Wenger: Sagna talks not progressing


Arsene Wenger has confirmed there’s an impasse in negotiations with Bacary Sagna dismissing suggestions the French international is on the cusp of signing a new deal at the club.

A free agent in the summer, the 31-year-old has been able to discuss his future with foreign clubs since January and (understandably) he isn’t short of suitors. 

Last month Inter Milan confirmed they’d contacted Sagna only to hint that the experienced defender had opted to stay in England. Given that a stay at the Emirates doesn’t seem likely that opens up the possibility of him moving to a rival with Manchester City thought to be snooping around. 

“Talks are not progressing,” Wenger told journalists this morning at his pre-Newcastle press conference. “The ball is not in our court any more and he has to come back to us.”

It doesn’t look good from an Arsenal perspective and would leave the boss looking to replace a significant chunk of the defence with Thomas Vermaelen and Lukasz Fabianski also thought to be on the way out this summer.

It also makes a lie of midweek stories which said the right-back was close to agreeing a new deal. As we reported at the time, talks broke down a long time ago, and Arsenal fans are going to have to prepare themselves for his departure unless there’s a massive shift from both parties.


    • Not a greek tragedy. He’s 31, has suffered two leg breaks in a year, offers virtually nothing going forward (can’t dribble, limited pace) learnt how to cross this season but we’re hardly a team that relies on crosses nor do we seem to have a striker capable of getting on the end of them.

      He’s a wonderful stopper – nothing ever seems to get down our left – but surely we can upgrade on him if it comes to that.

      I’d love to see us get a proper marauding full back a la Zabaleta who can defend but offers a lot in behind.

      Will miss his seeing wife modelling the shirt though.. Bring on the thumbs down from the misery brigade!

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      • The problem with him leaving is that we now need to spend Lots of money on a New RB. Money which could have been put towards other important signings. Worst case we might have to target cheaper signings than originally intended because of this. Jenkinson is not good enough to take over first XI role. But i Guess there is allways a chance the boss might give Jenkinson a chance to claim a place in the first XI. Who knows, he might blossom and prove himself capable.

        My Guess is Rodgers is interested in Sagna to strenghten his awfull defense. Chelsea or City i doubt would be interested in Sagna. Well, i Guess Mourinho would, just to fuck Arsenal over. he would prolly follow up with a Loan deal for Sagna to one of our other Rivals whom could use his services.

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        • I also worry we will spend too much time trying to replace Bac, time that could be used focusing on other areas of need. Perhaps, all said, the time is more scarce to us than the money. You would think with a team of scouts and executives and negotiators and coaches, there would be plenty of time to get all the necessary deals done, however it has struck me that in the last few years we have really struggled to sort out more than one deal at a time (at least it seems that way on the surface!)

          Plus, I love the guy and don’t want to see him leave!

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      • I would agree with some of what your saying. With our narrow midfield and fullbacks pushed on he does end up seeing A LOT of the ball. I’d also question a few times this season sagna marauding forward when we’re getting hammered, but that could be managers instructions. A right back better on the ball would probably be a major bonus for us. But there ain’t many dani alves’s and lahm’s out there. Defensively Sagna is top notch, great backs to the wall defender and something is seriously wrong with our club to be in this situation, again, with a top first team player. I keep saying with all these players that could be leaving – vermaelen as well – we’re gonna end up spending all summer trying to replace these instead of adding and improving squad. We all know Wenger ain’t gonna buy 6 or 7 players. All a tad frustrating…

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        • He’s 31 and he has a mind of his own. If he has decided to leave it doesn’t follow that there is anything wrong with our club.

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      • Here’s a thumbs down comment if there ever was one:

        Even as an Arsenal fan, I appreciate the genius of Mourinho. He is amazing at masterminding tactical victories against the big teams. He knew exactly what he needed to do to stifle and choke the Liverpool front line. Look at it like this, the only time the fairy (Sterling) got in behind the defence was after 80 minutes.

