Report: Arsenal 1-1 Man City

Flamini goal Arsenal 1-1 man City

Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Bellerin, Jenkinson, Kallstrom, Gnabry, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Sanogo

Arsenal restored some pride with a 1-1 draw against Man City at the Emirates this evening. Arsene Wenger made just one change to his side after the 2-2 draw with Swansea in midweek, bringing in Lukas Podolski in place of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, while City were unchanged from their derby win over Man United.

The confidence of the visitors was obvious in the way they started the game with both Zabaleta and Navas threatening in the opening minutes. The Gunners had to be alert when City broke from an Arsenal corner, but Gibbs and Rosicky got back to snuff out the danger.

The oily billionaires had plenty of the ball but Arsenal got back into it for a spell with Tomas Rosicky going down in the box looking for a penalty, but in fairness to referee Mike Dead (ugh), the Czech went down looking for it.

But City’s pressure told in the 18th minute when they went ahead. Lukas Podolski lost the ball in the City half, they broke forward, played it into Dzeko whose shot cannoned back off the post and into the path of Silva. The ball seemed to just rebound off him and over the line. 0-1.

Arsenal had the ball in the net moments later but Flamini’s effort was rightly ruled out for offside, but they did show a response without ever really troubling Joe Hart in the City goal.

Samir Nasti found himself with a sight of goal after a poor Gibbs pass but Wojciech Szczesny was equal to the effort, before Yaya Toure picked up a booking when he hauled back Rosicky as the midfielder drove towards goal.

He was joined in the referee’s notebook by Vincent Kompany for a cynical block on Mikel Arteta, as Arsenal tried to get that equalising goal. Podolski broke down the left only to see his cross cut out by Demichelis.

Rosicky tried to drive Arsenal forward but his energy wasn’t matched by his teammates, and the Czech picked up a booking when he kicked Gael Clichy but the referee was a twat because Clichy deserved it for having stupid hair.

City were very much in control, however, and took their one goal lead into the break. There were no changes on either side at half-time.

City seemed content to sit back as Arsenal tried to make things happen, but in the early stages not much did. Tomas Rosicky tried a shot from distance which went well wide, before the game went mental.

Arsenal were lucky not to be 2-0 down when Szczesny got a hand to a low cross which rebounded just wide off Per Mertesacker, but moments later they were level.

Olivier Giroud did great in the corner area, Arsenal worked the ball over to the left hand side, Podolski whipped the ball in and Flamini hit it first time into the corner of Joe Hart’s net. 1-1.

The goal chance reinvigorated Arsenal and it could have been 2-1 a few minutes later when Lukas Podolski’s shot from a tight angle went between Hart’s legs but clipped his heel and deflected just wide.

Flamini then shot over, again from wide of the goal, as City made their first change, bringing on James Milner for Jesus Navas. The game settled down into a midfield battle, with few clear cut chances. Giroud headed a Cazorla free kick wide but the ball was just too high for him, while Arsenal had to survive a scramble in their area which posed real danger.

The Frenchman dragged a shot from distance wide, then Arsene Wenger made his first change, bringing on Oxlade-Chamberlain for Podolski in the 78th minute. Javi Garcia replaced Samir Nasti for the visitors as Pellegrini looked to be settling for the draw that City’s games in hand made acceptable.

Yaya Sanogo replaced Giroud with five minutes to go, as Arsenal really had a go at the rich boys. Joe Hart punched away a Cazorla free kick and a Gibbs cross floated just too high at the back post.

Fernandinho shot over for City as three minutes of injury time kicked in, but neither side could find another goal.

Arsenal certainly deserved at least a draw from the game after a great second half performance, and after the week we’ve had you can’t ask for a great deal more than that.



        • This will not be very popular. If we hadn’t been mauled last week & had the heart-break against Swansea, we would have had the confidence in the 2nd half to go for it. This was a game to get us back with a chance in the race. Chelsea had already dropped points & if we had beat ManC, it would have meant two of the contenders would have dropped points.

          That’s were our injury situation has hurt us bad, there was much on the bench.

          With the pervious week results, AW was worried about using what he had on the bench as well, e.g. Ox’s introduction was delayed beyond the usual 70th min. Both of the DM’s were on the field till the end, at a time when we desperately needed the win & the opposition were settled for a draw. Wenger was hamstrung by the need to avoid a defeat more than going for the victory.

          We needed to ensure 4th place.

