Arsenal set to appeal Gibbs red card


Arsenal are set to appeal Kieran Gibbs red card, and the red card decision itself.

With referee Andre Marriner making a complete bollix of the situation, and sending off Gibbs instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, it’s likely the left-back will be available for the game on Tuesday.

However, Arsenal are also to appeal on the basis that Oxlade-Chamberlain’s handball did not prevent a goalscoring opportunity and therefore the red card itself should be rescinded.

We have yet to discover from the officials on what basis they made their decision. Marriner seemed content for Arsenal to take a goal kick, but then changed his mind to award both a penalty and a red card.

With no monitor on the sideline for the fourth official, the options are that he either got guidance from somebody who did have video in front of them, or he was swayed by protestations from Chelsea players and management.

Neither option covers the referee in glory and a full explanation of his decision should be demanded.


  1. Interesting to see what the FA will do… Marriner has already admitted that he made a mistake but if they overturn it will be pretty embarrassing but a full explanation as to how the card came about is the most important thing about this whole fuck up. As Blogs pointed out this morning there was no way anyone could have seen that if it wasn’t for someone seeing the video and informing the ref of the hand ball (what the fuck was Oxlade thinking, my goodness)

    And also as Blogs pointed out this morning refereeing has been utterly woeful this season. Hopefully the launches some sort of investigation as to what the f is going on…

    Probably won’t… It being the FA and all and how the ref can’t do any wrong

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    • See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil – F.A 101
      O and lets not forget rule 234.5; all black people look the same, therefore once a card has been produced you should apply the Eeny, meeny, miny, moe rule mentioned back in section 1 of the reffs handbook to select which player receives said card.

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  2. That whole episode was ridiculous. We all make mistakes in our lives, and in our professions. We have to own up to them….not do what Mariner did, and lie out of his skin to try and save face. He DID NOT see the handball….otherwise he would have given it straight away. He’s taken guidance through his earpiece. And this guidance was inaccurate. Also….since when could referees seek advice from someone in regard to a handball/penalty?

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  3. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, I’ll still be an Arsenal fan and John Terry will still be a horrible racist cunt

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  4. Unless Marriner explains exactly the process I have zero sympathy and he should me made an example of.

    He walked away giving a goal kick (I think he turned away before the Ox even touched it) and I assumed at the time the ball must have not come off of his hand then.

    To turn around 15 paces later and then lay down the law wrongly, needs explanation. Who said what and why?

    Why Gibbs didn’t kick up more of a fuss is also a little worrying but he should never have been put in that situation.

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    • I think with Gibbs it was more of a case of him being sensible, the Arsenal players let the ref know he was wrong with the decision, arguing there case. Had Gibbs kicked up more of a fuss he could of been facing a punishment from the FA, so it was best for him just to remain calm.

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  5. Can of worms this one….imagine if it had decided the game.
    …it didn’t of course. Not by a looooong way.

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    • We will never know how much of an affect it had on the game. Yes we were three nil down but it is impossible to say that the final result would have been the same.
      If Gibbs had stayed on and AOC had been sent off then there would have been no reason to sacrifice Podolski – who knows what impact he would have made if he had stayed on.
      It would have also allowed a 3rd substitute (Kallstrom??) later in the game – what influence would HE have had in the second half?
      And would Gibbs have done better than Vermaelen for the 70 minutes – your guess is as good as mine..
      Did the fact that AOC did not get sent off play on his mind and affect HIS performance?

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  6. The arrogance of refs ignoring players like that is crazy, but I suppose when you have players protesting reds for leg breaking tackles its hard to listen to a word. Certainly not defending Marriner but the whole thing is a joke. I should be interested in real politics but the only thing I ever feel like protesting is football’s governing bodies. Ramble complete.

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    • He didn’t ignore players. He listened to those Chel$ki cunts calling for murder and promptly obliged. I said at the time, the ball was missing the goal… Missing!. yellow card not fucking red. This was absolute bullshit. I’d seen my team capitulate and be down by 2 inside 7 minutes. Then this shit!. Inexcusable defending (and I mean starting from midfield) and then refereeing. I can’t but help think the ref was completely overwhelmed by the situation and in particular trying to stay on the good side of that bullying special cunt that he did anything he could to stay in the cunts good books. It really is bullshit and comes back to the English press making a fucking hero of this eye gouging, tantrum chucking, bullying germ of an individual.

