Wenger: it’s all my fault


Arsene Wenger has accepted full responsibility for today’s shameful 6-0 thrashing by Chelsea. The Arsenal manager was hoping to mark his 1000th game in charge with a positive result, instead we were handed a defeat which was both embarrassing and demoralising.

Wenger eschewed the normal post-match press conference but spoke to various media outlets, and said the result and performance should be attributed to him.

“It was a nightmare and I take full responsibility for it. It leaves it in a very bad situation. But we want to respond. We had two difficult away games at Tottenham and Chelsea.

“If we had played two draws we’d have two points. Having won one we have three points. But today is a huge disappointment of course. When you don’t turn up in a game if this stature – nobody takes that easy.”

With much to consider, he wouldn’t be drawn on the specifics of what went wrong, but did tell French TV that he might have made a mistake with his starting line-up (again without going into details).

“I don’t believe it is the time to talk too much about that. The players are deeply disappointed as we all are. I think let us prepare for the next game

“What is important is to give a response on Tuesday night and that is it.”

This is the part of the story where we add something that might provide some light relief, but we can’t do that today.

Everybody associated with today’s game, manager, players and board, should hang their heads in shame. And while the buck ultimately stops with the manager, and he bears his share of the blame, some of the players who pulled on the Arsenal shirt today need to take a good long look at themselves, because they let themselves and the shirt down.

Now, time for beer.


    • It wasn’t he that missed a good chance to score off of Rosicky’s pass… It wasn’t he that got sent off. Fuck it, learn from mistakes and move on.

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      • We’ve made too many mistakes over the course of the season and i’m not sure we know which one we should bé learning from. It’s just so painful being an arsenal fan sometimes.

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        • 8-2
          Enough is enough, stop this embarrasment. Fuck wenger, especially the players, they dont have the mentality to repaid manager’s faith. Honestly, chesney and others’ attitude of taking selfie when we won spers only 1-0 and kept losing ball on the second half annoy me.

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      • hasn’t it become a pattern that in big games our players go missing all the time,… isn’t this too regular to just blame everything on players,.. what about wenger? he might not believe tactics are important in football, but i say tactics are everything in football (most will agree with me).. he often underestimated the opponents and din’t give the credit they warranted (except in press conferences).. lets try this game, mourinho though playing at home, went for caution when his key players were missing and opted for 2 defensive midfielders, and tried to hit us on break, but wenger instead went for the attack when even a point would have been a great result for us,.. we were missing our best players in ozil, ramsey and wilshere but wenger overestimated the abilities of ox and cazorla,… its time wenger think about tactics and analyse the opponents before each and every game…

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      • Well then…. that was horrific viewing.
        I think the club should pay us all some sort of compensation for watching the whole 90 minutes.

        Match was defined in a moment, if Giroud scored, its one nil Arsenal, game on… but the clown didn’t put away an easy chance, and then Chelsea scored, a carbon copy of what happened to us last year when we played there.

        That’s what happens when you play the big teams unfortunately, if you don’t take an opportunity to score, you’re most likely going to get punished for it.

        We shot ourselves in the foot by not getting a striker in January of genuine top quality.
        Theo is our top scorer, he went out injured, we should of done everything possible to go and get a player who can find the back of the net. Giroud has proven over the last 2 years he isn’t big enough to lead the line for Arsenal.

        No title winning team has won the title with a average striker, and again that’s the area of the team that needs drastic improvement.

        P.S Maureen really showed his class yesterday by walking down the tunnel early on Arsene’s 1000th game, and mentioning nothing about what Arsene has achieved in his programme notes – not even Fergie had that sort of arrogance. ..

        Let the Maureen / Chelsea media bukakke scene commence

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        • You also get punished for letting in 6 goals. Do you really think we would have won if Giroud had scored that first chance?

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    • Blame needs to be shared among Arsene and the players.

      Arsene – No tactical change. We lost basically the same fashion against Man City, Chelsea, and Liverpool. They carved up our defense and we had no answer. Not sure why we constantly play the high line. Against such teams, it may be beneficial to team up Koscielny and Verminator because Mert lacks the pace in the back. But I don’t know. Sometimes, i am not sure if Arsene is just being stubborn, out of ideas, or his players are not executing whatever the tactic that is being employed.

      Our players – you are playing for a manager who has blind faith in you. If you get injured, he doesn’t go out and buy new players to replace you. If you underperform, your manager takes the blame. Yet, for a game that was supposed to celebrate your beloved manager’s 1,000th game in charge, you all played like sh*t. i am not sure if some of our players from the Invincible years would have played the same way.

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      • I agree with all points. I especially am glad you’ve been seemingly one of the minority who’ve noticed Wenger takes the abuse for the dire performance of players. They owe him not vice versa. His faith has secured the career for some of these guys and they’re costing him his legacy.
        Tactics he has final call, but input from Bould, Boro et al goes unpunished. As does the seemingly awful medical team. Which is why despite the poor performances i sympathise with the man.

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        • We used to BE one of the big teams. We could be now if Wenger didn’t think £100m in the bank was better than £100m on the pitch. Thanks for the 1000 Arsene, now fuck off before you destroy us any further.

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      • Absolutely agree JC. At 2-0 I could have lived with that but the sending off leaving us with 10 men against the Chavs who are like dingoes and exploit wounded and weak animals then we got slaughtered. Whisky last night helped temporarily numb the pain.I don’t want to read all the dumb shit that usually follows such a debacle. (insert player of your choices name here) demands more on the pitch. Just pick yourself up and get on with it like we all have to. COYG

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      • I agree to a certain extent. The problem is that Wenger refuses to change and adapt, but sticks to stagnant and predictable football. That is why I think we need a fresh start, someone who at least LEARNS from mistakes… 17 goals conceded against the top 3 is a farce. No other word for it. And what is most painful as a fan is the hope they give you, only to rip it away in 3 weeks.

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    • …and Russell Brand ( who I put on a cunt list between Maureen and Terry but below Cashley) is on match of the Day. Yeah, right, like I’m gonna watch it anyway!

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    • http://www.footyformation.com/team/view/slug/cTn

      Does anyone think this would be a realistic line-up for next season? 3 signings: Draxler, Schneiderlin and Batshuayi. I dunno if anyone else is sold on him (Batshuayi) but he would bring loads of pace, skill and two footed finishing to the team. He’s more of a dynamic striker as opposed to Giroud. Could put Remy in there too, or any other striker you think we’d have a chance of getting, this is just my idea of a realistic summer.

      (Batshuayi highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zk2Y5sfoh8)

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      • If you expect to see that much quality brought in, I must assume you expect Arsene to leave? Yesterday’s man would never spend that much in one window – I strongly suspect Ozil was a Gazidis signing last summer. Ivan: Arsene, Mesut Ozil is available. Arsene: I rate him highly, offer Madrid £12m. Ivan: Okay, done (Dick Law, sign the cheque for £42m, we won’t tell Arsene).

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      • You know who’d be nice?

        Emmanuel Mayuka of Southampton (currently on loan to Sochaux), although I say this because he’s a beast in FIFA, I did find some highlights online that match how I use him ingame. He’s pacy, powerful and not afraid to stare a keeper down and rocket a ball past him.


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        • Why all the negative responses? Is he a bitey racist diver or something? Have any of you watched him play / seen the highlights or did the name FIFA cause an automatic knee-jerk response?

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      • He is protecting the players. This is what he does. You can’t have a go at the players and place blame on all of them because some will respond well to it whereas some won’t. Is this an indication of the teams mental strength (or lack of)? Maybe. I heard a story in the week about one of the games in seasons gone by – we were having our arse handed to us, Pat Rice was absolutely livid and started screaming at the players at half time. Wenger said: “Pat, shut up”. He knew that some would go into their shell more (i.e. Pires) and have a worse second half. He know’s what he is doing in the way he reacts to this shocker in the media. But I admit he may not have known what he was doing tactically today.

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      • He was only protecting himself by wearing that condom . …wait what were we talking about here and who is protecting who?

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  1. After all these years, I still wonder why he protects the players like that. This is one of the many meltdowns this team has had this season, and it’s not because of him.

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        • He also didn’t recruit in January when it was obvious to everyone else that he needed to. The man never learns.

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        • I don’t quite agree with that. His players usually provide a quality performance and he takes little credit; at least not like Jose would explicitly say he deserves.

          The fact his players played like cunts is not all his fault on the day. However I think a new approach to early kick offs and matches against MCFC, CFC and now Liverpool need re-addressing.

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        • Rich

          If it was a one off fair enough, but we have been humiliated so many times this season. Six at City, five at Anfield, six at Chelski. Bottling every big game, mandatory sending off included. It’s disgraceful and the buck stops with Arsene

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        • Not buying someone in January with a bit of pace knowing Walcott was out for the season was a huge mistake, the team looked slow as molasses today. Wenger obviously got his tactic completely wrong, but the players have to take a huge portion of the blame for a performance that was as rancid as mourinho’s wife box.

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        • Why does the buck have to stop with Arsene. Explain the cliche. Why cant it stop with the players who did not perform. He cannot be responsible for how motivated professional footballers are for the biggest game of the year. He can say words at you, he can smash cups in the dressing room. But ultimately motivation is down to the individual. Tactics i can agree to an extent, it’s him, bould, boro, et al.But he takes the blame for the failing of everyone.
          To those who say ‘he recruited these players’ if you sincerely believe, quite genuinely today was them at the best of their ability fair enough, Wenger misjudged a whole squad. It seems everyone is desparate to blame Wenger. Which to an extent is fair enough, but blame Chamberlain he gave the ball away every time he touched, he got gibbs sent off (albeit mistakenly), blame Arteta, Blame Giroud, Blame Poldi, everyone was shit not just wenger.

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        • Don’t forget man utd, we played shit against them too, but they were also shit… they still beat us despite having their worst season in 2 decades.

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        • Du’aine

          The clue is in the word ‘manager’. You obviously do not understand the role. Look it up, including the roles and responsibilities of a ‘manager’, in any business, never mind football.

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    • How can it not be because of him? That’s three times we’ve been shamed this season. Lessons haven’t been learnt. Surely the buck stops with the manager? Perhaps it should stop with a different manager next year.

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    • Moyes isn’t responsible for the mess at Man U? I bet you 80 million quid that if Ferguson was still there they would be challenging for the title. Wenger is responsible too. Our tactics work against smaller teams but not big ones. Still, to put things into context, we were playing a team of fucking ridiculous players on ridiculous wages. But to counter that Liverpool have the same budget we do if not less and are smashing it. Urgh what to say/think.

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      • Our tactics work a damn sight better when Ozil, Wilshire and Ramsey are fit.

        Liverpool have increased their debt by 50 million this season. That is irresponsible, and is not at all similar to the way we budget.

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    • He protects them in public because public shaming isn’t a good motivational tool. The hardest thing for a team after a defeat like that is to pick themselves up and get ready for the next game. Rubbing it in in public only makes it worse.

      Only total incompetents like Tim Sherwood think it’s a good idea.

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  2. One could see that coming from a mile off. You dont let Arteta play as a DM in the big games, and you play Sanogo for the first 60 before bringing on Giroud (like in the Everton game). Ox should have played on the left to negate Ivanovic.

    School boy errors by AW. Very dissappointing and embarassing.

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    • Agreed, we didn’t have stability v Liverpool or City. We should have had both Flamini and Arteta early on. The Ox is too young. Bring him on later or have him on the right.

      Be stable, don’t concede, or if we do get stable again. Don’t lose the game in the first 15 minutes again…

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    • Putting this out there, I don’t think Wenger know what it takes to win the league anymore… He can win a few cups but not the league or champs league. I don’t think hes tactically savy to win big games when needed, or buy big players when the problems in the squad are starring him in the face. I know he always likes to play attractive attacking football, but there is a time and a place to “park the bus” or be more cautious and away to a big team is one of them. Wtf was he thinking leaving Flamini on the bench, or not buying a another attacking player in the 2 transfer windows? I’m not Wenger out, but 3 humiliating defeats in 4 months is hard to take, im not sure many other managers would survive. My only worry would be replacing him and doing a full Moyes on the club, but thats a risk for the board to take, will they, doubt it.

