Ozil, Rosicky and Diaby join first team training


Tomas Rosicky, Mesut Ozil, Laurent Koscielny, Nicklas Bendtner and Abou Diaby all joined first team training today as Arsenal prepare for tomorrow night’s game with West Ham United at the Emirates.

Earlier this morning Arsene Wenger revealed that Lukas Podolski, Nacho Monreal, Alex Oxlade-Chamberalin and Aaron Ramsey would require late fitness tests, although the latter pair have been pictured in training.

Prior to the FA Cup semi-final the boss had suggested Koscielny could return for tomorrow, while Ozil was a possibility for Sunday’s league game with Hull City. Questions still remain as to the availability of both, but with faitgue likely to be an issue for those who featured in the draining shootout win on Saturday it’s possible they could be drafted onto the bench.

The sight of Rosicky is also a welcome boost given the absence of Flamini who serves the second of his two-match ban for reaching the ten yellow card threshold.

As things stand the only two long-term absentees are Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere.


    • Diaby will score on the 17th of May and then he can retire in peace, soon he becomes the best physiotherapist and club doctor

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      • With his extended battles Diaby could be invaluable in mentally coaching players through long term recovery. Serious determination despite the shit luck and criticism.

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        • I don’t expect Diaby to get a game.
          Its a slightly scary prospect him coming back into the first team in a match of this calibre, after being out for so long.

          Kim has to get a start for me.

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        • I think someone that actually recovered properly form a serious injury would be more inspirational than Diaby. If he can’t keep fit this time he has to go and leave his place for someone that will be able to contribute something to the team , its sad but nobody can say that he hasn’t been give every chance.

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    • 20 minutes is just long enough for him to get a call up to the French squad this summer so they can ensure he’s bojangled again in time for the start of the 14/15 premier league season.

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    • I’ve been wondering the same thing mate. It’s like he just fell off the face of the earth, maybe just a case of pulling back the reigns on the young bull just to be safe? if so it wouldn’t bother me. He’s gonna play a big part next year in my opinion. Can easily see him being option #2 right behind Theo out on the wing. He showed glimpses of becoming a top class player during his spell early on. Anyhow, most excited about Diaby. Seriously we are playing with house money, a wage is a wage, were paying park and he’s contributed just as much while still being Healthy. If Diaby regains form I have no doubt in my mind he can be the Viera type we’ve been crying out for. Let’s nab this FA cup thang, and knock down this 15 pts, count our blessings, and go for the gusto in the summer bosman market.

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    • Probably restraining him abit yes. The Worst thing that can happen to a young footballer is to receive a big injury. Because it will weaken his body’s structural integrity for the rest of his career making him more injury Prone. However, if a player gets passed his 20-21th birthday injury free, his chance of a prosperous career without any major injury setbacks become alot more likely.

      Or so i have heard 🙂

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  1. Hopefully no more new injuries on Sunday, and everyone returning will be a good sight (aoart form long terms like Feo and Jack).
    Ramsey should get a rest, Kallstrom to start

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  2. Koscielny makes last ditch tackle, passes to Ozil, threads to Tomas, crosses to Diaby who heads in to seal 4th.

    Or sumat..

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    This is söööö great. Just in time to have our best play makers back….FA glöry and 4th place is awaiting us…dare I say 3rd alsö?!

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  4. Would u look at that, we finally have a group of players that resemble a football team for the 1st time this year (?).
    Anyway, let’s go and finish off this season off, which has been a complete disaster if u listen to most media outlets, in the best way possible – By doing the (Arsene) Double: FA Cup & Top4 trophy

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  5. Hope Diaby doesn’t play – can’t possibly be ready for Prem league. Would like to see Kalstrom play – reckon he could have a big part to play in FA Cup final if he can get a bit more match-fit!

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    • Exactly, everyone is so excited to see Diaby back but he should take no part in the rest of the season or the WC and aim for a fit 2014-2015.

      Where is the excitement for OUR BEST PLAYER? The one and only MESUT OZIL.

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  6. Lads i can see whats coming now… Fa cup final extra time stoppage time.. Diaby turns his marker sidesteps one beats another and drives in a low cross .. Bendtner gets on the end of it and thumps it in the roof of the net . Boom!!!

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  7. I’d laugh my bloody head off if Diaby’s only contribution to afc this season is to score in the final and win afc the cup. The irony of it would be unforgettable.

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    • And something additional to emphasise that those who combine talent and commitment to their goals are merely more “lucky” than the rest of us if their subsequent profession pays well.