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    • After 17 minutes? I think anyone who believes this must feel sorry for the ten that stayed on. He should have wanted to stay and fight as an Arsenal player. Sadly yesterday they all looked like employees not players.

      Think about the away fans who paid to be there, not the millionaires on the pitch that can’t be bothered to try and save face at least.

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      • It had already been told to the ref and he’d pointed for Gibbs to continue off, stayng their and acting like a petulant child wouldnt help. not only does it show no respect for the officials, it is also just pointing the finger at your team mate. Gibb sucked it up, took the punishment even though it wasnt his to take. He was willing to sacrifice himself for Ox, im okay with that.

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  7. Mariner is out of his depth. He lost total control of the situation. It was a yellow and a penalty. It’s as simple as that.

    Ox and Gibbs should both be available for Tuesday night but I bet the FA close ranks and protect the inept referee.

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  8. No no no! Do not appeal… it will result 2 game ban for Gibbs as he was given the red and they will also ban Ox for 2 games beacause he was the one with the big save……. They’ll probably ban a few more aswell for protesting and eating breakfast and stuff..

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  9. Mariner made wrong call on Gibbs but still the Blues would have won. The point is just that I wonder why Arsene the boys play horrible at the sight of the Chelsea team.

    Arsene Needs some responses

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  10. The ball was definitely going wide but given what a joke the FA is I’m 99.9% sure they will give the ban to the Ox. Ugh i just want to forget this weekend existed

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  11. Not sure the shot was entirely off-target. To me it looked like the ball was curling in. Even an iota of doubt is enough for the FA to stick with the red and add a 1 match ban for frivolous appeal to the three he will receive for the offense.
    BTW when is Rambo back?

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  12. This exposes the cheating and fakeness behind referring. We’re being LIED to. He heard something in his earpiece. This is a can of worms. But looking at Blatter’s lead this kind of mad corrupt shit is A-OK in the world of football. That mentality trickles down. Fuck ’em all. Hope they get fucked for this.

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  13. This game was so hard to watch. at the time chelsea were 3 -0 up with I dunno wiyh a mere 12 mins on the clock I kept thinking football should introduce a forfeit where the opponents are dimed unworthy and surrender the three points with a goal difference of +3 to their superiors.meaning if the match stopped there and then chelsea would get 3 points and the same 6 goals as we return home with any bit of dignity we had left. Thats how painful yesterday was……

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  14. Yesterday’s incident also highlighted just how stupid and unfair this entire law is with regard to so-called professional fouls in the penaty area.

    The Ox’s handball supossedly denied a clear goal-scoring chance. The punishment? A sending off (of the wrong man!) and ANOTHER GOAL-SCORING CHANCE. That’s a double punishment. And the sending-off ruined the game: who knows what woud have happed if Gibbs had stayed on. The punishment for that offence should have been either just the penalty or a penalty goal (just like a penalty try in rugby).

    For the second time this season we have been on the wrong end of this ‘double punishment’. We nay have got past Bayern had Szcz not been sent off.

    This rule is stupid and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

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  15. Gibbs did have a massive go at the ref just before he went off. Ultimately it wasn’t worth kicking up too big a fuss, Marriner didn’t have any idea what he was doing and wouldn’t have changed his mind.

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  16. Who the hell cares? The decision didn’t materially affect the outcome. Nor will the “correction” magically resurrect our title challenge.

    I hold out hope for the FA Cup. And it (God willing) will be a nice consolation. But right now my dearest wish is to leave the pub on the last day of the league campaign to the tune of a dozen pissed scousers butchering “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”

    If I have to see Jose’s or Sheikh Mansour’s piggy little fingers defiling the Premier League trophy again, I’ll vomit. At least watching the bitey racist diver lifting it will enable me to refrain from puking up some good Scotch.

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    • Totally agree. Especially if the Chavs and their classless, scummy manager and captain win. A loathsome shit club, fuelled by stolen Russian oil.