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      • Wenger buys the wrong players and does not properly prepare the team, he may be a good father figure and have a good football philosophy but the last ten years has revealed his limitations. Always the same thing.

        The best way I can describe a Wenger team is naive, when confronted with adversity they don’t know what to do.

        Wenger is not going to go out and make the types of changes Arsenal needs to be truly competitive again. Look at Mourinho, gets rid of Mata because he just does not work hard enough, and who wanted to buy Mata? We have a whole team of Mata’s

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        • Now you’re having a go at the transfers he’s made? You’re acting as though he had the budget of man shitty and chelshite. For the past 8 years or so Wenger has had to compromise for the cheaper players that were available and fuck me he’s done a good job of it considering the amount of money that other teams are allowed to jizz away when they feel like it. Arsenal are one of few clubs who don’t rely on their dictator/sugar daddy to help them out every window in order to reach champions league positions and we’ve had to go through tough shit to get there. We’re still technically in that dark tunnel of stadium debt and bullshit, but from the start of next season we’ll be out in the light and showing who we really are. I think if Wenger fucks up next season, yeah then there aren’t any more excuses, but be as frustrated as you like no other manager would have been able to consistently keep the club as a top 4 team in the past 8 years with the kind of financial limitations the club has had.

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        • This is such an invention, Wenger our savior. By wrong player I do not mean cheap players, I mean inexperienced, physically weak, mentally weak. I also put the failure to buy a striker last summer at Wengers feet, Ozil is a super signing, but not the signing we needed (although with all our small, weak midfielders out injured we do need the cover…). Wenger could have bought a striker, he could have bought one in January. But we need more than a striker, we need a couple of strong midfielders that can move the ball and handle the press. I’ve read some interesting stuff that Wenger is notoriously indecisive when it comes to transfers, I think it is the same with tactics and team selection, he is too afraid to try anything different and this fear is reflected in his team.

          Beyond that, the team is not prepared for the opposition, they should know what is coming and how to deal with it.

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      • “I know he always likes to play attractive attacking football, but there is a time and a place to “park the bus” or be more cautious and away to a big team is one of them.”

        The thing that gets me the most is that he has shown that kind of tactical savvy away at the Allianz, away at Iduna Park when we played against Dortmund, and it was hugely successful. For some reason, a different approach has been taken against top teams domestically and I don’t get it.

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  3. An abomination of a game. We can only curb the rot now and not let it affect our FA Cup chance and the rest of our League matches.

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  4. The players have had 6 days off since the Spuds game and yet again when they take to the field they seem to show a distinct lack of intensity to their game.

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  5. It was his choice (surely it was) to push our full backs forward early on. That’s fine in a home game vs Cardiff, but not away at Chelsea. Or City and Liverpool for that matter.

    This one is on Wenger. The players were a disgrace though. I’ve had a few beers, but if I woke up to the news that we had sold the lot of them, I would not blink.

    Fuck off. Idiots. Just check your bank balances and be happy. Smarten up or fuck off out my beloved club. Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

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  6. Wenger needs to ask himself if he has what it takes to get the club moving forward again. He has done a great job of getting us where we are now but lets face it, we have been going stagnant for years now.

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  7. Bog standard response every time we get beaten, it’s easy to take responsibility for something when you know there no repercussions. AW doesn’t have to answer to anyone about this defeat, or other two humiliations. To get beaten is part of the game, but to get humiliated like we did three times in a season, is unacceptable.

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  8. Don’t understand how this happens, i am at a loss as to how the players collapse so early in these big games against such big teams.
    The fact that this leads Jose to be so smug and so happy makes me vomit into my mouth.

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  9. I fondly look back at 1998. Midfield of Manu and Paddy, big, agressive, scary, the opposition knew they were in a game. Smaller, faster players around them (particularly the fantastic Overmars in that particular year). Small players in the middle of the park? Meh.

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    • This comment hits the nail on the head!

      Arsene dominated the EPL with Paddy V & Manu P in the middle – big strong tacklers. A team full of small, tippi- tappi artists, who play a match like it is a training routine, is never going to cut it against the better teams. How many more thrashing do we have to take before Arsene realises that?

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    • That’s such an “English” response and the reason we don’t create players like messi, iniesta, xavi, ozil etc in this country. Big and strong gets you a Stoke City! Its nothing to do with the size but the tactics. Claude Makele 5’8, Didier Deschamps 5’8, Marcos Senna 5’9 all “small” players but with the defensive and tactical nous. There are many more than this.

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      • so paddy played like a stoke player did he lol,give me a team of skilled strong players any day over tippy tappy sideway crab passers anyday

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  10. Not excusable really. Losing a game happens. Breaking down like we have three times in 4 months should never happen. He needs to tell us how he will turn it around if he wants to stay. We need to see changes in tactics and transfer market. Should he be given one more chance? Not if he is never going to change.

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    • i would say this is the 4th time this has happened this season with the Villa result being the first. It’s the same mistake every time

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      • PFft… We totally outplayed Villa. Bullshit sending off and a bullshit penalty. Even down to 10 men we looked like we might level it up until we got hit on the break.

        Now if you want to bitch about how often we’re getting hit on the break when we look to be the team about to score, that’ll I’ll listen to.

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        • 3 goals on the counter attack due to poor play in midfield. When it happens several times it stops being bad luck and becomes bad preperation, this is basic football.

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  11. Flair and technical players before everything for Arsene. One of his main undoing post the invincibles viera/gilberto etc hardmen era.

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      • And the calling for a dramatic cull of all members of staff of a company to which we have no other real interaction than our persistent observation. That’s our right.

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    • And it’s share of self righteous bellends.

      But hey I love my title chasing (meh) team having their arse handed to them.

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  12. Also, its a different game if giroud takes his chance in the first few minutes. The first goal is always so important in these big games

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    • It is. But he missed it. Giroud misses a fair number of shots that a really quality striker should make.

      Basically he is Bendtner only without the rubbing-his-dick-on-a-taxi aspect of his personality.

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      • Who has been talking about Giroud and his crappy finishing all this time and people have been slating me and thumbing me down? He is NOT a big game player and he misses important chances all too often against big teams. Was I right or was I right???? Get rid of him and bring in a world class striker and a world class monster DM. Also we need to look at our injury problems – we have FOUR of our best midfielders missing – Ozil, Theo, Ramsey, Wilshere.

        Lastly and most importantly, Wenger needs to change his tactics against the big sides. It is all well and good throwing men forward, but against the likes of Chelsea, we need to start off tight and compact at the back, not allow them any space and stop them from scoring at least till the end of the first half. Chambo should have been on the bench and Flamini and Arteta in front of the back. Chambo should have been brought on around 65 minute mark when they begin to tire and been told to run at their defence.

        I am just gutted, absolutely gutted and miserable today.

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        • Wenger has shown that he is tactically INEPT time and time again. How does he get away with it …. I would really like to know? I would love to have had his income for consistently repeating the same amateurish errors, honestly if I made the same mistakes he continues to make and failed in my job as many times as he has, I would have been sacked after a couple of months, yet he has survived 16 yrs and gets huge pay rises, and is about to be offered another one with a new contract!!

          What an insult!

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        • Arteta needs to be dropped along with podolski ” and let’s not even mention that donkey Giroud . It is heart breaking but arsene’s time is up

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  13. What the fuck does the Spuds match have to do with any of this? Are we the first team to ever play consecutive away matches? And the points? If we had two points from two games, that’d be okay? You’re trying to win a fucking title, how about you aim for more than two fucking points? Can I write an entire comment of rhetorical questions?

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  14. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
    I have been a supporter of ARSENAL since 1987 and since the 2008 seson i lost faith in Wenger, so please take your clothes and leave, you have taken us as far as you can, and you have not renew you self since you joined the club. So please do us a favor and just LEAVE, and we will promise that you will be remembered as a good thing in this amazing club’s history.

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    • I have not been on the Wenger out bandwagon over all the years we have screwed around and messed up our title chances, but after three abysmal performances against what are now the top three, I have to say that we seriously need to look at the management. Wenger is a true legend, but he should retire when the going is good – give us an FA cup trophy and retire, because you don’t want to do a Muhammad Ali and go out with a whimper. I want Klopp.

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  15. We are fucking spineless. when we go a goal down we fuckin implode. we have no goal threat. but fuck we have been saying this since we imploded after eduardos injury. these are AW’s men he puts faith in them but they dont hurt like fans do. the are a fair weather team it saddens me to say it but we have nothing.
    We will win the facup simply because whats left is shitter than us. good job there are no top 6 teams left.
    If we have money to compete its time to clear out and buy big. enough is enough. we were in with a shout this year but ultimately we are not at that level.

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    • But it is not just about the signings is it? The injury problems we seem to get every year have to be addressed. A real solution needs to be sought. Maybe the problem is overworking the players? They should be given sufficient rest and a better rotation policy needs to be used. Who else has their TOP FOUR players out right now??? Ozil, Theo, Ramsey and Wilshire ALL OUT. It is ridiculous. We have enough players to make two midfields, one against the lesser teams and one against the top teams. Maybe a 3 match on 1 match off policy to keep the best players fresh and injury free.

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      • I would not place Wilshere in the top4 based on his performances this season, or last to be honest. Don’t think about injuries to our two most important players, Per and Kos, we lose them and we’ll be lucky to finish in the Europa league places.

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        • Wilshere is playing with knocks and niggles and as has been said previously, he wants to play, even if he is carrying an injury. The way he has played this season, he has obviously been shit, but he is not a shit player, and there has been something there stopping him from playing his best. The best explanation I can come up with is that he has been carrying an injury so he has not been able to raise his game. If Wenger used a proper rotation policy and rested his top players, I honestly think that Wilshere would be a different player as would Ozil and others. We have a big enough squad to cover the better players against the minnows, so why are we not using this big squad?

          Personally, I want to see Zelalem given a go against the bottom half sides. He is a great talent.

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      • Wenger uses players till they drop and then when they drop, they are gone for a long time. Rotate more and show more faith in the so-called lesser players who after-all are the ones that actually end up playing most of the games. And if rotation shows that the lesser players are not good enough, get rid of them asap. Also, when you buy cheap, it is usually because those players have certain drawbacks which often includes being injury prone. What am I saying anyway, here we are talking about a manager who signed an injured player to cover an injured player and we wonder why we have so many injuries?

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  16. Agree with Neil. We went gungho in the first five minutes, committing fullbacks all the way forward and midfielders too. Seems like he fired up the team and told them to take the game to Chelsea. Well, as the script goes, the way to beat Arsenal is to let them come at you and hit them on the break, and boy were Chelsea ever ruthless in their efficiency in doing so.

    It’s as if Wenger couldn’t resist trying to fulfil his Romantic vision of football, when perhaps he would have been better served by a pragmatic approach, such as we’ve taken in various games this season.

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    • It’s a myth nowadays. They didn’t let us ‘come at them’. Nor did Spurs, nor did Pool, City, Everton, etc.

      They press us high, All we do is pass it backwards then either hoof it to Giroud or try it through Sagna. Our midfield cannot bring the ball forward.

      Whst you say used to be true when we had Cesc who could push any opponent back, but we certainly haven’t been in the position to bring the ball forward too often in big games this season. We had maybe one chance, the Giroud one.

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  17. Although I should perhaps make clear that I don’t agree with Neil in saying the entire team should be sold and/or fuck off.

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  18. i don’t understand how this is your fault boss. What happen to our defense, midfield? last time i checked you are not a player, even doe you make the tactics, but if you make them right and if the players mess it up its not your fault in my opinion. The players were too lazy today and nobody knows the fuck why!!!!
    Well, lets just get 3rd or 4th place and win the fa cup, winning that we can also get the community shield…

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  19. well 1st game “arsene who?”
    1000th game “wenger out”
    media’s gona have good time bashing le prof and our beloved arsenal

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  20. Was not Arsene’s fault one bit, should be a lot of ashamed Arsenal players right now.
    Ox has enough experience now to know & do better.

    Thumb up 16 Thumb down 18

  21. We can all discuss the red card till the cows come home. However 2 things stand out – first, the ref Marriner got it horribly wrong, second, that decision doesn’t absolve AW for his team consistently poor performance against key rivals

    Thumb up 17 Thumb down 5

  22. I think Wenger lost his tactics book back in 2006 and since then has come up with a single game plan. It’s looks lovely when it works well, but it’s useless against kicky teams and big clubs. Add that to his tight as a ducks arse wallet when it comes to transfer time and I can’t see us ever winning the league under Wenger again.

