Friday, September 19, 2014
Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal: player ratings

Chelsea 6-0 Arsenal: player ratings













































A humiliating 6-0 defeat to Chelsea has put paid to any chance we had of the Premier League this season.

We have to rate the players. It’s not pleasant, but needs must.


1: Wojciech Szczesny




3: Bacary Sagna


One of the few who tried


4: Per Mertesacker


Like Sagna, did his best


6: Laurent Koscielny




3: Kieran Gibbs


Incorrectly sent off but rubbish until then


8: Mikel Arteta




15: Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Worse than blood in your poo


7: Tomas Rosicky


Tried. The only Arsenal player to pick up a yellow? At least showed some fight.


19: Santi Cazorla


Bad Santi


9: Lukas Podolski


Hauled off early


12: Olivier Giroud




5: Thomas Vermaelen




25: Carl Jenkinson




20: Mathieu Flamini



Bonus rating: -1000/10 - Andre Marriner for sending off Gibbs because he couldn't tell him and Oxlade-Chamberlain apart despite being just yards away from both of them and seeing the incident clearly. Doesn't excuse the fact we were total bollocks though.



  1. The players haven’t been themselves in the games against the BPL top teams, but surley Wenger has his part in this?
    I’m not Wenger out, but these results really make me wonder; has he taken us as far as he’s capable of?
    I think not, but I’m far from sure.
    A lot less injuries, an Aguero-type at top, a Javi Martinez-type alongside Ramsey/Wilshere and a few more additions is what I think we need to challenge for the BPL for real, and I think Wenger is the right man for that.

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    • Yes chesney, take that fucking selfie again. Fabianski please! Better professionalism

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      • Could have had them both in goal and we still would have been flogged.

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      • Show some respect man. it has a name now.

        A Szczelfie!

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      • Agreed, More time concentrating on your job and less time fucking about with selfies. They played nearly as shit the day they took it as today, spurs were just the expensively collected bunch of cock wranglers that they are. Some of the players in this team need a serious bollock tranplant.

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        • Wenger played the same way as he did at Liverpool, City and Sp*rs last season – too high a defensive line away from home. It’s brave and it’s bold but it doesn’t work against the top teams!!!

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        • That nails Wenger’s management right on the head. He plays a high defensive line, but doesn’t get the midfielders and forwards to press the opposition high up the pitch, which is the only way to play if you wanna have a high defensive line. Big teams must be licking their lips when they are about to face us.

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    • It pains me to say, but I think if Ramsey, Wilshire, Ozil, and Walcott were available, it would have been much the same, all similar and unable to boss it. We are not able to compete with the power of the top teams in the PL or CL.

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    • What I am confused about is that Wenger parades the whole players think for themselves so that they can adapt to each situation. So why the fuck did not the players think for themselves at 1 down? How about 2 down? It is 100% Wenger’s fault for setting out with the wrong tactics at the start of the game. But also 100% fault of the players that they did not adapt to the situation when they went down to an early goal.
      The manager cannot see the whole play clearly from the sideline and so cannot react quickly enough tactically.

      Also, this whole losing to direct title rival’s by a big score, and playing like cunts against Manchester United has to stop, otherwise this team will never win a league title. The same mistakes are being repeated over and over again, so I don’t think it is just the tactics. Look at the first leg vs Munich. 1 – 0 down is manageable in the second leg. This team thrives in the underdog role when all is lost or when it knows it is playing against inferior opposition. But when we try to play as equal with the big boys, we fuck things up. All I can say is thank fuck Wigan beat Man city in the FA cup else this would be another trophy less season already.

      Some serious questions need to be asked in the dressing room with a few heads banged together.

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      • The players on the pitch did what they do, which is attack. It’s madness to expect a midfield of Podolski, Cazorla, Ox, Rosicky and Arteta to be defensive solid. What attributes do the afforementioned possess to suggest they would be anything other than defensively weak?

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        • I disagree. A midfield of the aforementioned can be defensively strong should it choose to be. Look at Chelsea: flair players like Oscar, Hazard and Willian on whose attack Chelsea’s campaign has been built (what with the shit strikers they have) still find the talent to be defensively strong, otherwise they wouldn’t be in Mourinho’s team.

          And let’s not forget that last season’s strong run in was based on a midfield of at least Cazorla, Rosicky and Arteta. For the past two years Arteta has been the statistical player of the year for Arsenal, so let’s not pretend that his defensive contributions have gone to crap just because we have Flamini in.

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        • No, Chelsea’s midfield is built on the physically big, defensively sound Matic, Luiz, Obi Mikel and Ramires which give their flair players the platform to perform.

          Last season end of season run also included Ramsey, who main attribute is his stamina and ground he covers. Plus the fact we didn’t have to face any half decent side.

          Our central midfield of Arteta, Ox and Cazorla were never going to win physical battles against Luiz and Matic, low and behold they didn’t and as a direct result of losing these battles let in goals and lost the game.

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        • 2013-2014 = 2003-2004

          So, should Alex Song come home then? He left on bad terms but the way he was performing surely he deserved a pay raise. (so does Sagna btw)

          I wouldn’t mind welcoming Song back. I miss his ‘physical presence’, his crunch tackles, his bullying in midfield, and his inch-perfect through-passes, even his hair.

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    • Apart from the players its wenger’s fault…First of all podolski and giroud are not at the top of their form…flamini and sanogo should have big games we get only 2-3 chances to score and we know giroud never scores in a big game…..secondly transfer that wenger has done …we sold henry,adebayor,rvp, and the players bought…bendtner,chamakh,giroud…wenger’s reluctance to spend has come at a cost of humilation,shame,embarrassments and huge defeats at the hands of rivals….this year we have missed out of higuain,suarez and draxler…..any of those three players would have made a big difference..

      Lastly Luck has not favoured us…we lost walcott,ramsey and ozil to injuries..these 3 players can turn any game around..had these three started the complexion of the game would have been surely different

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  2. Bit generous with the 0.5 there for tree trunk

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    • Really doesn’t matter what score you give each when the combined team score was a perfect clusterfuck.

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    • Right, shouldn’t negatives be an option? He buries that early chance and it might (repeat ‘might’) be a different game. Can’t think of a more clear negative impact.

      Well, besides handling a ball that’s probably going wide.

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    • Denilson's back pass

      No wonder Bendtner is pissed off and fucking around like a 15 year old. Giroud plays like trash for weeks but gets picked game after game.

      Sure, ol’ Nicky rubbed his micky on some taxi drivers car but then, Giroud fucked a tramp and is now fighting for his marriage, so I don’t see bad behavior having anything to do with what happens on the pitch.

      Drop Szcz for Fabianski and Giroud for Bendter, even if it’s just for a kick up the arse. Worked out pretty well for us last time, we went to the Allianz and pissed off the Germans. Oh and drop the Ox for thinking he’s a fucking goalie.

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    • Giroud likes his goals on a plate and thank fuck we have players who can make those chances, because Giroud rarely can. That’s why he is on 12 goals this season. All the other top teams have at least one star forward in their squad and we really don’t. The stats (not including today’s football of course) tell the story…

      Giroud: 27 apps, 12 goals, 28 total chances created
      Bendtner: 9 apps, 2 goals, 4 total chances created
      Podolski: 11 apps, 3 goals, 3 chances created

      Sturridge: 21 apps, 18 goals, 25 chances created
      Suarez: 24 apps, 25 goals, 68 chances created

      Eto’o: 18 apps, 7 goals, 20 chances created
      Torres: 21 apps, 4 goals, 14 chances created
      Schurrle: 22 apps, 6 goals, 20 chances created
      Hazard: 30 apps, 13 goals, 83 chances created
      Ba: 14 apps, 3 goals, 4 chances created.

      Negredo: 24 apps, 9 goals, 24 chances created
      Dzeko: 21 apps, 8 goals, 13 chances created
      Aguero: 17 apps, 15 goals, 27 chances created
      Joevetic: 7 apps, 1 goal, 3 chances created

      Rooney: 24 apps, 11 goals, 49 chances created
      Skunky: 18 apps, 11 goals, 16 chances created
      Wellbeck: 19 apps, 9 goals, 10 chances created

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      • I dont need this shit to know that we arent scoring enough goals or that we have a shitbag striker upfront, thankyou!

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      • Anyone else wishing we’d bid £50m + for Suarez? They’d have taken it and we’d have won the league by now :-(

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        • 2013-2014 = 2003-2004

          According to reports, in response to our GBP40,000,001 bid Liverpool’s American owners ‘countered’ with a GBP53mm offer (i.e. similar to the Falcao/Cavani price tags).

          If I had a time machine and could go back to August’2013, I would gladly take out a personal loan in my own name to contribute that extra GBP13mm.

