Sp*rs 0-1 Arsenal: The Guff


A 1-0 win over the old enemy yesterday. Here’s some of the reaction from the press and the blogs.

This victory, secured by Tomas Rosicky’s sumptuous early blast, brimmed with significance and one benefit was that it moved them clear of Tottenham in fifth – the margin is now nine points. They look certain to renew their membership of the Champions League elite for another year. – David Hytner, Guardian.

No doubt that Arsène will look at the performance critically and be concerned how deeply his team retreated. Popular mythology will no doubt have Tottenham pinning them back but that wasn’t the case; Arsenal were comfortable in letting their opponents have the ball, perhaps confident that it would amount to little threat. – A Cultured Left Foot.

The work rate of Lukas Podolski, Santi Cazorla and Tomas Rosicky was impressive, with Mathieu Flamini’s and Thomas Vermaelen’s deployment key in the second half as Wenger tried to hold what he had — evidence that a manager who has long promoted fantasy football is finally appreciating the beauty of an attritional victory. – Kevin Palmer, ESPN.

On this evidence Sherwood has not lost the dressing room but is instead leading it very eagerly and at high speed down a dead-end country lane with a crate full of energy drinks in the boot of the car. – Barney Ronay, Guardian.

Those last two years, when Arsenal beat Spurs by one position and one point into Champions League qualification, looked far away on Sunday. So did the corresponding fixture one year ago when Spurs won 2-1 and Andre Villas-Boas, at the high-point of his tenure and seven points clear of his rivals, condemned Arsenal’s “negative spiral”. Since then the two teams have spiralled in different directions entirely. – Jack Pitt-Brooke, Independent.

In many sectors of the media, yesterday’s performance will be branded as “hanging on” or “backs to the wall”. In all honesty; I can’t say I was especially comfortable throughout, nor was I particularly nervous. I resided in a state of football purgatory where my emotions cancelled each other out, leaving a stark, listless stare on my face as I awaited the jubilation of a confirmed result. When that moment arrived, glorious elation swept over me. There is little that feels as good as beating Tottenham. – The Armchair Gooner.

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The Armchair Gooner summed it up perfectly!



Just have to make sure we beat Chelsea and City without fail.
We went away to Bayern which is effectively the hardest away game in Europe at the moment and got a draw.
Winning away at Chelsea and beating City at home, are far easier games (in theory).

Get the result next weekend, and its on like Donkey Kong.


I was just thinking the same thing!


Negative Spural

Tim Sherwood

Say what you like about the result, but I’ve still yet to see Arsenal execute a decent pass-run-run-cross this season.


North London is RED #COYG

Austrian Gooner

Three wins over Tottenham in one season – what an achievement.

I´m really looking forward to the next matches now:

With 4th place more or less secured and a good FA-Cup draw we could have a go for the premier league without too much pressure!

Come on you Gunners!


Better get used to it again as it’s always been a norm 🙂


so now beating a team that has always been in our shadow is an achievement?
it was about putting them into their place that they deserved.routine job done


Imagine if Everton had spent £100m in the summer; they would, more likely than not, be right up there having spent it intelligently and in moderation.
Instead, Levy gave Baldini £100m, and he dashed over half of it on Soldado and Lamela.
One cannot help but draw the analogy of a young child who found a fiver on the street and ran into the nearest sweet shop, grabbing whatever he could see.


Baldini would have got more for his money by playing the lotto. Plus im so glad adebyor played out of his skin and still could not score, what a great deal we got for him, Wenger laughed all the way to the bank. This season , played 3, Won 3, Scored 4, Conceded 0. Dominant? me thinks so.


still beaming about yesterdays result. bring on Chelsea.

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

Made even sweeter by the fact that they saw red this weekend. It will help out title challenge if we could take three points from them, away like we did at White Site Lane. Would be awesome if Le Manager could sort out the beef between him and Moerinjou and walk away laughing last as he beats his home-reconrd in the ground. That would be cool. I also hope they do indeed have to play extra time against Drogba and still not progress to the next round, then get messed up by us!!!


I wonder if Maureenho got sent off deliberately so he wouldn’t have to face our manager who he branded as “specialist in failures” as we all know. If so then what a little piece of sh1t he is…


Maureen will play ultra defensive, the last thing he will want is Wenger winning his 1000th game and beating him at last and also beating his home record, its set up very nicely for an Arsenal win especially with willian and Ramirez banned. come on you gunners, lets take this lot to the cleaners.

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

Actually did not register that he will be sitting in the stands. Must win this game. Thanks for the reminder.


