Report: Hull City 0-3 Arsenal (inc. goals)


Arsenal: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Arteta, Ramsey, Cazorla, Ozil, Podolski, Giroud

Subs: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Flamini, Kallstrom, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rosicky, Sanogo

Lukas Podolski grabbed his second brace of the week as he led the Gunners to a convincing 3-0 victory against Hull City in a dress rehearsal of the FA Cup final. The German international grabbed a goal either side of half-time after Aaron Ramsey’s fantastic opener as Arsene Wenger’s men overcame early pressure from the home side to outclass their hosts.

In a bruising first half Wojciech Szczesny was by far the busiest Arsenal player but for all Hull’s physicality and pressure it was the Gunners’ ruthlessness on the break that paid dividends.

For the first 30 minutes the Gunners defence were expertly marshalled by the Pole in goal as he came and claimed a series of lofted balls aimed at strike duo Long and Jelavic. Both attackers did forge chances as Steve Bruce willed his side to pressure from the front; the former slashing wide and the latter having an effort tipped brilliantly around the post by Szczesny.

Mertesacker and Myler picked up bookings and Arteta lost a tooth and took a blow to the head as things heated up in the midfield. Tackles flew in from both sides.

The Gunners should have had a penalty when the returning Ozil had his legs clipped on 10 minutes by Elmohamady, the referee waved away the claims, before Podolski had a drive saved by Harper.

It wasn’t until the half hour mark that Arsenal finally found their attacking mojo. Ramsey was the man who smashed home the ball inside the far post with clinical aplomb, but the build-up play which involved most of the team – tip of the cap to Messrs Cazorla and Ozil in particular – weaving the ball from the right touchline into the middle and then into the box was fantastic. (1-0)

Livermore hit the post for the home side seven minutes later but for all their huff and puff Arsenal were undoubtedly the more dangerous side and they doubled the lead on the stroke of half-time.

Hull were furious that an Arteta challenge on Jelavic wasn’t deemed a foul and on the break the Gunners were ruthless. Cazorla found Ozil who in turn fed Giroud on the right wing. The Frenchman’s lofted cross skipped over the Hull defence where Ramsey chested the ball down for Podolski who hammered home low on the volley. The home support screamed abuse at the officials as the men in red celebrated a second fine goal. (2-0)

It took only eight minutes of the second half for the Gunners to forge their third. Monreal and Cazorla combined down the left, Aaron Ramsey cracked a low effort which Harper could only palm into Podolski’s path and the German after a solid first touch tapped home for his 13th of the season. (3-0)

The strike effectively killed off the game and afforded Arsenal the chance to play prolonged periods of keep ball. Unsurprisingly, Mesut Ozil was the first man to make way; a solid sixty minutes under his belt he was replaced by Mathieu Flamini.

Giroud took advantage of slack goalkeeping by Harper to nearly grab a fourth. The Hull keeper dallied as he waited to collect a back pass and when he finally reached the ball was pressured by the Frenchman who nipped in only to hit the bar from a tight angle. On 73 minutes, limping slightly after a battering from several Hull defenders, he made way to be replaced by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Mertesacker headed just over from a Cazorla free-kick with 15 minutes remaining, Chamberlain should have had a penalty, Huddlestone forced Szczesny into a save before Sanogo came on for the last seven minutes in place of Podolski.

The game had long since petered out, not that anyone in red and white minded, as the three points returned to London.

It’s eight days until we entertain Alan Pardew’s under-par Newcastle United, so a welcome opportunity to nurse knocks and rest heavy limbs. We’ve three games to go and a bit of momentum for the first time in months. If we keep winning, we might just manage a smile come mid-May after all.

Happy Easter everyone.


    • If he’d have been able to hit that first chance with his left foot, he would have got a well-deserved hat trick

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      • Interesting that a comment like yours, Previgo, should get so many thumbs down, presumably for massive overstatement on all fronts.

        Giroud is much under-estimated by people like you, but few disagree (probably including himself) that he’s disappointed on occasions this season as a lone striker. Yet he’s still our leading scorer with 20 goals so far this season — and our top scorer last season, Walcott, scored just 21 (Giroud scored 17).

        Podolski has a great scoring record. He’s beginning to show that, with a bit more effort and imagination the remaining 90% of the time he’s on the pitch, he can yet be an invaluable member of the team.

        And yes, we can see already just how much we’ve missed Ramsey and Özil.

        The future is bright, the future is red-and-white!

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      • please tell me why you want mandzukic? He is just as good as giroud, did you se how good giroud was today having players moving around him today ? he has missed ramsey and özil, imagine a hole season with theo ramsey özil chamberlain. manduzikic its not that good..if we are gonna buy a striker, buy a GOOOOD striker.