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  3. -9 for ox bcoz he played very well for chelsea

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    • Fair enough. Can’t argue with that.

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    • Wenger said he takes full responsibility for the loss, and some people question his preparation for the game

      But then just look at Ox for an example. He gave decent performances for the whole month, and Wenger rightly keeps him in the team (after many of us questioned his decision to leave Ox out for Stoke).

      Then he screws it up on the Boss’ 1000th game. There was this pre-match interview where he said how important Wenger was to his career. But seriously, for all the faith that someone has given him, he puts in a performance like that? It was no where near average, it was completely appalling.

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      • Emir of Emirates

        Wenger obviously gave the team the wrong instruction, and the team didnt have the guts to adopt another style on the pitch….tacics gone awfully wrong i say

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        • But one thing is tactics gone awfully wrong (which I won’t argue at all) and a completely different thing is “Hey, maybe I should try that thing I saw this bloke Maradona do the other time and head the ball with my HAND!”.

          There’s no tactical misread that makes any player screw up in ways a 7-year old wouldn’t. And that applies as much for Ox as it does for some other players in that atrocity of a match (see: Giroud, Olivier).

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  4. Balotellitubbies

    Well that was crap

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  5. I feel like 0.5 is too generous for Giroud today and probably for March as a whole

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    • I think I mentioned this a few games back – about Giroud being a solid backup Striker, but not what Arsenal needs to win big. Incidentally, I got thumbed-down a ton (I’m guessing those were female fans?).

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      • Ditto!!

        I have been talking about Giroud for AGESSS and get thumbed down again and again. Crappy finishing and cant run.


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    • you got to wonder if this guy wasn’t French, could he even be in the reserves? I’d rather see Sanogo than this clown. If we had a striker we might have won this game.

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      • Yes, Wenger only plays him because he’s French, and if we’d had a striker he would’ve scored 7 goals out of nothing to win us the game. Your idiocy is almost as infuriating as Giroud leading the line.

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        • You’re the idiot here. he is not saying Giroud would have scored 7 goals thats your own idiocy telling you that.

          He is implying that eg. Had giroud scored his earlier chance then this game would maybe have progressed alittle differently.

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  6. Boilk!

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  7. Why bother with a rating? 0 all the way through.

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  8. I really would play tree up front instead of giroud.
    Michael owen logic – “it was going wide but that doesnt matter it was going towards goal.”

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    • Please don’t use the words Michael Owen and Logic in the same sentence it makes my eyes bleed

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      • What about: “Michael Owen is functionally retarded and has no grasp of logic”?

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      • I would like to know who at the BBC and Btsport thought, I like that monotone scouse voice, thats perfect pundit/commentary material?!?

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    • Almost as irritating as our non performance is having to listen to that wanker owen. He makes me grind my teeth.

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  9. Maybe Fabianski should start the next game while Szczesny sorts out the details of his “life contract”

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  10. What a pile of shite

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  11. What a terrible day (another one), I want to believe that Wenger is still the right man to do the job, but day after day we still make the same mistakes, another terrible game where we should have done a lot better.

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  12. Rosicky deserves a higher score. Look at the ball he delivered to Giroud just before Chelsea started their goal spree, in addition to the fact that he looked like he gave a fuck. The rest seem about right.

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    • Yep, TR7 was the only one of our midfielders who showed up for the game. How different it could have been if Giroud had taken that early chance from his wonderful through ball, it was on a plate for him! I know one thing, Suarez would have scored.

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    • And he continued to care at 4- and 5-0. But his wayward passes today led to 2.

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  13. I know Giroud will get a lot of hate in here, but for me, the biggest disappointment was Arteta. He used to be so good in that defensive role, taking the game by the scruff of its neck, distributing the ball and stopping counters. These days though, he looks somewhat off the pace. Such a shame. Definitely a position we need strengthening in come the summer.

    Giroud was shit as well though

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    • Arteta has lost most of his pace and that makes a big difference for him this year

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      • 2013-2014 = 2003-2004

        Even pass-master Arteta needs ‘options’ to pass to. Without Ramsey or Ozil constantly running around the midfield, the only outlet Arteta had to pass the ball to was poor Chambo already sandwiched by 3 Chavs.

        With our without Ramsey/Ozil/Walcott, against the best teams away from home we need to start the first half 4-3-2-1 which on Saturday would’ve meant Arteta/Flamini/Rosicky (all in their 30s = massively experienced players) protecting the back four. Later when the opposition starts to tire out we can adjust to a 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2.

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    • But is that down to the player or did playing in this Arsenal team do that to him? I don’t remember who exactly but someone mentioned on here players like Rosicky, Poldi and Cazorla were long range shooters and now after playing in the team for a while they are all about the passing. Maybe it’s the system that’s caused him to lose a bit of his edge/gain an affinity for sideways and back passing.

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      • He was really good last season in the same team and in the same position, so i guess it’s down to the player for the most part.

        And stop moaning about the sideways passing already. It is a part of his role to keep the game ticking, so Özil, Cazorla etc. can do the more advanced passing. Nothing wrong about that.

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        • The Arteta bashing is a bit much. He made 3 tackles, second only to Rosicky’s 5 (who else?) for Arsenal, and Passing Accuracy was 93%, second only to Per (95%) for Arsenal.

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        • Arteta is rubbish, too slow and has been for too long. Look at the way he ambled back for the Chav’s first goal.

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        • Arteta isn’t rubbish by any means. He’s a very good player without whom we used to struggle to win matches not too long ago.

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      • Everyone is a long range shooter on a compilation video.

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    • Well to be fair, Arteta had Ox and Cazorla for companion. And they led to the first two goals.

      With Ramsey/Wilshere (on his good days), Arteta is so much more assured.

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  14. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • I think Cliff Bastin put in a harder shift today and he died 23 years ago

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    • And where does giroud get off after that lacklustre finish he tried to apply early on? get some power behind your shot ffs. Had we got that goal then the game would have progressed differently i bet. How can he take such a tame shot and call himself an Arsenal standard striker. what was that? he should be ashame of himself.

      I think when player rating in big games giroud should be left out altogether. he is never present.

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    • Robin…………….
      ……..robin wright.

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    • The simple fact is in the big games Giroud just doesn’t cause problems for the opposition. First time I’ve bagged him but I’m not in a good mood.

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  15. I enjoyed seeing how far to the left I could get my cursor to hover over a star. Should be a feature on the next Plants Vs. Arsenal.

    A welcome bit of fun on a bleak day.

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  16. Giroud: Phil Collins giving you a physical/ 10

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  17. Wenger's Waterbottle

    Can we all just take a moment and look at the bright side? No seriously, can we?

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  18. :( hit the nail on the head – Rosicky the only player to pick up a yellow, for all the team talk about unity and fighting for each other, i didnt see any of it today. lets pick it together for a mid-week spanking on swansea and push on to fa cup victory

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    • They Need to spank everyone south of City in the table now to feel good finishing the season. I mean really spank some teams. I want to see some fucking offense and goals.

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  19. Giroud doesn’t deserve to play for a club like Arsenal.

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    • He certainly doesn’t deserve to be first choice with an untested injury prone player and a clown as his only competition, but who does?

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  20. ArsennaltillIdie

    We have to stop playing attacking midfielders (i.e. Chamberlain, Wilshere etc) in the DM role…..

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  21. Terry is still a Cunt! And Maureen is disgusting!

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  22. Blogs I guess we found the bug in your new ratings system. We can’t rate a player ZERO. Please set it right before the City game as we might need it. :(
    As for the game – Props to Rosicky and Flamini for trying something. As for Giroud he was still trying those flicks at the 70th minute and it kind of tells you everything. His hold play is over-rated. The most telling vote of no-confidence was from his team mates. There were atleast three break opportunities but the man with the ball refused to pass it to Giroud upfront and rather passed it sideways.

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    • Exactly what I said after the Bayern game on here and got accused of all sorts. Same thing in the Bayern game, we had the ball, running at them with pace and we could have passed to Giroud but no…it always went to the left to Podolski. He isn’t effective enough for this Arsenal team.

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    • Precisely what I pointed out to the Ozil bashers after one of the games. Our players run with the ball and want to move it fast but then they find only Giroud in the centre and simply pass sideways or play a back pass. Giroud is good at his game but that game should be our plan B, nothing more than that.

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  23. Frankly I blame Mesut Özil. Didn’t see him the entire game… 42.5 million down the drain for sure.

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  24. Gunner From Another Mother

    This really does make me sick. Absolutely humiliated at the homes of all the fellow title contenders. Our contention seems to be over. The worst part is how similarly we self destructed each time…it can’t really all be put on the manager or all on the players. Tactics were shit/non-existent, and the players looked like the just weren’t up for it…of all the days.

