Arsenal 3-2 Hull City: Arsenal win the FA Cup playing football the Arsenal way


It wouldn’t be an Arsenal FA Cup final if it didn’t feature an early Arsenal collapse on set plays, refereeing controversy, some tactical genius, a typically beautiful Arsenal goal to win the game, and a last minute error to nearly lose. But in the end Arsenal came back from 2-0 down to win the FA Cup 3-2 over Hull City, in extra time, and lift Arsenal’s first trophy in 9 years.

Arsenal started slow, perhaps a bit shocked that Hull came to Wembley ready to play and not simply park the bus. The Tigers exploited Arsenal’s complacency and scored on literally their first chance of the game. Elmohamody looked to beat Gibbs for pace but the Arsenal fullback got in a good block and the result was a corner. From the corner, Hull had clearly worked up a plan to fire the ball to the top of the box but the shot was going well wide until James Chester got a heel on it and deflected the ball past Fabianski.

Arsenal’s pain was doubled a few minutes later when Gibbs gave away a foul and Huddlestone’s free kick wasn’t cleared before finally falling to Hull’s Curtis Davies. The Hull defender looked offside and replays confirmed the mistake but Lee Probert and his sideline officials missed the call and Davies scored the easiest goal of his life.

From there, Arsenal looked shocked as Hull started to pressure Arsenal high up the pitch. Another set play and Alex Bruce, the son of a manager, hit a looping header that required Kieran Gibbs to head off the line. Arsenal could have been down 3-0 inside 20 minutes but for that save.

Arsenal took the fight back to Hull a bit and after Bruce chopped down Cazorla 5 yards from the box, Probert awarded Arsenal their only call of the day. It was the only call we needed, however. Cazorla and Podolski tricked Hull’s MacGregor into thinking Podolski was going to take the free kick and he took a step to his right before realizing his mistake. By then it was too late and Cazorla’s rocket bent back his fingers and nestled into the top corner.

Arsenal were back in the game and Hull’s manager Steve Bruce (Bruce the Elder) clearly told his team to set the brakes on the game. Time wasting, feigning injury, and every manner of dark arts were employed to kill off the game. It was clearly a tactical mistake to think that Hull could see out 80 minutes of football through such Allardycian methods.

To their credit, for most of the match Hull did win nearly every battle. Winning the aerial duels, winning all the 50-50 challenges, beating off tacklers, and winning the ball back in dangerous areas. But Arsenal kept huffing and puffing and nearly got the game level when Gibbs chested down a long diagonal only to miss his shot entirely.

The teams went in at half time with Hull City in command 2-1, winning the physical battles, showing more grit than Arsenal, and needing to just see the game out.

Surprisingly, Arsenal came out in the second half a little slow and far too relaxed. But instead of trying to capitalize on Arsenal’s complacency Hull tried to get a restart, throw-in or free kick on every possession. It was time wasting straight from the 18th century.

Then in the 60th minute Arsene Wenger took off Plodoski and put on Sanogo. It was a huge gamble to play a player so raw that if he were sushi he would be live fish eggs.

But Sanogo was exactly what Arsenal needed. He injected pace, urgency, a second big body for Hull to worry about, and more importantly… desire. A Suarez-like hunger, minus the cannibalism.

Arsenal had already been denied a clear penalty when Giroud was hauled down by Tom Hundredstone and Probert again swallowed his whistle when Jake Livermore clearly intentionally handled a cross that probably would have resulted in a goal. But almost in spite of Probert, Arsenal kept fighting and getting into dangerous areas and Hull were starting to lose their grip on the game.

Within what seemed like seconds after Arsenal were denied the Livermore handball, Ramsey played a smart ball to Cazorla wide open in space down the right. The Spaniard cut back and Chester (I think?) clearly stuck out a leg and with major knee-to-knee contact put Cazorla on the ground. Stonewall penalty denied.

Arsenal were incensed but kept fighting. The ubiquitous Sanogo earned Arsenal a corner (which replays show Probert got wrong) and on the ensuing free kick Arsenal won the header and the ball fell to Koscielny who had smartly peeled off his marker. The Frenchman turned and fired into the goal despite the Hull keeper doing his best to break his ankles.

2-2 and it was game on. Both teams played in panic mode and sloppy passing along with sloppy defending were the hallmark of the end of regulation. Arsenal were creating all the best chances and Gibbs should have won it when Sanogo’s cross found him wide open in front of goal but the Arsenal defender improbably blazed over the net.

We all knew it was going to extra time and that if it went to extra time Arsenal would almost certainly win due to superior physical conditioning. Sure enough Arsenal created a host of great chances only for each one to go begging. It was starting to look like penalties when Wenger made his second controversial change: hauling off Özil and Cazorla for Rosicky and Wilshere. Many wanted Ramsey off instead of Cazorla but as they say “Arsene Knows.”

The change worked almost immediately. Arsenal were now taking shots at will with Ramsey cracking some great chances from distance.

Perhaps sensing that the long shots were a bit speculative, Ramsey worked his way forward and after a neat exchange with Giroud — in which the Frenchman backheeled the assist to Ramsey — unleashed an inch-perfect short-side shot for Arsenal’s third.

