Agent: “We’ll meet Arsenal to discuss a contract extension”

Olivier Giroud - Sunderland

The agent of Olivier Giroud has revealed that he intends to discuss the possibility of a contract extension for the Frenchman this summer.

Michael Manuello played down rumours of a move to Italy, saying the former Montpellier man is happy in London, and revealed they want to talk about ensuring the striker’s future is tied to the Gunners.

“He’s having a great time in London and the club is pleased with his performance,” he said. “I see no possibility that it will change.

“At the end of the season we will meet with the Gunners leadership to discuss a contract extension.”

Although he’s a player that frustrates some fans, the issue is more about Giroud being the only striking option at the club.

Indeed, if Arsenal do sign that ‘world class’ forward everyone is clamouring for, he would be exactly the kind of decent back-up we’d like the club to have.

So far this season he’s scored 19 times in all competitions and made 8 assists. Not spectacular, certainly not title winning form but steady enough to contribute over the course of a season if the team weren’t so reliant on him.


    • I genuinely don’t like him at all,.
      He talks about how much he loves Arsene and the club & the fans, but he doesn’t respect Arsene’s rules about, bed time curfews, and no sex before game’s as he has been smashing birds in his hotel rooms before important games.

      I know he should be judged by what he does on the pitch, but when what he does off it clearly affects his time on the pitch, I think it should definitely be taken in consideration.

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      • can’t believe this has 15 thumbs down. I’m right there with you ElCapitano. We pay him 3m+ a year to prepare for games in a manner that gives the team the best chance to win. He is paid money most of us can only dream of to be a professional at Arsenal. What a fantastic opportunity. if he is so stupid to jeopardize that by bringing a hooker to the team hotel before a game, I don’t think he should remain at the club.

        I’ve defended him as a player all year and even now I still believe he would be a useful member of most decent squads, but this fist thumping on the crest is bollix. You don’t respect the club Giroud, if you did you would have been tucked up in bed that night preparing for a big game the next day.

        Good Riddance…..

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        • While I have many problems with Giroud – most of them stemming from my unwillingness to view his case from a better perspective; having some joy at any point in the night with a sexy woman is something that I wouldn’t begrudge any man. That he found that it was more difficult to handle women than Bayern Munich, well, he had to learn that sometime.

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        • I’m with you, he’s a professional footballer earning millions a year all he has to do sacrifice certain things until his career has finished and then he can do what he wants, take drugs, screw hookers, whatever

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      • TV5 – cheers mate.
        I knew I’d get slated for it, but the guy is full of it, I get so bored of his lip service to the fans.. ‘I wanna be remembered here,.. I love this club.. bla bla’

        Yet.. there he is sneaking birds into his hotel room, totally showing that he doesn’t respect Arsene pre match rules.
        I understand that it may seem harsh, but come on, they live the dream, they have to make sacrifices.. one of those many sacrifices means no hookers after 11pm in the team hotel… I think its a bit disrespectful to his teammates as well.

        If only he showed the drive and ambition to stay late at training practising his finishing ..then perhaps he would actually have composure in front of goal necessary to play for Arsenal.

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  1. It’s not a bad thing if he stays.

    Giroud isn’t the problem. The lack of another world class finisher is.

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    • Spot on.

      He’s also looked tired over the last few months after a strong start to the season, hopefully having another striker to rotate with him will get the best out of Giroud as well.

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      • I’d be tired at work if I was up all night banging hookers.
        Because lets face it, I somehow suspect that isn’t the first time he has done it..

        I mean some players can handle that sort of shit.. but I think Giroud needs to be concentrating on sticking the ball in the back of the net… instead of sticking his johnson else where after hours.

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    • Erm… at Manchester City not only is their 1st-choice striker (Aguero) world-class, their 2nd-choice (Negredo) and 3rd-choice (Dzeko) strikers are all world-class as well.

      Sure the definition of ‘world class’ is debatable but in Aguero/Negredo/Dzeko there is a certain trickery, clinicalness, quickness and being-in-the-right-place-at-the-right-time which frankly Giroud doesn’t posses and most likely never will.

      I’d rather get rid of Giroud, buy 1 world-class striker, and give Sanogo valuable experience as the 2nd-choice striker.