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      • Something about the unquestionable wisdom of the ‘self-made’, and about how there’s no such thing as society, only smugness.

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  8. Always liked Diaby, recon if he could well and truly banish the injury gorilla off his back he could be our own Yaya Toure. He totally bossed a game against the mugsmashers at the start of last (?) season before disappearing again.

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  9. Diaby shouldt play the season get him fit and training ready for next season we have rushed him back far to many times but its nice to hear he is back in train

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  10. West Ham aren’t exactly known for the breakneck speed of play, more lumping it into the box.
    Kallstrom will be ideal for this shit. He’s over 6ft.

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  11. Saw a comment (Guardian, I believe) that it would be great if Diaby could give us the one game we get a season where he looks like a midfield maestro during the run in.

    I can remember one box-to-box run (Eary fall 2012?) where he carried the ball about 80 yards with opposing players just bouncing off him. Really a shame what’s happened to his career. A player like Diaby could have been- a big, badass, Viera type to sit in front of the back four and wreck shop- would be great for this team. With respect to Arteta, a healthy Diaby would make him totally redundant.

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    • The liverpool game at anfield last year had a good moment. Diaby won the ball, and took off on what looked like to him a jog. Henderson (or allen) took after him at full speed, and looked like they were going backwards….

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  12. Weird the official Arsenal Site does not mention Ramsey as an injury doubt.

    Did Wenger say it during his press conference?

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  13. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • “How is it that no one querries the fact that arsenal have more injuries than the hard sides?”

      I’m going to assume based on this sentence alone that your whole comment is satirical. Cause basically it’s either that or you don’t bother to read anything anyone ever says about Arsenal Football Club.

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    • put the daily mail down and start watching matches please.
      1- the players wenger buys got us to the top of league for longer than any other team this year.
      2 – We have a great record against the ‘hard men’ of the league this year.
      3 – Everyone has queried the fact that we have a lot of injuries, wenger himself has come out publicly to say hes investigating why.
      4 – If wenger is physically illitirate, how did he get a squad to go 49 games unbeaten, win 2 doubles, whilst playing champions league through to knockouts for 17 (?) years in a row.
      5 – no-one considers champions league a trophy, its a benchmark which any team should be proud of getting so consistently, if it was worthless, no team would be trying to push us out of 4th spot, but they all are arnt they.

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    • Aside from your patronising tone, one that sounds like an 11-year old mocking his parents, “physically illiterate” is the stupidest thing I have ever read.

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  14. Good to see even Diaby in the picture. Need everyone fit now. Crucial period. There have been to many disruptions to the squad since the start of the season. Luck has played its part in pulling us down. Hope it will balance out with good news during the remaining 6 games. COYG!

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  15. if diaby can get a few games under his belt and get a good pre-season in he can be a huge asset for us next season. we’ve really needed someone with his physical presence in our midfield the past couple of seasons. fingers and toes crossed that the injury curse doesn’t strike again. if anyone deserves a run of good luck it has to be him…

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  16. if we had even half as many injuries this season I really think we would be seeing a whole other scenario in the league it is a real shame thing have gone the way they have. Lets hope we finish strong COYG!

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  17. So what do you Reckon we will see against West Ham tomorrow? If all goes well and we dont see any problems in late tests. Maybe-

    –Källström–Rosicky— (or do we try TV5 instead of Kim? Probably be Arteta though but God! he needs a rest!)
    Özil—–Santi—-Poldi– (Santi could perhaps use some rest as well…maybe start Gnabry?)

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  18. SA gunner, so why bother? Seriously, if we won’t win anything with Wenger in charge ever again (as you stated), then why are you wasting your time posting here?

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  19. Diaby to come back on the day of the final, score the winning goal – a 40 yarder, and fly kick Mourinho’s ugly mug into an oblivion 🙂

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  20. I think the diaby hype is too damn high.just because he was out for so long,people only rmb the good times we had with him around.He has always been in the bench or down the pecking orders last time.inconsisent performer.He is like the cheap imitation of yaya toure and i cant see wenger puting him above the pecking order infront of this crowded midfield area.Arteta or flamini or ramsey or kallstrom will probably get the nods for the remaining game.but wenger will probably safe keep him till preseason.just let that man die in peace alrdy ffs.we need a statue of him outside emirates to remind us of how legendary our medical staff is

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  21. I just want Diaby to give us a season like Rosicky has. Such a shame all that potential will never be realised.

