Report: Arsenal 2-2 Swansea


Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Flamini, Arteta, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Cazorla, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Bellerin, Kallstrom, Sanogo, Gnabry, Podolski

Arsenal’s season lurched from one bad game to another with a heartbreaking 2-2 draw with Swansea at the Emirates tonight. Arsene Wenger made just one change from the team that was embarrassed against Chelsea, bringing in Mathieu Flamini in place of Lukas Podolski. Update: Obviously Vermaelen for Koscielny too.

The manager clearly wanted to give his players a chance of redemption, but in the first half he certainly didn’t get it as the Gunners went in behind at the break.

The goal came in the 11th minute when Wilfriend Bony got on the end of a Taylor cross from the Swansea left, rising above Thomas Vermaelen and planting an unstoppable header in at the near post. Just what Arsenal didn’t need.

Despite the crowd trying to rouse the team, we struggled to create much at all. A Mertesacker header flew into the side netting from a corner, and late in the half Santi Cazorla forced a good save from Michel Vorm as he twisted and turned to find some space for himself.

At the other end, Mathieu Flamini spared further blushes, getting back inside the area to stop a Swansea break which saw them 4 on 3 and from which they could easily have scored.

The half-time whistle was greeted with a smattering of boos around the ground, the promised response from the players was nowhere to be seen.

There were no changes at half-time as Arsenal looked to get back into the game, and they started the second period on the front foot with the crowd urging them on.

A Kieran Gibbs cross played into the perfect area should have created something for the Gunners, but there was no Arsenal player in the box, while Michu miscued a half-chance at the other end.

Another Gibbs cross rebounded off Flamini and went just wide before Arsene Wenger made his first change, replacing Oxlade-Chamberlain with Lukas Podolski.

Tomas Rosicky then shot over from outside the box, before Michu spurned a good chance to get a second Swansea goal, heading over from 10 yards when the visitors found space down the Arsenal left.

Arsenal huffed and puffed but the problems were summed up when Arteta did well in midfield, looked up for somebody wide of him to play the ball to, and saw nobody. The Gunners were crowded into the centre of the pitch with little width, giving Arsenal no outlet and making it easy for Swansea to defend against.

But in the 73rd minute Arsenal were level. Kieran Gibbs did brilliantly to get beyond his opposite full back, he pulled it back and Lukas Podolski prodded the ball home from close range.

Less than a minute later, the German turned provider, putting in a wicked ball from the left hand side which rolled past the Swansea defender, allowing Olivier Giroud to poke home from close range and take the lead.

It was an amazing turnaround, especially as Arsenal hadn’t looked like scoring at all, but a very welcome one all the same.

Arsene Wenger then gave a debut to January loan signing Kim Kallstrom who replaced Rosicky in the 79th minute as the reds tried to hang onto their lead. Bony had a good chance to score with a free header after Podolski squandered possession in the Swansea half.

It was nervy stuff and the visitors found space behind when Cazorla failed to track a run  but the cross was blocked. Sanogo replaced goalscorer Giroud in the 88th minute, but just before injury time there was heartbreak for Arsenal as Swansea equalised in a gutting way.

Swansea broke into the Arsenal box, Mertesacker got a touch on the ball, Szczesny then got a toe to clear it but instead it rebounded off Flamini and into the net. It was hugely unfortunate, and coming so late in the game there was no way back for Arsenal.

It makes the weekend’s game with Man City even more important, but Arsenal will have to improve massively to get anything from that game based on tonight’s performance.



  1. Watched that particular bag of dogshit in the excellent Blind Pig, NYC.

    Not a great move to watch the TV in the corner with the poster below it – ‘First Aid for CHOKING’

    In fact may ask the good people here if I can take it home for The Arsenal.

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      • Anyone who can tell me what exactly is Arteta’s contribution to the team? I know Giroud scored a goal but he’s simply not good enough to be first choice striker for our club. This is ARSENAL!!! But some of these players make us look like a mid-table team..

        We need big changes this summer! I love Wenger and still think he should stay but he should consider whether he thinks he can move the club forward or if we’ll always just be a team fighting for fourth..

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        • Giroud was rubbish. If poldi hadn’t laid it on a plate for him he would have missed. I half expected Giroud not to bother with the run in the first place.

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        • Every time he gets the ball in front of goal, with his back to it of course, the movement of his legs always mesmerises me – and not in a good way. It’s like an audition to be a Chippendales dancer.

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        • Arteta has been a little off of his usual immaculate distribution this season it feels like, but I wouldn’t say he lacks contribution at all. He still passes quite well, and he still tackles quite well, and has been a consistent holding midfielder for the team.

          Can I take this moment though to say Kallstrom might be just the holding midfielder we needed, box to box aggression? He was the most positive thing I saw tonight.

          I’ve long supported Giroud but yes, except for one well timed moment with Podolski, I feel like he’s becoming an airhead. He’s excellent at what he does, but it’s clear that he doesn’t have runners to pop the ball forward. To his credit he turned once and tried a shot, which had power on it, this game, but it’s simply not enough. He has to either be a leader and tell players like ox/gibbs with pace to beat defenders to start moving ahead, or he’s got to figure out a new game plan. Our one striker cannot simply wait for the ball, wait for players to not be injured, and wait for goals to come his way. Granted the service wasn’t great either, but half the time I never see anyone near the box move and make themselves a target for passes… It’s a miracle we got a point today at all, and Swansea looked more like the attacking team we should be – efficient and organized.

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        • If you look at the invincibles team, the key difference I don’t think was talent, but that the team itself knew what it wanted to do. The leaders on the pitch looked, pointed, gestured, instructed, they made it clear what they wanted to happen. They were invincible because most of the time, they made it happen. Our team is good, but sometimes it just doesn’t look like they know what to do… It’s an alarming feeling of insecurity that I have not felt since last season.

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      • Im glad Giroud isnt giving interviews or talking at all for that matter i dont think i could handle it. my head would like explode and my balls burst from the anger in them.

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      • It was awful, disappointing, painful, then there was Podolski’s awesomeness then back to disappointing and anguish. I just laughed at my pain.

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        • The season isn’t over in March for the first time in ages. We’ve been playing without our best player of 2013 and our top scorer from last season.

          Anyone would call it progress.

          Now can one of the Germans drape a shirt over Khedira and Draxler this Summer?

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    • They were obviously trying but lack any idea of how to move forward effectively.We are seriously missing our injured players
      particularly Ramsey and Walcott.
      Really worried about Citeh on Saturday

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      • Trying isn’t good enough when you play for Arsenal. Only winning is and winning with style. However, in recent times Losing and losing like this has become the hallmark of our All time great champions league trophy side.

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      • Forget 3rd. We look absolutely clueless at the moment 4th at best, but I can see that being a real struggle after tonights result. Can only see us losing to Man City and then I guess it depends on which players we have back for Everton away. But if we put the same team out as we did tonight then I’d expect Everton to beat us too, and if they do then I can see them finishing above us unfortunately.

        I’m not even confident we can win the F.A. Cup with this team of bottlebanks!

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    • Guess two minutes of quality doesn’t make up for 90 minutes of tripe. What a bunch muppets these players are. They’ll talk about a response(again) and Man City will drag us through mud(again). We’re fighting for top 4(again) and we might just scrape it( again). Not because we’ll have played well, no but because we were a little less shirt than Spurs.

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      • Can put good money on us going 2 or 3 down in Saturday and ‘fighting’ back to lose by two or more goals. This team always ceases to amaze me…

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      • Actually it is Everton we have to be worried about. They have a game in hand and are 6 points behind with a game against us at Goodison Park still to go. Seriously worried!!

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    • Anyone who can tell me what exactly is Arteta’s contribution to the team? I know Giroud scored a goal but he’s simply not good enough to be first choice striker for our club. This is ARSENAL!!! But some of these players make us look like a mid-table team..

      We need big changes this summer! I love Wenger and still think he should stay but he should consider whether he thinks he can move the club forward or if we’ll always just be a team fighting for fourth..

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    • Football is a Business.

      The reason Wenger will never be sacked is because he is the ONLY manager who can make the club profits year after year and achieve RELATIVE (very literal meaning) success. If you were a businessman, you wouldnt sack the person who makes you the most money possible ,whilst keeping the company’s success at a constant level, to replace him with someone who will come and slash profits.

