Arsenal linked with striker and goalkeeper

Josip Drmic FC Nurnberg

As the season draws to a close it’s unsurprising to see the rumour mill – that slovenly, pus-filled, horny teenage boy of a beast – peak its head out from under the duvet and start to demand attention.

We start in Germany where Lothar Matthaus, die Mannschaft World Cup stalwart turned TV pundit, is once again banging on about his very own ‘exclusive’. Back in March the 53-year-old told anybody who’d listen that FC Nurnberg striker Josip Drmic would be moving to the Emirates this summer.

“Drmic is linked to Arsenal. I know that his wife is already looking for a flat in London,” he said on the record. 

The link was dismissed as gubbins, partly because Drmic wasn’t even married. However, Matthaus, exercising his credentials as a bona fide journalist, claims the deal is still on the cards. Swiss publication Blick (kindly translated by Sport Witness) quote him as saying:

“Although now Dortmund, [Borussia Munch Bunch] Gladbach and Leverkusen also have interest in him. I’m saying: Josip Drmic will switch to Arsenal.

“I have made a mistake [in March]. I said his wife was already looking at apartments. The fact is that this is his girlfriend. Drmic has a girlfriend for nine months… She lived five or six months with him in Nuremberg.

“Look, if a journalist hears something, he researches and writes about it. I’m kind of journalist at Sky and have heard the rumor of a move to Arsenal. I then found out that this is true and he’s going there. So all research is clear.”

For the record, Drmic is a 21-year-old Swiss international with 16 Bundesliga goals to his name in 31 starts this term. Pele he ain’t.

In Denmark meanwhile, BT are claiming that Arsenal could try and snap up Kasper Schmeichel on a free transfer with the keeper out of contract this summer at newly-promoted Leicester.

Son of Peter (Manchester United’s quite good, red-faced, bacon-advertising, Ian Wright hating, keeper of the 90s), the 27-year-old has had a fine season between the sticks at the Walkers Crisp Bowl and is apparently seeking a new challenge – Southampton, AC Milan and Olympiakos are also keeping tabs on the situation.

Quite whether he’d want to play second fiddle to Wojciech Szczesny remains to be seen. That being said having allowed Vito Mannone to leave, Lukasz Fabianski out of contract and Emiliano Viviano’s gap year ending we could do with some competition for the number 1 shirt.

Kasper Schmeichel’s agent has refused to comment.

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Lord of the Transfers.

The Return of the ITKs!


More like the DKS.


this team needs an injection of pace ….

……. Dr. mic please.


Off the subject, but the specialist in failure mourinho, his chelski team just got taught a lesson by atletico. Who is the failure now maurean. FA cup here we come.COYG.


“16 Bundesliga goals to his name in 31 starts this term. Pele he ain’t.”

Blimey, high standards much? What kind of return would be appropriate for a 21 year old?


When we’re looking to upgrade on Giroud, whose return this season is similar, our standards have to be high.
Drmic’s record isn’t bad of course, but good enough to earn a transfer to Arsenal? I don’t think so, personally.

Arsene Wenger

We don’t need an upgrade of Giroud but rather a totally different player. Drmic is a strong, fast player good finishing, dribbling ability, keen awareness for goal and offside trap. And for a 21 year older 16 goals (second to Lewandowski and Mandzukic) for aplayer playing for a team that is 17th and rarely finds the net (he has scored 45% of their goals) isn’t bad at all but rather very impressive.

Remember the invincibles
Remember the invincibles

Why would we sign an average to good 21 yo striker when we have Sanogo, Campbell, Afobe and Akpom?


Are you for real…

stiff upper lip

because afobe has never proven himself at the top level and has had several long-term injuries, campbell so far has looked good in Greece (not the best league by a long shot) and in two games against a poor manure side, akpom probably needs a loan to experience first team football.
just for context, think a few years back – signing an experienced DM would have ‘killed’ denilson. unproven young players getting rewarded with long contracts was part of what stifled our team’s development.

Toby C

I’d like to think his/her point is – why would we sign an inexperienced 21 yr old when we have a lot of those already. We need to be buying a world-class striker at the top of his game!


Hes playing for a team who are second bottom of the league… his movement and touch are great for a 21 year old


mainly because drmic is a more of a “killer” ….unlike these nice kids we got currently.

