Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle: by the numbers


Newcastle forced to shoot from distance

20 – Arsenal took 20 shots today, Arsenal haven’t had 20 shots in a League game since we beat Fulham 2-0 on 18 January: Cazorla scored both goals in that game
17 – Arsenal didn’t even take a shot against Newcastle until the 17th minute
8 – Eight of Arsenal’s 20 shots were in the prime area right in front of goal, 2 off target, 2 blocked, 1 saved, 3 goals
8 – Those 8 shots in prime areas are a season best, tied with the 2-0 win over Cardiff on New Year’s Day: Bendtner and Walcott scored the goals in that match
5 – Number of Arsenal shots in the prime area in the first half
4 – Number of Newcastle shots in the first half, all from outside the 18 yard box, only 1 required a save
298 – Newcastle have more shots than any other team from outside the 18 yard box and have only scored 8 goals from those shots
186 – Arsenal have only taken 186 shots from outside the 18 yard box* and only scored 6 goals from those shots
308 – Arsenal have taken 308 shots inside the area and scored 59 goals from those shots
109 – Arsenal have taken 109 shots in prime areas and scored 32 goals from those shots (32 in prime, 27 in between, 6 from distance*)

Why did we dominate? The three headed attacking midfield of Cazorla, Özil, and Ramsey (COR) 



20 – Arsenal’s total shots
8 – Arsenal’s shots on goal
11 – COR combined for 11 key passes, 6 by Ozil, 4 by Cazorla, 1 by Ramsey
8 – COR also had 8 or Arsenal shots, 4 for Cazorla and 2 each from the others
168 – Arsenal had 168 passes in the Newcastle final 1/3
86 – COR had 86 of those passes
15 – Podolski did go 15/15 in the final third which is an event so unusual that I can’t remember seeing that ever happening before
613 – Passes attempted by Arsenal
204 – Passes by COR
6 – COR had 5 of Arsenal’s 6 successful dribbles, Özil alone had 4, that one on the edge of the box was a dribble worth 1000 words (Szczesny had the only other successful Arsenal dribble. His second dribble of the season. You know he’s going to get caught doing that one day, right?)
24 – Cazorla, Ramsey, and Koscielny had 24 of Arsenal’s ball recoveries. 8 each
7 – Arteta led all players with 7/9 tackles, but Ramsey was second with 5/8
5 – Ozil and Cazorla had all 5 of Arsenal’s successful crosses
2 – Ramsey was 2/2 on through balls, Arteta had 1 through ball and Podolski had 1 also
74 – Oh, and Ramsey and Ozil only played 74 minutes
1 – Vacations Newcastle already had booked

Super Koz

52/52 – Passes
21/21 – Forward passes
8 – Clearances (led all players)
1 – Block
2 – Interceptions
0 – Tackles (of 1 attempted)
0 – Fouls
1 – Yellow card
2 – Shots
1 – Shot on goal
1 – Hustle goal that kicked the game off


*Opta data, I count 194 in my personal database because I include shots on the line and even on the inside edge of the 18 yard box


  1. 1.5 The amount of Newcastle players that looked like they Gabe a shit. The Hapless Krul and half for Ameobi who at least tried to run at players.

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    • What’s yours as well?

      Mine would be something like:


      The CB spot is probably the hardest given there are quite the contenders like Cahill, Terry (I hate them too but football wise), Skrtl (despite his mess ups early, he has one of the best stats in the season), and then from lower teams you’ve got players like Davies.

      I put in Kosc and Mert cause partnership wise they’re the best.

      Choosing between Coleman, Zabaleta and Sagna was pretty tough too, but I think Coleman edges both of them.

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      • Marshall
        Zabaleta. Skrtel. Koscielny. Baines
        Cunt-Nasri Toure. Rooney. Hazard
        Suárez. Sturridge

        I think this is my team of the season. Many may wonder what Skrtel does in it, But Allthough Liverpool leak goals, skrtel does average 15 defensive actions a game which is alot, koscielny averages 11 and Mertesacker 9. On top of that he is lethal on corners or set pieces both scoring himself or creating space for others. 7 goals and 1assist.

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  2. 3 – Number of St Totteringham days Koscielny has scored on consecutively

    Boy does he hate Tottenham (and possibly Newcastle) 😀

    12 May 2012 vs WBA
    19 May 2012 vs Newcastle
    Today vs Newcastle

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    • I think we’d probably be 8-12 points better off, and quite comfortably leading the league. It’s not the lack of a world-class this or a world-class that that’s killed our challenge this year, it’s missing Walcott for two thirds of the year and Ramsey and Ozil for a third of the year each. Those three ARE our world-class players!

      Where would Liverpoo be without Suarez for two thirds of the season, and Sturridge and Gerrard for a third each? Where would Schitty be without Aguero/Toure/Navas? Where would Chelski be without Hazard and whoever the fuck else they’ve got? We were cursed even worse than usual by injuries this year, and if we could just keep our squad fit for a whole season, we’d be unbeatable.

