Szczesny’s red brings the ton up for ‘shamed’ Wenger


Remember how, whenever Arsenal got a red card, the press would splash it all over the back pages? You might see headlines like:

Arsenal’s red card shame


Wenger’s red card reprobates


Vieira sees red again, the big French bollix.

Those were fun times, eh? We here at Arseblog News look back fondly on those times. When people got their knickers in a twist over our disciplinary record because that was about the only thing they could have a pop at us for.

Now, they seem to have accepted that although there were plenty of red cards, they’re part and parcel of the game. Not to mention that Arsenal’s current ‘shame’ comes from not having won anything so the red card thing is a side issue these days.

Anyway, thanks to this website, you can see a full list of all the sendings-off under Arsene Wenger, from the very first (Steve Bould v Liverpool) to the latest (Wojciech Szczesny last night).

They’re all there, from Grimandi elbowing Guardiola in the head at the Camp Nou, to Vieira’s two red cards in a week which saw him clear out his locker with frustration, to the much forgotten Jose Antonio Reyes red card in the FA Cup final.

It’s a glorious list. Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments.



  1. Szcz’s is clearly the best, as was his opinion of the ref when going down the tunnel.

    WOW Ozil is the new suarez according to the press, eh? Throw enough mud etc etc

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    • I think wenger should give özil 2 weeks off to recharge.
      The Premier League is known to cause Mental & physical pressure to new comers.

      Even City rotates their stars.

      Next time özil should play is for the return leg at the Allianz arena.

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      • Surely not playing him until the next leg at Bayern will make his head implode…That is such a terrible idea

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    • Heartbreaking.

      I’d also put up there the ridiculous red handed to RVP on the return leg at Barcelona, before he became RVBoy of course. Spent that whole night drinking to kill my sorrow. He was playing like a man possessed. We would have surely qualified.

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  2. Gio at Anfield is my favourite (number 40 in the list) cos we still won the game, and at a time when Anfield was one of the hardest places to go.

    Also, if memory serves me correctly, none of the 100 were derserved, they were all blatant dives ; )

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  3. Vieira getting sent off against Sunderland, then, two days later, getting set off again against liverpool. That’s some Vinne Jones stats right there!

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      • Actually that one was very unfortunate, it was on Dietmar Hamann, so in the first place any foull on that impudent little toe-rag should be congratulated. However far from being a two footed lunge, Patrick went in side on with hi sleft foot and the right one followed though in a natural motion. Hamann tried to jump from the tackle then deliberately and violently stamped on Viera and escaped punishment for it. Viera saw the card and later Hamann was sent off in another incident.

        One final twist in that one was that Dietmar Hamann’s red card was rescinded on appeal. On the three man panel that week to consider red card appeals were Roy Evans and John Barnes, they of course refused to rescind Viera’s.

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  4. Its so sad that the stupid “same old Arsenal! Always cheating!” that opposing fans use is now exclusively used when one of our players is injured rather than someone being sent off. It was much more fun when it was used for that.

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  5. I’d be interested to know how we compare to other Premier League clubs over the same period.

    The press hit us because we have had the same manager for so long.

    Anyone feel like looking it up?

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    • Grimandi was just scouting their players at the Bayern dugout when he accidentally elbows Pep while getting a Gatorade….

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  6. Petit was something else too ehh? For some funny reason I used to brag about some of Vieira’s reds. I was a bit young and a bit naive of course. I didn’t particularly worry about the next game. Such is the fun of not knowing some things. I don’t really have a favorite now.

    The ‘shame’ might just mean referees targeted us.

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  7. I hated it when Paul Durkin was named as ref for our games, before a ball was kicked you knew the chances of finishing the match with 11 players were slim.

    It wasn’t just that he always appeared to dislike us, it was also the manner in which he branded the cards, it was like he couldn’t get them out of his pocket quick enough. Many will site the one on Petit for touching the sensitive Durkin.

    However the worst one for me was the sending off of van Bronckhorst at Anfield 23/12/2001. Gio had been booked for a 50-50 tackle which sent Hyypia crashing to the turf, in all to familiar Liverpool fashion. On the 36th miute he was making one of his signature runs down the left, cutting into the box the little Dutch flyer tried to wriggle himself between the twin physical presence of Hyppia and Carragher and rather innocently bumped off them. He made no appeal for a penalty, the Liverpool defenders made no accusatory gestures towards Gio who got straight back on his feet. However Durkin being Durkin seen van Bronckhorst’s diminutive shape bouncing of those two brutes as a deliberate attempt to win a penalty by cheating and thus brandished a second yellow and then a red which was Durkin’s way of receiving sexual gratification.