Have you watched him play? He means business…

Merlin's Panini

From the video I’ve just seen he does look pretty tasty. Really good touch and control, quite pacy and nice all round finishing. The sort of player who can make chances for himself. If he’s that good I’d be happy to see him come in. That said it’s a 7 minute video so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


He is playing for a relegation-threatened team and has scored nearly 50% of their goals this season. For a 21yr-old, in his first season of top-flight football, in a struggling team, that will always be an impressive return.

He may not be an absolute genius, but the context of his goal-scoring record needs to be applied if we’re going to analyse his credentials on a comments section.


I remember people saying similar about francis jeffers.


This! He may be the kind of striker we need. Quick, good technique, strong finish.. everything Giroud isn’t.


Depends on the price really, some are reporting he could be available at £4.5 which would be a bargain. Need two strikers this summer especially given that Podolski could be on the way out


Drmic is, in my opinion, a really good player. He’s in ascendancy and at an age where he’s improving fast. The majority of his goals have been in the second half of this season. What I like about him though is that he runs at defenders and behind them, his link up play with others is good, he has pace and can drift out to the wings. He would fit our system perfectly. He is a bit like Henry in his style, obviously not the finished article though.


I’m no expert here by a long shot (having only seen the ScoutNation video on YouTube) but he seems like the kind of player who’s willing to take on players rather than just use hold up play – an area where we have been lacking severely this season with Giroud. Also he’s quick with decent enough dribbling and skills to make something interesting happen on the pitch. Nonetheless this is only what I got from an 8 minute video, so please correct me if I’m wrong.


I’m also under that impression. Ozil and Ox are the only players in our attacking ranks at the moment that take on defenders.

Master Bates

if you are really looking for someone way above Giroud’s return then the list gets really small an unrealistic Suarez,Costa,Ibrahimovic,Ronaldo and Messi.

oh! there is Immobile , I’ve never seen him play but he has 21 goals

stiff upper lip

I know it’s impossible and totally unrealistic, but just think of Ibrahimovic playing for the Arsenal.

Master Bates

Meh! Don’t want him we already have pony tailed striker already TGSTEL




If there’s any chance of Benzema in the Summer I think we have to chuck everything we have at him, Madrid will need money to get Suarez and the other teams looking for a striker will be distracted by all the shiny, newer players, rather than Big Benz. Plus, he would suit us well.

This Drmic fella might be good, but as has been said, we need a bit of experience and proven quality rather than potential.

Rocky Rocastle

He is playing for relegation battle club the equivalent of Cardiff, and is still keeping up with Lewndowski and Mandzukic in terms of goals. And at only 21 years old that is amazing imo.

And he got pace, technical ability and love to take defenders on and create his own chnces if need be. Also very good acceleration. And at 21 he will only get better, while Remy whom is also linked with us is no better and he turns 28 next season and is not likely to get much better. Neither is Giroud.

Personally i would love to sign Drmic 🙂


I get what your saying buddy. But is he the Top top top player that we need right now to keep improving. I think thats the point. But your right, any 21 year old with that goalscoring ratio in England would be deemed our world cup saviour and everyone in the media creaming in their pants.

For Gods Sake

you forget we are Aesenal so they won’t say anything good

For Gods Sake


Can we have an edit Button Mr Blogs

Los Polandos

If Arseblog looked a little closer into the matter, he might have discovered that this particular 16 goals means almost 50 % of all the goals his team scored.
And as far as comparison with Giroud is concerned – Oli is taking more shots that Drmic, and has great support from midfield, while Nuernberg is weak team heading for relegation.
What I’m saying is he might not be that bad. Then, he might be new Chamakh. Who’s to tell?


That’s an impressive return!



Do you have to use that irritating term?

Gunneracross the atlantic
Gunneracross the atlantic

You should watch him play mate.. He has got all the skills that we need. Giroud is a good striker and thats about it. Our team isnt the kind that plays long balls or a lot of crosses which giroud thrives on. Drmic would definitely improve the team and imagine with the likes of Ozil and Cazorla surgically castrating teams.. Ozil was such a hit at madrid cuz of the pacy frontmen who would move and open up space. Drmic is proven but not the best. If we could buy someone like Andre Santos or get Chamakh for free why not give this lad a shot? He can play on the wing if need be.. a combo of giroud’s sweet touches and drmic’s dribbling pace wouldnt be too bad i guess considering we dont have any many dribblers in the front line.