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      • And, this effort better be there next week against Everton. Collapse there and we will put our top 4 hopes in jeopardy despite having had a generally good season (compared to recent years; apart from the 3 disastrous pummelings in the league). Let’s see off Everton, secure a Champions League spot and win the FA cup.

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        • Everton have played 30 games and are on 57 points, we have played 32 and are on 64 points. Even if Everton win their next two, they’ll still be a point behind us. Our next game is Everton away, after that the games are ones we should win, or at least not lose, the only potential stumbling block being Newcastle, but that’s at home.

          By contrast, Everton must still play us, Manure, Southampton, Man $ity. We won’t be in a scrap for fourth this year.

          Compare that to the remaining games of $ity, which include Southampton, Liverpuddle, Everton.
          Chel$ki have Liverpuddle.
          Liverpuddle have sp*rs, $ity, Chel$ki, Newcastle.

          Our run-in is the easiest of the top four teams’.

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        • Math is wrong here. If Everton win their next two (their second game is against us), they will be on 63 points with a game in hand and we will be on 64 points. That would mean we would no longer control our own destiny for fourth. True, Everton has some tough fixtures, but Arsenal can also drop points in the run-in.

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        • My mathssssssssss is not wrong. What is 57+3+3? Is it not 63 as I said? And will we not still be on 64? I never said anything about ‘destiny being in our hands’ or whatever, I just pointed out that we have the easier run-in.

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        • WengersNoseHair, what Witoldo is saying is that one of Evertons next two games is against us so if they win their next two (includes beating us) then they are on 63 points after 32 games and we are on 64 points after 33 games as we play them. That means that our destiny is not in our hands if we lose to Everton as even if we win all after they can too and then get 4th. Think about what ur saying before u slag off someones comment.

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    • What? £60 grand a week? 🙂

      Seriously, gotta agree, its great we signed another attacking midfielder this summer — on a free as well.

      Best for me today thought was Mr ‘I’m 23, Honest’, he was everywhere.

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      • Wouldn’t it be ‘Buy my sandwiches or else…….’

        (Alternative options removed for legal/I’m terrified of him reasons)

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    • i actually enjoyed watching that. I’m amazed. Fair play boys, clawed back a bit of pride today. Giroud needs to sort his shit. How many times a game do we see him holding his head, lying on the floor, lying on the floor holding his head? Looks well and truely off the pace.

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      • I enjoyed watching that as well. Felt a lot of positive vibes. I thought HFB was less of a lamppost than usual and his touches were far less ‘clumsy’ than previously.

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      • Agreed, I thought that was surprisingly enjoyable – for the first time in a long time. And yeah Giroud isn’t at his best right now but he looks well and truly shattered. I miss that spring in his step and the cheeky near post runs from earlier in the season.

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  1. THAT is a very good point for Arsenal. Title race was over for us but we can push on for third (maybe second). City, Chelsea have to visit Anfield.

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    • Also, that should help the confidence and ensure we’re in the right frame of mind for the FA Cup. Things are looking up, and Ramsey back in training this week!

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  2. Poldi played with real heart today… Have no word for Rociky as always… and have no words for Giroud just like the past few games (sigh..)

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    • and yeah.. flamini was the ramsey of today… cant remember seeing him in the final third so aggressively before..

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    • Giroud was decent. I can’t think of any clear cut opportunities presented to him and he did his job reasonably well.

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      • minus a few flubbed chances I agree. If Mertescielny are our solid axis, Kompany and Demichelis is nothing to sneeze at, and Giroud was pretty much alone in the box all by himself and still won a few corners. Not the best, since he could’ve had more composure against Kompany 1v1 but still, not bad at all.

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      • One of his better games considering the opposition. Still nothing to write home about but I wouldn’t say he deserves criticism for his performance.

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  3. Excellent performance. Thought we’d get pummelled. In the end, I’m disappointed we couldn’t get a winner. Well played lads. Pride restored and basis laid for a solid finish and a tilt at the FA Cup.

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  4. Would have bet anything on Podolski finishing that chance. A shame, that lucky save by Hart kept the match a draw.

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  5. That was the first time in a while i watched a second half praying we wouldn’t collapse. Nice performance after the break. Still work to be done to hold on to a CL spot.

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  6. The boys did good today. Positive performance and hopefully restored some confidence. Bring on the toffees!!

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  7. With all our injuries and with the amount of money city have spent over the past few years, I think our boys did us proud today.