    This is the first time I have ever not finished watching an Arsenal game. Fast forwarded (I’m in US, aired at 5:30 am) after 1st penalty as I knew (sadly) we didn’t have it in us to turn it around, or even pull one back. And I just watched their goal tally tick up and up as I flew through the minutes. If I didn’t have a family party to distract me/ get shitfaced at today I’m not sure how I’d cope. COYG…seriously, come the fuck on.

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    • LMAO – “it can’t really all be put on the manager or all on the players” – WTF, who else do you want to blame?

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    • Me too. That was the first Arsenal game I think I’ve ever switched off and not bothered to watch the rest.

      It was clear the team weren’t in the game from the start.

      I usually think we can do something and keep watching for an Arshavin style comeback but today the lack of spirit was disgusting.

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      • WeWillFinishTheLeagueAtTheTop...HaveFaith

        I thought i was the only one who turned the fucking TV off!!!

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  25. Where’s Wenger’s rating? On his monumental milestone, he has continued to reassure us of his obstinate refusal to evolve his game. Other managers – of similar or better quality – who know him well enough, know how to use his Kryptonite: press our midfield with unabating efficiency and we’ll run around like a headless chicken on cocaine… pretending to be a deer staring at the headlights of an oncoming car, contently resolved to its demise.

    I thank Mr. Wenger for all the wonderful work and unprecedented success he has brought to our club but, if he still refuses to have & implement a plan B, to evolve his game with the times, then I’m sorry to say it but u gotta go, boss!

    Not throwing all the blame on Arsene though. The boys were horrendous but that’s what happens when u lack depth and competition for positions.

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    • Many other teams are playing better football than Arsenal, it’s been bad for 3-4 years and keeps getting worse. Except for the occasional combination of one-touch passes leading to a goal against some mid-table team, we play boring and predictable possession football, and then there is the naivety against “big” teams.

      Sorry but Wenger does not prepare the team well enough and leaves you wondering what Rogers, Martinez, Gaurdiola, Mouhrinho, ect could do with the same set of players.

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      • Pep and M$&@?!&0 only coach at the richest teams in the league with the most expensive players. They’re not man enough to take the job.

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  26. Arsene Wenger “This defeat is my fault, I take full responsibility for it.

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    • This statement, on his 1000th game for club, made me so sad.

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    • Absolute bollocks too, as if his team were told to go out and play like cunts… The players are solely to blame, they were beaten before the kick-off.

      Look at the Anfield performance and then what they did at home a week later. It’s how the players apply themselves. It’s not like Chelsea were tearing us apart, we just over committed and then gave them the ball to break on us.

      Sagna and Rosicky (who assisted SCSZ for one of their goals, it should be said) were the only two who started and shouldn’t have the strip flogged off their backs.

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      • Players solely to blame? I have to totally disagree, everyone starting with the manager on down takes their share of blame.

        Most recent transfer window…..Chelsea spends 20+ million on an imposing central midfielder and Arsenal grabs Kallstrom douchebag on a 6 month loan. And we had already been overrun in the middle of the park by Man Shitty. This is what gives me pause about Wenger going forward, the gap is large and the needs are many, and yet all we get this summer is excuses why it is difficult to sign players. This summer is will be the world cup.

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      • Nah, that was down to Arteta being rooted to the spot, too slow as ever and not anticipating Rozza’s pass.

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        • Emir of Emirates

          he isnt getting any younger, have to give him a battler like Flamms of TV5 beside Pogba does for Pirlo in Juve

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        • Rozzas dangerous pass that never should have happened.

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    • yes,as already said mourinho,wenger is unable
      to win big games,

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  27. Blogs, please don’t publish another article where a player comes to talk about how we need to get our mental strength together or how we need to pull ourselves together for the next game etc etc. Truth us we’ve heard all this b****sh*t and we are sick of it. They should just shut it and move on to the next game. Honestly, they need that attitude on the pitch not on fucking interviews.

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  28. Arsene’s tactics: 0/10
    How many times must we be humiliated before Arsene realises that big teams with good players and pace can capitalise on counter-attacks. Leaving only Kos and Per to defend against mid to lower league sides is fine, but when you leave them against the likes of Hazard, Schurrle and even Eto’o or Torres with Luiz, Matic and Oscar charging up the field as well you’ve got to have a better defensive line up. Chelsea had 4 at the back and two defensive midfielders and we should have definitely had the same. Sagna and Gibbs constantly caught upfield and Arteta just doesn’t have the pace to take down any of Chelsea’s young wingers. What resulted was a nightmare which was clear from even the first attacks by Chelsea. I’m a huge fan of Wenger but his tactics for big matches are completely flawed. Sort it out.

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    • North Bank Gooner

      I don’t want to sound rude, but does the piling forward bit not have anything to do with being 2 down after 7 mins??

      Surely its better to lose 6-0 trying to win than parking the bus a la Maureen for the next 83 and still losing

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      • The first two goals were exactly the problem I described. Arsenal have a lot of men forward but the ball is lost in midfield leaving only Kos and Per defending while other teammates try and scramble back. All Eto’o and Schurrle did was stop and place the ball in the back of the net. Piling forward and losing the ball in midfield was the reason we were down 2-0 inside 7 minutes.

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        • North Bank Gooner

          So in future should we start with 11 between the posts?

          Were Arsenal, not Chelski, we try to play football the correct way. Today was appalling, I’m not disputing that, but 3 – 0, 6 – 0, or 10, its still no points. If you want to watch a team that concedes one, and then spends the rest of the game being destructive, rather than trying to play out of the hole they are in, im sorry to tell you, you may have the wrong team!

          Cant beat a good red thumb on a Saturday evening!!! ;)

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      • If you asked me whether I wanted to lose 3-0 or 6-0, how do you think I would reply? Admittedly, after going 2-0 down in under 15 minutes there is scope to still come back in the game. After 3-0 and a man down? You have to shut down the fucking shop. Which is why I’m baffled by how we persisted doggedly with the high line rather than dropping deep and just trying to close up for the rest of the game.

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        • North Bank Gooner

          Really? So losing, but staying compact gets more points than losing by 6??

          I will remember that, next time we go behind, we should put 10 on the line……

          Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

      • But then again the first two goals (as well as most of the rest) were caused by unnecessarily piling forward too

        Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

      • In all the comments i have read here today. yours makes sense. If there is one Arsenal player i would rather not see cross the halfway line in attack mode, then it would be Gibbs. He offers nothing on the other side of attack other than exposing our defence and before you thumb this down, watch our games this season and you will realize that 3/4 of the goals we concede come from that left back side.

        Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

      • The first 2 goals came from bad basic passes in midfield and they sprinted downfield and screwed us on the counter. So yeah we were a bit gung ho from the start.

        Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

    • Mate you wanna know why they had 2 DMF’s up there ? Cause they have two freakin DMF’s in their whole squad! We dont even have one of them! Arteta’s a freaking attacking midfielder…ohhhh we got kalfksbtjskgjrmsnfstrom don’t we. Shameful.

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  29. I think it is time to make Fabianski No.1 keeper. Top keeper is stopping their first 2 goals and then maybe we don’t go into melt down. Szez gets caught too flat footed and doesnt cover his goal. Bottom line is first 3 months of season we had one consistently decent player (maybe 2 if count Kos). Since we lost Ramsey we have been shit.

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 16

  30. The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse

    I fell asleep this morn and had this terrible dream that we lost 6-0 to Chelsea. Just woke up in a sweat. So anyway, how did the game go ?

    Thumb up 17 Thumb down 6

    • Do you have any sharp objects around before I answer this?, if so bag them up and give them to a neighbour for a few days

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 1

    • Özil's Eyes on Arsene's Hot Thighs

      You fell asleep after the game and you’re just dreaming now

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  31. We have almost an entire t ream of cowards. When they’re not shit scared they think they can waltz on to a win because they’re prettier than the lesser team. It’s a rotten attitude at this club and they should all be ashamed with the way they’ve let Wenger down.

    Thumb up 19 Thumb down 9

  32. Think the shittest of shits today was Chambo. worst half performance from him since Song vs fulham 2005.

    Also Arteta just let things pass him by like “oh i was supposed to get that wasnt i?”

    Thumb up 37 Thumb down 3

  33. Wenger -1/1000

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 10

  34. Blame the red socks. Every time we play in red socks we loose.

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 2

  35. I think Wenger need to take into consideration who the opposition is. And not approach every game the same way. He does not seem very strong tactically these days, and he never have a plan B. Same formation, same attacking playstyle, and way to often when we meet equal or stronger opposition, we are weighed and found to light. Sure we play entertaining football when it works out, but i dont mind some boring boring Arsenal when it is the wisest option to get a positive result. I would take a boring as Hell 1-0 victory over a dazzling 4-3 loss any day of the week.