Schmeichel would be decent backup for sure, but Drmic doesn’t impress me overly. Just doesn’t seem to be much special about him and we need special this summer to take us to the next level.
Drmic seems like a player the ‘old Arsenal’ would sign – the Arsenal that couldn’t spent more than 15mil on one player. We’re in the market for a different level of player now, or so I hope.


You could be in for a disappointing summer.

Given the amount of signings we are likely going to have to make, I would suggest more than a couple would be in the bracket you describe.


I’d like to see us take a punt on Alfreð Finnbogason. He’s got some great goals and assists this year. 58 goals in his last 68 games in Netherlands.


Yes please. Could be the player Sigurðsson was at Swansea, but better.


Reminded me of Sigbðrsson (i think that how he’s spelled) in the good old Championship Manager, 03/04 or prior. He was godly with just 10 for finishing, while the rest of his stats were like 18+. Bought for less than 1 mil and his value soared until the 50mil region.

Great player, lol.


The dutch leauge is pretty shitty with no defense played what so ever. I would say 16 goals in Bundesliga for a relegation side is much much more impressive than scoring 25 a season in Holland


blogs, blick is a swiss publication


No it’s what the baddies in Lethal Weapon 2 call Danny Glover.


Lothar Matthäus talking to Blick is as non-credible as it gets


With the vermaelen, fabianski and sagna leaving, thats 3 players we have to replace before strengthening. Common sense tells us we need at least one striker, winger, dm and possibly another cb. So I make that 7 players coming in. Maybe we gain 2 from reserves or u21s. So thats 5 players we need this summer. And there’s the world cup. Is anyone confident about it happening?


I think most fans are cautious about what we read, i just don’t want a repeat of the higuain situation. My gut tells me hes only going to get 3 £10/15m players for striker mid and def, possibly promote gnabry bellerin and bring back joel campbell. Which would be ok but that maintains the status quo and not win the league or champs league, and so another year of injuries and dissapointment. Unless he splashes £60m on cavani which is definately not happening.

Don Cazorleone

With so many positions needing sorting out, it hurts so much more that last summer was our absolute best opportunity to really push on with signings. nobody was leaving, money on the way. Really a shame we didn’t.
Players need to see the ambition as much as we do, can’t blame anyone for wanting to leave.
I hope Wenger pulls something out of his magic hat this summer, but I won’t hold my breath


Ozil? Flamini? Sanogo? Wenger has said numerous times that he doesn’t think buying any more than 3 or 4 players in a transfer window is sensible because of the need for continuity. The experience of Spurs this season is good support for his argument.

I would argue that we brought enough players in the last transfer window. You may argue (and I may well agree on Sanogo at least) that we didn’t buy the right players, but that’s a different argument all together.


A goal every 2 games seems decent! I know I’m hoping way too much, but this guy – not expensive – plus a put-the-shits-up-defenders “worldworldtop” class striker and the HFB would be nice, thanks. Sanogo can stick the the training ground for another year me thinks.


Drmic is 21 and will improve rapidly under the tutelage of Mr Wenger, it true we want a Benzema caliber of striker but both won’t be bad additions, Drmic can easily score 20+ from his second second up…


I’d be quite happy with Drmic. He’s arguably been the best player in the league since January, and for a 21 year old to score a goal every 2 games, especially for relegation fodder, is pretty darn good.


16 goals in a team that is fighting relegation? I say sign him up. And get another more experienced striker.


I watch the Bundesliga alot and from what i have seen of him he is class. He is just as good a suarez at that age. I can really see him developing into a world class player. He has breathtaking pace, power, ferocious attitude in getting past players, amazing finishing, even more amazing is the way he gets past the last defenders by timing his runs. But he is not as good as dropping deep and making intriguing passes like suarez. But he certainly has the exact attributes that we need. We know that giroud is outstanding at working hard and holding the ball up, he just lacks, well, everything else you want in a striker(not trying to take a dig at him). A team like arsenal with all the creative players in the team is really calling out for a pacy cunning striker willing to make runs past the last defender and exploit space. Drmic is no messi but he will provide that and i am certain in a season or two he will be world class. Like i said, i watch bundesliga alot and i’d take him over Draxlar any day.