    Plus I bet he’s getting a nice pay rise in his new contract, shame he can’t do the same for Sagna.

    Thumb up 28 Thumb down 8

  23. If he says its his fault, what is he doing to rectify it? This is because he dosen’t have the luxury of weeks or months before we face another big team (i.e man shitty next week). Shitty are going to come septic tanks blazing because there is an obvious fear and lack of technical know how to handle such matches by this team

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 0

  24. He’s right tho: 3 points out of 6 away against Chelsea and Spurs is better than 2 out of 6. He’s also right in taking responsibility for the team, both when we win and lose. You can’t just blame someone when it fails, and then refuse to give them credit when it succeeds. So far this season, Wenger has done more right than wrong in my opinion, and I feel it’s important to keep that in mind.

    That being said, he did certain things wrong today, but that’s easy to say after the game. I’ve said this many times before, and I’ll say it again: There’s a reason Ferguson preferred his most experienced players for the big matches, even when they were past their prime and clearly not as good in terms of pure quality as the younger players. Wilshere, and today Ox, just seem to lose their heads in the biggest matches. I’m not saying we would’ve won if Flamini had played instead of Ox, but at least he doesn’t look (slightly) like Gibbs eh ref?

    Yeah I know, I’m sorry, I just couldn’t help myself.

    Thumb up 42 Thumb down 5

    • i said it before the game, to me the line up was wrong all along. Ox and Cazorla are not central midfield players, let alone when the opposition is Matic and Luiz

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

  25. How or why Flamini doesn’t start against Chelski and last week against Sp*ds still baffles me?! Cazorla has been off-form for most matches this season and yet he’s in the team every week. What gives?

    Thumb up 27 Thumb down 1

  26. Sorry to say this on AW’s anniversary but i think it’s time for him to go.I think it’ s clear that he can’ t prepare his team for the big games over the last years.He did n’t help the team in the january transfer window although it is clear to see that we needed a striker and a dm.The only way to move forward is by the end of the season to win the fa cup and wish him farewell and say a huge thanks for what he has done for the club all these years.Our constant failures are no longer coincedences but errors of Arsene & the club.Lets hope that someone in the club board makes the right decision

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  27. Utter, utter fucking shite. As much as I love the theory of just letting the players go out & play it has to be said that it has now been proven as completely fucking ineffectual when facing a team whose manager may have taken the opportunity to watch up to 10 mins worth of our play. Stubbornness is easily undone by tactics, I fear this may herald the retirement of Arsene. I just dread to think how much worse the scoreline would have been if Ozil had been fit.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 6

  28. not his fault today barring the early miss, but would giroud be a nailed on starter for every game were he at chelsea, liverpool or city? i doubt it. he’s a fucking carthorse and our lack of a striking alternative (podolski, surely deserves a run up front) has cost us this season. they kept turning the volume down on the coverage today when the bloke with the booming voice kept shouting “giroud you are shit”. whoever that was is pretty much right – you are never going to win the premiership when you have him as your automatic choice up front.

    Thumb up 26 Thumb down 2

  29. “If we had played two draws we’d have two points. Having won one we have three points.”
    Yeah, except you’ve also given Chelsea three points.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 0

  30. The funny thing is, if it weren’t for our early season form, the top four would have been an impossibility this year.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 5

  31. To be fair, it’s not easy getting up early for these 12.45 kick-offs away from home. First look at the alarm clock and there’s plenty of time, then the next…….

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 3

  32. If a Chess grand master kept playing the same Gambit every game, then his 2nd, 3rd and 4th moves were quite often the same too. It wouldn’t take long before all challengers were able to beat him, thus making his tactics less strategic and devastating. Maybe Le Boss is slowly running out of moves to play and the majority of other managers have sussed how to defeat, what was once invincible. What comes next?

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  33. After yet another away day shambles, the players should make it there priority to refund out of their own pockets all of the fans who made the effort to attend the match today. It’s only going to be 5 minutes of the salaries that they didn’t earn today….!!

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  34. Oh dear, we just don’t bring it for the big games. We concede in the first ten minutes and it nearly always results in capitulation. I have a lot of admiration for what Wenger has achieved, but tit simply can not ignore three prolific defeats against the main title contenders. These big games should be firing up the players, but it’s just not happening. Why? I don’t have the answer. It’s a sad day. Onwards and upwards!

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  35. Did the game look kinda familiar?First time Ashley Cole played for Chelsea against Arsenal we did exactly the same thing,let the full backs attack and pop cross field balls in behind them.Alexander Hleb gave Cole a torrid time that day.Someone should have taken responsibility and filled those spaces but Koscielny had to do it,stretching the defence out of shape.Should’ve started with Arteta and Flamini and played them on the break.Wengers mistake was thinking they would play the way they did at The Emirates,playing not to lose and hoping for a goal on the break or a set piece.There’s no way they would play this way at the bridge!

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  36. I guess it seems right to blame Wenger but there’s 11 players and three subs who deserve most of it. It’s not like Wenger can play for them.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 7

    • Admittedly half the team did not turn up today, but it is the manager who should be tailoring the game plan to fit the opponent

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 5

      • I don’t think that’s fair. Wenger loves the club and wants to do well for it – I don’t think there can be any doubt about that. It’s got nothing to do with fucking money.

        Look, we’ve fucked up. Badly. But now we need to win as many of our remaining games as we can, and see where we end up. If we can make top four, and win the FA Cup, then I’d consider this season to be a successful one (considering it was the first season in years that we’ve challenged for the title).

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  37. Why does this keep happening to us at 12.45pm kick offs?!?!
    Bad prep and a lack of focus or an inability to recognise the oppositions tactocs surely stems from the manager.

    Thumb up 6 Thumb down 5

  38. I think it’s solely a problem with lack of confidence against big teams.

    I tried jumping a barbed wire fence once and a sudden lapse in confidence saw me run straight into it.
    A hindered mind can’t jump hurdles.

    IMO it’s a club problem and a few seasoned champions ought to change it.

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 3

    • That comes from the manager though. AW doesnt believe in himself or the players. Huge gulf in belief from a Brendon Rodgers f.eks.

      Thumb up 5 Thumb down 13

  39. Your right it is all down to a.w to take responsibility but your right about this red card sending off changed the pattern & formation of our teams game unlucky gibbs bold fella

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  40. How any manager can take so much humiliation in one season is beyond me! Wenger should make way for a proper manager with some tactical sense to be allowed to take the team somewhere. After the early goals, any manager with passion would be on the lines screaming at his players and making instant changes; not Wenger he stays sitting on his backside, shaking his head. To even imagine facing one of the deadliest forward lines by putting Gibbs and Sagna practically at half-pitch, thus exposing the defence – whatever was left of it, to an impossible task, is plain lunatic. Keep your 1000 games, but the only decent thing you can do is submit your resignation

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  41. Arsenal need to buy two world class DM’s for next season and a world class CF. At the moment Arsenal are missing the derensive capability in big games as well as missing top quality centre forward play. Arsenal have the likes of Ozil Cazorla Ramsey Wilshere Rosicky Walcott Gnabry and Campbell, as attacking midfielders for next seaso, if Wenger buys one more specialist centre forward with pace Arsenal would have a chance to win the league next season.

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  42. This is the 3rd time this season this has happened. Our margin of defeats to our main competitors is getting worse yet somehow we are hanging on by a thread but we are masters of 4th place finish so better than others.

    Thumb up 0 Thumb down 1

  43. Ok ok, shocking result, but Wenger can only do so much. Many players today just didn’t turn up. We were missing arguably 4 of our first 5 midfielders and had a man sent off. You have to take these factors into account. Fault on the starting line up? Maybe Flam should have started alongside Arteta, but that’s it, we’re down to the bare bones so what other options did he have? Really? Please tell me?! (Actually, does anyone have a total cost of the totals of the two entire playing teams today – starting 11 and bench? Torres was 50 ffs – not far off out team I’d imagine)

    I’m proud of Wenger and all he’s achieved, and I hope he’s here for years to come, and I don’t have to remind you of all the stats of money spent in recent times; we have overachieved this once again this season… we’re in with a shout of the FA Cup and will be top 4 once again having spent a fraction of those around us.

    Answer this; if I said to you in Aug we would win the cup and finish top 4 again would you be happy? Of course you would. We’ll strengthen in the summer and have a proper crack at the league next year; and hopefully eradicate these blips against certain teams.

    Thank you Arsene. Let’s hope we win the cup.

    Thumb up 45 Thumb down 19

    • I agree with most of your points, and I appreciate the optimism.
      However, I must say I’m concerned about next season. The World Cup will make preparing for next season much harder, and with our hopeless medical staff it’s entirely possible that we’ll have more injuries in the off season.
      We have so much shit to sort out. Sagna, Fabianski/Viviano and Vermaelen will all most likely have to be replaced. Plus we need a world class striker to replace Giroud. Will Wenger get the money from the board to make these changes? And even if he does, will he be willing to spend it? I’ve lost faith in Wenger to get shit done nice and early, rather than making deadline day signings and hence giving us a rather hectic start to the season.
      I just don’t know. I’m not saying “Wenger Out” just yet, but I think we’ll all know whether he should fuck off or stay by the end of August this year.

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    • I appreciate your optimism, but I’d like to point out that we had a proper crack at the league this year. We’ve been in the running for most of the season, all the way till the end of March, only some 9 or so games left. I think this was our chance at the league, next year will be a transition year with Verms and Bac almost certainly leaving and (god forbid) maybe Wenger too.

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    • Sorry dude, but all of our midfielders are the same and i believe the result would have been the same. We need players with different characteristics. There’s no way Arteta, Cazorla and The Ox could be expected to win physical duels with Matic and Luiz, they’re half the size.

      It’s the manager who keeps on making the same mistakes because he keeps on picking the same type of player and tactics

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  44. Podolski has to go. Arteta needs to be pensioned off. At least one combative, giant-size central midfielder needed to complement the little renaults who run around. World class striker needed, as well as world class attacking midfielder with pace and trickery.

    Team is 2 or 3 French fries short of a happy meal.

    Thumb up 18 Thumb down 12

  45. Perspective is needed. We were pants today but we can all agree that the club is getting better, we are in FA cup semis and although we were humiliated once again by a direct rival, Im finding difficult to participate in the public lynching of the man who has done so much to improve the club I love. Relax- The sun will rise tomorrow, spurs will be behind us and chronic short term ism of clubs like Chelsea will always make any victory a little empty (at least that’s what I tell myself)

    Thumb up 9 Thumb down 3

    • Having a manager who hasn’t learnt from his mistakes over a 1000 match period isn’t short termism. When you keep on making the same mistake again and again there has to be some accountability. Wenger has done a lot of very good things but he has his flaws and must be held to account, his mistakes often have nothing to do with lack of funds but unwillingness to change.

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  46. Some of you are so blind. Wenger ran out of ideas years ago. This will keep happening until he’s gone. It is entirely his fault as he recruited, trained and … er … tactified all the players. Hopeless. I hope he finally realises his time is up and doesn’t sign a new contract. Thumb me down all you like, I couldn’t care less.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 4

  47. Its your fault of course. What next then. Is it your first fault. How come i saw it coming when the line-up came out. Arteta alone at Dm was obviously going to get swamped and our back four would ultimately be exposed. I guess the tactic today was to go at Chelski with all we got. Now thats valourous but how come you forgot the kind of player that would be involved in the likely event of a counter attack. Arsene you had your time and did well for the most part. Exceedingly well at times but you have since become senile and acclamatized with failure. Spinning an explanation everytime your back is on the ropes. Weaving excuses laced with pithy anecdots everytime your credentials come under the microscope. Shut the fuck up and wish us well as we thank you for the memories.

    Thumb up 23 Thumb down 17

  48. I honestly think, and this is nothing but a guess, that the problem lies with the trust Wenger has in his players. Merte shouldn’t have played this game, no matter how great he is against less counterattacking teams. Arteta doesn’t work against the big teams because he’s simply too slow and Podolski wasn’t exactly useful today (or has been in any match this year, in my opinion). Chambo is still too young, it’d seem too, if anything, mentally. I’m disappointed but I hope that with the return of Ramsey and the rest of the gang, we’ll be able to carve as much as possible out of the upcoming matches.

