Start spreading the news: Gunners heading Stateside


Arsenal have officially confirmed that they’ll be heading for the USA this summer. As we told you last month the US was very much on the agenda and that’s been set in stone today.

The Gunners will play a friendly against New York Red Bulls in New Jersey on July 26th as part of their pre-season preparations.

That means they’ll face former Gunner Thierry Henry who said, “It goes without saying that hosting Arsenal at Red Bull Arena will be a special moment for me both on a professional and personal level. As I have said before, the club is in my heart and this will be another terrific chapter in my relationship with Arsenal Football Club.

“Along with my team-mates, I am excited to host Arsenal in New York – one of the greatest cities in the world – and hope that Red Bulls and Arsenal fans will be able to enjoy the match.”

While Arsene Wenger said, “This will be a great chance to play in front of supporters who have not seen the team play before. The New York Red Bulls will be midway through their season, so they will provide a good test. Obviously it will be good to play against Thierry. He is a very special player in our club’s history and I know the players and the supporters will enjoy this very much.”

Chief executive Ivan Gazidis added, “We are delighted to be visiting the United States for the first time in 25 years. We enjoy fantastic support there, and in particular in New York, so we are looking forward to providing our fans with an opportunity to watch the team play live.”

No tickets have been announced at this moment in time, but will undoubtedly be made available through official channels of both clubs.

It’s great for US fans, and very tempting for the rest of us to try and combine some holiday time and Arsenal time in a great city.

I gotta hankerin’ for some more of those epic happy-hour Margaritas and late night pizza slices.


  1. Arsenal’s first trip to the USA, for one game at a 25,000 seat stadium. That’s going to be a pretty tough ticket to get.

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    • Yeah, feels like they are leaving a lot of money on the table here. Bet they could fill Met Life at 80,000. If it’s the only game in the US, plenty of Gooners would travel.

      Limited demand will push ticket prices to pretty ridiculous levels on the secondary market and that might get some publicity, but really, a bigger stadium is more money that we wouldn’t spend anyway.

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    • me too! I’d’ve thought they’d play in Yankee Stadium or something, though… I know it’s where the red bulls play but it seems a little weird to stick the game in Newark. gonna have to take goddamn NJ transit

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      • Actually you don’t have to take the NJ transit, you take the PATH train, it’s pretty convenient in the sense that the stadium is right next to the Harrison station. It’s a lot closer & cheaper to get to than London btw.

        And it’s a really nice new stadium, the pitch was nice too. Went across for Henry’s debut (predictably he scored against the visiting Scum) and for the meet & greet w/ Henry, that the fine folks at the NYC Supporters club organized.

        FYI – Henry’s taken the PATH a few times himself (including that evening).

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        • yeah I noticed that you can take the path after I commented that. but as a native of NJ I’m obligated to disparage the public transit options.
          I’m still a little worried about getting tickets but hopefully I’ll be able to!

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  2. I hate to piss on the parade but Red Bull Arena isn’t close to big enough for the only game in the states in a decade. They could play 5 games there and not meet the demand for tickets. Why not do a proper tour of larger venues and make a week out of it?

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    • Because it’s a world cup year, players will need a rest afterwards. We still have to host the unnecessary Emirates Cup and we might yet still have to play in CL quali games and hopefully the FA Community Shield. Simply unfortunate timing. Even one game stateside seems a bit risky and unnecessary in my opinion, but if it’s in place of multiple friendlies I suppose it would be a nice change of pace.

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  3. Yesss finally. I just called nyrb and they are selling only season tickets now which include the arsenal game. They said general sale for the arsenal game will be announced soon

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  4. They need to come to California!! I’ll personally promote ticket sales myself to make sure they sell out the 90,000 seat Rose bowl. I’ll help raise the funds for high profile striker! Falcao? Cavani? Take your pick Wenger!

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    • Absolutely to California! I know they could sell out, say, AT&T Park up north or some large venue in SOCAL. And for that matter, what about the Midwest? When Chelsea and Man City played at Busch Stadium in St. Louis last year, all the tickets went in seconds (and they drew a crowd beating the largest the Cardinals had ever drawn). I’m ready guys, SF, LA, or the Lou!

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  5. Unfortunately with limited seating most attendees will simply be Red Bulls regulars. Arsenal fans from elsewhere probably won’t get a look in. Strange to go so far for a single game – maybe more announcements to follow?

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    • I hope that’s the case, as well. There are many great venues in the US with strong fan support. It would be a shame to go only for one game. A tour westward would make sense, ending with the Sounders.

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    • It’s doubtful any of our World Cup players will go on the tour, which means no Ozil, Cazorla, Mert, etc. But Ramsey will be there, as well as (quite possibly) Walcott. I’m also excited to get another glimpse of Zelalem, who was one of the best surprises of last year’s pre-season.

