Thursday, September 18, 2014
Gunners go Dutch as Academy is reshuffled

Gunners go Dutch as Academy is reshuffled

Arsenal have confirmed a raft of changes to the coaching set-up at Academy level with new youth director Andries Jonker recruiting two of his Dutch compatriots for roles at under-18 and under-16 level.

A statement on the club’s official website reveals:

“From July 1, existing under-18s coach Carl Laraman will join Steve Gatting to work with the club’s under-21 players. This follows Terry Burton’s decision to leave Arsenal this summer.

“The under-18s will be managed by new arrival Frans de Kat and former Arsenal player and current under-16 coach Kwame Ampadu. The under-16s will be under the leadership of Jan van Loon.”

Both De Kat and Van Loon start their roles at London Colney and Hale End respectively on 1 July and arrive in London with a wealthy of experience garnered working for the Dutch national set-up.

It was revealed two weeks ago that in light of Andries Jonker’s appointment as Liam Brady’s successor that Terry Burton had decided to quit the Gunners.



  1. Heh. Van Loon.

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  2. there a possibility jonker could take over from Wenger when Wenger decides to quit???i mean,its a good possibility.

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  3. Well if the Dutch know how to do one thing, other than making amazing waffles and coffee to have after smoking a big fat one, being liberal in their sexual pecadillos and producing the director of the original Robocop, it is training young footballers to be technically gifted.

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  4. Arsenal gone dutch……quality. Now all we need is God to return!!

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  5. Yeah. If they made us another Dennis Bergkamp that wouldn’t hurt too

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  6. So, more van Persies hopefully. Not Ashley Coles.

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  7. A Mertesacker of a news day…

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  8. De kat and van loon, those crazy dutch

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  9. 149 just done it

    Everyone’s talking double Dutch!!

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  10. KaftaOnTheShores

    I like it. I have just finished reading Dennis Bergkamp’s biography and at the end he talks about Cruyff’s great Ajax academy project . Cruyff intends to create an academic system that will produce enough talent to get Ajax into the Champions league consistently! Imagine that , wothout spending any money! Though I’m not sure if it’s really possible for Ajax to do that with all the oil rich bastards around to cherry pick their talents every year , It is possible for us because of our financial strength. I hope we try to implement the Ajax system at our club . That would be really grand.

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    • well technically Ajax have been doing that for the last 20 years. they always make CL without spending & have been selling their best players for a while, Vermaelen, Vertonghan, Van Der Wiel, spring to mind

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  11. Glenn Dallender

    Hmm . . . . . will de Kat be goalkeeping coach?

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  12. An good omen of the future return of Dennis to Arsenal? Paving the way…reforming the culture?

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  13. Lightening pace

    ja lekker hoor!

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  14. It does look like we are setting up the backroom for a bergkamp and overmars acquisition in the near future, they both have said they would like to come back in the future which leads me to think that maybe wenger will sign a new 3 year contract then within that tenure acquire them both as coaches and maybe eventually even a successor! Also henry’s not got long left and could maybe also be aquired in some role during that time aswell!
    You’ve got to dream i suppose!! COYG

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    • Midfield Corporal

      If I know Arsenal it’s more likely to be paving the way for Glenn Helder and 2unlimited to get the gig rather than Dennis and Overmars.

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  15. Never much cared for Frans de Kat. Found it lewd and jarringly sexual, especially for an animated movie.

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  16. The Lost sleeves if Mathieu Flamini

    De Kat and van Loon…love it!

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  17. If we can all see what’s coming, why can’t they? Every time Loon loses he’ll kick de Kat.

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  18. This generation
    Rules the nation

    Music happen to be the food of love
    Sounds to really make you rub and scrub
    I say
    Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side
    Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side

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  19. Kwame Ampadu…there’s a blast from the late 1980’s past…!!

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