Absolutely. Girouds all round play is appreciated but i’d much rather have someone like Drmic who has the pace and arguably better finishing ability than Giroud. At 21 hes got 16 goals in a team fighting relegation, with Ozil, Santi behind him he could as you say blossom into something much greater. Everything is there for him to flourish.


The Yugos tend to produce good players. They just seem to have football in their DNA. Sign this lad.


in all, basketball, volleyball, waterpolo, tennis even


The media have been peddling Kasper Schmeichel for years. Unfortunately every time I’ve seen him play, I’ve never been particularly whelmed. There is a reason he’s playing at a second string (albeit promoted) club at the age of 27 I would suggest. Just because his old man was great doesn’t make him a world beater.
Look at both of Wrights boys……….


Laudrups boys are the same… Nothing special.


I’m pretty sure it’s actually 28 starts and 3 sub appearances. Even so I think that’s a decent amount of goals for his age and club, we shouldn’t really be knocking having not even seen him play.


From what I’ve seen of Drmic he looks like he good be good, and he’s young enough that in a few years time he could be REALLY good. Certainly he’s more experienced, and more efficient, than Sanogo.

If Vermaelen goes (hope he doesn’t but being realistic) I’ve been wondering how much we could get for him. I think he’s got one year left on his contract. £10-15 mil?


With one year left & the fact he has hardly played I would say we are more likely to get about £8m despite the fact he is still a great player.

Hope he doesn’t sign with City as I believe he could form a perfect partnership with Kompany.

The Night Elf

“I’m kind of journalist at Sky and have heard the rumor of a move to Arsenal.” … meh


Firms my belief that Journalists need professional licensing and standards.

Petit's Handbag

Can we not wait until the season ends before we have to take in this mind numbingly painful shite??



Chaillah the gunner

They will associate us with any player who can kick a ball,sometimes with any person who simply has balls
but in the end we will only sign one quality player for £60M
this is the new arsenal
the exciting arsenal
after eight years of pain,we have decided we will be top there competing for trophies,its a pity we offered Manchester United the number four spot,but after much consultations between the glazers and the board they decided to take number seven for the next five seasons


So our front line would consist of Giroud, Sanogo and Drmic. Sorry but that is still an awful front line. Drmic is no better than Giroud and Giroud isn’t, in my opinion, a top 4 player yet alone a league winning player so how is getting a player, who is at best at the same level as Giroud going to move us forward?

I would obviously support Drmic if he came over, but I would still have that nagging feeling that we could have done better.

Don Cazorleone

So what DO you consider a top four player? you do realise that we are in the top four? and that Giroud is our striker right?


Only just, but you must be one of these fans who consider finishing 4th as an achievement for a club the size of Arsenal.

Don Cazorleone

Inches and miles mate.

You must be one of these Arsenal fans for which nothing is ever good enough.


No I just feel as though the club can do better, especially with the resources that the club has. There just seems to be a belief that qualifying for Champions League on a budget is some sort of achievement.

The second you become content at finishing in average places you’ve become a Tottenham fan. I would rather see the club do everything they could to win Championships and trophies rather than sitting around in March/April thinking if only we made a better effort in the transfer market.

Don Cazorleone

To be fair I do agree with you on that point, I just think sometimes we are a little hard on Giroud, and forget how enviable our “fourth place trophy” is to so many other teams.

So yes we should do better, but let’s also not bemoan what we have got.


At the end of the day we all do want the same thing, just there are different opinions on how we should get there.


4th place is FAR from average….

People are critical of the so called ‘4th place trophy’ but when it comes to the crunch, except for getting to keep the trophy for a year plus the bragging rights, what does the team finishing 1st get that the team finishing 3rd doesn’t??
Bit of extra money, the chance to wear golden badges on the sleeve and that’s about it.
Finishing 4th is slightly different in that you have to go into the qualifyer playoff but unless you are really unlucky, those games are a formality over two legs..
So, at the end of the day, the difference in benefits between finishing 1st & 4th is far smaller than the difference between finishing 4th & 5th.

