Diary of a season: Sp*rs 0-1 Arsenal


A lovely 1-0 win over the Spuds at White Hart Lane. Hayley and Vince discuss …

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Kaba Diawara


La Defense

Great stuff as always.

Sidenote: Can’t wait to see cunty Match of the Day’s host’s face tonight!


I thought diaby was supposed to be back in march, what’s his status?

Gunner From Another Mother
Gunner From Another Mother

First I giggled at your comment. Now I’m just sad 🙁


Fair summary, but jeez, cheer up a tad folks. Just ended a real tough week with a fa cup semi, staying in the league hunt, a credible draw away at Bayern & extinguishing our main rival’s European cup hopes for next season. Now a weeks rest and then a need to do it all again. Tough yes, but also still very meaningful. COYG.


Hi Hayley
I have being looking forward to watching your detailed diary so much so far this season with its up and downs (and ups). I trust it not stopping just as we get to the finishing line??
Love Rob