    Anyways, congratz to the Boss on his 1000th game incharge, to bad he got pissed on yet again by Jose Mourinho to mark the occasion.


    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 2

    • Jeez I’d take a draw away to any of the ‘top ‘ teams rather than the obligatory and it seems frequent humiliation we get.

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  36. 12:45 kick offs.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  37. A far worse performance than the mauling we got at old Trafford a few years back.
    We had young players that were just thrown to the lions. This lot were just pussies that rolled over yet again. We were supposed to be fighting for the fucking title ffs.
    No heart no fight no idea.

    Thumb up 43 Thumb down 0

  38. Does it hurt the “Say no to racism” campaign if the ref sends off the wrong young black man because he can’t tell them apart?

    Thumb up 64 Thumb down 3

  39. Well havent played smackdown vs raw for a longtime but if they have create player option like the fifa games then i would just create the whole Arsenal team and beat them with a chair.
    ok your are 2-0 down at the start of the game but show some urgency some willingness instead of feeling sorry for yourself. Red card didnt change the game our approach did. We were so cautious like we were playing on a ice surface.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  40. -10000 aw shit selection and tactics

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 7

  41. Collapsed against Liverpool, Man City and now Chelsea. Not good enough to win the league. 17 goals conceded against them away from home. Hope it does not become a psychological barrier we take into next season.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 0

  42. It’s very easy for Wenger to take full responsibility for yet another humiliation because he runs the club. No other manager in the history of the game has as much control and we will witness these criminal performances every season until he leaves.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 10

  43. Wenger cant beat the big teams because he is unwilling to compromise.

    1: Giroud is absolute rubbish. if he can score 20 goals this season tells me that a real striker at arsenal could bag thirty or more easy. He runs round the pitch like he is pulling a plough behind him.

    2: Arteta is not, never was and never will be a good holding midfielder. he is a link from defense to midfield and offers no protection to the defenders. he constantly plays dangerous passes into cazorla or ozil and hopes they control it.

    3: Away from home against the big teams wenger needs to be smarter. mourinho knew today playing matic and david luiz, he could press high and force our midfielders into a mistakes. thats a manager willing to compromise or alter tactics for games. Wenger has 1 plan and its average at best.

    4: Chamberlain is not suited to midfield alongside arteta because his style of play is too risky and when on the wings if he loses the ball, you can still recover but when he loses it centrally, we are really exposed.

    5: chesney is not as good as he thinks he is and had a real stinker today. standing 5ft of your line for the first goal is poor decision making and the second goal was close enough to his body to stretch a hand and stop it. His arrogance is too full on and he talks too much when his performances should be better. he is too young as a player to be so opinionated

    this summer transfer window will decide wengers fate at the club i feel. if he spends the money that the club have sooo publicly announced they have on quality striker and holding midfielder then the team could be good enough to win the league next year. but this year its over

    I love arsenal and i like wenger but if he left then arsenal will still be a great club. Sooner or later the board have to pile on some pressure and force the issue of success is no longer being in top four but winning trophies.

    IM embarrassed as a fan at our performance today and against liverpool and city and united and i for one feel a public apology should be issued by the club to the poor fans who travelled today and all fans in general but the traveling fans should be refunded their ticket money.

    Thumb up 45 Thumb down 12

  44. Oh how badly we need our midfield options back, with Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil all out, we lack that drive going up the pitch. I’m still in shock after that performance. Oh, how I miss King Henry. I miss him dearly.

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 0

  45. Szc you are a joke.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 16

  46. Rosicky is a legend! He never gives up… I hate Arteta so much, he is always terrible. Sagna also tried hard today. What a horrible day….

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 18

  47. Wenger got it wrong today first off. Art and flamini on front of back 4 a must. Ox or gnabry on the right to offer some pace.

    now on to the real villin
    sczc a fucking joke of a keeper , but he hates spurs so its ok.
    I said it before and im sure ill say it again when back 4 exposed and he needs to make a save he is no where to be found.

    fab is no 1 for me, best of a bad bunch tho both below par. Keeper and fast attacker needed

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 24

  48. Such a shame

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  49. Rosicky gets a 9 from me.

    Puts through Giroud with a wonderful through ball, created 4 chances in all, took 2 shots, the ONLY player who showed some passion.

    And he’s 33. The other players should be ashamed.

    Thumb up 71 Thumb down 3

    • Mostly agree, except the two wayward passes that led to goals. The one ‘to’ Arteta at the top of our own box was criminal. I give him a 6 at best.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

      • The Ox gave away the first, Cazorla the second (wrongly stated as Rozza in the MOTD highlights). For the 4th, Arteta was more at fault for being too slow as usual, rooted to the spot and not anticipating the pass. Not sure what other Chav goal you thought TR7 was responsible for. Whatever, he was easily our best player and at least showed he cared and exhibited some passion.

        Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

        • You don’t pass the ball to the top of your own box under pressure.
          I totally agree he was the best Gunner on the day, and is one of those I revere most. But I cannot fault Arteta for not anticipating a dangerous pass that never should have been made.

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  50. It wasn’t Wenger who dropped the ball TRHEE TIMES in incredibly dangerous positions which led to three goals conceded and somehow a red on Gibbs inside 20 minutes. For all the hate Wenger gets after these games, he’s still not the one who makes mistakes on the pitch comparable to five year olds.

    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 7

  51. Ox was our best defender. He TRIED to save one, but even the ref didn’t notice.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  52. Against the most obnoxious team in the league, a local derby, a milestone for a boss that has treated these blokes well, to pull out a performance like that is more than just a paddling.

    Thumb up 31 Thumb down 0

    • And if I’m not mistaken, some of them have been handed juicy new contracts recently. Result!

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  53. Trapped in Wenger's basement

    Seems right. Think you’re being generous on Giroud tho.

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  54. AConnecticutGoonerInKingArsenesCourt

    Que sera sera
    Whatever will be will be
    If we don’t win wembley
    it’s off a bridge in my car.

    Thumb up 44 Thumb down 1

  55. Not even going to bother rating players today. I usually do, but I just discovered negative ratings are not possible. For instance, I’d like to rate Arteta -3 today, and then if he played an 8 next game he would get a 5.

    I think Blogs got it right though, I think TR7 and Sagna were the only ones that looked liked they gave a flying fuck about anything today.

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  56. Can’t blame Eboue for that one.

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  57. If you play like that you’ll not see hands on me anytime soon

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  58. What happened with Koscielny? I could not see the game…

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

    • He was withdrawn because it was not his game. he failed to get acouple of crucial blocks in and it was 4-0 and 10 men before the half thus game already lost. Chance to rest him before swansea must have been also playing Wengers mind.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  59. so, still has some faith for the title race everyone?

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 3

  60. 10 for every one.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 4

  61. LOL! The ratings and comments are gold

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  62. That was crap but only reaffirms what we already knew.

    Giroud isn’t good enough to be our main striker.

    We always say “Form is temporary class is permanent” well at the start of season he hit a bit of good form but unfortunately he isn’t class. We need to spend real big on a top draw striker in the summer.

    Any side would struggle with four first team midfielders out.

    Its an excuse but I feel a valid one. We were without Ramsey, Ozil, Whilshere and Walcott today. They all would have started if fit. You take four players out of any tops sides starting midfield and they will suffer. You cant have four players of equal quality waiting it don’t work like that no side has it.

    I will admit though that this could have been negated to an extent by the next thing.

    Wenger never changes his tactics (has no “plan b”).

    With our first team we could probably rock up most places and pay our way and get a result or come a close second. However the side we put out today as we proved cant. Playing a defensive line that high with no real protection (Flamini not starting after the Spuds game baffles me).

    I understand it would have also been difficult to play deeper and on the counter today as we have no real pace except the Ox possibly but as we have shown on to many occasions this year it doesn’t work in the big games away from home.