      At the end of the day, It’s a buseiness

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    • Its so sad to think after all these months of me saying these pundits are wrong, Arsenal won’t crumble in March like they used 2, I may have been proved wrong. Only way we’re in the title race is if we beat Man City AND Everton away. All of a sudden Everton are only 6 points behind us WITH A GAME IN HAND and we got them at Goodison. Fight for 4th again probably and not convinced that we will win the FA Cup. In all honesty I would rather play Man City in semis than Wigan as all the pressure is on us and we have proved we can’t cope. As for Arsene Wenger I hope he leaves with silverware this season. He is our greatest ever manager no doubt but he has lost his way in the transfer market and tactics are not spot on. Looking like we were getting Higuain than forgetting about him to go all in for Suarez only 2 fail and see Higuain (who ends up scoring to give us Bayern, thnx Higs) join Napoli. All in all a bad week that hopefully will have a good end on saturday

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  2. Fuck this. I just laughed at the own goal and laughed even harder when the full time whistle went. Giroud is a liability. That’s one of the worst goalscoring performances I’ve seen.

    When it rains, it pours.

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      • Bet they would’ve scored it. Mertesacker had given up. Why was he playing in midfield today? Not confident about our ability to ship goals with him in defence? Chelsea will attest to how difficult it can be

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      • It’s at that stage now where I laughed as well! In fact without the Swansea equaliser the cracks would have been covered up (again). Let’s face it, who gives a fuck whether we beat mid level teams now that it’s plainly obvious the big boys fuck us in the ass 6-3, 5-1, 6-0. Leave the cracks exposed, maybe Arsene will see the light beyond his ignorance.

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    • But Hold up play? Giroud is the best striker in the world because he can hold up play. what don’t you understand? do you expect him to score goals out of nothing? or open up the play? or show some movement? how ridicilous are you? as long as he can stand with his back to goal and play it back to the midfielder who passed it to him, he’s arsenal quality mate

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      • When that own goal went in, I screamed so loud that I woke my son up. I had to change his nappy and apologise profusely whilst my girlfriend glared at me. Yes. Even my son had shat himself, he doesn’t even understand what’s going on yet and he’s 2…poor thing. I just hope the Arsenal he inherits is a team he can be proud of as I wouldn’t wish this heartache upon anybody.

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        • If hes gonna be a future arsenal fan he will many more shitty pants to come.
          I think Szczesny might be getting a little to cozy again knowing Fab is off in the summer,i would have no problem dropping him for a couple of matches. I have nightmares about them conceding a stupid OG like that in the FA cup final.
          We all need to channel the force of Rambo…….only he can save us now!

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    Giroud is not going to improve like Ramsey because he is not at the age of 22,23…….
    Its Wenger’s fault to not buy a striker in SUMMER and obviously in WINTER.
    NO PLAN B SINCE……ummmm….?
    No Tactics against big teams.
    Win Us the FA CUP WENGER For our patience for so many years and please leave.

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        • Half the negativity on this page wouldn’t be there were it not for that goal

          Just saying…

          I’m entitled to a positive opinion just like you are your negative ones.

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        • It’s not a matter of my negativity but one of reality. I wouldn’t be happy in a way even if we won because I didn’t like the commitment of our overpaid & overprotected players. That’s not the reaction I expected after a 6-0 hammering and not the response I expected after losing 0-1 to Swansea in the first 10 minutes. No passion, no leadership and no winning mentality. I won’t even get into the the matter of not signing a decent striker over 2 transfer periods. If you can’t see the above then what more can I say??

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      • Regardless of who is missing, we should still be beating swans at home in our sleep. Nice way to motivate Wenger, you’ve lost the f*#kin plot. Light a fire under them!

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      • No, but a better striker would have ensured that the freak goal wasn’t an equalizer but a consolation.

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      • No, but it is Wenger’s fault that there was absolutely no tactical thought in our play throughout another dreadful 90 minutes.

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        • Oh, sure there was. Midfielders, pass back and forth from side to side, then move toward top of opposing box, send an impossible to handle pass in to Giroud who is surrounded by 4-5 defenders and don’t continue your run to get it back. And for god’s sake, nobody else make a run. That would be silly.

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      • The own goal came from something, we gave up playing when we took the lead. Arsenal should not be outplayed at any moment against Swansea…….. We conceded because we are at the moment incapable of anything……

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  4. No focus, no concentration, no resilience. Is this the kind of team you think can win the FA Cup?

    Same old. Another desperate fight for fourth place beckons, and that is all.

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  5. Not a wenger out post, but I can’t understand the insistence on playing players into form. I love the ox as much as any gooner but he had a shocker against Chelsea. Why play him today? When you have a player in gnabry who has shown he’s good enough against opposition of this level before, and who also wouldn’t have suffered the effects of Saturday as he didn’t participate. Yet once again wenger is insisting on playing a player through his bad form instead of giving him a mental and a physical rest for a week.

    And why our fullbacks playing as wingers when we are a goal up with a minute to go

    At least arteta told us that Saturday was unacceptable though, really makes it better
    And maybe wenger will tell us we are still in the title. Talk is cheap

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    • I completely agree. I was baffled when I saw the line up. Ox probably played his worst game ever against Chelsea, so I honestly expected him to be a 60-min sub for a few matches until he gets his form back.

      You can’t just continue to play someone who’s playing poorly. What does it take to be out of the starting 11? Solid performances should be the only way to guarantee a spot in the team, or the players will become complacent.

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    • Well, that’s the pattern this year… get spanked, then get a draw.

      But still, that first half was somehow more horrible to watch than last week, terrifying even, and save for two minutes the second wasn’t much either. It felt like watching your dog die.

      Respect to Podolski though, he almost turned it around for us.

      What the fuck is up with Szcz? Hasn’t been the same since the Bayern game. I’d rather see Fabianski in goal at this point.


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    • Reminded me of the saying that best defined us for a few seasons (think it was Arseblog who coined it: “Arsenal somehow manage to snatch a draw / loss from the jaws of victory.”

      We’ve finally learned how to choke again.

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    • He was really good wasn’t he? Also surprisingly mobile, which we lack in the DM department with Arteta. I’d like to see him start against City. Also he’s fresh and hopefully up for it.

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    • i have a very strong negative feeling towards Arsene and the whole team… for proving Craig Burley correct. I fucking hate that guy

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    • We are missing probably are four best players, walcott, Ramsey, Ozil and Wilshere. Taking the best 4 players out of any team is going to fuck it up. Saying that the striker situation has been the elephant in the room since last season so Wenger has only himself to blame for that.

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  6. the match the flaws have once again been exposed severly
    The fact has been exposed that we dont learn shit from our mistakes

    1) Sloppy passing again for the first 30 minutes
    2) Once again got caught on counterattacks with our fullbacks no where to be seen
    3) Slow buildup with just too many sideways passes

    People said wenger is the right guy to take this club forward
    I agree but I am running out of patience with this guy

    He is not trying to learn from his mistakes and adapt

    Same mistakes still being repeated

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  7. No excuses still. All we had to do was keep the lead. immediately we went ahead we got complacent like we had won.
    Showed a lot of character to score both goals but showed none to keep the lead.

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    • Interesting. Just above you WizardOfOzil says we shouldn’t have defended the lead, and people agree with him. You say all we had to do was defend the lead, and people agree with you.

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      • There’s more than one way to defend a lead. The current Arsenal method seems to be to drop everyone back behind the ball, sit there, make no attempt to retain possession further up the field and invite a wave of attacks until the final whistle goes hoping that by sheer bodycount, the opposition will fail to score. We’ve gotten away with it quite a lot in the last year or so but the chickens came home to roost tonight.

        A more professional and gutsy approach might be to push out and deflate the opposition by keeping the ball where they can’t harm us. It would certainly be much more positive and I think fortune is more likely to favour that kind of approach.

        Above all, I could understand the first approach in an away match against a top side, but we were at home and this is a Swansea side in freefall. They were very poor and this could be a very costly two points dropped.

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        • I can’t pretend I know what you’re on about. Defending a lead is defending a lead, no matter how you do it. The alternative is to try to get another goal, not defend a lead some other way.

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        • Right-o. Actually though, keeping possession is a very effective way of closing out a tight game. That’s why you sometimes see lads holding the ball in the opposition’s corner and they don’t look like they’re trying to score another goal.

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  8. this is appalling.. one of the worst first half performances i have ever seen.. !! no passion, no pace, no creativity and no heart.. !! no one wants to take any responsibility.. !! if this was the response to last week’s 6-0 thrashing, then i dunno what else will motivate this lot.. !!

    i am totally flabbergasted as this display.. !! truly worried whether we will even win the FA cup.. !!

