Lockdown as Arsenal cancel press conference


Arsenal have cancelled Arsene Wenger’s pre-Swansea press conference that was scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Having avoided the media after yesterday’s defeat against Chelsea it would appear the Frenchman remains in no mood to publicly dissect his side’s abject performance. The club have informed both broadcast and written press that quotes from an in-house interview will be made available instead.

It’s an unusual move from the Frenchman who has always fronted up to journalists throughout his 17 years in charge and a clear sign that behind the scenes there’s a real shitstorm going down.

As further evidence of the apparent lockdown, the club’s Twitter account hasn’t posted anything in over 24 hours while the entire squad appears to have been instructed to stay off social media.

The silence is deafening right now.


      • Don’t think I could bare to take another press conference of Arsene saying it’s about ‘how we respond’, and the the players saying ‘it was unacceptable’. Talk is cheap. Especially right now when we’ve been saying the same things for pretty much the whole season.

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        • I’ve been waiting for the calm to come back before posting this …

          In the last 5 seasons, including this current one, our performance against the top 4 teams has been as follows:
          Played 29 (this year we still have to play Man C)
          Won 7
          Draw 5
          Lost 17

          What does this tell you about our mental strength? And for how long with this debacle continue against the front runners?
          When will we invest in getting some winners and leaders?
          Many more questions arise for which we do not have answers … if only Arsene can help us to understand the path forward now.

          Hoping that we show some resolve and improve. COYG.

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    • For me right now no news is good news! – The players should focus on the game on the pitch instead of posting all kinds of pictures every time they win a game.

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      • We’ve recalled Akpom from his loan so that’s something. So he may get some first team action to give something different to Giroud. Bendtner is never playing for Arsenal again it seems.

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    • It’d better fucking be scary for them. If we don’t react and MAUL Swansea after this, I will be extremely pissed. Not a grind-out 1-0 where we defend the last 20 minute. We have to thrash them to an inch of their lives. Enough is bloody enough.

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      • Taking it out on Swansea doesn’t avoid the reality that City are coming to turn us over on the weekend. A leopard doesn’t just change its spots overnight.

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        • Let’s just agree for the moment that Shitty are coming here at the weekend. We don’t know what’s going to happen.

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        • Who gives a fuck about City right now. We have Swansea to beat. This had better mean shit is going down behind the scenes. This is the only top club I can think of where perennial failure is no threat to your job. That is not directed at Wenger but the club’s culture as a whole. Fuck the nanny state, these players need to understand that performances like yesterday mean the chopping block.

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        • Okay then. Lets all watch as we maul Swasea, a tea thats currently in a losing spiral. Then turn up on the weekend to thrash City.

          Why do we continue to bullshit ourselves? Telling yourself that you don’t know what will happen against shity? Watching the fucking trend damn it.

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        • After being humiliated by City we shit ourselves and drew 0-0 at home to manure, and after being humiliated by Liverpool we shit ourselves and drew 0-0 at home to chelski. So a 0-0 draw or another humiliation is a safe bet

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        • got it all backwards Macduff, Chelsea followed City and ManU followed Liverpool, otherwise you’re spot on about a draw following one of these humiliations, but Chelsea and even the toothless ManU of this season are a bigger ask than Swans.

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        • I believe a leopard can change his shorts….. and that this is the clam before the storm. Which shows I’m still fucked up after that debacle on Saturday. I can stand losing but I can’t stand bottlers. Ljundberg, Henry, Bergie, Pires, Viera all of them had the nuts to stand up to any opposition and win or lose not once did I get the feeling that they didn’t care. Still and all we’re all hurting or we wouldn’t be Gooners and a damn good thrashing to the Swans and slaughtering Wigan in the semi would go some way to making me at any rate feel better.

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    • Apocalyptic? I’m trying not to be too dramatic, but either he wants to gather his thoughts and channel his aggression into the players rather than the assembled media OR he is gathering his thoughts ahead of making a statement of some importance OR the board are preparing an obituary to our greatest ever manager (Apologies to Mr Chapman). One thing for sure is that it will only fuel the media speculation wheel.

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      • i still lean towards the “keep wenger” side of the argument – if only because if not him, then who? who else will attract the big names (ozil, draxler, etc.) that have the potential to change this club’s rotten course of good, but clearly not good enough? i just don’t know what the options would be, and we’ve all seen how it went for that lot up in the red side of manchester.

        with that said, what kind of professional football manager in the premier league can’t get his team to – if not lose, then not lose in such embarrassing and humiliating displays such as these against liverpool, citeh, and chelsea? it’s patently absurd, and the fact that it’s happened 3 goddamn times this season alone points to a deep rot somewhere. a rot that is tactical, psychological, motivational… any team in the league should be at the VERY LEAST be able to not have themselves ripped apart, over and over again, in ways that drain the confidence of the squad and the supporters. it’s damaging enough to do this once, but to complete a trio of such embarrassments sets an awful pattern, and i fear for these players. there’s been so much to like about this team this year, but this is really, really bad.

        logically i can’t see wenger being sacked, and he’s too stubborn to go out on the sour note that this season’s turning out to be, but this media blackout is curious.

        lastly – if this is our team’s track record in “big games” where there is a lot at stake, i don’t see how they’ll be lifting the FA cup in may 🙁

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        • I don’t see it as a if not Wenger then who type of situation. This is a question of one of the finest managers in football who has led this team to CL qualification after CL qualification as the club undertook a major transformation (new stadium/new financial model).
          Fickle fans here calling for Laudrup or Pocchetino? Unbelievable. Perhaps it is that we no longer deserve Wenger.

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        • The “if not him then who” argument is crap, there are a number of managers around who may or may not be worth a choice, not one single fan would have picked Wenger before we got him, so there goes that argument

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        • Daft Aider, Although as you correctly say very few knew of AW before we got him, the whole situation has changed. Dein was looking to move the club back up to the ‘Chapman’ level (which since then had been an occasional league winner, regular cup winner and regular upper mid-table team). At the time AFC could take a chance on an unknown. Now we have a fan base 100 times larger (and 25 times less supportive), it’s a very different game (remember the sand-pits/mud-holes they used to play on) and competitors in a completely different level both squad-wise and financially. AW has been a major part of that ‘upgrade’. Bringing in an unknown is not an option as our fickle fans wouldn’t give him 5 games before they’d be on his case. It needs someone that knows the pressure of a top level club. How many unknowns have the spuddies had who’ve achieved nothing (other than excellent comedy material). Old red nose’s replacement was supposed to be a ‘save pair of hands’ but has turned out as anything but (and I’d point out that his name has been mentioned on here regularly as an AW replacement!).
          Your argument would hold water if it was still 1996 and AW hadn’t turned us into a CL regular.
          Or we could all go play football manager and replace our manager 2 or 3 times a year….

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  1. I can’t imagine it, but are the board talking to Wenger about the game? Is there an inquest?
    Leave it for the end of the season, I would say. Too much going on right now. Just put the next game and hopefully a good result between this disaster, and then face up to the press again.
    Either way, they are going to ask about his 1,000th game in charge.

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  2. the players deserve it..they need to know what it is to represent the Arsenal!!hope they crush the swans midweek..

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  3. Good! Hopefully there is some serious head banging going on and the players are getting a grilling. That half time scene from Mike Bassett England Manager comes to mind.

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    • I remember when I first saw that scene when I was a lot younger. The line – “If you don’t wanna wear the shirt, fucking take it off! There’s thousands of kids out there who’d die to put that fucking shirt on.” – always got me and still does. Applies to this bunch too. Where is the passion? Where is the bottle? Where is the fight?

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        • @Gargoyle, bit of British humour for you there! Transcript if it helps…

          Interviewer: Half time, and England trail Mexico by 2-0.

          Mike: Have you heard what the crowd are fucking shouting? “Fuck Bassett!” “Bassett’s a cunt!” “Bassett’s a bastard!” “Bassett’s a wanker!” They shouldn’t be fucking shouting at me, they should be shouting at you, and do you know why? Because it’s fucking half-time, and we’re fucking 2-0 down to the fucking Mexicans! What the fuck’s wrong with you? Get your fucking fingers out! Where’s your bottle fucking gone?
          [hurls piece of equipment at the goalkeeper]

          Mike: And fucking pay attention you cunt, when I’m fucking talking to you! If you don’t wanna wear the shirt, fucking take it off! There’s thousands of kids out there who’d die to put that fucking shirt on. Get back on the fucking field, show those bastards what you can fucking do, or you can fuck off home on the fucking plane! You got that?

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    • Or maybe he’s realized that there’s not much good a press conference can do but damage the team even more and he can spend that extra hour getting the players ready?

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    • Agreed. It’s nothing new, and somewhat cowardly. A top manager would face the press after a mauling like that and EFFECTIVELY rip the players. But not Wenger, because he treats like toddlers, and from how they collapse in big games, it’s not far off the truth

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  4. Good move.. we dont need to hear about how they will bounce back and all that crap we always get told.. the players need a good kick up the arse, have a good long look at them selves and come out storming on Tuesday looking like they mean business..

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  5. I hope he’s reading them the riot act,they’ve earned it!The annoying thing about all this is that Mourinho has got away with another episode of disrespect!

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    • and who’s reading HIM the riot act?
      Its a big game, go gung-ho, that has worked out this season for us.
      Oh, we are two down. Work it out boys, you know my philosophy. I believe it is down to our quality, spirit, desire (oops, no desire), and the performance on the pitch.

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      • I think his approach was wrong to the game but that does not excuse the team’sspineless performance.

        A team full of experienced club/international players and a back four that have played together all season long should be able to see the problem when they concede twice in two minutes and go 2-0 down with 7 minutes on the clock. They should be able to perceive the fallacy of their approach and course correct. Especially when the same problem would have been pointed to them in the post Liverpool analysis.

        One of Per/Sagna/Arteta should have put his hand up and said “Knuckle up boys this isn’t working. Fall back 15-20 yards and regroup.” Instead we got the same headless chicken stuff for the next 83 minutes.

