Report: Djourou clause triggers Hamburg deal


According to a report in the Hamburger Morgenpost, Johan Djourou will make his loan spell at HSV Hamburg permanent this summer after his 20th appearance of the season for the Bundesliga outfit triggered a buyout clause in his contract.

The Swiss centre-back reached the milestone in last weekend’s defeat to Borussia Moenchengladbach and is now set to be offered a two-year extension keeping him under contract at the Imtech Arena until 2016.

It is believed that Arsenal will earn €2.5 million from the deal with speculation suggesting weathered, loudmouth gameshow host Davina McCall could replace the Swiss as the face of Arsenal Player.

Hamburg and Arsenal club have yet to confirm the deal. A spokesman for Davina McCall refused to comment.



  1. Shame, he was a good back up CB that needed games to stay sharp (which he wouldn’t have got if he stayed with us). All the best Johan. Hopefully we’ll get a replacement ASAP as there is a chance Verm is also off in the summer (due to lack of games).

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  2. Djourou… what can I say? Hamburg is on its way to relegation and he made many errors this season… better for us to get him out. He looks like a nice bloke but he wouldn’t help us very much. Think it was a smart deal of Arsenal btw… the clause I mean. 🙂

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  3. Kinda sad to see him go, didn’t think he deserved all the stick he got from both arsenal and the other fans. I remember remarking in the 2010/11 season I think, the one where Jens made his comeback, that he hadn’t put a foot wrong all season, which happened to be generally accepted at the time. Just sad to see it go all downhill from that. Good luck Johan, all the best. :’)

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  4. Was never going to be a first choice CB, but with TV5 probably going in the summer we need some backup for Mertacielny

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  5. DjourWHO?!
    Seriously though, I dont know why but everytime there is a post, all I wanna read is either about our injured players coming backs or a big name striker linked with us…Weekend cant come soon enough, I hate these Arsenal-less days!

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  6. Could have been a decent back up. But he needs playing time to keep his national place. Hope he does well wherever he chooses to play.

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  7. I’ve never liked Davina McCall ever since she appeared on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year and annoyed me for a long period of time there.

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  8. One of the major reasons Arsenal are doing this deal is to save the identity crisis that would result if Djourou and Giroud played in the same squad…!!

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  9. How good would that be? Djourou lays it down for Giroud… The commentators would have a field day!

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  10. This man is a legend. Why? When we turned 0-4 to 7-5 against Reading a couple of seasons ago, Johan Djourou was captain. Coincidence? I think not

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    • What the fuck? I genuinely think you just named every single youth player who’s name you’ve heard. Why don’t you throw Zelalem onto the list too while you’re at it you mupper

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  12. I feel as a 4th choice centre back Djourou was a great option; since loaning him out we don’t even have a 4th choice cb and are a half injury away from playing Bellerin.

    All season long people have been worried about our lack of backup in that position yet most people seem perfectly fine with this situation and even with the idea of shipping our captain off this summer. I get kinda confused with the lack of giving a fuck in this area of the squad.

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  13. When he had regular play he was more than sufficient. It became bad when he was only used sporadically. Much like just about any player. All the best to you, Johan.

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  14. He did look the business in 10-11, but I think he suffered the most during the “Great Fullback Injury Crisis” in 2011-2012. In that time, we had to play JD20 at RB, and TV5 or IM49 at LB, while Gibbs, Santos, Jenkinson, and Sagna were out. Plus we sold the clowns (Eboue/Traore). If you have never played fullback, and were a bit of a big lad, fullback was not your position.

    I will always remember however the Carling Cup game against Reading. When Giroud scored, the camera unexpectedly cut to Djourou walking back to his position, hastely going to Giroud. I think in the tv truck the director yelled “CLOSE UP ON GIROUD” and was misheared as Djourou…

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  15. Unsurprising really, all the best to him. A real Arsenal guy though, it’s a shame it didn’t work out here. I really believe he’d be happy to sit on the bench for us if his NT spot wasn’t at stake and that shows great loyalty.

    I’m surprised how happy Arsenal fans are to see the back of him to be honest. Fact is that he’s only leaving because he’s too good to be fourth choice – given the choice I’d keep him around next season. Let’s remember how good he was the last time he played in his favoured position for a decent stretch at Arsenal. He only started to look shit again once he was shunted out to right back.

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  16. He has been doing really well at Hamburg. However they are in a relegation Battle, so hope for his sake they make it. But player rating wise, he has been their 3rd best player this season.

    But i dont think he ever was gonna make the first XI at Arsenal, But i wish him the best of luck with the rest of his career.

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