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  49. Wenger might be to blame for the tactics but he is not to blame for 11 people in arsenal shirts playing like a shower of shit! Those players however set up were more than capable of winning that game, hell how much motivation do they need when playing that odious cunt, ending his unbeaten run at home, wengers 1000th game. They should have been giving 150%! All they have succeeded in doing is humiliating him in front of that wanker. Man City and Liverpool were bad enough but this …

    They need to take a long, hard look at themselves because that was a fucking shambles. They were not fit to wear the shirt today with the exception of Tommy maybe who tried his best. They should be embarassed to receive their salary after that!

    I like Giroud but he needs an ultimatum to sort himself out. Since he started screwing around his form has gone down the fucking toilet. I like Podolski too but sadly neither of them are the world class strikers we need to compete and anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy.

    We need another Paddy in the centre of midfield scaring the shit out of opposing players. We need fucking pace all over the team. We need mental strength not a team that self-distructs as soon as the opposition score.

    I cling to the faint hope that we pull ourselves together and win the FA Cup. We have no chance in the PL, I can’t even see us scraping third. Just as long as that wanker does not win the PL and get’s knocked out the CL so at least we can hold out heads up with a semblance of pride and say at least we won something this year and you, you obnoxious twat didn’t.

    GUTTED but not surprised …

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 3

    • Nonsense, just because Cazorla and Ox are exceptional footballers doesn’t mean they can play defensive midfield. Only the delusional would think that that pair along with Arteta could win physical battles against Matic and Luiz, they just don’t have the attributes to complete no matter how hard they try.

      For me, it’s has nothing to do with the attitude of the players but a manager who has removed several important physical attributes from the side and built a side with 5 attacking midfielders

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  50. “Wenger: it’s all my fault.”

    Yes, Arsene, it is all your fault. It’s your fault because:

    1. You failed to prepare the squad this summer, not signing the the top-quality striker, defender or defensive midfielder we needed.

    2. Were tactically inept again today, not picking Flamini, and exposing our defence by playing the milkfloat that is Arteta.

    3.Failed to plan for the pace of Chelsea, playing a high line.

    Please go this summer. We have had enough.

    Thumb up 33 Thumb down 20

        • That obvious is it? point 1) not signing a defensive midfielder …. point 2) didn’t play Flamini (who is a defensive midfielder, who we also signed last summer). I’ll bow to FG when he tells me an alternative other than we failed to do something. I think saying we failed to do something is ‘fucking obvious’ so i’ll give you that. What should we have done then let’s hear some tactical insight as to why a deep defensive line would’ve worked so well for the first time today? Yes we lost, Yes AW played his part in that yes we’re all pissed off… But no you do not know the team better than him and no you do not know more about football than him you sit in the arm chair and say ‘should’ve’

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    • I agree with you fatgooner, In fact you are right almost every single time , but most of the people here simply refuse to accept the reality. And as for wenger leaving….I can’t see him getting fired by the board so he hast to resign on his own.
      Just curious , if you were in charge who would you replace him with?

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      • Thanks for your support, Skinnygooner. Like you said, there are people here who are detached from reality, but I think yesterday’s result has made a few of them wake up.

        For me, Jurgen Klopp would be the man I would like to come in next season. He has done very well in Germany with limited budgets, beating Bayern to the title. But he would have much more money at the Grove.

        The Board don’t have to sack Wenger, just not offer him a new contract. And after yesterday’s debacle why should they?

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        • Jurgen Klopp would be a great manager for Arsenal but there is one thing that worries me : the intensity of his team’s football. Our team is already full of players made of glass and if we start playing like Dortmund (high pressure , running for 90 minutes non-stop) im afraid it could be a disaster…unless of course , we get a better medical staff and rotate our squad properly. If wenger decides leave this year (or the next) , klopp’s our man.
          (and sorry in advance for any errors , english is not my first or second language)

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    • Yeah he was guilty of those things BUT there were 11 Arsenal players on that pitch playing like a fucking pub team when they WERE capable of winning that match. Instead we go that shower of shit and that is down to the players, they are on the pitch …

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  51. And it just proves that cunt fucker cunt Mourinho right. Specialist in failure.

    You cannot deny that there is some truth to these words. Have you ever known a so called big team to lose the way we do. There are so many games since around 2005/2006 that you can name that were such spectacular fails you cannot believe what just happened. There is no shame in losing its HOW we lose. We always seem to find more embarassing and humiliating ways to fuck shit up. and its been a trend for an extremely long time. Just think about it as a fan for minute go through some of our devastating defeats over the last decade and you will realise there are actually to many to even attempt to put into words. Streets ahead of any other so called big club.

    Thumb up 26 Thumb down 10

  52. I cant face another season under Wenger. It’s like fucking groundhog day year after year. Add in the the habitual drubbings from the top teams. The board of Arsenal are a joke to leave this man in charge season after season with nothing to show for it is laughable. Its time for a change. I’ve been a fan since the 70’S and have admired Wenger up to now, but enough is enough! !

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 5

  53. In 14-15 years of following Arsenal this is the first match I stopped watching at half-time. I mean sure there have been a few matches I could not watch at all as I was traveling or something, but never have I had the chance to watch, no issues at all, and I just didn’t bother to tune in for the second half. I switched channels and started watching Cricket World T20. It was shambolic.

    Having said that, I still say win FA Cup, and finish 4th, that is the target. Keep it going.

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  54. The FA have said we can appeal the red card on basis of mistaken identity, but would that mean the card and subsequent ban would be passed onto Ox?

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  55. We should play in brown with a massive picture of a turd on our shirts against Swansea as a mark of disgrace. Unless we give these a chance:

    My team for Swansea:


    Bellerin Sagna Vermaelen Monreal

    ——–Flamini Kalsstrom

    —–Gnabry Zelalem Podolski


    Sersiously. I hear some players read this site. We love you. Do you give a shit? It seems not. If you don’t care I hope you are sold to fucking Stoke/Cardiff or whoever. Absolute fucking disgrace. Did you enjoy the Chelsea ‘fans’ singing ‘Specialist in failure and we want you to stay?”

    We can’t take much more of this shit. 17 goals conceded away in three games at City, Liverpool and Chelsea.

    You are nothing but fucking bottlers. Count the money. I’m sure you’re happy enough.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 16

    • Thank fuck you’re not the manager. Bellerin?! And a player who’s never played in the English league before? Go sleep off anything you’ve been drinking today and come back tomorrow with a clearer head.

      Thumb up 12 Thumb down 4

  56. If anyone thinks Arsene can take the club forward they ate dillussional. We have hot a glass ceiling. We need a winner.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 14

  57. What a difference 24 hours makes. People were falling over each other praising the manager yesterday and now look. He’s still that same man.
    I’m just completely baffled by this performance and result, and I don’t think anyone saw it coming. I can take a defeat, they happen, but it’s the manner of the defeat that hurts. We’ve been decent most of the season, but when we have a bad day, boy do we have one. As I said baffling.

    Thumb up 24 Thumb down 1

    • I definitely saw something like this coming the moment we did not learn from that instance where we were ambling back playing the high back line… That moment before Giroud even got that poor shot away at Cech… Then on we were just opened up and ripped apart… It was a complete ass r*pe

      I would like to ask Wenger if the performances against the Scousers, the mercenaries and the chavs were up to his mark for considering signing a new contract at the end of the season. On the basis of these performances alone he should leave really. Lightning strikes thrice and what are the chances of that? Its a pattern and we have never looked like we worked on it. How can our preparation for big matches be so poor on all grounds planning, preparing mentally for a fight which we lacked? But Le Prof wont go anywhere, its a bygone conclusion. All the assessment at the end of the season part is just a thick smoke screen. Long may this continue i say!

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  58. earlier comments slated his tactics . alls i can see is one tactic … 1 up front . 5 through midfield . 4 at the back . whether we are winning , drawing , or getting mullered like today , it never changes . one trick tactics , one trick manager whos beginning to look like Brian Clough , a once great manager that the game passed by . sad to see,but its time to thank the guy for his efforts and service and move him on . all the top sides have murdered there opponents today thanks to the one thing we dont have …. STRIKERS !

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 4

    • Formation has NOTHING to do with tactics to be honest. Chelsea played the same and battered us with simply pressing our midfield. We wouldn’t have kept more of the ball with another 3 strikers on the pitch.

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  59. It’s Wenger’s responsibility, but in what way does it show? City and Pool was also his, yet he let it happen again. I love him, but seriously – how can a simple pressing game kill our whole game so many times in a season? Even teams like Evertun, and Sunderland did it.

    We don’t have a midfield that can keep the ball while getting pressed, probably because of Arteta, yet what we do is put a lightweight young winger next to him. Away at Stamford Bridge.

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  60. Manager has to take bulk if responsibility. Same in any business. He still deserves a chance to change things. Team needs upgrading as we all know. Too lightweight for me in midfield . Where’s the big string athletes (vieira) we used to have.

    Has to invest well here. Also, no one wins the league without two top class strikers .
    Love to see vermaelen stay. Need 3cbs. Better rotated. Oh, and a right back and keeper too. Not asking for much really !

    Go prove us all wrong arsene.. SPEND THE MONEY

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 3

  61. blame the tactics used today. dont know why they used the highline it makemyhem shit in the back. the team is down too many men. we should have stayed defensive and waited formthe roght moment. butbthat make for boring dootball. all,or nothing .gooners 4 life !…freeeeeeedommmm

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  62. I saw the early kick off time.

    I knew we were fucked.

    If we’d played at midnight the scoreline would’ve been inverted, our boys prowling the pitch with nocturnal deadliness and slicing the blue scum apart with their claws. But unfortunately the sun was up. Podolski’s early morning bratwurst still being digested, the yawning Arses in their red pyjamas were 3 nil down before they even realised they were playing a game of football. Ox was still asleep, dreaming he was goalkeeping in the champions league final.

    If there’s one good thing to come from that disaster today, it’s that Ox would make a fine back up goalie.

    So Wenger out? Na, I still have more respect for the gaffer than that. We were likely to get a point at most so no biggie in terms of the league positions but of course a battering like this is bloody awful, and I sit next to a Chelsea fan at work so not looking forward to Monday morning.

    Thumb up 25 Thumb down 5

  63. Problem was not the starting Line up, But more the fact that Wenger approached this game like he does all others. And Chelsea could practice all week knowing that Arsenal as usual will go out attacking from the start and push up. Chelsea then put pressure on the ball and forced mistakes and being the best counter attacking team in the league atm, they countered us to Death within 10 minutes. And after that the team lost all confidence and got frustrated, and the rest is history.

    If Wenger took into consideration once in a while who we are playing, he would have approached this game with a cynical mindset fielding a ultra defensive formation to begin with and frustrated Chelsea and played counter attacking football. How many times have we been measured and found wanting VS the best teams in Europe when we go all out attack? Alot is how many. Why do we never learn?

    I Love an entertaining game of football as much as the next guy, but when it comes to Arsenal, i am a much bigger fan of winning than i am of entertaining.

    Anyways, Better luck next time. Coyg!

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

    • Wenger reminds me of general melchot in black adder 4, deciding that “the Hun” will never suspect that they will do exactly the same thing they’ve done 17 times previously

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  64. Cam someone explain to me why we play high line defence although we had some nightmares playing that against City and Liverpool?

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 1

    • IMO it was not so High line. But it was just too high regarding how slow and distracted were our back players.

      However, even with a low line, Chelsea players managed to score.

      Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

  65. I think the players are protected by Wenger, and they are mentally weak, Steve Bould should have charged into the changing room at half time and kicked everyone of the players up the arse, and then sent them straight back out to wait on the pitch for 15 minutes, fucking spineless, and no one has been a bigger fan of Arsene than me, but honestly – fucking clueless shambles…..I went to my first game at Highbury in 1980, and today was the first time I felt embarassed by what I’d seen. Shame really but maybe time for Arsene to go???

