic by the club – how can we let one of our most consistent and long-serving defenders leave. The amount we spend trying to bring in a right back, because lets face it as much as I like Jenks he is not first team material yet, would be enough to spend on Sagna.

    Very upset by this.

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  29. Song for Sagna-
    I want you Bac, I want you Bac, I want you Bac for good, whatever Wenger did, whatever Wenger said he didn’t mean it, I want you Bac for good.

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  30. I agree with Block 98. The penny pinching gets sooo annoying. The extra money wouldn’t even be a gamble, he’s soo proven to us it’s just rediculous.

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  31. If Sagna is off that means we’ll likely need two defensive additions in the summer, unless there’s a plan to promote from youth. I can understand Wenger being reluctant to hand a long-term contract to a 31 y/o rb considering the amount of energy required to play that position, but what really made Sagna invaluable was his ability to slot in at centre-back where he’s always played exceptionally well for us. I would have thought Wenger might have bought a fresh dynamic rb and used Sagna as cover at cb. Not to be it seems, it’s a shame.

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  32. I’m sure the club has fought hard to keep him but there has to be a point where you stop throwing money at someone. Bac could get a HUGE signing on fee and a big fat contract at PSG, with all the will in the world Arsenal just can’t match that.

    Good luck Bacary, class, committed and Arsenal through and through. We’ll miss you but Arsenal will live on.

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  33. I know we signed Ozil, but overall we know well about our frugality in the transfer market. So apparently Wenger and co. are going with the notion that Jenkinson will slot in as our starting right back and a backup will be purchased over the summer?

    Not sure I am comfortable with that….

    Surely they don’t believe it would be cheaper than an extra year and maybe 15k a week wages for Sagna than leaving Jenkinson as cover and buying a starting right back of Sagna’s quality in the transfer market….right?

    Seems like we already have enough to do this summer with striker, holding mid, keeper etc. etc.

    Sagna is one of my all time favorites….damn it.

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    • There is an awful lot of assumption in there, with all due respect.
      Personally I haven’t seen nor read anything to intimate that Wenger has earmarked Jenkinson as a starter next season?

      Secondly, how exactly do we know that this comes down to a mere(in football terms!) 15k a week? By all accounts, the clubs circling for his free transfer include PSG and Monaco. PSG and Monaco who have made the excess of Roman era chavski look restrained by contrast.
      If they are in for his signiture, with no transfer fee involved, then it would be quite reasonable to expect that his weekly wage would well top 100k a week, perhaps even going as far 120-130k. Assumption on my part I know, but when you consider the money they throw around its not unreasonable to come such a conclusion.
      Hence, we would be needing to perhaps double the wages of a 31 year old over a multiple year contract. As much as I love Sagna, thats just insane. Like it or not, we are not able to do that as a football club.

      If he leaves, I shall treasure the memories. If he leaves I shall wish him the very best and not begrudge him a final major payday to retire on.
      We move on. Two of the last right backs the boss has brought in……, Lauren and Bacary Sagna…, i’ll trust his judgement on the next one.

      Heartfelt thanks Mr Sagna, a friend of mine met him and said spoke of what a nice guy he was. And come on you Arsenal, lets say our goodbyes with a shiney medal or two.

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  34. He has given a lot to arsenal . He deserves whatever he is asking for. Nobody in the arsenal shirt at the moment is as dedicated as Sagna.

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  35. Just give him what he wants! He’s been a loyal servant for this club, a consistent performer, the best right back in the league for years and still has a few good years left in him!
    Jenkinson is good but Sagna, at the moment, is irreplaceable for me.

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  36. We really are stingy bastards aren’t we. Bac serves us well for many years and we can’t cough up a bit of a pay increase for him. Disappointing.

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  37. I dont feel confident that Wenger will have identified and will move quickly to sign a replacement RB who is better than Sagna. He also covers at CB and it wouldnt surprise me to see Vermaelen leave too in the summer, meaning we need another CB, RB, goalie, striker, DM….
    I cant see the club managing to sign more than 1 or 2 players as it always takes an age with the Arsenal negotiating. Looks like we will actually need at least 4-5 and extremely unlikely to get them.
    I just dont get not giving Sagna another year in these circumstances. But I dont get a lot of our transfer dealings.

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  38. As an African and Nigerian in particular, the news about his rumoured departure hurts us greatly and I need to ask @arseblog if there’s a forum or a poll for fans to vote or express their displeasure about some of the manager’s decisions? Especially when it comes to players like this. Sagna has served us through the thick and dark moments. A player like him MUST be rewarded. He’s to us in the same category as Henry and Bergkamp. #Sadmuch about this news.

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    • Hi fellow gooner. Just a question as I’m really curious: why is Sagna so popular in Nigeria then? You put him in the Bergkamp-Henry bracket..

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  39. This is bad news. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to give Sagna a 3 year contract on a bit more than we are offering than trying to find a replacement? Wouldn’t that send a better message to the entire team? Other than Zabaleta and maybe Ivanovic, there is not a better RB in the premier league.

    Sign him up Wenger!!!

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    • other than? maybe for this season yes, zabaleta has been. Ivanovic is not particularly a RB in the right sense. Point being the best right back in epl in the past 4 years in total has been Sagna.

      but if he were to go. i would rather we look eslewhere as in Debuchy or Coleman. rather than pile pressure on Jenkinson.

