Confirmed: Wenger signs new Arsenal deal


Arsenal have confirmed that Arsene Wenger has finally put pen-to-paper on a new contract that will keep him at the club for another three-years.

The extension, which is believed to have been agreed as far back as the autumn and is worth approximately £24 million in total, means the 64-year-old could be at the helm until summer 2017 – a ridiculously impressive 21 year shift in North London.

Speaking about his decision to stay on at the Emirates the boss underlined that his commitment to the club was never in doubt.

“I want to stay and to continue to develop the team and the club. We are entering a very exciting period. We have a strong squad, financial stability and huge support around the world. We are all determined to bring more success to this club.

“The club has always shown faith in me and I’m very grateful for that. We have gone through fantastic periods and also periods where we have had to stick together. Every time when that togetherness was tested I got the right response. I think I have shown some loyalty as well towards this club and hopefully we can make some more history. I am sure we can.”

Stan Kroenke, no doubt pleased he’s not going to spend his summer ‘doing a Levy’, praised the Frenchman for his achievements while also looking to a bright future.

“Sustained excellence is the hardest thing to achieve in sport and the fact Arsenal has competed at the top of the game in England and Europe throughout the time Arsène has been manager, is the ultimate testimony to his consistency of performance, talent and ambition.

“We are delighted with the FA Cup success which has added to his already outstanding record. Under his guidance we look forward to adding more trophies in future seasons.”

As has been well-documented Wenger has led the Gunners to seven major trophies since joining in 1996, an achievement that surpasses those of his predecessors in the role. He’s also, in case you weren’t listening at the back, secured 17 consecutive years of Champions League football.


    • Too smart to see it coming? Thought he wasn’t a man of his word? Or blinkered, fingers-crossed, wishful-thinking dashed on the rocks of reality?

      Now what are you going to do for the next three years?

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    • — Tries sarcasm meter–

      — does not work on Fatgooner–

      — Shrug —

      Him signing is great, but never really a surprise

      He went into to tough times with his eyes open. I could not imagine him leaving now after all of that, with the good times around the corner. (Oh wait; is that an FA cup I see).

      Onwards and upward

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    • Fats Gooner wants us to notice him AGAIN.
      He is so much of an Attention Seeker
      We should make an tactical decision to show him the ” love” this summer
      Imagine having to wake up everyday, and someone ” saying love fats” Blessed

      Dear @arsenal : Endless love
      Dear Arsene: Arsène ma chérie aller …
      21 years……nous allons tous célébrer avec les trophées every year

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    • Well, we know Arsene honours his contracts and Arsenal, unlike these ‘hoes’, is loyal So you’re going to have to deal with it for some time. So bunch up your panties and get with it!

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    • I’ll quickly agree and whisper before I go that they’re easy to understand really…. I think of them all, without exception, as complete idiots 😉

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    • Wenger, despite what people may tell us, is an incredibly intelligent man. He’s aware that this is a great chance for the team to push on, and he’s aware that football has evolved and requires some bigger investment than it did back when he first arrived in England. I’ve been telling friends for years he’s playing this big chess game, waiting until all his pieces were in the right place to finally go for it, rather than pissing money down the drain a la Chelsea, Spurs. Losing RvP, Nasri, Cesc were problems he hadn’t anticipated encountering, I’d wager, but now everything’s in position. I expect some serious dealings this summer and a scary fucking team come August.

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  1. I posted this a few weeks ago but thought a re-post is warranted.

    “Ultimately people want Wenger out are very short sighted. He came, changed the way we’ve played, won us titles and cups, made us build a new training ground and stadium whilst having very little net spend over the last 10 years. Kept us in the champions league for 17 years. People take that for granted but after next year with no Utd in the CL that is a record only us and real madrid hold. We have a turnover that will exceed 300m when the next figures are out due to the PUMA deal and new TV rights. The biggest factor is now we’ve paid off the part of the stadium that needed to be paid in the short term we are now left with a very manageable mortgage effectively of £19m a year until 2031. Now we’ve gotten to that position we’ll be back challenging on the field. The point I’m trying to make we should be proud of our club for being well run when football has gone crazy, we should be proud of our manager and ultimately be very optimistic for the future. The future is bright people….the future is ARSENAL!”

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    • Anyone who doubts Wengers comitment to the club and his desire to get us back to the top should watch these:

      We have the best manager I believe in world football. Yes he has flaws but the truth is you give any manager and I mean any manager the resources we have and say “We’re building a stadium, keep us competitive and playing champions league every year so we can pay this off otherwise the debt may become crippling, by the way if you could also make us anywhere from 20-50m profit on players every summer that would be helpful. Thanks.” I doubt any manager would be up for the challenge let alone accept and complete it.