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    • I was watching with Russian Commentary, and all I could make out in the second half was the repeated list of names: Ramsey, Özil, Walcott, Wilshere.

      I’ll never know for sure but it sounded like: ‘with all of these guys missing they are still toe to toe with City.’

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    • What is even funnier is that the Manure starting line up earlier n the week cost more than Citeh’s starting line up.

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  8. Absolutely satisfied with our performance overall, especially the second half…We could have won the game had we have had the same level of luck those cunts had with their goal. Brilliant result nevertheless. COYG!

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    • Have to wonder about Mike Dean reverting to type.

      Not saying it was a penalty, but if it had been Silva on the ball, you get the feeling it would have been.

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      • And there was one incident where Poldi made a challenge where the foul was blown because he slightly clipped some or other $ity cunt, and you could see Poldi was not happy, because those are the sort of fouls (slight contact) that against us the referees wave away.

        Now I’m going into full-on conspiracy mode, but there were a number of dubious calls about fouls from the ref that went against us for which there was no television replay, but every foul we committed there were plenty reviews. I’ve felt that in a number of other games too, e.g. Stoke away, when we had many calls for the foul to be given, but there were no replays in the first 10 or 15 minutes, if I remember correctl. Just my view. I did warn you about the conspiracy theory…

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        • I’d agree that there have been some very interesting decisions that have been ‘disappeared’ this season. Some examples being:

          the penalty shout on the BFG in the 2nd minute against Villa in the first game of the season (which we lost by 2 questionable penalties.), and the horrible scissor challenge on Jack at West Brom.

          If the latter had been given it would have been a penalty and (probable) red, when the game was 1-1 with 15 minutes left.

          Between the two they could easily represent 5 points.

          If i was really putting my tinfoil hat on, I’d be more worried about the fact that the chairman of the league is making Partisan comments about which clubs are good for the league, while all these issues are happening.

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        • Another one. Everyone moaning (quite rightly) about the full time whistle being blown on Swansea when they were through on goal. Same thing happened for us at the end of the first half against Stoke. Nothing was ever said or even replayed.

          I’m off to put my tin foil hat on.

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  9. Proud of the boys, put on a real performance and showed guts and determination. The fact that Citeh brought on Garcia and Milner tells it’s own story

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    • OK, right.

      So we’ve been crap in Europe throughout Wenger’s Reign (except that one time we were finalists in the CL — which doesn’t count otherwise you might be wrong.)

      Only winning 3 knockout games other than that? 4 quarter finals and a semi (different year) kinda blows that idea out of the water. Maths is easy; start with your fingers…

      Oh, and one year when we were crap enough to actually get knocked out, we made the final of the UEFA; go figure.

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      • Oh and I know, if you look as 2000-01, we didn’t actually win a knockout game, but the last 16 was the 2nd group stage, so we had to play 6 more games just to get to the quarters (and we won 2 of them)….

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    • There is something wrong with someone who has nothing but that to offer after a hard fought game with a decent result. Try putting away your whingeing and have a smile. It’ll do you some good.

      Past performance in the knockout rounds of CL has fuck all to do with the rest of this season.

      Let’s go get a trophy.


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  10. That Podolski chance was it no? Great game, very proud of the boys. Can’t wait for the by the numbers section, Vermaelens aerial duals must be fucking immense.

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  11. Good to see us making a decent try to go after it in the end, and also good to see us coming back from a somewhat early goal. At least now we have the 4th place in our own hands even if we were to lose the early kick-off at goodsion

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  12. Proud of the lads today, and Wenger’s far improved tactics were spot on. Commanding performance in the second half and for once this season sensible defending against a big team. We were unlucky to concede the jammy goal but otherwise held well at the back. Great runs forward by several players but never at the cost of defense. Finally saw a bit of energy in the game with a few darting runs and it was unfortunate for Podolski not to score after a bit of luck went our way. Nonetheless didn’t think we’d even get a single point from this match so I’m really pleased with the final result, and there were even times in the second half we could have easily snuck ahead. Maybe the end of the season won’t be so gloomy after all! COYG!

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    • Not sure the tactics were much different, at least I hope Wenger didn’t say to play tentative two or three touch football in the other games before telling us to play it quicker this match!

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  13. Was that so hard? Was it so hard to actually turn up for a game?! You see, we almost won it. What was missing in the last 10-15 games was there and we took them on. Apart from the first 15 minutes, I felt that we had the game completely under control. Let’s push through this season and sort everything out BEFORE the next one starts. We have momentum since the team is improving (skill and maturity-wise). BTW, Blogs you’re 5 mins and 36 seconds late.