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  66. I guess wenger will be at home champagne unopened (could become a vintage) 1000th cake uncut and is now surely wondering with Easter around the corner is that golden cannon reaL gold or chocolate, ok he made a tactical fuck up but he is still the guy to deliver now his hands are untied and we really have the money to strengthen the squad doing so isnt always easy even if we have the money. the suarez £1 issue what if we just went gung ho and said £50 mill would tha have made them sell him probably but not to us unless the little boy inside pledged he always wanted to play for AFC blah blah blah we always show an interest in a player easily match the price but the other money bags clubs uknow who pay them a zillion a week so im in the Wenger IN sign the ting

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

    • Again with this hand tied crap,do yourself a favour,you wont need a calculator,add up roughly players like gerv,arsh,chamack,denilson kind of era were paid and what we paid for them,then think of the millions of players that were better than them but cost more,imagine your wenger and have the contacts to get these players obv you wont be able to get as many players for the money but you’d quality over quantity,then add the mindset that you’ve saved on hidden gems like fabregas so ill spend a bit more on player x etc etc,his hands were tied in comparison to the oil clubs, there’s no way we should have fallen to the depths of one point above spurs by the skin of our teeth last day drama every season

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  67. Can you believe Wigan are 8-1 to beat us next week in the cup? I put £20 on them after that performance today. Win win situation I think.

    Thumb up 7 Thumb down 5

    • betting against your own team is never a win win, saying us going out of the cup is not a win situation. Disgusting.

      Thumb up 14 Thumb down 7

  68. It is my 21st birthday today, I got a bloody nice watch from Dad and some money for a holiday this morning, as well as it being Arsene’s 1000th game. The day started with so much promise.

    Add the result to the fact I found out my Great-Nan has pancreatic cancer, it’s safe to call today an absolute f***ing disaster.

    Beers indeed.

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  69. If anyone believes it’s Arsene! He instilled the philosophy that made us invincible.

    Players that have lost 8-2 to Man U among other disasters (and not winning anything) is the issue. A mental issue.

    I hit the fence because I shit myself… having got a bit close to barbed wire before and knowing it hurts, legs buckled, dive formation, couldn’t help but make a mistake.
    A fear, a doubt, whatever you want to call it. It’s prohibitive.

    The players on the pitch need to be able to override it (thus stop taking unnecessary risks, giving balls away and missing blatant chances), which they will through confidence similar to what we saw at the start of the season.

    A few more Özils ought to do that, and the fact we haven’t got them is financial. Nothing to do with Arsene.

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  70. Honestly for me, I don’t blame Wenger for this 3rd away humiliation in these past 4 months. I blame the stupid and sleeping goalkeeper who doesn’t know how to organize his defense. He was between the sticks in all the worst ever Arsenal defeats in recent history. And I don’t know why Arsene won’t give Fabianski a chance in big and crucial games like this. Fabianski haven’t and wouldn’t have conceded stupid goals like that. WS is the biggest disappointment. All I can say about Wenger is that sentiment is killing his record in Arsenal. So sad!!!

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  71. Thank god it was the most important game of the season. If it was only a dead rubber match it could have been embarrassing.

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  72. Beer is not helping. Ahh to loose to anybody 6-0 anybody but maureenio the smug scummy constipated looking fu-k dogs warty inbred testicle.

    Any advice tequila in the eye sounds more pleasant than being concious for match of the day.

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  73. Now I am tired of hearing the same “What is important is to give a response on the next game” old song.

    But let’s see some positive perspectives here : There is no way Arsene could deny that the team needs better players. We are so poor against big teams. Sure we can fight, we can even make a “decent” result, but we cannot win.
    We have a bunch of future great players, we just need to add two/three real world class players to our team. Yes, I believe that the 3-4 awful games of that current season will help Arsene or whoever to make the right decisions for the next season. We will be competitive, the other teams will fear us and our new top class striker (Giroud would be a good sub), a great defensive midfielder and why not a great defender with pace.
    Hope this is not just a dream.

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  74. Another tactically inept display from Arsene Wenger in a big game. Also another gutless, lazy performance from his players against top opposition.

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  75. Seriously Flambo? I’m not saying I want them out of the cup but I think 8-1 odds of Wigan beating us are crazy considering the way they beat citeh in the final last year and again this year. I’m more than happy to lose £20 for Arsenal to go through. I just don’t think they have the bottle as always. And £180 would ease the pain a little.

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  76. once again this team comes up short in the biggest of moments.

    Can’t take 3 points from a garbage MaNure this season. Can’t beat Chelsea and Sir Douche at the helm. Got embarrassed by Man City, Liverpool, and Chelski away.

    Another season with a 3rd or 4th place finish.

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  77. The special cunt told what tactics he had planned for and executed. ‘they like to have the ball and control from the back’ so they pressed high and fast.
    Thing is, we did play a high line and if you are gonna play a high line then you are effectively defending from the front which means you better be able to hold possession. Holding possession is a lot easier when you have a striker who is comfortable dribbling a bit. For all of Giroud’s great hold up play and nifty knock-ons he just ain’t a dribbler. Probably heard it a million times by now but someone like Remy would have been a season changer for us right now but we just don’t have anyone up front that can create from nothing or that can score from a half chance. Someone that scares teams off playing and pressing high against us.
    Also, the rest of the team don’t seem to be able to string more than 3 passes together in the opposition half lately and teams keep punishing us for it.

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  78. Arsene has lost his touch. Anytime this team plays in a game with pressure they nearly always crumble.

    He has been our greatest manager but has also overseen some of biggest embarrassments and that is a fact.

    Thing about Arsene is he could’ve been even better than he was. We could be looking at a manager who has won every major competition instead of losing the final of every major club competition.

    Even his great sides underachieved. The 98 team should’ve won the league in 99 and the invincibles should have won the league in 03 and the champions league in 04.

    Arsene’s aim had always seemed to be trying to play the prettiest football and not about winning which in the end of the day is the point of competitive sport.

    Arsene has transformed the club and put it in a great position but we do need a new man to come in. Some new ideas and a boulder approach to transfers.

    To me it feels like Arsene has been left behind Tactically the big teams have worked us out, Man UTD were the first to do it from about 09. Arsene’s lack of a plan B or attention to the strengths of opponents has caught us out too many times since 06.

    A change of manager can be a good thing. No one is bigger than the club. We were here before Arsene and we’ll be here long after him, he has served us well but the time for a change is upon us.

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  79. Absolutely embarrassed, again, after todays score. The only positive that I personally have, is that I got offered two tickets to go to the game but due to family/kids commitments I couldn’t take the offer up, even though I tried desperately to get it sorted as I really believed we had a chance.

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    Listen up babies, the only reason we were still in this title race was because of Wenger producing master strokes with Özil and Ramey. ‘I don’t think he’s got it in him anymore’ is rubbish, you don’t build a team that can go from 4th to 1st competing in 4 cups in one season, it’s ludicrous. And with a little more luck and a few more big players from the shelf we’re now shopping from we’ll be alright.

    If I had have told you in the first game of the season we’d be competing until the 7th last you’d have scoffed, especially when I added we’d be favourites for the FA Cup.

    Losing 6-0 and bailing out of a trophy race hurts, but since day 1 we’ve punched above our weight, and we’re soon to make the investments to make it our weight group. Give Arsene 2 more years with the financial leeway the new investments have brought, then let’s talk.

    Everything that could go wrong did go wrong today, but we can make this right soon enough.

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  81. I can’t believe we capitulate so easily against the other teams fighting for the title, they seem to find it so easy to carve us open. The games over after 15 minutes.

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  82. We played a 4-1-4-1 today. Arteta ‘holding’ with Ox and Santi in front of him Thing is, Wenger decided to push our full backs forward. It meant we were playing 2-1-6-1. Against Chelsea. Away. Against a Maureen team. Maureen was up off the bench after 2 minutes shouting at his players to push into the space behind our full backs. Result? A dry humping by a gang of aids infected mountain gorillas.

    On another site, I said pre game that we need to keep our full backs BACK and keep it tight. That Flamini must play. I’m no fucking football genius but for 7m a year I can’t believe Wenger thought we could just go Kamikazee against a Maureen team. We need to secure top 4 (big wow). Everton may have a say in that as they are getting pretty close now and we go there and have to play City.

    Our away form is a joke. Against the big teams it’s beyond that. It’s a lack of belief. The players may feel that 4th is ok. It isn’t. Beating Norwich and Sunderland is nice and all, but the title is decided in those big games. We haven’t got it. Those players haven’t got it. Wenger should be given the chance of winning the FA Cup and see if he learns.

    However, if next season we go away at those grounds with a high line again he needs to go. He’s fucked this up three times now and I actually believed that there was no way he would push his full backs 70 yards up the pitch in the opening minutes against Chelsea away. I thought he must’ve realised the results at Liverpool and City were due to this.

    7m a year? Win the FA Cup and I’ll forgive him, but he needs to take a massive pay cut and clear out the players earning millions and bottling it when it counts. There are a quite a few of them. The players and manager (not the club) should refund those away fans today. Just seen Arsenal fan TV’s interview with Claude. He needed help from the medics today for chest pains. He’s ok now but the passion in his interview needs to be shown to those fucking moronic players today.

    Thank god I’m not the manager as I would transfer list the lot of them today.

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    • totally agree buddy . its time for change , hope to fuck he doesn’t sign a new contract or i will never see us win jack before either me or him dies first !

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  83. For the optimists let’s not forget Walcott, Ramsey ,Wilshere and Ozil were not playing. That could perhaps help explain the lack of quality passing when pressed high. Ox has played some good games but in my opinion his short range passing under pressure is a real struggle. Him next to Arteta with a high aggressive and organised press is suicidal. AW keeps saying Ox will play centrally but i cant see it. (Im nobody to judge either however) He’s more a driving player who runs at people, risk in that is he will lose the ball occasionally. Lose it wide then that can be recovered but lose it centrally with just Per behind, then we’re screwed. Long ball outlets to press them back today were Rosicky, Cazorla, Poldi and Giroud. With walcott defenders have to naturally drop because of his pace, drop deeper=weaker press=more time on the ball.
    I felt most sorry for Per. Per is world class when he has the game in front of him but that needs secure central midfielders. Unfortunately i think Arteta’s legs have gone and opposing teams have identified that.

    Awful result, Awful performance but there is no point in sacking everyone we can name right this second. See the season out, identify targets/areas of improvement and reassess whichever way that takes us. I wonder how Wenger would be viewed if Chelsea and City had never had Russian and Qatari money pumped into them.
    Should the Morganites get their way, Thomas Tuchel would be my choice as replacement. Risky i know but so was Wenger.

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  84. Feel sorry for per and kid after all their good work all season and pride in winnin last weekend he whored them out today and let them get the finest ass raping ever.

    Logic said keep it tight. Chelski might actually struggle to score what with a 39 year old up front. Logic said play arteta and flam with ox in front santi and rosa on wings. Put santi on right as asspillacunto was going to attack play rosa on ivanabitch. Stop him attacking.

    But no play podzol ski and ox and allow us to be openede up with a four v 2. Stagnant and Gibbs should being told stay back keep it tight with art and flam

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  85. At least he admitted it was large his fault I suppose but a bit late now. The high line & reckless attacking against a side that chews up that kind of tactic was suicidal. We simply need to be far more cagey against such sides like we were against bayern & even Chelsea earlier on in the season. Chelsea struggle to score against some of the shittest teams in the league when they keep it tight. We should have done the same but the team balance was horribly askew today

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  86. I despise mourinho but he is far more astute than wenger. Another big game where our biggest flaws are exposed. Lack of pace up front, missing key personel, and too slow from Arteta etc. I think Arteta, podolksi, and giroud are excellent squad players but to have them in the biggest games of the season is a real worry. You either have people castigating the whole team or being ultra positive, when the truth is somewhere inbetween. Having a fit theo, Ozil, and Ramsey and we wouldnt have lost 6-0. Bring in a strong powerful midfielder and a world class striker and we will be alright next season.
    Look at Liverpool… Their team is no better than ours, but having pace, trickery and frankly a genius in Suarez is getting them a lot further.

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  87. hazzard . rooney ,suarez . van der twat , sturridge , aguero , negrado , djeko , tell me who weve got that is better than those ? tells its own story . while other teams scout and spend big , we look at the bargain basement … and pleeeeeeese dont quote oooooozil , waste of 30 million at least

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  88. I can bet with anybody Wenger if he stays this summer will not see any player that can improve his shitty squad, he had the chance to strengthen this January all he got was an injured player! The football world has left him behind he should just go or develop a heart attack and give th team a chance going forward.

