“Sagna has decided to stay in the Premier League”


Earlier this week Inter Milan had hinted they were close to a deal which would see Bacary Sagna move to the Italian giants.

The Frenchman is a free agent this summer but according to the Inter president, Erick Thohir, he’s going to stay in England.

“Sagna has decided to stay in the Premier League,” Thohir said, via ESPN. “But we still need a new full-back.”

Whether this means he’ll be signing an extension with Arsenal, or taking advantage of his Bosman status to move to another club remains to be seen.

Rumours have linked him with Manchester City this week, but with Pablo Zabaleta well and truly established as their first choice right-back, it would seem an odd choice for a man heading into the years of his career when he really wants to play week in, week out.

Liverpool has also been suggested as a potential destination, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens here. Maybe there’s some good news for us?


    • Great defender as he is, he is the greatest player ever for hitting the first defender with his attempted crosses,
      also he is a serial looser like the rest of our squad, don’t think Barca, BM or RM will be knocking on our door this summer, we need to create a very different attitude in our team, I could not care less who goes, we need better players all round. Sorry.

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      • Ok let’s think about this:

        Man City: No way he is ahead of Zabaleta, so squad player
        Chelsea: Think Mourinho loves the scuminess that Ivanovic brings, so squad again.
        Liverpool: Johnson isn’t the best defender so I could see Sagna starting
        Man Utd: Why join a sinking ship except for money, easily ahead of Rafael

        No one else worth considering.

        Personally I think it looks good that he will will re-sign with the only real stumbling block being Liverpool.

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        • Liverpool have to many fullbacks as it is. Granted Sagna is probably better than all of them but still you wouldn’t expect them to snub so many of their youth products.

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  1. This is why we cannot compete for the title. Not even to settle wage, dispute with arguably ,our best player of the season.

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      • He’s at least been one of our two most consistent players, along with the BFG, and I’m curious who you think has played better than him. The only challengers I can think of are Walcott, Ramsey, and the BFG, and for my money missing more than half the season with an injury disqualifies you from being the best player of the season.

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      • He might not be our best player, but he’s sure as hell one of the most crucial. I’ll take great consistency and solid performances, over a “better” player who drifts in and out of games.. not naming any names, cough Podolski.

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    • Are we going down this road again are we? Well, can’t be surprised can we? Simply can’t trust any footballer these days.

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      • I personally will not hold a grudge against him if he chooses to move elsewhere in the league. He is one of the few players who has given his best years to this club. Now he values himself worth a certain amount, and if the club feels he is not worth it, then we can’t blame him for going to a club who actually are willing to meet his demands.

        And please don’t suggest PSG, Monaco etc. If he wants to stay in the PL and play football at a higher level, so be it.

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        • Exactly. A great servant to the club, always gives his all. Don’t see how any Arsenal fan could begrudge him a move for more money/silverware at this point in his career.

          That said, please stay, Bac!

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        • If it’s OK for Sagna to leave Arsenal FC for a local rival, why did everyone lose their shit when RvP did it? Wouldn’t Sagna be technically doing the same thing?

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        • It will always be a problem with Arsenal, who hold certain principles as far players contractors. Like revising up the contract for so many players due to Ozil situation.

          The difference in Sagna’s situation is that it’s his last big contract, which means he needs to cover as many yrs as possible including when he is on the decline, which is what Arsenal – AW steadfastly will not agree to. If Sagna was 25 & signing a 3 yr contract extension, considering the honesty & class on either side, it wouldn’t have been a problem.

          Hence in a Walcott situation it was a pleasent surprise, which I don’t expect in this situation, sadly.

          Hey, what do I know other than to make an observation, I’ve no inside information.

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        • I don’t care how good he’s been, if he signs for a rival club in the same league as us he becomes the enemy and he can fuck right off.

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    • I remember saying the same words about the Dutch skunk. I guess we could all tell ourselves Sagna is different as if we know him personally but lets be honest with ourselves. If Liverpool ,a team in transition, could attract Suarez and Coutinho to the club then proceed to fight there way into top 4 football with a title challenge a huge possibility…… that’s immensely attractive. If I was Sagna I’d sign for them.

      A club that seems to be going somewhere compared to one that’s found a home in fourth place stagnation.

      Que the excuses: 1) Wenger didn’t have the money 2) The squad just has horrendous luck with injuries 3) Key stars leave because they’re in it for the money.

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      • We have gone through a bad run… no excuses. But at the same time there is still so much to play for and I reckon Arsenal is as much a team in transition as Liverpool. COYG!!

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        • A bad run that’s repeated itself season after season o_O ???? Lets be honest here. There’s something wrong with this squad and by extension the management. You can’t have a Feb-Mar debacle every season and call yourself a top club fighting for the title but eventually settling for a top four trophy yippeeee.

          I actually think missing the top four might be helpful for the club. As much as I’m not a fan of Europa league football on a Thursday, whens the last time you saw us in the champions league and thought “Yeah, we’ve got it locked this year” or “We’ll make it to the semis for sure”…….NEVER. Heres a stat for you poor old United have played 13 games against the top 9 and won once. Guess who that once is ?