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  14. Great point against Arab Money. Back on track with the injured lads back soon. Everything’s coming up Millhouse!

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    • “with the injured lads back soon”? yeah next season maybe 😉 but then there are 5 others injured probably, sigh!!!

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  15. Pleased with that, the second half was probably the best bit of sustained football we’ve played in ages.

    Beat Everton next week and we have a relatively easy run in where maximum points are easily attainable. Oh a FA Cup as well!

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  16. Gibbs was immense today , but this season has left me wondering what if , what if our squad stayed fit , what if we got that striker. to be close to the top with nearly 6 players out the whole season just shows how good we are. The title race aint over till its over , The teams above us will drop points against smaller teams its all about us beating smaller teams and seeing whether or not they actually drop enough points . COYG!!!

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  17. Very proud of the boys today! Great heart shown by everyone of them. I thought Cazorla had a disappointing first 45, but bossed the midfield in the 2nd. Maybe not a win, but defenitely the performance we were all hoping for! Like I said before the Chelsea game, the title is far from decided. After Everton we have the easiest run in, heads up boys who knows how it will turn out!!

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    • @ Fatgooner: You may strategically place your wonderful lips upon my posterior and kiss it repeatedly. Now piss off!

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    • Dont think anybody will complain if you leave mate, if ever there was a negative influence around here your it

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    • Out of all that, all I can agree with is that at least you don’t see Liverpool and the Neighbours as big sides. There is hope left.

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    • Consider this, next season, if we draw at home to the three other best teams in the league and lose away, and if we win all the other games we would still end the season on 102 points. The league is about 38 games, not 6. Now go away Fatgooner.

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  19. Hopefully we can beat Everton and then by the time West Ham comes around the injured lads will start to filter in and help us finish strong.

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  20. Saw flamini ask the verm to go back sometime after our goaal, just as the verm back bombing forward. Loved it. U r awesome flame.

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  21. The belief should be back after that. We bossed the Middle East Oil Baron’s Select XI (Man city you say? Mwwwhahahahahah I don’t think they are somehow. They are just part of a billionaire’s dick measuring contest).

    Real team. Ral pride. Now get behind the manager and the team.

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  22. Is it highly unlikely we will win the title at this point? Yes, but the people saying we can only hope for third piss me off beyond belief. Until its mathematically impossible for us to win the title I will be daring to dream right until the end.

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  23. Im sorry but i just feel disappointed. Not gutted like i would be if we lost but just disappointed because no matter how good a result the draw was for us today…we pretty much needed to win after the Swansea game. It also means we have only beaten liverpool out of the top 6 so far. I expected nothing less than straight wins until the finish. If we don’t beat Everton, well then it’s time to start facing Thursday nights. Well done to the lads at least tonight for soldiering through and not allowing themselves to get pussywhipped. Liverpool for the title if we cant have it. Then we can drink from the FA Cup 🙂

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    • Everton still have to face southampton, Manure and City, I wouldn’t be so sure that they’ll win all the games like people seem to be presuming

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    • We just stood toe to toe with probably the strongest team in the league right now, a team with bottomless pockets and a squad the size of the mothership from Independence Day, just be proud of them of gods sake.

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  24. Giroud sex face after every failed attempt is wearing thin now. Decent point after a better display. At least we showed a bit more fight. Let’s see what the game against Everton brings before we get to excited about a home draw though.

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  25. Bit of off topic news. We seemed to have signed Josip Drmic from Nurnberg. One of top scorers in bundesliga for one the weakest teams.Really exciting player, perhaps not a big name just now. Watched a little bit of him this year and he’ll add a much needed alternative up front, really good signing. Acting early it seems. Exciting signing.

    Good performance today as well. King Flamini.

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  26. Now why can’t Wenger recieve a bit of credit for this hard fought performance just as he recieved criticism for the last week? It works both ways. Btw Jose is a specialist in failure. Two seasons with the richest clubs in England and Spain trophyless? Failure.

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    • Exactly. If Arsenal had lost 0-1 to Palace today, Wenger would have been crucified in the press. Same old Arsenal, blah, blah, blah. Mourinho? They’ll cream over his provocative questions about the title being lost already. This despite the fact they’ve dropped 3 points to both Aston Villa and Crystal Palace in their last two away games.

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  27. Very good result, If only we had won that fucking swansea game.

