Report: Bendtner claimed knee injury, then went to Copenhagen


The story of Nicklas Bendtner’s night in Copenhagen is one that raised some laughs and some eyebrows, but it’s one that has landed him in deep trouble with Arsenal.

Danish tabloid BT claimed that Arsenal had asked their lawyers if they could terminate the Dane’s contract ahead of its expiration this summer, although that seems to be based on ‘British press sources’.

There might have been some sympathy for Bendtner due to his lack of involvement in the playing squad on Tuesday night, especially with Yaya Sanogo injured and no striker on the bench. Today, however, former Gunner John Jensen told Danish TV station TV6 that it was Bendtner himself who claimed to have a knee injury which ruled him out of making the trip to Munich.

As such, he should have been at the club for treatment on Wednesday morning, but instead flew to Copenhagen where the alleged incident with the taxi driver took place.

Having recovered some goodwill due a couple of important goals and what looked like an improved, more mature attitude this season – especially under relatively difficult circumstances (both Bendtner and Arsenal would have been quite happy to part ways permanently in any of the last three summers) – the Dane looks to have undone that completely with his latest escapade.

Somewhere in there is a good footballer, but his career has been hampered by a self-destructive streak, which shows no signs of abating.

It seems unlikely that Arsenal will terminate his contract before the summer. With injuries the way they are, it would be difficult to do away with any option, even if it is one that would only be a last resort.

Thanks to @PESLDK for the Jensen info


  1. Getting rid of him early would only exacerbate our situation, Giroud’s been playing well this season and he’s pretty robust, but if anything happens to him (heaven forbid), we’d end up very VERY thin on striking options… It’s a shame TGSTEL got jealous of Yaya though.

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  2. Can’t wait for when we offload this guy.. Thanks for the Cardiff goal and the other rare important ones.. But kindly f*ck off soon..

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    • 6 second goal v Tottenham at the Emirates was great. Could have been leading our attack this season if he wasn’t such a waster. His talent, our money…

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  3. Best of luck to Bender with Barcelona next season. There’s a chance they might offload Messi. We should put a £60,000,001 bid in for him.

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  4. Have to say he made a good account of himself till he got injured. What he has done afterwards will only affect his chances in the summer. The club has been left red faced but hasn’t affected us on the pitch so far. I really hoped in January that he would go to a decent club.

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  5. Did you guys watch the Ian wright doc this week on itv4 …. Was superb stuff
    Maybe nb52 should watch it and realise how lucky he is to play for the arsenal .

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    • All out of the goodness of his little heart.

      Nothing to do with the £52000 a week he’s being paid for his infrequent services…

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  6. I will rather be talking about tomorrows match. The fact that spurs have been losing very easily to chelsea and benfica makes this match very convenient for them. They are shit alright but this makes me nervous. This match is not going to be easy i reckon if we win it won’t be by more than a goal. but we need to win this and the chelsea match after that.

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  7. I wonder if he indulges in all this drama because he’s scared to really buck up and put in the hard work required to be a top-level pro. I never felt like writing him off even through all the times he’s done similar things when he was younger; however I think he has to learn now that things which are funny when you’re 22 take on a whole different meaning when you’re 26. It really is ‘do or die’ time for him now.

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  8. This is what happens when you pay an unproven kid £52000 a week. This situation is as much Wengers fault as it is Bedntner’s.

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  9. Perhaps my memory is letting me down but he didn’t seem to go uncharted when he had a regular run in the squad. The product of three years of idle hands, I guess.

    Now he needs a manager that’s less of a father figure and more of a stepfather figure. The type with the sleeveless shirt and the belt.

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    • I agree, but on some level, it’s up to him to deserve a regular run in the squad. One would imagine that if he merited it, he would have earned it — which is to say it’s not like Wenger left him out of the lineup out of spite.

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      • Certainly so- his regular run was in the leanest years. The club now clear of that, and having been pushed aside by RvP’s freak healthy season and then Giroud, he just hasn’t shown he’s of the quality for Arsenal’s trajectory. So now, too much spare time and money.