    This I have to blame Wenger for. I don’t want him gone by any stretch of the imagination, I just want him to not be so pig headed. We still have a cup to win after all and we may need a “plan b” in those matches.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  63. If Chelsea are a little horse we were My Little Fucking Pony today. Lame and shit.
    I really thought we might get a result today and they totally bottled it. We have to bounce
    back fast against Swansea and we must get something off Man City if we’re to have any chance
    of challenging for the title.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

  64. Who the F**k are Sp*rs?

    How the hell do we perform like this against the top clubs ALL the time? 5 v Liverpool, 6 v United, 6 v City, 6 v Chelsea. Even teams who are relegated season after season don’t get beat by this much. What the fuck is our mental block against teams? To say our team is an embarrassment against other title runners is an understatement. Bollocks.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 0

  65. Aggregate vs Top 3 away: 4-17
    Total aggregate vs Top 3 with City still to come: 6-17

    How we were top of the League for most of the season is really amazing

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  66. Every time it comes to playing our direct rivals we seem to shit ourselves. Even the most unflappable of our team, the likes of Mertesacker and Koscielny seems to look absolutely rattled. Wenger got everything about this match wrong. From the team selection to playing that suicidal high line away from home. We havn’t done that high line shit all season and now is the time to roll that shit out? Why not go for a double pivot of Flamini and Arteta? Play it safe and try and nick a goal considering the fact its fucking Mourinho and Stamford Bridge. Playing Ox and Cazorla in the middle may work against the lesser opponents but against the 6’4 Matic and David Luiz it was never going to work. We played right into Mourinho’s hands. He can be lauded as a tactical master mind and what not but as long as we keep only trying to play to our strengths while not factoring in the other team’s tactics and team selection, cluster fucks like these will continue to happen. Uwe Rosler, the Wigan boss is a tactical manager. You don’t need 25 Million a pop plays to play a game plan or execute a tactical strategy. I m starting to fear the FA Cup Semi Final now…

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 1

  67. In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

    But … But Giroud works so hard mad links up play! Who cares about scoring goals? He’s just a centre forward after all.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 2

    • Yes, Giroud is responsible for shipping 6 goals. He was shit today but everyone behind him was shit too. Put Suarez or Messi on today and we still would have blown.

      Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  68. None of these players bar Sagna would get close to previous Arsenal sides. There isnt enough depth in quality to cope with injuries and we lack World-class players.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  69. The result and the manor of the loss is huge but did we really think because we beat $pur$ we were title contenders all that did was help secure we finnish above them and get that 4th spot or who knows 3rd would be great. Now there’s more pressure for the FA cup at this rate of performance that looks like pie in the sky. if we get back a fit Ozil and Rambo then would be more secure. Do we need a hypnotist for the players before we play the big boys sure looks like it this season. how different were the home and away displays miles apart.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  70. Oh this unpredictability . . . ! I might die of disappointment watching Arsenal play like this.
    Need to shake this off and get a good result against Swansea now.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

  71. That Genius Bergkamp

    Ref:You’re off Gibbs

    Ox: But ref it was me

    Ref: Shut up and get on with it Walcott

    Thumb up 30 Thumb down 9

  72. awful

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  73. the most depressing thing for me was that ball was just passed around their legs the whole time but seeing no interception made me eat my heart out,i mean a team who doesnt do such easy and obvious thing should get beaten 60-0 not 6-0

    also i love our manager but i think he never uses tactics even after bad display from team,tactics r more powerful than quality of players.i mean mourinho parked the bus at our home game bcoz we were in good form that time but wenger doesnt do that.players positioning is pathetic these days and no intuitive game

    no one was good today,i dont know why so high rating like 1 or 2 for every player.the sad part what i feel is that chelsea wasnt as in fine tune as was liverpool on that day and still players and manager completely let down today

    stopped watching after 50 mins and thought maybe players would add something to scoreline but seeing 6-0 at full time hurted more.

    perhaps silver lining is its only 3 points lost and stil maybe it might kickstart the team to a good run ,
    faith is the root of getting hurt perhaps

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

    • So you reckon we deserved to loose 60-0, but only lost 6-0? That’s a good thing, RIGHT!

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  74. One can only hope that Romans assets will be frozen and Chelsea will die

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 1

  75. In Soviet Russia, WENGA sacks YOU

    Ref:You’re off Gibbs

    Ox: But ref it was me

    Ref: Shut up Eboue!

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 7

  76. One can only wonder what the final result would have looked like had Giroud buried his chance within the first 5 minutes. No offence to Giroud in particular though, the whole team was shite today.

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  77. As rubbish as Giroud might be, let’s not forget that it was Wenger who brought him to Arsenal. It was Wenger who deemed him good enough, and it was Wenger who decided to go through the whole season with Giroud as his main man. We could all see that Giroud is good as a back up striker but not the class Arsenal need to lead the line. Hardly Giroud’s fault.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

  78. our keeper was woeful. I know the team didn’t play great, but stand up on some of those shots/breaks. I think Fabianski should start midweek.

    As for the rest of the team, the injuries (Diaby, Walcott, Wilshere, Ozil, Ramsey, etc.) have simply caught up on them. We need to sign a bigger Yaya Toure/Viera type player for the midfield. As well, the fact that we didn’t get coverage or another option for Giroud in January is entirely dissatisfying.

    Win the FA Cup, finish 3rd to secure CL without qualifying, and make a few signings to support what is an amazing team.

    Congrats on 1000, Mr. Wenger! Let’s whip Swansea midweek!!!

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 2

    • I totally Agree on that we need a big powerhouse midfielder like Vieira/toure in midfield. But we also need more pace up top. Liverpool is probably the most similar team to our own, except they opted for pace and agility up top With some real predators that are lethal in and around the box. All due respect to Giroud, but i dont see why we need a slow holding up the ball target man. Giroud, Sanogo and Bendtner, so it is obvious Wenger have got a hard on for big tall target men up top for some reason.

      But with a Cam like Ozil and other clinical passers in our midfield it must surely be alot better with a fast striker that looks to exploit space. Im am pretty sure Ozil would have had a much better season if he had played for Liverpool with strikers like Suárez and Sturridge infront of him. When Giroud holds up the ball it often ends up just slowing or stopping our attack Dead.

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  79. spineless performance yet again when we play the big teams
    The squad needs more world class players over the summer

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  80. Too difficult to comprehend what happened today. I don’t understand how a team that kept Bayern at bay on their patch capitulate so badly against Chelsea. Debacle of epic proportions. No one turned up. At 1-0, the senior players should have played to negate the threat and bide time. But as I said no one turned up. It is not just the shagger Giroud, even Cazorla is always bad against big teams. The way these mulch-millionaire stars let the club and the manager down is not funny. Either they are idiots or they aren’t playing for the manager anymore. On evidence of the effort, I fear the latter. Wenger should seriously consider his position at the club. These drubbings are getting far too frequent. I saw that the away fans were superb. Keep it up guys. God bless the club and its fans. If it comes to anything, I would prefer ManC to win the league. At least they have a humble and dignified manager. Can’t tolerate that Moaning a##hole.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

  81. I wanna kill myself. That aside, is there a possibility that chambo might be penalized inserted of Gibbs.
    I blame the result on our team selection, we have had less than 40% possession in our last 3 away fixtures and our defense maintains a high defensive line even after going down twice in 10 mins. The red card ensured the humiliation. Also, why does he play Chambo in the middle in crunch games. His passing accuracy isn’t great and every ball we gave away was punished. Wenger should have started with Rosicky or Flamini in the middle. Other than Mertesacker, our whole defense changed positions. How can we have any stability.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  82. Henry! Chance! Goal!!

    It’s time for a change at Arsenal. Wenger has built his team into a global brand but it’s time for someone else to take over the reigns. It is inevitable but that day has come. I never thought I’ll be saying this about Wenger but a change for both sides – Arsenal and Wenger – may be the best thing.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 4

  83. Life – 0/10

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  84. Fuck! As much as I love Wenger, surely he told the players to push the full back up early on. Absolute suicide against a Maureen team. Against any top side for that matter.

    The players were a disgrace. Ox does not the discipline to play CM. Not yet, anyway. Maureen kept his full backs BACK and used the players in front of that to kill us. He must’ve been bashing himself off as we threw our full backs forward. At 0-0, honestly guys…I was screaming at us to get back. We were wide open to any counter. Look at the first goal. Ridiculous. I can understan if we are 1-0 down in stoppage time, but 3 minutes into an away game at Chelsea.

    Perhaps the 1,000 game bollocks got to Wenger. Let’s do an Invincible performance. Thing is , we don’t have the know how of Gilberto and Vieira.

    Suicide today. Still, let’s win the cup and learn from this. The players should also be ashamed of themsleves, apart from Flamini…I thought he was good in the second half. He cared and at least made it difficult for them.

    Final note. Fabianski for Swansea?

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 1

  85. I’ve commented in length on the match report article but just for good measure; Tactically we are so one dimensional and the best clubs simply pick us off. North Bank commented earlier (and this is by no means a personal attack on that opinion) that we had to go for it once 2 down but the point is we shouldn’t continually get ourselves in that position so early. We should be more solid, less cavalier and box a lot more cleverer in the big games but we play the same way ALL the time.

    We also lack quality both physically and mentally in the key areas and until we address these issues we will remain a decent team but clearly a way off being genuine title contenders.

