Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle: player ratings


A comfortable 3-0 win over Alan Pardew’s Newcastle team, who simply did not want to be there tonight, put us four points clear of Everton.

Here’s how the players rated – and remember, you can add your own ratings and comments.

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good result, poor opposition


Actually we made them poor! You dont just show up and decide to be poor do you?

Fireman Sam

Alain Pardeaux has made them poor over many months. Blogs summed it up nicely: they just didn’t want to be on the pitch tonight. As the commentator commentated: “it’s like watching Arsenal in a training session”.

Great to see Ozil playing with style and getting on the score sheet – don’t think I’ve seen a more nonchalantly taken goal all season.


Last time i checked, we beat this team away from home, so certainly they were not confident of avoiding a loss when they face us at home, besides I dont buy this idea of a team just playing poorly on its own I realy believe your opponent has a lot to do with how you perform, they let you play? You turn good, they dont let you play? You turn bad! Even when we lost to everton I never gave in to the excuse of we were poor on our own I told my friends everton made us poor, because I dont believe any team who has fans and the players are been paid would just decide to be poor on its own! Just my opinion though


People will disagree i think hes Padrew is a good Manager.. the owners of newcaste are very tight and wont let him spend.. look at his net spend over the years.. the clubs being run like ours of recent times..

They need players if u ask me and a big dose of confidence

Raekwon The Chef

If I were Pardew, I would drop half the team. Not showing any desire and no point in losing without a fight, it’s just depressing. If I were a Newcastle supporter, I would rather see some young players get brought in who are at least willing to fight for the team no matter what the result.


As a french and supporter of arsenal ive benne watching a ligue 1 match or a french league match if you dont know it (and you dont miss something incredible) but we ve seen the limits of newcastle every frenchs they paids without a top player line cabaye their poor ! Did you know that olivier giroud and koscielny have both played in the league 2 french division. Kind of weird to see all those players many years ago and imagine that they would play a bpl match with 7 of them of them on the pitch ^^
Allez arsenal et faites que giroud change de coupe.
Cmon arsenal and praise god giroud change his haircut


well that to man united under moyes..


Well tell that to man united under moyes.. so hung over my bad.. got punched in town and got a broken jaw…

Wish i was rambling pete telling this story id get loads of likes ahaha

non flying dutchman

I don’t know. I’ve rarely seen so indifferent a team. World cup in about 6 weeks time and none of them but krul playing like they want to be on the plane. Anyone who cares about them

Bould's Eyeliner

Right. The three points were a massive result. The game was… really boring. But since the three points were at stake, I’m glad it was boring. I would’ve liked it better though if we beat a real opposition 3-0 like I know we can.


KOSCIELNY for player of the season.


We made them poor! Even their manager acknowledges this..
“we tried to give our best but they were too good, and i think we did ok” Pardew!


Dude they’ve lost 6 in a row, everyone is making them poor!!

Rocky Rocastle

They are out of form big time, 14 losses in the last 18 games or so. So they are just plain bad. There are many factors to these things. No Confidence, loss of Cabaye, nothing to play for etc. Everyone have been beating Newcastle, so is is not solely down to us making them bad but probably some had to do with that. But there are as i Said many factors at play in regards to a teams performance on the pitch.


the full backs and the wingers are still the wrong way round on the diagram blogs

He isnt coming Bac

And the Centre Backs, technically


Ëxzilent performance… sorry.

Messy Mesut



You’re forgiven. It was a good night. Good individual performances all round and a few truly outstandings ones. Great to see Ozil at his best, and Ramsey and Giroud were really up for it as well. Can’t help but wonder how the season might have turned out but for missing Ozil and Ramsey for so long. Love to see us play like this!

frank from vienna

don´t forget walcott, cause i think despite his flaws he was really missed, especially away from home. and his finishing was very good this season as well!

Turkis Gooner

Fantastic 3 points, never mind the crappy newcastle. But looking at the table I cant but wonder what if at least we got 4 pts off the SHITTY MANUtd and some draws against big teams….where could we be now…*sigh*


Happy St. Totts!


It’s happened again, it’s happened aGAAIIN…

Danger Mouse

Spannerheaded gimpfister. Magnificent!


nunnnunnnah NINETEEN 🙂


That’s the CazÖzil combination play i’ve been waiting for since August 31st. Orgasmic stuff

Fireman Sam

Yep, you feel those two starting to gel, although Santi was a little off form tonight, especially towards the end I thought – a few sloppy passes from him ended some promising moves, and that skyed volley attempt was not like him at all.