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  40. I’m confused myself as to the details of why it doesn’t make sense financially to:

    1. Increase the amount sufficiently to keep him at Ashburton Grove…probably doesn’t have to match exactly what other clubs would offer. Bacary seems pretty loyal, no?
    2. Increase to three years

    And of receiving:

    1. The continued faithful services of arguably one of the Top 5 Right Backs in the BPL. Quality Modern Right Backs don’t just grown on trees at the back of the pitch and you can’t get quality whenever you want by just strolling over yonder and picking one.
    2. Mentor to Jenkinson
    3. Back up CB
    4. Quality at the position for another three years until Jenks matures into the role or Monsieur Wenger can find a top, top, top, top, top quality replacement.

    Good Luck Arsenal…find a way.


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  41. this doesn’t make any sense at all to me. he is playing great this season and no reason to believe we can’t have another 3 good years with him as a mainstay. a quality replacement would cost approx 15 million quid which works out at 96 grand a week over three years. surely we would be better giving sagna what he wants for 3 years and spending a smaller amount on a future replacement or allowing jenkinson and bellerin time to develop behind him.

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  42. Can someone please explain the maths to me. If its a question of an additional 20k per week, it works out to just over a million a year. Let’s for argument ‘s sake assume that the replacement RB we get costs us 20k lesser than Bac’s current wage. So that makes us 2m better off each year. Over a period of 3 years it saves us 6 odd million. Since Bac leaves on Bosman , there is no transfer fee involved. Now tell me which good RB can we get for 6 million? Seems to me that either the disagreement is over a sum larger than 20k a week or Arsene believes that Jenks is ready to take over which , given what we have seen, he isn’t. Hope the boss knows what he is doing. Will miss you Bac. Still hoping something can be worked out.

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  43. I do not know who’ll be Sagna’s replacement if we let him go. I do, however, know that it’ll be on summer transfer deadline day. #WengerWays #DickLawDoesIt

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  44. Jenkinson need more games.i wouldnt mind putting at rwb because of his quickness and the quality of cross he puts in upfront.i think he is a gem and if sagna leaves,he deserve to be given a chance.if he ruin his chance,then we loan him out to get some games.other than that,i am all in for jenko.decent player

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  45. Rumour has it Monaco is offering a 3 year 120, 000 quid after tax deal and a 10 mill signing on bonus spread over the three years. We are offering a 2yr deal on same salary of 60thou. Did I mention the 120thou is after tax? Sagna, I love you like a bro. You’ve given a 100% in every game and it’ll be hard to see you playing for another club but if Monaco is offering you that deal, I say BITE THEIR HANDS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  46. The over-30 rule is a bit skewed. Wenger has said that he’s reluctant to sign or extend outfield players over 30, or 32 in the case of defenders. Can’t find the quote, but he definitely said 30 and 32 specifically.

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    And we’ll go and spend more on a replacement in salary and signing-on fees who is half as good


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  48. He deserves more money, but now he seems greedy, even if it is his last big contract. Guess most of them are the same after all…

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  49. Relax all, this is what will happen.
    Sagna will leave at the end of the season, play in the world cup then resign for us. That means he is not a LANS but an actually new signing. Like what Carlton Cole did at West Ham, Oh wait.. Cole failed the medical……. Oh no Sagna will get Kallstromed!!

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  50. Off topic but Blogs I am in New York next week and thanks to your tip I will be watching games in the Blind Pig, thank’s mate.

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  51. Let him go, he’s been a loyal servant and deserves his final pay day, we’ve had his best years now, to them other clubs hes just a name, i well becus hes been with us almost the whole way through our hardest period. I think he is on the decline now and maybe doesnt have the hunger abd drive he used to, let him have his new challenge and we can bring in some fresh blood

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  52. I have to say from where I sit in the NB he’s looked slower and slower. He’s still an excellent target man from GKs but gets beaten down the wing too many times. We need a replacement to bridge the gap between him and hopefully the corporal making the grade.

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  53. Hmm, Looking at the lenghts United go to to hold on to Rooney, i wish we would also be willing to do what it takes to hold on to our best players. It must surely be wiser to prolong with Sagna than letting him go for free and then need to spend big on a replacement this summer who maybe is not as good.

    I wonder why we struggle to get loyal players like Gerrard, Terry, Giggs, Scholes or Lampard. Everyone leaves while still on top of their game it seems sometimes. But maybe a New era can start now with Rosicky.


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  54. For fuck sake make him an improved offer. He deserves another couple of years with the club as he has been a fucking beast for us over the years. FFS don’t let one if our best players walk away on a free, Jenks is not good enough yet to replace him. We need to keep some experience in the team!

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  55. We now need to start thinking replacements and not sit around all summer waiting to do business. RB is an area we are weak in cover as it is.
    I think Seamus Coleman would be a good buy – he prob won’t be cheap but not too expensive either!

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  56. “…the financial incentives to move at his age must be great…”

    Yup, he’s a gone. This is the bottom line for Arsenal, forget him being a great player, the real question is whether you can make a big profit on him.

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  57. Absolutely gutted if he leaves, one of the best and consistent right backs in the league for the last 7 years, a true gooner let’s hope he stays

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