        If you are going to say that anyone could have seen that you have to defend deep against Liverpool to stop them from scoring and try to snatch the goal. But there were other subtle adjustments which shows the greatness of Mourinho. For example, he allowed them space on the wings because through his meticulousness, he realized that Liverpool have not been very good when playing aerial balls into the box.

        Sometimes you have to get your hands dirty, disrupt their play, not allow them to get their rhythm – the blatant time wasting, I could not stop laughing because nothing satisfied me more than Suarez getting as good as he gives, the swimming pool diver, the cheater, the racist, the biter.

        Wenger is too nice. Mourinho does everything it takes to win. I wish Wenger would do that sometimes. To say he can only do it with the huge money is forgetting his great tenure at Porto. He is a genius.

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      • that pretty much leaves liverpool or chelsea…. so erm.. yeah neither of those either. And I’m going to guess Stoke was a joke.

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        • i suspect its going to be liverpool, since they are in the champions league next season.

          Another one of our ‘better’ players going to a rival. On a free. Shake my head. What’s Wenger thinking? How can he let so many of our key players leave? If its about money, surely thats not a problem?

          This has to stop or Arsenal won’t progress. If we keep losing our key players every season we won’t be a big club anymore, no one will want to come to a club that has no ambition

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        • C’mon he isn’t one of arsenals ‘better’ players. His our best right back no doubt, but I’d say the weakest link of what is (most of the time) a strong back four.

          We should have it in our capacity to get someone better then him, something less easy to do then for Kos for instance.
          Were he to go, than I will join you in anger that the trend of the last decade has not been broken.

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    • I honestly don’t understand why he would go to another Prem. club if it wasn’t for the money? Not that I would blame him for cashing in on his last few years as a player, but it surely can’t be for any other consideration (i.e. CL, winning a trophy) as we’re still in contention for the FA Cup and 4th this year. Either way, he’s been solid over the years so all the best to him.

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      • How about moving to Liverpool, who are almost certain to be Champions this year, will be willing to pay him well as they are desperately in need of a stroinger defence, and who have a history of doing very well in the Champions League? You can’t understand that? In a 31 year old who has seen us nearly do something for years on end, and is hoping for a big payday as he gets towards the end of his career? I can see why it would appeal, and I don’t blame him for grabbing at the chance.

        What I hope is that we will make 4th or 3rd, Qualify for the CL, make the right buys this summer, and make him wish he had hung around an extra year when we start to achieve and Liverpool lose their edge as Luis Swearz does something stupid and misses half of the season (or moves to Barcelona).

        I don’t blame him for making a career decision that doesn’t include Arsenal, I have no hard feelings, and I hope he does well in every game he plays except for any that might affect Arsenal. Once he’s gone he’s gone and is just a fond memory.

        Hopefully we already have Seamus Coleman lined up, or a short list of possible replacements. It’s not like Arsene Wenger hasn’t known since February or earlier that Sagna has decided to move on.

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        • Your point about Liverpool underachieving next year highlights why I can’t see any logic behind a move to Liverpool. I can completely understand a paycheck move but Liverpool won’t pay (much) more than us and I’m quite sure will be out of their depth with European and domestic competition. He would be a regular starter for us next season if he stayed undoubtedly. Either way I think it’s quite clear now that he’s a gonner and we need to look for a replacement.

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    • well that’s a bit of a compliment, isn’t it? Long as we understand that Bacary might want to leave, as blogs has opined as well.
      And on the poster above saying it will be only for the money, has Sagna won the league and the CL with us?

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        • No means a given that Zabaleta leaves city for Barca unless his on a Bosman as well.

          Anyway what happened to their transfer ban which I keep telling myself is a late punishment for the tapping up of Fabrogas even though I know damn well that is not the case.

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      • Zabeleta is 29 as well. Why be a bac-up? Excuse the pun. To be fair Bac has overseen our entire trophyless period. He joined after the 2005 FA Cup and he’s had the same hairstyle for 9 years! Bless him. Couldnt have asked for a more loyal, consistent right bac. I’m still hopeful we can convince him to stay.

