Wilshere returns: Liverpool v Arsenal teams

Arsenal team news

Liverpool: Mignolet, Flanagan, Cissokho, Toure, Skrtel, Gerrard, Henderson, Sterling, Coutinho, Suarez, Sturridge

Subs: Jones, Kelly, Ibe, Moses, Aspas, Allen, Alberto

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Wilshere, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Ozil, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Rosicky, Gnabry, Podolski, Bendtner

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    • While Gibbs has been really good this season, it can be said that he lost his place after the last injury. Monreal came in and did a decent job, so I’d think that the LB position is Monreal’s to lose.

      The very much can be applied to Vermaelen’s case, he came in and has performed well for a few games but then he got himself injured again (which coincides with Koscielny’s return), I’d reckon that this will motivate Gibbs more.

      Regardless of who’s playing, we support the Arsenal as a whole, so COYG!!

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      • Most likely Gibbs isn’t back to full fitness and with the upcoming fixtures .There will be some rotation in that spot. nacho is a good player but he hasnt done enough to displace Gibbs who has been near flawless this season.

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  1. Well ,COYG anyway, nacho is a gooner so let’s beat them. Gonna go to a local with a mate of mine now and he is a Liverpool fan. Hopefully the drinks will be on him 🙂

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    • I realy don’t think that would be neccessary largely because I know we would have putting the game to bed before poldi’s arrival, so he just comes on to enjoy himself without any real pressure. COYG

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  2. Surprised gibbs didn’t start! Let’s hope Wilshere has a good game because mostly he is quite rusty in his first game after injury. COYG

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  3. Buzzing about the game today! Really like the look of this line up. Out of interest does anyone know whether Gibbs is still carrying a knock or has Nacho over taken him in the pecking order?

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  4. Wait the game is in like 45 min!? Showed what I know over here in Nor Cal. Guess I’m staying up late! Its four am for me! LETS GO GOONERS!

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    • Hey man I feel your pain, I’m from So Cal. Luckily I’m in college on the East Coast so I’m significantly less tired watching this game!

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  5. Monreal will get slaughterd for pace,
    Podolski should have started instead of wilshere,
    What’s wengers game plan, to come from behind?
    God help us.

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  6. Just following this horror show on arseblog and this is why we are not considered title contenders – 3 nil down already and it is turning out like the game at man city!!

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  7. Its amazing ain’t it? you look at the bench and see Bendtner just what we need to turn this fucking game around eh? hahaha

    Only the first of supposed hard games? bottlers!

    I wonder what Arsene thinks of his ‘
    strong squad’

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  8. Unbelievable. 4-0 down so fast; it’s not even them being great, it’s us being sh!t. I wouldn’t have minded if Suarez scored with that 30 yard volley but all the rest were poor goals to concede.


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  9. Interesting to hear the end of Arseblog’s podcast yesterday taking the piss out of supporters that were pessimistic in the knowledge there was a good chance Wenger might nause everything up. Shows how full of shit and out of touch he is really.

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      • So what was your point then? To me, you were making the assumption that some fans and bloggers are doom merchants for having an opinion contrary to yours. Bet you feel silly right now, cos it sure makes you look silly.

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        • I don’t have, and never have had, any issue with whose views differ to mine. It was about the podcasts whose sound quality is terrible. As it was the Angriest Man on Twittercast, one ‘guest’ wanted Wenger out.

          The joke was about sound quality, not opinions. I thought that was obvious.

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  10. This is one of those games that looks like Wenger has tanked and can’t take arsenal to fucking gloryland anymore. February has begun and taken off in typical fashion like in the last 9 fucking years!

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  11. Monreal has been atrocious. It’s not only him. The midfield is leaking like a basket. No intensity from anyone. We were not up for the fight in the first half as usual but this is not Crystal Palace. This is a team that will punish you for switching off.

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  12. The only question from this game is not if we’ll score a consolation goal, but if we’ll have a SHOT ON TARGET!