      I can’t believe I’m already excited for pre-season. It’s almost like I think this season is already over…

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      • As bad as the past week has been, for the first time in 3 years we are actually in with a chance of winning a trophy. And at least we did compete for the league until march (who knows- win on Saturday and we might still be in with a chance. After all the league has been bonkers this season).

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  6. Let’s see……passport to get into States – $80, Gas to drive to NY and back – $150, Hotel – $150ish, Ticket – guessing here @ $200-$300 minimum for scalps as I’d never be able to get one online. Food & souvenirs – $200-300ish. Ouch. Maybe they’ll make a DVD of the game that we can buy…….

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  7. Come to India, pls 🙁
    I know the pitches are bad, but we have a fucking 1.2 lakh-seater stadium at Kolkata. Not a single seat would be vacant.
    And i’ll travel 2,500 kilometers to watch the match.

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  8. Most of the seats at red bull arena are not purchased by season ticket holders. but they will have a resale for us season ticket holders so a lot of seats will get bought up that way, I’m sure. I’m lucky enough to have my 7th row seats included in my season ticket package!!

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  9. I live in London, Ontario and this is the greatest news I have heard in a loooooong time! After 15 years I will finally be able to see The Arsenal in person!

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  10. NYC and AFC, blooming Nora, what a combination! I’d love to be able to get out there for that one. I’m loving reading how excited all the Stateside Gooners are, good on ya lads (and lasses of course!)

    Can hear Thierry Henry ringing out already!

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  11. Much like Ryo, I can imagine this will be a game where they heavily flaunt Zelalem. Again, another game or a biggest venue would have made much more sense.

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  12. I’m glad it’s not at Yankee Stadium.

    The NYC Arsenal supporters will be out in full force. Would be nice to get the lads over to the Blind Pig for some holiday pints….. We can dream, right?


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    • the YES channel used to air Arsenal games…I would like to believe they will contract for a game while the team is in town….

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      • Nah, the Yanks have since partnered with City for the NYC Football Club, the new MLS team in Queens. And they don’t show Arsenal games anymore.

        If they do decide to move it, and I doubt it, since this is a Red Bull event, it would be to Giants stadium at best.

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  13. This is quite the glamour tie. You can sense the MLS is getting properly established now and unlike a cynical tour of an eastern country, there’s an actual link to this friendly, thanks to Thierry.

    Now, play the Emirates-sponsored Cosmos, too.

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  14. Lucky me! Will be visiting New York in July and August. Hoped to catch Thierry Henry in action, now I can watch The Arsenal!!

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  15. shame it is the only game outside of europe. i hope we get back to some hardcore altitude training, but we can do that and then some in Colorado. mint on games there and make stan a few $ from concessions etc.
    i am no operational nor marketing genius, but even i can see 1 game at a 24k seat stadium whilst right on the doorstep of your majority share owner who just so happens to own a team/stadium/training facility in mountains a mile high, is a little “short sighted”. arsene knows?

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  16. Seen EM hundreds of times when I lived back home in London, but will be making the trip up from Florida to see this.

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  17. Good news! I was planning of spending some of my vacation visiting my Brother in New York. Not been stateside since 2008. Could be Nice to time it with Arsenal’s visit. However, i dont fancy our chances at getting tickets if it is only 1 game in a 25k seat stadium?

    I Usually travel 2-4 times a year over to London from Norway to Catch atleast a couple of games each season at the Emirates. So Dont get to watch Arsenal Live all that often. So would be super awesome to get tickets to the New York game since im travelling there Anyway.

    Anyways, it is good they show the States some love aswell 🙂

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  18. This is absolutely great. Can’t wait to purchase tickets for my family. Have been to the Emirates in London but was only able to visit the stadium with no games in play. We were there in July the last two summers. Finally retiring this summer from teaching and will finally be able to attend a game in London in 2014-2015. But at least now I will be able to see them play this summer. I live in New York.

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  19. Does that mean Wenger will still be in charge??? OMG. Kill me now!!!

    Why should there be something wrong with wanting something different???

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  20. Finally! It’ll be great for the club to raise its profile over here, there’s too many kneejerk Chelski and ManUre fans around.

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  21. Amongst season ticket holders, there have been rumors of Arsenal coming to Denver. The Rapids are an affiliated club, owned by the same guy. Makes sense.

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  22. Happy for the sake of all the Gunners in the states. Too bad it’s only one game
    in a tiny stadium tho.

    Wouldnt be surprised if the team went on a longer trip to the US next year!

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  23. This is excellent news.

    Soccer (Footy) is the fastets growing sport in the US and one with a bright future (considering demographics and Hispanic growth)

    Arsenal have been slow to exploit this considering henry’s presence at Red Bulls.

    IMO, they should really sponsor an Arsenal (developmental) team here to compete in the MLS.

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