It was a goal befitting the contest. Arsenal had fought back from 2-0 down and were 3-2 up on a goal of the season candidate.

Still, it wouldn’t be an Arsenal win without a last minute pants-shitter and sure enough Mertesacker Terryied up a clearance, fell over and played in Hull’s Aluko. Fabianski came flying out of his box for absolutely no reason other than sheer panic and Aluko easily dribbled around him, took a shot on an empty net, and probably because of the angle, the ball went just wide. Gibbs was there and may have cleared had the ball been on target but instead he whiffed.

That was all she wrote though. Arsenal finished the game nearly getting a fourth goal off Rosicky’s pace going forward.

As the final whistle blew, the stadium erupted, and the gods rained down tears of joy. The Arsenal had overcome stiff opposition, a referee who didn’t want to call anything, a 2 goal deficit, and their own proclivity for errors and won their first trophy in 9 years.

And it’s fuckin’ excellent.



        • I was out celebrating tonight and i actually met a fellow Gooner all pissed off because we won. because he Said, it ment we we’re stuck with Wenger for several more years. I had to restrain myself from not decking him right then and there.

          WE WON!! Enjoy the fucking moment, celebrate and enjoy the sweet taste of Victory. But Even in victory we still have some so called “supporters” spreading their hatred and negativity.

          How fucked up you need to be when you hope your club loose :/

          But im not going to think about that no more, it just pissed me off.


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        • And 2 things are certain:

          1) We are The Mighty Arsenal
          2) Neil Warlock is a Mega Cunt 5000…with heat-seeking nonsense missiles…

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        • Also Podolski chasing down Wenger with the Champagne bottle was one of the best things I’ve ever seen in my life.

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    • Jesus Christ…. So happy, just hope we don’t have to wait another 9 years for this orgasm to happen. Koscielny, what a champ. Ramsey, you are our Welsh Jesus.

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      Arsenal never ever you try this again! I nearly died, No nail(finger & foot) of mine survived this, I picked up my heart 90 times! I headbutted my fist 80 times! I have head ache, my tongue is black Oh we love you arsenal! Oh yes we realy do! Today is the best day of my entire LIFE! Watch out city! We are coming for that community PLATE!!!!!

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      • Strangely, no heart attacks, stress for me after the 17th Minute.

        As soon as Santi’s screamer had gone in, I was just sure we were going to win.

        Through the first half of extra time, the only thought I remember was a surreal: ‘not yet, not yet’, wanting to wait to score the winner in front of our fans.


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      • Not only that, The MOUth proclaimed at the beginning of the season that if he didn’t win anything, he would resign. I’m waiting…

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        • Maureenho would be gone now, but Pulis is on holiday and can’t be contacted for another week yet.

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  1. omagagaggagaggagaggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

    have that in your f*cking hole!

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    • Only have 2 more wishes now:

      1) transfer – let’s be decisive and swift with our transfer plans. Let’s open it up and spend some cash EARLY
      2) our team looks very different with 2 strikers up in the front. Not saying we should abandon our formation but based on opponents and tactical reasons, maybe we can switch it up game by game basis next season

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  2. Im high. We are the champions of the world. Im buzzing. My heart. I didnt have a beer gut when we last won something. Oh god. Champions!!!

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    • How has your life changed since the last time we won a trophy? Answer me that. 9 years. I was fucking 13, I hadn’t had my first girlfriend, I could only boot the ball and foul a player, I didn’t know I would go to university, I thought I would be a professional guitarist in a metal band as a career…


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    • we are both totally high and totally over the moon. this is the only time i can say gooners everywhere in the world are in this state in unison for years and years.

      we are the fucking f a cup winners and we dont give a shit. coyghekskwkwyeyejekkdldl!

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    • Fucking give me all the heartattacks but save me with the ‘difribilator’ goal to mark another trophy. i dont give a shit. we want more trophies now, morrrrre! and the means i dont care. just more trophies! fooking gooners!

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  3. the son of a manager
    I only read that and I started laughing,I didn’t finish reading the article.
    Because I knew it didn’t cover the part where Wenger was thrown in the air.
    he has waited that for nine years,me too and hope you too
    am happy,he is happy,hope you too

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  4. That was some fucking intense emotional journey. Nonetheless so proud of this team, absolutely fucking love the Arsenal right now YESSS

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    • 2 hours of tension, 1 hour of jubilation and now at least a day or two of celebration!

      Great stuff lads – monkey off our backs!

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  5. El Classico. What a game. I prefer to win it this way than be 4-0 up and a routine win tbh.

    Anyway was a bit emotional and pleased for Wenger who has built this club up and faced years of financial doping from his rivals who conspired to keep weakening our teams.
    I dont and didnt really rate the Fa cup for a few years but seeing how the players reacted to winning made me pleased for them to have this feeling.
    Arsenal now need to get hold of Sagna Vermalen and Fabianski more than bringing in new people. They are Arsenal through and through and are a known quality. Breaking up a team always disrupts the way team sets up and Sagna is really the most important of them as he is a Warrior.
    Well done and COYG’s

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    • unfortunately it’s already too late with Sagna, maybe Fabianski can be persuaded. Vermaelen has another year meaning Wenger will sell him before he can leave on a bosman.

