Bayern v. Arsenal: stats preview


18 – Mesut Özil and Frankenribery lead all players with 18 chances created in Champions League play* this season (Benzema also has 18, passing the ball to Ronald)
4 – Özil, however, has only created 4 shots for teammates in 3 away games and Frankenribery has created 14 of his 18 chances at the Allianz Arena – Ribery has also shot 5 times in home games in Champions League play, meaning he has created or shot 19 times this season in home games in Champions League play
19 – Arsenal have the fewest shots per game of all teams in Champions League play having taken just 19 shots in 3 games for an average of 6.3
68 – Bayern Munich have taken 147 shots in the Champions League so far, 68 of those were at home
28 – Frankenribery has created or taken 28% of Bayern’s shots in Champions League play at home
8 – In Champions League play Arjen Robben has created 8 of Bayern’s home shots, but has taken 11 shots for himself at home, usually by drifting inside on his left leg — you ever see Robben go right? Anyway, that means Robben has taken or created 19 shots… sound familiar?
56 – Robben and Ribery combined have either taken or created 56% of Bayern Munich’s 68 shots at home in Champions League play
3 – Robben and Ribery have combined for 3 goals at home in Champions League play and they have also created 3 assists — the Champions have scored 10 goals at home in Champions League play
3 – Arsenal have only scored 3 away goals in Champions League play  this season, 2 by Ramsey and 1 by Theo Walcott
8 – Arsenal have only scored 8 goals total in Champions League play this season,
5 – Counting the qualifying round, Ramsey has scored 5 of Arsenal’s 13 total Champions League goals, he’s also Arsenal’s leading tackler, leads Arsenal with 10 total shots (tied with Giroud), leads Arsenal in passes per game, and in through balls (tied with Wilshere), yadda yadda, he’s not playing, is he?
5 – Özil, Sagna, Gibbs, and Giroud have all combined for 5 assists in Champions League play this season
4 – Last season Giroud led Arsenal with 4 assists in Champions League play and Lukas Podolski led Arsenal with 4 goals. Arsenal are going to need them to step up in this game to have a real chance to go through
10 – Since December 22nd 2013 Bayern Munich have played 10 matches in all competitions
17 – Since December 22nd 2013 Arsenal Football Club have played 17 matches in all competitions
10 – Podolski played in 10 of those 17 matches (playing 90 minutes just once), scoring 4 goals including the winner over Liverpool in the FA Cup

So, Arsenal have no chance, right? We are worst in shots per game in away matches (6.3), 25th in shots on goal (2.7), worst in tackles per game away (13.7), 13th in shots conceded (15 per game), all of our best players are out, and they are one of the best teams at home, with their best players are available.

Not only that but Bayern are on a 49 game unbeaten run in Bundesliga play, have only conceded 11 (league) goals in that period, and all the other stats that you’ve already probably read somewhere else.

Podolski, Giroud, Ox and Özil (Europe’s best playmaker) our only hope going forward and Arsenal going to need to be extra tight at the back to prevent Ribery and Robben raiding our lines. Still, the last two times Bayern lost at home were to Arsenal (2-0) and Man City (3-2).  So there’s still hope, right?

Ox released down the right, after a perfect ball from Özil, forces Neuer into a mistake, Arsenal get the early goal and a red card for their keeper! That’ll do nicely.


*All Champions League numbers exclude the qualifying rounds unless otherwise stated.

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