        That doesn’t excuse AW and his naive approach but catastrophic failures(like we saw yesterday) and associated collateral damage always occur when the team fails as a unit.

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        • You’re not wrong. The back four are (mostly) seasoned professionals and should know what to do without a nod or instruction from the bench.

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        • true, I like how raw gooner put it, “you’re not wrong.” I don’t disagree with you, and neither am I simply saying he should have got up and shouted and told them what to do.
          We are at their home ground, there is a lot of animus between the two managers, he hasn’t lost at home here, ever. Prepare the team to go out there and see what is happening in the first 10 minutes, how our own teamplay is developing, and “MOST importantly, boys, try not to concede, cover each other at the start.”
          You saw the positions they took, the way the moves happened in the first 7 minutes? How unprepared is that?
          Add to that what you have said, the players simply folded, and we had to give up the game in the next ten minutes. completely. 2-0, still trying to hope, 3-0. 17 minutes. As a supporter, the only question left was ‘how much pain are you willing to take this saturday morning?’

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    • Wenger is the skinny kid on the beach getting sand kicked in his face with mourinho being the bully. He is only able to defend himself against another skinny kid (the Cardiff, fulhams of the world) but when did he last go toe to toe against a big team/ manager and win?

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  6. Bendtner should be made to unleash his belt buckle on the entire squad, then forced to fuck Wenger like a Danish taxi.

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  7. I think it’s a good move, they all need to focus and re-evaluate after their abysmal performance at the weekend. Hope we come out all guns blazing on tues! Nice warm up for City…

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  8. Good! This is a sure sign that collectively the players and manager have had enough of these awful away performances against top teams! A major reaction is needed and 2 clean sheets.

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  9. Italian teams always do this, generally to create a siege fuck the world mentality. That’d be nice, remember passion?

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    • I hope this is what it is and not Wenger second guessing his position.

      Wenger has been shielding the club from so much the past few seasons — taking the blame for not signing players (when I presume that the case was rather that the money wasn’t forthcoming), among other things.
      He deserves more credit for seeing the club through a massive restructuring

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  10. I read somewhere that arsenal practice their passing game against cones that represent defenders. Look at how quickly our passing triangles fall apart, if the players don’t practice how to deal with intense pressing then how can they be expected to actually deal with it?

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  11. it was like the players were remote controlled in between the time chelsea got their first three goals..it was like magic. they just breakdown the defence and shoot and the ball suprisngly goes into the net.. i hope this lockdown would be an awakening for players,coaches and board as well and as well save our epl title challenge

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  12. These days my second or third comments always go for moderation. None has been rejected. Just curious why that is.

    Separately, FA cup and top four is an advance on the previous season, beating teams we are supposed to beat, also an advance. Squad improvement also an advance.

    Next season, better performance on squad improvement, a bit more balls facing big teams (Pires, Henry et al were never scared), and I hope a return to, or at least a modicum of, power football. We’ve always passed well, but we used to do it with more power and pace. Theo’s return! Its only his absence that makes us realize more clearly how important he is (and squad improvement would make his loss more bearable).

    Look, everything I heard recently gives me the feeling that AW is ready to go toe to toe again. Comments around announcements of new deals for players, and the general outlook seems to be that we are going to spend. AW seems to be personally invigorated about the prospect of the handbrake being taken off his chequebook.

    It might not be popular right now, but I want Arsene to stay, and take a shot at creating the team that will go for glory in this summer’s transfer window.
    Mental strength remains the only question, we showed no mental strength in the big league games.

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    • Not sure if this is an improvement – first half of last season – not very good – second half of last season, and first half of this season (2013) very good – second half of this season – not very good. Have we actually peaked, and it now downhill? I hope not, but the team are getting that bit older, and slower, and less good…….

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    • I am really of the opinion that Arsene should somehow manage to win us the FA cup and leave this summer. He has done legendary stuff for this club but its time for some new blood. I would love to see passionate and younger manager like Kloop manage Arsenal.

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    • There are two ways to look at improvement, points earned and team performance. As Blogs previously said, the run to secure top4 at the end of last season was awesome points wise, but the games were nail-biting, hanging-in for life kind of stuff that he, nor I, would not want to go through again. The way we’ve played this season is more like deadly in patches and consistently hard to beat against the lesser teams and nail-biting the rest of the time, early season wins against Napoli and Liverpool aside. I don’t think we’ve improved performance-wise, we don’t dominate games like we did 5-6 years ago, and for these reasons we never really were convincing title contenders.

      Between the tactical naivety, inability to dominate opponents, and transfer ineptitude, I think that Wenger needs to go, I honestly believe a better coach could get more out of this team.

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    • Kafka, Good point, well made. The squad will get better. Hopefully a bit more speed as without TW we doo look a bit slow on the break.

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  13. Steve Bould is currently trying to work out who is up for the fight by holding a ‘Beyond the Thunderdome’ fight off whilst dressed in a Tina Turner wig.

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  14. I like the silence, this loss was something else and the usual comments from the players (after a loss) wouldn’t be comforting. Nice with a game on Tuesday too.

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    • “We showed great mental strength”
      “This was a one off”
      “Have to forget about it and move on to next game”

      Remind me, by forgetting about such a disgrace, how will you ever learn? Wenger out, the man has lost it

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  15. I wish he had them all on lockdown before yesterday’s shambles so they can focus. Of course a win on Tuesday is a given but next weekend is where we must show the world what we are About……

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  16. Who cares!? Wenger’s way past his sell by date! He hasn’t moved with the times. It’s all about high intensity pressing and counter attack football, as you saw yesterday and in heavy defeats at anfield and the Etihad. He hasn’t learned or adjusted or bothered to move with the times, to counteract those teams and tactics. He refuses to change. The players he has, reflect his philosophy. He has too much influence at the club and the board is a closed shop! He should resign, because that’s the only way he’ll go.

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    • SO you’re saying he’s out of touch because he want to play high intensity pressing football, which is exactly what $iteh and the mugsmasher do……

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      • Ryan, just to be clear, you want to replace a manager whose team is top 4 in a league that’s got 4 dominant teams (and 8 competitive teams) and in the cup semis, with a manager of a team that’s 2nd in his league but it’s dominated by 1 team with max 4 competitive teams…. You don’t see something wrong there?
        I think Klopp is a good manager and in a few years time he may be a very good option for us but he’s not up to AWs standard.

        AW will not resign. He always sees out contracts (so does Klopp!).
        The question is will he Re-sign for next year!

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  17. For me right now no news is good news! – The players should focus on the game on the pitch instead of posting all kinds of pictures every time they win a game.

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  18. Gut feeling….

    Good ticking off, and some focus on professionalism to ensure minds are wholly on the game.

    Twitter can fuck off.

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  19. Good!fed up with all his nonsense (excuses) every time we got whacked ! Nobody is bigger than the club , those who can’t perform must go !

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    • Like Wenger, who hasn’t performed since 2006? Or is he bigger than the club? I remember Arsenal before Arsene, they weren’t bad you know..

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      • Jay, you have absolutely Zero knowledge of the club situation since 2006, so how the fuck do you know he hasn’t performed? All you know is what you see from the outside, like most of us. We have No idea of finances really available to him whilst Siteh and the Chavs (and to a lesser degree Old red nose’s team) have bought silverware and the mugsmasher/spuddies etc have been trying to win silverware….
        So what you mean is that AW hasn’t performed the way you (or any of us) want him to.
        Not quite the same thing!

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  20. I don’t understand how it’s Wenger’s fault if players play like they did yesterday. It seemed like we were playing a different defence to the one played at Spurs. Abject. Pathetic. Embarrassing.

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  21. Agree with the ban on pointless drivel from players twitter accounts. There’s been too much talk the talk closely followed by the same players going awol when it counts. Mad a hell right now.

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  22. After that embarrassment yesterday I think it’s fair to say the players and manager should give up a weeks wages to charity. It’s not like they earned it, may as well do some good.

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    • Godd idea. Or just refund those away fans and give them free tickets to next season’s away games at Chelsea and City.

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  23. Whatever might have transpired backroom the most important thing right now is to finish in the top 4 the find a new energetic more modern tactical knowout to lead us next season. AW has so much compassion for AFC it has be clouded his judgement and insight into the modern day football. This defeat has almost put us in the shadows of chelsea and given cunt morinho the full bragging right damn I hate morinho! A lot of our players are good but a lot of questions has to be ask about their committment and ability to dig out crucial results and win crucial matches like we have now, no excuse not to fight for the title till the last day, whatever is causing this distraction should be immediately addressed before we are kicked out of the top 4 position having sp*rd, united, everton badly in our trail.

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  24. This year was wengers chance to prove everyone wrong , Chelsea didn’t start the season well , citeh and manure had new bosses and Brandon was getting he’s teeth whitened…..
    This year although we probably have improved but we haven’t stepped up and added a quality centre forward , central midfielder and done something about our appalling injury record ……

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    • And signed a 31 year old midfielder with a broken back, on loan, with more than £100 million to spend. It’s like he wants us to hate his guts

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      • He’s highly overrated, that Ozil. Looks normal, average on this team, looked great at Real. Who wouldn’t look good in the midfield when you have Xabi Alonso covering your ass and Ronnie running onto your through balls? Ozil is not a box to box kind of guy who can control the game. He is always looking for that perfect pass, and it’s not always there. As great as he may potentially be, he just isn’t they type of player that we need.

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  25. Not like it matters.

    As soon as we beat Swansea all will be forgotten and we’ll be back to hearing about how the team have great quality and mental strength. Fans will be happy that we won a game and the Chelsea match will be treated as a ‘freak result’. Then Wenger will sign a new contract and we can look forward to repeating all this next season. And for some reason everyone will be surprised. Can’t wait!

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  26. Management more culpable than players. That being said each player needs a good kick up the arse. They took the easy.route of giving up and kopping out rather than fighting for the league. No progression through perennially ‘fighting’ for fourth place…

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  27. Yeah….had noticed Twitter silence!
    Always hate the “not acceptable” and “sorry” bollocks. There are no Vieras or Adams’ in this team…that’s for sure.