Still, these are minor quibbles – twas a job very well done. If we can close out this season solidly like that, it will bring our confidence back nicely.


Actually, Cazorla seems to sky his volleys over the bar every time he gets one. Every time a bouncing ball falls to him at the top of the box I think to myself “Control, THEN shoot!”, but he never listens to me. Just goes to show no-one’s perfect, I guess, because the rest of his game is fantastic.


How people can compare Eriksen and Ozil is beyond me…


It’s easy – Eriksen is nowhere near as good a footballer as Ozil


Not many footballers are!


Excellent comparison.


You really nailed that comparison mate. Well done!


Eriksen is one of the few players I would actually take from that squad, maybe Lloris & that’s it.

2014-2015 = 2003-2004
2014-2015 = 2003-2004

It’s easy. Arsenal got a bargain for Ozil, but Sp*rs overpaid for Eriksen!

Just A Gentleman

Fantastic performance from the lads. Clean sheet was important as well! 2 more games, and if Szczesny keeps a clean sheet in them he’ll get the golden glove.

Szczesny – 15
Cech – 16 (out for the rest of the season)



Who gives a fuck really, I used to care about shit like that when I was ten. It’s the same every season,our best players get injured or tired and the back-up is piss poor. Something has to change soon, it won’t tough!


Now you’re all grown up and can use expletives at will and really fail to add anything worth reading.
I look forward to when you’re 12.


Truth always hurts.


That will boost his morale cos he really did well in most matches compared with previous seasons

Arsenal in Iowa

Happy St. Totteringhams Day!

Bonus Rating: Sp*rs: 0/18……YEARS


Great performance all round! Solid win.

Ozil looked a bit pissed off after coming off, Wenger obviously had his reasons, but maybe when he’s playing as well as he was tonight he should be left out there to build his confidence etc. as I get the impression that he does want to play the full 90. Remember an interview he did ages ago saying he wants to be the sort of Mr. Dependable guy, providing assists being a team player etc.


He always looks pissed off, but then he always looks happy. Just like he always looks lackluster whilst also always looking energetic. He’s got one of those faces and demeanors where anything can be read into it. In reality he’s just cool as fuck and he was the dog’s dick tonight.


I agree, fucking bossed it.


Champions League almost achieved. St. Totterringham Day is with us. FA Cup should be in the bag. Money to spend on top of a great squad.

What’s not to like? COYG!

Eternal Bottlers

Özil was öözil-ing with class.

gooner odst

Totterringham… F*CK YEAH! coming to save the motherf*ckin day yeah!

A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand
A Yank in King Arsene's West Stand

I really wanted everyone to bust out “Laurent Koscielny/He wants his own song,” but it sadly was not to be.

(Forgot who came up with that originally, but take a bow again. I chuckle every time I think about it)


Off topic
But if every team decides to park the bus against chelsea it will be bad for them because they are bad with lots of possession(which explains their struggles against smaller teams that cedes possession). Just saying.. If they couldn’t break down a westham side who parked the bus surely even a tottenham team with slightly better attack can park the bus and counter effectively! My point is every team decides to park the bus against chelsea instead of attacking and holding on to possession we could easily see chelsea losing 10 or more games every season because a chelsea team with lots of possession is about as usesless as moaning-hoes press conference after the chelsea westham games at the bridge


You are so correct!

Completely off topic! 🙂


how the fuck are Newcastle mid table, they were abysmal? take nothing away from the boys tonight though, quality especially that Özil fella. My word he can play.

Mate Kiddleton

They sold their best players mid season, then proceeded to lose something like 13 out of the next 18 games scoring about 3 goals in the process.


They only sold Cabaye, guess one man can make all the difference.

Burn Baby Burn

Is it me, or was Kos listening for his song after his goal?


haha he probably booted that ball in blind rage at not hearing it

2014-2015 = 2003-2004
2014-2015 = 2003-2004

I wish Giroud hadn’t arm-locked Koscielny after his goal. The ball bounced straight back into Koscielny’s arms like it did last game last season at Newcastle. I really wanted to see his cheeky thumb-to-the-nose, Bart Simpson bobbing left-to-right dance again.


Ramsey and Ozil is what we missed in midfield, they gonna be massive next season, they are like twins when they play together. The FA cup win will give the team confidence and hunger for more trophies. In Wenger we trust. COYG!