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      • Apparently when asked today if it was his last game Sagna replied – “I don’t know to be honest, as everyone says I have been talking with the club for a long time and we will try to find a solution, but I don’t know what that will be.” So maybe there’s still hope.

        And of course, Wenger practically confirmed he was staying for anyone who might have missed that.

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  6. FA CUP CHAMPIONS!!! Fuck Hull City and their shit kicking tactics and fuck Tom Huddlestone the dirty Spud. 9 year trophy drought over!!

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    • why da billboard in wembley show sp*ds dream or something.
      Fark you ref
      Sanogo bless his young soul, probably will never score a goal
      Fark you bar for the shitty live music while da game was going on,
      We da champion

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  7. We really did win that the Arsenal way, threatening to throw it away, seeing a miriad of clear penalties go against us, no Hull players being booked for some disgusting challenges from behind and then winning it with the most Arsenal of goals since Wilshere vs Norwich.

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    • We’ve been saying for years how we need to win it despite all of that stuff. I just didn’t expect all of them to happen in one game. Banishing all the demons at once, I hope.

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  8. Still remember my first FA cup final watching arsenal, when we dominated Liverpool in 2001 and then owen scored twice in the last few minutes.

    And the year after that, when parlour and ljungberg scored 2 stunners against chelsea, a few days after which we won the title at Old Trafford.

    But this was quite something.

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    • Mine was 1993!

      I watched at the emirates today and there was a kid in front of me who was the same age as i was in ’93 when we won it. Couldn’t help but tell him that he’ll always remember it. He was 10- first time he’s seen us win anything. So excited for him.

      Today was the best

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    • I’ve always said the ’79 final was still my favorite of all the ones I saw.

      Today may well be better.

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    • 71 was mine. I’ll always have a soft spot for that win.

      Arsenal have now won 11 FA Cups.

      I’ve seen 8 of them.

      I am truly blessed.

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  9. Koscielny needs his own song NOW. Something along the lines of ‘he scores in the final game of the season when he wants’ Great win boys, got that fucking monkey off our backs now. Onwards and upwards. 2014 FA Cup Champions.

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  10. The moment when Poldi chased Wenger around with the champagne had me in splits. Genuinely pleased to see the smile and thrill of victory back on boss’ face.

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    • After 10 minutes Arsene looked about 70 years old. After another 110 he looked 35 and the ladies were loving him.

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  11. That was showing good mental strength, my heart was in my mouth the whole time, it feels so good to lift a trophy, the fucking monkey is finally off our back, time to get more silverware…COMMUNITY SHIELD NEXT…UP GUNNERS FOR EVER.

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  12. What a day!!! Lee Probert and the FA did their best to rig the game for neutrals but The Arsenal overcame every curse and naysayer out there to win!!! Favorite part of the trophy presentation was when the BFG and Koscielny lifted the trophy together. I love you Arsenal!!!

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  13. Is this years refereeing not the worst since the premiership began?, I am struggling to think of any league that has had as bad a standard as this.

    Anyway in spite of Mr Magoo’s performance
    we won the cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Just a footnote about “any league that has had as bad a standard as this” when it comes to refereeing: Serie A. Those referees, at least on the 2013-14 season, took awful to new levels. Just like the Premiership referees did. In my humble opinion, it’s a tie. Terrible meets terrible.

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  14. FUCKINGG FANTASTIC! I must admit my heart nearly imploded after Hull’s second. Yet we won, because we’re the Arsenal, and this is what we do.

    The cherry on top was when Mertescielny lifted the trophy together <3

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    • I just fucking loved that.

      Even more that they looked at each-other first, smiled, then raised it together.

      But then I could have been hallucinating with joy at that point.

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    • I also feel like winning this way is gonna have a better effect on the squad than winning in a rout. It’ll make us more confident in our abilities to fight for a title with our backs to the wall.

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  15. My son is 18. As he said, it will be the first trophy that I really remember…
    As for me, my wife told me that I looked like a ghost after 10 minutes.
    I had tears in my eyes like Mr Wenger at the end of the game!!!

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  16. YESSSSS FA cup winners so happy for the lads and wenger!!!!! not much comments here, think most of celebrating puts a huge smile on my face :))))))))

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  17. Come on you legends!!! Such a great feeling after 9 years…..let’s kick on from this years….in Ramsey we trust..COYG!!!

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  18. FA CUP VICTORS!!! Best FA Cup for a decade. Also…Stellar performance from Mrs Blogs on Arseblog live. Lady of the match no question ;£

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  19. That was probably the most tense game I’ve ever watched, what a way to win. We most definitely deserved to win. Hopefully we have now finally shaken off our nearly men tag and go on to be the side that wins the big games and the titles and trophies.
    Wenger looked completely drained at the end, Get the feeling it would have been the end had we lost.

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  20. We had 3 penalties not given, but oh, what a win! 🙂 What a season.we’ve had. We’ve won the Cup and we’re on the up! 🙂

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  21. It’s now been TEN years since Arsenal won the league. Unaceptable!

    Wenger OUT, Fat Gooner IN! 😉

    Seriously though I rejoiced exceedingly for Wenger, him more than anyone else deserves this. Its like trying for a baby for 9 years before getting your dreams fulfilled. Next comes the Quadruplets, sorry Quadruple.

