Video: Arsenal 4-1 Everton – highlights and pitchside cam highlights


From the FA’s official YouTube channel, a chance to enjoy some of yesterday’s highlights again.

Official Highlights:

Pitchside camera highlights:


  1. That was a “gunning” performance by lads. Keep this motivation, belief, confidence anything is possible.Keep the faith!COYG!

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  2. “If you want any player to play a pass, it’s Ozil.” I hate commentators, he wouldn’t have said that for the last couple of months, and if he mis-hit the pass he would’ve mentioned how Ozil was “off form” and that you’d rather the opportunity didn’t fall to him.

    I don’t really know where I’m going with this. Great win, nice video.

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  3. Love the pitchside one! You get a little glimpse of Mert’s great reactions on the third and fourth. Absolute legend, could not love him more.

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  4. Pitchside cam rocks.

    Mert’s reaction to the third goal rocks.

    Arsenal rock.

    Arseblog rocks.

    Everyone rocks.

    Except John Terry. He’s a c*nt.

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  5. Watching this after seeing City go out has got me so pumped for Bayern and Wembley! Come on you glorious gunners

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  6. Those pitchside highlights rock. The bit where Mertesacker drops to his knees when Giroud scores. Hell yes, that man.

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  7. Arteta celebrated after scoring against his old team, where he was captain, no less. I thought that was frowned upon!

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    • Yeah, I was quite surprised as well and didn’t expect that from him. However, his celebration did seem a bit muted, especially in such a pivotal movement

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    • Compare it to Van Persie, Adebayor and it’s nothing. He smiled while running pretty much. No Cesc-celebration there.

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  8. at 3:03 in the Pitchside cam highlights, when Ozil urges the fans to get loud after Ox gets the penalty, That is not a player who doesn’t care.

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