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    • He’s one of the players who has “earned” the right to do whatever he wants with his career. He has honoured all his contracts with strong, consistent and dreadlocked defensive work. Good luck to him.

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    • Personally I don’t wish him well if he goes to a rival (City, Liverpool, Chelsea).

      Doesn’t make sense to me but I can see him joining Man Utd. They give huge contracts but he would be making a big mistake.

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  1. He will be sorely missed but I can’t begrudge his desire to have a go elsewhere in his last years. Especially if he brings home the FA cup. That would be a fantastic way to go out.

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  2. He deserves to sign off with a trophy. It will be hard to see him go to another English, I’m hoping something dramatic happens though

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  3. Letting contracts run down to final year is shocking mismanagement from the club. It’s clear that even at the age of 31, he is one of the best right backs and more than a decent cover at cb. Should’ve tied him down when the ball was in our court.

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    • To be fair, we haven’t done badly with our other contract negotiations. Majority of the important players are tied down. I don’t think Bacary was ever going to stay, unless we offered huge money. It takes two to tango. How much effort the club has actually made is very difficult to say….

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      • can’t compete with the sign on bonus on free transfers. His agent will get him a chunk of the transfer fee which the club signing him won’t have to pay.
        What a tough, consistent player. Great fight and attitude.

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    • The Club cant do anything if Bac himself doesn’t want to sign. Its a football club not a prison. ill be very sad to see him go but if we aren’t offering what he wants then like anyone in any job (possibly not yours) he is going to look somewhere else for it.

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  4. Please leave the country, I would hate to see Bac in another english shirt. Him especially, nasri & clichy didnt bother me but our warrior, noooooooooooo

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  5. Shocking mismangaement? Really? To sign a new contract both parties have to be willing. If bac wants to move on…there’s nothing arsenal can do especially If his reason is financial…wish him the best where ever he goes. Please Wenger get someone who can deliver a cross!!

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    • Agreed. I think the only thing Arsenal could have done differently is sell him last year, and as with Fabianski, that was not in our interest to do. Both have been pivotal this year, and both could probably do a job next year, but esp in Sagnas case not so msure about thereafter. Fab meanwhile is In with a good ahot i imagine of becoming Leicesters, first choice with Scmhical likely to be poached.

      We did allow Bosmans to take place between 1998 and 2004, sometimes its just the lay of the land and not the sign of a badly managed club

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  6. Just get us the cup and 4th Bac.
    Sagna out, Micah Richards in, I reckon.
    Walcott promoted to up-front. Another couple of free-singings on top.
    And we’ll be set for next season with our war chest intact.

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  7. Well wenger has known for longer than anyone whether he would sign or not. Hopefully he has someone up his sleeve. Hopefully it’s Seamus Coleman who’s been brilliant the last 2 years. If we CL hopefully he would come

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    • Coleman would be an unbelievable addition – but I am not convinced AW would spend £30M+ on a right back. Personally if Coleman was available then I’d be happy to see him spend £30M on him, even if this meant less money to spend on a striker – he is that good. I could see him being able to fill in for theo in a more attacking role on the right – and even a right back he stretches the game and keeps bombing up and down the field for 90 minutes. He would be perfect for us but I’d say his signature is a pipe dream – and with united willing to spunk £30m on Luke Shaw i’d say that if anyone is going to sign him it will probably be them. Hope not.

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      • There is no way Wenger would spend that sort of money on him. He cost 60k from Sligo Rovers! Wenger couldnt stand the thought of giving another club such a huge profit.

        But I do agree that he is a great player. Could only see the move taking place if we do a deal with them where we pay cash plus loan them a player next year or something.

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  8. There is no shame in going to Man City. All players want to win and achieve something in their career. Let’s be real he clearly thinks Arsenal cannot challenge for the league title and CL which is why he wants to move on.

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    • It would be a shame if he leaves, but I think this will come down to a final payday and City can outspend us each and every day – regardless of our war chest! There are very few players that will put loyalty in front of a larger (or in this case, very large) pay cheque!!