Monkey Nuts

Oh please, there is a world of difference in finishing 1st and 2nd or 3rd or 4th. It’s a bit more than bragging rights, it’s being Champions of your country, being the best team in your country over 38 games. It’s about entering the Champions league as the champions of your country not some also-rans who managed to drift in in 4th place 16 points behind.


imp109 i respect your opinion but finishing 4th and getting the opportunity to get a further 30m income from participating in the champions league is one of the club’s primary targets. for a club that invested in a new stadium and had to play kids and cheap unknows for a while top4 was your ceiling as a football club, so yes it is an achievement, considering other clubs spend twice more than us and are nowhere close. Plus i havent heard of many private companies that would say no to 30m plus the prestige that comes from playing in Europe’s ( possibly the world’s) top competition.

You then say a ‘ club the size of arsenal’…what size are you talking about? your demands sound like the demands of a real madrid fan and last time i checked arsenal was no real madrid (historically speaking or size-wise) . if you mean the size that wenger has brought us to through his work, success and financial nous then imo you are acting a bit spoilt. They will spend when their financial programming permits them to. Not before.


Whoa Whoa Whoa. Keep that Newcastle attitude in check there…….


Considering that the board charge the one of highest season tickets in Europe they themselves feel that the stature and size of the club is big enough to warrant the price. 10 years ago we were considered one of the best clubs in European football but it seems that everyone is now quite happy with a 4th place finish and quarter final place in the CL.

Considering that there is over £120 million in cash reserves the financial stability of the club is secure and has been secure for a while now. It serves no purpose to sit with large cash reserves in the bank doing nothing when you are ripping the fans off with the largest season tickets in British football just so you can turn round to UEFA and say “look how clever we are”


Ticket prices and what size the board perceives the club to be? Huge suspension of disbelief, my friend. 10 years ago, who was leading us when we were considered one of the best clubs in European Football? And had we yet built the stadium to secure the financial future?

And this bullshit about ‘financial security for a while now’. Actually we just got clear of debt this past year, confirmed by le boss that until then we had to sell players to the tune of 25m per year.

Sorry to throw it back, but you’re jogging out all of the re-hashed half-truths we’ve been reading for a few years.

Another note: cash reserves does NOT = spend it all. Blow your whole wage at the pub and you’ve got nothing to replace the shoes lost when you were pissed.

joshi safal

For new goalkeeper shouldn’t we go for someone experienced……maybe someone like Jääskeläinen…right now he is 2nd choice for the hammers and I think still he is a grate shot stopper


Sounds like an amazin player and just what we need. I for one hope its true


Don’t forget Draxler is supposedly coming in…

Walcott's left footed curl
Walcott's left footed curl

Even though we’re looking for an improvement to Giroud in the summer, I do think that will be hard to come about, simply because bar Costa and maybe Cavani there aren’t that many available and those two will be expensive as hell. And even if we would get Costa (which I don’t think), it would be good to get some dept in the striking department. Also, it would give us a better negotiating position when looking, so we don’t have to fork up 45m for Jackson Martinez on deadline day.

Springbank 1965

And so it begins …

£100M war chests
Players tracked
Players linked
Arsenal snubbed by
Wenger put on alert
Arsenal join chase

All bollocks.

All designed to get punters to click on articles.

So hear this Mr. News Hound. Unless some poor sod is on their way to London Colney with agent, WAG, Pixie the yappy lapdog, and mother-in-law in tow for a discounted group medical then this is the last time you get me clicking you for transfer information.

How can I possibly expect other people to do something different in search of a different outcome if I can’t be arsed to do the same. Not this transfer window, buster.

Mills (the other one)
Mills (the other one)

Yes, but at least here we get a sprinkling of humor (that slovenly, pus-filled, horny teenage boy of a beast) and most of the decent transfer news (or bashing of the nonsense) so …


All bollocks.

All designed to get punters to click on articles.

HeheeHe…agreed. Are you saying that a fans blog is actually becoming another provocative click collecting webtrap ?


Based entirely on YouTube compilations, drmic does look pretty decent: he’s got skill, pace and good finishing. Let’s be honest here, unless we sign benzema or Suarez people will complain about lack of initiative in the transfer market. Realistically, this guy is a typical arsene signing and will definitely be better than bendtner or an injured sanogo.


Sounds good, a decent young nr2 and a good striker. but i want a great striker. And i also would be glad if we first got i right back. Get all the must’s clear first and then the wants


‘For the record, Drmic is a 21-year-old Swiss international with 16 Bundesliga goals to his name in 31 starts this term. Pele he ain’t.’

Weird take on it. Is an excellent record for a player often playing from the wing in a shit Nurnberg side.

