Thursday, August 21, 2014
Wilshere: it’s just bruised. It’s still good, it’s still good.

Wilshere: it’s just bruised. It’s still good, it’s still good.

Jack Wilshere has played down fears he suffered a bad injury in last night’s pointless friendly with Denmark.

The midfielder went into a challenge with Liverpool’s Daniel Agger, then lay there as if his foot has been smashed into a thousand pieces. A stretcher was called, but he got up and carried on, and after the game he revealed:

It is a bit sore, but just a bruise. I have had a scan already and I will be alright.

Arsene Wenger will be anxiously awaiting news of his international stars who played last night. As we know, Laurent Koscielny was not risked by France for their game because of a hamstring strain, so he’ll be assessed before this weekend’s FA Cup clash against Everton.

As yet there have been no further reports of injury, so fingers crossed everyone comes back with a clean bill of health.



  1. Our biggest hopes of Arsenal representation on the England stage rest on this man and the Ox.

    Health to that Ankle!

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    • I’m not sure i share the same enthusiasm of the hope and importance of having representations from Arsenal in the England squad

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      • I do!

        I love Arsenal, and England.

        When England are playing, the more Arsenal on the field, the better.

        When Arsenal are playing, the more England on the team, the better.

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      • Unnecessarilystupid

        Going to hijack this comment. I’ve heard we have some bad news coming about Jack’s ankle.

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  2. Gunner from Kazakhstan

    Rosicky scored last night! What a strike that was!

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  3. Chaillah the gunner

    Out of topic,but am always wondering why people call Van Persie a Cunt,yeah I know he is a Cunt,but why would you call him a Cunt? Wouldn’t be better if you just called him a cunt?

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  4. Everyone is raving about Luke Shaw-have they seen Gibbs play? It baffles me that he doesn’t seem to be spoken off in such glowing terms with regards to the England setup in favour of an 18 year old. But then again Andros bloody Townsend was being hailed as the second coming a little while back, so maybe that says a lot about people’s judgement.

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    • It is about the international experience… Shaw and Baines playing UCL regularly… must be disappointing for Gibbo. Positive is that he doesn’t get injured because of national team friendlies.

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      • I think thats the reasoning, Hodgson doesn’t want to pick someone injury prone in a position hes well stocked, its a hard enough choice between Baines and Cole and add in Shaw. Personally I would take all 3 and sacrifice a winger as they can play as wingers when defending a 1nil lead like we did at the start of the season.

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        • Not sure if you can say it so easily. Baines and Shaw have to play in BPL, League One Cup and FA Cup. Gibbo plays UCL and three other tournaments. He has to play more games and the intensity in the international cup games is much higher. Who knows how Shaw will play against Brazil, Italia and so on… he is good, no doubt! But Gibbo has much more experience. That’s why he deserves a ticket.

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    • 2013-2014 = 2003-2004

      Yes Townsend is overhyped and overrated, but I think this Luke Shaw is the real deal. He’s got the skills to dribble surging forward into dangerous areas, AND make an accurate final pass to find a teammate.

      Kieran Gibbs needs to work on the accuracy of that ‘final pass’ which is often 1-2 yards off the mark. Furthermore he is unable to cut the other direction and pass/shoot with his right foot – making him too predictable.

      As a result I don’t think Gibbs has a chance to play for England until Leighton Baines retires. However if I were Roy Hodgson I’d take Carl Jenkinson over either of Glen Johnson (too stupid) or Kyle Walker (too fat).

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      • Kyle Walker too fat? While that may be the case it hasn’t affected his pace, so I don’t see the issue. Now, if we were to exclude him because he plays for a shitty midtable team I’d be all for it.

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  5. Reparo!

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  6. He needed a stretcher for a bruised ankle? Really? Man up!

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  7. Is it just me and my Arsenal goggles, or is it only Wilshere and Walcott that end up in the wars for England.

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  8. Jack really has to stop rolling around on the floor like he’s been shot every time he’s fouled. It’s unbecoming. I’m sure it hurt but not THAT much.

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    • Honestly, when he gets kicked in his ankles I think it really hurts him because of the metal pins he has in there…

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    • And there’s also the fact that his ankle is actually now broken. Until you’ve had some twat’s studs sunken into your ankle at high speed and have experienced what it really feels like, I suggest you stop whinging about things you obviously know nothing about.

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  9. Ah, I was hoping Kallstrom would start against Everton. I think he’ll do a solid job in the Wilshere position, will provide us the defensive stability that Wilshere can’t.

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  10. Wasn’t that England v Denmark game fantastic! It reminded me of the 1970 World Cup Final between Brazil and Italy. Going back to the boring FA Cup and Premier League this weekend is going to be really tough.

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    • That’s so well put that it makes me wonder if your other posts aren’t also the same superb blend of sarcasm and misdirection, and we’re all just not smart enough to realize it.

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  11. Please no Jack in starting XI against Everton. It’s going to be a good ol’ fashioned FA cup tie and given his Stoke performance, he’s not got the desire at the moment. Gotta start Tommy, he’s really on form, played a blinder for the Czechs last night from reports.

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  12. Kiss my crack….

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  13. gunnersaurus is my dad

    I guarantee that hurt!! imagine kicking (full blast) the spiked part of a boot with the full weight of a man plus his momentum… ouch

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  14. Unnecessarilystupid

    I’ve just hear that some bad news about Jack’s ankle is about to break.

    Source from the FA.

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  15. Out for 6 weeks, lucky we have Kim!

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  16. Just saw on that it is indeed a fracture.

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  17. Fuck you Roy hodgson. Fuck you Daniel agger

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  18. Football can just fuck off and die. Sick of injuries ruining our good seasons.

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  19. It’s still good, It’s still good…….not

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