Tuesday, September 30, 2014
Arsenal confirm Emirates Cup line-up

Arsenal confirm Emirates Cup line-up

The line-up for this summer’s Emirates Cup has been revealed with Valencia, Benfica and AS Monaco all invited to London for a casual kickaround on the first weekend of August.

Arsenal will play the Portuguese giants on the Saturday (2 August) before big-spending Ligue 1 outfit Monaco drop off Radamel Falcao on the Sunday. We won’t play Valencia because they’re a bunch of John Carewing knobs.

There’s much in common between Arsenal and the invited parties with Arsene Wenger obviously a former manager of Monaco, ex-Gunner Philippe Senderos now a Valencia player and Benfica being a side that beat Spurs this year.

The Gunners have already announced a friendly fixture with the New York Red Bulls in the Big Apple on 26 July as they travel Stateside for the first time in the Arsene Wenger era. It looks as though the boss will also make the players do a few star jumps next to some Alpine bovines at some point as well.

In other news (and in no way will this jinx it) Arsenal have confirmed there will be an open top bus parade should we beat Hull City in the FA Cup final. It’ll start and end at the Emirates taking in a trip to Islington Town Hall.



  1. Please don’t jinx it. We haven’t won anything yet.

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    • We use to win the Emirates cup, then we involved more difficult teams with us, and now we can’t win it anymore heh.

      We’re just going to have to settle for the FA CUP…

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  2. Disappointed there aren’t bigger teams. Would have loved to humiliate them at the Emirates

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  3. Arsenal-Induced Heart Attack Survivor

    I liked the similarities with Benfica the most.

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  4. I wish I could be in London for the parade! I don’t even know if I’ll be able to watch it! Time difference/ work… but I will be all over the the live blog! Come on you Gooners!

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  5. And the second weekend of August the Community Shield

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  6. Get the silver polish out.

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  7. I hope the open top bus passes by fleet street so all them morihno fawning hacks can reset the clock.

    I look forward to signing off posts with, “Arsenal, haven’t won a major trophy since about last May”


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    • Knowing the miserable press they’ll just twist in some way to make it negative – “Arsenal, who have only won one major trophy in the last nine years”.

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      • “Arsenal, who have not won the league in 10 years”

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        • and by the beginning of 16/17 season it will be all ‘Arsenal, who had only won two trebles in the last three years’

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  8. So then Wenger will be returning to the Emirates with his new team, eh?

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  9. So Falcao to be presented to us on the big screen at half time then? Or will he walk out in an Arsenal shirt at halftime scoring 3 goals and injure himself in the process?

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  10. Sp*rs have made an application to the city of London to get next year’s St Patrick’s Day Parade pass through Tottenham as they haven’t had a reason to parade in few decades…..

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  11. Well looking foward to that day winning things on coyg!

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  12. I hope its not the same bus moaninho parked at Stamford bridge which was smashed by those ATHLETICO guys…


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  13. Not that I genuinely expect us to be in the running for Falcao but I suppose by inviting the team he’s likely to leave we save ourselves another Higuan situation this year. Unless Valencia or Benfica buy him.

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  14. Can’t wait to see all our new signings get a run out……….

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  15. Emirates cup could be a nice and tasty little dessert trophy eh? Mmm…

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  16. Penis, I didn’t read your post, just thumbed purely on the fact that your name is Penis. Good work.

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  17. The teams is the Emirates cup get harder every year. Usually it was an American team and an Arab team. Now it’s AS Monaco and Benfica.

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