Wilshere in the squad for Liverpool


In his press conference yesterday Arsene Wenger said Jack Wilshere ‘might’ be available for tomorrow’s game against the Mugsmashers.

The good news is that we can change ‘might’ for ‘is’, with the midfielder taking a full part in training today and making the trip to Liverpool.

He posted a Twitter picture of himself and Olivier Giroud (who talks here about his desire to make his mark at Arsenal), and it’s now down to the manager as to whether he starts or not.

The boss could stick with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, but if Jack is fit he’s the more senior, experienced man and could get the nod.

Either way, it’s a good choice for Arsene to have.

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Wenger could start both, with Ox taking Podolski’s place on the left.


That’s probably what Wenger is going to do. But with Chambo on the right and Santi on the left. Would love to see getting Poldi a run of a few games as starter but considering how rarely Wenger used him this season I doubt he will start him against Pool. Even when Wilshere won’t start he will rather pick Rosicky instead of Poldi imo. But as much as I love Poldi you can’t blame Wenger for picking one of the above mentioned rather than him because they are all quality players. But we will need all of them at times if this is going to be the season I hope it will!

Bould's Eyeliner

I think Poldi should be used against Liverpool as insurance – it’s crazy to think that we can easily (KEY WORD BEING EASILY, I STILL BELIEVE WE CAN DO IT YA NUTS) go through the game keeping the ball away from Suarez Sturridge front 2 the whole time. So depleting Poldi’s goal scoring freshness when we’re gauging Liverpool for the first half is frankly a waste. Second half insurance sounds about right considering how clinical he is.


No, it should be Rosicky on the left. Or Rosicky on the right and move Cazorla to the left.

Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs
Arteta, Wilshere
Cazorla/Rosicky, Ozil, Rosicky/Cazorla


Gibbs has a great combination with Poldi. If Monreal plays he will probably play Cazorla.


But with no winger play will not be stretched. Podolski, Rosicky and Ox to start.


sagna mert kos monreal
Arteta Ox
Rosicky Ozil Cazorla


Who thumbed down the comments. The posters were only saying the truth considering Le prof recent choices


Jack is back




surely ox on the right, jack in the middle, being subbed for gnabry and rosicky in second half.

we need Arteta to have a good game sweeping up infront of defence to keep Liverpool’s front two quiet. if we can keep courtinio quiet then most dangerous forward passes will be stopped.

hoping for another controlled display same as earlier in in the season.

Tiger Tadgh

Jack n Arteta in the middle with Ozil in behind and Santi and Ox on the wings! Massive game that could set us up nicely for the rest of the season. 3-1 with Santi,Giroud n Poldi coming of the bench for the last 1. COYG

Indonesian Gooner

Jack needs the kind of performance he put in at Newcastle when he was discipline and chose his moments going forward if he plays. We can’t afford to get Arteta too exposed since the bloke is slow and short on stamina on the best of days.


I partly agree. Too many games Wilshere doesn’t do enough defensive work, in my opinion. Yes Arteta needs help, not because he’s crap, because anyone you put in that position will need help, and particularly against SAS.


Lets hope we make the SAS look like the TA tomorrow.


Would prefer Ox. More physical. Jack has this knack of driving forward and not tracking back sometimes which is okay with Flamni but leaves Arteta exposed.

Also Rosicky to start for me. He will dominate the game, not to mention we always play better when he plays.


Against that, Jack is tenacious and determined. He can tick the ball over beautifully when playing well. He also has far more experience of what the position requires.


I’m with Jedi on both counts. Jack is coming back from injury, maybe he comes on in the second half to refresh things. Also, thumb me down if you will, but with Arteta having had one game since his own injury, we can’t afford the rotational fouling on Jack and him falling and lying down for a bit which he is wont to do.
Second, Ox played so well in the last game, why not give him another game?
Finally, yes, we always play better with Rosicky in the side.
Clearly, I would prefer to put 14 arsenal players on the pitch.


Not to mention the fact that Ox scored 2 goals in his first league start since August. It will be unwise to drop him, We all know what is called form or you might call it a good run when things seem go your way. I would love to see Rosicky start too. He sets such a high tempo that seems to have an effect on other players around him.

Thierry Bergkamp

Ox on the right against their dodgy left back (whether it’s Toure or Cissokho). Would like to see Rosicky start. Bring Jack off the bench if needed and rotate him and Rosicky on Wednesday


good point, there’s another game soon after. fuck six points would be jessica alba’s tits.


That picture is pure filth.


calm yourself


I’ll never forget your face Olivier! On a side note, anyone see the the news that a statue of God is due to be unveiled at the Emirates? I sure hope our HFB does enough to warrant a statue so future generations of Gooners can admire such fine human specimen.


Oops, posted on the wrong article. Oh well, the sentiment remains the same.

palace gunner

Arsenal arsenal

emir of emirates

I just want wins so badly!!! And I will get them…Arsenal is gonna give ’em to me…COYG

ThierRobert HenRes

Great news for the DEATHRUN1. We need as many bodies as possible. Kos to score the winner tomorrow.


I have two friends who are convinced Monreal is better then Gibbs. I keep telling them no way but they continue to believe in Monreal. I told them Monreal only plays against lower level teams usually and he has rested gibbs due to the big fixtures coming. Why they keep telling me Monreal is better? loll