Is it just me or is arsenal the only team who look like they are just a bunch of kids having fun. Taking things light heartedly in a good sense while still really caring about how we perform. By this I’m referring to things like szez’s selfie, walcotts 2-0 taunt, and podolski’s endless antics. As well as that all the players always seem to always be up for aa joke and are always smiling. To me its very refreshing to see. Reminds me of playing football in a playground with mates which is what its all about.


There aren’t any disruptive characters such as Gallas, Adebayor and to an extent RVP. No one is out for themselves, they all seem to have a deep respect for Wenger, eachother and most importantly the club and its fans, as shown by the great celebrations they had yesterday! It makes the team tighter as a unit, more endearing to the fans and more capable of playing without doubts, players know they can rely on eachother when we’ve got our backs to the wall. It’s fucking great and I really cannot wait for the next couple years, apart from Sagna (sign him up!) I feel we have a really special team emerging!


Yeah definitely, we don’t have any big egos that I can think of (bar TGSTEL) and when the players do take it upon themselves to criticise each other it is always constructive and the players listen and dont take a huff. Mertesacker in particular is great at building up the team in this way. If Vermalen leaves I really hope he gets the captain’s armband he is a true character and clearly a good leader. On the other hand we dont have anyone making stupid comments about other players publicly like Adebayor who I recall saying “He should have passed to me I wouldn’t have missed” or something to that effect in a post-match interview and then there was RVP complaining about other team mates getting in his space. Thank goodness we dont have any attitudes like that polluting our team. I sincerely hope it stays that way but not at the expense of adding an extra bit of quality to help us win a bit more silverware. I hope those two things are not mutually exclusive but going by the quality of the talent alongside the quality of character we have at the moment I would suggest it is not.


It is totally refreshing but we also, finally, seem to have a team where every single player cares about the result and the club they play for.


You can see how much it means to these lads. They actually give a toss and and have the stones to go out there and prove doubters wrong. If we had players with even half the character this squad posses then we would have been celebrating trophies long ago. Sincerely, judas, chinless twat, adebawhore, and the rest of the ship jumpers fuck you all! We don’t need you, we don’t want you, we are better than the likes of you cunts. Arsenal was never a sinking ship, it was just weighed down heavy with over-entitled cunts like yourselves who couldn’t give a fuck about what happened to it as long as they looked good. May you live forever in shame and regret.


Honestly our attacking performance wasn’t even bad.

Playing in the center the Ox had almost no time to make decisions so was making them correctly based on instinct, but all of his poor shots came from having ‘lots of time’ to think, no harm done, but we could of fried the chicken 2-0 or 3-0 by half time and our performance would of been up there with the best all round game.

Virginia Goon

Don’t know if anyone caught it after the whistle but Mozart ran right to a special needs arsenal fan, and tucked his shirt right on his lap. The fan proceeded to give the double fist pump Wenger special. Love that kind of ish.


That moment was sheer class and perfectly sums up why Rosicky will always be an Arsenal legend.


:’-).. Thats my Arsenal


I give Rosicky my last penguin


I’d give him my last Rolo!


The very reason I am a Gooner, this is a team with Big heart. Passionate through and through. The crop of players we have now embodied this spirit so strongly that it shows all over the place. I will enjoy this victory for many years to come. COYG! VCC


One game at the time , now is time for that arrogant Maureen to bite the dust …. “Ohh, we aren’t contenders … “Ohh, we only have a tiny mega billionaire squad full of internationals… Ohhh, no way we can compete this year !…. Booohoohoo …” .


I’m with the bloggers. For all of Spurs territorial dominance, I never felt too worried watching yesterday. Mertesacker and Koscielny just exuded this unshakable calmness as if breaking up every Tottenham attack was child’s play to them.

Massive result because along with United losing it means we don’t have to concern ourselves with the teams outside the top 4. There’s no pressure, we’re in the FA Cup semi-final, so we’re free to play with the shackles off in the league. Injury woes aside, it’s a great time to be taking on Chelsea next weekend. Wenger’s 1000th game in charge for us, could be epic.

Monkey nuts

I started my predictions before the Liverpool away game (which I had down as a draw – if only). I did have us finishing on 90pts second to Man City on 92

Rather worryingly my now predictions are:

1. Liverppol 87pts
2. Chelsea 85
3. Manchester City 84 (better GD)
4. Arsenal 84
5. Manchester Utd 74
6. Tottenham 72
7. Everton 62

To win the league we are basically going to have to win all our games.