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      • So you’re comparing City’s 3 strikers to our 1? Not exactly a fair comparison. If City only had Aguero to run into the ground, I doubt he’d be as deadly as he is through sheer exhaustion.

        The right comparison would be that Dzeko is 3rd choice and would probably fight for a first team place here but wouldn’t be automatic choice.

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      • While I can’t address the Negredo bit, having never seen him play, I’d say Giroud is at least as good as Dzeko – and that’s being a bit mean to him, as I know that he’s better.

        Aguero is something else. Alas, strikers like him come once in a decade, and he cost 50M quid 3-4 years ago when we didn’t have such cash available.

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    • I’m sorry, but I don’t consider Giroud to be a world class striker. If he were, we would be right up there with CSKA Moscow and Manchester Sheikhty in the table.

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  2. Next season, Arsenal should sign up a world class striker and keep Giroud as substitute. He’s a good striker, but Arsenal deserve better.

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    • Giroud believes he should not be on AFC bench, his determination and zeal tell him that, his ability says otherwise.

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    • While Bony is not the right player, we do need a “Beast” striker. Its been a long time since we have had one. My hope is that Sanogo goes out on loan next season, and Giroud, Campbell, and Beast striker #1 come on in and do the work. Would anyone take Mario Balotelli if he was available?

      But we have other areas of the team that also need addressing. Mainly in Defense. With Sagna looking like he will leave, and Vermaelen on the bench, we may end up needing 3 defenders. Then again, I would have no problem with Jenkinson stepping up, but that’s just me.

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      • After his shenanigans it would not surprise me in the least if Arsenal offload him in the summer. Also if Mourinho really is intent on selling Lukaku I would pull everything out of the hat to sign him, together with perhaps Mandzukic (although I would be very surprised if he left Bayern) That would leave us with 2 excellent options along with quite a raw Sanogo. That would do nicely I think 🙂

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      • Giroud plays for Arsenal where he is bound to get double the chances that Bony gets at Swansea (except when playing a big club)

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        • He’s bound to get double the assists, as he is asked to share. And he does, both. A difference of 4 attempts between the two.

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  3. Giroud is the backup we need. its what we have been crying out for all year. back up, squad depth, options on the bench. im happy for him to sign a new deal i just wont be happy if he is our one and only option for another year. really is not fair on him, he is no Suarez who can carry a team

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  4. This is just absurd, to say that after his recent performances. So mediocre player it is embarrassing. We have the worst striker in the top 7. He should start performing before a new contract is even considered.

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        • Adebayor’s Tottenham career: 37 goals in 90 games.
          Giroud’s Arsenal career: 36 goals in 88 games.

          Not to mention the fact that Giroud played in the PL for the first time last season.
          And don’t get me started on assists, Giroud is far better there.

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        • just a provided stats comparing giroud’s goal with adebawhore… forget that ade play’s for shit tottenham..and giroud has world class midfield around him….giroud has been pathetic..he doesnt mmakes defenders run…and i also observed..90 percent of the time if someone pass a ball to giroud giroud passes it back to him..this is pathetic..he wants the glory of scoring but doesnt work hard for it…..its a shame giroud represent the ranks once represented by henry,persie…….

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        • i would happily swap adebawhore for giroud…. and stan kroenke will never feel the way we feel right now…i guess he just loves the money….3 years in a row we have been lett down…ticket prices most expensive..and when they look for players they bring the cheapest one….persie sold and what we got….giroud………fabregas nasri sold …we got arteta sold….till last season i was patient coz we had walcott..but this season he barely played….who replaced david dein..the man who bought talent…. by shit gazidis

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        • Lets not let our hate for Adebayor cloud our judgement.

          He’s definitely better than Giroud, dont get me wrong they both have their limitations, but Adebayor can actually run, scored some scorchers in his Arsenal career and when he can be bothered, he was immense.