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  28. I really want Wenger to stay. I want him to leave too. But not like this. Whenever Wenger leaves, I want him to leave with respect. And Roberto Martinez as Arsenal’s next manager please.

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    • Me too, mate. I still trust him but he has too get his tactics right or we are always going to get fucked in the arse. In one hand, is the players fault too, in big games they get lazy…why? i just hope we sort this shit out and quick. Oh, i prefer Klopp to take over after Wenger leaves, he’s awesome!

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  29. Arsene Wenger in the pre-Chelsea presser was quoted as saying he first and foremost makes every decision as if he owned the club. I have no doubt that he is shattered after this, especially this being the third time in one season where we were not even close to comptetitive.

    There is a reason he has not signed that contract. I believe the Man City game away gave him pause……and now Liverpool and Chelsea. He is in control, this is not the club’s call he has the say-so in nearly everything that occurs. Very difficult times and I am no more informed than any of us. But if you ask me right now if Arsene Wenger signs an extension with Arsenal, I would tell you no.

    Everyone will have their opinion as to whether or not that is for the better going forward (I have my own opinion), but I would put my money on someone else being at the helm once the season ends. I hope for a multitude of reasons we can just cope with…..and see through…..the pressure that will be there in the FA Cup. For his sake and ours.


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    • Every top club has a structure in management. Bayern, who we should be looking at as they have the perfect way of management, have ex players who run the club, who have the best interests of the CLUB at heart. Can we say that for Arsenal? Hell no, or else somebody would tell Arsene that he needs to change. Wenger thinks he’s bigger than Arsenal

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      • “who we should be looking at as they have the perfect way of management”

        Yeah, with sll those tax dodgers.

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      • I’m also a Bayern fan (Lived there for a while) but their model cannot work in the PL.
        There’s a number of reasons including the fact that their league has so little depth that they can have a poor season and still get a CL place.

        We really should follow their sponsorship model though.

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  30. Good. They should all be banned from using social media.
    They played shit last week and got away with it, taking stupid selfies etc.
    Leave the selfies and tweeting for when we have achieved something (FA Cup).

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  31. This is getting tragically scary. Well, we’re all shocked after that trashing defeat by Chelshit with that bitch called Josephine. Head up, time to regroup and concentrate.

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  32. The bollicking should start with the players from Arsene. They should all be told they are playing for their future careers at Arsenal. Someone needs to drill some pride for the club & jersey into them. The board should give AW a ton of grief & question his tactics, training methods, his ability to change the situation & his scouting & purchasing policy. Is he still the man to take Arsenal forward? If he is then demand a better return on the huge salary we pay him. If not they need a replacement strategy for the Summer.

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    • If they are playing for their futures, then why did he re-sign the majority of them during this season? The players are too content in their positions with this club and are managed by someone who has no idea what it takes to win anymore. Because Wenger is loyal to them, they wont feel the pressure to succeed.

      Regardless of our form from September to January, this season will still be lumped together with every 3rd or 4th place finish recently. Keep in mind, this generation has experienced the worst ever road losses in our premier league history, the 8-2 manure drubbing in 2011 and 6 nil this past weekend. Great/ quality teams do not lose so badly. Maybe, in Wenger’s eyes this is a great team. Stop making excuses and bring us results!

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  33. Yes time this players know how bad this defeat is. I remember mertesacker calling the liverpool 5 1 result an accident and one which will never happen again. knowing it was mertesacker I believed him but look where we are now. im not listening to any player anymore sitting beside the manager at pressers and spew some shit that they know we WANT to hear, get on the pitch afterwards and waste away in 90 mins of mediocrity. fuck all this

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    • The players say this because they actully believe it. They blindly follow Wenger’s idiotic tactics which is why they all think that they’re better than they are, they believe Wenger is still invincible. The world has moved on from Wenger, he has no clue about tactics which is why we have such a pathetic record against top teams. What team goes into every big match expecting to lose? That’s how I feel whenever we play Chelski, City and United.

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      • We’ve played 12 games against Chelsea, City, United, Spurs, Liverpool who all spend more than we do.

        The results:
        5 Wins, 2 Draws, 5 Losses

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  34. Ild much rather they would have taken this game seriously and had a twitter lockdown beforehand. After the embarrassment of city and lpool I would have thought heads would have been switched on early. Seems with players like rosicky the ox and sercezny that if they do well in a game or a couple they think they are world beaters. It’s about doing it week in week out. Aw selection yesterday was poor. I know he has a hard on for arteta but flamini is a dm and does the ugly bits arteta doesnt. If anything arteta and flamini for this game

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  35. When Wenger took over in 1996, he had the base of England players that played hard, tough as nails football. The mental strength that has been mentioned for so many years now since, is the one thing Arsene, for all his good and brilliance, can not infuse in his squads.

    Flamini is a stark reminder of the culture that was once taught at Arsenal from some of the older guard. It’s an ironic twist that his re-signing brought about a faint air of days gone by. Aggressive, annoying and in our face football. Opponents should fear you off and on the ball, before the pre game warm up finishes.

    I sometimes wonder when some of these lads wake up during a 90min match. They just aren’t in it from August to May. You need more Flamini’s to remind these kids that you ain’t nothing until you lift a trophy in The Arsenal shirt. Until then, you turn up to every game and work your balls off. The fans work their balls off to support them, the damn players should fucking repay that.

    I hope the AST is going to press for answers ASAP. I’m not waiting until May for the club to reactively try and reason out issues. It starts today. Pro-actively address the shortcomings in our club’s approach. No more “the club is ambitious” – state the objective and become accountable for shortcomings.

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    • On the Flamini note….I do feel for Sagna. He is the one guy that has stayed loyal to the club and puts in a balls out effort seemingly everytime out. He has that in him. I wish for a trophy now as much for him as anyone associated with the club.

      He didn’t ever go wanting to bugger off like the likes of Nasri, Van Persie and Fabregas. He got stuck in for Arsenal game in and game out.

      The whole situation is truly a shame.

      Sad…..I am.


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      • I was generalising quite a bit. There are guys that work their balls off. Sagna being the epitome of that if we look on a game by game basis.

        But Sagna is a player that thrives out of himself. He does his job in a professional manner, one that is seldom reliant on the team spirit. He can show up each game and deliver, even if we having a bad day at the office. However, our issues are straight down the middle, from front to back.

        Opposition, and quality ones at it, that run at Arsenal directly normally sets about panic mode. Our high defensive line, and a self cultivated fear of someone oozing with confidence running at us breaks us down, time and again.

        I’m not going down the buy players avenue with x/y/z names, but Arsenal need a few bastards in the mix that play traditional, physical and dominating football. It will rub off on the technically gifted players over time and pull this club to being a force to be reckoned with.

        I’d love Arsene to pull this off – as much as I’m disappointed nothing will make me more happy for him to retire with a bag of trophies and a big FU to that despicable, loathsome, sad sack of life that is Mourinho with his lip dragging all over.

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        • No problem….I was not trying to call you out I think your post was spot on. I just wanted to give a shout out to Sagna more than anything….taking your point and bringing it home to his type of mentality. If we had 8 Sagna’s on the pitch Saturday with 3 others of your choice….I would bet you the scoreline would not have been near what it was….we may have lost, but not like that.

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  36. Better a media lock-down than the meaningless platitudes after a defeat (let alone the self congratulatory back-slapping after a win).

    This has all been brought on by an ‘arse’ kicking that was on the cards as soon as we saw the 11 picked for yesterday’s game, and I fear that the deep rooted stubborness in Arsene’s case (and deep rooted physical and mental weakness in the case of the players), is now firmly entrenched and I honestly can’t see it changing unless we go in a totally different direction to the one we are travelling in now.

    And that’s only going to happen with a new man at the helm, although ironically, the team and type of play we had when Henry, Vieira, Gilberto and Pires were in their pomp (and before Wenger abandoned powerball for tiki-taki keep ball) is exactly the type of football you need to play to prosper in the EPL these days

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  37. Team changes for Tuesday, I’m expecting dramatic things. Fabianski, Flamini, Sanogo will all find themselves starting I reckon. Chesney has been poor recently, he nearly cost us the North London Derby and he was poor again yesterday.
    I’ve never switched off an Arsenal game before yesterday, but why should I watch something which honestly was just ruining my weekend

    Thumb up 38 Thumb down 2

    • I was watching a delayed high quality stream (paid) about 3 hours after kick-off, I watched the first 7 mins, fast forwarded the whole 3 minutes to the next goal, then pretty much gave up, advanced to the end of the match, saw we conceded 6, did not bother to even look at the other goals.

      Hard for me to judge the teams performance, but I’d seen it twice before this season and could not watch a third time.

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  38. As angry and disappointed as I am like any gooner I still think its idiotic to be bandying about names as if it is the magic key.(however populist it is)

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  39. Avoiding the press is a good move, Answering the most obvious of questions would really piss of Arsene. Why does your team always capitulate to direct rivals? Why are your tactics always so static? What is the state of the team/s mental strength? How do you rate your chances of winning the title now considering you led the league for a majority of the season?

    I’m not a Wenger out kinda guy. I appreciate everything his done for the club. I’ve had this nagging feeling throught the past 4 seasons that he’s really run out of ideas. I know we’ve had some great games here and there but I’m sensing that we might need to also transition next season. Some people might think this is reactionary but most of us have been thinking it for a while now. It doesn’t mean we hate Arsene or anything. It means in order to respect his leacy he (and some of us) might have to let go sooner rather than later.

    Thumb up 20 Thumb down 3

    • Per Merstacker is not in the business of attempting to dribble the ball 80 yards down the pitch and score a solo wonder goal like Diego Maradona . Why? Because it doesn’t play to his strengths rather it exposes his weaknesses.

      Arsene Wenger – for all his qualities – is not good at mind games. He wasn’t any good against Sir Alex Ferguson and he certainly isn’t any good against Mourinho.

      I think part of the reason our players froze like a cat in front of a car at night was the unnecessarily added-pressure of the “Specialist in Failure” controversy. In contrast, this same “Specialist in Failure” controversy seemed to really get all the Chelsea players extra pumped them up for the occasion.