          If we’re transitioning we’re doing a piss poor job at it then.

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        • “and call yourself a top club fighting for the title”

          where did that come from?

          when in your history were you ever a top club mate? When i say top i mean top like barcelona bayern milan madrid etc. not a few cups here and there and ten champions titles in 110 years of history……

          who told you that arsenal is fighting for the title since they moved grounds?

          Have you seen anyone come out and say : “We are going for the title!”. all i hear is requests to be patient and give them time and see where we are end of season.

          one team can win the champions league and id say its about 4-5 teams that enter with aim to win it every year, for everybody else ( that includes us) its all about the prestige and money it pays…

          surely youre at an age to understand that for a company that has borrowed 450 million to build a football stadium, they are quite desperate to get the 30m the champions league pays every year……

          you are approaching arsenal as if they are the finished article and have invested for titles. that is not the case though is it?

          so please instead of projecting your unrealistic expectations on a club that is still in repayment phase try and have a perspective….

          in the end of the day it wasnt wenger who opened the doors to criminals to come and “invest” in epl clubs…. that was tony and gordon.

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    • If he does, can we please not boo him? Sami fine, RVP hell yeah but Sagna has been so loyal and probably our most consistant player for 4 or 5 seasons. Let’s show a bit of class. I’m pretty sure he’ll end up at City.

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      • Let’s show a bit of class


        yeah we sure are classy…abusing the manager who built us our new ground through his transfer activity and calling him useless in tactics because ox at the age of 21 cant beat luiz and ivanovic.

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      • If he signs for Shitty, I’ll definitely boo him. Know why? Because it means that he’s just another spoilt, money grabbing cunt, who despite already being a millionaire is willing to switch to one of our direct rivals who’s owner is part of a human rights violating regime.

        I support Arsenal, not any individual player.

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      • IF this were to happen, I would understand he has to make career decisions and respect that. And he would have to accept that I WOULD boo him for going to one of the oil spigots that is ruining football.

        What I would really like to see, of course, is the three year he seeks at a bump he deserves.

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    • Same as Clichy.Should he want to get more money at the end of his career best of luck to him.If he stays great

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  2. City have Zabaleta, Chelsea have Ivanovic, Liverpool have Johnson…

    My money on Utd because they have those 2 rubbish brazilian twins.

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  3. Yeah would be crazy if utd didnt move for him.
    he would start any were across there back 4 and improve there team.

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  4. ‘Rival’ suggest a parity which I fear just isn’t present between us and any of the title-challenging sides. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go to either City or Liverpool – he is at the stage in life where he wants to challenge for honours and I don’t think he sees this Arsenal team doing that any time soon.

    I like him, on his day an excellent performer but much like the rest of the defence/team, prone to the occasional gaffe and brainfart. A decent replacement will be difficult to find however.

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    • He is much better and far more consistent than any of our current defenders. In fact he’s the only defender we’ve had who would have been good enough to play next to Adams.

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  5. Sagna dispute is not why we can’t compete for the title. How much more could Wenger have spent over the last nine seasons, transfers + wages? £100 million? Certainly not enough to make the difference.

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  6. He’s been an awesome player for us for years, and I’m grateful for that, but if he moves to another Premier League club he won’t be my favourite person…

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  7. I’d wager three years and 150k a week at Liverpool. They have the strikforce to utilise those lovely crosses that Giroud admires from outside the box.

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    • really man, if he had been at city or liverpool he would have had atleast 10-11 assists but our beloved hfb doesnt fancy them and waves(or glance) them goodbye as they pass him bye. it really is a shame that we have a target man who cant be a proper target once in a while. shame

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  8. If we win the Cup, I’m pretty sure he’ll stay with us. If we bottle it, I wouldn’t be surprised if he says goodbye………..

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  9. I don’t trust a word Thohir says. Sagna may not be headed to Inter, but he could still take a trip home to France. Rather that than him move to a PL rival.

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  10. Considering Sagna refuses to even talk to players like adebayor, I highly doubt he would hurt the club on a Bosman like that. Then again, what do I know. More importantly, what does his agent know….

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  11. He’ll be staying in the Premier League? I want to hear him say he’ll be staying at Arsenal. Going to an EPL rival would be the last straw.

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  12. A move to any of the teams above us does seem unlikely as they all have established players in his position, however as we are now a Man. City feeder club I for some reason expect the worst.

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    • An Arsenal fan calling us a ‘Man City feeder club’? jeez. You sound like a spud.

      I’d say we’ve done pretty well out of them. Adebayor, Clichy, Toure and Na$ri for around £70m?

      With the possible exception of Na$ri (and assuming they hadn’t turned on us) which ones would you put in our team?

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  13. I think everyone would be disappointed if he went to Citeh, but given his age you could understand his reasons BUT there is no way Liverpool should be able to lure our players away! Surely not.