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

It wont be THAT close, injuries and suspensions will play a huge role in the last quarter. Some one will pop loose and lead by a few “extra points” for effort and commitment. I have a feeling its THE GUNNERS!! COYG!!!


That you have everton taking 11 pts from 10 games pretty much discredits the whole thing, they play ManU and Palace at home, Sunderland and Fulham away, that’s 12 pts right there.

with chelsea and City to play both Arsenal and Liverpool the top four could go anywhere, but with our injuries and goal difference I think we might end up in 4th. I think the rest will be
5th Everton
6th sp*rs
7th United

United will get Europe courtesy of us winning the FA cup


And just why the hell would your predictions be worrying for anyone at all? Are you clairvoyant? Anyone who even pretends to have an inkling as to how this title race will unfold is fooling no one other than themselves.

New guy

If we ended up with 84 points, I’d be happy with that. I think we’d be champions.


Haha Liverpool is not going to win the league


Just how boring is your life that you predict the other teams points like that. Enjoy the moment!

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

What a fucking goal though, WOW, jurre, got my liewe jeeEeezuzZz!!! Does that mean Girud gets an assist?! Ja hey, and he has more goals this year than the Skunk, fuck yeah!!! I hear he’s talking to an agent, had talks with the manager as well. Giroud: “Eish, Le Manager… you know how my wife bust me with that Lady, yeah well… It wassent me, just saying.
Le Manager: What you mean, Eish… just saying, Giroud? Who did you do this time?
Giroud: Wtf, I mean eish, I wassent me but. Yeah, now she says if I want to do her, and get her into those skimpy outfits, I got to… Eish, how do I put it, no pun intended Boss, She says I should be spending more money on creating the right atmosphere.
Le Manager: Giroud, Giroud, Giroud.. Sigh… What do I know about spending money to create the right atmosphere…
Giroud: Eish, OK cool just checking if maybe I could get a better contract, that guy who used to play here… Yeah that stinky Skunky guy? Yeah, Im outperforming him, (again, no pun intended) Boss.
Le Manager: Oh, I know who you talking about, that guy… yeah… (shakes his head) … taks to the media about his inner child, which I think is a bad thing, too many voices in your head, breaks the concentration. Cant get it in that way, cant score… no good for the ego, no good for the performance, no good for team spirit. What about Le Stukkend? Thats Dutch for Mr Broken. (Laughs out loudly whilst thinking of all that money he got for RVP).. Hehehehehe…
Giroud: Eish Boss, yu see the thing is this, that guy is asking for more money from those guys, so I thought seeing as Im outperforming him, I might as well do the same… Sigh.. .
Le Manager: WTF! Do I look like an idiot to you? Does it say Sir Alex Ferguson on the door, (gets up to confim by opening the door, menacingly stares at the outside of his door…
Giroud: Eish, that’s what I told my wife… Thank you for your time Boss, see you at training…

Saffa Gooner

Bra is jy ok?


Eish was laughing so much i almost fell off my chair . the part about checking the door… Hilarious

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

Ja Im ok Bru, just having a laugh at the fact that Van Persie is asking for more money, and here we Gooners are dissing the guy for his contributions. The guy has more goals and more assists than any of the strikers in the league. Im really enjoying how fluid our attack is.

Im really loving the atmosphere at the club, so I find it easy to poke a bit of fun at the manager’s ability at creating that atmosphere. Also poked a bit of fun at the manager’s perceived lack of spending, and the fact that what he brought in has worked for him so well at times. I say, “at times” as not all his gambles have worked out. Just look at the injury to Podolski, the injuries to Walcot, Ox and now our new signing. Really happy for the BFG. Used to wonder why our central defender was playing striker, lone striker at that at times, and in this last game Mert showed with that shot that he had it in him to test the keeper. Any where else and he would have been man of the match, if he’d scored that.

I really hope we get German kid, last time I hoped for a signing we got Gervinho. A player I loved for his mobility, but lacked the final ball. Draxler looks to have the final ball, and the goal Huntelaar, another player we were after to replace the Skunk, against the star studded Madrid looked what Le Manager is after.

Looking at the league at the moment tells me we surrounded, or rather sandwiched between two high scoring teams. What peaks my excitement is ot that we have the most potent attack, because we honestly do not have that as those type of players are just crazy expensive, but rather that we the most potent team chemistry as the block by our central pairing personified.

We still make silly mistakes, and yet we also score silly goals, and I mean that in the best possible way. Just think of what your face did when you saw the flight of that Rosicky goal. Look at the replay and you’l see Giroud inviting him to “HAVE IT SON!”. When the guys score, there’s no raging into the corner like we used to. These days there’s more of an appreciation from the team of what the goal means to the team and the players, surely for the manager as well, so it’s not all about that one player looking to out-shine the others, because he’s putting himself in the shop window.