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  9. What species of tree is Giroud?

    I know he scored but he is most definitely NOT good enough to be first choice centre forward for Arsenal Football Club.

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  10. Too nervous in the first half. Only real positives. We didn’t lose and Kallstrom looks some player. Where’s he been all my life?

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    • Sorta yes. But then I look at the team that was sent out and after about 30 minutes realized “Maybe they’re just not that good.”

      Of course that’s Wenger’s fault as well.

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      • There’s no shame in leaving the club after the job he’s done. It would be a shame if he continued doing the same mistakes year in, year out and ended up tarnishing his accomplishments. A great man knows when he is no longer great.

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        • He’s not just embarrassing himself. He’s embarrassing the club and its millions of supporters. Is this acceptable?

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        • You mean like he already has for the last 9 years! First 500 games 11 trophies. Second 500 ZERO trophies, if that’s not tarnishing his accomplishments I don’t know what is.

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    • Possibly. But I guess all we can do is keep supporting the team and see what happens at the end of the season. The players will need encouragement from the fans given their fragile mental states. Booing would make it worse and I hate to think what will happen in the FA Cup if their psychological frame of mind gets any worse. *shudder* I’m scared. 🙁

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  11. Same old story. We had no luck again but we have done nothing to earn it. I was at the game and the promised reaction just wasn’t there.

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  12. From leading the table for a good portion of the season to fighting for 4th place – fault lies entirely at Wenger’s feet.

    All I will say is that should Wenger decide to leave then I’ll be thankful for what he’s done for the club but also look forward to a new Arsenal (hopefully with a manger not allergic to spending money!).

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    • We cannot lose excuses of the injuries, Wenger. You reap what you sow. Continue buying players who cant play for you or are inadequate replacements for your top players who’ve left or gone down to injury. That should work.

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    • I’m surprised somebody is still coming out with that old chestnut. We didn’t get Ozil for nothing you know.

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      • One player!!??? And that was only after fans/commentators/AST put huge pressure on Wenger/Gazidis/The Board after buying fuck all quality for years.

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  13. somebody tell these young millionaires it’s sp*rs and Everton we are racing now and we are in the driving seat.

    Don’t fucking panic and blow it up too!


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  14. lets be honest title race was over a while ago, but I was happy after about the 70th minute when some players started actually playing instead of tippy cunty back and forths.

    I wonder how much $hitty will put past us though…0? >1? i don’t know but I know for sure they won’t allow us to stroke it about like Swansea did early on.

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  15. Bad luck with the deflection for the last goal but the unchecked run into the box when we’re 2-1 up at home in the last minute is fits so overwhelmingly with the ret of the performance that you can’t bemoan luck. We were AWFUL. Lose the next two and we could be fifth or even sixth…

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  16. I laughed when the commentators on my NBC stream said Gibbs had played well in the game.
    The lad is a defensive liability. Im all for homegrown talent, but sometimes we have to accept it for what it is and in this case, it is a player who thinks its ok to walk back when the opposition are on the counter and who also feels it is necessary to give the opponent 10 metres of space.

    Despite the assist, I still feel he played terribly.

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    • All the people voting this down… have ye been watching the matches over the past few weeks? Gibbs is nowhere to be seen when we are being countered. There’s always bloody acres of space on his side of the pitch?? Am I watching a different match?

      Seriously, there is a thing called defensive discipline.

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      • Whatever about that it was Gibbs who single-handedly clawed us back into the match by taking on a player when the rest of the team were too busy passing it sidewards to each other outside the box.

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      • He bombed forward and bombed back from what I saw… They over committed towards the end though that was ridiculous still pushing on with the full backs

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      • I think the thing with Gibbs that people forget is that he has never played with a proper left winger ahead of him. Podolski is the closest, and even he would rather be in the middle of the park and said as much last season. He’s effectively being asked to do a fullback and a winger’s jobs at the same time and when Cazorla and Podolski go walkies and the DM doesn’t cover for the fullback (which is in their job description) then of course his flank will look exposed. But we play in a way where both fullbacks go up the pitch simultaneously and neither are covered. A recipe for counterattacking disaster.

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  17. Is anyone else just getting a little bored watching us? Our attacks are so formulaic and unless someone provides a spark, we just endlessly pass it until we can get it to Sagna so he can cross it into the box for the two players who have ambled in. I genuinely found us boring and have done for some weeks.

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  18. Why would you send on Sanogo for Giroud when we’re trying to see out a game, when Wenger himself said one of his [Giroud’s] main qualities this season has been his defensive play and tracking back for the team. Yes the team let Arsene down once again, but that just seems so illogical.

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  19. Enough is enough. Vermaelen just standing there as the ball went in for their 2nd made me want to smash my TV. Bleh

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  20. So so poor Giroud is always the worst striker on the pitch I mean look at Bonny and Michu both would improve our team…watch how they fought and got the free kick when podolski was/should be in control of the ball we just don’t fight when we have a chance to win the ball look at Vermaelen for the first goal he should have smashed him but instead watched him get a free header

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    • But part of them looking so good is us leaving so much space for them to operate in. We, on the other hand, play so far up the pitch it’s crowded where our centre backs are playing.

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  21. Piss, piss poor. What a bunch of jokers. How embarrassing.

    Looks like the old familiar Wenger’s/Gazidis’s favourite 4th place again, then.

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    • Seriously mate, you think were going to finish 4th? Once City have there little way with us and then away at Everton. This could turn out to be a pretty disastrous end to the season.

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      • Absolutely, really fearing the worst now. This is the worst result of the season. It compounds the failings of Arsene’s so-called accident and confirms what we all know (including him): that we have real psychological failings when it comes to dealing with pressure, and there is going to be plenty more of that in the coming days, weeks and months.

        I love Wenger wholeheartedly but he has to, HAS TO, finish fourth and get that cup or else, rightly or wrongly, the calls for his head will be deafening.


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      • Everton’s game in hand is against City, have a little faith and get behind the team despite how shit they have been doing lately

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        • Yes, we have to hope Everton pull a Spurs. Really? From 7 points clear at the top of the table to fourth and barely ahead of Everton on goal differential. It’s not good enough, and it happens every season as soon as the pressure hits except last year when our run in was ridiculously easy

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  22. We got no chance against Wigan. Just remember they r the FA cup holders, they will fight but our boys won’t even tackle except rosicky

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  23. Arsenal trying to walk the ball into the net with no urgency – simply passing it around the box. Then we miraculously go ahead and reward Swansea with no pressure while they move forward; literally waiting for them to score the equaliser. Seriously wtf is going through Wenger’s head with these piece of shit tactics???

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    • “Arsenal trying to walk the ball into the net”

      We’ve been doing that for at least 7 years now.

      Enough is enough.

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      • At least we usually have more movement – some darting runs around or in the box perhaps. Now all we have are players standing still waiting to receive the ball only to pass it backwards or hand it over to the opposition. Fucking pathetic, boring football.

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  24. Just the perfect response performance we wanted to see…..the sun rises and reality set in now we are back to fighting for the top 4 with everton…we now await a 7-0 defeat to shitty on saturday

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  25. The resault in itself isn’t good but with that performance I find it hard we deserved anything more then a point from that game. Which is very very sad. This team has to improve by miles for the game against city.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  26. Last one out turn off the light. Comical.

    We’re the Benny Hill off the Premier League. If you can imagine it, it’ll happen. Fuck the field of dreams. Groundhog day version 1.09.


    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  27. This team need something fresh. Our current mentality needs to go. We need players who are willing to run their socks off and are determinded to win everytime.

    Kallstrom was a breath of fresh air. Determinted to prove himself.

    Players like Giroud and Arteta are too comfortable in the team and deserve no to be in the first team.

    Thumb up 43 Thumb down 1

    • Agree on all points… for what its worth, I actually really love arteta and it pains me to agree with you. He’s a very intelligent player, just a pity his legs are gone.

      Future manager/top coach for sure.

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

      • Seems like his intelligence has gone to me too. Remember his first season? He drove forward, he scored beauties from the edge of the box, he played through balls. Now? Pass sideways or backwards every time, never shoots.

        Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

  28. Were not gonna finish 4th are we?! Weve gone from being in a 3 horse race for the title to the high possibility of finishing 5th! How has this been allowed to happen? 75 minutes of plugging away, get the 2 goals and then we suddenly looked a shambles. That goal at the end summed everything up. Wenger mate do whats best and fuck off now.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 5

  29. All that stupid prophecy about us fucking up at the end of the season is coming true. Just pissed off with lacklustre performance.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 2

  30. The injury’s have really taken their toll, We have a serious problem in getting 4th now, the next two games could be crucial. Based on the last two games it’s difficult to see us getting anything from either.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

  31. 4 shots on target after 80 minutes. 2 of which were the goals. FOUR shots ON TARGET in 80 minutes of we-need-to-score-and-we-have-the-ball football.

    Much can be said about Giroud, but it’d be hard for anyone up there, all alone. There’s never anyone in the box when a cross comes – and even when someone IS there, it’s Giroud, and it’s not impossible to cover just one striker. Defenders never have to wonder about movement or “where is that other bloke” – because there IS no other bloke.

    Källström was great though. Gibbs too.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 1

  32. Memories….of the way we were.
    Misty water coloured memories……of Keown against Bolton (02/03?) 🙁

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

  33. Three arsenal players combine to create the equalizer. A fucking travesty in defending. Gibbs bombing down the wing 2-1 up in the 85th minute. We are going for a third when we should have closed the game. Madness!!!

    Fuck it. Wenger has no tactical knowledge what so ever and the gameplan is so old and booring that the opposition doesnt have too study us. Everyone knows how too play us!

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

  34. Heartbreaking result after we turned the game around. Hard to say we didn’t shoot ourselves in the foot by not showing up to the game for the first half. On the bright side kallstrom made a solid debut. Looking forward to seeing him play more.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 0

  35. What has been q hugely promising season is fast turning into a farce and a disaster. If we don’t win the FAC,I fear the long knives will be drawn and heads will roll.

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  36. I read all these comments and I laugh. You guys are still getting angry about this team’s performance. As for me, the season ended after the ref mercifully blew the whistle against Chelsea.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 7

  37. As much as I love this team, that was difficult to watch to say the least. FA Cup and 4th will do at this point but if we keep playing the way we have been these past couple of games, we might struggle to achieve that. Hoping for the best at this point.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 2

  38. The FA has really made up for the Gibbs-Alex mix-up. Not only were both players available, but the referee certainly saved us a point blowing the full time whistle when he did. Never again should we accuse them of conspiracy;)

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  39. And it sickens me that practicaly every point Piers fucking Morganhas made this year (We need to sign a proper striker in summer, we have to replace Walcott in January, buy a defensive midfielder from somewhere, anywhere) has been proven right. He’s just a shit political pundit, but even he -as well as the twats from motd- could see what Arsene apparently could not, and that is very worrying indeed

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 2

  40. Lose to City and Everton, Everton win their game in hand -we’re in 5th place.

    After such a promising season it could end up the worst ever under Wenger in terms of league position.

    Never looked like scoring until Gibbs and Poldi made those two goals, same old slow buildup, passes to players who have no chance but to pass backwards, Kamikaze defenders running up field, bergkamp help us

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 1

  41. Rants are fine after Stoke or Chelsea. This match we controlled, just had nothing in the final third. That’s been more or less true since Ramsey went out. The players responded well; just unlucky at the end.

    We have no match winner at the minute. I will hope for some great transfer business (though doubt it will happen), and need a draw vs. Man C and somehow 3 points v. Everton.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 12

    • Totally agree. The turnaround was great even if it was unexpected, we were just so unlucky to concede such a shit equaliser. Would’ve been nice if we had someone to step up and make it 3-1 before then.

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 9

      • But it was trying for a third that got us letting in a second. At 2-1 we should have closed shop, wasted time, passed the ball back and forwards, and kicked it away every time they brought it anywhere near our half.

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  42. So so down right now 🙁
    I really need to take a break from football this is not healthy, not healthy at all!
    Oh my I feel so sick! I feel like crying

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  43. the amount of bad luck arsenal has is incredible,like of all the bloody times for an amazing own goal ( deflection of 3 players) to be scored against just had to be today, at the 90th minute. I still love Arsenal anyways..arhh just speechless honestly..even kicked my water bottle across the I know what it feels to be Wenger ( a tad bit)

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  44. No it is not wengers fault
    As a matter of fact nothing is wengers fault

    We played well for 10-15 minutes in the whole game
    Thats the reality whether you like it or not

    Our performance was shit with no real clear cut chances

    Team should take the blame too

    What a response

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 7

  45. Hard to believe that Arsenal are in a position that they’re now making me dread the weekend.

    Might just drink all day Friday and sleep through to Monday…

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  46. No seriously boys there is a response coming. Same shite. why do we expect a different result when we try the same shit week in week out. citeh will batter us in midfield.

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  47. Absolutely livid why we didn’t go for another quick goal after our second goal while Swansea didn’t know what the fuck had hit them but no, we resort to letting them come onto us and back off them….why? So fucking frustrating. Never mind the league title, we need to pay attention to Everton who won 3-0 tonight away at traditionally one of the hardest grounds to get three points from. What a mess………here comes the nervous battle for 4th place….AGAIN.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 0

  48. Remember when Owen said we don’t look like a top 4 operation? Well hmmm. I guess I’m eating crow tonight

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

    • I don’t care what happened tonight, I’m not going to let you eat Michael Owen’s crow. Get a hold of yourself.

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  49. Shite match. Shite performance. Two decent goals.
    When will Wenger realise pace is needed in this crab turtle slow side.
    Dithering. As soon as it went 2-1 Gnabry and Sanogo should have come on to offer pace and energy. If you are going to set back at home to fucking swansea at least have a fucking outlet that can counter attack at pace. But no…This inevitably invited swansea foward with no fear.

    People stop blaming Giroud. Wenger is the one who bought him and Wenger is the one who feels he is the number 1 striker, when in fact he should be 2nd or even 3rd choice.. He scored but what a shocking performance.

    Arteta Rosicky and Cazorla PISSSED ME OFF. i dont know why exactly they just did.

    Kallstrom didnt look half bad. The fact that he has a bit of presence and energy getting around the pitch when he is half fit made the rest of the midfield look especially slow and weak.

    Bad luck for flamini and merts on the goal as they above evryone else had half decent games.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 3

    • Yet again struggling for 4th, when we were top for so long. Sounds familiar does it not? Does Wenger ever learn that by buying 20 year old injury prone players for free will not win him anything? Every single season we fans go through this and still think Wenger is God, bloody hell

      Thumb up 15 Thumb down 3

        • No I haven’t, but the rest of Wenger’s transfer business needs to be looked at. It’s just pathetic, every single season is the same for us. Since when have fans of Arsenal accepted such tragic mediocrity?

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  50. I know on the player ratings we can’t vote for subs…but Kallstrom. Can we vote for him?

    We drew. I’m pissed off. But it almost felt like watching Vieira’s cameo debut aginst Sheff Wed (unless my memory fails me).

    Fuck me! He was magnificent! So good, I almost don’t care we drew. We aren’t winning the PL anyway. Fa cup and third. And keep Kim for next season if that’s how he plays after 6 months of no football and no experience of the PL. What a shame he’s getting on a bit.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4

    • 3d ? are you insane ? 3d is long gone, after today we are fighting for 4th with everton and if we lose the next game with city we are in serious problems to retain the 4th place. That’s the reality .

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 1

      • And also to state that everton also are closing on our goal difference. Shit, two weeks ago we were fighting for the title, now we are fighting for 4th place that can only happen to this team.

        Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

        • Neil mate, you need a reality check, after that performance and the 6-0 stuffing from chelshit i would be happy if we retain the 4th place without any danger and winning the fa cup. but third is long gone.

          Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  51. was abouy posting “once again,we had poldi to thank”. well,that was before the driver and his crew had another “accident”

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  52. was about posting “once again,we had poldi to thank”. well,that was before the driver and his crew had another “accident”

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  53. What a pathetic performance. They say they’ll respond after getting thrashed, it’ll never happen again, and we draw 2-2 to bloody Swansea at home. Had enough of Wenger, he and his mediocre players can get the fuck out of my club. Arsenal existed before you, Arsene.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 3

  54. Wish all of the balls into the box weren’t mindless. We saw the difference with the goals.

    There was enough time on the ball in the first half to pick out teammates. Instead, cross to the goal box when players are at the penalty mark. Balls to the front post when arriving at the back. Cutbacks to the penalty mark when players on the goal box. No understanding.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

  55. We may not get top 4, how can this be??

    Im a bif fan of Wenger but even im struggling to defend how we are in this situation… we was top of the table for 23 games…. unbelieavable im lost for words on this one..