      What’s sad is that this “Specialist in Failure” controversy was initiated by Arsene. When asked his opinion by a reporter why a few other managers don’t consider themselves title contenders, by answering “because they have a fear of failure” he unnecessarily started a war with Mourinho that he couldn’t possibly win.

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    • When we slip out of the top 4, and with the spending United will do in the summer, along with Liverpool, seems likely to happen soon enough

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  40. To be honest, I’m having a bit of a media lockdown of my own.

    Curtains drawn.
    Phone switched off.
    Definitely not talking to the press.

    Just sitting in front of the telly eating ice-cream while repeatedly stabbing photographs of Jose Mourinho with a spoon.

    Tuesday can’t come quickly enough.

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  41. Let’s face it, whether you love him or loathe him, Wenger WILL have to go one day…

    Just because he was good once – erm, 8-9 years ago – doesn’t mean he’s going to be good forever.

    If we don’t win the FA Cup, then that will be 45 chances of silverware in 9 years that Wenger has blown.

    He might be great at getting us up to a certain level – 4th place- or occasionally higher. But the fact that’s about it, says there is something basically wrong in his overall strategy, whether on the pitch or off it – or both.

    Instead of waiting for Wenger to go and then desperately scrabbling around to find a replacement (if they’re not already) the management should be looking for a replacement NOW.

    And no, NOT Martinez – he’d be Arsenal’s David Moyes. If we’re serious about doing well, we should be going for proper big guns, like Klopp.

    Thumb up 14 Thumb down 11

    • People need too understand though that you don’t just go out and “get Klopp”. He just signed a new contract for a club that has better chances of winning the champions league than us. it’s not going to be easy to get him here now that our club has lost a lot of it’s momentum internationally.

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 8

      • Yeah, but it’s all about money. Everybody knows that contracts don’t mean sh*t – players and managers sign contracts then get out of them whenever they want.

        If Arsenal stop being stingey – and in the last year, they’ve shown that they can open their wallet if they want to – we can get big names. We are, what was it, 3rd richest club in Europe.

        If we leave it even longer, at this rate, we’ll have even less ‘international momentum’ – we should buy big this summer – in players and a manager. That’s what the money’s there for – spending, not sitting under Gazidis and Wenger’s arses keeping warm.

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        • That’s true. I hear Klopp is on around 3m per year at Dortmund. I doubt he would turn down 6m. Still, I want Arsene to leave on a high first.

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      • I would think that Klopp isn’t getting even half of what Wenger is getting now per year in pay. Offer him dbl his current salary and Klopp might come running. Added benefit – more money for player acquisition and pay.

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      • Dortmund is a much better team these days than any of the PL sides. They had problems with injuries, top players leaving and so on. But they always manage to replace them and continue competing at the highest level. Klopp would not leave Dortmund for Arsenal next year. Maybe in three years or so if Arsenal would pay him a Arsene-salary and is still one of the top teams in england.

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  42. How comes if a manager struggles at a club like Chelsea, Liverpool, Real Madrid or indeed any club that considers itself to be “big” they get the boot yet at Arsenal a failing manager is allowed to continue in post with no pressure to succeed or even change things a little. Mourinho, unpleasant turd that he is is absolutely 100% correct about Wenger when he said there is no standards of achievement. Wenger has been allowed to fail and has allowed to continue to be incompetent. Arsenal from the board to directors, the players and especially the failing manager should be ashamed of yesterday – absolutely disgusting….

    And as for that senile idiot Hill Wood saying replacing Wenger would be difficult. its not, just find someone who understands TACTICS and we are well on the way…

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    • In the period that Arsene has been a ‘failure’. These big clubs you talk of have spent not just a bit more than us, not 2, 3 or 4 times more but almost 50 times more money!

      How can we expect to be as good as a teams that spend so much more than us?

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  43. I am a Gooner who respects Arsene for all that he has done for the Arsenal. He gave me my happiest moments as a Gooner. Now recently, he just took all my dreams away.

    Believe me Im not a bandwagoner on the Wenger Out Wagon. But, the fact is, recent seasons, we really haven’t had the balls to face big teams, we get thrashed, we saw multiple horrific scorelines, and this season, we called our defence the best ever in a few seasons. Comparisons to Adams and Bould were being made, then look at us against City, Liverpool, Chelsea. We didnt lose, we got thrashed.

    We couldn’t beat the worst Utd team in years.
    Moyes who’s an amateur got the better of Wenger twice!

    I love you Arsene for all that you have done, but please, leave with your head held high.

    Even if we win a trophy this season, its a bit of luck, we went out to big teams, Chelsea in the League cup and Bayern in the CL(Bayern loss still better)

    Liverpool are the only side we convincingly beat in the top 4 and they thrashed us at Anfield.

    I hate to say it, a decade of failure can only be pointed at the board and the manager.

    Its with a heavy heart i say,

    Maybe its time to say goodbye Arsene.

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  44. I imagine it’s a crising meeting a level or two above the one we had last season. But make no mistake, this season is far better than the last two. We’ve got an amazing chance to win the FA Cup and have no credible challengers for 4th place this year. And it’s still very possible we’ll get 3rd.

    Another awful result which should never have happened but it’s hardly all doom and gloom (yet).

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  45. Under wenger arsenal have finished in the top four every year and got through to the knockout stages of cl every year that is phenomenal ,prior to wenger we only finished in the top four on average of once in every four years,

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  46. After citeh: We’re sorry it won’t happen again.
    After Liverpool: We’re sorry it won’t happen again.
    After Chelski: We’re sorry, but fuck it. We are a bit shit when it comes to big games so will probably happen again.
    After the F. A CUP semi:?

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  47. Forget this Wenger going or staying bullshit! We as one must get up and stay united behind OUR club! Hopefully he ripped that lot a new arsehole over the loss and Swansea reap the backlash! If we stay focused and determined the rest of the season is OURS! That lot might not win a bleeding thing and we could end up with the Fa cup! so come on you gooners stand up and be counted for our club! 49 UNDEFEATED !!

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  48. Very interesting facts every Arsenal fan should be aware of:

    With exception of the 2006 Season, Arsene Wenger has only won 3 knockout rounds in the champions league. THREE!!!! Not even a Europa League in 17yrs at a “big club” like Arsenal. He just can’t perform against the big teams.

    With exception of the 2004 Season, his two title wins always came when United had an off year. He won the 1998 title with 78pts. Is that a winning season or was just no one else there?? 2002 season was won when united only amassed 77pts.

    He won titles when only United were the competition. Now Chelsea, Man City, and Liverpool, and United in the mix and we can objectively say, yes we can win the league with him?? There’s been absolutely no evidence to support it.

    He’s not won in Europe (not even the Europa League) because he’s just not been good enough against good competition.

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    • and how good should a team that spends on average £2m a year be?

      Because that is less than Chelsea, City, United, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Tottenham, Stoke City, Sunderland, Hull, West Ham, Norwich City, Southampton, Cardiff, West Brom, Fulham, Swansea, QPR, Charlton Athletic, Bolton, Middlesbrough and Wigan.

      Top of the Championship by the looks of it.

      This guy is performing miracles (for the club we love) on a yearly basis and getting lambasted for it. I feel sorry for him, and I feel sorry for the club if the fans force him out and we fall into mediocrity.

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  49. What does Wenger actually say at half time when the result is what is was Saturday. I heard he doesn’t get out the hair dryer attitude.

    He just carries on in a normal fashion. The mentality in the camp is mind bogglingly numb.

    Somebody needs to kick a*s, when it’s called for.

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    • Apparently he sometimes doesn’t say anything and lets the players argue and work it out amongst themselves. Sometimes he gives a hairdryer to certain players (not all) who will respond well to a bollocking, something lighter to the softer ones. And then at times just a total bollocking like at half time during Mugsmashers game. The thing is this sort of approach worked when it was Adams, Pires, Henry etc. But one suspects our lot at the moment are much weaker mentally so we need to try something new.

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  50. There’s a new rumour he is going to retire from management this year. Give him the Gazidis role as that’s what he’s been best at.

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  51. Being a Nigerian means we hate Chelsea more than Sp*rs,such a lousy set of fans they are and we virtually dont have any Sp*rs here. The thing is i wouldn’t mind losing to Man City if thats what the need to win the title. I’l live in peace if the do cos the dont also have fans down here.. Arsenal for title any day but since it seems we wont win then i pray to God Man City do. They are the lesser of the two evils afterall!

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    • As much as I’d prefer to see almost any team win the league instead of the chavs, I don’t want it to be at the expensive of a possible top 4 finish and therefor I want nothing else but a good beating of citeh on the weekend.

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  52. I love the silence, at least, he knows things are terribly out of place. I for one don’t want any press conference again this season until they win the FA cup. I’m so scared of the shitty game now. *sighs*

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  53. There’s little point replacing Giroud (who might score against inferior opposition) with Sanogo (who hasn’t ever scored against anyone) on tuesday. But that’s probably what will happen. Once again relying on any goals coming from midfield.
    Is Ox banned if the red card for Gibbs is removed – does the FA then apply it to the right player?

    How Wenger’s choices of striker have gone from Henry and RVP to Giroud, Bendtner (who is better than Sanogo but won’t ever play again don’t think, but is cr*p anyway), Sanogo or no-one is a total indictment I’m afraid.
    And it wasn’t a bad joke either that rumour that he was interested in bringing in Salomon Kalou – Kalou said no

    just so fed up. I’m glad they’ve gone quiet. I think I’d break the laptop if I had to read any drivel spewed out about mental strength or putting it right etc.

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  54. It will be bloody sad if the 1000th game will finally be the one to decide that wenger leave.in all honesty, i would like to see him go out with at least a final trophy.not on a bad note.we owe arsene wenger,who have given his life to bring this club to the level it is at today, our support for his loyalty.I say i will look past all his mistakes and support him all the way until he gets his trophy.It is just not fair that our budget constrain by the board allow him to suffer all this critics by himself.you dont kick a puppy when he is down,and i hope everyone will just come together and give wenger his full support to win a trophy before going out.no matter how long it takes.and no,i am not this positive usually.but after thinking for a very long time,arsene really deserve more than this.