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    • I dunno, a Benzema up top and Konoplyanka wide should be enough attacking-wise.

      We will of course also need a Sagna replacement, Fabianski and Vermaelen.

      So I am not sure if he will add the two up top we need. This is the problem.

      But there are players available this summer that are of higher caliber than those we could get in jan.

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    • Remember Thierry when he was first recruited from Juve? Wasn’t he, er, injury-prone?

      Yes, it is fucking embarrassing to put on the Arsenal shirt.

      Yes, we got our arses handed to us.

      Yes, Mourinho is laughing his head off at us.

      But, this season is the first after having the stadium financing sorted out, and there’s money coming in.

      If, in the next season, Arsene, whom we trust, still cannot make us proud Gooners, then he should go.

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  89. I am bored of this……..I’m sick of Wenger running my weekends…….its got to the point where I just don’t care anymore…….that’s the biggest insult I can give him.

    We do not have one world class player anymore or a player that gets you off your seat.

    I hope he wins the FA cup and then shows some class and resigns!

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  90. The result could make Wenger consider retirement – if he can’t get the players up for his 1000th game in charge, in such an important fixture of the season, to a team managed by someone who called him a “specialist in failure”, is it worth continuing and having his legendary status tarnished?

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    • I think if he doesn’t get the FA (consolation) cup, he will.

      It will mean we are not moving forward…again. Even with the FA cup, it really means F all.

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  91. No need to get personal. Arsene has done great things for the club. If you want a new manager fine, it’s what I want but come on have a bit of respect

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  92. Let’s pick ourselves up and move on beat Swansea 4 points behind with half a side beat city at home who knows keep the faith and what did she where she wore she wore she wore a yellow ribbon she wore a yellow ribbon and were going wembley wembley wembley were the famous arsenal and were going wembley chin up boys

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  93. Players need to accept some responsibility too
    Yes our squad is weak with injuries but we shouldn’t be losing 6-0!

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  94. One of the problems was the setup of the team. IF he had to pick the same XI again, surely there is no reason as to why the OX was in CM, and Rosicky on the right. Why not play Flamini from the start and keep it tight? Then there are the tactics.

    Arsene is the textbook definition of insanity. At 5-0 we were still playing a high line with the Offside Trap. That smacks of a raw manager with tactical naivety as opposed to a seasoned veteran with 1000 games in charge of the club.

    I posted on Twitter earlier that this summer we may have a problem, as 7 of our core squad (Fab, Sag, Verm Poldi, Arteta, Flamini, Giroud), are either not the long term answer, or will be gone in the summer. At a guess, we need at least this to compete for the title. – GK, RB, CB (2), DM, LW, RW, ST (2)

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  95. Dear God…
    In May 2005 when Patrick Viera stepped up to take the decisive penalty in the FA Cup final against Man Utd….when I prayed to you and said “I don’t care if we ever win another trophy, just let him score” ….I didn’t fucking mean it , OK!?!

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  96. Why doesn’t anyone get that concept that in January you’re very rarely going to get a world class player moving teams. Unless you pay over the odds for players. And people will say matic etc but it is rare. People wanted Costa etc to come in January but even though some people see Costa as world class he is not and even his club wouldn’t let him move in January. I’m not saying Giroud is the answer butThe strengthening should’ve occurred at the start of the season and that’s what the club should answer, if it was Wenger making that decision or if he wasn’t backed to get another striker. I know he’s publically said we didn’t need one but I think he says those things sometimes to protect the club. Wenger doesn’t need to be sacked, every manager has had bad days and this result was hard to watch and get through the match but I think that come the end of the season the club as a whole needs to evaluate what they’re doing and the direction. It’s easy to create a scapegoat after a result like this but rash decisions can have a negative affect as well.

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  97. Wenger has flattered to deceive in recent seasons because of his general good acumen in the market.

    It has papered over some shortcomings with his tactics. He is generally slow to switch things around tactically.

    Where he was able to depend on a bevy of super talented players to make up for tactical inefficiencies in his earlier reign, he is less able to do so as several teams in the PL now boast equally good caliber squads and the rest of the league has caught up tactically with the increase in foreign coaches/managers.

    But particularly telling this season is our inability to cross the line against the teams around us at the top. Are we simply not good enough or is there a psychological block because we are not fired up enough for it.

    We should be playing every game now like it was our last game where you get the feeling that we are still playing with too many permutations in our heads.


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  98. @casorla..overreaction much..am sure you will be one of those who start praising everyone to kingdom come when we start winning games as well..
    Truth lies somewhere inbetween

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  99. Managing in hindsight is so easy.
    After the bore draw at the emirates with the same pack of cunts*, everyone was slagging us off for being too defensive. This time, he goes all out attack, and still gets slagged off (if we had only lost 1-0, the narritive on here would be exactly the same).
    Granted, he should have tried to find the middle ground, but as I said at the start, management in hindsight is so easy.
    He tried a brave attacking formation and it failed spectacularly, but does that make him a bad manager? Even put with the other thumpings we’ve suffered this season, do these results really discount the last 17 years of loyal service, 2 doubles, an unbeaten season (so what if it was 10 years ago?), a new stadium and training ground, top 4 finishes every season, keeping sp*rs in our shadow, and everything else he has given to The Arsenal?
    I’ll give you a little clue, the answer is a simple 2 letter word that begins with N.

    *is “pack of cunts” the correct collective term for a group of cunts? Or should it be “herd”, “flock” or just simply “chelsea”?

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    • Sorry but if after 1000 games you keep on making the same mistake you have to be held to account. Past performance counts but the last success was 9 years ago. The finances might explain not being able to buy certain players but it does not explain the repetative tactics which continue to fail.

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  100. I have to laugh at some of our fans saying seriously, would you not have been happy if i told you in august, we will win the fa cup and finish in the top 4? and this comment got 20 likes!!!!!

    WE HAVE NOT WON THE FA CUP!!!!!!!!!!
    we should finish top 4!
    But you think we have the fa cup? Wake up!

    What you should be fucking saying is!!!
    If i told you in august, we will have a chance of going 7 points clear at the top, take the lead against everton and end up dropping points at home, then we will go to man citys ground and get humiliated 6-3, go to the worst united side in years and let the scummiest ex arsenal player score and beat us! Get hammered by liverpool 5-1 get throwing out of the league cup at home to chelsea! Get humiliated 6-0 at chelsea, end up maybe 4th and reach the semis of the fa cup, would you be happy?


    If we do win the cup! Yes that is a great improvement! I and every arsenal fan will be happy!

    But some fans are not getting the point!!

    If we lost today 1-0 or 2-1 or lost all those other humiliating games by low margains and gave our all and lost with pride and kept our dignity!! We would be able to accept defeat!!


    And how are we repaid?


    Spurs lost 6-0 to city? Do you remember how funny that was? Do you remember what you thought about there performance? That result?
    They are a joke!
    And against the big teams!!

    And do not be suprised, if we get put out of the fa cup! BE GUTTED WE ALL WILL BE!
    But we are used to failure now, its beyond a joke at this stage, remember the carling cup final v birmingham? Everybody thinking we had it in the bag? We have nothing yet!

    I hope and pray we can win the fa cup! They better wise to fuck up and sort out the ridiculous high line they play! Snd grow a set of balls! Watching Cazorla today was like putting a barbie doll into a ring with Mike Tyson. That team should be embarrassed of themselves! But no just like they promised last time ohh it wont happen again? It fucking did! And by next week theyl be posing in there ferraris posting pictures on their twitters or out fucking models in hotels and cheating, our out smoking in nightclubs? Our out rubbing their dicks against taxis? Then getting hammered by teams!


    fuck im pissed off with the way our club os being run! And the fact that some fans are still trying to paper over the grand canyon!

    We played 27 games! Against the smaller clubs YES TWENTY SEVEN And conceded 17 goals

    We played 3 games! Against the bigger teams,YES THREE!!!!!!!
    and conceded 17 goals!

    If wenger does not buy and buy big! Spend at least £100 million on world class players! At least 2. And change his tactics! Then i would not mind if he went un the summer! And we get guardiola or klopp ir somebody like that! I would not care! I love wenger i love the man to bits hes done so much for us! But ffs he is not helping the club no more! People say who can we get? People say who can come in and do as good as wenger?

    What does the new manager have to do? FINISH FOURTH? Thats all we are doing for a decade!!
    People need to wake up. We are being humiliated every year!! This is all history!!
    8-2 6-3 5-1 6-0 getting slaughtered embarrassed humiliated arsenal is bigger and better than this and we the fans deserve more than what we are paying for!

    Imagine us beating chelsea 6-0????


    Imagine beating united 8-2
    When was the last time we beat them?
    It makes me sick to my stomach the way wenger is accepting these defeats! There not fucking once off humiliations!
    When will he learn? Its been happening for years! Wake up arsenal fans stop licking arsene wengers hole! Hes like our father figure we dont want to let him go! But your like the players! Grow a set if balls!!!! Nobody no person is bigger than thus club! Wenger has done wonders! Brought us forward but hes slowly taking us off our high horse! Si what im saying! Is if wenger does not buy big this summer! Prepare for more failure and misery!!

    Im keeping faith in him and the team until the fa cup semi final/final. If this team gives there all we have a good chance! If this team folds like today! Then its time to get down and dirty in the boardroom!

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  101. Sure that several have written it but where are the players going out and apologising to Arsene? He had his tactics wrong but football is still a game where you have to fight for 90 minutes plus added time. And the worst thing? Losing against a clown.

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  102. What was good enough before it getting fourth is now no longer suffice t. We showed we can splash the cash. We have a decent squad all tied Dow. To long term contracts now add additional flair. Add Axel Witsel and or Matuidi or dream player pig a for cm. Add a striker who not one dimensional. Love giroud really do but we only got one option. Is benezema on for it is remy or Lacoste good enough. Is Jesus happy at real. What about alexi Sanchez.

    If wenger wind fa cup should it be goodbye I dunno. If we had beaten Chelski draw again citeh not lost for remainder of season and won fa cup then he could have left in dignity but now even wi Ning fa cup finishing 3 or 4 th we lost to our rivals 6-1 6-0 6-2 and 1-0. Where does that leave us. Hard luck ?? Injuries ?? No legislating for them losses. Thanks boss but God luck.

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  103. What have we learned about Wenger over the pass decade – tactically he is an absolute novice. At this stage in his career, there is no hope he will ever master the basic skill. The difference between himself and Fergie, is that Fergie knowing his area of weakness will bring in someone with more skill. Arsene will go on hoping no one ever notices.

    Getting tired of the constant apologies – Is he worth the pay award of £24M? Well Arsenal management is making a habit of awarding failure.

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  104. What was Jose’s plan when they came to the emirates. Play for the draw and make up the two points from other games he knew that if Chelsea lost to us the gap would be too big. 6 point game away from home against top opposition 1st don’t lose. Win a bonus!! Wenger had it all wrong, i agree that a win would have put us right in it. but a draw and we would still have been in it.
    Wish i’d laid us on bet fair we went from 10/1 for the league to 50/1 after 1 game.

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  105. The only hope is that this motivates us to get it right this summer. To complete the FULL revamp we’ve been crying out for and to complement the early season tactics with the players that can take us to Chelsea/Man City/ Bayern’s level. A world class centre forward. A REAL defensive midfielder. And another winger in Walcott’s mould. Vermalaen and Sagna are probably leaving as well so we’ll have to replace them too. Wenger might try and blame injuries, even though we obviously needed someone in January, but hopefully he doesn’t fool himself and does what needs to be done!

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  106. Well if we thought the 6-0 was bad ESPN is reporting John Terry, Frank Lampard, and Jose Whorinho want to orally apply Icy Hot to the starting 11’s cum holes as part of their victory celebration!

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  107. Three things I beg of the Arsenal players for the remainder of the season:

    1). Play without fear,
    2). Play without fear;
    3). Play without fear.