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  22. They are all welcome back to the course, especially Abu, he’s missed a lot. If fit, his contribution cannot be overemphasised

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  23. It was reported that Roy Keane criticised Arsenal players for celebrating our victory over Wigan last Saturday. To this I say shut up Roy. What’s your problem? What is wrong celebrating a hard won victory such as that? It could have been against a Championship side, it takes nothing away from the victory. Keane was only exhibiting his small-mindedness by his argument. What did he achieve as a manager? Now every small-time ‘pundit’ seems to take great pleasure in criticising Arsenal. What a shame!

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    • It would perhaps also be fair to say that Keane’s old lot have considerably less to celebrate than Arsenal this season.

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    • Dear Roy (cunt) Keane: If Arsenal are shit for reaching the FA Cup final and finishing fourth or fifth in the league, what does that make your old team that didn’t make the FA Cup final and will do well to finish seventh? Sincerely, the rest of the world. PS, you are a cunt so please shut your gob and fuck off.

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  24. don’t play with my emotions blogs, Diaby training full throttle? am I still dreaming, it’s 10:30am on the east coast.

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  25. Great news we need everyone back available, for the final games of the the season,
    and good too see Diaby back in full training.

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  26. SA Gunner you need to stop reading to those cunts Piers Morgan’s & Gary Neville’s twitter posts & BACK your team. Your constant whining is alike to those Chelski & ManUre fans! Critizing the boss and the team before the season is over is premature.
    I’ve had enough of these whining twats!

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  27. I can’t believe the return of MESUT OZIL is hardly getting a mention in these comments. He’s our best player! We signed Mesut Ozillllllll

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    • I think it’s just the fact that Diaby’s is such an epic storyline.

      It’s critical to have Mesut back. Missing him has been a huge loss, as we will see!

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      • I just don’t see who would take diaby off our hands considering his injury record.

        Not sure how much longer he has on contract, likely he will be released at end of contract.

        Until then, we should just hope he can stay fit and play him as much as possible.

        Without injury, Diaby is a devastating player to have and what he brings to the squad in speed and power (and control) through the middle has been missed for a long time.

        He has also in recent seasons improved his defensive abilities.

        Absolute shame if his career finishes here and I hope he gets 3-4 seasons injury free as we enter the final stage of his career. What an awesome player.

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  28. Özil is a very welcome return.

    It would also be good to see Bendtner giving a final few good games before leaving in the summer. For all the antics and disapointments I still wish him a dignified departure from the club.

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    • Those gunners bemoaning his contribution would rue his loss to injury now.

      Wenger was absolutely right to have snapped Ozil up. Just a pity keeping an eye on the situation in the close of window distracted us from sealing a deal with either of Higuain or Suarez. Wenger likely did not want to break the 40m glass ceiling in view of the possibility of the discrete raid for Ozil at the end.

      The loss of Ozil, Walcott, jack and Ramsey at a critical point was tantamount in many ways to City without Silva, Nasri, Fernandhino and Toure (not saying of course that injuries were entirely the ills that have plagued us of course)

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    • I wish Bendtner well — but he deserves the stick he’s been getting. To fly off to Copenhagen when he’s out with a “knee injury,” and when the club is beset with injuries (and he should be focused on rehab) is so extraordinarily wrong.

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  29. It is nice to hear that the injured players are regrouping back to fitness level, i & other gunner supporters would now like to see afc get at least 4th spot & win f.a cup final feb & march the team had big games of all the prem teams afc fixtures was hardest & the best teams we played look at the outcomes coyg

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    • Would like to see Koscielny slot right back in with Metersecker provided he is fully fit. Otherwise Vermaelen has been doing a reasonable job and growing into it.

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  30. At arsenal if a player gets injured, it’s contagious, it spreads to all the other players like the flu. I guess that has to be one explanation as to way players keep getting injured. In a my case this is a welcome news, now we can hopefully kick on coyg.

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  31. This is going to be a difficult game coming up, coming so soon after the effort against Wigan.

    It is absolutely timely to have these players back on hand as options though I suspect Wenger won’t introduce all of them piece meal and make too many changes to the team.

    Still the likes of Ramsey, Chamberlain and Arteta must be thoroughly knackered from effort.

    Would think Giroud should start as he was rested for large parts against Wigan. if Ozil can return in this game, it would be extremely timely in lifting some weight off of Santi.

    Possibly a start for Podolski as well to work out his frustrations with the early shower.