Im just happy my little plukky club is looking like it’sgoing in the right direction because of Le Managers long hard work in creating that atmosphere, and I hope he gets a bit lucky, and wins some silverware this season.

I will go so far as to say that FA and second in the league is a step in the right direction. FA and the League would be awesome as I believe it is still there for the taking.



Totally possible !

Red Cannon

Manchester United 74? Ha! There’s no way that’s happnening. They would be VERY lucky to finish in the top 5, and theirabsurd luck ran out as soon as the rosaceous one left the manager’s chair.

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

Please define this word. New to me..


I think he’s describing the sickly red color of Ferguson’s face…

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

Aha, like an old geezer who’s been slapped twice through the face, doing that turning the other cheek thing, fucking fantastic RSAGooner. RVP got lekker gemoer there this weekend hey. Was hoping they’d do us a favor and take some points from Pool. Worried, they so shit you cant even count on them to at least draw.


adjective: BOTANY
adjective: rosaceous
1. relating to or denoting plants of the rose family ( Rosaceae ).

Hope that clears it up for you.

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

Yeah, I suspected as much, just ended up a mind boggled because I did not expect to find such eloquence used to describe… well, that face. Im also of the opinion that that manager used to mess up the league with his bully tactics, and it worked for him, the backlash now that he’s not there any longer, is reflected in the fact that Loose Fools could have scored a fist full of penalties against a club that simply do not know what propper sporting behavior is all about, and you can see that in their cards and penalties. What comes to mind was when Arshevan was murdered in the box whilst the was gently rolling where it would have sat perfectly for either a shot or a killer pass, and brown just picked himself up and continue playing when he should have been red carded for the tackle alone. Not to mention the penalty that he should have conceded having done that in the box.

How things have changed, I just hope our manager, the most experienced manager of this league, gets rewarded for his work this season. I have a smile on my face these days, happy days again.


Also, we here in South Africa rile other supporters up by calling them WORRIED. Pronounced WHAAAAAARIED! Used to get a lot of that over the years from Manure supporters when we were chasing CL position over the years.

Eddy The Gooner

Monkey nuts your name represents the real you. I am sure your brains are full of monkey semen.

Monkey nuts

Says the fellow who can’t even spell Eddie

Rad Carrot

Honestly I’m just glad we’re still in the race. In two weeks time, after the chavs, the swans, $hitteh and the toffees, we’ll know more. I’d say if we’re no more than 4 points off the top by the end of the game against the toon, we may just still have a chance.

We’re not favourites by any means, but then, we rarely are. If someone had said to me that we’ll be in the title race and a good chance of taking the FA Cup in March, after that horrendous first day defeat to Villa, then I’d have asked them what they were smoking.

It can all change in a heartbeat this season, anyway. Exciting; but as all Gooners know, we can’t celebrate anything until we’ve won!


i am annoyed at our fans talking about the “horrendous” first day defeat to villa

lets take our minds back to that day yes ?

pre game all we had was media mocking arsenal fans for putting up with a manager and a policy that had spent next to nothing while the ‘mighty’ spurs were showing real ambition already on a 100m spending spree and 7 new players (to fund italian agents it seems, baldini’s mates)

during game , some bastard little englander referee (who lost his job after his performance in that game) and while home team is ahead, discovers a penalty and a red for arsenal.

after game..the manipulated moronic brotherhood of north london arsewipes starts booing manager and chanting ‘spent some fucking money’

Arsenal wont make it to top4 …..they said.

this same bunch remained hidden till abt two weeks ago when results showed arsenal trailing for 7 points off the top of the table and is waiting for arsenal to fail so as to come out again, like the great fans they are, to ask for the manager’s head.

Rad Carrot

It was a particularly low point for many of us, but I was just trying to make the point that where we are now seemed a long way off on that day. Credit to the team and to the manager for getting us this far. I don’t bring it up because I was interested in what all the tabloids or the sp*ds were saying – I tend to ignore them whatever happens.