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      • That’s right. It’s easy to come in to a squad with a bazillion pound, two deep at every position roster and compete. To build a team with a young core, despite captains leaving each year, which gains in points season to season in to be applauded. If the Premier League has truly become about a rich man spending money to buy a FFP violating championship, I want to watch Arsenal in another league. And those moronic fans can stay and pull for Petrodollar Team X.

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      • Hehe, Yes. Imagine Mourinho being told that for the next 10 years you are not allowed to spend money in the transfer market, but preferably make us a profit selling. Your best players are likely to leave every summer sinse we cant compete financially with the other mega Clubs in this 10 year transitional period, but regardless we expect you to deliver Champions League football every season ofcourse.

        Mourinho would have got the f out of there at the sentence where Not and Spend were put together.

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    • Whenever people criticize Wenger’s time at Arsenal, I always point them to this link:,_1947-2013.png . I do this because I think people forget where we came from as a club and what Wenger has done for us. I think some people only know that last 10 years or so of Arsenal’s history as a club. People scream “X years without a trophy!” as if as a club we are somehow entitled to trophies because we’ve won them in the past. Yes we are a big club with a rich history but there are a lot of tough teams out there all competing for honors many of them with far more resources than we have, and yet we’ve managed to stay in the mix. I don’t think there is a manager out there that could have done what Wenger has done.

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  2. Great! Delighted! Now sign at least three players, please… No, they have to be all in the same window! K.Thx.Bye.

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  3. 3 more years at least. That’s plenty of time to win another title or three, and throw in a couple more FA Cups and hell, maybe a CL 😉 I say the job is pretty much there for him forever

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  4. The most important signing of this transfer window.

    Not sure if this rings true for everyone, but in Arsene I trust.

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  5. This should be dedicated to all the Spurs fans who sang ‘We want you to stay’ when they were 2-0 up at our place. The first time. Actually, the second time too. Mugs.

    Excellent news. Let the transition slowly begin.

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    • ON a related note: Angel Di Maria wins quote of the week, perhaps month:

      —Talking about the transfer speculation that surrounded him last summer, he revealed: “It hurts you when you are trying to always do your best for a club and then it comes out that you might be going to Tottenham.”

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  6. at least 2 major trophies and d next community shield would do quite nicely for me. Now for those top top quality signings pls.

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  7. He’s done as good a job as anyone could have in hindsight getting us through this period while building a new stadium. Yes he is frustrating, stubborn, and has his faults but I absolutely love the man. He deserves a chance to use the new financial firepower the club has. I shed tears when he lifted the FA Cup. Nothing in football would please me more than seeing Arsene Wenger make Arsenal great again, and finally get the credit that he deserves.

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    • A day after Arsene signs his 3-year extention, Arsenal seal their first summer acquisition:

      A bigger fucking trophy cabinet!!

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  8. Now, please take that hand brake off please! Both in terms of playing on the field & signing players off it.

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  9. the most important signing of the summer

    thank fuck for that! now let’s go and sign grant holt before the hole left by TGSTEL gets too big for even grant to fill

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  10. Whilst coming close to an end of every of his Contract periods,Wenger has always assured everyone(when asked) that he’ll sign a new contract at the end of the season….I wonder what his comments’ll be(when asked) at the time he thinks that his time at the Emirates is coming to an end.

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  11. On the fans expecting a big summer
    Yes, they should expect that. What I can promise is that we work very hard on a market that is very, very congested with many people who have a lot of money. But we have a big advantage, players want to join us and if we find the right quality I’m sure we can strengthen the team.

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  12. Oh, thank God! Was starting to get a little skittish about the silence regarding his contract, and as Blogs said in an Arsecast not so long ago, who would we have replaced him with? One Arsene Wenger! Let’s make it another FA Cup or two before he eventually retires! Would also love for him to win a Champion’s League, but that is a few quid’s worth of investment off I’d say.

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    • I hear that Ozil fella is pretty handy. And I keep hearing about someone named Ramsey. Unfortunately we’re losing another of his signings, a faithful gunner of 7 years named Sagna, but it’s nice to see Cazorla is here for a bit. Oh yea, then we have Koscielny and Mertesacker. They’ve seemed pretty decent chaps. There are more, but I’m tired of typing.

