Tube strike won’t affect Arsenal vs Man Utd


According to the Daily Mirror, Arsenal’s showdown with Manchester United on 12 February will take place despite the prospect of a second London Underground strike in quick succession.

A reduced service on many tube lines has left much of the capital crippled by today’s industrial action with many a Steve Martin opting to stay at home rather than John Candy their way to work.

While the second strike has yet to be confirmed the club believes fans should still be able to make their way to the Emirates safely despite potential restrictions on the Piccadilly and Victoria Lines.

On the surface delaying the fixture must have looked tempting given DEATHRUN 1, but it’s not overly surprising that we’re going to push ahead.

You suspect BT Sport will have had a say given the large amount of cash they’ve doled out to televise such a high-profile fixture and let’s be honest, United look pretty ropey right now – if we can’t beat them at the moment…yeah best not jinx it…

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Indonesian Gooner

I hope we hammer them, just to see the reaction on the skunk’s face while the crowd are giving him nasty stick.


I don’t live in London anymore and return only periodically to go to games or to visit establishments of ill repute of a level depravity that one just can’t find in the North, and yet every single time I do the London Underground succeeds in being a colossal ball-ache. It’s nice to see that this match they’ll really be pulling the stops out to live up to my expectations.


I hope Wilshere does a twofooted tackle on the cunt while the ref is looking elsewhere!


He is a wanker but breaking his legs is harsh. More concerned that potato face might do something stupid when we are stuffing them. It would be nice to know what the little boy thinks if we pull off the title and they don’t get champs league football.

Scott L

I got a tenner that says Shrek takes a dive to draw a ill gotten penalty. Wont matter though as Scez will laugh in hi face as he grabs it like a Souse grabs a hub cap.

Runcorn Gooner

Do they steal hubcaps in Tunisia.?


The skunk can break his own legs without our help

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

Fantastic picture


We just need to score first goal against them to give them a proper 4-0 5-0 thrashing. just that one goal at the start because they aren’t that good anymore.

Parisian Weetabix

“Tube strike won’t ‘affect’ Arsenal vs Man Utd”, surely?

the only sam is nelson
the only sam is nelson

it might be OK for Arsenal fans, but how are all those poor Glazerhawk fans going to get back to Surrey?


Not that I want it cancelled but the area will be a fucking nightmare to get to and from.

Good luck to all that are travelling.

Devon Gooner

Dear Londoners,
Please grow a pair.
All fecking day the radio and tv have been banging on about what hardship you’re all suffering.
The front of my house is several feet under water. I can only see the roof of my car.
I still got to work on time.
Love from all in the South West.

Kim Kallstrom (the other one)
Kim Kallstrom (the other one)

We will beat them. And i’d love Rvp to play the full 90+. His humiliation should be maximised for my maximum pleasure. I can also do with Boos and flying coins and a nasty encounter with flamini [that goes unbooked and unrepremanded]. My face is twisted to a manacing snarl as i type this.

Indonesian Gooner

I believe Flamini is suspended sir.


Not with the coin chucking…that’s for the uncouth lot from across the road.


Hope we destroy them. Then make them sleep at the Emirates with the carcasses of their players since the tube strike will leave them with no way of going back to Manchester where they live…. Oh wait


Apparently if the game gets delayed it’s likely to be rescheduled between the Spurs and Chelsea matches…. that could be the title taken from us because of tube strikes.


Koscielny: My pockets are open come on you Dutch skunk. No strike can stop you going inside my pocket!


The strike will be over by next week
We will win 2-0
Tonight’s lottery numbers are5,11,12…………………………

Dark Stein

Yes? Continue please. I want to win the lottery and buy all the injured players bionic limbs.




I always liked John Candy in P,T& A. Never realised the cocksucker was a United fan


I can’t stand this “we’ve only got to turn up to thrash United” bollocks. For some reason our players have a mental block whenever we play the Red Devils. We went to Old Trafford earlier this season and froze like rabbits caught in full-beam truck headlights. We went on to lose to the worst United side in 20 years.

Even when we’ve played them at home in recent years we’ve shown them too much respect, and we’ve never thrashed them, just nicked it or lost. This time I just hope we go out there and forget who we’re playing – and remember that the most important thing is the 3 points.

I think we’ll beat them 1-0.


I think we’ll get over this mental block and give them a good hammering. Since we lost up at Old Toilet earlier on, we’ve seen just how bad they are and just how good we are. The lads will be up for this, almost like a North London Derby. It won’t just be the three pionts, it’ll be a fucking demolition.


I agree fat ass gunner, its like Man U are achilles tendon for the gunners, I hope we spank that little boy!


Lord. I’d sob. Coming to watch the Guns for the first time in more than five years, paid out my asshole & had to fork out around 400 pounds to extend my ticket by a day when BT changed the fixture the first time. Us foreign fans are generally happy to take the abuse, but fuck knows if they move that game I’d probably go Michael Douglas in Fallen Down. SA Gooner


I hate differences in time zones. I will miss another midweek game. I am happy i have a week off during the game against Bayern. I will definitely be hitting a local pub screaming at the TV alone while the hockey fans watch and point.


the strike wont affect any manchester fan.most live in london anyway

Arsenal Fan

The small teams normally raise their game against us. I say we win one nill only.