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      • yeah we all would have been much better off if suarez missed a large portion of this season due to injuries or suspension… oh wait

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      • Well they had been without Aguero for a few weeks. And that’s when they struggled. He’s just come back right in time to possibly rescue the league for them. They were also without Toure for a stretch this season (although nothing as long as Ramsey).

        But it works toward your point. Citeh also dropped points when they were without their best players. And yeah, if Suarez had gone down for any length of time, Liverpool (with their leaky defense) are probably closer to Tottenham than the title.

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  3. Love Kos. Sad he didn’t get PFA Team of the Season, but…

    -Kompany: PFA Team of the Season, two weeks after colossal error almost puts City’s title challenge in doubt
    -Coleman: PFA Team of the Season, same week own goal helps beat Everton and all but doom Champions League challenge
    -Gerrard: PFA Team of the Season, same week slip potentially dooms Liverpool’s title challenge
    -Koscielny: No PFA Team of the Season, scores winner in game that might end up clinching Champions League

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    • Given a choice of who to buy, I think Guardiola or Ancelloti would pick Koscielny over Kompany any day.

      Problem is the 6-3, 5-1, 6-0 and the 3-0 results. Difficult to award Kos or Mert with PFA award given these four dried cat sick / cat poop games.

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  4. Giroud

    21 goals all competition

    15 in League

    Negredo by contrast 9 goals in league.

    OG…not too shabby for a ‘limited’ striker with the pace of a snail working through quicksand.

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  5. I have to give Ozil his props today. He worked really hard without the ball. Best physical performance from him in an Arsenal jersey by far. He looked fresh. Hopefully it’s a sign of things to come next year.

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    • 42.3m. Amount of money Wenger won’t spend on transfer on a single player.

      0. Amount paid for Flamini.

      42.3m + 4th spot….what it took to sign Ozil. No CL, likely no Ozil.

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      • 100m, amount progressive manager paid for a certain club to snatch 4th from Arsenal because we do not deserve it.

        That same club has also had a number of progressive managers in Wenger’s 17 seasons qualifying for his minimum standard of CL.

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        • They didn’t even invest any of it back into the club, they’ll probably have a better 2nd season but not enough to break into CL spots. They’ll slip back into mediocrity in the next 5-10 years.

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  6. 8.

    Number of points we could have won and put us in title contention still. Stoke, Swansea and yes, Everton.


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    • Chelsea could have won against Sunderland, Stoke, West Ham and Palace, City could have beat Cardiff, Sunderland and even Liverpool(away).

      This is Premier League, everybody beats everybody.

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  7. meanwhile some numbers to chew on :

    1) Cheslea park the bus or two as only they know how

    2) Liverpool like taking trips walking into buses.

    3) City have the driver’s seat (though Everton may have the keys)

    4) Arsenal have all the wheels.

    5) Everton are struggling to catch up….with a stationary bus

    6) Spurds are (very expensive) roadkill as always.

    7) United are no where to be seen.

    In no particular order of course.;)

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  8. Our COR was awesome in this game, but so did the rest of the team. Newcastle is one of those bad teams that sometimes they can get away with points against us by pressuring us with their physical nastiness. We’re not having it this time. We fight for every challenges and when they tackled us we just tackled them back.

    Lastly, Ozil’s skill level is sublime.

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  9. More numbers for you.

    in the league this season PFA young player of the year (or Young POTY) Eden Hazard has 14 goals and 7 assists for Chelsea.

    The ponderously slow one dimensional not good enough to play for Arsenal Oliver Giroud has 15 goals and 7 assists. 21 goals all competition.


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  10. love it. OG is not good enough when he`s hitting 15 a season. Wayne baldhead does that and he`s from mars. Adethewhore scores 5 or whatever and he salutes his way to The Queens guard. Tall cunt. Happy St. Totteringhams

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  11. 0 the number of players Spurs signed last year whose name I can still remember as the season draw to a close.

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  12. I thought footballers needed a few weeks/games to regain match fitness after a long injury layoff. Am I the only one who is absolutely awestruck by how well the Welsh Jesus is playing considering he’s been out for over three months, he just picked up where he left off. The true sign of football greatness is making everyone around you better and the effect his return has had on the team is spectacular. We just need to reevaluate/drastically improve the medical team, bring in a world class srtiker, holding midfielder, right back (if sagna leaves) and a decent centre back for cover and next season will be one to remember. Oh and Ramsey and Özil will be vying for player of the year.

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  13. Statistics do lie. As much as I hate chelski, using those stats to compare giroud and hazard is at best a bit biased and at worst completely fucking stupid! Lol

    One is potentially one of the best players in the world and the other is… Well… Giroud

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