      Arsenal does not have the philosophy of Real or ManC or Chelsea.

      I’m cool with that.

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      • And then again, clubs like Real Madrid has Ronaldo amongst others. Your point being? Nobody can honestly expect us to win the league with the current squad we have now. Sure we’ve played good against the bottom teams of the table, but are our team good enough to beat the other challenging teams? I don’t think so.

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        • You mean like Liverpool? The team we comfortably beat 2-0?

          This squad needs more players, but it’s pretty fucking good already.

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        • My point being, It is disrespectfully shortsighted and not at all thought out to claim that Wenger has never signed a quality player.

          Yes, Real has Ronaldo among others. They didn’t win their league. Barca has Messi, AND Neymar, neither did they. ‘Pool has Suarez. Second, and we dumped them from the FA Cup. Oh then there is ManU and RVP. Where did they finish?

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  13. Only bad thing about this is we have to put up with all the moaners and whiners if we get one poor season. They’ll be all “knew we had to let him go” and so forth. Even if we win two trophies the following. But I believe in Wenger. He’s brought us the title before and he can do it again. Just fire all cannons, Arsene!

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  14. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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    • Couldn’t be bothered enough to read all what you said.

      Roberto Martinez may be a good manager but himself and his team bottled so sorely at home against Palace and let us get away with the 4th spot.

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    • an essay in confirmation bias, by F Gooner

      if all you look for is failure, failure is all you shall find, my friend

      i think most of us are capable of recognising weaknesses and whilst AW’s sides haven’t always been where they once were, there’s a big fucking pile of concrete with 60,000 seats in it which goes a long way explaining it, and that’s before you get into the money being spunked around by other teams. under the financial straits imposed by a new stadium build EVERY SINGLE OTHER BRITISH TEAM HAS BEEN RELEGATED. Arsenal has maintained CL football with the same impairment. To anyone with even the slightest ability to exercise a balanced view, that is a remarkable achievement. We are now moving into a period where the financial restrictions are loosening, so you’d reasonably expect the experience to be closer to the first 8 years than the last 9, notwithstanding the fact that the first 8 years were free of the financial doping that now scars our league.

      anyhow, whoever takes over from AW, whenever they take over – it’ll only be a few months before you’re back, trolling about how they need to go, and only you can see this, etc etc and so on. Its in your nature, FG. Bless

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      • Poppycock, Sam. You’re wrong. He’s why:

        1. The stadium. All of the clubs who were relegated building new stadia were yo-yo clubs anyway. Derby, Sunderland and Bolton have always been up-and-down clubs, even in the old days. And what about Man United? They practically rebuilt Old Trafford while still winning titles. You know why? They had a brilliant manager who got the maximum from his resources.

        2. The myth about no money to spend. Wenger wasted a huge chunk of the wage bill on dross like Almunia, Bendtner and Diaby. Money WAS there, but most of it was spent badly.

        3. There already is money to make big signings – but last season Wenger chose to waste it on a player like Ozil, a player we didn’t need. Then he did fuck all when we were desperate for a couple of new strikers.

        4. Wenger qualifies for the Champions League and then does nothing in it. Compare that to Klopp and Simieone who have both got to the final SPENDING MUCH LESS MONEY THAN WENGER.

        5 I’ve been an Arsenal fan for nearly 40 years: I support Arsenal and not Arsene – he’s a fraud who doesn’t have the dignty to accept he’s past it and walk away.

        6. I’ve never critised George Graham – my favourite ever Arsenal Manager – and never will do. He was the guy who was really responsible for the resurgence of the club after the dark days of the early Eighties. If a new manager came in I would give him at at least two years to win the league.

        7. I don’t look for failure, I crave success. Winning one FA Cup in nine years is not success for a club of the stature of Arsenal. I’ll stop moaning when we win the Premier League.

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        • Well said and all true.

          But you must remember that it is ‘Arsene Football Club’ and and not ‘Arsenal Football Club’, that these little fellows follow. And will do for the next three years.

          We ‘Arsenal fans’ will simply have to bide our time.

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    • Lets all walk in FatGooners enormous shoes for a while. Let me see if I’ve got it right – we should get Martinez because he is better than Wenger. This is because we need a manager that is capable of the big signings, tactically shrewd, proven track record, etc.
      Berkampt & Ozil. A season undefeated. 17 years of CL.
      Just think of the league dynamics if Chelsea and Man City’s billionaires hadn’t arrived. Would we have lost the players we developed. Would any club be able to assemble the superstars of football that delivered trophies to Chelsea and Man C?
      FFP is possibly the only think that will allow the rest of the league to compete with the billionaire clubs.