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  86. Can’t believe what happened. Sick, disgusted, in particular because it was against Chelea and the BFD.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 0

  87. I like Giroud but a times he looks like an even poorer version of Kyle Lafferty except better looking obviously. I look at Hull Ciity’s options up front and they’re more dangerous than ours.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 1

  88. Why didn’t he bring on Kallstrom…..LOL

    This season gave us so much hope, we were fooled again.

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  89. Drop Szcezesny now and play Fabianski. Sell Giroud in the off season. We don’t need Giroud anywhere near this Arsenal team. Szczesny is not as good as he thinks and he’s too immature to be first choice keeper at Arsenal.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 5

  90. Momo (@MuhamLAD)

    Giroud 0.93? Who was generous enough to give him a 1?

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

  91. What happens now to Gibbs suspension? Surely his red card will be rescinded as he had not committed a foul and as the refree had seen the incident and let off Ox he can’t be punished retrospectively.

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  92. Giroud was bad but he was still better than most of our players. No one asks why we were so open. Gibbs and Sagna were standing very high (the same was when got 5 against scausers) and Arteta is NOT defensive midfilder and he never will be. Even Flamini is miles better than Mikel and we all agree he isn’t world class. This is probably the hardest to play and the most important position in football. We need someone better in that position. Flamini must play against better teams. Wenger foult to play so open but that is not an excuse today for such a bad performance. Something need to be changed in trainings and in our tactic. Not buying in january is not the reason for today and against liverpool loss.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3

  93. it is not fair that arseblog can give 0 and we can’t

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  94. KallstormsCTScan

    It’s Arsene’s hubris that is responsible for our defeat today. One can blame the players as much as they want, but this has been a recurring theme when we have faced top sides recently. Arsene won’t bend for anyone, as his tenure at the club is unimpeachable. People need to question his authority over the club, his ineffectiveness in the transfer market and his tactical nous in big games. I sincerely hope the club wouldn’t award him with another contract, because his obduracy is becoming hard to digest as a fan.

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  95. I would like to see more cynisism in these kind of games. I dont mind the boring boring Arsenal of old that defend and kills the game and frustrates the opposition and win 1-0 on a counterattack when that is clearly the wisest approach to the game to get a positive result.

    We have nothing to prove, and it is a mindboggingly tactical fock up to yet again go out and try to play heroic attacking football vs teams that are as strong or Even stronger than us on their home turf no less. Chelsea is undefeated at home under Mourinho after all. We have been punished for this numerous times both in the League, Europe and cup over the years, but never seem to learn. If it was a home game i would understand, but not away VS a undefeated home team that is as strong or even stronger than ourselves.

    I think most supporters would take a boring 1 nil victory over a dazzling 4-3 defeat any day of the week. But we are obsessed with trying to entertain for some reason, and i would rather we were more obsessed with winning tbh.

    But congratz to Wenger on his 1000th game in charge. Coyg!

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  96. Well because I really hate Chelsea and City, I would much prefer Mugsmashers for the title…

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 3

  97. Though on player cant make a massive difference i think starting with Flamini was a must. He brings a different aspect to our midfield and with schurrle and hazrs running through the middle Flamini could have provided cover for the back 4 in a way Arteta and Chamberlain didnt. Furthermore thoug Giroud flunked the early chance the fact that that was the only ball through to him shows the downturn this season of cazorla. Shame this had to happen on wengers 1000th but doesnt it seem fitting that walcott, ozil, wilshire and ramsey were all missing, once again showing our pathetic injury list.

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 2

  98. One player you guys are missing out on all your criticism is carzola! He, as well as the artetas, the Giroud, has been absolute pants for a while now.
    As for Arsene, im just waiting for the rest of the Arsenal fan’s to wake up.

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

  99. Wenger is not the man for the job. General manager / director of something maybe. Time to go please.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 3

  100. Giroud had a shit game, you might call him a shit player, but are people seriously blaming our striker for a 6-0 loss? Get a fucking grip!

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  101. Appalling first 15 minutes, but playing 70+ minutes away to Chelsea with 10 men and 1/2 of your preferred starting 11 unavailable, you can’t expect to score and you can easily expect to ship 3+ goals. Extremely unhappy with the result, but I’m glad we kept them in single digits. I don’t think Giroud is abject in general, but his early miss really fucked the team today.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 2

  102. I said it once and I’ll say it again. As long as Giroud remains our 1st choice striker, WE CAN’T WIN THE LEAGUE + We need a monster in midfield, sick of all the “technically gifted” crap.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  103. 0:3 defense pure striker out?? wenger is demend!
    arsenal should things some thougt to change the
    coach………poldi come back !!……………….

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  104. 99 problems but being GOONER aint one

    As much as Wenger is culpable, failing to buy a striker with pace, a DM who can actually run, tackle and be a big physical presence. A fucking beast in other words. Where is our Matic or Toure. Why has Wenger failed to find the type of players that made his successful teams successful.
    Where are the wide players that attack and defend with purpose and add goals and steel to the team. Even fucking Pires put his foot in after a season. Cazorla Rosicky and all these other pussy footing cry baby midgets fall over crying for free kicks while Matic and Luiz literally steped over, around or through them. where the fuck is the pace and power. (Arteta nearly joined Denilson in the club of getting outstripped by a fucking ref on two seperate occasions, he was able to just about beat the ref for pace in the end).
    The Ox had a fucking mare,but hes a young kid and has a good future but today he was just awful yet he somehow our best midfielder. Which should only highlight just how embarassing the rest of those assholes were.
    Really dont wont to slaughter any one after that and call players shit im basing this off what i saw today. but did anyone even realise Podolski was playing. Was the first time you noticed him when Gibbs got sent off and he had to play LB for a while. To many bottlers in the big games.

    Even worse Chelsea didnt even have to try to beat us. Its disgusting when you think about it. They were in 3rd gear just doing the basics, pressing, countering, shooting. They literally just have to turn up and we will some how win the game FOR THEM.
    We must be a laughing stock to the other big teams.
    Everyone here would give there right nut (metaphorically) to play for Arsenal and these cunts turn in a performance like that. And its a fucking trend. 6 to man city 5 to liverpool and 6 to chelsea. Once is a freak, twice is shocking but things happen, 3 times you are taking the fucking piss out of each and every fan. The players today may as well have posted selfies with there middle fingers up saying fuck the fans and fuck our own manager. The shitest teams in the league don’t have that kind of record yet we get spanked by our fucking rivals. How can the team perform like that, but to do it on your managers 1000th GAME. FML.

    This was meant to be Wengers milestone yet he will forever be embarassed by his career defining game. As much as its his fault you have to feel sorry for him. Despite what we are lacking in the squad the team is still better than 90% of the teams Chelsea have played. This is Chelseas biggest win. Does that make sense. Chelsea have played in the prem, Teams like Fulham and Cardiff have given better accounts of themselves.

    If anyone bothers to read this shite im sorry for the rant it is kneejerk and i have no perspective at this current time , but sitting with a bunch of smug cunt Chelsea fans in YOUR OWN HOUSE watching your team get raped and having to hear ‘specialists in failure’ sung with gusto for 90mins will fuck anyones psyche up.A TRAUMATIC DAY FOR ALL.

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    • Ramsey = the beast you’re looking for?

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      • 99problems but being a GOONER aint one

        Imagine Ramsey playing next to an actual beast. Rather than Artetas slow ass.

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    • The Ox was terrible and no way was he our best midfielder, Rosicky was the only one of those who turned up, created chances, had shots, got tackles in and at least showed a bit if passion by getting booked.

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  105. Giroud “played” like he doesn’t give a shit, and as if he’s owed something. He may not have all the talent in the world, but that’s when you fight like your life depends on it. What I don’t get about Wenger’s selection is how he gives a guy like him chance after chance and it never really works out. I remember Bendter getting chance after chance when I thought Vela might grow into an Eduardo-type finisher given some more game time. In the end Vela gets posted and Bendter went nowhere. Would Podolski have been better up front today? I don’t know, Wenger has only tried that like twice this whole season, but the lazy, falling Frenchman gets chance after chance.

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  106. at this point the only one to blame is Wenger.
    when getting so awfuly defeated becomes a habbit only he can be blamed. this is not about the quality of the players, which have showen before the are capable of playing good football, but about the mental strangth of the team. they dont know how to handle tough situations like an early goal or a game of much pressure. it means absolutely nothing to give a good performance when theres no pressure. you have to wonder why this keeps happening to Arsenal time after time in recent years, and the only answer is the guy who builds the team. Wenger is maybe a genius with seeing talent in players and with youth but in terms of pshychology and tactics he’s probably the worst in the league (or at least doesnt use his talents for some reason).

    it doesnt matter that we need a better striker and etc, because with such mentality and pshychological issues the players just arent playing to their full potential.