          Whereas Giroud is just consistently average

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    • Heres a list of 12 strikers in the PL, arranged highest to lowest in terms of goals per game.
      I took minutes played divided by 90 for average number of games, and then divided number of goals by number of games played.
      Aguero – 15 goals (1191 min = 13.23 games) – 1.13 goals per game
      Suarez – 27 goals (2243 min = 24.92 games) – 1.08 goals per game
      Sturridge – 19 goals (1757 min = 19.52 games) – 0.97 goals per game
      Van Skunkie – 11 goals (1461 min = 16.23 games) – 0.68 goals per game
      Dzeko – 10 goals (1331 min = 14.79 games) – 0.68 goals per game
      Remy – 13 goals (1866 min = 20.73 games) – 0.63 goals per game
      Bony – 12 goals (1842 min = 20.47 games) – 0.59 goals per game
      Lukaku – 12 goals (1884 min = 20.93 games) – 0.57 goals per game
      Rooney – 13 goals (2191 min = 24.34 games) – 0.53 goals per game
      Rodriguez – 13 goals (2450 min = 27.22 games) – 0.48 goals per game
      Giroud – 13 goals (2506 min = 27.84 games) – 0.47 goals per game
      Lambert – 9 goals (2253 min = 25.03 games) – 0.36 goals per game

      Giroud has played more premier league minutes than any other player in that list. Make of that what you will…

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      • just for fun, Roberto Soldado has 6 goals, 1803 min played, for a goal per game ratio of 0.30 – things could always be much worse!!!

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      • True on the fact that Giroud has played more minutes…but shouldn’t we also consider the amount of rest he doesn’t get by almost forcing him to play every game? So, with that, it results in less goals per minute. Now, I’m not saying Giroud is a world-class striker in any means, but those sort of stats don’t show everything is what I’m trying to get at.

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      • beg pardon? the stats are wrong? or the fact that giroud is so low on the list is ‘wrong’ in general? for the record, chelsea strikers are pretty abysmal when looking at goals scored (eto’o has 8, torres has 4, and ba has 3).

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        • Why isn’t Poldi on that list then? And Walcott? There are many ways to slice the facts and choose the numbers. How about assists? Only Suarez, Sturridge and Rooney and Lambert from that list have more.

          As you notice, aside from Suarez-Sturridge the general trend is as the number of games go up, the number of goals go down. Overuse? The job they’re sent to do?

          My comment was not a response to your stats. It was a response to the original claim that we have the worst striker in the top 7. Only three teams have strikers on more goals in the league for the season. Only three have strikers on more assists. On THAT basis, the statement I made is correct.

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  5. I wouldn’t mind if we buy a world class striker and give giroud an extension , all I don’t want is him signing a contract extension and Wenger saying “he’s like a new signing”

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  6. If he stays – fine, but we DO NEED a world class striker. He should posses better technique than Giroud, and he should definitely be able to make some long shot goals, in stead of all those “tap-ins”

    But yes, Giroud is a fine backup.

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  7. We all know he’s having a great time in London.He’s been banging everything in
    Seriously though I’d only sign him up as a replacement.

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  8. If the club is pleased with his performances then it can’t be weird that we are 4th… unbelievable… we don’t have any strikeforce… Giroud, Sanogo and Bendtner… Bendtner is out of race… Sanogo is not ready yet. Giroud is not good enough… he can stay for less money… use the money rather for Sagna than for him.

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  9. I would be very happy for Group to extend. He’s a good player. He just needs an Eduardo type player playing off him. He can’t do it all on his own and at the moment there’s noone making runs to make the most of his layoffs

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  10. Giroud isn’t the problem but he certainly is no solution either.

    I remember at the start of the season many fans here got really annoyed when I made this point. Give him a chance they said. But for me the writing has always been on the wall, he just isn’t an Arsenal standard leading striker.

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  11. ‘Despite being injured since Christmas, Aaron Ramsey has still completed the most tackles (56) in Arsenal’s squad.’


    As for the topic I agree with everybody else saying he’s a good backup but nothing else.

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  12. As if what we are passing through is not enough…now extension talk for giroud?..c‘mon,does bad luck only follow arsenal?

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  13. Really good news! He’s well deserving of an extension, with almost 20 goals in all comps this season.
    Hope he’s not kidding himself though – cut the off-the-field shite and buckle down for the pre-season. He’s taken his game to another level this year but it’s still not enough.
    Personally, I’d rather see him raise his game again than force us to buy another striker, I think he’s capable and want Akpom and Sanago to be given some time too.