    Maybe Sczcensny should have shut his big, wide mouth about how he loves Anfield.

    PS: So Podolski is behind Wilshere, Rosicky, Ox and Gnabry in the pecking order. And that’s not counting the undroppablelike Ozil, Carzorla and Ramsey. The only offensive player Podolski is above is Ryo Miyaichi. Wow.

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  13. Utter disgrace.

    & for all you ‘calm down and don’t overreact’ Gooners, if you can’t overreact after a 5-0 (and counting drubbing) when can you overreact?!!

    The manager is to blame, pure and simple. Another season where we’ve been so close but this time, closer than ever before in the last 8 years and all that was needed was a few key boosts from the transfer market and he fucks it up.

    If and I hope it’s a massive IF that causes me to eat humble pie, we go out of the FA cup to those scouse monkeys. out of the Champions league to the best team in europe and lose to manure at home, you’re telling me he deserves his £24 million?!!!

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    • This is the kind of result that gets you fired in other clubs.. not arsenal. Yeah, here you get rewarded with fucking 24 mil!

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  15. I love how a couple of rank average players like Giroud and Arteta have achieved cult status amongst fans.

    Arteta is hands down the most pointless player on the team sheet. A poor man’s DM. A crab, side ways passer extra-ordinaire. There’s NOTHING Arteta does that Denilsh*t couldn’t do. But he’s still a fan favorite …. the “lego man”! LOL.

    Giroud is going on 28. He’s slow and rank average and has NO potential for improvement. He’s not suddenly going to be a world beater at age 30. But not to worry, he’s an “HFB”! LOL.

    The almighty BATTLE for fourth place is on. And thankfully we’ve still got a 50-50 chance!!!
    Dig in boys!

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    • Some people’s stupidity amazes me. The same players you are bashing have kept us top of the league against Citeh and Chelshi for large parts of the season and now they are all useless. Lose one game, one poor performance and it’s as if the world is ending. Today’s score only proves the condition of players today. Liverpool is 4th, we are 1st, our team has been playing better. Today was an off day.

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      • The ONLY table that matters is the one at the END of the season, boy.
        We WERE leading the table in spite of some of the players we deploy. Just the same way, we led the league in 2008 up till February with Denilson, Almunia and Gallas in the team.

        Keep deceiving yourself if you please.
        Arsene Knows Best, Arsene is a god and Arsene should stay at Arsenal for another 30 years!!!

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      • Actually, February has usually been an ‘off month’ for 8 years and counting..today may not just be an ‘off day’ like you put it.

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  16. The comeback is on 5-1!

    but seriously this is a real reality check. We won’t win the league. But we can still make the top 4 and win the F.A cup. So lets get behind the team.

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    • one bad day at the office and we’re out of the league from our own fan? scoreline was different (thanks to three! off the post) but city had just as bad a day at home to chelsea.

      we can win the league. i hope we rest players that need rested for bayern when its fa cup weekend. its not the priority. league/champions league. then fa cup. its not about 8 years without a trophy, its about being in the title race.

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  17. I bet you Wenger is going to sign that contract extension REALLY FAST now, because things could turn really ugly within the next few weeks!

    If the team looks tired and out of gas now, wait till the end of February when the injuries start piling up.

    We’re just at the beginning and we’ve got ONLY TWO CBs!!!! Wenger didn’t even bother looking for a CB in January. Wrap your heads around that one.

    As bad as this game is, it can EASILY get much, much worse.

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    • fuck me mate was the last 8 years not miserable enough? doom and gloom at the moment we’re finally in a title race? jesus christ people. get some perspective.

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  18. Unlucky today afc, paisley won anfield so lets liverpool in f.a cup yes, we still top & ahead of them watch replay team supporters know, not gd result coyg

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  19. Blogs, I’m sure you’ve seen enough to post the player ratings. I can’t wait to hand out 0s and 0.5s for this disgraceful performance

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  20. Perspective?

    Perspective is intelligent Gooners who have seen the imploding signs every year for the past 8 and are sick of it.

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