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    • I also Agree. Bendtner need some tough love rather than TLC. Wenger was probably not the ideal manager to end up under for someone with Bendtner’s personality. He would likely have been better off under someone strict that would not take any crap or let Bendtner piss his talent away.

      Bendtner do not respond well to the Tender love and care approach. Wenger nurses talent and handles it with care, and dont put any pressure on his young talent. Bendtner would probably respond better to the opposite. Cant let him become comfortable.

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  10. The last deadwood standing.

    As said in the blog, his future in football lays elsewhere.
    On a Danish park with jumpers for goalposts and more mud than grass would be my guess.

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    • Funny you should mention Bendtner being the last deadwood standing and the word “Park” in the same comment 😉

      But yeah I get your drift, those two are the last ones from that group both of whom are out of contract in the summer so we’re finally moving away from them. And with the addition of Ozil, the British Core and amongst them Ramsey being bumped up and tied down for even longer this year, and the re-signs of Santi, Per, Rosicky and hopefully Kos, we’re headed in the right direction.

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  11. You have to remember he’s a guy like many others, in his situation many would act the same way. Millions of pounds, young, lots of people around you leeching. He’s not a monster, but it reminds me of being in school when you just didn’t give a fuck and you think you’re invincible. He’s worse than a lot of others and the irony is he’s not even that good. Well, can’t say it came as a surprise.

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  12. I could recall vividly how decent he played vs liverpool in the FA cup 2-1 win where Merida and himself both scored for arsenal and insua getting the goal for liverpool…you’ll forever remain in my memory

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  13. Come on!

    If YOU were young, good looking, famous and earning 52k a week for doing nothing wouldn’t you just get pissed and have fun?

    I would.

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  14. Just get rid. If the club can terminate his contract right now then they should. I’d rather see us play one of the youth team up front than this bellend.

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  15. I’m getting sick of talking about this idiot. Tbh, I really wouldn’t mind if all Arsenal related correspondent stopped talking about him, he is a ridiculous waste of talent.

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  16. Well, there’s no way in hell he’ll be on a 52k per week deal anywhere else. His asking salary was a major deal breaker for most clubs in recent years and he needs to wake up from his “TGSTEL” dream very soon. I fear its championship beckoning for him if treads “his” way anymore.
    Well, thank you for your goals lad and enjoy the salary for the next few months because it’s NEVER going to be THIS much ever again.
    Goodbye and good riddance.

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  17. This guy is a massive prick.

    Knew the team would be away at munich so thought it might be good to sneak to copenhagen since no one would be left in London to watch his moves. Canniving Prick! prick! come on the summer!

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  18. Circumstances make this a unique case because despite the enormous pay package some have stated, he knows he’s leaving in the summer. He rarely gets 10 minutes in the first team let alone start a meaningful match . I agree he shouldn’t lie to the club or act as he did but you can forgive a man for being disloyal to a club that have no intention going forward of having anything to do with him and haven’t really had for a few years. He has made the decision to see out his large contract and not seek football elsewhere but that’s the state of the game today. See Man City. Like anywhere when a person feels insignificant they don’t act rationally and have been known to (allegedly) roll on taxi’s and tell the driver they’ll eff them. Stupid behaviour, but not really that big an issue, It’s Bendtner after all not Santiago.

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  19. He’s not getting paid that much to dick around and embarrass our club… He’s getting paid that much to represent us on and off the field. The fact that he is dicking around shows that he’s an ungrateful little git who has a very poor attitude if he truly wants to become “the worlds greatest.”

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  20. Du’aine, you can fault Bendtner, though, for arsenal wanting to be rid of him. He created the situation he’s in, so I’m certainly not giving him a pass because he’s made himself unwanted. Loads of talent, little apparent ambition, likely a significant substance problem that he needs to get sorted out (and let’s hope he does).

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  21. Lets win the FA Cup and finish top 3 and have a real go at winning the prem (although that will be a stretch). Then the trophy drought will have been broken. We then offload Bendtner, bring in a top striker. Fabianski leaves, we bring in another strong back up keeper. We offload Diaby, bring ina powerhouse in the midfield- someone that doesn’t break. Then who could argue against us being a strong candidate next year for all of the 4 competitions we are involved in. The close future looks very good indeed.

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