    Nick, hail me a taxi. I’ll handle my coat.

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  22. Get in. Nine whole years and this feels bloody wonderful. Im not going to even indulge in the ‘what this means in the long run’ stuff. Let’s just enjoy the moment. COYG!!! FA cup winners 2014!

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  23. We won, we won, we won the FA Cup. Was nearly in tears when the players went up to get their winner medals and seeing the players tossing Wenger. COYG!!

    And yes Athletico won too from a goal down. Fuck u Barca cunts. Who says nice guys always finish last, eh??

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  24. I still have goosebumps!!!!!!! A specialist in failure? Mourinho ends up with egg in his face WE LOVE YOU ARSENAL WE DO!!!

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  25. “He did it, the little Welsh diamond!!!!”

    (Good job, Mrs. Blogs. You win best ArseBlog moment award.)

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  26. Wenger deserved that Cup. You could see the effect that win had on him. Wish more trophies to come Arsenals way.

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  27. For sale: One Monkey. 9 years old, lives exclusively on your back.

    I won’t lie, it’s a bit of a bastard and an unwanted pet this monkey. On a few occasions in the last 9 years when I thought I was close to getting it off my back it decided to piss and shit on me instead.

    Looking for a good new home, preferably to Jose Mourinho who I hear is cultivating a 2-year old of this particular species that he’d maybe like some company for 😉

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  28. Just got back from the Emirates.,

    I am voiceless.

    I love you Arsenal.

    I do.

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  29. Wonderful. Extremely pleased for the Club, the players, the fans and Arsene.

    One last thing….the next time all you fickle Arsene critics get your knives out when things go wrong…remember this day and the sweet moment of victory and give credit to its architect..

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  30. YYYEEEEEESSSSS!!! Tomorrow is my birthday too! Best present eveeeeer!!! I’m definitely going to the parade tomorrow!

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  31. Didn’t feel as nervous as sweating out the last day of the season for fourth. Nor after Mad Jens got sent off against Barça.

    What I am is over the moon for Arsenal Football Club, the players, Gooners around the world, and most of all, Mr Arsene Wenger, who has poured his good soul into this magnificent club.

    Fabianski is leaving, but still rewarded for his vital play in the Cup run. Tommy V maybe off, but given the chance to lift the Cup first. Class. Family.

    Sagna? Pay da Bac. Then hope he Sign da Ting. He’s too steady to lose to Mancheater Seedy.

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  32. Better yet, Maureen hasn’t won shit for 2 years. I guess that make him an expensive specialist at failure! The twat.

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    • They gave him one of the richest clubs in the world and he led them to the TV to watch Arsenal win the FA Cup.

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  33. Let’s all just, soak it all in for a moment.

    This is a wonderful moment, a significant moment for our future. Arsenal and wenger deserve this.
    And we too!

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    • Chelsea are soaking in it at the moment…..Maureenho’s sweat as he waits to see if he’s got the chop… again.

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  34. This game wrote the textbook for Wengerball 2.0. Not as clinical or as elegant as the first iteration, but boy has this team got character in spades and some chops to pull it back from the ropes like that.

    Up the Arsenal!

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  35. No need for the Plodoski-pun on a night like this. Great to win a trophy today, and the team are all winners!

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  36. My first trophy win as a Gooner, and having experienced the loss in 2011 and our last 5 major Champion’s League defeats, it was only classic Arsenal. 2-0 and the spirit drops, we’ve gone and thrown it away. But the determination, the clinical finish by Cazorla and the trickery by Podolski, Koscielny putting his body on the line to get that equalizer. a risk but Sanogo’s potential shaking things up a bit. The class shown by the extra time substitutions, Rosicky buzzing about with Wilshere puttin an extra bite into midfield. The whole team made its mistakes, but the whole team got back together and dragged our cup chances over the line with a fine Welsh Jesus winner. He was knackered, but the cyborg wonder found the gas to find the golazo. A fitting celebration; we sweat, we bled, we gasped at the Referee, and we WON IT despite commentator naysaying and horrendous circumstances. THE HARD FIGHT! GET IN! FORWARD! COYG!!! Hopefully we improve with rest and get in the market and use this momentum for a real title fight next season. Wenger don’t fail us!!! Sign on and adapt! FOR NOW WE CELEBRATE!

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  37. Very drunk. Shabibblewabblenyahhhbububushhhhhwnnn. These lads are now winners. It’s official. It’s also official that Maureen is not a winner for two years now. Two whole years! How shit is that considering the money he’s had at Madrid and Chelsea? Let’s all send him a postcard.

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  38. Look at ath. Madrid. They won the Spanish cup last season. What did that bring. The league.
    They could still win the champions league.
    Time to get noticed.

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  39. Although we surely deserved at least two, I’m glad that we didn’t equalise or win through a penalty – it would have been too easy for everyone to call it lucky win. Instead we won because of a cracking free kick, a great bit of opportunism from one of the best defenders in the Premier League, and an amazing finish from the player of the season. Fucking get in!