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  108. I don’t understand why Giroud, after he has been caught staying up late before a game(and I heard is not the first time), and performing crap as a striker is still starting? When you allow this to a player, what kind of message are you putting across to our other players who are playing their hearts out for the team like Sagna? This is one reason our players become weaklings and do not fear any retribution even when they don’t perform like last night.

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  109. The reason for why Özil has not played good since the begining is because he has no fast players to give a final ball to. Oliver Giroud is one of the slowest strikers in the premiership. Good in the air but he cant beat any center half for speed. We need a fast striker with killer instict in front of goal then Özil will be the best. He keeps trying to put the ball behind defenders with Giroud just to slow and to late.

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  110. After watching spurs outplay us and the way they easily taken the ball off us I knew we were looking trouble against chelsea especially when everyone was saying we did good by not letting them score but thats because its spurs that are shite.
    Hey but there always the fa cup least its a trophy no matter how small it is. im not too confident we will win it though, smaller teams have nothing to lose and will press us which under pressure arsenal could easily bottle it.

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  111. I really don’t know what the fuck is wrong with you lot.

    When we were winning trophy’s we probably had 4 world class players. Today we played without Ozil, Ramsey, Wiltshire and Walcott and had 10 men for most of the match if you expected us to go there and have any chance without those 4 your mad in the head.
    It will take maybe 2 more summers of strengthening to have a squad that will be good enough to win the epl.
    After all the players we sold for the past 8 years I think this season has been great bring on the FA cup the first step on the road back to the top.
    To much we are great when we win and shyte when we loose from supporters these things can happen missing those 4 doesn’t mean the team needs a shrink its some of the so called fans that do.

    Thumb up 5 Thumb down 7

    • The question is what is wrong with you? Accepting a defeat of 6-0 when the players were shit and did not try one bit. Your making excuses for the shit performances! This is not the first time we lost this way. And we have lost by big margauns in big games with the players you listed! And so your saying without them 4 we should go into every game and loose 6-0? Make some sense before coming out with idiotic remarks.

      You think this season has been great? You enjoy watching a team having a chance to go seven points clear, go 1-0 up and drop points at home and miss that chance, you enjoy getting throwing out of the league cup by chelsea when your at home, you enjoy getting smashed 6-3 at man city, humiliated 5-1 at anfield? Beat by stoke with a lack lusture performance, slaughtered by chelsea 6-0 .

      We are 4th place again! Not guaranteed 4th let me say, because we have to play city, we loose that, everton can be 3 points or so behind us, guess who we play then? Everton at their ground! You seen how the team fairs with pressure. The fa cup is no cert either, so kindly reply as to how you think this season has been great? The season is not over yet. We are in 4th the only improvement that has been made so far is that we ha e reached the semis of the fa cup! And theres is way more negative things, if you enjoy being thumped 6-0 and see that as a great thing go support chelsea. With 4 players out or not, arsenal fc should not be loosing 6-0 to these clubs. Smaller teams with less quality than our reserves could go to chelsea and not loose by these margins. Fact is that the problems lay deeper than missing a few players. And you need to wake up and stop sniffing the roses. Weve won fuck all yet! And nothing is certsin yet! This season couldbe the worst fron the last 10 . Results like yesterday prove that

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  112. I really thought he would put Flamini in the hole and protect the back four. Then they come out and press up the field and left our goal exposed. Completely his fault. Piss poor.

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    • I have had loads of conversations at work with fellow Gooners who thinks Wenger is still the man, but I have been saying his downfall will be his seeming delusion as to thinking “short lightweight” players in the middle of the park can cut it in ENGLAND. Morinho has 3 solid such DMs Matic/Obi Mikel/Luiz, our deluded manager think this is for fun?
      The baffling thing being when he was winning he had tall/physical solid guys like Vierra/Gilberto after Pettit, so his obsession with 5’6+ players like playing Wilshire alongside the inadequate Arteta for me shows the guy has lost the plot. Mo Diame £1million, and Nzonzi similar price from Blackburn to Stoke are the sort of cheap solid players he should have bought last season, there are certain matches that requires physicality!
      If he (Wenger) does not correct this single anomaly he will NEVER win the BPL again. BTW if SAF was still around, we would be 5th.

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  113. if that good for nothing giroud had scored the chance he missed a moment before the cunts scored theirs it whould have been a different case,I have said it times without number that giroud has no business with arsenal football club cos he is shit.we were already a man down before the red card because giroud was nowhere to be found.

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  114. Wow , lots of highly talented and potential football managers are here
    Am impressed at the load of you guys,degrading a man who have been in 1 club for 18 years.
    forget about trophies or watever. His existence in a club for that long have said enough!!!

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  115. Another day of bashings from the Gunners ‘faithful’!
    Its natural.
    Without any doubt the entire team should take the blame for yesterdays proceedings. The Gunners on the pitch dictate the way they played!
    But let’s be realistic and fair and not let ones emotions get the better of us.
    Let’s not again ask for Arsene’s blood.
    He has done great things for Arsenal, not withstanding the lack of trophies!
    Year in Arsenal has been in the UEFA Champions League not much can be said of the other teams not even ManU!
    What Arsenal need is to get into the transfer window this summer and splash the cash on credible players in obvious critical areas then and only then can Arsenal be contenders next season!
    Frustrating though, for loving the game and the way Arsenal play ‘their’ brand of football…which cannot be said of much of the other teams in the UK or Europe, we need to continue to support the Gunners…now especially when the players and uss fans and supporters are in the dumps!
    The Gunners have still the chance of claiming the FA trophy!
    Cheers to both the Gunners and the fans and supporters….and move forward and positive in the games ahead!

    From a Gunners supporter from Singapore.

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  116. 6-3, 5-1 and 6-0 should never happen to us, let alone in one season. Stoke (sorry) even know they have to adapt and raise their game against the big clubs to collect points.

    It’s called a big game mentality, I have mentioned it before that this team has to learn to hate defeat rather than fear it.

    I wonder if against the top three clubs that they have the squads to take advantage of our tactical predictability.

    Most of all there is something psychologically wrong if the team of Arsenal FC is turning up for a match against our rivals feeling so inferior!

    It it days like to day that I seriously start to question the blind faith of “In Arsene we trust”. We have gone stagnant, we are not moving forward. I have said I feel next year could be our year, but there needs to be a number of drastic improvements!

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  117. What I can gather from all of this is that Wenger can’t handle mind games. From the days of Ferguson’s mind games to Jose, Arsene always gives in. After Vieira we’ve not had a Captain who would harden our players up on the pitch. We all know they are talented and better than what they displayed yesterday but they all had their tails between their legs. Wenger needs to stop playing into these Mind games and that’s only when he can put one past Mourinho, and also get himself a hard, rugged, strong, no nonsense DM Captain.

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  118. So no one is allowed to talk about anything worrying or negative after a win, lest he be called “not a real fan”, but now all of a sudden those who thumb down such comments are calling for Arsene’s head?

    So fucking predictable. Shame on all of you.

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  119. We have to admit, arsenal is just not good enough. Wenger has lost the touch after Paris 2006. We need Guardiola….

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

  120. I would say at the very least we need a world class striker, world class winger, world class dm, another cb, bacs on a new contract or world class replacement, same for vermaelen and fab and FUCKING PACE and STEEL all over the pitch.

    You know what is very sad though, if wenger stays I can’t see us getting half of what we need and next season will just be a repeat of this one.

    If he isn’t prepared to buy what the team needs then find a manager who will

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  121. Look we can say what we want about certain tactics and so on, but 2 thing were wrong Saturday.

    1. Team Selection, players like Arteta an Cazorla skills are too far towards technical rather than physical not having players like Wilshere, Ramsey and Diaby we lose a massive edge on our rivals. Losing to Liverpool for me was a bad day at the office but chelsea and Man City have highlighted our lack of size and strength and depth in our squad in comparison to theirs which moves onto point 2.

    2. Strength and depth and big technical lads, we were never expecting to win the league this year but challenge which we have and still have an outside chance relying on results. We have a wonderful chance of getting the 9 year monkey off our backs.

    We need more players I would say as many a 8-9 new players in the summer if you take into account the players we will potentially lose. If we do lose Sagna, Podolski, Bendtner and Vermaelen that’s four players we have to replace we also need to replace Arteta with a more physical specimen I.e. An Inler or Toure type player and buy a back up of a similar mould to them.

    We need to we need quick, direct, powerful wide players in the Ronaldo, Alex Sanchez, Shaquiri or Robben mould, Draxler fits the bill but we need to find a back up for him and for Walcott because we lose our edge when we lose this type of player in the system we employ.

    Then there’s the strikers we have to get a different type of player to Giroud if roumors are true will be heading back to France to save his marriage. Ther are suggestions of Mandzukic will be coming and I hope so he has the Zlatan about him I like him a lot and he’s two steps up from any option we currently have and Beyern would be making a massive mistake because I believe watching him he has the edge in every area on Lewandowski then we need our David Villa or Suarez, personally I would offer Liverpool 90 million for him but that will never happen but we will see.

    Everyone should stop saying our system does not work and the tactics are not right the system does work and the tactics are right but we don’t have the all the correct personnel and depth for it to work all season this season we have shown were are title contenders and doing so relying on one striker and missing 5-6 players through injury in key games. Let’s hope the management realise this and sort it out and flex our new financial strength lets win the cup and be happy with our progress this year and kick on next year

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    • Mandzukic ? Are you insane he is not better than giroud and he only play with his head average player he was shit agianst us and he is shit most of the time in bayern super team that he is the only striker bayern that blew away the bundesliga that mandzukic hasn’t scored more than giroud. shit player

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    • Well if you don’t have the personnel for the system, then change the system to suit the players you have otherwise you are left with a system that doesn’t work. There is more than one way to play football. Chelsea, Liverpool and City did not beat us playing their ‘system’, they played a system that exploited our weaknesses. Arsenal are the only top team that go out the same way all the time, whatever the opposition. With his arrogance, he just thinks, ‘let them worry about us’, well they did and that’s the end result. Wenger’s success was built on a fantastic generation of French players and now France have lost that generation, so has Wenger. One thing that is obvious is that Wenger is tactically clueless and at 60-whatever, he isn’t about to get what he never had. He never achieved his success with tippy tappy, so why suddenly is that his mantra? We used to be a direct team and now it’s pass pass pass. And Giroud a striker? Give me a break!

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  122. I must say scz was not good in goal, the defence was caught out with fast back tracking countering by chavs, no strong hold in midfield to defence with holding 4-3 it was alot of loosing ball, which made matters worse seeing gibbs sent off for nothing, which mean’t wenger had to force subs terrible goal keeping scz

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  123. I support what morinho said, that, arsene wenger is specialist in failure, which is true because wenger is not a good coach, even david moyes is better than wenger because wenger had 3 disappointing games against city, liverpool &chelsea in one season which had not happen to moyes, wenger had a good chance this season to win premier league but because he’s a very stupid, useless, stingy coach he did not buy player in january without any reason, i said wenger is not a good coach because he was leading table with 5 points before but now he’s fighting for top four which is a shame.

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  124. When Eto scored the first goal…I said loudly to myself…that is the difference. Because just a minute or two before that Giroud got a glorious chance when put through by Rosicky, his shot, eventhough was on target, was not clinical and was there to be saved. Thats the difference. We wont create many chances especially against defensive strong teams, but when they come, we need someone to put them away. Eto goal was created by himself, faking Alex and then bending a shot to the corner. That is class. That is quality. So u fortunate for Arsenal, that Giroud simply isnt that.

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  125. Another humiliation to put up with. This one is the worst. I know I’m supposed to hate Spurs the most, but I hate Chelsea even more due to their plastic, glory hunting, racist, mouthy fans and prick of a manager.

    To have that lot in our faces (they won’t stop reminding us until we do the same to them) is hard to cope with.

    Let’s win the FA Cup and buy some players. And no fucking last minute shite again. Let’s try the novel idea of early signings to get them in for pre-season and not after 4 or 5 games hoping to pick up leftovers from a European giant (I love Ozil but we got lucky..that was not a plan).

    One thing is for sure. Giroud isn’t good enough for AFC. Arteta’s legs have gone and we have no power in midfield. Been saying it for about 5 years now. It’s getting pointless complaining anymore. You can’t play a bunch of munchkins in midfield against Matic and Luiz. It was like watching an under eleven team play a over 21 team at times.

