Arsenal add Broomfield to scouting team


Arsenal have added to their scouting network by recruiting Ian Broomfield after he resigned from his position at QPR.

Broomfield, who has previously been the key scouting figure at Leeds United, Aston Villa, Portsmouth and Sp*rs was reportedly wanted back at White Hart Lane (he left when Villas-Boas took over), but opted to join Arsene Wenger’s backroom staff ahead of what the Mirror dubiously describe as ‘a massive summer spending spree.’

He’s set to join forces with chief scout Steve Rowley from tomorrow and will likely work closely with new Academy head Andries Jonker.

“The opportunity to work for Arsene Wenger at one of Europe’s top clubs, like Arsenal, was too good to turn down,” Broomfield is quoted as saying.

“I appreciated my time at QPR with Harry, but this is an exciting challenge which I’m looking forward to.”

After an injury-plagued playing career Broomfield spent more than a decade working for the Criminal Investigation Department working on over 30 murder cases. He began scouting in his spare time and has since amassed 25-years experience.

He also, according to this ten-year-old article in the Independent, once roomed with legendary Gunner Charlie George on England youth duty.


  1. Good too see the spuds fail. All the best for him and let there please be big spendings coming up

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  2. “Broomfield spent more than a decade working for the Criminal Investigation Department.”

    And Harry Redknapp hired him?!

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  3. Broomfield, your first assignment will be to investigate the Stoke game. Find why we lacked the ‘killer instinct’

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  4. Nothing can cheer me up atm, how many times have we heard of big summer spending spree only for Arsene to stand in the way of the signing because of one reason or the other….must even frustrate his so called scouts. Everything passes through him eventually anyways.

    All I can ask for is that Charlie Adam be set on fire.

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    • How on earth would you call this “hearing about a big summer spending spree.” And then you ignorantly declare Arsene keeps standing in the way of signings for one reason or another. How the hell do you claim to know why or why not signings haven’t happened.

      Although your legitimate request to have Charlie Adam set on fire shows you have some sense.

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    • This kind of statement has got as tiresome as the ‘x years since Arsenal last won a trophy’.

      Friendly reminder, just 7 months ago wenger sanctioned a £42.5m deal for a certain German superstar.

      When we have, more or less, the entire punditry, paper and television world waiting for our downfall with glee written across their faces, I wonder why it is that some of are fans are so eager to hack a lump of flesh from their own club???? Especially as we enter such a crucial stage of the season.

      We are lucky to have a man like Mr Wenger, the proper form of conduct would be to show some more respect.

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      • I think this comment shows great focus and commitment. I am little bit dubious of fans that want to criticise but overall I think that we have the character to succeed at the highest level.

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  5. I see no poit in adding the best scout is your not going to buy any player… yes… wenger… if you get what I mean…

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    • He will not get what you mean as players cost far too much these days, in his world, despite sitting on £150 million spending money

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  6. Might be a great help to scout young local talent. We need impact players, like hazard, Costa, not stars for the future. Hope there is a good signing in the summer.

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  7. He worked for Leeds & QPR – not sure I’d label either of those spending sprees as super successful to be honest…

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  8. If he’s looking forward to working with Arsene then I imagine that means the contract is going to be signed. The Sun was trying to paint the picture that Arsenal are worried he’ll be leaving

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      • Yes, because finishing above teams spending 10x what we do is a really easy thing to do! Stop talking nonsense please. The fact is we have overachieved when you consider the money we have had available to spend compared to our rivals. Arsene Wenger has performed miracles.

        My god, there is such a cynical undertone at the club these days. A couple of bad results and it appears like a rash. Support your club!!

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  9. Good lord, looking at these comments just shows you how much people love having something to complain about.

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  10. Look at our team and who is our best player…Ozil. This means we need to make a team around him. He needs a striker who makes runs and is good on the ball. Instead he has Giroud who can only score goals which are on a plate and is awful on the ball. Even when he makes runs he can’t control the ball. Personally, I hate him as he thinks having a romp is more important then putting in a good performance. Ozil needs proper wingers who make runs. Instead, he has Cazorla, a CAM. Cazorla is just not the same player he was last season. Ozil is better than cazorla, which sadly means he needs to be dropped. People getting on Ozils back are just cunts! How do you expect him to fit in a team where no one is as good as him. For a striker, I think benzema is perfect. Real Madrid are bound to sign a world class striker this summer, and that might mean benzema will leave. Not only is he a brilliant striker, he has good chemistry with ozil. For a left midfielder, I think either Di Maria of Reus. Ozil knows both very well. I wouldn’t mind which one, they are both brilliant. My ideal (and realistic) line up will be
    Gibbs koscielny mertesacker sagna
    Flamini Ramsey
    Reus/Di maria Benzema walcott

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  11. I didn’t actually know Tottenham and QPR had scouts – I assumed their transfer strategies were based entirely on signing whichever media-hyped players weren’t actually good enough to sign for a big club.

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