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  14. This should be encouraging but the mood amongst gooners currently makes it pretty worrying. Gut feeling based on nothing, but I’m worried he might be joining Liverpool to replace Johnson who I believe is out of contract this summer too. Don’t do it Baccy, we love you!

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  15. If I was Sagna I’d leave. Just to experience what it was like to actually beat Man United, even a shit Man United and to actually be able to win a few choice games now and again. Unfortunately I’m not Sagna and therefore I can’t leave The Arsenal. The Bosman ruling doesn’t apply to fans, unless you are a former Liverpool supporting used to support Chelsea now following Man City kind of Fan of course.

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  16. Go to a rival? Surely not. Not as though this happened before with RvP the last… Clichy, Paywhore, Nasri, Kolo.. Zzzzzzz

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  17. I find it incredibly hard to believe that Sagna has told anyone, let alone re president of a bloody Italian football team what his intentions are. This story should read: Sagna not signing for Inter Milan. End of story.

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  18. Think he might stay if we win the cup and pay him a reasonable wage compared to some others in the squad.

    It will cost arsenal a lot more to replace him. Just give our most consistent player his deal !!!

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  19. I hope it is clear for the manager and the board that apart from adding quality players in the summer, such as striker, they will have to fork out some dosh to replace those who will leave – Bac, Verm, Fabi, probably Aha, This make it four very decent players.

    We look short now. Let alone once those mentioned have left.

    I’m not 100% convinced the club is convinced we’re heading in a right direction. Not much suggests that.

    Hope not many would share the same concern.


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  20. Have a feeling its City. Yes I think Zabaleta is better, but they can afford £130 000 (or more) a week on a substitute. He wants a big payday and the likelihood of trophies. He won’t get that at United and Chelsea have ivanovic and azpilicueta, both excellent.

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    • He said a while ago that Clichy made the right decision in going to City. So I could see it — huge salary for three years, more rest, chance at trophies. Absolutely sucks.

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  21. I agree with Sarsons Vinegar, until I hear it from Sagna himself I’m taking this with a pinch of salt.
    I do still think he is gonna leave, although I would love to hear him say “The Arsenal made me the player I am today so for that I’m gonna stick around and help my club”

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  22. Santa contract extension really isn’t the reason we can’t compete for the title. Evidence: He is already in the team.

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  23. I still think it’s cheaper to throw a bit more money at Sagna than to go out and sign a new RB.

    We already need a goalkeeper, defensive midfielder, centre back, and striker this year. Maybe we convert Joel Campbell to RB, similar to Gibbs?

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  24. If he wants to go where the money is let him go, or perhaps he’s being like cuntpersie and seaching elsewhere for glory.

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  25. Sagna is our most consistent player going forward and back. I hate to say it as its a Liverpool song but we all dream off a team of Sagna’s. Commitment and consistency. If every player had his commitment and consistency in good performances we would be top of the league. ohh for walcott rambo whiltshire and ozil. ATM

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  26. Chelsea? City? Liverpool?

    Hopefully we have come to an agreement for him. he is the player we should extend for another 3 seasons at least. It will give us decent time to assess Jenkinson further and Bellerin.

    Frankly would have preferred we did not extend Rosicky (good as he is, his injury issues will not diminish with age), Rather use the money to come close to Sagna’s expectations as a reward for his loyalty all these years but also based on his robust physique able to endure another 3 seasons of top flight competition.

    Thought we should have gunned for Konoplyanka in Jan (if not this summer). he was ready to go to Liverpool (big mistake for him and us) for 16m. The Ukrainian plays with plenty of pace and will add trickery to the LW. he can (like Santi) also play across midfield and at 24 will be a decent candidate to succeed the Spaniard in years to come.

    perhaps if Podolski does a shock departure (for want of playing time), it would make some sense to retain Rosicky for experience but we should add someone with technical ability like Konoplyanka on the flanks as an option to Walcott, Ox and the developing Gnabry in the wide areas. Add to a pacier striker (to Giroud), it will allow us to transition quicker on the break and play with a bit more verve we use to have some many seasons past. We are way to deliberate at times these days.

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    • “he is the player we should extend for another 3 seasons at least”

      He’s approaching his 32nd birthday FFS !!

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  27. Assess Jenks – no need – he’s a tryer but he’s cannon fodder we have to stop pussying around with all this potential BS get the finished article.

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  28. I’ll never forgive Arsene if Sagna leaves, never. I’m really surprised that arseblog has not joined in making a good case for paying Sagna his due wage. If Theo could got what he asked for in 2013 why can’t we give Sagna what he truly deserves. It is not enough to say that Bac is a decent player. Bac is wonderful and should be rewarded not just for his loyalty and dedication but more so for his exemplary hard work and a valuable utility player,

    For me, I’d prefer to see Wenger leave than for Bac to leave. It’s really a pity that we keep indulging in self-destructive permutations.

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  29. Arsena are a bunch of idiots if theymlet him go. wemgers policymof lettingmpayers go,past 30 is a failure. there is never any leadership or experiance on the team. if they let thispolicy comtinue Arsenal will never win shit all.

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