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

    • We were top as we won against the small teams, mate. When it matters against the big teams, we have many important injured players (Not a coincidence, happening for 8 years) as Wenger plays them to the ground, and we have no clue how to beat them. Every top team knows how to beat us, as Wenger will never change his ways. Arsene, please go

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 2

  56. Kallstrom, Gibbs and Podolski were great. Arteta is too fucking shit at times. Giroud seems like a waste of space. No offense to Wenger, this does seem the end of the road for him. I respect him still, but I think I lost confidence in him. Giroud needs to go away, so so poor. No appetite for goal, if not for that amazing ball from Poldi we would be 1-1 or 2-1. Unlucky in the end but fuck this. This team does not deserve the EPL. I shudder to think we were challenging for the trophy two weeks back but now the best we can do looks like 4th place. Need a new manager who can spend and a medical team/physio/whoever is the reason for injuries. Fuck this shit

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 2

  57. We were lucky to come away with 1 point. We had two shots in the space of sixty seconds and it’s just lucky they both went in.

    Good move not reinforcing in January Wenger, the only positive was kallstrom actually looked quality

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 3

  58. Fans didn’t seem arsed, players didn’t seem arsed. Why does Gnabrys arse seem stuck to the bench. He’s clearly the something different we need yet the Ox contuinally starts ahead of him.
    If we play shit for my local team you get dropped, there’s a tip Arsene

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  59. Argh! that was rubbish. Can’t help feeling my night would have been better spent putting up a shelf or something.

    1. Why is Arteta waving his arms for the ball, only to do the crab-man?.

    2. Why is Gibbs sending balls over the D when players are in the six yard box?

    3. Why don’t we take anyone on ? Bursting through players with the ball is entertaining. One touch passing from front man to keeper, from their area !?!, is not.

    Utd’s wacky form has saved us a lot of heat this season.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

  60. People slaging off giroud…. he did his job and scored

    we never should have been 1-0 down in the first place. Sczc has to ne droped he is not a good keeper

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 16

  61. Well I for one am delighted. It’s been some time since we dropped points to a shit team with a stoppage time own goal. Good to see the team mixing it up it terms of ways to disappoint. Hopefully the players do the right thing and literally fall on their swords samurai style

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  62. At the start of the season at day 1 you wouldn’t have imagine us to spend most of the season on top of the EPL but hey look its an improvment judging from last season plus we’ve taken more point than last season…#arsenalfanslogic

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  63. Wenger can go now for all I care. Never wanted him out before but I’ve had enough. The players change but every year is the same, same injuries that are self inflicted that always hamper our season, the same pathetic bottle job every year we might be in contention, the same tactics, the same inability to deal with pressure, the same inability to buy the players we need with the money we have. The buck stops with the manager, and we will win neither the FA Cup nor will we finish fourth because of him, and his inability to prepare the players for these games. He will not change his ways, after all there’s been no indication of that has there? And as a result he can go. Give the pathetic twats that are Kroenke and Gazidis the chance to show if they actually do anything rather than milking the club for all it’s worth.

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 2

    • Gazidis looks up to Wenger like he’s some God, think Wenger will be sacked? I don’t. Only way he will go is if he resigns but when you get 8 million quid a year to scrape into the top 4 without winning anything, who would go? He’s made us his little project where he can buy injury prone youngsters for free rather than spending the club’s fucking money generated by us fans. Gazidis has no fucking balls and has NO AMBITION. An old man with no drive running our club, disgusting. His legacy is ruined

      Thumb up 10 Thumb down 3

  64. Not winning against the weak teams, getting absolutely obliterated by the big ones. Are our players mentally challenged? How come Arsenal is the only team that has weak-minded, ‘easy to run over’, players that have no desire and creativity in them? Sideways, fucking sideways passes all day long. AT 1-0 DOWN. Get the fuck out of here! I feel like shit every time I watch my team play, and for what? To cheer and support THAT? No desire, no creativity, nothing! Do we blame that on Chelsea and City’s millions as we have so conveniently done over the last few years?

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 0

  65. Fuck it, I’ve lost faith. Wenger out at the end of the season. Even if we need to do a re-building job and not get into Europe for a season or two like the Scousers, we need to clear out the deadwood and get in a few quality signings. Rant over.

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 4

  66. Aahhhh the french hairdresser strikes again pahaha.
    Fooking shit striker. I said after his first few games and ill say it again.
    Someone set me on fire cos the great dane lmao would be better in front of goal. Enuff said.

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  67. Whoever was asking – Arteta is critical to the team’s passing and balance; he was one of our better players tonight, constantly keeping the ball and delivering it to our attacking midfielders. He’s not the one supposed to make the runs behind, neither is he supposed to carry the ball forward.

    That’s where we are one-dimensional – with Ox, Rosicky, and Cazorla. All of them like to move with the ball and look for a pass, and as a result we end up with static players waiting high up field to receive the ball, not making runs behind. The full backs will push up, sometimes will try to make runs, but by then we’ve run out of space, one of Ox/Rosicky/Cazorla will try to thread a ball through or give it to Sagna/Gibss to cross, which leads us to lose possession and find ourselves outnumbered on the counter. Through balls and crosses, especially against congested defences, are very low percentage passes. Teams will then break and Arteta is left exposed.

    So for me, Cazorla, Rosicky and Ox (and Podolski in general) have been the players who slowed us down in the last couple of games. They tend not to make runs behind (like Walcott), they’re not able to dribble and beat their man with any regularity or draw fouls (like Wilshere can), and they don’t make runs off Giroud (Ramsey).

    Very unlucky tonight, especially with last-gasp own goal, but there are still 21 points to play for. Even if we lose against City and win half the remaining games, we would end up with 75 points, which should guarantee CL qualification. Give me that and the FA cup, and I would see this season as a good step forward. I don’t understand the constant whining – Wenger’s detractors have made their point, so there’s no need to keep going on and on about it hysterically. We get it, really, but I just don’t share their view.

    I for one hope he extends for a couple more years. COYG.

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  68. We didn’t play beautiful football this season, but we managed to beat these small teams. However since that 2-2 draw at St. Marry’s we were very poor.

    This is partially down to the fact that four of our best players are out injured but the question: is why are they injured?

    Please don’t say they were overplayed because Hazard and Yaya Toure also played almost every game this season and they’re still fit and scoring goals. I think the reason why are suffering with injury after injury is because of our training methods and the way we educate our players. E.g. Wilshere and Theo always get fouled by opponents because instead of passing the ball to a player in a better position, they run with it and try to take on 2-3 players and they eventually get kicked.

    As for Giroud, he’s squad player, not bad, not very good either. However, a team like Arsenal should have 2 more very good strikers fighting for the same spot.

    What’s more frustrating is that we had all the summer and all 31 days of January to strengthen but the manager refused to do so.

    Now it’s another disappointing season, we were leading most of the season and bottled it when it got tough. There’s the FA Cup and the fourth place to fight for, but with this form I don’t have much faith in the team and the manager.

    Thumb up 8 Thumb down 2

    • He didn’t bloody refuse. All you people complaining he didn’t buy a quality striker still haven’t named this mythical striker. You’ve had two months. Who the fuck was he????????

      Thumb up 4 Thumb down 7

      • Its not our fucking job to scout fpr the club you moron! Where is Wenger supposed transfer accumen? I don’t even trust him in that – he’s gone from Vieira, Pires and Henry to Gervinho, Andre Santos, and Arshavin. Incidentally those last three cost around £35 million – or one Eden Hazard. And we don’t have money.

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  69. The positives from tonight: Gibbs, Rosicky, Podolski, Källström and the timing of Lee Probert’s final whistle.

    Sanogo and Gnabry against City please with Giroud and Arteta on the bench.

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  70. I’m glad I didn’t watch the match, wasn’t ready for another heartbreak but my heart is broken all the same. It feels like a defeat and now we’re battling Everton for 4th. This team equals shame

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  71. Wait, what? So you mean to tell me that our 2 best players on the pitch tonight are both 100-capped internationals?! Who would have thought. Poldi=constant quality. Kallstrom=Energy. Pinpoint passing. Tracking runners and tackling. Rest of team=?