    Got to give it to Flamini, the guy is one of the least talented players i’ve ever seen but his heart and passion is 2nd to none. Literally drove the entire team foward. I was sitting watching the game wandering when he was going to stop but he never did

    Much improved performance, guys were scrapping and fighting for the 2nd balls. This is what the fans wont to see.

    Cant help but be irritated by Wenger. Matched Man City today without any pace or power. Ramsey and Walcott are big loses but where are their similar replacements. Striker with pace is a must this summer..Maybe even two.

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  28. I still find Giroud was nowhere near the quality required for this football club, but good point, Arteta and Flam were very good

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    • I reckon Wenger thought he would be better but he seems to have plateaued. It doesn’t help that he’s clearly knackered and a lot of the times stuck on his own out there.

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    • It’s fine when we have players making the runs from midfield, he’s easily good enough for Arsenal but not having any backup, or even something a little different (except a 20 year old with very little experience) is a mistake but we’ve seen what happens when you try to scrimp and not get THE guy that you want so I have some sympathy.

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  29. Ok, so I missed this game, but is it bad that my first thought after reading the match report is “why didn’t you just do that against Chelsea you cunts?!”

    I’m like delighted and exasperated all at once…

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  30. Wasn’t expecting anything from this, but the draw felt like a win for us. Keep working hard boys, we shall all smile at the end of the season

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  31. We totally deserved to win this game, we outplayed city, so proud of the lads in red and white!Keep the faith!Coyg!

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  32. Noticed Rosicky trying to avoid passing the ball to Giroud sometimes. Good performance but I can never shake the “if only we had a good striker worthy of the Arsenal in the starting line up”

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  33. I think the players didn’t show up vs liverpool, and chelsea, if they showed up like today and execute the tactic wenger had deployed even when you are losing 1-0 you can comeback or win the game and surely we deserved second goal with that kind of performance, I think that wenger tactic maybe has some flaws but it’s not bad when players show up and execute orders I don’t know if it’s a mental thing or going down 1-0 in early minutes at those games it’s playing in players mind that the game is finished and they give up and get a beating, but I think as much as everyone blames wenger and hsi tactic the players are also at fault, can’t help but think if we played those games like today we could get a draw or nick a win, also maybe we lose them but not like that humiliating it would be close. Great performance keep it up beat everton so we could watch the run in of the end of the season without scare or heart attacks and focus on FA CUP.

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  34. Great 2nd half performance from the boys, real spirited fight back, could have won it in the end but all in all I feel better after a crap week.

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  35. Sagna out jenks in…..pundits be like he never learn to get back to support the team when he ought to.. …in all ramification we did quite great…tbh i was expecting a 3-0 kind of defeat but i was immersely suprised we held on quite well and we were just unfortunate not to have scored the winning goal

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  36. Great performance and great point for us, eased the pressure off a bit. I thought after the first goal it’s gonna be one of those days again, but the boys responded well. Also the “big” games are over for us now, relatively winnable fixtures remain (both City and Chelsea are yet to play Liverpool). Hope we can bag max points. And the FA Cup. COYG

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  37. @Silentstan
    Few players in the world can give %100 both mentally and physically playing every 3 or 4 days. Arsen deserves credit for keeping the team believing. COYG!

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  38. My #sky colleague Lothar Matthäus just said on Sky: –
    Drmic’s wife has been looking for an appartment in
    London. Drmic will be Arsenal-player
    — Jan Aage Fjortoft (@JanAageFjortoft) March 29, 2014
    Josip Drmic is the Swiss-striker at Nurnberg. 15 goals so
    far. 47% of all Nürnberg goals. Matthäus: – Will be
    — Jan Aage Fjortoft (@JanAageFjortoft) March 29, 2014
    Jan Aage Fjortoft has often been good news for some Arsenal
    transfer news gossip – predicting the Mesut Ozil transfer
    before anyone else and also having regular updates on Julian
    Draxler in the January window.
    Fjortoft, the former Swindon and Middlesbrough striker, is
    currently a Sky Germany pundit and was also just appointed
    assistant manager of the Norway national team.
    In short, Fjortoft is a very good and trusted source.
    On Saturday, Fjortoft’s Sky Germany colleague, the great
    Lothar Matthäus announced live on television that Arsenal
    have made a new signing: Nurnberg striker Josip Drmic.
    And, in truth, this looks like a typical Arsene Wenger signing.
    Josip Drmic is a 21-year-old striker who has been banging in
    the goals for Nurnberg this season – 15 in 26 matches so far
    this season.
    This is Drmic’s first season in the Bundesliga having joined
    from FC Zurich in the summer…

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  39. Predicted 1-1. We should have won it. Podolski should overstayed on and rosiscky should have gone off. He was good for 60 minutes then tired flamini. Did anyone else think Sagna not really giving his all jogging back for city goal! Should we start Jenkinson in now as sagnna knows he ‘s Off if he is. Me and friend thought so…?