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  40. Fuck, I’m so happy I could tattoo Ramsey’s face on my bellend and Koscielny’s name on the shaft. COYFG……I’ve forgotten how good this feels. This is the beginning of another great period of trophies and success.

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  41. I stood, last night, under the stars, pouring some mead from my horn onto the ground, speaking to the old gods.

    I didn’t actually believe in them. But now I know. Odin is a Gooner!

    How absolutely fantastic it was to se Koz and Mertesacker raise the trophy together. I love these guys.

    Thank you, Mr. Wenger. I’d love to have you around for years to come, but .. after today, I’d completely understand if you wanted to call it a day. Your legacy with our beloved club will stand for all time – and you owe us nothing. This one, more than anything, was for you. 1010 games – and all the shit you’ve had to take, even from our own ranks… you are an absolute legend, not just in our club, but in football. One of the true greats, your legacy stands up there with any manager, of any era, of any league.

    Thank you for everything. I want to to stay. But I fully understand if you choose to let this be your grand finale. Thank you for Bergkamp. Vieira. Henry. Pires. Cesc. All of them. Thank you for all the memories. I bow to you, sir. Merci, monsieur.

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  42. So now we wait for the inevitable *analysis* by the legend of football punditry that is Phil McNulty …

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    • The day that McNulty becomes a legend at anything other than flogging his little chap is the day that Roy Keane finally agrees to Adrian Chiles’ daily request for him to take a shit on his chest.

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  43. Is it only me that thinks sanogo will come good? Every time he walks on the pitch he genuinely looks like he’s shitting himself but he’s a handful and would run through brick walls for the team. Once he scores he won’t stop

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  44. This was honestly the best FA Cup final I can remember watching. Mind numbingly exciting for 120+ minutes, and such a fantastic end to what is now a great season.

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  45. Ooooh to be a Gooner.
    Which other club gives you so many heart attacks
    Literally had tears in my eyes when the Welsh Jesus scored.

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    • glad you decided to support the right club. am an arsenal long of 30 years, here’s to another 30 years of beautiful football and glory upon us.

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  46. It’s just so incredibly fitting for Ramsey to score the trophy winning goal considering his contributions this season.

    This match sums up Arsenal in every aspect. The slow and maddening start, the conceding of soft goals, the fantastic come back, etc.

    I feel exhausted watching that, can’t imagine what the players feel.

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  47. If you are going to wait so long for the trophy you ordered, a late wonder goal from your player of the season is the best way to have it served. Thank you lads!

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  48. I still remember celebrating like a madman when we equalised. I picked up 2 of my mates in a Gooner bear hug. What a club. What a club.

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  49. Ratings are for later, but that ref?

    0/10. Bloody awful. Got every big decision wrong and almost ruined it. Thank Bergkamp it didn’t affect the outcome.

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  50. That free kick from Cazorla. Once it went in, I knew there was no way we were gonna loose this. #Happy

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  51. Oh Arsenal. Why do you never do anything the easy way? I was absolutely sick to my stomach after ten minutes. The feeling of absolute dread. But our lads showed what they are made of tonight. Wenger’s fabled talk of mental strength speaks true for this bunch of players finally. And Aaron Ramsey. How befitting was it to see him score the winner. Our league campaign would have been so different with him. Ladies and Gentlemen. The Drought is Over!

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  52. all the slag Giroud has gotten this season, you naysayers should all be thankful he was the man with the ball at his feet for that backheel. had it been sanogo (not angst intended), it would have been in the pocket of some hull city player. giroud worked his arse off, and in the end, he again proved his holdup play and hard work was rewarded by a handsome finish of Ramsey.

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  53. Oh happy happy day. It had to be Ramsey, Wenger is staying, I’m still hoping Sagna and Fabianski stay as well. If not, I’ll have Barca’s Adriano, Roma’s Benatia, Bayern’s Javi Martinez, Barca’s Pedro or Schalke’s Draxler and DiMaria and Benzema from Real…..cheers!!!!

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  54. Can someone tell me I didn’t just hallucinate all that? Because if I did and I’m waking up tomorrow to find that we haven’t actually played and haven’t actually won anything…

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  55. They made Arsenal work for this. Referring to the ref as well. This was earned no doubt. Arsenal deserved this. But mostly Wenger. Nice to see the look on his face through out the celebrations. Looked like a relieved man but most happy for the players who have this off their backs finally. Moving forward.

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    • The Press will still spin it as a struggle against poor opposition. If they can’t lambast us for not winning stuff they will just switch to lambasting us for winning stuff.

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    • Did you see him at the Trophy passing in the stands? He stood back and watched the team pass the cup and celebrate. You could see how he was just taking in their joy. Top man.

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  56. That was my first FA Cup final….and the first time I see us lift a trophy…I will NEVER forget this day!

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  57. Seems we really won the arsenal way: having heart attacks every now and then. But wonderful work from the players.Kos Deserves his song, what a screamer by Santi and u could see how much he wanted to win this in his celebration. And Ramsey isnt the welsh Jesus, he is the Welsh God!!

    The team improved a lot after sanogo came in and the team played with him and Giroud on front, the guy just lack the goal, but he did everything right.