Alright Mate

Does this continue the theory that if you let us play, we dominate. But if you pressure us in midfield we struggle?


Maybe, thought Hull pressurised us pretty well though and we dealt with that.

Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner
Angolan Girl Who Loves The Gunner

Great present by Arsenal since yesterday was my birthday 🙂 . But i notice that, when ozil and rambo were changed Arsenal had a different approach to the game, we were slower, we didn’t attack that much. This shows how the injured players were missed during these past months. But hopefully next season we will be stronger than ever.Keep the faith!COYG!


Rozza didn’t slow things down, great through ball to Sanogo who was unlucky to be given offside and should gave had a penalty just afterwards too.


My birthday is 19th October. Arsenal 4-1 Norwich City. Beats your gift


My surname’s Nickity…


Happy St. Totteringhams Day!


Podolski should get an extra mark for that St Tottringham day tweet


im very optimistic about ozil with 2 to 3 players in the team willing to run beyond and sacrifise themselves he will create many goals for the team..

That includes a out and out striker with a fit Theo.. Theo fit for a whole season with a improved ozil next season is a mouth watering prospect..

not that handsome french bloke
not that handsome french bloke

I’m giving Sanogo 10.. just because I can.

Edu's Braces

I didnt see the game but these ratings are all wrong. #blogsout


Giroud is very good at celebrating other people’s goals 😀


Well…he is a 20+ goals striker after all.

the ghost of LANS

we want you to stay, we want you to stayyyyy,
bacary sagna, we want you to stay


Vinnie Jones has really turned into quite a good ref. Nice tempo, kept play going with great advantages as times.


‘The big spannerheaded gimpfister’ hahaha. What a lovely relaxing 3 points that was. A very happy St. Totteringham day to all my fellow gooners. Enjoy…again…and again…and you get where I’m going with this.

I get the feeling that my spud supporting pals might not be so brazen in their usual we’re going to finish above you silly predictions next season, but then again.


But for three or four stupid results, we could have won it. Wenger….why didn’t you buy a striker? Why!!??


I’m sorry but the mertesacker joke was class!

Arsene's invisible chequebook
Arsene's invisible chequebook

I’m going to be one of those people that moans about punditry again and so called ‘experts’ on Sky. Ozil is given MOTM and then has his season systematically pulled apart by… Jamie Carragher (an expert on the attacking midfield role). Apparently he ‘failed’ in the big games. Liverpool away aside, I can’t think of those games as ones where he stood out as particularly poor. The TEAM was awful in all of them. Guy is an easy scapegoat and gets no credit from some even when he plays well. Thought he was top notch tonight and looks somewhere around his best. He, Ramsey and Cazorla look like they love playing together and when it clicks it’s a joy to watch. Fuck you Carragher and fuck you Sky. We are the Arsenal and we don’t care what you think. COYG!


In League play, Ozil leads the big boys in assists/90, he’s second only to Silva in KP/90, and his pass completion % is right up there with all the most conservative center backs.

I mean, he’s ahead of ALL of these guys in ALL THREE of those stats:


His playmaking stats are the best in the League. And it’s his first year here. What am I missing?

Valley of the Arse

You’re overlooking the glaring lack of hat tricks that we all expected when we signed this lad. That is his game, after all. Goals goals goals. Where are all the goals??!? *throws whiny pundit fit*


*throws whiny pundit*

there, that’s better


Newcastle United : makes even Nacho Monreal look world class.

Shame TV couldn’t get a run out today. He needs it.


Nacho Monreal Is a classy Left back who does his job very very well and efficeintly!


Podolski quiet? Is it because he did not score? Because I saw him make a great run and almost score in the first half, almost head it in in the first half, pass the ball brilliantly several times and also almost score from a great Özil-pass in the second half. Can´t see that being quiet, unless you mean quiet as in not scoring. My feeling is that arseblog is trying to downgrade the guy even more than he sometimes does himself. Why? Maybe preparing people for “he was not delivering for us” when/if he leaves this summer.


Agree 100% with you on this one, was at the match and Podolski was making some great runs off the ball but our midfield seemed to want to turn and pass it back to the BFG. We have two types of Arsenal players at the moment, those that run around a lot and look busy, Arsenal fans seem to like those, and there is Podolski, don’t see him then pops up with a goal our at least shot on target, in other words efficient. Is Wenger at fault for buying a player that does not fit into our system? But I do wonder why you dislike him so much Sir Blogs?