But no, you’re right, he definitely isn’t Pele.

Özil is a goooooner

Only a matter of time now until the Yann M’Vila boards the plane for his “medical”…
Decided this year I shall be ignoring the usual bullshit that gets thrown around. Going to start following David Ornstein on Twitter, and take his word as gospel.


Unless the wenger team have their targets identified early(unlikely) or some deals already in place(unlikely), and with the World Cup looming, it’s very hard to see business being done early. It’s gonna be a long summer .


Personally, both of these players would represent excellent signings if they do happen.
I dont agree with the assertion that we need a world class striker. In my opinion we need a versatile and quick striker who gives the manager a variety of options. Drmic and Lacazette to me are exactly the type of players the club should be targeting.(Its not like there are any viable world class options out there. )

Also, one must not forget that we have to make a number of signings; So spending 35-40 mil on one player would not be wise.

Wenger's Glasses

Who ever we’re going to get, please Arsene, just do the business early. That’s all I’m (we’re) asking.


Truth is everyone wants us to go out and spend 40m on a striker when I don’t think its necessary to spend that much. What we need is someone who will make runs in behind defenders and is reasonably clinical and in our team with Ramsey, Wilshere, Ozil, Cazorla, Podolski, Theo and Ox they will get loads of chances. Giroud is a good striker but he lacks the pace to run in behind and he is not the most clinical (takes him several chances to score).
Someone like Drmic would thrive in our team, his goals to chances ratio is phenomenal. Personally for 4.5m Euros that Matthaus is quoted is as saying today would be a bargin. Sure we’d all like Benzema and if he’s available for 25m that would be great but not the 40m that everyone is quoting. I’d rather we spent the money on someone like Lars Bender or Luis Gustavo to sit in front of the defence and protect.

Don Cazorleone

I’d love to see Bender or Gustavo. Great shout


Well said. I’ll thumb this up many times if i can.


Personally what I would do this summer is the following:
I think we will have to be replacing Fabianski, Sagna, TV5 (ideally we could keep all 3 but unlikely)
I would replace them with Serge Aurier for about 10m, Schmeichel (Free), Fabian Schar (CB from Basel, looks like a young Koscielny for about 10m), Lars Bender/Luis Gustavo (20m) and Drmic for 4/5m
Total spend around the 45m mark (Thats not an unreasonable amount). I genuinely believe with that squad we could challenge (properly this time) and go all the way.
GK: Sczczesny, Schemichel.
RB: Aurier, Jenkinson
CB: Per, Kos, Schar
LB: Gibbs, Monreal
DM: Bender/Gustavo, Flamini
CM: Rambo, Wilshere, Arteta
Wingers: Walcott, Oxlade, Podolski, Joel Campbell, Gnabry
AMC: Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky
Strikers: Drmic, Giroud, Sanogo


£45m is probably not enough to challenge. We’d need to spend a bit more I think, or atleast preferable. I’d add Pedro as a winger for this window as well.



El Doctor

Wow, next season is going to be perhaps the most exciting ever … With Drmic upfront alongside Kalou and a midfield trio of Cleverley, Fellaini and Song behind them, with Cesc coming off the bench, who is going to be able to stop us??

On a serious note, don’t know about Kasper – would have thought to get a decent and willing second choice keeper you have to go for someone either young or old, but not in their prime years – but Drmic could be a great investment … RvP came for only 2.75 million, and if the release clause Drmic has is true it’ll be for a similar amount. Hopefully he won’t be quite so prone to being injured and being a c*nt though … In a way, given the Arsenal business model, he is exactly the kind of signing you have to take a punt on to make up a decent squad alongside the likely one-a-year stellar signings that began with Özil, with Draxler most probably up next …


For the record, Drmic has 16 goals for Nuremberg. Reus also has 16, Mandzukic and Lewandowski on 18. Not bad for a 21 year old in his debut season.


Can’t make any comment about how good he is, but he certainly appears to be the TYPE of player we have all been crying out for.

Fast, reasonably skilful, good finisher with both feet – 16 goals for a relegation battling team in a top league and (if the rumour is true) Arsene’s approval is enough for me to give him a chance.

Kaba Diawara

Haha viviano’s gap year


If Drmic had scored 16 premiership goals this season people would be desperate for us to sign him. There are people who want us to sign Remy or Bony who would be disappointed if we signed Drmic. Pfft.