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  14. Though I like him, poorly timed son! Great back up, plan B but there is a need for a faster sticker with better reading of the game.

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  15. If you analyse the state of the club then Arsene has become a specialist in surrendering winning situations. No break us down if you can, no collective defence, no hard running, no tackling, no leadership, no true gladiators, no mental strength, not up for the fight. Players being indulged and allowed to play as they see fit. And remember once again what Fabregas said when he went to Barca. ‘At Arsenal we were allowed to do what we wanted on the field but at Barca I have had to learn about strict defensive organisation when we don’t have the ball’ And that’s the most attacking team on the planet with some of the best players in the world. Absolutely floored by our lack of organisation and character overseen by an experienced and previously successful manager. This is way Arsene’s reign ends ,not with a bang but a whimper.

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  16. Fantastic news. He isn’t such a bad striker as people think it is (of course he isn’t world class). At the start at the season he was magnificient but he played to many games thus far this season and his latest performances shows that. But we need to buy another (better) striker but not to replace him. It is all about rotation. Wenger doesn’t rotate a lot and I think this is one of the problems why we have so many injuries. He isn’t Wright or Henry or RvP. He is Giroud and we need to accept that. He needs our support and he isn’t guilty for our defeats against top teams but the whole team is.

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  17. This is really sad news. Knowing Arsene,Giroud will be our main striker. I feel like shooting the tv everytime I see his slow ass playing.

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  18. I don’t know if I’m weird but I think we need 2 more strikers. I suppose we see Walcott as a striker too but will he return from such a long term injury in the form he left?

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  19. I used to be all about Giroud, but he s such a flounce. Just get stuck in! For a guy his build he has zero aerial prescence and is so easily muscled off the ball. Did you see Bony hassling Vermasacker last night? That’s the kind of thing I want to see from Giroud. Not constant complaining, half assed runs, acting like the game owes him a break- it doesn’t. You get up and fight for it.

    Sorry but I used to be really fond of him,and indeed he used to contribute something to our play. Now he just holds it up.

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  20. Noooo no no noooo nooooo nooooo nooooooo nooo noo noo noooooooo girouddd.pls,no more lamp post for a striker.its hard to understand how did we end up from berkamp to henry to van pu**y to giroud. Now that we have the funds,pls stop fking arnd and get real quality strikers.even fking wilfred bony looks miles better than lamp post.

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    • In the league:
      Giroud: 13 goals, 7 assists
      Bony: 11 goals, 2 assists

      Let’s not take a step backwards. Aside from one powerful header Bony’s first touch was atrocious. There is no room for that at Arsenal.

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      • And Swansea have been very good this year, with a truly excellent midfield? To have scored 11 goals with that service is actually really impressive.

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        • I agree, it is. It also reflects a different focus of play. When the midfield is weak the striker gets all the tries and few assists. We ask the striker to link up and provide as well. Perhaps he has that ability, but I didn’t see it in that match.

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  21. I’ll always say this, Olivier is Certainly NOT the kind of striker Arsenal deserve. He’ okay but not good. Until when will the gunners ever finish at position one, or even two for that matter. Bring in a top notch striker dammit.

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  22. I’m sure he’ll be our main striker for years to come….sign up on the Arsenal gravy train! Giroud and Sanogoals leading the charge for Europa League next season.

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  23. Ive seen nothing from the jogging hairdresser thats says he deserves to be anything but a sub striker. His hold up play has become almost non existent. He has NO pace whatsoever and his finishing is more than sometimes woeful. Hes been here all season and still makes the wrong runs and wrong passes ALL GAME EVERY GAME Seems more concerned with mussing his coiffure than making a nuisance of himself.
    If we dont by a top top striker off season then were in for more of the same I think.

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  24. Slow and steady wins the race?

    He’s good as backup, but we need someone who scores more frequently, and is not only good on the first touch.