    Kallstrom may be a possibility next to Rosicky but I wonder if that is too many changes for us and if Arteta will still be relied on to provide a reference point for the team.

    Backline likely to stay the same.

    The only worry I have is possibly missing Chamberlain. Would like to have his pace and direct engagement style.

    We have resource in pacy wide man ordinarily if Walcott and Gnabry were available but with both likely out, we lack that threat to present a variation to pass and move.

    Still like to see us get one more pacy player out wide (even with all 3 options in the team at the moment)

    Would love to see Wenger bring in someone like Konoplyanka who has pace to burn out at LW but also is a playmaker in his own right and has enough tricks in the bag to beat a man or two with craft. He is also ambidexterous and at 24 is just coming into his best years (bearing in mind Santi is 28+). Liverpool bid 16m for him so he isn’t entirely unaffordable but I suspect our myriad requirements (and rightly priorities) will complicate an addition in this department (unless of course Podolski decides to ply his trade elsewhere)

    Hope we get back to emphatic winning ways against West Ham but in reality, a more workman-like win would be also greatly welcomed at this stage given the team being stretched by injuries and over two competitions until recently.

    The amount of pressure heaped on the team is incredible and also reflects in the play somewhat.

    neither City or Chelsea managers have as high expectations (granted their trigger itchy owners are more likely to sign a P45). Rodger’s Liverpool have been languishing outside top 4 for 3 seasons now without the sort of incessant pressure focused on Wenger. Even if he doesn’t win the title, I suspect a top 4 finish for Rodgers will be construed as an overachievement which is strange if you consider a team with the pedigree of Liverpool being accorded less pressure than us (and they have played in less competitions)

    So it is easy to castigate Wenger for all his faults this season but we should also bear in mind the pressure on the squad in terms of expectations has an undue effect. If you can hear a pin drop at the Emirates this season, you don’t think it doesn’t affect the team as well?

    Hope the team take confidence from the way we ground out our win against Everton and kick off for a good finish. A top 4 finish plus the FA cup would represent a decent finish bettered likely only by the eventual winner of the title.

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  32. Unfortunate to see so much criticism of Diaby here. I am reminded of Harry Kewell’s career at Leeds/Liverpool. He was/is an marvellous player who spent half of his career injured — and it was only very late in his career that the source of his injuries was diagnosed (after which he actually played very regularly).

    I’m not saying that Diaby has the same physiological issue that Kewell has — but rather that there is the possibility that he will be able to manage that which has hampered him. I hope that happens now.

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  33. Diaby, the man who would have been sublime if it weren’t for Dan what’s his name from Sunderland. Probably up there with Roy Kean’s attack on Alfie Haaland. We can only speculate what he would have become without the injuries while his attacker faded into obscurity. What a cunt that guy was.

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    • Kind of true.

      Quote from former coach Jacques Santini in 2005.

      ”Abou was one of the players I used at the start of the season and then he had to stop because of repetitive injuries.”

      Sadly, he arrived with a history of injuries.

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  34. Abou Diaby is such a talented football. Biggest shame is how injury prone he is, if only he could get past the hurdle. I personally believe he has all the attributes to become a world-class player. COYG.

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  35. I can understand Diaby wanting to play in the World Cup. It’s every player’s dream. And he was probably asked a loaded question by a journo.

    My take it this. Wenger should tell him that he’s been out since 28 March 2013. He’s rumoured to be on 60k per week. That means he’s earned (55 weeks at 60k) around 3.3m from Arsenal Football Club during this period.

    It’s not his fault and I have every sympathy with him, but Arsenal have made him rich and he should not go to the World Cup this year. Particularly if he doesn’t play for us. He should remember who’s paying for his lifestyle (if he doesn’t already to be fair). He should focus on getting fit for Arsenal for next season and perhaps the end of this one.

    In saying this, if Wenger is going to sell/release him anyway then of course he should go to the World Cup (if selected).

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  36. Diaby should for his own sake not play at all tbh. He should sit it out until summer and Train well, and leave for Ligue 1 or any other more gentle league where fixtures are not so compressed and the play is less physical. Perhaps then he will have a good chance at rejuvenating his career. He is just To injury Prone for Premier League football imo.

    But very good news our players are starting to come back! Coyg!

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  37. Anyone bad mouthing diaby needs to watch the video of him giving Nasri a slap when they were younger – Legend

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  38. Thanks for good news. When ozil come back I will start watching Arsenal matches again. Arsenal needs better forwards. Sell 5 footballers and buy benzema

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