Thursday, September 18, 2014
Swansea game to be played between Chelsea and City

Swansea game to be played between Chelsea and City

Having been postponed due to Arsenal’s continued involvement in the FA Cup, the Premier League game against Swansea has now been rearranged.

The Gunners will host the Welsh side on Tuesday March 25th. It means the fixture is sandwiched between a trip to Stamford Bridge and the game against Man City on Saturday March 29th.

It’s another game to add to an already hectic schedule which read as follows:

11.03.2014 – Bayern Munich (A)

16.03.2014 – Sp*rs (A)

22.03.2014 – Chelsea (A)

25.03.2014 – Swansea (H)

29.03.2014 – Man City (H)

06.04.2014 – Everton (A)

And that schedule could become even more crowded after Arsenal overturn the 2-0 deficit to Bayern next week.

Fun times!



  1. the ghost of LANS

    im fucking pissed off. i had tickets for a saturday game and it got moved. now im going to have to be hungover at work on a wednesday.

    plus john terry is a cunt as well.

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    • The ghost of Peter Storey

      Shame about your ticket.

      Agree about John Terry.

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    • Worry not. Four of those games are in London where Giroud normally wields his sword (dick?)

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    • Gunner From Another Mother

      While I won’t deny that is unfortunate for you, keep in mind how many of us live thousands of miles away without the chance to ever see them play. I mean, I know (hope) I will one day make it to the Emirates to watch our boys play in person, but don’t forget how privileged you are to be there at all! COYG

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  2. 6 victories in the bag.

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  3. John Terry is a cunt! Nothing else needs adding.

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    • John Terry is a quim-chin
      his team are quim-chins too
      the supporters are all scumbags
      oh we hate the boys in blue

      Mourinho is a quim chin…

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  4. Wasn’t this already the case, or was it just in limbo set to that date? I almost bought plane tickets yesterday for this fixture, still contemplating if I go or not. Might be the only chance to see a game this season… Oh les decisiones!

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  5. Mills (the other one)

    “after Arsenal overturn the 2-0 deficit ” … Oh yes we will, only need to score 2 to be in it, 3 to win it, easy as ..

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  6. Henry! Chance! Goal!!

    We’ll go through against Bayen next week. You heard it here first.

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  7. Have 3 ticks for Swansea game. Stepson and mate can still go on the Tues. I can’t! Bugger. Work colleague taking my seat now.

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  8. If I were Wenger…I’d sign/announce his contract quick! People could be calling for his head again in a month. I can’t remember such a tough run of fixtures…and I can’t see us scoring enough goals to get through this run in good shape.

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  9. Bring it on.. We’ll be having our Rambo back by that time so no worries

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  10. A few days before we play City….


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    • Such great timing. I’ve got another great idea for the FA. Why not organise another two matches in between Chelsea and Swansea, and Swansea and Man City. That would be fantastic. And then organise more matches, preferably meaningless international friendlies, in between those matches, that are in between the other matches. Three days rest does seem a bit much doesn’t it. Modern footballers these days eh.I await your letter of approval Mr Dyke.

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  11. The ghost of Peter Storey

    This is where the strength of our squad tells. Good job we don’t have any injuries to worry about…..

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  12. Overturn 2 goals against Bayern? I am just laughing.

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  13. We did it last year dickhead

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  14. Also fuck you get off arseblog sad ex fulham fan wankshaft

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  15. Djangoon Unchained

    Surely there are other gaps in the schedule that aren’t right in between 2 of our most important PL matches of the season?

    I call sabotage!

    Not that I’ll care once we take maximum points from all remaining games. COYG!

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  16. GarmentDistrict
    Anyone seen this shit? Says we’re worse off that at this stage last year, even while acknowledging we were 24 points behind utd in 5th with 12 points less than now.

    We are at a defining part of the season, and even if we don’t win all remaining games, it would be nice to see everyone grafting and have the quality of our play improving. These players must want a trophy (almost) as much as the fans, now’s the time to show it

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  17. Here we go again, how much more does the FA hate us, can’t they schedule that match when we are less busy?

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  18. The Ox is a fox

    in the future the FA might invent a triangular pitch so that we could play both Everton and Swansea at the same time

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  19. Diaby's hamstring

    This is brutal. We’re facing Swansea only 3 days after Chavski.
    Tell us more about how Arsenal is benefited by the schedule, Mourinho you cunt!

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  20. A big ugly cunt!

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  21. Fucking cska Fulham and Hammersmith fan cunt.

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  22. Fabianski Man of the Match against Bayern! He’s ready! We beat them last year 2-0 in their home so why not again?

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  23. they really do FUCKING hate us the whole world just FUCKING hates us we have morales on an idealism way to run a club a team and project ourself as desent human beings but every time something comes up another brick is put in the wall to fuck us off…… what ever next the word KARMA does not exist in our club only the apes on our backs…. just another fixture you hear the FA say snigger snigger well FUCK OFF I SAY

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  24. Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

    well, not that bad, we can do it!Bring it on!Keep the faith!COYG!

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  25. Henry! Chance! Goal!!

    What I don’t get is why Chelsea fans are doing trolling on Arsenal boards. Signs of serious inferiority complex.

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  26. Gooner in the pilbara

    Fuck all you cunts at the FA,Chelsea ,man city and may your testis shrivel up and fall off ooooh I nearly forgot Liverpool

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  27. It’s a tough run of games in quick succession, but at least those middle four don’t involve travelling out of London.

    and yes John Terry, what a cunt.

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  28. Big games, even today an f.a cup with everton, then bayern in the week the team will be in the mood in these games cup glory fever, coyg

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  29. now i know how much the FA loves us with this kind of fixtures….why cant we have swansea in between norwich and westbrom

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