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  1. Had even forgotten Arsenal can be this good. Well played. Ramsey and Podolski, massive performance. Now there is that small matter of the Final, hope for the same. COYG

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  2. As long as Mesut and Aaron on the pitch I’m hardly ever worried about the result… Bring in the remaining games and the FA Cup. Third place and the FA Cup would actually be pretty shweet

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  3. #welshjesus

    A shame really that performances like this against lesser teams may have put us in the hunt for the title along with a decent shift against the top 5.

    Solid defense when pressure was mounting and decent finishing to shift the tide of the battle.

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    • I almost think complacency would work for us, it’s when we’re trying too hard and the pressure is on that we really struggle…if we see it as a foregone conclusion and just turn up and pass it we’re likely to win imo.

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  4. It’s no coincidence that as soon as ozil and Ramsey come back we begin to rediscover our fluidity. Those two have certainly been missed.

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    • I dunno, neither played against West Ham and that was when we started playing like this.

      Then again, it’s mostly a confidence thing, so the lift their return has given us combined with Poldi discovering he can actually give that extra 10% might well be the reason.

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        • Yeah? Could have sworn I remembered seeing him ready to come on as a sub, after we had started playing well too, maybe it was another game, if so ignore me.

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  5. Great win although I fear another deadline day scramble because we can’t really guarantee champs league football to lionel messi until we clear the play-offs

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  6. Great win.
    Good performance form the team. I do hope that Arsenal wins the next four games (3 league games + the FA Cup final).

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  7. Brilliant performance today by the whole team In what looked like being a difficult game for the first 20 minutes, we are a different side with Ramsey and Ozil back.

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  8. Grrat performance. Ramsey was class, Poldi’s goals were superb. Arsene’s subs were spot on as well. Plus a clean sheet!!!!

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  9. Good show by the team, out of the rut we were in for 2-3 weeks in Mar-Apr.

    This just shows that there is room for couple more quality additions to the team while keeping them all happy.

    If we had quality replacements for Ramsey & Ozil, we still would have been in with a chance for the title. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking for more mid-fielders, someone who can score/assist in similar numbers to them be it wingers or forwards.

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    • torres score 25 goal all national competition (PL/FAC/LC) in the last 4 years at chav , giroud score 32 goal in 2 years for arsenal . pfff stop talking shit ,torres wish he was Olivier giroud

      to make it worst for the blues shit from south london demba ba score 10 goal in same competition in his 2 years for chav , etoo 9 goal this year all competition

      if chelsea would have giroud in front they would be top of the league and

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  10. By my count (and please do correct me if I’m wrong) that’s two assists and a goal since Welsh Jesus was ‘resurrected’.
    Can’t help but imagine what might have been had he been fit for the whole season.

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  11. What a different ramsey has made to arsenal play. Making countless runs into the box. Providing the extra body. He was involved in all three goals today. What a talent.

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  12. SZCZ was great today, although his delivery really needs to be worked on.

    But how great was it to see Ramsey celebrating a goal again, eh?

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  13. Phew! It was a really dull start. But quality and experience showed clearly in the way we shut the game out. My only crib is that when we have pedal on the gas the team should put 5-6 in the net. Goal difference can be crucial at the end. Anyways a good job. Keep up the momentum. COYG!

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  14. It was like the Arsenal of old – soaked up the pressure, hit them on the break then seized control of the game and never let go. Brilliant away performance.

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  15. Based on this display Ozil should keep ‘nicking’ his living at Arsenal for a long, long time.
    Also great to see Ramsey back. His goal killed Moron-ho’s unbeaten streak yesterday and the assists were great too. Now just hope Man Utd wins *vomits blood* and we can seal that top 4 finish.
    Finally hats off to Lukas – 4 goals in a week makes me think that maybe we should alter our system to suit him as much as possible – So clinical…

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  16. FA Cup in the bag, Champions League in the bag, the ability and determination to spend big in the Summer………maybe I’m a dreamer…

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  17. I can’t help but notice that Podolski refrains from celebrating much after goals. Why would that be?

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    • Clearly he’s angling for a move to hull.

      He’s not _shown_ to celebrate much today; you might be right but if you weren’t there you’re seeing what Sky want you to see.

      I think his celebrations at Shite Hart Lane easily made up for it anyway 🙂

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  18. Great to have Ozil and Ramsey back. Ozil is definitely not 100% fit right now, but as he does had moments of brilliance that we’ve missed. I think Ramsey showed today what we’ve missed without him all these months. His energy and driving into the box from such a deep position were things we’ve really missed.