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  72. Oh something else. 100k a week for some of these jokers. The legends that wore the shirt in the past have bled for it.the players in this team that would today id count on the fi gers of half a hand. Too many mercenaries

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  73. Aedan, piers fucking morgan could predict every score from every game in the world for the next 100 years….BUT he will never be right! Never. Ever. Ever.


    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 1

  74. A manager without ideas.

    A team without character.

    A stadium without atmosphere.

    A chairman without a voice.

    A club without an identity.

    A decade without success.

    Thumb up 15 Thumb down 8

      • Pathetic response.

        We won the league in 2004 and stole the cup from United the following year on penalties, so, I feel it’s fair to say we’ve now had a decade without success.

        Even winning the FA Cup again this year would be somewhat hollow. Played all our ties at home or a neutral venue and although we knocked out Sp*rs and both the Scousers, they were all below us in the league when we played them, along with a third tier side and now a lower table Premiership, Championship and League One team left in the Semis.

        Whilst you can only beat what’s in front of you, it’s hardly an outstanding achievement now is it?

        Thumb up 2 Thumb down 1

        • I tend to use my eyes when I’m there, yes. What I should have asked is – do you even go to the games, in order to make a valid point on whether or not there is enough atmosphere there? And if you don’t go, how about you quit complaining about a lack of atmosphere. Plenty of us go there, myself included, and give plenty of support.

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  75. Sagna = no left foot. He is a total dead end. Gibs is more of a winger terrible defender. Arteta and flamini are not good enough. Podolski and carzorla are just good at shooting. We need a proper set of reserve players for the bench. Not just average players but top players. Look at city and Chelsea bench and you will understand.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 5

    • Any players you’ve not managed to insult there?

      For one, Cazorla can do much more than shoot. He’s a fantastic dribbler and can turn on a sixpence.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  76. Fuck it, at this stage I’d give Akpom his just rewards. Scored a hatrick at youth level just on Monday night. Giroud (despite his goal) was absent again.

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  77. As my title says, these are scary times, we could end up with no champions league next season. We play man city next, who just thumped man united 3-0 at their ground. And then we have everton at goodison. They are closing in! And if we perform the way we are performing at the moment, we will loose the man city game, the everton game, and the wigan game if these players, manager, and coaching staff don’t get their act together!

    This is really embarrassing, a club of our stature, getting thumped by several goals by the sugar daddy clubs. Year in year out we are making no progress under wenger. We are stuck in a rut, that he does not know how to get out of. He needs help, he needs someone by his side that can figure out what is going wrong and where its going wrong, i feel he is working on his own, i dont agree with the appointment of bould, at the start it looked ok, as we improved defensively but put the two of them together in the big games and they both sit like headless chickens not knowing what to do. Wenger does not need to go, he just needs the (right) right hand man! For them two together have got no idea. One needs to tell the other where they think its going wrong, not sit and be bemused by what is happening.

    To go 1-0 down at home to swansea is bad, to get yourself back into the game is good, to take the lead is great, to throw away the points in the last minute, is absolutely ridiculous, and it is not the first time, we done it at home to everton, threw away the chance to go 7 points clear, we have taken all this abuse, embarrassment, demoralisation, from every other fan/club. And we never get straight answers or improvement, or any knowledge of what is going on at our club. If Mr. Wenger has any decency he will stop being so stubborn, listen to other people, spend his money in the summer, and sort this club out. And stop doing what he is doing to the fans. We do not only want 4th place, we fo not want the kim kallstroms, the bendtners and co. we want trophies we want world class players! We pay the club, we pay Mr Wengers wages. We deserve respect, we deserve what we want, what we pay for. We pay the highest prices, for what? 4th place finishes? Embarrassing results? And same thing year in year out. Mr Wenger needs to spend the budget he is given! And spend it all! And spend it wise! Get the world class players in!

    Does he think he can win trophies with mediocre players? Everybody, INCLUDING WENGER, knew we needed a top quality striker in the summer, what did he do? Bought a midfielder, yes, a world class midfielder. But one we could do without, they said he had £70million to spend, he makes an offer of £40million +1 for suarez, that is embarrassing. And then buys a midfielder for £42million knowing that he’s never played in the prem b4 when suarez was proven in the prem. Wenger missed out, he should have bid £55 £60million and we could have had him. Wenger is to stubborn, and its all coming back on him drastically.

    He is starting to look clueless when it comes to his tactics in games. He is to stubborn to listen to others telling him where he is going wrong. And he is still dreaming of creating a team of talent that he brought up himself, i love wenger i love this club, he and his footballing philosophy #thearsenalwaytoplay is what made me fall in love with this club, but sadly my love for the club is stronger than my love for wenger. And if the above things do not change. Then im sorry but its time for him to go. Unless he guarantees he will get rid of the deadwood and make 3 or 4 world class signings in the summer then he can go. People can thumb me down all you want, but if your love for 4th place, monthly embarrassments, lack of investment and ridiculous ticket prices is stronger than tour love for the club, then keep thinking everybody is wrong when they say, wenger needs to change or go. For i guarantee you if he does not spend big and well in the summer, this club will keep moving down the table. Common sense and the past decade tells you that. The fans need to take a stance, and stop being mislead by the manager and the board. And wake up and smell the coffee before its to late.

    Thumb up 10 Thumb down 6

  78. I mentioned after the stoke game that we loose points in pairs in the league… 1 defeat, 1 draw or 1draw, 1 defeat. So once we lost the chelsea game i expected us to draw one of the next few games:

    Asto villa – L; West Brom – D
    Man u – L; Everton – D
    Man city – L; Chelsea – D
    South hampton – D; Liverpoo – L
    Man U – D; Stoke – L
    Chealsea – L; Swansea – D

    We have to win all our remaining matches period. that is the standard we must set for ourselves

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  79. The worst part for me about this game isn’t the fact that we drew 2-2, but that our offense was the same as it was 2-3 seasons ago; lots of play until we reach the box and then nothing. I can live with Giroud being a striker with hold up play, but then we need to have people that go inside the box that he can send the ball to. That didn’t happen today. That’s how Ramsey and Theo scored their goals. If he doesn’t do that he needs to go on runs and actually make an effort. I say start playing Sanogo. He’s raw and he’s not ready for it, but at least he’ll go on runs and seem to actually care. And Arteta’s biggest contribution tonight was his rather shitty impression of a bird as he waved his arms. Put Källstrom on for Arteta. At least he gave a damn. Fuck, based on tonight sign him up!

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  80. Some of the biggest thumbs up are regarding Giroud’s abject performance.

    Question: who bought him?
    Question: who failed to land a top class striker in the transfer windows?

    Answer: the £24M man.

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  81. the og was exactly what we deserved. For 71 minutes we played with no pace or invention, we didn’t create any chances atall. Giroud is an awful striker, he has no pace or movement or touch so the centrebacks don’t have to worry about being stretched. Podolski must wonder what he needs to do to start.
    Arsenal are so infuriatingly predictable on the ball, its so easy to score against us. Close down space and let us lose possesion at the edge of the box and becuase we over commti it allows a free run at our goal. Its like groundhog day every year with Arsenal yet Wenger still calls it an accident. Wengers back to his favourite poisition now a scrap for 4th place at best.

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    • I agree with your views on Giroud – everyone has bad games but he has been consistently underperforming.

      Also, I don’t like this ‘accident’ reference by Le Prof. If you have 3 accidents in just 4 months, I would say you can’t drive!

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  82. After the final whistle tonight, I actually felt physically sick to my stomach.
    I need to care a little bit less, because the way I love the Arsenal I swear its going to be the end of me.

    Lets all have a moment of silence and remember the title race. It was good fun and a nice reminder of what it feels like to compete again. Now lets put our hands together and pray for a place in the top 4, and the FA Cup trophy. Remember, it might still end up a pretty decent season.

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  83. I don’t know why some are saying I need a reality check for saying we need to push for automatic CL qualification. It feels really depressing to say that after the season we’ve had, but it’s true.

    The fact is that the top three all have some games against each other. Liverpool play City at Anfield and Chelsea the same. It’s a fact that some team or teams WILL drop points. We need to beat City though and I do admit that that looks a bit much for us at the moment.

    Did anyone see Kim though? FA Cup and top three should be the target.

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    • If Chels and City both beat Liverpool we still need 4 points off City and Everton to catch up. Not bloody likely is it?