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    • I’m quite sure that Sagna can see we’re close to winning silverware again and it’s pretty certain he’s looking at his long-term options financially.
      I think we should bent the rules a bit to keep such a good player but without knowing what he (and his agent) really want, I just don’t know how realistic he’s being. It could turn out that he wants to be the best paid player in the team for the next ten years and for the club to sacrifice a reserve team player on each solstice!!!!

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    • There is shame in going to Man City – why else would they need to be the highest salary paying club in world sport? They have shamelessly bought their way to a title and a couple of cups. No one respects their achievements just like no one respected Chelsea’s success when Abramovic arrived. People will respect Liverpool for winning the league because they have done it in a sustainable manner. City have bullied their way in and adopted the same shameful business methods as other multi-million pound corporations. When a poorer challenger takes some of their market share they flex their financial muscles and buy them out / incorporate them (see Clichy, nasri, adebayor for reference.)

      If you believe for one moment that these players went there for silverware as opposed to money then you are deluded. The thing that really sickened me about RVP’s departure was that he claimed to be leaving arsenal for united and that it had nothing to do with money. He did this by saying that he could have joined Man City but turned them down (because the little bellend inside of him told him to.) What he failed to mention was that united were offering him £250k a week, which was a similar sum to city and twice what we could offer him. Instead he blamed Arsenal’s lack of ambition and degraded the name of the club after they had stood by him during eight years of injuries.

      Either way he is a total cunt and it had everything to do with money and nothing to do with silverware. He was ashamed of himself just like Nasri was when he won his first title at City and went on camera telling everyone that he had proven that he had made the right decision joining city. If he did not feel ashamed of leaving arsenal for more money then why would he have anything to prove to people? He is another piece of crap who tries to lie about their primary motivations. If they just came out and said “I am leaving because I can get more money elsewhere” then I think the majority of people would accept that. It would be no different from anyone else moving between companies for a better wage – that is life. What I dislike intensely is these players dragging our great club’s name through the mud just because they feel ashamed of what they are doing. Be a man and tell it like it is.

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      • Not one day after saying this Nasri is still at it:


        “This image of me being ‘materialistic’ is a French thing. People were envious. It’s fine. What happened is this: it was my best season with Arsenal (15 goals). We were in October (2010) and the manager asked me whether I wanted to stay at Arsenal. ‘Yes I want to stay at Arsenal,’ I said. Then they offered me a contract. It was far from what I wanted. With my agent, we were saying: if I stay at Arsenal, I know I’m going to win less money, but it’s fine, I’m only 23. I have time to win money. If I’m good I will always win money….
        Yes, economically I have a better life now than what I had at Arsenal. It’s normal. If I said to you tomorrow that there is another journal, as serious as your journal, offer you three times your salary, I think you are going to go there!’ But my first motive was to win trophies.”

        Of course it was. Maybe you can use some of your money to have one of your trophies surgically inserted into your face to give yourself a chin

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  9. Goodluck to him if and when he goes, you cant force him to stay. It seems more money is better to have than play for this great club.

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  10. With sagna now seemingly going and the possible exits of fabianski and the captain and the fact that we need a striker and possibly a real strong defensive midfielder the summer looks worrying.
    I just don’t trust the club to get the number of players we need at the quality required to compete for the title going on its passed transfer shambles.
    That’s without the possibility of losing losing one or two others like podolski.
    We missed a really great chance this season to win the title due to our inability to close a deal on a badly needed quality striker and having the need to sign maybe 4 or 5 players during a world cup year doesn’t fill me with much optimism.

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    • It’s definitely not a great prospect – I hadn’t previously considered the WC as a factor in signing players but now you mention it it could certainly have a bearing on quality/quantity of signings. I don’t think we necessarily need the very best in all positions but the list is large and on previous merit, I’m worried about the ability of the club to get the job done. But all we can do is have faith I suppose. This squad is so close to being something special it would be a real real shame to let it go to waste.

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  11. I’ve reconciled that Sagna is leaving but I really would like to see the boss leave as well. The season has been extremely mishandled and we keep coming up with excuses for how he’s cocked up this time. Arsenal needs change.