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  25. come on then people lets have some names of realistic world class targets?

    hfb may not be the best but he is the best we got! we lost the title in January when we could of rectified the problem

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  26. You want names? Sure. This summer keep Giroud as backup and buy Mandzukic. He’s a class striker and an upgrade on Giroud. Another one would be Falcao but he looks set to go to Chelsea. I’m sure some strikers will show up Post-world cup

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    • You’re assuming of course Mandzukic would change his mind and move away from what many consider to be the top team on the planet and essentially a guaranteed title every year. You ruled out Falcao yourself.

      If the right names emerge, no doubt AW will buy. But as you can see it’s not so simple.

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    • We’re just about to be rid of Bendtner.
      Balo is incredibly talented, but I doubt Arsenal is going to stump for another head case.

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  27. Buy a time machine, go back 9 months & sign Higuain. Two quality signings.
    Although, if we have the time machine could probably just get Titi & Dennis in their prime….so leave Higuain

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  28. Can’t blame people for being short-term minded. I guess that’s how most of us live. So such news after disappointing results generally will provoke such reactions. Wenger had always maintained that Giroud and podolski were additions instead of replacement to the judas who disrupted us. But for me all I am hoping for is not to be fu*ked with the FA cup trophy

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    • I hope you know that Wenger subsequently admitted that Poldi and Giroud were in fact bought as replacements for RVP.

      Forget about Robin, he is back where he spent most of his time at Arsenal, in recovery.

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  29. Exquisite timing from his agent there. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the agent has had a look at this site recently, and is trolling.

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  30. The way I see it as a team we are set up wrong to have a player like Giroud up top. We play football that stretches opponents creating little gaps to play in clever runs. We signed one of the best players in the world in terms of the ability to do this. Who does Ozil have to look for with his cute passes? Giroud? Come on. Giroud is a decent forward that would thrive off crosses – but that is not the type of striker that we need. We don’t have wingers to supply crosses for a start. Every time the ball is crossed in it is rare to see more than one player in the opposition box. The problem for me is that this makes Ozil look bad and I think that shows in his performances. How disheartening it must be to be a player with his ability and no way of using it. If he slips a ball through to Giroud then the move is over. He does not have the pace. Walcott is of course there for that job, but we will not get more than 20 games a season out of him (as sad as that it is difficult to argue.)
    This team needs pace. Without Walcott we have nothing to give the opposition defence anything to think about. Giroud is a decent back-up, I like his commitment and his attitude, but he simply does not have the attributes that wenger’s entire system is set up for, and this is detrimental and disheartening for the other players on the pitch. I am simply amazed at our lack of options. Finances are an excuse, injuries are an excuse, but for me it all boils down to bad preparation and poor management. I do not think wenger should go. He can quite easily tunr this around with a couple of signings. But for god sake man open your eyes – we carry no goal threat and this has got to change!

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    • “Giroud is a decent forward that would thrive off crosses”… I’m not entirely sure about this though. In our subconcious we tend to make a case for tall strikers and crosses but I can tell you with the following video that Giroud is VERY POOR at attacking them:

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  31. Last night, one of the things that irritated me most was Giroud’s finger waggling celebration. Finger waggling is for top players at the top of their game. Who does he think he is? Thierry Henry? Good squad player who should be kept on good squad player wages.

    There was one other moment last night that really summed him up for me though. Someone (I can’t remember who) played a beautiful, raking diagonal long pass. Giroud took it down fantastically well, but one on one with the full back on the edge of the box, you just knew that there was no danger whatsoever.

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  32. “… We need a beast striker…”
    What the hell does that mean exactly? Give examples?

    “…smashing birds in his hotel room…”
    This isn’t the Richard Keys & Andy Gray show. Grow up.

    As for Giroud. Really like him. So much passion and determination. Decent goal tally. He should definitely feature as part of a 3 or 4 striker setup, like City.

    Also I think gone are the days of first choice, second choice, players. Everyone needs to be first choice, accept the wage implication and don’t be scared to rotate!

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    • “… We need a beast striker…”
      What the hell does that mean exactly? Give examples?

      Beast Striker. It means a striker, who is over 6ft tall, built like a brick shithouse, stronger than an ox (Not AOC), quick, with a slight bit of attitude. See mould of Drogba, Benteke, Lakaku, Balotelli etc, without the diving of course.