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  84. I’d just like to point out that we’re only in the FA semis due to luck. If we’d drawn any of the top teams away (City, Chelski, L’pool, Everton, even Utd) on the way, we’d be down and out. Pure luck – the first home game of the season proved that. Then we signed Ozil and everyone fell back in love. Wenger thought he’d chance January without signing a top striker and it’s come back to bite us on the arse (excuse the pun). So many ‘what ifs’. He could have whacked down a £50-55m bid on Suarez instead of being a tight arse (excuse the pun again, this is no joking matter), and the Scousers would have bitten our fingers off. We’d be where we were two weeks ago for sure, fighting for the title with Shitty and Chelski. What if…

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 2

    • Exactly. If Wenger had offered another 15 million for Suarez, we’d be assured of CL qualification. But Wenger was cheap and now we may lose it (and the 30 million that comes with it). That he didn’t make that transfer whatever it cost makes no sense in either sporting or financial terms (which is supposed to be his specialty–lord knows it’s not winning trophies) never mind what he was thinking when he thought Giroud could bag us enough goals to win something

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  85. We have put our faith in fucking boys. I bet you they’ll fuck it up in the FA cup. Big changes need to be made in the summer. WE NEED RESPONSIBLE MEN like the days of Henry,Bergkamp,Parlour,Vieira and Adams or we’ll never win the league

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  86. Same formation, same tactics, same struggle! We are going nowhere playing like this. Wake us and smell the Coffee, before we suddenly find our wonderful team free falling.

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  87. well, for fuck sake, don’t know anymore if its wenger, the board, giroud or the injuries to blame. All i do know is that the tittle race is over now. So tragic after a great start of the season…Oh well.

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    • It’s a combination of the lot:

      Wenger/The Board: For being tight-bastards with their £100 million pot and not buying any big name striker/defender(s) in the January transfer season, but preferring to sit on it.

      Giroud: It’s not really his fault: he’s only as good as he is – Wenger bought him, again as a cheap option when we should have been going for a big name striker. Giroud is too inconsistent in front of the goal. You can spin a coin as to whether he’ll score in front of an open goal.

      Injuries: Undeniably if you have Wiltshere, Walcott, Ramsey and Ozil (though his mediocre performance when he has been on the pitch means he’s not such a great loss) then you are playing at a handicap. But as has been stated here before, before Wenger/Board buy/stock the team so frugally/thinly, that’s why we have no strong back-ups.

      And finally don’t forget two other factors: The Ides of March: For the last few seasons, we always seem to take a nose-dive in March – remember when Adebayor cut his hair off in March and it was downhill all the way from then (lol)?

      Plus: to be fair and something our critics fail to mention, Arsenal have been at full stretch keeping TOP OF THE LEAGUE for almost 4 MONTHS – which must tire the players. That said, we traditionally seem to have quite fragile players: the likes of Chavski, Man Citeh, Scousers, have stronger, athletic players who can play through in strength to the end of the season. Only last week, Arsenal said they were investigating (admitting) why this is.

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  88. Kallstrom was good, Poldi-Goldi good – best finisher in Arsenal , thanks ref blow whistle. Bring Falcao, Piszczek in summer

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  89. Dreading Saturday City were in second gear and still beat United comfortably. Like to see some changes for the citeh match. Arsene can’t keep rewarding failure by sticking with the same players when they have shockers !i’d like him to drop Arteta, The Ox, Giroud, and Chesney. I want to see players proud to pull on the Jersey and not just take it for granted and go through the motions.

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  90. I remember many here asking everyone yet again to judge the team towards the end of the season earlier….
    As Eintstein said expecting different result after repeating the same experiment is lunacy….
    By this I mean the strategy, tactics, training, coaching etc…
    Arsene needs to evolve, the team should not pay the price of his stubborn attitude..
    …btw I still think Arsene is the best for us…

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  91. Post Chelsea match – Wenger why didn’t you play Flamini!?!?

    Post Swansea match – Wenger Why did you play Flamini!?!?

    He can’t win and neither can we. *sad face

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  92. To all those criticizing Arteta, this just shows that people dont know their football. these people calling him slow. 1st of all he is no slower than Flamini . And football isnt about the quickest players especially in the CDM position.

    Since Arteta came in his 1st season we only won 1 game without him and last season with him we had the second best defensive record in the league. This season defensively he has WAY better stats then Flamini. more interceptions, clearances, pass completion, ball retention (percentages). People need to stop being so damn fickle and appreciate what the man has done for the club

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  93. I’m not willing to completely throw in the towel on Saturday, but good god it’s looking dreadful. Honestly, who here wouldn’t be happy with a 1-1 draw in that one?

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  94. Owen, Shearer and Hansen were right about this team. our season is a de ja vu again.. we were top and they kept saying we wouldn’t win the league and are we going to win it? wenger, sir, your time is up. football has left you behind

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    • for a second yeah, but i´d prefer us looking down on all of them. but not with this mediocre Team with the same failings every year. we were playing above our level for some time now and People were talking about the title. also we were very lucky to get home games in the fa Cup, away at l´pool or everton and we would be out there as well!

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  95. Fuck the draw. Kallstrom played better that th entire team has for a month. and he played about 15 minutes. I laughed out loud and said ”How the fuck did he do that” with his first touch which was a massive telescopic leg winning the ball on the edge of the Swansea area. His passing reminded me of Platini. His tackling was clean and hard. Looked like nothing fazes him.

    He must start against City. Play him with Flamini and we won’t get pushed around against City.

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  96. It’s scary how much we rely on Walcott to give us width. Chambo is not at it at the moment and it’s probably getting too much for him to cope with. I know everyone will blame giroud and the lack of a new striker, but our problems right now is a lack of depth in wide areas. Can’t rely on having only 2 options for the right wing and basically no width on the left (poldi is our widest left winger).

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  97. The most dispersing thing about all that, is that many of those mugs running around the Emirates tonight have been offered contract extensions. Like there the future of the club or something ! Fucking dreadful management.

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  98. am i missing something here? the goal was again wojtek’s fault. why sweep with the legs, when you could use your hands? i don’t understand why he thought the ball was going the other way. fabianski time.

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  99. I actually don’t think we’ve played well in the league for ages (maybe in the wins over Tottenham and Everton in the F.A. Cup), just looking back through our league results I don’t honestly think we’ve won a single game this year that we wouldn’t have been expected to and some of them have been made harder than they should have been.

    After tonights result, unless we get some players back from injury soon I honestly don’t think we will finish top four this season. The current team are clueless!

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  100. First time at the emirates, spunked 110 quid on tickets. Loved the stadium, but this team should be killing teams like Swansea. The team seem to be running through treacle. We really miss Walcott’s pace, giroud’s work ethic cannot be faulted but he is not the cold hearted killer we need. If the board has 100 million to spend in the summer we need to drop a shit load on a striker who does not give a shit but shoot and score. Lego head looks like dead man walking and he needs replacing. It pains me to say fourth place and a cup is the minimum or the professor need to think what’s best for the gunners moving forward. It’s hard being a gooner at the moment, just slightly better than Everton United!

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  101. i´m so fed up with arsene´s talking and his expression when we fail (again). he did lots of good to the club but we definitely need fresh blood on the touchline as well as on the pitch. year after year scrapping for fourth again, losing to the “big clubs” again, go out in the CL before the quarterfinal again. we play beautiful football at times, but not for a season and so we don´t win any trophies. serious questions must be asked: why do we always have so many injuries? why don´t we buy proper players? why do we fail so often when under pressure to perform? i thought i have seen a lot of good things this season but here we are in mediocrity again, so sad……(and i don´t want to look back on spurs or manu to feel better, i want Arsenal to be top!)

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  102. Hmm… insipid display. Total lack of gameplan, movement and energy.

    Midfield defensive display was atrocious. At times they barely even bothered pressing. Sadly, Arteta has been slow and off his pace this season. Great character, but should be considered purely backup to Flamini at this point. Giroud was utterly toss, but not sure wether playing Sanogo would have been better. I suspect so.

    On the other hand, Podolski looked like he cared. Kallstrøm was positive, some nice passes and quite a bit of drive. He should have started for Arteta. Cazorla was not bad, but got very little support.

    This would also have been the perfect game for Jenkinson. For all his faults, he has drive and energy, and that was sorely missed out there. Sagna really should have been rested for Man City, because he will be tested there.

    Honestly, I think Wenger should take the blame for this one too. He got it plain wrong on so many levels.