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  12. Damn that Goal.com website! Yesterday it claimed Sagna was ‘on the verge’ of extending with us and I believed it.

    If it ain’t on Arsenal’s official website or its alternative one (this one), don’t believe it.

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    • To be fair, Goal.com gambled successfully on the Walcott extension. This time round, I think they screwed as with the M’Villa thingy

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  13. Have to disagree with Dial Square. Every time we let a player near the end of a contract (RVP + Sagna) we are told it is shocking mismanagement and then every time we tie a player to a long term contract who then suffers injury (e.g.Diaby) we are told ‘what a waste of money’. Hindsight is a very exact science. If you remember Sagna’s form last year, after returning from the second leg break of his career, and with PSG rumours abounding, he was a shadow of the player we know he is – he already looked finished with us. I certainly would not have been saying to myself ‘yes, let’s give him another 3 year contract’. The fact that he looks as good as ever this year, including fantastic stints at Centre back (offering extra cover) is all well and good but it could not be foretold last year. And remember, you can’t MAKE a player sign a contract if he doesn’t want to…and why would any player sign a contract before he had to in this modern era? I hope we do offer him a respectable deal, one which reflects his worth and the fitness he has shown. But once players get over 30 -esp those who need pace, then you have to be careful – after all, we have seen Evra go from being arguably the best left back in the EPL last season to being distinctly average this season and looking as if his legs are gone.

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  14. As reliable and consistent Sangna is, he is very much replaceable. They’re much younger RB’s who can do the job, if not better. Of course he is welcome to stay as he brings experience to the pack, but if he choses to leave i’l give him my best wishes for his loyalty. COYG

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  15. Hope we win the FA Cup, for reasons amongst others, he has been with us through troubled times to finally win something.

    His extension was always going to be unlikely because despite his commitment to our club all these years, he will be looking for a bumper contract – not necessarily in weekly wages but more likely the length of contract at a higher wage, even when his powers are in decline.

    It’s very much like when Henry went to Barca on a long contract but never was going to have the same va va vroom in his legs for the length of the contract.

    This is one area where AW has been ruthless & continues to do so – not letting past sentiments have an influence on the last fat contract when it’s unlikely that the performance levels can be sustained for the length of that contract.

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  16. It’s looking like he will be leaving us, which is a shame because he’s been absolutely brilliant. However, if he’s really after 100k a week for 3 years + a hefty signing on fee then I really think that we would be better off investing that sort of spending into another RB that can be there for the next 5+ years.

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    • That means our wings are completely fucked. On the left we are uncertain of Podolski, and on the right we are loosing Sagna. Walli coming back is still an issue, we are not even sure where we are going to play Cambelle when he comes back from Olympiacos, or even if we are going to keep him. Both Gibbsi and Nacho have been rather injury prone as well. I see people praying for a World Class striker, and a DM but WOW, does this squad need refreshing. Are we going to start striking it lucky or what’s the deal? W need to spend just a bit over 90-100 mil and hope they all pan out for a change? How does Arsene plan to fix all the holes people are pointing at????

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  17. I have to say, JT is a cunt… That said, I dont see why some pards blame management… No one can force Bac to sign, this isnt an Italian Mafia outfit where we hold a gun to his head and say ‘sign da tin son, or visit your grandpapi and say me well to him’

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  18. Man city dont need him that badly and they might not want to offer a big contract thsi summer.
    I am quite worried about the prospect of him joining Liverpool. They need improvement in defense, will surely finish above us this season and might attract him. The narrative would be that with one season of finishing above us they are able to attract away our best players. We wont have the money excuse to give and it could be slap on the face.

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    • Staying in the PL was mentioned by the ‘Mail’ so don’t take it as the truth.
      He’s more likely to sign a 5 year deal at Monaco/PSG/Inter/Galatasary than stay here.

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  19. If he doesn’t want to stay, he can go. No biggie. It is not as if we are not extending him an extension.

    I hope he wins the FA Cup, gets all sentimental, and sign the extension on the spot.