Quite rightly too, both of them have Prem experience and have been scoring goals consistently for longer than 6 months. I do have reservations about Remy though, seems like he should be better than he is so he might be missing something.

I’d be deeply disappointed if Drmic is the only striker we sign this summer, right kind of player and could be a good pickup but as our only viable back-up to Giroud? Nope.

Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor
Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

Bollocks, we won’t buy a new striker when we have the Inanimate Carbon Rod to back up the HFB.


LMAO in rod we trust!!

Stuart Steele

Right, this summer, I will NOT be refreshing my twitter search ‘Arsenal transfers’ every hour..
Not a chance.
Few times.

I can’t help it :'(


Rumour: Arseblog News Hound is the agent for a “slovenly, pus-filled, horny teenage boy of a beast “.


Anyone else checked the website for the cup final tickets? My lad’s was successful, mine wasn’t. Who wants to go to the cup final on their own? Stupid.

Momo (@MuhamLAD)

To be fair to Drmic, according to Whoscored he’s scored 16 from 60 shots (26% conversion rate). To compare this to Giroud, he has 15 from 106 (14%). This means he is more likely to convert shots rather than have his shot saved, rebound saved & saved by Ozil’s tap-in.

Different players, this guy could play with Giroud rather than just instead of. Let’s not forget we signed Suker & Henry in the same summer when we already had Bergkamp, Kanu & Overmars.

That said, until Arsene says he’s never heard of him, I don’t believe there’s any genuine interest.

Jack's Right Foot

Shane Long.

Monkey Nuts

Mandzukic – no one has mentioned him. He looked out of this world last night until he got subbed at HT

Yankee Gooner

Drmic is the perfect player to challenge McCringleberry.


The likelyhood is we will sign nobody of any real significance as the Wenger bandwagon rolls on.
Even if we sign some youngster full of promise our training and medical staff will reduce them to a shadow of what they were within a couple of seasons.

Look at Theo and Wiltshire, two youngsters with so much potential it was frightening that just haven’t progressed. Why is that? Simple they’ve been injured more than they’ve been available to play.

Ox looks as though he may soon suffer from the same fate as re occuring injuries put him out time after time.

It’s widely known that we train far too hard pre season – which means we get off to a great start but then players fade and suffer from repeated injuries as they tire quickly.
Even if Wenger surprises us all and signs the players we so obviously need, Arsenal will wreck them.


You’re one of those who are going to be as miserable as sin when we win the FA Cup, aren’t you?

Yankee Gooner

That’s the spirit!


Don’t forget that Draxler is supposedly on his way to help strengthen the forward line. Could he play as a centre-forward?


I think that Draxler will play as right back, central defender, reserve goalkeeper and towel boy, because I’ve only seen him a couple of times so he must be capable of fulfilling all our desires.

Stewart Robson's therapist
Stewart Robson's therapist

Drmic is in a team fighting to not get relegated and yet his goal tally almost matches Lewandowski’s. The difference is that Lewandowski has brilliant players around him, whereas Drmic clearly doesn’t as he’s had to score almost to score half of Nurnberg’s goals this season. So he’s having to do all this on his own, at the tender age of 21. That’s a proper talent in my eyes. And isn’t that what we want – someone who can go solo and create something out of nothing? I definitely want him, but as a supplement to a more experienced striker. If Drmic is the only addition we make to our strikers this summer, the pressure will cripple him.


I have watched him play ever since I heard he is linked to us some weeks ago, he will be perfect for us and potentially a world class player, same reason i think wenger wont sign him.


Arsene has done early transfers when we finished 3rd but when we finish 4th arsene tends to wait till we qualify for
the group stages of CL.


Ever thought maybe it’s the players who wait until we qualify to accept the deal?


I’ve been keeping an eye on him too, and he seems very promising. Pretty much creates everything for his shit club on his own. If he doesn’t score, his teams goals comes from FK’s or corners that Drmic created, and he always leads his team in dribbling, shots, was fouled, and key passes.

People who want a Suarez should be really excited. And also remember that Suarez came to Liverpool after bagging a few goals for a top club in the dutch leauge, wich is basically a shit leauge without any defending. By bagging 16 goals in Bundesliga for a relegation side, Drmic is already “ahead” of Suarez when he was at the same place in his career.