    Embarrassing! Sort it out! Refund the away fans! Kick some ass! Drop a few players (if not all of them) for the next game.

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    • Do you still trust Wenger’s judgment on buying players? He thinks Giroud is a top striker ffs. The man was in need of a striker and he went and blew £42m on a yet another attacking midfielder. He collects players, he doesn’t buy to fill a need. Besides Ozil does not have the fight for the premiership, even Real Madrid sold him because they said he lacked the fight to try to stake a place in the team.

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  126. How can [anyone] objectively deny the fact that Wenger has been a serial Specialist in failure!!!

    ***keyword is OBJECTIVELY***

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    • How’s this:
      3 pl titles
      4 FA cups
      a whole season unbeaten
      all while never overspending
      strengthened afc financially for the future by building a new stadium while keeping us in the top fou despite those around us spending crazy money.
      Favourites to win fa cup and likely to finish top 4 again and an outside chance of winning the league. All entirely objective

      Arsenal are better for wenger and any future success arsenal have will be in no small part to him. He has done so much for arsenal and achieved so much but you an arsenal ‘fan’ repeat something said by mourinho. He’s not perfect and sure he makes mistakes but to call him a failure is idiotic and shortsighted

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      • He’s not a failure but he’s past his sell-by date. Just because he did it in the past does not mean he can do it again. As long as he stubbornly refuses to adapt to the modern game and buy the right players and surround himself with specialist coaches in his weak areas and remains untouchable at the club, nothing will change. Sure he could stay and keep us in the top 4 another 5 seasons but we all see now that it is not worth it’s cracked out to be when we keep getting knocked out as soon as the knockout phases start.

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        • Ignoring the fact that, despite some horrific results, this season could still be a very good one – I don’t think you can tell if he’s past his sell by date yet given this is the first year with a more even playing field financially. Hes gotta be given the chance to use it given that its thanks to him.

          We’ll see, he may not be up to it but I think he’s earnt time to try and after everything hes done for the club i’m rooting for him.

          Winning the title in the next couple of years would be wonderful, to win it with wenger would be even better.

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  127. its strange to have the same issues repeated over and over:
    – fullbacks pushing up time and time again
    – players jogging back when the opposition is on a counter attack
    – a holding midfielder whose not really a holding midfielder
    – too many number 10’s behind the striker ( how much we miss theo)
    – a target man with no pacey wingers just doesnt work

    really hope wengerr can get the balance right for next season, you cant win the league with these many problems

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    • actually there was separation between the mids and centerbacks
      when we lost possession there was too much space between
      and too many players forward

      what you are observing is our team chasing the game after it was too late…it was over by then

      with Flamini and Kalstrom both on the bench Wenger got his set up wrong
      Morihno set him up for failure… goating him into a more offensively aggressive setup with Ox and Carzola to each side of Arteta

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  128. 1. Going full on attack with the players available : one word. Idiocy.
    2. Lets say Arsene packs the defence and gets a 0-0. Maureen takes that, we’ve seen before she’s more than happy with a draw most of the time. We have 4 points from 6 from 2 potential ‘banana skin’ away games, and a string of home games to come.

    Some of the decisions he makes : very odd indeed.

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  129. I couldn’t even bring myself to comment yesterday because I just can’t stand all the vitriol. I absolutely hate all the reactionary bullshit. It’s just not my version of support – it reminds me of the boys in my class who defected from my beloved team to Pool in the 80’s cos they’d won something, I don’t remember what cos I was only 5, but I do remember the feeling of betrayal.

    Losing to Chelski is always shit, losing to anyone 6-0 is indescribable for the fans and inexcusable for the team. BUT show some respect and class. We play in a truly competitive league; we should expect some heartache along the way.

    I wrote the above before I went to Mass this morning, this is what I heard there …

    We should glory in our sufferings because suffering produces perseverance; perseverance produces character; and character gives hope.

    It seems that football is my church because THAT is my version of support.

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  130. The Bearman, I like you!
    That’s all it is…. fear.

    IMO fear snowballs until you fist it.

    Perhaps all these ranty ‘Wenger out, Girouds a cunt’ fans and media will be what drives the club to fist it. Who knows?
    But personally I’d prefer to chill out, keep growing like we are, admire our philosophy (largely influenced / created by Arsene Wenger) and wallow in pride rather than silverware. Exercise a bit of patience.

    I believe if the club keeps going as it is, with a few more affordable additions over however long it takes to acquire them, we will be MORE than invincible.

    The thing that irks me the most in life is greedy (not giving a fuck about the world) cunts. And what I know of many economic growth models is that they’re built by them!

    It’d be lovely to say… “we just whooped you with our sausage…
    And it’s a caviar sausage so even you can suck it!”

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    • Ah… thank you ben. You have restored some faith in afc fans. I completely agree with you. Some have such shortsighted tunnel vision about football. Look at the bigger picture and be bloody grateful that aw has made us stronger and more secure in the face of being made redundant by sugar daddies or bankrupt trying to compete. If, as is looking likely we win the fa cup and finish top four thats a successful season, one im sure we would’ve all taken at the start – especially as this is our first season after the frugal years. CFC could easily end up with nothing this year. Will mou then be a failure.

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    • Fantastic philosophy Ben !

      Just chill out and watch the club stagnate as all others surge ahead and achieve that one thing that is no important to Wenger – success !

      A couple of affordable additions and we will be more than invincible.

      You mean like Kim Kallstrom ?

      Wengers record on buying top quality players is patchy to say the least – he even took the most creative midfielder in Europe and turned him into a player devoid of confidence.

      So in your mind we stick with a dinosaur who wouldn’t know what tactics were if they came up and kicked him in the arse. Mourinho has made him Wenger look like a bloody fool and his incompetence has made Arsenal into a laughing stock

      You prefer to see us grow then ?

      Well there has been growth indeed, cannot argue with that. We have gone from a team who struggles to get fourth to a team who gets fourth a bit more comfortably. Real growth there.

      Wenger is a cunt – and the sooner he fucks off the better…

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 3

      • I agree 99% as your last line is too far,he needs to go i think but after all the happy memories he’s given you, even top 4 has had its moments due to the spuds,you can’t say that man,it makes you sound like a spoiled child

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  131. Hahahahah its not how u start is how u finish all u fools in here that supports wenger need to get a reality check the guy is clueless, as i said we will never win another trophie with this guy and finishing 5th or lower is looking very realistic now
    ahahaha im laughing so hard at u wenger loving fools hehehe.

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  132. Very disappointing. Where next from here. More of the same I guess. This club will soon be at war with itself.

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  133. pretty much a red herring. stupidity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. I knew we were most likely going to lose but to lose like that a third time is just unforgivable. I am still not over it. I agonizingly watched the 6-3, 5-1 to the end but as soon as we lost by 2-0 and the way the team was set up I knew not again. but the tv off but it still didn’t help with my mood.You fucked up my whole week Wenger.

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  134. Sorry I know he’s an arsenal boy but Gibbs is fucking shit and offers us nothing going forward and is just about adequate defensively

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 3

    • What other top manager would have someone as injury prone as Gibbs as first choice left back? And because Gibbs is considered first choice, we went and signed a shit player in Monreal as back up. We need a world class back up and then have Gibbs as backup, that way he plays less and is there when needed. Seriously, when you look at Santos, Monreal, Giroud and Jenkinson, you really do wonder if Wenger has lost the plot.

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  135. Wenger has always been a touch naive when it comes to tactics, Mourinho has consistently beaten him. He is a choreographer, very rarely does he account for the opposition. That’s arrogant, which you can afford to be when you have Campbell and Cole in defence, Vieira in midfield and the two best players the clubs ever had upfront.

    When your teams inferior and your manager is tactically inferior you get the mess that happend yesterday.

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  136. I am a Wenger man but I have to say that he definitely made a mess with his line up against Chelsea. I would have expected Mr Wenger should by now should have known the Mourinio way of playing his games. I would have expected something special for his 1000th match which means a change in the Arsenal formation. While the back five remained unchanged I would have played Flamini and Mermaelen with Casarol and the three forwards would have been Roscisky Ox-Ch and Polodosky with Bnagry coming into the game during the 2nd Half.

    I am sure Mourinio would have had his fast forwards harnessed with a chance of ending the match in a draw at least.

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  137. don’t get the point of trashing players now. We probably have the best midfield in England (the only part where we fall a little short is the DM)and the defence is pretty much in the top 4. The only explanation for such big losses against the top 4 is and has always been tactics. How can inferior team get draws or slim loses at worst and we capitulate over and over again? tactics tactics tactics. we always set up the same way and play the same way and get the same results.

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    • Maybe we do not have to trash players. But, to me, if we do not add new players this summer, we will feel the same disillusions than during previous seasons, again and again.

      You say it is tactic : It could have been tactic for 1 goal or 2. Not for 5 or 6. Not at that level, during several key games. Not with Wenger, please. People may think he is outdated, or even not good enough tactician compared to other managers, fine. But he is certainly not dumb !
      It is about what happens currently on the pitch. Were the players too much stressed ? Worried ? Inexperienced ? Naive ? Without any winning spirit ? I do not know. What I know is that they failed. We need guys mentally (and technically) stronger.
      Why small teams make better results than us against our direct opponents ?
      Because they do not try to win. They are not fighting for earning 3 points.
      And because big teams do not give their all against them. While they are ready to prove something against Arsenal.

      And it kills me to say that, but lets face the reality : Chelsea and Manchester City may have better midfield than us. Liverpool has a better striker. And for the for backs, who is an “indisputable” first choice player in national selection ? Not Gibbs (Baines), not Sagna (Debuchy ) maybe Kos (but not unquestionable)… eventually the BFG. Bottom line : we have to bring experience and quality, even if these guys are good players and nice kids. That is just not good enough to win the BPL or/and the CL.
      Plus, bringing top class players will help our current best prospects blossom and meet world class expectations.

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  138. Danb – thanks mate. Likewise.

    No More Sprouts –
    a) Sprouts. They’re good for you. Unlike blind rage. And,
    b)… 6 pints of Guiness… meh

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  139. Wenger says he is to blame. Correct up to a certain point. During the 2005 to 2012,he was repeatedly beaten by red face and Chelsea in the epl and cl.After one or two defeats any manager would take note of how the gunners lost.No ,Wenger went to play in the same style leaving big gaps so that Drogba amass a record number of goals against Arsenal. Same with Ronaldo and Rooney.
    The defeats by Pool and MC shd have him made more wary of Chelsea,the second highest scorers in the epl.Instead he played in the same attacking vein and was soundly thrashed.I doubt red face /Rogers/Mourino would have allowed a a second or third defeat of such proportion.
    He may have 30years coaching experience but tactically he is no match for top 3 managers.This is because of his ego and unwillingness to abandon his attacking and football management which have been failure.
    Already many fans are calling for his head.If he were to stay he will have to incorporate new ideas otherwise it will be better if he lets someone take over.
    There are many high profile candidates whose vision of football is pragmatic ie score asap and no passing orgy and to hell with beautiful soccer. If gold were given for passing orgy and beautiful soccer,Arsenal will be first. Unfortunately football is about goals and winning.

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  140. The Performance on Saturday wasn’t good enough but neither is the response. Going into media lockdown doesn’t help either because eventually the media will ask the nagging questions. The earlier you deal with that lot the better. Also Having witnessed our best performance against an on form Napoli side with Flamini and Arteta in midfield, I thought the two would pair up in midfield more often than they have which is surprising. I think the two should start all our away games. We need to build onto a strong defensive platform. COYG.

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  141. The saddest part about the whole fiasco is that we will be seeing the whole script repeated again next year if Wenger stays. Maybe Arsene knows best, but we know what will happen at the end of the script. Arsenal has become a joke.

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  142. I’ve been an Arsenal fan since 1997 but when i see such results it makes me wonder whether we are improving or backsliding and guess what the main reason is, Wenger is too stubborn, he thinks he is God who makes players.Why not buy us good players and intergrate them with 2 academy graduates every 2 years.Wenger intergates so many young kids at the same time and this causes him not buy coz he wants to pliz his kids.This is not an academy but a football club.Look at how these players react when they lose possession,everyone fears putting his leg to win back the ball.we need five world class players into the team

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