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  107. Will the away fans get a refund like the man utd debacle a few years ago

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  108. Give Arsene 10 points at the start of the season and Arsenal will still not win the league. Wenger lacks tactical knowhow, naïve, and most importantly not a winner. For years even my grannie had known Arsenal needed a world class striker and what does arsene rely on Giroud. Bendtner is far better than Giroud. This statement indicts Mr Wenger big time. A strong DM is a must yet Arsene goes for Arteta.

    Wenger must go and go now. Giving him more money will be waste. He will still not win anything because he is not a winner. Pure and simple

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  109. I’m sorry if I go against the grain by saying this but I don’t consider the people who comment against Arsenal real Arsenal fans. First of all if you want your team to do well I would suggest you support your team in a more constructive way. Arsenal are still technically in the running for the premier league and firmly in the hunt for the FA cup. If you WANT Arsenal to win either of those, take the results on the chin, stop transmitting your life’s failings through your team and try supporting them through thick and thin. At the moment all you are doing is hurting the team’s chances of winning, which when I last checked, meant that you are not an Arsenal SUPPORTER. So how about you lousy fans support next time instead of calling for blood every time something goes wrong.

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    • I agree. Although this defeat is a bitch, if we were to go on an incredible run, other results went our way, and we won the league people would soon forget all about this. Ok, it’s a long shot, but it just shows how quickly things can change.
      2 weeks ago we were out of it and grumbling, then suddenly Chelsea lost to Villa and we’re in with a possibilty of closing the gap to 1 point. We didn’t take it, but, although with a decreasing space to happen, it could still all come good.
      Everyone has the right to moan, and feel downright horrified by todays result, but does it change how you feel about supporting Arsenal? If it does then I suggest maybe you give it up all together. We are only so critical because of the high standards we have set ourselves, and that we will set again! We lost 6-0 and we’re still closer to the title than we have been for years. It will come.
      Now whether Wenger gets us there, or someone else does (personally I don’t know who would be available, that we want, wants us, and can improve us), doesn’t change anything. Arsenal is what is important, and whether we are 20th in the Championship or winning the Champion’s League it doesn’t matter. We are important to Arsenal, and Arsenal are important to us!
      Plus it’s a fucking game, so lets just enjoy the ride…

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  110. One problem beginners stuff is that Chamberlain and Wiltshire earlier in season and others today they a’re unsuited to being a holding defense middle fielders as they dribble in their own half and lose to ball the causes trouble or if they do win a free kick it’s not as useful as if they are winning said free kicks in goal scoring third. They’re to play in the forward three not the holding too.

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  111. maybe it’s just me but i don’t think giroud has been working that hard look at him and his hair is perfect and he is not sweaty. a sweaty striker brings sweaty goals.

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  112. Chamberlain may have run past half Munich team. . But Munich players diDn’t want yellow ccards to build up for later cl rounds. Not in your own hAlf. Would have started him right wing and. Played flamini. Podolski on bench

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  113. surely Ox deserved to get mark of at least 1. He has made more saves today than Szczesny

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  114. Please when is our city game? Hope its not 12:45pm. Arsenal must win on Tuesday

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  115. Rambo's Thai retreat

    WW3 is starting tomorrow so I’m getting some sleep

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  116. The players should be ashamed of themselves.

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  117. Charlie George's elbows

    Like everybody here, I feel sick (a small mercy that I was on the road and spared watching the match live–tho’ Talksport commentary wasn’t much better…).

    I started following this club after watching the ’95 Cup Winner’s Cup Final–one of the very rare complete matches we could see broadcast in full on TV here in the ‘States. Arsenal lost (we all know how–oy), but I loved the fight and the grit of the team. Winterburn, Parlour, Adams, Wright…they weren’t the fanciest players, but each one looked like they’d eat glass before they’d see the shirt disgraced.

    Before today, I really thought this group of players had recaptured some of that steel. Call it chemistry. They weren’t the most talented group top to bottom, but they fought for each other, and they fought for the jersey. They made me proud again. Playing for this club seemed to mean something to them. And if they lost some matches, or failed to win a trophy, I would be OK with that–because it always seemed like they were giving their best.

    But as someone else pointed out here, 6-3 to City, 5-1 to Liverpool, now 6-0 to the most repellent team in the League…once can be a mistake, but twice must be a flashing red light–and if it is almost immediately followed by a third (6-0?!?!), that is just pure malpractice. I would have been bitterly disappointed if today’s game had gone like the 2-0 exit from the League Cup earlier this year, but I could have accepted it. Today’s result is devastating, and I fear it will have a lasting effect on this group of players. I wonder if a serious rebuild isn’t necessary for that reason alone.

    And fer fuck’s sake–what about that fantastic 0-1 win away at Dortmund?!?!? THAT was the kind of disciplined performance we needed today. It looked like Wenger and the team had finally learned how to handle these tight away fixtures against big teams (even 1-1 at Bayern a week ago–kinda lucky, but not an embarassment). Dortmund was accomplished with a lineup nearly identical to today’s, except for Ozil and Ramsey being replaced by Ox and Podolski–a difference, but not one that can explain the abject nature of this performance.

    This team has been too consistent defensively–and too consistently good!–for this kind of collapse. As said here before, even Fulham and Crystal Palace haven’t been losing by these kind of scorelines. Something else is going on…you really have to look at the manager exposing his players to this kind of repeated humiliation. It’s past the point of being a “teachable moment.” And now I’m beginning to think you have to look at the ownership of the club allowing a manager to continually expose the company’s most valuable “assets” (their players) to this kind of career-crushing experience over and over. YES the players are the ones on the pitch f’ing up, but why is it time and again they walk into these fixtures looking so unprepared?

    And on top of it all: the 1,000 game.

    A sad, sad day.

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  118. Wenger, we are heartbreaking. Yes, you have preparation but obviously not takinf leasin from Liverpool. Again, AW your lack of micro amangememt led Arsenal failure again. Yes should preserve the heart of team but should also let them face reality to remove arrogance. Each match is important. Why they had such loose attitude? Arsenal needs military discipline but not military physical training. A W when will you wake up? Alway in dream.

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  119. It hurts because I love the club, I am a lucky man, I adore my wife and kids and they adore me. And with all those riches eleven twats in red shirts can turn my weekend from a triumph to disaster. Seriously I am awake at 5am on a Sunday morning all churned up because a team that I love has lost so badly to a team that literally cheats by what amounts to financial doping, with smug bastards for fans, glory hunting f**kers. I am passing this tradition of supporting Arsenal on to my daughter and son, what am I doing? It almost amounts to child abuse….”Here you go kids, welcome to my world of pain and torture.”

    How many of the above players are awake this morning upset with the result?

    I can’t even divorce these buggers! My fellow fans, chin up, dust yourself off, face the ridicule with your heads held high. Our time will come again.

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  120. How much tactical aplomb and tactical advice do eleven highly paid and well trained players need to prevent six goals being scored against them?They are all aware of their own abilities and the abilities of their opponents, so do they really need to be told that if their opponents score six goals and we score bugger all, we will not improve our title chances? Wenger may well take responsibility but ultimately it falls to the players on the pitch to play their hearts out and honour the shirt and badge. They did not do that against Chelski or Liverpool, or C£ty.

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    • It’s about a balance, the players on the pitch were good players but didn’t possess the required attributes for the job. Arteta, Ox, Cazorla, Rosicky and Podolski all have their talents but not one of them is defending, and only a mentalist couldn’t see them being over run however hard they tried.

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  121. Missing too many top players. Wilshire, Ramsey, Walcott, Ozil. We also saw the difference between a top striker and our striker. Giroud scuffs a very good chance and then 30 seconds later Eto’o scores a much more difficult chance.

    Personally right now I would rather see Sanogo up front. He seems to have more fight in him than Giroud.

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  122. Giroud lucky to get that 0.5

    Think Wenger is lucky to escape a 0 for the special rating at the end. Had the full backs playing as wingers away at Chelsea? The players were shite. The manager was shite.

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  123. This embarrassing defeat is a combination of poor tactics, and lack of power within the players of our squad. Ticky tack has had it’s day, it’s predictable and clearly easy to play against by top teams. The new, successful style is direct play, using powerful, quick players, the total opposite of us. We could surely adopt a mix? Yes we don’t have the dosh of the bigger clubs and have done well considering our limitations. We clearly need a clinical finisher or two, Giroud is ok but frankly average, although the fact that he is selected for his country assumes he must must be of a standard. I don’t want us to spend millions on pre-packed players, I admire our philosophy and don’t feel that this is the main problem. I do feel we need a few more British players who generally have more spunk. Wenger needs to adapt his style and tactics for success and I’m not sure he’s capable but I can’t think of a good option who wouldn’t just throw money at it, then we could emulate Man City and Chelsea which is something I don’t want.