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  19. Future Fact

    Ramsey will be player of the year within 3 years

    Ramsey will get more than 30 goals a season for 3 seasons running. you hear it here first.

    #Future #Facts

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  20. I’ve given Ramsey quite some stick during a couple of seasons … but my god, what a player he has become!!

    If only Wenger can find a tactic to use against the bigger teams … then we can truly compete for the title

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  21. Aaron Ramsey has become such a multi-dimensional midfielder. He’s become a real goal threat but I think his long passes require some attention too.

    To come back from a long injury and play like this shows that he’s the real deal. That form during the first chunk of the season wasn’t just some flash in the pan

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  22. Poldi playing regularly and with confidence makes him a completely different animal! Gives us a different dimension the guy is the definition of clinical. What else needs to be said about Rambo and Ozil?! Oh how I’ve missed those two

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  23. Great victory…we played well. Ramsey is king! However, I can’t stop thinking of what would have become of our season if he was fit all this while and wenger didn’t run him and other key players into the ground. If wenger had devised a formation that takes off that defensive responsibility off podolski and let him be the goalscoring assassin he can be. Imagine if he had strengthened in the transfer window….Imagine if he had what it takes not to be annihilated in the big games. Looking at Liverpool sitting at the top of the league hurts…that should be US…The Arsenal!He has lowered expectations so much, he would make 4th place look like winning champions league… anyways, let’s win the FA cup then he leaves…. #WengerOut

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  24. Podolski has primarily been a striker his whole career until he came to Arsenal. And finishing has allways been his strongest trait. Wasted on the wing imo. He is not lightning quick, he is not to happy about defending, and he is not a partcularly good crosser.

    But he is good at getting in to position for an attempt on goal, and he is a clinical finisher, among the best in the league infact if you count minutes played.

    But in 50 appearances for Arsenal he has only played the full 90 minutes 4 times. I hope for his sake he leaves for a club where he can play As a striker, because scoring goals is what he does best, and he does not deserve being treated like he is at Arsenal.

    For a player that is a regular in the German National team, i am surprised he is still around and accept just being a substitute.

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    • He was Never a striker ; not for bayern not for Koln(he played in the hole behind the striker) and defenitely not for Germany for whom he plays Left wing just like in Arsenal.

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  25. Great game. If we played like this the past 5 weeks or so, Liverpool should be looking up the table at us. Why do we keep turning on the charm when the title is gone? Anyways, let them keep it up for the remaining games and it will still be a reasonably successful season.

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  26. @James, neither was Thierry Henry a striker before he joined Arsenal. I haven’t seen a more clinical Arsenal player than him in about 10years.

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  27. after this win i’m confindent we’ll get the 4th and win the fa cup, with ramsey and ozil in the team we look dangerous whenever we go forward, a couple of players in the summer and we’ll have a shout at winning the league…

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  28. fallen tooth, and yet his smile is still as graceful as ever… + hair still unscathed……… i love this guy

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  29. At a family Easter bloody lunch so missed the game, although i had my live scores app to keep me updated. Then bloody MOTD2 didn’t fucking record!

    Got to see the goals on here though! So thanks for that. Three great goals and a brilliant 3 points!! Cheers

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  30. Kudos to the gaffer for subbing Podolski off against Wigan. It’s done wonders with the german translating his anger into some very unforgiving finishing recently.

    Ramsey’s return has afforded us the energy and work rate in midfield to have the option of 4-4-2 unleashing Podolski closer in field next to Giroud. Ozil and Ramsey have been sorely missed in this regard.

    Finally lots of simpleton nonsense by haters of our fourth spot finish. I would imagine (without counting eggs yet…this being Easter) that this win is not only good value for the fourth spot trophy but also an FA cup around the corner. Good value for a double despite obvious disappointments this season.:)

    With Ramsey and Ozil back, you can feel the confidence starting to ebb back into the squad.

    Anyone castigating jack or Sanogo (or for the matter Giroud or Ozil) should do well to remember players do improve like Walcott…or Ramsey.;)

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  31. Not totally relevant but since there wouldn’t be an appropriate article…I just want to say I’m really glad that Maureen’s home record got busted, and by the BOTTOM TEAM at that!!

    How ironic.

    Wish it could be us, but sweet nonetheless.

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  32. Random point, but, does anyone think a cut price Torres could do a job with our team of technical, chance creating midfielders? Fast, running in behind, leave him to finish, a bit of TLC from le boss… Just a thought.

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    • Wouldn’t be the worst idea in the world, but I’d rather we went for a proven striker over Torres… If only we’d gone after Higuain or offered a more respectable amount for Suarez, we’d be on top of the league with points to spare (Assuming said striker hadn’t been injured during the same time as Ozil and Ramsey)

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