Wenger: Wilshere will be ready for Brazil


Arsene Wenger has promised Roy Hodgson that Jack Wilshere will be fit for the World Cup and believes the midfielder has continued to develop as a player despite another injury-blighted season.

The 22-year-old hasn’t featured for club or country since fracturing his foot on international duty against Denmark at the beginning of March and with only five games of the domestic season left faces a race against time to get competitive minutes under his belt before England travel to Brazil in June.

“I spoke to Roy Hodgson and I told him that Wilshere will be available for England,” Wenger told his pre-Hull City press conference. “He will be just polished for England. Jack can be the positive surprise.”

Having endured a series of serious injuries since making his Gunners debut as a 16-year-old many critics have started to question whether Wilshere can deliver on his early promise.

Insisting that his protégé can cope with the pressure and flourish when he returns to the pitch, Wenger continued: “It is the most difficult thing in the world to deal with. You need to be competitive which is to always be in competition.

“Jack has been in and out this year, but I think they have sorted out the problem now. I hope from now on he will always be available.

“Jack is a football man. He is the kind of guy who if you speak to him about anything, he has a natural football understanding.

“He watches the game and he analyses very well what is going on, and on that front he has learnt when he has been injured, from watching the games and from the problems you can face in the game.”

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Mate Kiddleton

He must be the most kicked player in the Arsenal team. Every time he plays, he gets fouled badly. Really pisses me off how he doesn’t seem to get any protection from the ref


he is protected by the ref ofcourse, what with being given a pat on the back to ensure there is no back injury and told to get on with the game? 🙂


It has a lot to do with the way he play though. I’m not defending the talentless cunts whose only tactic is to kick him, but the way he runs at players really invites the tackles to come in. It’s not a coincidence that he gets kicked way more than Özil who always makes sure to shield the ball before anything else.


Spot on, but not all hackers are talentless cunts, remember Flamini 🙂


England later, more important is let’s see him back playing for us and performing at his best!


I’m not too sure we’ll see him for the rest of the season. With only 5 games left to play, he might make a surprise appearance in the cup final… And score the winning goal 😉


I think Wenger will be really hoping he doesn’t get picked for the World Cup, Jack needs a rest, then he needs a full pre season, then he can silence all the critics next year. Also, missing out on a world cup squad (albeit due to lack of appearances more than anything) might just be the kick up the arse Jack needs to really fulfill his potential and justify the number 10 shirt. Walcott upped his game hugely after missing out on world cup 2010, to the point where -had he been fit- he would now be one of the first names on the team sheet for both England and Arsenal. Here’s hoping a summer off can have the same effect on young Jack.


I used to care about International footy, but now all I care about is that our players don’t get injured on duty. In the early 90’s and before, players rarely got injured on duty. The game has changed now. Injuries on International duty are very possible, even probable with our lot. Unless the FA can design and provide us with robots that accurately mimic the player injured on international duty, Internationals should be scrapped.

I don’t want any Arsenal players at the World Cup. They’ll hate me for it, but all I care about is the Mighty Arsenal, not Woy, Fat Fwank and The Scouse Granny Sh*gger. The trophy also looks like a penis. Who wants to do a lap of honour with a giant pork sword?


The World Cup trophy does not like a penis! Unless it’s been re-modeled in the shape of Roy Keane?


The World Cup looks like a cock?
You, my friend, have a weird cock…


It’s not 12 inches and solid gold, but…

comment image


oh is that so??? he will be ready for Brazil? now if i only had the slightest care for England at Brazil…..sigh.

get back for the gunners!!!!! the gunners!!!!


Fuck the international games.

AN Other

Jack needs to get some intelligence. He can’t play with injury in a proper game leave alone a friendly international. He is completely responsible for this absence. He needs to realise that if fit Ramsey and Ozil are ahead of him in the pecking order so he can’t just waste whatever few chances he gets.

He needs to correct his attitude otherwise he would never be a player we all want him to be.


I love jack but his carrying on for another half an hour in that friendly game against Denmark despite being crumpled by agger, struck me as so ridiculously fucking stupid on his part. I would seriously doubt that with his ‘British bulldog’ spirit that we will have a fit wilshere at the beginning of next season.


When Jack was on his way to that needless tackle at 100 mph I was shouting “no Jack no”!!!
The guy is just too eager at times!


They gayest thing I’ve ever heard,and I know gay.Hay!


I didn’t mean to excite you Jonnycakes – I am guessing you often see gayness in ungay things!

Andy Mack

Every single professional (and most semi-professional) footballer spends a minimum of a quarter of a game running off ‘knocks’. If every player that got ‘crumpled’ came off we’d expect to see games end with less than 11 players per team on the pitch as they’d used all the subs. Jack didn’t know it was serious so he tried to run it off. We’d expect him to do the same when he plays for us. Maybe this felt worse than usual to him (in which case it was stupid to carry on) but it may well have been ‘just another knock.

Let's Find Hleb!!!

John terry the cunt of football wheryby the tranny maureen is the best coach..


With all the injuries we get, maybe we should try a different training method, here is my suggestion ://snip.ly/wKE


With all the injuries we get, maybe we should try a different training method, here is my suggestion: //snip.ly/wKE

m a gunner

The world cup is everything n to win it is everyones dream ! More than the league champions league fa cup all rolled into one ! I hope Wilshire goes and plays well and shows the world how good he is ! I don’t agree with pointless friendly international matches at crucial times of the season ! And putting pressure on players that doesn’t exist until the tornament !


It’s huge, I’ll give you that. It just doesn’t ‘feel’ as big as it used to be. The world cup was always the highest standard of football you could get, but now the CL and even PL probably are of a higher standard overall.

That, mixed with too many corporate fans at the big games has ruined it. I remember Brazil bringing their samba bands (nothing like that terrible England ‘band’) and dancing girls in the crowd. Now, you don’t see it. Some of them used to show their norks off if the camera went on them. Possibly health and safety or some nonsense.

No boobies here, I’m afraid but you get a sense of the ‘different’ atmosphere here (82). I also liked it when the commentator talked down a phone line. It felt more distant, more special…I have not been drinkinaning.


Momo (@MuhamLAD)

I forgot how he got injured, reading that iit was on international duty has made me sad


Wengers sweet nothings


Let’s see how close I get.


—Sagna Kos Mert Verm

—–Arteta Ramsey

——Ox Ozil Poldi


m a gunner

agreed some if the group matches are a bit amature but urging the world cup will be amazing ! I think England have got a good chance this year we have got done good young players and good squad they will have to use them all with the conditions ! the brazil

m a gunner

Fans love English a football we invented the game !