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  40. Hey just checked the table if liverfool beat them they go top. Damn. Good news is we are still fighting for the league. Bad news is we r not going to win the league. Why we couldn’t perform like this last week.

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  41. Lets hammer out the rest of this campaign, finish in CL spot, lift the FA Cup, and (try to) enjoy a bit of success for once this summer. And the fact that the blues won’t win jack squat, utd is out of Europe, and we will add at least 1 top,top, top stud in each position.

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  42. Great effort by the boys today , we could’ve won the game if podolski had just blasted the ball instead trying to finessing it. But oh well what can we do?

    off topic : guys I was looking to buy the highbury arsenal jersey (2005-06 home) do any of you know where I can find one in good condition?

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    • 19 goals is a decent return.

      Giroud is a player who is useful in a physical situation against (most) teams sitting deep against us.

      Against teams that actually come at us, we have more space to cover when we counter and Giroud is too slow for this sort of game without close support.

      If Santi (or Ozil) are on hand to move forward to add a body in the box with Giroud, we thrive. Ramsey use to do this in the first half of the season because of his excellent energy levels.

      What we need is a player with a different set of capabilities.

      No surprise that Wenger was looking at higuain and Suarez last summer bc they are more mobile types who have the capacity to beat a man or two on their own with either pace or (more to their styles) trickey.

      wenger took his eye off the ball in their pursuit principally bc he was unwilling to follow the price past 40m+1 (Remember, although Napoli got Higuain for 35m, they had capacity and hunger to continue with price past 40m)

      And the reason behind this was bc he had his eye on ozil coming available at the end of the market. make no mistake, this was not a panic buy rather an opportunity buy and one with some planning ahead.

      Wenger’s big mistake in the summer was he kept on the Suarez trail for way too long. he should have made a final offer, left it and went for a secondary target. By the time he went for the secondaries, they were no longer available as they were into season.

      To be fair to wenger, he tried again in jan but the market was tight. Many players were reluctant to move bc of the looming World Cup. Those that were (Mitrogolou and jackson Martinez) were either no better than what we have and/or cup tied. Berbatov could have added some depth but he would have wanted a permanent deal with us which would saddle us with likely high wages for 3 seasons affecting our ability to add this summer (remember we will need to replace a host of players)

      the one striker I thought could have been interesting for us was Pato.

      @24, he has plenty of up side still and is in need of re-inventing/re-focus.

      He is quick with plenty of technical ability, just the sort of player to add as a wild card if on loan ( limiting our exposure) with an option to buy.

      Critically he was not cup tied and had plenty of CL experience. considering we would have been on the back foot against bayern, he would have made a useful outlet to counter at speed.

      Make no mistake, we will need Giroud for many crucial games when teams park the bus.

      Come summer, we should aim to add capability over cover for him (Sanogo is similar to Giroud and will be a perfect understudy considering he is 21 and Giroud 28 giving a two-3 season overlap in development)

      The likes of Benzema, Costa, Falcao and Manzukic will be available in the summer, these are a different level to those available in january. We are likely to lose out against some of the teams competing for say costa or Falcao but Manzukic or Benzema IMO are perfectly gettable.

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      • agree with a lot of this. We were stuck in the Higuain situation because Napoli not only could go beyond £40 mil, but were funding it with the £55 mil they got from PSG’s sugar daddy for Cavani.

        Last summer was interesting because buying players at this level is mostly a game of musical chairs, and its the first time in a while we’ve played the game.

        This summer there will be as many players, and fewer chairs, which may make it easier to get what we want.

        By that I mean: City, Liverpool are stocked in strikers, and will either not be in the market, or if they buy, will release quality onto the market. The only area United are well stocked is in strikers. Chelsea will go for someone; but thats really it for the PL.

        Outside: Benzema, Costa, Falcao and Manzukic may move, but Munich already have their replacement locked down (supposedly), PSG are either stocked, or will be replacing Cavani.