    We did go on to win 2.1 playing with 10 men for most of the match but this game in particular showed why Durkin was such a cunt.

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  8. Bergkamp against West Ham in the ’98 FA Cup… totally unnecessary, but caused Lomas to have a nosebleed and brought about one of the best ‘backs against the wall’ performances under the Wenger reign.

    Who can forget Alex Manninger in goal for the penalties…. happy times

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    • Bring to mind some ugly memories. Fantastic reflexes but so Alumnish. I remembered he stopped a shot, got up and in process back heeled the ball into the net for an OG. Can’t remember which match it was, just the pure stupidity of it.

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  9. Jens sending off c/ lge final 2006, was a crazy stunt he should have stayed goal line but no jens who lvs to rush at players gd sol goal, sczny should have seen robben u can see arjen when he goes for goal & his strike force, ozil i wished he scored, sczny goal line, muller oi lvs goals supr sub for bayern, gunners form last night shown 1st & 2nd half with 10men prem contenders, ozil lad

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  10. Paul Davis’ Mike Tyson impression on Glen Cockerill.. He got banned after the game (so it doesn’t ‘really’ count). Retrospective ban. Another Arsenal first.

    DB10 on Lomas was great. Lomas was kicking God’s ankles all game. Pulling his hallowed shirt. Ref did fuck all of course. Dennis just went’ fuck this’ and produced a sublime forearm smash to his nose. Lomas went down like the proverbial sack of shit.

    Even his assualts are perfect.

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  11. On an unrelated note, how did that little fuckstain Sterling get away with laying hands on the ref the other day without even getting booked?! Most Sunday league refs would’ve nutted him for that!

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    • Yip, Howard Webb called over Liverpool and England captain Stevie “uppercut” Gerrard to have a word with Sterling. I only wish Webb was consistent and this wise way of handling younger players wasn’t just restricted to teams fielding English captains.

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  12. Fuck the media and all other supporters of different teams.The media want Arsenal to fail miserably and turn any possible positive into a negative.

    And why can’t these daft twat mugmashers understand that we had just as much right to be aggrieved at the refs decisions.We should have had a penalty for that Hitler youth’s studs challenge on Saniti, and both Gerrard and sterling were lucky to be on the pitch I until full time.And i havent heard anyone mention the Hitler youth’s challenge on ozil in the penalty box which the broadcaster’s,the media,Liverpool and even most Arsenal fans seem to have forgot. It was definitely more of a penalty than that Suarez “I’ve been shot in the ass!” Dive.

    Proud of the lads yesterday.Going in we knew the champions league would be a bridge too far so I loved the fact they were chasing every ball til the final whistle.I’m sure we can cause them problems on the return leg. Who knows what will happen on the 2nd leg?

    Sanogo will get a brace of goals/ assists if he starts on the weekend.You have to remember he’s been feeding of scraps on his last two starts and still impressed.I hope Wenger starts him.Liverfool and Bayern’s defenders were bouncing of him

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  13. The worst one/ most painful red is always the one that just happened. Last night’s red was so disappointing because, as many have said, we were all over them in the 1st 15-20 mins and passing round them in a tippy tappy style was hugely enjoyable. Watching the death of any possibility that the enjoyment could continue and any chance of victory evaporate, hurt like fuck.

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  14. RvP’s 2nd yellow (Red) against Barca for shooting the ball 0.0000001 secs after offsides was called was probably the one that infuriated me the most.

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  15. Has any journo anywhere, ever, commented on another team’s disciplinary record? It feels like only Arsenal are reported on by a bunch of stat-hungry trolls. Same goes for the comments about the last time we won a trophy. When was the last time you saw the press a mention that Spurs last won the league the same year the Berlin Wall was built or that Liverpool last won the league the year the gameboy was launched? We are judged by different standards to any other club.

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  16. Well this was a neato article, lotsa red cards in 98 I notice. Though lots to choose from, as a ljundberg fan I must go with his against the spurious. A vile breed the spurious!

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  17. No 4…John Hartson was my most memorable.

    The big Welshman can on as a 2nd half substitute and was booked for his first challenge on the edge of the opposition box.

    He jogged back towards the halfway line giving the ref an earful of dissent, who brandished the 2nd yellow within 10 seconds of the first! Hartson didn’t even stop, but simply angled his run down the Highbury tunnel to conclude his 60 second cameo appearance!

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  18. Can’t believer no one has mentioned the most hilarious episode of someone being removed from the pitch. Wenger himself being banished to the stands at Old Trafford. Magnificent.

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