    Im over the moon and i dont wanna come off, congratulations to the team and to all of us the fans. Kudos from a Colombian Gunner

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  58. Emotional. Watching my 8 and 15 yr boys experience their first arsenal trophy bought a treat to my eye. I’ve been privileged enough to have been to many wembley finals in my 35years of supporting the team from the age of 8 too. Hopefully they can experience the rise of our great team again to where we belong. At the pinnacle of of world football

    Thumb up 48 Thumb down 1

  59. Growing up in Turkey, I only watched FA cup finals in the seventies and eighties.
    I actually remember the 5 minutes final of 79. Today, 46 years old, watched the first live one with my two sons. Couldn’t be more proud; wouldn’t be Arsenal if we didn’t almost f.uck it up, but we came back and in life that is the most important thing. Now let’s go and win the league!

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  60. Absolutely speechless. To finally have won a trophy, the feeling is just too joyful to be able to put into mere words. I love you Araenal. Oh God i Love you! May we keep on winning like this, and much more!!!

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  61. OMG!!! Don’t remember the last time Wenger was this happy. He, the fans and players deserve this. Thanks to this crop of players for giving us something to jubilate after 9 years. hopefully, this will be the beginning of more trophies for us.

    Thumb up 27 Thumb down 0

  62. Everyone’s a winner baby, that’s the truth.
    …well, except sp*rs I suppose…oh, and maureen, not forgetting liverpoo. You can chuck in rvp and the gang…

    Ok, so it’s mostly just us.

    Thumb up 38 Thumb down 0

    • There are only two Winning Teams in the Premier League at the moment and the other one spent 2.7 billion pounds to be there with us.

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

  63. ” It was a huge gamble to play a player so raw that if he were sushi he would be live eggs”
    I took 5 minutes laughing at this part.

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  64. Moyesinho! Takes a team that won the trophy last year, with all the money in the world, and finishes with NOTHING!!!!

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  65. since last time Arsenal won a trophy i got drink many pint ,eat my dinner,dance like an smelly beer idiot while drinking beer with friend and back home , what about you pool/spud/chav fan 😀

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  66. Still amazed at how poor the ref was today. Clattenburg is head and shoulders the best ref and should have done it. Didn’t realise that fouls and handballs in their box weren’t penalties and that deliberate pulling a player back after he had gone past you wasn’t a booking

    Thumb up 34 Thumb down 2

  67. I do believe this win’s brought back my generosity of spirit. Here’s wishing Mourinho and the lads all the best against Real next weekend.

    Thumb up 30 Thumb down 2

  68. 60 years a Gooner, seen highs and lows but after 9 years without a trophy i am over the moon. Well done Wenger and the players, without any help from the ref.


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  69. good bye 9 trophyless years hello (well shall i be the first))…… arsenal, who haven’t won a league title for ten years……. . who gives a Fuck proud to be a gooner

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  70. Excellent call by Wenger to stand up to Blogs and start Fabianski. That was justice and he’s received his just reward, the trophy.

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 1

  71. Fucking Awesome! It was tough but anything worth doing has to be hard work and being 2-0 down certain made this a more memorable victory. Never doubted them though! Sango is gonna be great when he gets his eye in! COYG xxx

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  72. 9 years of patiently waiting, of chomping nails, of mild heart attacks, of rage at the telly and rants about refs. And I can say, yes this is a glorious feeling! COYG!

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  73. I just want to say this. I know a lot of you Londoners don’t care for us international supporters and think we should go support our own team (which we do, while still bringing in lots of money to Arsenal by supporting them too). But man, when I strolled down the city of Gothenburg (where I live) to meet my friends after the victory, I met tons of Gooners in red & white celebrating and cheering. On a purely emotional high, every time I saw someone in Arsenal colors, I went with the old “ooh to be a Gooner”-chant and every time I got a huge response.

    It was just so amazing meeting like 50-60 people from my city who also live and die by this team. I don’t really know what I want to say with this post since I’m drunk and happy as fuck but yeah, just to let you guys know, the Gooners from Gothenburg are celebrating for weeks to come!!

    Thumb up 65 Thumb down 1

    • In October 1992, I took my dad on a matchday stadium tour of Highbury for his birthday.

      There were two Swedes and two Norwegians on our tour who each had close to a decade supporting The Arsenal under their belt – so they were supporters of The Arsenal through the worst of the Terry Neill / Don Howe era, and had the knowledge to back it up.

      You and they are not the type of international fans that get mentioned on here, rather those that treat a day at The Emirates like a day at Madame Tussaud’s, Hyde Park or Trafalgar Square, i.e. something to tick off on an itenerary of “Things To Do While You’re Visiting London”.

      For my part, I’m an Aussie with a dad from North London who lived in England for twenty years, now back in Australia.

      I bet you a large swathe of Emirates tourists who spunk their holiday money on naff baubles from the club shop never supported The Arsenal when watching Peter Nicholas or Vince Bartram was the reality.

      Thumb up 20 Thumb down 1

      • I can relate. After graduating high school last year, I went and spent a week with my English father in London and the best part about the entire trip was getting to visit the Emirates and see where some of my heroes played! This Gooner in Tennessee is celebrating tonight too!

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    • Arsenal fans are arsenal fans. It shouldn’t matter whether you were born in highbury or Honolulu. The incredible international support of the club is part if what makes it so great and such a privilege to support.