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  103. Please, please, please can we start anyone EXCEPT Giroud up front for the next couple of games! He’s really getting on my tits rights now. From the stupidity & complete disrespect to the team (if no one else) of playing away from home before big games…to that arrogant “look at me, aren’t I fantastic & talented” smile after he scored today (FYI Giroud – the talent came from Podolskis cross)…

    Is Bendtner still injured?

    I also fear we’ll loose Podolski during the summer…& all because we have to start Giroud in every game? Why? I don’t get it…Why?

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  104. I wasn’t gonna bother commenting but gooneriffic cannot be serious if you think Arteta was “one of our better players” Utterly incomprehensible statement. This is one player who is directly responsible for us being so average.

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  105. Spent the evening at QPR seeing as I had no tickets for the Arsenal, and a client invited me. Plus I’d never been to Loftus Road.

    Wasn’t missing much… as crap as Shite Hart Lane but less cunts.
    Although Joey Barton played which really tipped the scales!!
    As well as Harry (face like a squashed doughnut) Redknapp..

    The positives::
    – I didn’t have to see us draw to f*@#ing Swansea
    – Harry was miles away so the pre-match Guinness stayed internal, and
    – Wigan were wank

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  106. Nice 1 touch football from Arsenal for that 4th goal. Mertesacker to Szczcesny to Flamini and in to the back of the net. Now if we could have more of that in the other end of the pitch, that would be Nice.

    Wilfried Bony though. What a Beast.

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  107. Our best hope is the FA cup. With the run Everton are on, if we lose against Citeh then struggle at Goodison we are screwed CL wise. How can a season get turned on its head so quickly?! Terrible. There is something wrong with these players heads. Gutted.

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  108. I really do not understand when some people say “players will need the support & encouragement of fans to bounce back as they would be in a fragile mental state…” Well fuck that!
    How many fans make in a year one-third what these players earn per week? Do you know how much it costs to follow and support this current team? Sometimes, I think posters of hungry Rwandan children and war-torn communities should be hung in the dressing room for the players and manager to see. Posters of John Terry shagging Mrs Giroud should be in the dressing room too.
    I love Arsenal but fuck it, I’m not getting younger. Can’t be shitting my pants every February/March with a bunch of spineless performances. Lord knows I’m livid! What the gobsmacking fuck of a performance was that? I guess it’s our ‘response’ to losing a big game. Ride on Arsenal, Ride on!

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  109. 1) Gibbs took on and beat a defender to assist a goal. Wonderful.
    2) Showed some determination and patience to get back from 1-0 down. True Wengerism.
    3) Unlucky on the equaliser. Zut alors, Mathieu.
    4) Kim caresses the ball like an elegant swan. Raindance.
    5) We are indeed going to Wembley.
    6) Santi has proved he’d be an expert at potholing.
    7) Arsene brought on Poldi at a good time and he changed the game. The Prince.
    8) Poldi wore a sweatband underneath a long sleeve shirt. Statement.
    9) We are not Manchester United fans.
    10) Being cheesed off all the time will make you feel really bad, could even make you physically ill which would be a damn shame as we tend to take our health for granted. I hereby pledge to be a supporter not a critic. At least until the summer. When we can address all the big questions such as ‘why did FIFA call Squillaci Sebatian Englehardt’ COYG. Until Saturday my friends.

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  110. Really pisses me off that some deluded fans cannot bring themselves to accept the reality of the situation we find ourselves in. Telling it how it is isn’t a betrayal of your football club, or being negative for negative sake, it’s just realism, plain and simple. I guess some people prefer to ignore what’s really going on because perhaps they can’t handle the truth of the matter.

    So, the reality is that once again we are back in the usual scenario of scrapping it out for 4th place. And while there is indeed a fair amount of football to be played, at the moment we are crumbling into our shells while Everton appear to be playing their best stuff for a while, just at the right time.

    And what annoys me most about the situation is the manner of our performances and complete lack of bollocks when we need it. Yes we’ve got a number of injuries again but the performances simply haven’t been good enough for a while now, and this has been unfortunately coming.

    Perhaps we’re not as good as I myself included thought we were, perhaps the pundits who’ve been knocking us all season are in fact right, and perhaps we haven’t actually pushed on at all when compared to the last few seasons.

    All of the above remains still to be seen and if come the end of the season they turn out to be correct I would be able to stomach it a little more if I felt the players gave it their absolute all. But the ‘response’ tonight along with not turning up at Stoke away and our abysmal performances at Liverpool and Chelsea have me feeling a little perplexed with it all at the moment. because if that’s giving it your all my understanding of that notion and our players are very different indeed.

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  111. We are truly back in the hunt for our 4th place trophy ar’nt we? Seeing us collapse like this is gut wrenching. Sure we have been doing it for years but it doesnt get any better. I hate the fact that we end up proving the fucking pundits right over and over again. From being at the top of the league to being 5 points clear of liverpool in second, we not only let Liverpool back in the title race but they have overtaken us and will hold a 5 point lead over us by the end of Wednesday. Read that sentence again. Fucking Liverpool. And
    I have seen a lot of comments about how we were missing Ozil and Ramsey and Walcott and co. I agree with all of you. Any team would struggle to cope without that much talent shone from their squad but the point I m trying to make is that it is upto the manager to build his squad in such a way that we are able to cope. The squad limit is 25 players for crying out loud. For once I wish Arsene would face a season with a squad of actual 25 players of quality instead of our usual 13-14 quality players and the rest made up of youngsters and fringe players who add nothing to the team. We are Arsenal. When have we not had a long term injury each season. The buck stops with the manager and Arsene has clearly failed in making this squad the best possible. Again. I will never call for his sacking but our approach needs to change. A season of so much promise has now come down to a scrap for fourth. The league will never be this open next year. United will spend a shitload and if Liverpool reaches the Champions League (very probable) they ll spend on actual quality players. Im absolutely dreading the City and Everton match now. And that is without thinking about the FA Cup Semi final vs Wigan.

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  112. For City we need changes. Szczeny must surely be dropped for Fabianski who in his few games looks much more assertive. Kalstrom should stsrt in place of Flamini, technically better but keep Arteta as even thouhh he has had a few bad games he does make us tick when he is on form. Stick with Ox we need his pace. Drop Rosiky and Santi and play Gnabry and Poldlski with Girroud in the middle. This will be a more dynamic line up than we witnessed tonight.

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  113. Oh arse!…. Missed Kallstrom?! Sounds like he did ok?
    Very pleased about that…

    Kallstrom and Flamini against Shitty then?

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  114. It’s still mathematically possible to finish third *thought I’d never be writing the title off so soon, but the recent capitulation is something of a self fulfilling prophecy and with the fixtures we have; perhaps the best we can hope for is third.

    Diving back into a state of realism for a second, regardless of the mathematical possibilities of achieving third place still existing, fourth is now the accolade we’re undoubtably fighting for, but I hope we ‘fight’, because at the moment it’s more of a flight response.

    As difficult as it is we have to get behind the team, just one great performance and result is all it takes to fuel confidence and get the engine going again. Sure we should never of been in this position, but we are. I think we’ve got a little too over confident of our ambitions this year, sure it looked so promising, but realistically at the beginning of the season we all knew deep down this was going to be another transitional year. We were all talking of third or fourth because we knew of the fragilities and lack of depth in the squad. This should of been somewhat rectified in January, but the player quality was not there.

    In the mean-time lets hope and pray that Wenger can get our team playing together in a coherent and efficient manner. In Wenger We Trust; *caveat – but for how long.

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  115. the performance last night was scarily reminiscent of the arsenal a few seasons ago who would dominate possession but not even fashion a chance with it.

    but the two goals to come back to 2-1 was much m ore like new arsenal. the owngoal while unlucky, was again in its build up like the old shaky arsenal.

    when we play everton in two weeks they could very likely be 3 points behind us with a game in hand. what a cruel cruel world it is.

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  116. It’s a bit of a sad reflection on Arsene that he doesn’t seem to appreciate that a poor performance caused by many of the players being exhausted, is not going to improved upon by playing them again just so they can redeem themselves. All you get is the same tired performance, if not worse.

    This is why successful teams tend to rotate, and those with small squads that rely on about 15 players tend run out of steam in the latter stages of a season especially if they have to play a lot of cup games as well. Tired players get injured far more easily, and those injuries tend to be longer term. Every season this is our undoing and unless either Arsene changes his approach, or we have a new manager, this is likely to continue.

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