Seeing a rested and in form Özil is truly a sight to behold. He’s pure class. Everything he does just seems so.. smooth.


Rosicky still has great pace. Poldi play a short through ball for him, and I thought “that’s idiotic, no one will ever get on the end of that”. Then Rosicky put on the afterburners and got there with time to spare! (The incident with the penalty shout)

spurs are still shite
spurs are still shite

spurs are just utter shite… Where are they? Oh! Yea, BELOW us doing what they know how to do best… Kiss ass…


Any players near the accumulated yellow cards suspension that would be worried to miss FA final?

Formerly known as Frustrated Arsenal Fan
Formerly known as Frustrated Arsenal Fan

I am going to hell. I wished Van Persie will break a leg and I am happy he did.


Don’t know why everyone gets on Giroud’s case. He has 21 goals all competitions and 15 in PL. Negredo has had 9 (injury granted). Aguero 16.

That’s not shabby for a “limited” striker that he is.

Also good to see Ozil score. Again he has had a decent haul of goals and crucially assists plus does inmportant work for us on and off the ball.

Well worth 42.3m paid (as is Flamini) and of course the lure of CL football which is the 4th spot trophy (and hopefully this season reinforced by FA cup)

Good win today. Granted opposition was brittle (thanks Pards), you never know.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

Pretty excited for the summer, can see Wenger signing some cracking additions to the side this year


Dude Giroud is NOT a striker you want if you’re trying to win a title bro lets be frank and not kid ourselves. Giroud is a player you have as backup to your world class striker. And ill tell you why everyone’s complaining about Giroud. 1) He cares more about what he looks like when he misses a sitter than actually scoring a sitter. Meaning he is tooo vain and unserious to be a deadly striker with serious killer instincts because he is too concerned about what he looks like on the field than actually scoring goals. 2) His chance/ goals ratio is terrible!! let me repeat that TERRIBLE!! i think he scores 1 out of 5 glorious chances handed to him if im not mistaken. That is Terrible!!! for a striker that starts for a team like Arsenal who wants to win titles. Aguero’s chance to goal ratio is like 1/2 or something so you dare not compare Aguero to Giroud cause they are not on the same level period! 3) Yes Giroud is a hard worker…sometimes but at least most times he puts in a shift. Fans would always tolorate a player thats puts in a shift than one who strolls about but has immense ability eg Arshavin / Ozil < sometimes. But his lack of mobility is a SERIOUS cause of concern and makes him very one dimensional and very very limited and predictable as a striker and thats not good enough at this level period!

So there you have it….and that is why we complain about Giroud. And exactly why we need another striker with Pace height strenght and a killer instinct with a seriousness about them that puts fear into opponents deffense. A no nonsense type of striker who would bury anything that drops infront of him anywhere within that 18yard box and can take on deffenders by himself especially if he has to create something out of nothing by himself. Giroud sucks at this btw. So yeah thats what we need. But id stil like to keep Giroud as a backup and Sanogo as a backup to Giroud. Thats my opinion.


On the off topic subject of the immovable bus that is Chelsea, there is a reason for that :

1) Chelsea park the bus

2) Liverpool take a trip and like walking into it.

3) City are in the driver’s seat.

4) Arsenal have the wheels.

5) Everton are struggling to catch up

6) Spurs have been flattened as roadkill (again)

7) United are no where to be seen.



Oh and Happy Saint Totteringham’s day.

Guess Spurs (and Everton) need to keep hiring progressive managers to make the CL one of these days (or qualify consecutively…let alone for 17 seasons)

Dat gooner Al Zee

Splendid resultb wasn’t expecting anything less though.


Can we please vote on the bonus rating too?


Just finished reading all the comments…


Bumped into Santi and Nacho in the toilet in the Hippodrome casino about an hour ago, I slagged Santi off about the misses and he made a crack about accosting men in the jacks! Bloody nice guys


He scores on one touch, he scores on one tooooooouch
Olivier Giroud, he scores on one touch!


10/10 Ozil’s Celebration = ”Next time pass the frikkin ball Olivier!”


good result and the team play was fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a shame that we had the injury problems to our midfielders during a greater part of the 2nd half of the season. we still need to add a top rated striker to our team next season cos Giroud though a good return for this season should have converted most of the chances created for him.