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      • As a Ukrainian-American woman, I’m not sure who I object to more: Abramovich for raping us figuratively, or Mansour’s clan for raping us literally . . . tough decision.

        In any event: (a) Go Reds, (b) excuse me while I go open another bottle of Macallan.

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        • as an African, from the third world definitely, I always have a laugh when someone messes with our big bully, THE WEST. They fucked us up and continue to take a piss in our mouth today. Every now and then I put down my hoe take a laugh and say “that’s a nice one Russia “.

          the only thing I hate from there is Roman fucking Abramovic.

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  17. I’m sometimes not suprised with officiating in EPL these days. Of course an EPL referee can issue 3 yellow cards to a single player in a match

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  18. whether it was going out or not, the Ox should serve his ban AND LEARN FROM IT. Unless it’s a last minute thing (Like Suarez pulled off vs Ghana) you know you are making it hard on your teammates.

    what’s worse being a goal down 11vs 11 or being a man down for 70 minutes and a penalty given against you? doesn’t matter whether it’s saved.

    it’s hard enough 11vs 11 against those cunts away but it’s worse being a man down.
    Just because it was dear old Ox shouldn’t mask the stupidity of the foul. Very sure if it had been Gervinho, Song or Eboue the match report would have made for some reading and the comments would have gone to town.

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    • I agree that it’s better to be a goal down (or 3 in this case) than play for 70 odd minutes with 10 men, however to say the Ox should still serve a suspension for a wrongful red card just so he learns a lesson can’t be right. It was a one off mistake which was a split second reaction to desperately trying to defend his goal.

      The Ox has been guilty recently, as have a few others in the team, of giving the ball away too cheaply and that is where they all need to learn an important lesson. Song and Eboue made awful mindless mistakes, Song positionally and Eboue clumsily, on a near constant basis, which over time formed our perceptions of them as players and ultimaltely generated frustrations towards them. The Ox is not comparable.

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  19. Still trying to recover from that stomach churning game. Still think there is still enough leftv to make this a successful season. Though the improvement may not be enough yet, I think we have improved. There have been a lot of long term signings with some of our young top players that bodes well for the future. Although not making excuses, our injuries have been unbelievable this year. Can it be denied that with Walcott, Ramsey, Ozil, and Wilshire in the game it would or at least could have been a totally different result. When you think of all the man-hours lost throughout the year you have to believe we would have more points at this time.Remember, Cazorla and Podolski were also unavailable for long stints. I really feel that if we stay healthy next year it could be a very exciting year. If we can find a good striker that can add to the front it could be very very interesting. I just think we have a stronge nucleus of good young players that are only going to get better. I am retiring this July and cant wait to finally get to the Emirates to see the Gunners in person. I just feel good things are on the horizon.

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  20. The decisions going against man utd at home this season is proof that ferguson had every ref scared shitless of him for the last ten years. Spineless cunts

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  21. Maybe this is one for “7am kick off” to have a look in to further; but after a quick look at the 10 games (in all competitions) that we have lost this season, in 8/10 we haven’t had our first choice back five available.

    Arsenal 1 v 3 Aston Villa – Koscielny sent off
    Arsenal 1 v 2 Dortmund
    Arsenal 0 v 2 Chelsea – Sagna, Mertesacker and Gibbs didn’t play
    Arsenal 0 v 1 Man United – Mertesacker didn’t play
    Arsenal 0 v 2 Napoli – Sagna didn’t play
    Arsenal 3 v 6 Man City – Gibbs didn’t play
    Arsenal 1 v 5 Liverpool – Gibbs didn’t play
    Arsenal 0 v 2 Bayern Munich – Szczesny sent off
    Arsenal 0 v 1 Stoke City
    Arsenal 0 v 6 Chelsea – Gibbs sent off, Koscielny subbed

    Read in to that what you will.

    But to my mind Mr Wenger’s first priority for the run in should be to get Koscielny fit and Gibbs’ red card rescinded.

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  22. Pity we can’t thumb up the original blog, As usual Blogs has said all the things that need to be said. End of.

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