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  20. Love the Bac-Man. But, if you were a footballer who didn’t really support a team, wouldn’t you take the opportunity to try out a different country and lifestyle at this point in your playing career? Never understand British players who are frightened to experience other cultures and footballing environments, it’s a short career, live it to the maximum. If Bac goes to somewhere like Milan you can’t fault him at all.

    Mind you, if he goes to Manchester then he’ll destroy his legacy.

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  21. A lot of people think Seamus Coleman will be a good replacement. I really like him too, but I wonder if he’s the right person.

    1) Like someone mentioned, Sagna is always our first choice target for goal kicks. And that is immensely important since we don’t have anyone like Vieira/Gilberto/Toure in the midfield to win the first balls. Seamus Coleman had 22 aerial duels this season, and he won 50%. Sagna had a staggering 157 aerial duals, and he won 67% of it. Unless we get someone else in midfield in the summer, we still need a right back with amazing aerial ability.

    2) Seamus is exciting for his attacking abilities, and makes Sagna look bad in that aspect. But do we really need that? When Walcott is fit next season, he’ll be first choice on the right. Having Seamus and Walcott together on the right is terrifying for opposition defences, but I think equally terrifying for Per and Arteta. Everton can cope with that because their midfield and Jagielka are both more mobile and dynamic. We have Kos to cover for Gibbs on the left, but on the right Per will have a torrid time if he’s dragged out wide.

    Lastly, as much as we love Sagna, it does appear that we don’t sing his name enough.

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    • These are good points but the effect Coleman would have on the opposition psychology would outweigh the aerial duels he would not win. The opposition full back would not want to be exposed by the pace we’d have down the right hand side and that would change the face of the game. Winning aerial battles is good but it does not change the face of the game. As far as I am aware Everton and not losing goals from Coleman’s aerial prowess being exposed. What they are doing is exposing other teams (like us) with terrifying pace and the ability to break from one end to the other in seconds – something we are not capable of without Theo in the team.

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      • After seeing the own goal coleman just scored with his head against sounthampton, can I retract this statement?!

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  22. Sagna dont go please…. Dint flamini tell u “YOU HAVE A UNFINISHED BUSINESS”….Premeir league medal:(:(:(

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  23. If it was down to me, I’d do everything to make him stay. He’s a true servant of the club, and has always given his best.

    RB might be a very demanding position for someone this old but he’s still very consistent and I can see him converting to a CB position with his experience and excellent aerial abilities.

    That would give us the kind of stability that went missing in the squad recently.

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    • To be honest if he went for spuds then I would rather think we were getting the better end of the deal if we then took Kyle Walker

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  24. Shame, Bac has a chance to be a real Arsenal guy with a new contract. A guy who’d be thought of as a real great of the club. But it’s looking like just be another who contributed and left.

    I do hope that people don’t lump him in with the likes of Nasri and Clichy, though – unlike the others Sagna has at least played out his prime years at Arsenal and that counts for something. But it would be nice if he stayed a little longer.

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  25. It’s a tricky situation because with Sagna the age he is, it would’ve timed perfectly to develop Jenkinson and Hector for a few years until they’re ready to be first team regulars. Now, if Sagna leaves we surely have to look to someone who is a similar age, i.e a more experienced and possibly costly right back.

    I can’t see much point in signing a younger right back because of Jenkinson, Hector Bellerin and Julio Pleguezuelo who, i think anyway, will become a right sided defender. A new defender such as Sebastian Jung, who has been mentioned, is at an age where he’ll hinder the progress of the three above. Which Arsene prefers not to do.

    Should Sochaux go down in ligue 1 I wonder if Arsene could resist Sebastian Corchia however, who is a younger right back. But i understand there is some complex ownership/registration issues with him.
    Ideally Bac stays.

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  26. Pretty sure the club want him to stay but they aren’t going to hand out a longish contract on big money to a 31 yr old full back. Wing based players get past their best much more quickly than central players simply due to the nature of the position. Look at Evra.

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  27. According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

    This issue begst the question: who will take all our throw ins from now on?