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  55. I’m surprised that so many people on this page think it’s a good idea that Wenger has cancelled tomorrow’s press conference.

    Despite my carping of Le Prof, I’ve always admired the way he carried himself. He’s a classy, well-manered, intelligent guy. So I’m amazed that he’s decided to duck out of that meeting with the press. That’s the kind of thing that an ignorant, classless cunt like Maureen would do.

    Wenger should face the media, apologise for that debacle yesterday and promise that he and the players will give 100% from now until the end of the season. He must be hurting like hell, but sometimes a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.

    Wenger’s better that this.

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    • That’s exactly why I’m worried something extraordinary is up. The players were awful ,but so was the selection, absolutely wretched for the task in hand.

      And I believe Wenger is an honest enough man to, should it only have shocked and hurt him enough, cancel the plans he appeared to have until the game kicked off yesterday- i.e staying- if the feeling was strong enough in him that he was culpable for precisely that bad a performance so soon after the Liverpool one.

      He must undoubtedly be questioning himself more than at any point in his career, and has always insisted he will leave if his performance isn’t good enough.

      The nature of the shock is key. If he experienced it as ‘I’m shocked, but shouldn’t be. This performance, this bad a performance, is something my work has permitted/created; something I should’ve understood, but didn’t. I was wrong, and no longer trust my judgement’, that could be enough to force an abrupt change of mind. If that were the case, yeah, it would be right to cancel a stupid press conference and gain a few precious hours of composure and dignity.

      Hopefully, it’s something else, but I’m worried it aint.

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  56. All I want to see is a “We are as sorry and humiliated as you are” and “We are going to fuck someone shit up For the rest of the season” in response

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    • i feel like those sort of hairdryer speeches can work – every once in a while – but if you’ve got to resort to them every few weeks, they’re had to take seriously. that’s why this trend is so worrying. what the hell can wenger say to his players after having done this twice already this season? even if he shoulders all the blame himself, the players have to be doubting him as well as themselves at this point. fucking miserable.

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  57. Time for change. Time for Wenger to resign. There can be no more excuses for continual failure. He’s done a great job getting us to here but now he needs to hand the team management to somebody with fresh ideas.

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  58. That lashing was much, much worse than the one at Old Trafford. 3 times this season this squad has been spanked by direct title rivals. 17 goals conceded, that’s fucking sad.

    I had high hopes for a great finish, even after the 6-3 with City, but I’m genuinely concerned about our prospects in the FA Cup. This team are masters of the cock up. I was embarrassed watching that match. The horrid refereeing is no excuse for our limp dick performance.

    We have no balls in big games.

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  59. Not surprised by the silence, I don’t want to hear anything he has to say, he has let himself & club down for far too long & has been getting away with it.

    The fans have been extremely patient, & loyal but at what point will enough be enough!

    IMO Arsene’s reign is coming to an end, we as Arsenal fans have been blind to his incompetence for a few years, we’ve given him the benefit of doubt due to financial restrictions, the money men of City/Chelsea & most importantly past glory.

    But the fact is throughout his reign they have been inexcusable results & he’s getting shown up more frequently by younger, more tactically astute managers.

    I really hope we win the FA cup cos the club needs it, and it would be an ideal farewell for Arsene!

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  60. podolski just posted a pic of him and a bunch of kids smiling on fb. and it’s one of those cute sunshiny ones too. outrage.

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  61. The defeat was embarrassing and a nightmare. Watching again, we simply were very poor on the day. Getting thrashed at Ethiad, Anfield & Stamford Bridge showed the Manager got his tactics wrong and the players let the team, manager & the fans down. That said, I believe Arsene Wenger is not finished as a Manager. With 8 games to go in the League & the FA Cup to fight for, it is certainly far from over.

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  62. It’s all well and fine to say get rid of Wenger but who is great enough to fill the position that is available?

    And if we don’t spend the money on players then how can we expect money to be spent on a Manager?

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  63. Bit unsettling this. If there’s the tiniest chance he could be prompted to exit on a note like this, I’m commensurately worried. Would haunt me for life for it to end in this way.

    Mourinho, that sh*tty piece of sh*t, forever miles ahead of the boss in popular opinion, insulting him as badly as possible and then effectively killing his career. It cannot end like that. Not getting the chance to take on Fergie again on an equal footing will always be a black spot in my heart; Mourinho murdering him might send me over to watching rugby exclusively!

    Make no mistake, I’m damn unhappy. The big away matches have been ridiculous this year and there’s no excuse for not making dm number one priority and making sure something got done. Either with the limited budget of previous years, or the better one this. But, the players are also immensely culpable. How can their panicking at 1-0 and the idiocy of pushing forward in those numbers to try score immediately be excused/ It shows no knowledge of their own game nor their opponents, and no capacity to learn from brutal past experience. Even last week’s hero, the vastly experienced Rosicky, made himself look a clueless bell by trying to play insouciant artful passes in the least suitable match for that you could ever imagine.

    It’s f***ed up, and I hope everyone is taking their share of the massive blame for it. Ultimately, I’d like to see it crush the mentality that sees players celebrating as they did at White Hart Lane until they’ve truly exorcized the lamentable defeats and brought home a trophy (and I’d still think selfies are a sh*t idea at that point), and ensure all are psychotically driven (but with brains) to make amends in last games.

    I don’t want depressed miseries, but there should not have been any unburdened light hearts until they’d proven the Liverpool performance was a terrible day at the office they’d learned from and would not repeat.

    Most of all, I want Wenger to get the final chance he has fully earned, despite it all, to use a good bit of cash to put it right this Summer.

    Thumb up 44 Thumb down 1

    • I completely agree with you over the second thing you said, my relationship with the arsenal and the prem will not be the same. It is as if Maureen wants Wenger to quit and it’s fucking disgusting

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    • Probably the most on point comment I’ve seen since the defeat. Thanks for saying what I don’t have the writing nous to say.

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      • Cheers. But I’ve got to watch myself.

        I don’t have many commitments at the moment, but still it can’t be right or healthy that I spent six or seven intense hours of my Sunday thinking/ writing about Arsenal non-stop!

        I even had a dream last week where the two centre-backs clashed heads, after an unpunished opposition foul (the bastards! stupid biased refs!), early in a big match and both went off injured, and we had no-one on the bench. Horrible stuff (but not as bad as Saturday was in the end)

        We either better finally get back to winning ways real soon, or I have to find more and better/ prettier commitments to take my mind off it.

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    • Love this comment 100% agree no way it can end like this with Mourinho getting his way… injuries have crippled up but if we beat swansea manage to get a result at city and finish the season strongly with a FA cup… thats a good platform to build from at the end of the day when you have a midfield like our 3 edditions in the summer can make all the difference..

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  64. have been refreshing news.arseblog.com for like 3 hours now. Its like I am waiting for a miracle, one that would change that hideous scoreline on the right side of webpage!

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  65. Until the arsenal squad can de-throne ManC, ManU and Chelsea in their minds, there will always be the same result.

    Whenever we play against these teams, we appear already defeat in the tunnel before a ball is even kicked. On the pitch we go into panic mode and the negative towering images grows. We have to knock down the petty stool and play them as mere mortals. We looked like a pub side on Saturday, and left our “A” game in the dressing room
    Conquer your fears and remember lesser teams turned Chelsea, ManU n ManC this season. So can we if only you believe!

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    • The game has changed since my favourite 1998 season. The Russian and Arab money has changed everything. 10 to 15 years ago, we had several of the world’s best players in the same team. That will never happen again. Money talks, we don’t have enough of it. The best players will go where the cash is. To be honest, I don’t enjoy football as I once did. To your point, we don’t have the players to challenge. The mindset of the players is just fluff.

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  66. ‘SIT DEEP, HIT HARD & BREAK FAST!’ Sir Alex wrote on how his shit united team did to defeat arsenal, Top team managers read it, tried it and…Wenger collapsed!

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  67. I’d love to go on a lockdown and cancel all my public engagements but my employers won’t allow it. Sad thing is as much as this hurts the reputations of the manager and players least they get a fat paycheck to cheer them up regardless. Dreading the humiliation I face in the office and beyond this week

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  68. Wenger will leave at the end of the season. I think he’s actually considering to resign before the end of the season. He won’t do it but I no doubt he’s thinking about it.

    However it all turns out in the end this must be his final season. He has taken us as far as he can and god knows that’s some distance!

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  69. Better to burn out than fade away, I personally believe Wenger should go after this season and save some of that decency that’s still left within the old man. I do wonder though if it started when he cheated on his wife? I mean how can you put out a vision that’s on a moral high compared to for example chelsea and then crush the most sacred that is and still be in it. I do not buy it. Repent your wrongness and do not make a joke out of our club with this stupid vision. It’s bloody football. Not church. Supporters like me like beer and a good tackle ala Vieira, and that’s what we are here for, not to pray in the not so holy name of the big Arse.

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  70. Mr Wenger still comes to games without a back up plan. Unbelievable! A player could be having a disastrous day, instead of showing leadship from the sidelines, and make an early change he just sits and shake his head. Doing nothing is not an option.

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  71. We have just improved the contracts of most of the team that started on Saturday, we basically rewarded them again for achieving nothing and they have put thier feet up, Job done for them.

    We have made this mistake before.

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  72. Not a very good way to say to Bacary Sagna, please stay, we are a quality side who is looking to win things!

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  73. When you’re deaf, half blind, granny’s dog can tell you the areas we need to strengthen in the transfer window and yet the man with 1000 prem games under his belt can’t, you know it’s time for a change.

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  74. Not that is has anything with our situation at the bridge to do, but players like Giroud has to leave, he makes me want to poke me in the eye, swirl my finger around in there to see, because you see…he hasnt even the sligthest qualityresemblance to the likes of Thierry Henry, Bergkamp, Wiltord, Walcott, Wright, yes yes…we`ve had em all, please do as your wife says Giroud!
    Furthermore, Wenger better start minimalizing the amount of “season great defeats” in the future, we cant be slaughtered like this so fuckin often during the season, makes me wonder wtf is in the players heads when it happens, Arteta is a slower runner than Steve Bould was…why is he playing again?!?