        If the sugar daddies are even slightly restricted by the ffp regulations, we could see a situation with more top strikers available than clubs who can afford them. As we actually have money, (our money) we are in a really strong position to buy.

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  43. Flamini has shown today that our defence is much more stable with him around. Wenger should’ve started him against chelsea…oh well.

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    • Flamini played when we got hammered 6-3 by City.

      Makes no difference. if we decide to play one of Arteta or Flamini against the peer rivals.

      If anything Wenger made a mistake by not playing both in these sort of games. it left either heavily exposed with more ground to cover. But his real critical error in these games is not remedying the situation quickly enough. This is one of the core weakness in his coaching.

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      • I dunno, I think we can expect better performances from the people beside them and the major difference today was that we were passing the ball a lot better and more tenacious in the tackle.

        Wenger does let things play out more than most though, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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  44. We need fricking Zelalem get in his DeLorean hit the 88mph, jump ahead four years and get us out of this striker pickle.

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  45. Well played lads considering nearly everyone thought this would be another pasting. The title may have gone but there is a lot of points, FA cup and pride to play for. We are the Arsenal. We have class. We don’t hire planes to embarrass our manager and team. Lets get behind the boys for the rest of the season. COYG!

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    • Yes there is nor eason to believe we cannot catch 3rd or better.

      If we do and if we win the FA cup, it will represent acceptable progress in the right direction. This should be our aim now.

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    • Arteta looks tired. Would not have half mind Kallstrom coming on to relief him later on at 75-80 minute mark.

      The Swede has good size and looks deft on the ball with distribution from deep to pick out Chamberlain on the break quicker.

      I think a lot of our issue has been transitioning quickly from defense to attack.

      When City set up to defend a set piece (as Chelsea), they are like coiled springs ready for the break. When we defend, we do not have the same zeal to see it as an opportunity to catch the other side on the break simply because we feel we lack the tools at the moment.

      Also when we attack, likely bc we are being extra cautious, we do not commit enough bodies forward into the box in support of Giroud. When we did with Flamini, it paid us dividend.

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      • You’re probably right. I’m just happy that Arsenal, if the rumors at the moment are true, are getting to work on transfer business early. I’ll be absolutely gutted if we cannot extend Sagna’s contract though.

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        • I’m not so worried about RB.

          I think there are viable options in Seamus Coleman or Debucchy.

          But I would prefer Sagna to stay of course till we can assess jenkinson further and bellerin.

          No reason to believe that Sagna is holding out to see how we finish at season’s end + money contract + if/when Wenger signs so there are a lot of permutations he will go through before deciding to put pen to paper in the summer likely.

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        • OTOH we will need firepower. That’s what seperates us at the moment.

          City Vs Arsenal squad depth :

          Aguero – ?????
          Negredo – Giroud
          Dzeko – Sanogo
          Jovetic – Podolski

          Silva – Ozil
          Nasri – Walcott
          Navas – Santi
          Rodwell – Jack
          Toure – Ramsey
          Fernandhino – Arteta
          Garcia – Flamini
          Boyata – Rosicky
          ????? – Gnabry
          ????? – Kallstrom

          Kolorov – Gibbs
          Clichy – Monreal
          Zabaleta – Sagna
          Richards – jenkinson
          Kompany – Metersecker
          Nastisic – koscielny
          Demechelis – Vermaelen
          lescott – ?????

          We are as strong if not stronger in midfield when we have everyone fit. I haven’t even mentioned Diaby 😀

          In defense we are slightly short at Cback but we tackle cover in this area differently with kallstrom covering for Flamini should he have to cover RB when Sagna shifts to the middle.

          thereby the only real shortfall (which is crucial) is up front where we have no one like an Aguero and Sanogo + bendtner together do not quite match up to a Dzeko.

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  46. This is the sort of level we should have been playing with over our death runs. Instead we were too timid and cautious.

    Much better second half by us. Wish we had someone-else to throw into the fray other than Sanogo in lieu of Giroud. Podolski was unlucky Hart got to that shot.

    Excellent hustle by Rosicky and Flamini in midfield. Santi made an effort to keep the ball for us too.

    The only truly lacking issue in the squad at the moment is speed. Chamberlain IMO should have come on 5 minutes earlier.

    But up top is where we need someone quick. Giroud (prob tired) plays like he is wearing a pair of leaden weights around his ankles.