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      • Looks like our whole right wing is going to have a make over. Walli is going to sit out more than just the WC. He’s also going to miss quite a bit of the pre season. Loosing Sagna is a big deal. Lets hope and pray Cambelle and the new guy get’s that partnership sorted early and quickly. This makes me rather nervous.

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  28. Noooooooooooooo………………..don’t gooooooooooooooooooo…………………………………………..Luduvine!

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  29. I would absolutely love to sign sagna for another 3 years but I’m thinking he’s leaving after we win the FA Cup.

    Now of we were to replace him, I would love it if we signed Daryl Janmaat from Feyenoord. Classly defender who can defend and definitely move fwd similar to Sagna.

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    • According to the laws of Quantum Mechanics, WENGA can be OUT & IN at the same time. So please STOP FIGHTING

      “When” we win the FA Cup?
      How confident! Is it last year’s treble that gives you such confidence?

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  30. I want Sagna to stay but it looks like his off in the summer. Personally I’m not that worried i have high hopes for hector bellerin, so I would make him second choose and maybe buy an experienced right back. Nothing against jenkinson but he really isn’t up to it.

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  31. I love sagna he is great soldier for years for Arsenal but at 31 you can’t hold the club for ransom and wanting 100 000 p a week 3 year contract plus 6mil signing on fee, if he truly loves arsenal he would sign the increased contract of 75 000p per week for 2-3 years, rosicky is also loyal to the club and had been for years at arsenal and we never herd comments from him like he is feeling disappoint and something about his contract he is playing his football and every year he is earning a new one year contract and never whining about it. So if sagna wants to make big money for his final years I understand but he cannot held the club for ransom and saying that the club disappoint him for not giving him 100 000p a week.

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  32. If the club and board really wanted him to stay, they’d just fixed it. End of. There’s no “ball outside our court”
    Bac will be replaced with someone cheap, “young and promissing” without experience of either the Prem or big games. Just wait and see. You know I’m right.

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  33. He’ll probably end up in Monaco. They offer crazy money, tax free. Plus living along the Riviera isn’t bad either.

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  34. I think he was asking for 150k per year for 3 years. That sums to 25 mill before any talk of a signing on fee. This for a 31 year old who would be 34 when the contract is complete. Id rather invest in a younger, more attacking full back.
    Thanks for the service bac!

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    • Yeah, I think its a dead end.

      He’s served us well but he’s coming to the end of his career probably wants to experience a new environment and more importantly cash in with the big money before retirement.

      Can’t begrudge him for that.

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  35. Been a superb servant. Has guts some of the others could learn from. Sorry to see him leave.

    Also by far the best ever premier league player to wear fake hair.

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  36. He ain’t worth the contract he’s asking for. Time to shift him on. You ain’t as good as you think you are Bac.

    Coleman please.

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  37. If Sagna wants to sorry himself with a three year contact with inter Milan playing in a slower defensive league where he can really achieve something during the latter stages of his career, then to some extent good luck him.

    If imstead he wants to go and rake it in taking up Micah Richards place on the bench at man city then really he can go f#@* himself.

    Either way I don’t think Arsenal should offer him more then a two year deal, nor should they pay therough the rafters I’m wahes. He is effective but not brilliant, and perhaps one of those who can slog it out with the worst of them but in truth gets quite overwhelmed when the ball is being played across the ground at a faster pace… I quite like the idea of him staying about to offer the cover so that Jenko can be given the time and space to bloom, but I also quite like the idea of making Seamus Coleman a gooner, so agree with Wenger that the ball really is in his court.

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  38. If price is 15m or under, I really hope we just sign Seamus Coleman.

    This position is one we could count on with Sagna as being covered.

    Without Sagna, it will be a gamble to bring in a player from outside the league particularly with jenkinson (and Bellerin) as cover.

    Preferably, would spend a bit more on someone who is performing well in the PL currently.

    The other option domestically if Coleman is over priced is Debucchy at Newcastle who will likely off load a number of players. He is 27 with plenty of experience (covering for Sagna Internationally) and likely good value for money.

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