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  75. Wenger has done the right thing this time tbh, the only stuff he could of honestly said about that game would have done more damage to the players/club than silence. If he’d talked about mental strength, having a big enough and talented enough squad, how it was an anomaly or anything else I’d of literally thrown my laptop out the window then reversed the car over it.

    So thank you Wenger, thanks to you I still have a laptop to watch us smash Swansea on 17 – 0 cancelling out all the goals we’ve let in against Liverpool, city and chealski plus getting our confidence back.

    It’ll still be a good season if we can win the F.A Cup, finish 2nd or 3rd then buy the next Vieira and Henry on the first day of the transfer window. When Ramsay combined with Ozil are fit we have something special out their lets not forget how jaw dropping good it was to watch till he got injured. Sure up the defence by giving them some protection in front of them so they don’t have to deal with opposition getting to run freely for 40yards through the middle of the park unopposed and we’ll be grand.


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    • Love it.

      I’m not there yet to be able to do any positive talking, but I can broadly agree with you and applaud the spirit it’s said in, so that’ll have to do till I can pick myself up.

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  76. I´m a gooner from Germany and i have to say all of you wenger out people should be ashamed. I am also angry like all of you but if you want wenger to leave it can go in a direction that nobody wants.

    Ive seen it here in Germany with Werder Bremen and Thomas Schaaf, his last years werent so good and then he goes away after 14 Years and now everything is worst than before and bremen is playing against relegation.

    So we had Guys like adams, viera, bergkamp and so on but we have to build a new stadium cause highbury was to old and we get most of the money from our ticket sales and not from a russian Sugardaddy.

    And do you want us to make major debts in that time to get better players? It could have gone totaly bad, just ask the guys in Dortmund, getting much to expensive players back in 2002 and then have to borow millions from bayern munich before getting bankrupt.

    Wenger brought us trough this hard times, now we have the money and in this summer he will bring us the right players to play for the epl title. So just calm down, stop that shitstorm and get behind our team in good and in bad times.

    Thumb up 33 Thumb down 3

    • Top man.

      I’m guilty of talking too much today, mostly negative stuff- but in the end I really want him to stay and should probably have gone with silence if I couldn’t show support when it’s needed most.

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    • I do believe that it is somewhat fair to contemplate an Arsenal without Arsene Wenger as the manager.
      He will go whether it is this summer or one a few years from now.

      For me, the mishandling of this season’s two transfer windows are what cost Arsenal the title. With the squad a good base was there but it needed a few additions: a top class striker, defensive midfielder and centre back.
      If Wenger is at the helm over the summer I seriously doubt that the transfer window will be properly handled.

      If Wenger stays, he has to handle the transfer windows and player management in a much more improved manner. If not, we will be at this point again.

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  77. What really came to light yesterday for me was just how distinctly average so many of our players are. They really are, they were blown out of the water by Chelsea’s dynamic young team yesterday. Sagna, Mertesacker, Gibbs, Monreal, Arteta, Flamini, Cazorla, Walcott, Podolski, Giroud – these are decent players, category B players, but it was deluded to think that a squad comprised of a second-rate core like this could compete for the title. There’s also question marks hanging over several of our younger contingent like Scezesny, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Chamberlain, Gnabry. Some of these kids seem to think they’re already established superstars whereas in reality the jury remains very much out on them.

    We need an injection of quality throughout the team in the summer window. Wenger is kidding himself if he believes that these guys can match the likes of Chelsea and City. In reality we can’t compete with the financial might of those two but the big fear is that a rather large sum of cash will once more go unspent in the summer as Wenger gradually again convinces himself that this group can win big. They can’t.

    Wenger is a great coach imo although I’m not especially enamoured with our style of football. But it’s hard to deny that by keeping us in the CL all these years since we moved stadium Wenger has over-achieved during this time. He has consistently succeeded in making the whole of these Arsenal teams greater than the sum of their parts. For that reason I still think he deserves another bash at a new contract, but I’m just worried that he will once again disappoint in the transfer window and fail to add the required quality to the squad. He also could do with revising his team’s style, I don’t think there’s many gooners who wouldn’t wish to see us return to the style used in the era of the invincibles that was based on power and speed as well as technique.

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    • Gotta disagree on one point, Santi, BFG, Gibbs, Flam certainly not *cat B* players and Theo is out injured for half season, certainly not cat b for him either

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    • I think it’s a worthwhile exercise to pick out any of our individuals who were made to look so awful yesterday and imagine how any one of them would do if swapped with their opposite number from Chelsea.
      The worst match of Ox’s young career, yet stick him at right wing in Chelsea’s team yesterday and he would probably have had a great time. Cazorla, despite the athletic limitations, could have had a field day in a strong team against opposition in the disarray we were. Even Giroud would likely have had a very nice time of it.

      Most could be expected to do pretty well, some could easily have looked brilliant.

      The same thing can be applied to all the rotten performances this year. Ozil came in for particularly harsh criticism in the Liverpool, City and Bayern games, yet had he been playing for them against us, would probably have looked terrific and been liable to punish us as badly as any of the players from those teams did.

      My contention is that they are good players- category B, some of them, only by the most stringent standards, low A otherwise- but…there’s not a strong team there, not for matches against very strong teams, and certainly not when 3 of our best five are unavailable.

      The balance is wrong. The limitations which made most of them players we could afford in the leaner years- athleticism for Cazorla; trickery, defensive capabilities and mobility for Podolski; speed and grade A deadliness for Giroud; general suitability for dm against elite opposition for Arteta- are, wow, brought fully to the fore,as a team together, in a way they aren’t against anyone but the elite, and wouldn’t be, as individuals, if any of them were transplanted into successful, very strong sides. For example, There were occasional hints of Cesc’s lack of pace being a problem during tonight’s Classico, yet imagine him in there with Arteta and Caxorla for company yest, and that lack of pace suddenly looks a whole lot worse, and instead of his class shining, he’s in a grim uphill battle in which he’s made to look bad. It’s a similar strory for everyone yest.

      Not a strong team, and a manager who can’t face leaving out technically gifted players- Cazorla or Rosicky yest- for less gifted ones, worse players in fact (Flamini is a worse player, overall, than Rosicky or Cazorla), when he correctly assesses it would be very hard to win with the most defensive team** he could pick from the available options.

      He gets that right, I think- there wasn’t a good defensively-geared midfield he could put out yesterday… but there wasn’t a good offensively-geared one either!!

      As seems clear, we seem to be going with ‘almost no chance of victory, decent threat if we can strike before them, and massive, massive chance of big defeat’ over ‘almost no chance of victory, little threat, and decent chance of thumping’. A right sorry position.

      ** (Arteta and Flamini, with clear instructions to both to stay in own half; Gnabry right; Ox cam; anybody who can run better than Pod left. Seriously, it’s damn hard to pick a reasonable team from available options for yest. I prefer mine,though, and if Monreal were available would have gone with him at left midfield!)

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  78. The match was the result of champion league lost this season. Previously, we just felt losing 8 round CPL to Bayern. All of these critical matchs matters and the squad cannot maintain any ambition anymore. The FA cup this yr may be the last chance for wenger in having dignity as a top manager for our team.

    i don’t get why in january market period. he and club not try every efforts or pay more millions to bring some of best striker here. Destiny was set since then. Ozil is great. But repeatedly, he thought we have enough numbers of players to rotation and Ozil is key. It became club’s pattern. Stinky money, No talent players mean no tactics solution and differentation as tools he can use.

    I predicted in mind when heard news that they tried unsuccessfully in the time.
    The chance of raising-up a trophy will have gone again.

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  79. FAR too much Wenger sympathy on this site.
    All those Wenger lovers please read & digest THIS….
    500+ games without a single trophy.
    As manager of THE Arsenal.
    On 7,000,000 salary.Ish.

    Time to go,let Bouldy take charge until the summer at least.

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    • Where else, in the sporting world, can someone go 8 years without winning something and still be a coach/ manager while praising his methods and style of play?

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  80. What’s this obsession with Wenger??? Ca anyone objectively look at the football landscape as it currently exist and honestly say that they see Wenger getting us to where we believe we should be??

    Com’on guys. We can all write the script if Wenger is stil here. We all know how it’s going to go…

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    • Maybe not, but knowing the landscape of football I think an average manager would have dragged Arsenal into a mid table team by now.

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  81. The amount of fellow professionals tweeting and slagging us of at the moment shows how much football lacks class compared to other sports

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  82. I love wenger as much as the next Gooner but you have to say the team selection was poor and mistakes were repeated again… Flamini and arteta should of been sitting in front of the back to protect against the counter… The ox needs to be out wide where some of that energy, power and pace can be used in the final third, to supply and support giroud and offer something different. Someone running behind the defence ala Walcott… This season is a step in the right direction, but we still need 3 – 4 world class players. Notably a striker and holding midfielder. I think wenger should be given next season to put it right and buy what we need, but as if next season we needs to be judged on results just like every other manager. No more excuses and no more living in the past

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  83. Arsene avoiding press is scary. He looked like he wanted to cry post chelsea game. For such a normally strong, sharp man him to behave like that I think there are some big issues in house at the moment.

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  84. Wenger is finished.
    He knows it.
    Gazidis knows it.
    Blogs knows it.
    You know it.
    I know it.

    There is no where for him to hide.

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  85. Poldi’s Instagram probably breaking a social media ban? He’s leaving anyway in the summer and it’s a totally uncontroversial, positive message anyhow.

    Just watched the Classico. 1st half was light years ahead of anything in the PL. And for those who say it’s all “money”, I have 2 words: Atletico Madrid. (ok more than 2 words: look at the strikers they’ve lost and replaced – Hugo Sanchez, Torres, Aguero, Forlan, Falcao, this summer Costa no doubt. I’ve said it before: we should sign their scouts).