    Too little too late. should have got this sort of performance at very least during the Chelsea game and then against Swansea. If not we should have done this business against Stoke. Damage was done earlier and we have too many we are reliant on to drop points for us to get back in (albeit the little Pony came up short again today)

    Went to the bank after the game and a Barca fan popped out, recognised my shirt and asked me if we miss fabregas. “Fabre who? We got Ozil. Things don’t keep still son, you have to learn to move on.”:)

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  47. Why the hell is everybody calling giroud shit ? Last time I checked he had goals in the double figures and a decent amount of assists. He helps the team out defensively and is a beast in the air.

    Like come on? We have a million midgit in our team and so we need a giroud type player… Maybe not a first choice striker but not as bad as some fools are making him out to be.

    All strikers have bad patches of form. Leave the bashing for chelski and John terry. Jesus cheer up guys

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  48. I don’t get why everybody is so happy coz we drew. Come on guys we are a fucking big club which shouldn’t be celebrating a draw. And we were at home for fuck;s sake.

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    • Because most here are realist.

      The title was as good as over a couple of games ago (barring a miracle)

      what we want to see now is a bit of belief and effort.

      This team is not light years away from City or Chelsea. We have as many players (bar up front where we are one and a half short) and the quality when everyone is available is on par. Imagine City without Silva, nasri, toure and fernandhino for instance, that is akin to being with out Ozil, Ramsey, Walcott and Jack.

      We need to belief we can take on the big teams and this draw is a step in the right direction. we could have easily nicked this one.

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  49. Great team performance today, after twenty minutes it was difficult to see anything other than a comfortable victory for City, so to come back and dominate the game was brilliant. Lots of fantastic individual performances. Big, big game next week, time to get back on track away from home.

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    • yeah, if we can play with this sort of belief and commitment and take maximum points off the last remaining games, we may catch third, maybe even second which will be a good finish…particularly if we can also win the consolation prize FA cup.

      Gunners will be singing to a different tune again and clamouring to keep Wenger on LOL.

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    • Really annoying to hear all these commentators harping on about how we do not extend older players beyond a season hence their interpretation of the Sagna stand off.

      So Rosicky is how old? Oh I forgot, his footballing age is 22.

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      • Another retarded comment is how little height we have.

        City aren’t any bigger than us with exception of Yahya Toure, but Metersecker more than makes up for the difference. Podolski is 6′ where nasri, Navas and Silva are Hobbits 9with incredibly tidy feet one has to say)

        Commentators are a vacuous bunch.

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        • And I think we can lay Paul Scholes ginger headed fears to rest that our midfield derpived of ozil, Ramsey and Jack are still competitive to City.:)

          Ginger = the new blonde (with no disrespect to all you ginger lot out there…only if you played for manure)

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        • Vermaelen is another who isn’t big enough against the top teams, allegedly. Today he had dzeko in the air all game. The heightist comments are english/scottish pundits desperately clinging on to the game they used to in the 80’s and early 90’s.

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  50. Haha ha,
    Most of you lot are worst than lemmings ffs.

    By the way Arse blog,
    That was Shit commentary today!


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  51. What’s with all the thumbs down for the positive comments? I thought we played well second half, and had a chance to win it! When you think of the money that chelski and shitty (and utd to some extent) have. I think we gave a good account of ourselves second half. Rember özil Ramsey, Walcott, wilshere, kos, diaby all potential first team players out (shitti just missing kunt) hundreds of millions of pounds spent and we gave them a run second half! I for one am proud of the effort! Push on the rest of the season and bring on the fa cup! COYG!!!

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  52. As lomg as we have Giroud as our main player upfront, you will never see a through ball played behind the defence for him….not from Ozil, not from Rosicky (who was absolutely awesome lasy nite), not from Santi…not from anyone else. Thats sad. Thats bad news too!!
    My opinion all along, and has been magnified many times over, in the last months or so…by his own performances. He is not good enough to play for us with our style of play.
    In the Jan window, we should have got a better striker to play for us.

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    • And tanks don’t fly. I know, it would be cool, but they don’t.

      When opposing defenses sit deep (which most everyone does against the Arsenal..) through-balls are useless and you need a striker that can chest the ball down with a defender on his back and bring the rest of the team into the play.

      That is a large part of what Giroud’s job is, and that is what he does. And he has still managed to be our top scorer. If we still had Theo he would have even more. Only Ozil has more assists for the team. If Ramsey were in Giroud would have still more assists (as would Ozil).

      The problem is not Giroud, it is not having an alternative with different qualities to change it up if needed, and/or not having another at his level or better to rotate and rest.

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