      I like Giroud, and while he is a big guy, a slight breeze hits him, and he is on the floor, with him (And most arsenal fans) yelling out “Not The Face!!!”. Also he has no attitude, and to be honest, i have seen 10 year olds with broken legs run faster.

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  33. If we really want to be contenders for the league and succeed in Europe we need to have 2 or 3 top class strikers. Scraping by on the bare minimum just doesn’t work with so many competitions to play in. Then comes injuries/lack of form.
    Giroud’s an honest player but if he had a bit less game time and was genuinely shitting himself about losing his place I think he’d be more effective.

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  34. Few people on here yesterday saying if it weren’t for Podolski’s brilliance, Giroud would never have scored.
    But, looking at the goal again, Giroud clearly points to where he wants Podolski to put it. So credit to both of them, Podolski for providing an excellent pass, and Giroud for telling Podolski where to put said excellent pass.
    Considering he’s leading the line by himself, in only his second season with us, I think people should cut him a bit more slack.

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  35. Giroud doesn’t deserve all the stick he’s getting to be fair.

    The person who should be blamed is the manager and we all know it.
    Who in their right mind goes into a season with only 1 recognized striker?!?!?

    Its the same story every season, we don’t have strength in numbers, and once again our injury ravaged squad is on the brink of collapse.

    Arsene’s refusal to spend imo is our undoing once again, I’ve given up on him, he’s never going to change, we just have to accept it!

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  36. Have serious doubts we’ll buy the top top striker we all want. Odds on it will be someone like Remy. Actually knowing Wenger he’ll go out and buy another attacking midfielder.

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  37. I think people thinking e will go for Falcao or Mandzukic are living in dream land considering the other teams in for them and the other needs for strengthening in our squad. I can see us blowing £40M again on one player. Lukaku would be good but chelsea wouldnt sell to a rival. Someone like Pato, Doumba, Morata, Ba, Finnbogason, Diouf (hannova) are more likely as we also need replacements for Sagna, Arteta / Flamini (both coming to the end of their careers) a back up keeper.
    Yes we need a class striker but we need depth through out the squad more. I’d love to see Kadeira be our big signing in the summer. May be Dzageov, he’d get the best out of ozil. Any of the strikers i mentioned. Aurier and Jung to add to our defence. Cheeky punt on Jack Butland as well as Szcz back up.
    My lists go on but I wont bore you with them. I look at players with only 1 year left on there contract though as they are the most likely. We have money now, but we are never going to compete with the likes of PSG, Madrid, Man City and Chelsea in terms of transfer and wage budget

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  38. Just bought sum bunting and balloons for the ‘just scraped 4th place again’ party at Carrow Rd in May. Hope I haven’t wasted my money.

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  39. When the likelihood is that through immense stubbornness AW won’t sign a top class striker, we have to keep him.

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    • The trick is for everyone to tell/suggest to Arsene that we dont need another striker and he’ll definitely go out and get one.

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  40. I’ve read a lot of comment saying that Arsenal should sign Mandzukic or Remy as main striker. I doubt this would make a huge difference compare to Giroud. We need better again and I know this is hard to find that type of high profile. But that is why it costs a lot.
    I just do not understand why we did not try harder to get Lewandowski in january, even for the next season. Then a world class striker would make the other teams fear us and we would be more confident. Because that type of guy can change the face of a game on his own while Giroud scores only when he is in the best position.

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  41. @ Welshman
    Totally get your point about Giroud staying on his feet. It’s a fair point. I agree.

    I figured someone would give that definition and examples of ‘beast strikers’.
    Are there many white beast strikers? Rooney? RVP? Or do we unconciously save the term beast for black players?
    That’s how it seems to me, so I don’t like the term.
    Anyway, Kallstrom, he’s a ‘unit’ isn’t he.

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    • John Hartson was a Beast (Well to us welsh anyway) and he was a Pasty white Welshman, with Ginger hair. I don’t think its a race thing, although Black athletes always look bigger than White athletes, no matter what sport. Mind you when its a White Athlete, they are usually called Fat (See Frank Lampard)

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  42. I think he’s a reasonable striker . He’s just tired is all.

    If he cut back on his other jobs and stopped moonlighting as a tree, hatstand and lamp post, he might get sufficient rest and be able to perform better.