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  86. I have been an overseas supporter of Arsenal and Arsene Wenger for over 13 years now.
    Today I am an embarassed Arsenal supporter. The manner of the defeat is deeply humiliating. Everyone knew how Chelse would be set-up yesterday, so why didn’t Wenger? Why didn’t the players know?

    In the 2012/13 season from December to March I was silently wishing that Wenger would go. I was frustrated and embarrassed and perplexed in the summer when Arsenal (Arsene) let the Higuain deal collapse and made that ridiculous bid for Suarez. From then I knew that we would struggle with goals. Arsene’s teams have always been built on that killer striker (the fox-in-the-box as he calls them) that strikes fear in the opposition defence and that are clinical. Giroud is a much better footballer than me but he has some serious limitations. A more mobile, lethal striker was needed to complement him. Rotate them in games, give us options. I was also disappointed when Arsenal didn’t sign a solid defensive midfielder.

    Our game needs to built on power, pace and swift ball movement – the hallmarks of Wenger’s Highbury sides. Instead he chose to stick with a modified version of tiki-taka. Even Barcelona are struggling with tiki-taka as teams are learning how to play around it.

    From August to January Wenger surprised me. From August to January the team surprised me. But now, another league challenge is in tatters, faltering, almost obliterated.
    Don’t get me wrong, this season has been an improvement. At least the title challenge is faltering in the last week of March and not in the first week of October. But even so, the poor handling of this season’s two transfer windows and the over-playing of certain players have cost us a more sustained title challenge and our respect.
    For Wenger’s sake, I really hope that Arsenal win the FA Cup. After yesterday’s performance though, I really doubt that the team has the mental fortitude and Arsene the tactical expertise to do it. Wigan will be set up to nullify us. They beat Man City lets not forget that and if Wenger isn’t careful they will beat Arsenal too.

    I will continue to support Arsenal.
    I will continue to support Wenger but not as the manager of Arsenal FC.
    The time has come, in my opinion, for him to walk away.

    A new manger is needed. A new tactics are needed. A new transfer policy is needed. A new player management strategy is needed.

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  87. We should hire Ferguson to do the team talks. Maybe we would get better performances in the big games. If United did that under him in all 3 away games vs the rival title contenders, He would probably have degraded the whole team to the reserve team and promoted the Youth team to play the next couple of games.

    We need to demolish City to restore some balance and self respect. But first things first, a proper beating of Swansea.


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    • I got slagged off for saying it’s time to give those players a strong message. We have other players in the squad and if you’re not arsed about the shirt, you’d better pray that these lads don’t step up. Personally, I would like to see the likes of Hayden, Zelalem, Fabianski, Eisfeld and Apkom given a chance. These fuckers need a wake up call. Like me, I’m sure many of you are avoiding ‘non Arsenal’ newsites. I can only imagine what the Daily Mail is like today (shite paper anyway and the comments section is over run with Chelsea scum). Even footy talk shows. The humiliation is unbearable. I’m so glad I wasn’t at Cheslea. I saw the vids on Arsenal fan TV and during interviews there were always some mutated Chav fans milking it and shouting stuff down the mic (We want you to stay etc). Honestly, I’m not a violent man at all, but I’m not sure I would’ve controlled myself.

      That humiliation needs to be put on the players and manager. Sometimes I wonder if it’s kind of normal for humans not to give a fuck if they earn 50-110k per week. Only winners give a fuck in my opinion. Time to prove they care.

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  88. Wenger never won the Champions League wit Henry, Bergkamp, Viera but u expect him to win with Giroud???

    Wake up people. It’ll be the same old script as long as he’s in charge. Take optimism out of it for just a couple of seconds and the script will be undeniabl—as it is to other fans of big teams.

    No one is afraid of Arsenal. Most of the big rivals honestly don’t care when we’re at the top during the Season (just like we see it as a joke if Southampton is at te too of the league mid-season).

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  89. I may dislike Mou but he is a better tactician on the pitch. If money mattered so much how come teams like pompey, birmie and wigan can win a trophy and a talented wenger side could not. Reasons; lean squad,lack of desire, bad tactics, wrong team setup and ideology, Premiership is a physical league, tiki taka alone will not win wenger a wooden trophy. There is a need to blend both tactically. Sold a combatative Song and bought who? he could have got Tiote without breaking the bank. What about the attack? Can arsenal attackers match any of the top four teams? And we claim to be a top team in europe.Arsenal and fans should be interested in winning trophies and let spurs be. We cannot claim to be better if we don’t win laurels. If champions league was meant for only winners we won’t be in the party. And finally wenger is too slow in the market,he creates the inflation himself. The biggest mistake this season is the failure to get a pacy striker in january. The arsenal counter attack trade mark has gone with the reliance on a slow Giroud who can not dribble one defender. In Nigeria we love to see the runs, intelligent powerful tackles,dribbles and goals. I need that from the team.

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  90. Silence is not good, because defence had no shape and midfield was non existent and they were probably silent for 90 minutes as the useless cunts didnt even string more than 5 passes together against the scum in blue.

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  91. 3points lost,only a possible 4points away from leaders.competitors who are probably in shitload of debt.while arsene for the past decade has the budget of a side like newcastle.still manages to keep us in champions league without fail for past 18years.fans turning against him at every defeat.be it 10-nil or 4-0.its still 3points lost.knowing how to manage a team in fifa 14 is different than trying to build a team team for 18 fking years.go listen what david dein has to say abt arsene recently.you will know that man gave his heart n soul to the club.have some respect.i have faith that with the funds available now he would soon turn things around.

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    • We can turn it around, but not with Wenger in charge. We spent 42 million on Ozil, but are we better off than we were before? Wenger will overspend on a bust of a player (ie. santos, denilson) or someone who’s phyicially unable (Kallstrom). We’re still looking at 4th place and our goal differential is much worse than it was even last year. We will conceed more goals that last season and not be anywhere near our scoring total. 4th place is 4th place, Wenger has been unable to improve this team since moving to the Emirates yet he manages to keep his job. Every player on the Gunners was his choice, he cant use the excuse that it was someone else’s choice. Make it right, Wenger, or make room for someone else who can!

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  92. For all other things.
    Wanyama,Reus, an Bender brother, and someone that can score,move and not be Olivier Giroud or Bentdner or Sanogo. I’d take Lukaku or Diego costa (if arsenal won the lottery…) or someone with agility,strength, tricks, entertaining and makes the team tick for less than 42.5million and puts in more effort in abundance as özil in 45 minutes than a greeting faced little bitch. We need to spend, growing talent is great its good to use the youth system but clearly its not competing with teams that are forking out in truckflulls that are running round the league embarassing the oppositon.

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  93. If the boss leaves I hope every wenger out fan will be happy. I see the future beyond wenger putting us in a very bad position, something like the Mancs are in.

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  94. I think Arsene is still the man for us and he deserves it because of the way he steered the team during the austerity years. Now its time for him to reap the rewards.
    But he also needs to broaden his horizons, you loose once playing a certain way, fine we tried,
    but loose again playing the same way means he does not learn from his mistakes. He is not only human thus will makes mistakes but for Pete’s (don’t know who he is) sake he needs to learn from them.
    Just mouthing the same words over and over again in different combination does not work, therefore I am glad that for a change he has decided to keep mum. Very Nice..(Borat style)….For once just perform when its needed the most.
    Another thing the board needs to do(but dont think they have the guts to do) is to relieve Arsene from player recruitment duties, he should still be the one identifying players but let someone else negotiate and close out the deals please.
    Let someone else sort how much a player should get and how and when to get players.
    Every Arsenal fan knows that Ozil was not a planned buy.

    And last and the most controversial point I guess, from what I saw in the Chelsea game, it was obvious
    that Arsene got his team tactics wrong, but obviously it was not obvious to him, which is not strange.
    We all know he is very very steadfast in his beliefs but not to have a backup plan is criminal.
    Even the players looked like they dont believe in the team’s game tactics(OK except Sagna who was almost always passed the halfway line).
    A great manager should be able to adapt to changing needs and adapt to new demands as the game progresses but its been a trend in the past few years where he has been very slow to respond. My personal opinion on the all the big away games is we lost it because of a wrong team tactics/strategy.

    Also, its all well and good substituting players at 70-75 min mark as that’s when players are vulnerable to injuries, it was one of the new things he bought to this league,
    but can someone please tell him, your ideas can only be NEW once, after that to keep the advantage you still need to adapt and most importantly grow.
    Another example is medical wing of our club, why did it take so many years for anyone to set up an inquiry to understand why Arsenal always tops the injury list every year for the past 5-6 years…may be they were waiting for Arsene’s go ahead(said my City supporting colleague)

    Arsene you are a damn good coach and manager but please for clubs sake *adapt* and do it fast.
    Let me see some mental strength, adaptibilty and leadership qualities from you..

    Lastly some unsolicited advice :-
    – Any player not capable of taking a routine bollocking or kick up their ass atleast ten times should be sold.
    – Get some proper f*****g wingers.
    – Get a proper DM. Arteta has been a great servant and he still could be, but a DM he is not.
    – Get them early.
    – Stop wrapping them in wool. A player either wants to play for Arsene or he does not.

    Rant over.

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  95. I honestly believe some major shit went down. Possibly at half time. Did anyone sotice Arteta ranting at Flamini? It appeared to me that he wasn’t angry with Arteta (Flamster seemed to be agreeing and calming him down), but that he was exposed in midfield. Arteta was shite and I’m not defending him here, but he had four or five players at times running at him. It’s only a guess, but he looked furious with either the tactics or players pushing too far forward (full backs/Ox/Cazorla?)

    I’ve played before (not pro level) and been on the wrong end of hammerings. I’ve seen fights break out in dressing rooms. I was in one myself ( I think we lost 8-1). My guess is that it kicked off. It must have. It would please me if it did. The players need to take some responsibility and at times, a good honest ‘airing of views’ helps. Maybe, Wenger got a rollockng from players for asking them to push the full backs 70 yards up the pitch and play just Arteta in a defensive position. Who knows?

