Szczesny loves Anfield. Giroud up for title tussle


Wojciech Szczesny has revealed he’s looking forward to a reunion with the ‘incredible’ Anfield crowd as the Gunners prepare for the first of two games against Liverpool in the next week.

The young Pole had one of the best games of his fledgling career in a 2-1 win two years ago, producing a breathtaking double save from Dirk Kuyt’s penalty and rebound, and says the reception he received from the home support that day has stuck with him.

“I’ve always said Anfield is the one away ground in England I enjoy the most,” the goalkeeper told Arsenal Player. “I’ve played there for the first team… I’ve also played for the reserves and for the youth team about three or four times and I loved it.

“I’ve always had good games and at the ground the fans are incredible. I remember when I played two years ago when we beat them 2-1, I actually managed to get myself an ovation from The Kop, which was one of the nicest things that I’ve ever experienced in football.

“I’m looking forward to it and I hope I can put in a good performance again and enjoy the atmosphere.”

Meanwhile, Olivier Giroud admits that Arsenal have yet to persuade everybody of their title-challenging credentials but stressed it’s up to Arsene Wenger’s squad to prove the doubters wrong.

“Maybe we are not favourites for the title but we have been first still for a long time and it’s the 25th game [coming up],” the Frenchman told

“We have to show people that we want to answer [our critics] on the pitch and nothing more. That is the most important [thing] for us, is the reality of the pitch. After that, if people don’t think we can finish first it is not my problem, but I know we have a good chance to win the league.”


  1. This boy is becoming the real deal. Only a few lapses in judgement so far this season. Another clean sheet against Pool would be the biggest statement yet. COYG

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  2. Feeling confident. And even if we don’t win anything this year, it was a fucking entertaining season. Good to be competitive again. Coyg!

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  3. We just need to invoke the spirit of:
    Michael Thomas ’89
    Ten men 2-1 win ’01/02
    The Beast that was Baptista, 4 goals, 6-3 league cup win ’06/07
    Andrei Arshavin 4 goals ’08/09
    And…..Bobby Pires “take a bow son” ’03/04.


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  4. I hope to keep them out simply to be able to say we kept Suarez quiet home and away. I don’t mind Pool as much as United or Sp*ds, but holy shit my Scouser supporting friends get such hard ons for Suarez it’s fucking annoying. I get hard ons fot Giroud but that’s different.

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  5. I don’t know if its been mentioned, but did you lot know we play Liverpool tomorrow, then Utd next Wednesday, followed by Liverpool at home in the FA Cup, then Bayern Munich in the 1st leg of Champions League.
    So many tough games, I’m surprised no-one had pointed it out.

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    • Blogs has been referrring to this already. DEATHRUN1. And this is just the beginning. Take a look at March’s late lineup of matches, too. Bayern, Sp*rs, Chavs, Man Shitty. Kinda makes you feel like we’re Maximus in Gladiator.

      Hopefully ends better…….

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  6. Tomorrow is a biggie..I think Liverpool away and Chelsea away are our two toughest fixtures left, I know City will be tough but I really do fancy us at home against their shaky defence.

    4 or more preferably 6 points from Liverpool and Chelsea would go a long way to winning the league for us, Rosicky beside Arteta tomorrow? I hope so. His energy in closing down and quickening our tempo on the ball will be key..COYG

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  7. Ahhhh the Mickeymouser from Self Pity City on Job Seeker allowance bestows us the gift of laughter – or maybe not.Joel can join the pantheon of great wits: Tarbuck, O’Connor and the comedy scouser trio with their hilarious high pitched voices – Carragher, Gerrard and Uncle Aldridge.

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  8. True Red Jimmy Tarbuck ‘was a cunt too’? He still is, the buck-toothed professional MickeyMouser who hasn’t stepped into the city in decades and hasn’t put any money or support to the ‘greatest city on Earth’. Professional scousers – make my skin crawl.Joel, you’ll fit in nicely. You can take the comedy teeth out now. What? Oh I thought they were from the joke shop.

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  9. It’s a big game tomorrow and I’m sure Arsenal is up for it. They know the stakes -slip up and let City or Chelski take the reins. Like Wenger said, control the game and Suarez will be lost. But I hope they don’t commit too many ppl forward as SAS could be out for the kill with Gerard long balls. Best of luck Big Guns.

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  10. non-Arsenal-fans over the duration of this season:

    – “Arsenal won’t finish in the top 4.”
    – “Ok, maybe top 4, but barely.”
    – “I take that back, definitely top 4, but they can’t win the league.”
    – “Ok, they COULD win the league.”

    Not that I really care what others think, but when Arsenal make it through this tough run of games against Liverpool and Man U, then I look forward to what the doubters will have to say next.

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  11. No matter the outcome, I remain resolve that Arsenal is Ib its most determined state. I remain loyal in victory or otherwise.

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  12. Nothing to say about this Disgrace at anfield coz arsenal doesn’t have strong striker and stardard goal machine like suarez,Aeguro,Costa and Henry or van persie replacement.That’s why I fucking hate france players 4our coach selfishness using with only france useless striker!

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