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    • As others have said, I’ve never had an issue at all with international fans. Things for me only get soured by the tourists in the stadium, where you wonder why they are there. Not in a ‘get out’ way, just what do they get out of it?.

      Even that isn’t even always true. I struggled to get tickets for the 2009 NLD, and ended up in club level (don’t ask). I was dreading the atmosphere, but got ‘stuck next to’ a pair of Norwegian brothers who turned out to be at least as insanely up for it as I was, and that stands out as about the best day I have ever had at the Ems (Fabregas walking single handed through the Spurs defense helped I admit) in 150? games.

      Abroad, the same has happened over the last decade. In NY its gone from trying to find somewhere open and willing to show the game at 7am, to bars that wouldn’t look too far our of place along the Holloway road.

      In the end, fans are fans. It just sometimes takes a while to catch up with just how global our little game has gotten.

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  74. A game that in a way reflected our season. We were clearly the dominant side with way more chances of which most were spurned. We were a little unlucky, a little bit daft with some of our defensive errors and we had a referee who will not catch any stick for his myriad of mistakes…except that he gave Arsenal a corner when he shouldn’t have and that made all of the difference.

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  75. A must win for this young talented squad.We will be great next season …come on you gunners..Now that the kids have tasted blood i am sure A new wenger era has begun (touchwood )

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  76. Wenger, is indeed the specialist in failure… He failed to lose the FA cup even after we went two nil down. Thanks Jose!

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  77. Arsene Wenger felt like Andy Dufresne after this match. He has gone through a river of shit and has come out clean.
    I had tears in my eyes because I was so happy for him.

    Thumb up 27 Thumb down 0

    • …and by tomorrow the news will have made it’s way to the slums of the followers of that Essex team. It’ll have no effect on them. They’re still busy trying to work out who that St Totteringham guy is and why he keeps turning up every year.

      Thumb up 17 Thumb down 0

      • I read something where one of the neighbors was trying to argue that St Tots was originally only meant to count if we were over the line with games to go, and in the last few years, calling it on the last day of the season was losing the point and not fair.

        Showing of course how badly he had missed the point, which was and always will be to take the piss out of those living in out shadow.

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  78. COYG! Hilarious that after 9 years the lads thought it would be funny to make us wait another 30 minutes. I really that win makes Sagnaman, Fabulouski and the Verminator stay. It may not. But if they do, and we add another couple, we will have more days like this next year. Starting with the community shield. Looking forward to more wembley wonders…

    Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0

    • True. His wife’s decision to sleep with a genetically superior milkman in order to produce a much better looking son than him makes it even worse.

      Thumb up 13 Thumb down 0

    • Yep. If only the ref had given us those penalties it would have given them a head start when they were trying to get back into our end of the pitch.

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 1

  79. Were ITV trying to troll us by having Tim ‘Gillet’ Sherwood on the panel.

    And what the fuck with up with that bottling ref, he missed 4 fucking penalties!

    Fuck em all we’re Arsenal
    Fuck you all we’ll pass you all

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  80. Blogs your sacked…! Mrs Blogs was great on the commentary. My nerves got the better of me and couldn’t watch anymore, but Mrs Blogs provided a great commentary to see us through till the end. Over to you mister Wenger! Let’s build on this and strengthen our squad COYG

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  81. Can everyone here just reassure me that if I sleep now I’m not going to wake up and find that this was all a stress induced hallucination? Is it okay to go to bed now?

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  82. my day was almost ruined by stupid Eric Wynalda…I nearly lost my tele throwing the switch in the general direction of the noise emanating from the same direction…what chite FOX commentators are…at least Warren Barton was graceful enough…
    the bloke from Wimbledon was insightful…realizing right away how soft the pitch was and the it would sap the energy out of the players….he stuck by his prediction of the arsenal the whole way.

    I think the frailties of the team depth was there for all to see….lets get busy.

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  83. I realise we’re all high on the win and fucking hell I’m so glad we’ve managed it, but this report really does read as excessively childish.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 46

  84. Thank you Santi,Kos,Walsh Jesus. Thank you all!
    Great day,great feeling I will never forget.


    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 0

    • Didn’t I say so. If they can’t take the piss out of us for losing then they’ll damn well take the piss out of us for winning. They can’t change their tune because they’d have to take their noses out of Lewis Swearz’ arse to do it.

      Thumb up 6 Thumb down 0

    • Stopped reading it after second paragraph. A joyless, mean spirited article. Completely unnecessary. Telegraph has a nice, celebratory article in it if you’re looking for something less b*tchy from the media…

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

    • Was about to walk away from that shit, but had to go back to see if he evened anything out with the penalty shouts. All I could find: (with credit to original writer (if that term can be used here):

      ‘By the hour stage, with Arsenal coming no closer to a goal than a desperately hopeful tumble by Giroud in the hope of a penalty after the slightest of touches by Huddlestone’

      This guy could find the cloud in the silveriest of linings.

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  85. Lee Probert (referee) was an absolute disgrace! He cheated all game and Arsenal won despite that disgusting cheat with the whistle. He blew up for so many fouls against Arsenal; that were never fouls; he didn’t even warn Hull players for time waisting and he turned down 3 clear penalty decisions for Arsenal. I know Arsenal won in the end but Probert is a dirty cheating bastard.

