The Result Hunter: Wenger it’s Russian roulette for all


Arsene Wenger says the tension experienced by Premier League managers at this time of the year is akin to playing Russian roulette.

Reflecting on the pressures of the end of the season (‘squeaky bum time’ as a whiskey sodden Scot once labelled it), the boss even admitted he has to curtail his desire to coerce his team from the touchline for fear of personal negativity spreading.

“It’s easier to be calm in September than in March,” Wenger told assembled media in his Friday press conference.

“Every game is kill or be killed. This period of the season, you feel much more under pressure as a manager.

“In September, you think, ‘Okay, we lost this game but we still have time to catch up’. Now, it’s one, two, three games to go and you look at the table, at the bottom and the top, and everybody plays a bit [of] Russian roulette.”

Touching on his sideline antics, he continued: “Sometimes I stand up, sometimes I sit down, sometimes I speak with (assistant manager) Steve (Bould), but still most of the time I am up.

“Sometimes I try (to stay away from touchline), yes, consciously, because when you get up there you know you are tense.

“I try to sit down when I feel I am in a negative mood, because then on the touchline you can become a handicap and you can have a negative influence (on the players), your presence can be negative.”

We’re not advocating the harm of other men (Arseblog News loves you all equally) but if Arsene were ever to be sitting around a table with other managers and a loaded gun…well you know, you’d hope he’d at least give Jose Mourinho a crack across the nose with it.

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