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  124. tactical analysis

    A question to Blogs:

    Is a tactical analysis of a game like that useful at all or do we just say that our team was shit? I would like to go for the latter but unfortunately I have to make mention of one aspect of arsenal’s tactical game this season.

    Firstly, I am a massive Wenger fan and I still believe he plays football the “right” way. But in order to play wengerball how on earth can we have players like arteta and flamini at the base of our midfield? You have given Ox a lot of stick (fair enough, he was trash yesterday) but it has been arteta who has let us down throughout the season. I hate to pick out individuals and it pains me to have lost faith in arteta especially because in the last few seasons he has been by far one of our best performers. In order to play a game based on possession and fast passing that wears down the opposition’s defensive resolve, the deepest lying midfielder has to be a player who can keep the ball moving (forward and at pace) as well as be able to tidy up in front of the central defenders when the rest of the team is caught out high up the pitch. If you watch the replays of ALL yesterday’s goals you will see arteta being overtaken every single time that chelsea countered. Flamini is not much better either. He wins the ball, kicks some players and pumps his fist which makes the English love him but he cannot contribute to building attacks.

    Blogs, your analysis of the games in general is great but I think we have to call things as we see them. We have below par players in really important positions. I blame Wenger for not sorting this out but for some reason I still believe that he is the only one who can.

    Let us hope that Ramsey comes back soon, because since he got injured our football has lacked an identity. Either we have won by defending and grinding out results or we have lost (hopelessly) when we try to press up the pitch.

    Distraught and looking for excuses maybe? But i have felt this about our midfield for some time already. I want the arsenal back that dominates the midfield, the team that we can be proud to call the most attractive in the premier league. I am used to no trophies by now, but at least a few years back we would go down with some pride :'(

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  125. Wenger must be blamed for everything. Had opportunity of buying Suarez and let it passed. Suarez would have made difference in our home games against man united and chelsea, and also our defeat to man u, that would have been at least 6 additional points, not to talk about matches against stoke, southampton etc.
    We managed to top the league up till january with only 1 striker who is not fit enough to be derby county’s top striker, yet wenger did not deem iy fit to buy a top striker in january. Giroud cannot dig in for goals, cannot run when long ball is played in (like salah did for their 6th goal) no tactical prowess like drogba, suarez or persie etc.What stopped wenger from breaking the bank for Diego Costa in january, why did he not pay the requested amount for Draxler who would have covered effectively for walcott. We knew from start of the season that the team lacks top striker, u had the whole of transfer window in the summer and also january, with money in the pocket and refused to buy. Who is to be blamed then. The fault is totally wenger’s. Its time for him to go.

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  126. The Professor needs to take up medicine. Diaby is supposed to be back but isn’t. Ramsey too. Walcott is unable to make Brazil although other doctors claim they could help him. Arsenal’s injury list always pile up. And on Satuday early kickoff the team looks half dead. Not one player or two. Practically everyone including the manager is totally clueless. Sabotage? Its adding up..

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  127. I don’t want to single out Arteta, but when you compare him to Luiz, Matic, Rameries, Toure, Fernandinho, Gerrard, shit, even Diaby(!) the gap in quality is clear. His “ticking the game over” schtick has been talked up a lot but against the best sides this season, this has been his greatest weakness as it invites pressure while making counter attacks impossible. I remember last season Rooney talking about how he personally man marks Arteta to disrupt our game, while even Adebayor recently called him out for not being a real DM. Combine that with fullbacks who play like wingers because our wingers are nothing of the sort and you have a recipe for disaster. Needs to be looked at.

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  128. Wenger couldn’t have expected Chamberlain to play as badly as he did, I didn’t anyway, but I’m surprised we didn’t play him on the wing and opt for Flamini alongside Arteta. Chelsea were clearly going to counter us, meaning we needed a proper DM to help at the back while we needed a proper winger (or close to it) to support the fullbacks and let them focus on the defensive side of their game. Hindsight is 20/20 but I’ve mentioned before how toothless we can be without pace in attack and that showed today. Chelsea’s back four didn’t even break a sweat.

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  129. Which brings us to Giroud, a striker with neither the pace nor strength nor finishing ability to be first choice. He brings others into play, sometimes, but that should never excuse a striker for not scoring goals. I mentioned against spurs how difficult he is to create chances for due to his lack of pace and physical presence, but when we do create chances for him, I’m quite frankly shocked when he scores and it wasn’t a tap in or from 5 yards out. I don’t think he’s scored a goal like the Eto’o one all season, and that should be bread and butter. He’s not the reason we let in six but as he isn’t a good outlet, we can’t relieve the pressure when we need to. Even his work rate and hold up play have deserted him, and his record against the top sides is no fluke. Still a good back up option, mind…

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  130. Why on earth the Wenger keeps playing Arteta as a defensive midfielder beats me. As we have seen in too many games against top 4 opposition, the team gets bullied without proper DM. See the respect Chelsea gave Arsenal by playing Luiz and Matic in that position and all Wenger could think of was an attacking player in DM role. When I saw the team sheet with Flamini missing I knew Arsenal had a mountain to climb.But then, Le
    Boss knows it all.

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  131. Some home truths have come back to roost.

    I don’t think we were poor quality-wise comparative in squad depth, other than up top where we know we have been light.

    1) We did not get the additional striker to add a different set of capabilities to Giroud. Namely since we knew we were going to play deep against in particular Bayern, we could have benefited from a bit of pace and technical skill to play independently up top.

    I can’t say what the market opportunities were and to be fair to Wenger, many players mooted were either waning for price (Berbatov) or mediocre and cup tied (Mitrogolou) and would likely not have been much better an option to Bendtner (albeit better to Sanogo) not to mention incur opportunity cost to us adding in the summer.

    OTOH, I do feel we may have missed an opportunity taking Pato on loan (with an option to buy) given he was not cup tied, had plenty of experience in CL, plenty of pace and trickery to add for us where Giroud needs close support to operate.

    Instead we added Kallstrom on loan which was reasonable for cover in midfield but not what we needed to push off second half of season with Walcott out and us needing a bit of sharpening at spear tip.

    2) Additional to a striker, thought we needed one more creative force out wide in particular. again this is in some ways linked to Walcott out but also (in hind sight of course), with the injury to Ozil and Santi push centrally, we are missing an option out LW with Podolksi not quite firing.

    I feel Wenger may have made a mistake extending Rosicky (as good as he has been). he is not going to get younger nor are his injury niggles going to go away with age.

    Perhaps if he could see it as someone to come in in lieu of a possible Podolski departure (or for that matter Giroud), adding someone on the left with a bit of creativity (ala HAzard) would not impact squad dynamics particularly if we are already (hopefully) intent on bringing another player to the set up up top in the summer (which must be imperative)

    I think Wenger will be making a huge mistake not signing Yevhen Konoplyanka.

    The Ukrainian is Hazard quality, adds pace and trickery at LW and can play across midfield comfortable with both feet. If anything, he could be seen not only as a Rosicky (or Podolski) replacement but also a Santi successor.

    We should have brought him in January when Liverpool were fishing for him at 15-15m and were not anywhere near us in the title race.

    I think we mucked it up trying to ensure we and sufficient attacking nous to break down Chelsea electing Santi and Ox in the middle ahead of Arteta instead of the more defensive option in Flamini.

    You could say that had we brought in Flamini, we would have risked not having sufficient attacking prowess to break down Chelsea and would at best ended in a dour draw where at very least we tried to make a go at it (naively) with the more attacking option.

    But the real issue for us is that we simply did not ensure we had added the option of sufficient firepower to end of season. Simple.

    Wenger had resisted adding on the squad in January partially bc of possible lack of options (Striker), partially bc he wanted to give some current options due opportunity (Podolski)

    But the failure to add what most clearly can see is a deficiency (minor but glaring) in the squad at the moment was enough to make us pay.

    This game was always going to be a convocation of sorts. Either a confirmation that at 1000 games, Wenger is still relevant to the changing world of football or if we lost (which we did) that he is more historical than evolutionary.

    I fear the later will have significant impact on us and that the FA cup (if we win it which must remain a big question mark given our recent big match mentality), will mean F all in the bigger scheme of things.

    A comparison of GD to the 3 pealing away ahead of us should be enough indictment of the paucity of attacking verve we have had up top.

    Not sure if Wenger will continue at this rate (particularly without the cup to show for it). Chang is good but carries a great deal of uncertainty and must be properly managed. If the change is accelerated, we may find ourselves in a position to regret it further.

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  132. If you can’t compete with the best then you can’t be the best. If you consistently churn out poor results with the same strategy then you are a coach not worth your sort. Wenger must be begin to revise his notes or else give way for fresh ideas because he looks bereft of ideas.

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