    Thumb up 13 Thumb down 1

    • But we’ll forgive him because he has to go home and face his wife now. She’ll be so pissed off with him for being so shite. How can she ever face the other wives of Hull now?

      Thumb up 7 Thumb down 0

  86. The commentator on the US broadcast, I think it was that fool Eric Wynalda, was absolutely horrendous and spent the whole first half talking about how good Hull players are and being a completely one sided twat. And he just kept talking the whole time

    Thumb up 2 Thumb down 0

    • Absolutely true. I have usually liked him as a pundit, but he sucked out loud as a commentator on Saturday.

      Thumb up 0 Thumb down 0

  87. I don’t think I’ve ever being this happy my whole life. I breath,eat,sleep arsenal… I’m too happy that I can’t sleep, all the love from 9ja
    Where the f**k is the reshow this is a moment I can’t forget till eternity
    Thanks santikoscramsey for making it a memory to hold on forever and thanks arsene for bring smile to my face once more
    Ooooooooooh to be a gooner

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  88. The celebrations in the New York City’s East Village today were amazing. What a game, what an atmosphere in the bars. US Gooners!!

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  89. I can’t wait next season when cameras zoom on the stand where was printed the last trophy we won the Fa cup 2005 proudly siting next to him the Fa Cup 2014, it was really annoying when watching arsenal home games, and every game the cameras zoom to our last trophy win back in 2005 now they can zoom all day long, great future ahead of us.

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  90. I wish they could check the heart rate of all the Arsenal fans when Hull NEARLY scored in the last few minutes. Because I for one was about to have a heart attack!

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  91. Never mind the Player Ratings post. I’ve got it sorted.

    Fabianski: [who cares? We won the cup!]/10
    Koscielny: [who cares? We won the cup!]/10

    Oh you get the idea.

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  92. Brilliant match report, Tim, thanks. Accurate and highly entertaining, and you captured the emotions we Gooners were going through perfectly.

    I still think the best moment, though, was the look on the manager’s face when it was all over. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Le Prof looking so happy, as if a huge burden was suddently lifted off his shoulders. As indeed I’m sure was the case.

    He deserves it more than anyone.

    Thumb up 11 Thumb down 0

  93. That fucking dutch skunk can rot. And that motherfucker maureen can look for a new job. Eat that bitches. We are the mighty arsenal. Arssseeennaalllllll

    Thumb up 3 Thumb down 0

  94. Speechless
    Drunk still
    My team my club our players
    No longer boys, they are men
    Well done Arsene
    You have to suffer pain

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  95. Maureen-hoe (specialist in failure elect), you now need to put mustard on those words, for you will soon be consuming them along with this slice of humble pie that comes direct from the oven of shame, set at gas mark egg on your face.

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  96. Credit to Wenger though guys! Subs were spot on and at the right time especially Wilshere and Rosicky coming on in the 105min. The Hull players were already tired…genius move.

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  97. Loved throwing 2 up top! Maybe more to come from the Yaya/Giroud axis of doom? Well maybe not doom yet but soon!!!

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  98. Did anybody else get a mild rage on during the post-match chinwag when Tim Shercunt derided Mertesacker’s slip by saying “That’s why they haven’t won a trophy for 9 years”. Erm, hadn’t you seen the result?


    (Ok so I might be splitting hairs on tense here but fuck him, spuddy cunt.)

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  99. I keep reading things and my eyes fill up… This means so much.

    Other fans hate us for who we are and what we have. A great manager, some great players and a set up behind them second to none. We do it our way, the Arsenal way and they don’t like that. The only thing they had to throw in our faces was the lack of silverware. Now they have nothing.

    So gutted I cant get to the parade today.

    Arsenal till I die….

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  100. Watching us all in the stadium, the underground, Upper Street, Blackstock Road, has been fucking great, I had forgotten what it was like to see the Gooner nation having a party!

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  101. Words cant describe!! So much has changed over the last 9 years, and u should have been around Islington moments after we won the cup….absolute madness! Thank you Arsenal Football Club.

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  102. Did the analysis on Probert. 15 wrong decisiions. 2 against Hull, 13 against the glorious peoples sporting club of Highbury. Seems like he can’t ever get over being censured for the water bottle incident!
    On a lighter note, in the excedingly biased report (nothing wrong with that) 7amKO refers to a stonewall penalty appeal. As far as I could tell none of the 4 valid occasions when Probert should have been pointing to the spot were gay. The phrase is ‘stone cold’ as in certainty or Steve Austin. The use of ‘stonewall’ is a typical abuse of english as demonstrated regularly by Pleat, Quinnn, Warnock and the late lamented BFR (even if he isn’t dead!). While I’m on a pedantry trip it’s lacadaisical NOT lacksydaisy (another Quinn / Alvin Martin fave). ‘This funny-sounding adjective came about in the eighteenth century from the interjection lackaday, which was an old fashioned way of saying “oh man!” or “unfortunately.”‘ Time for a holiday before we get back to the serious business of daily ‘if we find the right quality’ quotes as excuses for not signing the badly needed reinforcements!

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