    One thing is for sure. I’m happy he’s cancelled the press conference. In my opinion, Wenger is more sensitive to fans’ views than he used to be (he has to be nowadays) and knows that most of us are sick of him and the players going on about belief/mental strength etc and then getting hammered again in the big games. That ‘selfie’ looks ill advised now doesn’t it? Gloating when we’ve won nothing for 9 years isn’t a good idea. Save that shit for a Cup Final win/title win. There is clearly a lack of belief in the squad and perhaps a bit of dillusion from the manager for going ‘gung-ho’ in these big away games. We don’t do that against some of the ‘smaller’ teams. Did you see our full backs 70 yards up the pitch against Spurs early on? Or at Sunderland for that matter? So why try it at Chelsea and Liverpool?

    Talk is cheap and it’s time for the players to stand up and fight for their shirts in my opinion. Starting tomorrow. We can still rescue some pride from the season with an FA Cup and a strong league finish.

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  96. I hoped (in my wild imagination) that the following took place at half time.

    Arteta: For fucks sake! Where are you? 70 yards up the fucking pitch? Who do you think we’re playing? Grimsby? The ref sent you off for being shite. It was an embarrassment to football. You’re a disgrace.

    Gibbs: And you’re shite, mate.

    Arteta: Who are you calling shite?

    Gibbs: (Stands up) You, you cunt!

    (Gibbs/Arteta exchange blows..Flamini breaks it up)

    Arteta: Put that fucking camera down you prat.

    Chez: I just wanted a memento of the dressing room at Stamford Bridge.

    Flamini: You must die. All of you.

    Santi (crying): I’m scared.

    Sagna: I’m getting angry:

    Santi: I want my mummy.

    Giroud: I’m isolated.

    Wenger: A turd in a desert is still a turd.

    Giroud: Are you saying I’m shit?

    Wenger: Sort this out among yourselves.

    Per: I am thinking we need to play with heart and spirit. To fight for the shirt, no?

    Kos: Shut it, Per.

    Per: I’m not liking your tone.

    Vermaelen: And I’m not liking losing my place to a fucking snail.

    Poldi: (click from camera as he takes a photo of him and Chez doing the thumbs up)

    Flamini: ARRRRGGGHH!!! (Flamini puts everyone in a headlock, one by one…Santi runs for the door)

    OOFFF! OO-YAH! etc as punches are exchanged.

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    • Some much needed comic relief over this whole shitstorm. Poldi clicking the camera had me dying man lol

      Fuck it, on to Swansea.

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  97. i make no apologies for the loss, in fact i was so upset i actually vomited. but…here’s the thing.

    i dont doubt that we have the players to compete but i do wonder sometimes if the players doubt the abilities of others. when we concede we never seem to think “ah but Giroud will get us a goal”, its always “oh shit we are in trouble”. i think its that fear of not having a major game changer that does that in.

    arsenal players are an experienced international bunch, it seems to me that self doubt is evident innately because of lack of “top class” striker. midfield starts to think that they now not only have to create but maybe get a goal too, while worrying of ceding territorial advantage, the defense worry if the midfield wont collapse as the result of the above, then suddenly you have a team that is under severe mental block that it paralyses them.

    is it also possible that players view themselves as inferior, even when it is not true? is it possible that all this financial doping moans by our manager inadvertently poison the minds of the players into undermining their confidence against direct rivals?

    That said, the loss was a hard one take but not entirely terminal, even if we are now reliant on rivals cancelling each other for us to have an advantage.

    I still believe.

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  98. Devastating result – a 3rd thrashing away from home that has really tarnished the season. The silence is a good thing as not to not come under any more scrutiny and pressure than they would already be placing on themselves, and because I don’t want to read about it more.

    Nonetheless, this Arsenal teams title tilt and season in general is still much improved on last year (even though we may finish 4th again). Not capitulating further and winning the FA Cup are now paramount to keep this image in tact (as much as possible) and to have an optimistic summer.

    If they do this, there’s plenty of reason to be proud and happy with the year, considering where we were last year, and the R1 Villa result. Also, the team is largely young and held to long contracts – we can reasonably expect improvement for a few years to come.

    It’s not all doom and gloom. Positive spiral, ho!


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  99. Well, well, well, Just when it gets real tough now. Just when its looking mighty bleak. Broken nose, cracked ribs and shattered spirit. I walk a lonely path of ridicule and humiliation. Through swollen eyes that can barely see, dragging my own carcass through the mud. When they look at me with disgust, clinging to my arsenal shirt, I say to Chelsea, Man U, Man C, FUCK YOU as I spit broken teeth…I refuse to accept defeat…I will never give in to fear….FUCK YOU! I will never give up.. **coughs blood**…..

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  100. Is his deal up in May? I have a sneaky feeling he is leaving at the end of the season. He will lift the FA Cup, and leave. I think that regardless of what happens in La Liga this season, a Job at Barca next season may be waiting for him !!

    One would thank him for all he has done ofcourse, and then well it will be a fresh start for the club. Lets hope we don’t appoint Moyes to replace him 😀

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  101. I don’t want us to have to smash Swansea, a supporter funded team of finate resources that try to play attractive football under successive young managers who are being given their break to learn the game. I want for us to secure a small win, teach them a lessen, and send them on their way to take points from our rivals… I want for us instead to be able to smash Chelsea, the most repugnant team in the world with despicable human beings at the level of owner, manager and captain, and truely the worse fanbase outside of Stoke on Trent that one could imagine.

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    • Take heart if you can from imagining what happens to Chelsea if ever the money runs out/off.

      It’s fair to say it won’t happen in the near future, certainly not in Wenger’s time (unless this Crimean stuff turns very nasty. But ,as that involves real peoples real lives and could lead to a bloody world war, we can’t exactly hope for that) which would of course have been delicious..

      Roman A might put in another ten years, another similar billionaire might rock up when he leaves….but there’s also a decent chance he’ll leave sooner, and a good one that the other billionaire might not arrive when he leaves. And this, of course, will be fantastic to witness.
      There is no reason to believe they can thrive on a modestly reduced budget, let alone a drastically reduced one. There’s no reason to believe those punks could find a Wenger if the cash supply falls, and Mourinho certainly wouldn’t be up to that task. And much of their fanbase will react to the inevitable plummet away from prizes and top players in a way which will make the worst Man U fans of the moment look like Buddhi, Gandhi and whoever invented stoicism combined, by comparison.

      I chanced upon a web-page of theirs earlier by accident- dirty, dirty,dirty- when following a rumour about Sagna. Out of about twenty posters, only one was not an utter c*nt. The place reeked of self-entitlement and unearned swagger. Sagna’s shit, apparently, well beneath their own imperious standards.

      Honestly, it should be investigated. I never knew if following Man Utd turned people into arseholes, or if arseholes were drawn to the club, but it was always obvious to me that those of my mates who supported them tended to be, as well as funny or whatever it was that allowed me to still call them a mate, among the more arsey of the bunch. Bad losers, poor sports, bit untrustworthy, likely to cheat (yeah, I’m still talking about my mates- a foul bunch), prone to some serious nastiness. Angus Deayton, Mick Hucknall, Eamonn Holmes, the Irish bald bloke who’s no longer bald (for a while), Nesbitt. Case closed. Undoubtedly a good half of society’s most degenerate murderers can be found smashing up their prison cells when United lose.

      Which brings us to Chelsea. It might be that they started off this period with some particularly c*nty fan stock to work with anyway, but by committing to a club whose success is entirely bought, with a dubious chairman’s dough, managed by one of the biggest crimes against integrity and sportsmanship the sporting world has yet to spew up- committing to it and denying that any of that is a reality- they might just be damaging their very souls and, in short, ensuring any orignal c*ntiness they might have been able to escape from one day, is locked in for eternity.

      And who knows,eh, maybe those of us who can keep the faith and manage to get through these years without the kind of success Wenger made our norm , will emerge with a bit more gratitude for good times when they come, and less-flawed, better-tested characters than we might otherwise have if the proverbial champagne had been flowing all the while?

      Hey, you might even say we should be grateful for Sat (what better chance to show we’re not babies and can get up again, in time, after life has taken a baseball bat to our nuts) ? Though even I concede that’s taking it too far.

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  102. From Wenger…

    Wenger: ‘We must respond in the right way’

    Dear Arsenal supporter,

    Everyone at the Club is focused on giving the right response to Saturday’s defeat at Chelsea when we play Swansea City on Tuesday night.

    The game at Stamford Bridge was a nightmare for us and I take full responsibility for it. The players are deeply disappointed, as we all are.

    We have to think deeply about it because it is not the first time it has happened in this kind of game. It all went wrong and we failed completely on Saturday because we did not turn up with a performance.

    We felt we prepared properly, but we did not produce what we can, so it is puzzling. After 20 minutes, the game was over and it became a long afternoon.

    That is the most disappointing thing, that we were never in the game. It is puzzling because we were knocked over basically without feeling we had been in the match.

    Now we have to win our next game. That is what we have to focus on. It’s vital that we show character and respond in the right manner on Tuesday night against Swansea City. We are all determined to put this performance behind us and respond.

    Thanks for your support. ,

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    • If that’s a true letter it’s worrying. He shouldn’t be puzzled at all. I don’t have a coaching badge but chucking Gibbs and Sagna so far up the pitch early on at Stamford Bridge, against a Maureen team…is absolute suicide.

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  103. First of all I don’t think Wenger should leave now. He had been bearing loss of face like this for years just so that AFC can reach the strong state it is right now. I am talking about the finances of course, but without strong foundations we’ll only be able to attract players like soldildo, not Ozil.
    Wenger should be given a minimum of three years to build Arsenal with great players. During this time he should recruit Bergcamp, starting next season as an assistant like bould and finally hand over the reins to Bergcamp when he retires.

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  104. Losing to Chelsea is not the problem per say, it was the manner of the defeat.
    The team has a major uphill battle. However, the season is not over – there are still things to play for.
    Let’s hope that the right decisions will be made and the right results obtained.

    Overall this season, it has been a joy to support this Arsenal team.

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