Video: Aaron Ramsey – The Complete Footballer


Another top video from @william_sass, this time showcasing Aaron Ramsey.

Aaron Ramsey – The Complete Footballer (2013/2014) by f1793141625



  1. I am going to have to tell the rest of the office it is is pleats while walking one off after that video.. I need him back, Mesut needs him back, the team needs him back, and the Premier League needs him back. Been the key from the start!

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    • Yes, but specifically I can’t wait to watch Jack and Aaron develop a partnership over the next 5 years that will become our own version of Iniesta and Xavi. I recall before Aaron’s serious injury how he was starting to gain momentum and everyone in the club was getting so excited to what he was beginning to develop into. Then the injury struck and all eyes moved to Jack who stepped up and stole the show with the masterclass performance against Barca. Then people started to get so excited about what he was beginning to develop into. Then Jack gets hurt and Aaron returns and shows us again how classy he can be. Can’t wait for the both of them to get a nice long run of good health and good form to show us how amazing they can be together.

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    • Jacko*, but we all know what you meant.

      You announced yourself at the beginning of the season, now it’s time to complete the announcement by helping us win the title. I still believe

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  2. he truly has been the spark of our season. Ozil played better, giroud was scoring, theo was getting bucketfuls when fit. Hard tackling in midfield and great running till the end of the game.

    We’ve been lumbering for a while, and unless this Arsenal team is different from all other teams in the Wenger era, that has to change one more time before the end of the season, it always does. Just hope it is not too late and Wenger does not get dogmatic with his selections. Play to attack more directly, while keeping the passing basis.

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    • which means we should break ozil’s thigh and bench him forever, yes? and lock giroud up in a hotel?

      Forget the despair about individual players, this season we have watched with real hope and expectation, and even now it is not over. If the team could last the distance every year like this, I for one am happy—whether we end up with no trophies or three at the end of it.

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        • Yeah, I’m a little skeptical of the way ‘clear cut chances’ are defined though. On a purely quantitative assessment, they’re both stupidly good at helping create chances and that’s the only thing that matters here, I think.

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    • heh. yes, i like lots of things about giroud and have always defended him but his finishing really is abysmal! a fit walcott or AN Other quality striker would have 30 goals racked up in this team. having said that, giroud does a lot of work that nobody else in the team does and his link up play is generally very good so i would like to see him stick around. an alternative man up there has to be a priority for next season.

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  3. Now that’s why he is worth £100k a week.

    The Welsh Jesus’s second coming to save the Arsenal season!!

    Just in time as well.

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  4. Aside from all that, His mobility has been heavily missed. He is always ready to receive the ball. Always passing and moving.

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  5. This makes me happy and sad at the same time.

    Happy — because it’s fantastic that the looks like a completely different footballer compared to last season. Sad — because with him and Theo in the squad, we would still be top of the table.

    Also, black shorts just doesn’t look right.

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    • For all the talk of City’s squad, if they were without Aguero and Toure for similar lengths of time then I doubt they’d have looked quite so imperious.

      I would compare them to Chelsea but they don’t really have any strikers who score goals, and I guess Ramires is the closest thing to Rambo and he’s only a pale imitation (not a bad player though).

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  6. i love rambo! this kid has the talent to be one of the best in the game and now we have him signed up for the best years of his career. we have REALLY, REALLY missed him and walcott this season. let’s not be too down yet gooners! the future is still bright and we’re not out of it by any means this season. let’s see if the lads can dig deep and surprise us in the next few weeks. COYG!!

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  7. Brilliant. With what he has been through I can’t say enough about how inspiring his determination and character has been.

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  8. Man… if we add just one more forward with some speed and a central defender, this team will be so damn complete, like absolutely complete. We will even have our wish for plan B fulfilled. Since Giroud and the other guy (someone in the mould of suarez) will be able to give us two absolutely different dimensions. We will be able to aggressively attack and sit back to see through the game, both, ideally.

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  9. The stage is set for Rambo to return and lead us to Premiership glory. MoTM performances, beautiful assists, goal of the month winners and all around Welsh Jesusness.

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  10. somebody please heal him and get him back.. pleaseeee i beg you.. this video made me cry for what we missed for much of the toughest period this season.. Go Rambo Gooo

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  11. Hurry back Rambo and on fire like you were before your injury. You just score the winner against Man City and against Chelsea and you will do us proud lad. Oh and Maureen will spontaneously combust but that will be the icing on the cake 🙂

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  12. It’s the sheer quality of his tackling that amazes me. How he comes away with the ball after a clean challenge? It’s a testament to his skill, body strength and positioning. The injury was bad timing.

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  13. Aaron Ramsey!
    Theres only one Aaron Ramsey!
    One Aaron Ramsey!
    Practice now because you can bet there will be plenty of occasion for it!
    COYG lets fucking win this thing!

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  14. no-one will see this now, but Ramsey is the only player i can remember wishing Wenger would fight for (vs Ferguson to sign him) as i’d seen something special when he was in the FA cup final for Cardiff. I couldn’t even describe what it was that was worth fighting for, but now i’d just show this video and say ‘there it is’… special ones (who don’t describe themselves as that) can’t often be described in words, it’s just intrinsic talent.

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