Wenger accuses Robben over penalty incident


A clearly annoyed Arsene Wenger accused Arjen Robben of making the most of contact with Wojciech Szczesny after the Dutchman won the first half penalty which saw the Polish keeper sent off.

While the boss accepted that contact had been made between the two players his frustration at the way it shaped the rest of the game was laid bare in his post-match press conference.

“The referee made a decision that killed the game,” he said after Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat by Bayern.

“Our keeper went for the ball, he touched Robben, who made more of it. Robben has enough experience to know to make more of it.

“Overall I thought Bayern made a lot of every single contact, we are not used to that in England. There were fouls given today that usually are not given in the Premier League, but it’s different rules and we have to accept it.”

The boss also touched on Mesut Ozil’s missed penalty, his second of this season’s Champions League, admitting that it did knock the German’s confidence.

“He was affected by it. I think he wanted to do so well tonight that it affected him. You could see even five or 10 minutes later on the pitch he still was shaking his head. It had a huge impact on his performance.

“Our usual penalty takers were not on the pitch tonight, that’s why we had to decide. It was Ozil, Cazorla and Sagna. Cazorla missed as well, Ozil has missed, you think sometimes ‘OK, he missed from the penalty spot before, but he will not miss again’, but it can happen to anybody, you cannot reproach that.

“You are always concerned about the confidence of your players because that’s your petrol in a team. Your confidence is what gives them the desire to go and play. In our job you have to deal with that.”

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