    Just Saying.

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  43. Also read that we could not buy a top class striker, as Chelsea, ManCity or PSG do.
    But we need to see that others clubs like Manutd, Liverpool, Napoli, Dortmund have better strikers than us.
    These last teams do not have unlimited budget though. So why could not we attract someone like Higuain ?

    Our football project (playing the CL, win the BPL again, and the two cups) should attract players who could not be in the first team of ManCity because there’s already too much players.

    Honestly, I am tired of second choice players. It is not about “Adebayor is better or worse than Giroud”, there is not a huge difference between the two, so not interesting at all to bring the Togolese back.
    If we want to win something, we need to invest in far more talented and more experienced profile. Giroud told himself that he knows he is not as good as Suarez. He is true and we need someone from that high calibre. He would be a perfect sub and he would learn from the 1st striker.
    The same for Szczesny, who is a very very young keeper and even if he is ok most of the time, even great sometimes, you feel not really secure and confident. Pepe Reina would have been a great add.

    But I guess, if we keep Wenger, he will do like the previous season, tell us that he will buy big, then he will say that it is not easy because there is a lot of competitors and few talented guy who can add something to Arsenal. Eventually, he will buy Andy Caroll, Gignac or a new attacking midfielder.

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  44. I think giroud is a good player on his day but he shouldnt be playing 50 games a season at Arsenal. The only striker out there who I think we could realistically get would be Balotelli.He seems to have fallen out of favour with AC Milan and really has all the attributes to become,in my opinion, the best striker in the world. He has pace,strength,technique,vision, and a right foot that hits a ball harder than superman’s fist would. Its just a shame he’s crazy as fuck. I’d take him over the aguero’s and Suarez’s of this world any day if he behaved like a normal human being. Also,we can’t look ahead just yet.we,got 9-10 vital games coming up which we need to do everything to win.

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  45. Giroud is ok but he needs help up front. Whats the problem with Podolski he is an expierienced international why can’t he play for 90 in fact why can’t he start more games. Get a DM and get a leader on the pitch. Stop playing Ateta and Flamini together.

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  46. So Arseblog is pulling the famous do not give away name of player involved by going with that byline. I’ve always hated these pathetic antics by other blog/sites to increase readership. Hope its a 1st and last.

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  47. Comparing Giroud to the three at City is a bit off.

    Every man jack of them cost way over £25m and we paid what for Giroud? £10m or maybe £11m.

    FFS you get the quality you pay for.

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    • But nobody would pay £11m for a striker that can’t finish. He has useful qualities, sure, but at this point it’s pretty apparent that he can’t put away far too many of the generous amount of chances he’s provided.

      I’m not sure how making him a bench/rotation guy instead of our main striker will solve this problem. In my opinion, he should be sold while he still has any illusion of value.

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    • henry 12M, no i dont see the patern,they were expensive because the were already star in their own right the price has nothing to do with quaity. we got carzoa for only 19M but he was actually far more as one of the best attacking midfield in la liga. Michu cost barelly nothing and score far more than some of the more expensive

      giroud would score far more if we were playing with 2 set of pacy winger becuase he would get far more support. but right now giroud is not the sort of striker we need . we need a pacy striker who can get behind a defence because our game is way to slow

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  48. The problem is not only Giroud. Sure he is not the most clinical of the lot to put it mildly but 19 goals in all competition is not a bad return for a centre forward. The problem is going through an entire season with one recognized centre forward. Its a miracle the guy hasn’t picked up any knocks from the amount he has been playing. Frankly he looks spent. You don’t see him chasing defenders that much compared to how he did at the beginning of the season. Not having another option is what’s cost us. I still think we missed a trick with not pursuing Loic Remy. He is exactly the type of player we could use right now. Skillful, pacy and clinical. And on a loan deal to boot. Wouldn’t have to spend that much either. I don’t mind Giroud getting a new deal. But I still think it is vital we buy a new striker. If City can keep 3 centreforwards happy why can’t we do it with two to say the least?

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  49. I think everyone is missing an opportunity here. He’s in a little bit of a slump. Set his extension price now, then go buy the other guy we want that offers the other set of qualities we seek. It’s the ideal scenario.

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