But yes, maybe time to move on. A trophy or two would certainly help erase the memory!


appreciate your response

on this though i have some comments

” that where we are now seemed a long way off on that day.”

believe that manager & training stuff are better equipped to know their team’s potential and where they could end up, what with seeing them register most points in a calendar year and perhaps the character and relentless attitude shown ever since the victory in germany last year. far more equipped than the average fan who goes to games as an escape from his daily troubles and to release frustrations

i share your concerns though ( i understand a lot can happen in a season that can switch the tide/psychology of the fan back and forth) i just dont agree that this concern has to do with lack of ability of our players. off course a more pragmatic approach would be to first consolidate with the fixture schedule but our players need the push/lift from the fans too. In sports were a lot is based on momentum fans can be a BIG part.

lets just bomb the bridge to the ground, get to one point and see how the special one feels with the failures breathing down his neck …the cunt .we’ll show him..Arsene will beat him when it matters

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

Ja, loosing that first game was rough. Happy to see the team be prepared to do all they can to support each other when things dont go according to plan. What was a horrendous loss for me, in terms of how I felt, was the loss to Manure. I truly believed they were there for the taking.

Moving along I hope Yaya finds his range and starts banging them in, that and the fact that the Ox has a canons the pace in his feet gives hope for some damaging results against teams underestimating us.

Loved that Rosicky strike, ShhhhhhiiiiiIIIit…


now we need to make sure we beat the Chav team

The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse
The Artist Formerly Known as Danger Mouse

When Cheyu gives away his last penguin you know its something special.

Unyoke the Ox

-1 gd for Spurs. Ha


Nobody can predict how the title race will pan out. Any of the current top 4 clubs could nick it. There are no more favorites as at now. Arsenal has a good chance if they beat Chelsea, City and Everton. Liverpool can also nick it if they beat Chelsea and City. As at now, nobody can sanely call City or Chelsea favorites.


@arseblog where have we finished in the league when we have done the double on spu..s?


Barney Ronay,I need some of the stuff you were taking while typing that. Hehehe


After going through the comments from Sp*rs fans on the Guardian article, their reaction to Tim Sherwood can best be summarized as:



I was way more nervous than the consensus opinion. I’d give Per, Laurent, Tomas 10/10 with Sagna close behind, but I thought despite what was obviously a par excellence defensive performance, we absolutely must keep the ball better than we did against Chelski and Citeh. One particular concern was the poor performance by Giroud. I know for all intents and purposes the stats show Giroud had a better game to Adebayor, but I know who my money would be one if one of them was going to score that day. I thought Giroud was appalling, and last season I was the guy’s biggest fan. I wonder whether all this talk of meeting an agent and trying to engineer a move back to France to save his family life has a grain of truth to it. And I wonder, if it does, whether Giroud can get his head together for the rest of the season before dealing with the issues that he will face in the summer, because we need him to — not just for his goal threat but for his savvy and hold-up play to make sure out midfield can get into the game against tougher opposition who will press better in the middle of the park.

We lost the ball many times against Spurs and against a better team (because despite what many say, they are a bit shit at the moment) we might be punished.

That said, three points against the spuds and a magnificent defensive display against a team who played way way better than they have been playing in recent weeks. So positives to take, but a need for improvement further up the pitch than the back four.

New guy

I wish you were right but unfortunately it looks like every single betting firm disagrees with you… http://www.oddschecker.com/football/english/premier-league/winner

However I would not be against a small wager at 20 to 1 for us to win the double.


If we get at least a point against the rent boys, it’s game on. We’ll need to beat City though if we only draw. Lose and I think it’s gonna be beyond us.

Arsene’s 1000th game. After Maureen’s mouthing off and usual lack of respect, it would be lovely if Arsene can shove his comments down his throat. I hope he isn’t banned for the game. There is a chance Chelsea will win and we’ll get to see Maureen being smug (yeew) but if we can beat them and end Maureen’s unbeaten run at Crapford Bridge…I would (Keegan mode) LOVE IT if we beat them. Love to see that git’s sad face. Love to see him ranting like a bastard. Love to see Wenger hold out his hand for a full time handshake and then ‘psyche’ Maureen.

I’m pumped already. I’ll probably explode by the time the game kicks off.


FUCK! I’m so pumped for the Chelski game now. Please please please oh football gods, let us trounce the evil Chavs! Would be SO sweet!

Red Cannon

@ Injured Gooner
Rosacea is a disease that causes a large, red, bulbous nose & cheeks due to dilated blood vessels and thickened skin in the affected area. It’s often caused by or at least associated with (Medical experts disagree on this point.) excessive alcohol consumption. Sounds like a certain cretinous former douche-bag of a ManUre manager to me, hence he’s the rosaceous one.

Injured Gooner South Africa
Injured Gooner South Africa

Yeah. Sounds about right to me.


Season 1988/1989 Arsenal lost to Villa on the opening day.
Beat Spurs 3 times that season.
Then went on to win the League.