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    • I’ve taken a screen-shot of you claiming Wenger will never win the league again.

      Filing it in the “humble pie” folder.

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    • Who ever manages to read all of what FG has to say above, gets a biscuit.

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    • Haha, a manager who fought relegation all his life, got relegated last season, and choked again this season, and we think he is on the up 😀 You are some serious analyst, Sir.

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  15. Yes! He may not be flawless, and I may well be calling for his head some time next season, but how can you not love Arsene? He’s such a neat guy.
    Not only has he achieved overwhelming success here, but his views on the game and our club are truly inspirational. Respect for all people, the tradition of the club, and beautiful football. Be thankful we don’t have some clown like Jose Mourinho at the helm.

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  16. This is excellent news.

    No other manager in the history of the game – Paisley, Guardiola, Del Bosque, Ferguson, Ancelotti, Shankly, Mourinho, Jacquet, Busby, Benitez, Capello – even Juande Ramos or Tim Sherwood – could have kept any club in the Champions League year after year whilst building an iconic new stadium in the centre of Europe’s most expensive city, having to make a transfer surplus and competing against rival clubs who can write off £billion losses like people write off a rusty Ford Escort.

    Now Financial Fair Play is starting to kick in and Arsenal are no longer hamstrung by low-value commercial deals. We therefore now have a competitive transfer budget. Watch Wenger start to pull trophies out of his magic hat again. It started on May 17th. He will once again add success to his most endearing quality (which he shares with Martinez and Pelegrini to be fair); class. Something the likes of Mourinho, Ferguson, Rodgers etc can only dream of matching.

    For all those saying he should go, let me just put this the simplest way I know how. How would you feel as an Arsenal fan if Arsène Wenger had joined Spurs in 1997, won three titles (once at Old Trafford, once on our own ground), five FA cups, gone a season unbeaten and managed to keep them in the Champions League 18 years running and above us every year without exception and building a brand new 60,000 seat stadium yards from WHL while we were stuck at Highbury? Wish him out of the club if you want – he could always join Tottenham if you prefer.

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    • Your last point is as fatuous as it would be to suggest how much more successful we’d have been if we’d have signed Ferguson as our Manager. It’s totally hypothetical because we didn’t.

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  17. Well, I’ve certainly got my issues with Wenger, but it can really only be good news he’s staying. Good for the players, certainly – will give our youngsters a few more years of stability.

    I was impressed with the team this season, a title challenge and a trophy was what I was hoping for and what was delivered. It may have faltered, but we ended only seven points off the top, and the season wasn’t over in November like before. Fair play to Wenger and the team for that.

    Only thing I really hope is that he’ll go hell for leather now. This is almost certainly his last three years, so his caution needs to be lessened now. We need a strong summer and a good start next season. If we get that, then could be an exciting season.

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  18. God I love being skinny, it must be so fucking miserable sweating your ass off in December! Seriously though, you call for Wenger to be replaced by someone on the up like Martinez, the same Martinez that completely bottled 4th spot this past season and now has a huge job on his hands replacing all the players he is losing from their loan spells ending! Get a fucking grip Fats, the grass isn’t so green over there!

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  19. I was hoping he’d use the F.A Cup as an excuse to bow out on a high.He’s a man pushing 70 who’s set in his ways. Not feeling positive about this. To tell the truth, felt this sinking feeling in my stomach when it was confirmed. Ironic a man who loathes spending to make the team better earns one of the world’s top salaries.

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  20. I am so pleased. As others have stated including David ‘Goalie’ Seaman stated in his interview recently before the FA cup final. “Be careful what you wish for”.

    With all the previous stated reasons he has done an a great, consistent job, and brought us success and enjoyment along the way.

    I for one really can see a better future with him still at the helm.

    PS love the debate and discussion keep up the good work.

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    • Like for like? No way. Not even Somewhat Similar when you consider both the vertical and lateral influence he has at the club.

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  21. Great outcome, all clubs need stability and a manager with a proven track record ideally. I have always thought that Wenger was the right man for the job providing he used the resources available. Buying Ozil proves that the money is there to be invested into the team with the right calibre of player, and more importantly Wenger is willing to use it.

    He does seem very forthright about this being an exciting summer, makes me think he has targets and is confident of getting them. I wonder will he use his time in Brazil at the WC to deal with agents? It’s a month long competition so I would imagine a lot of dinners and meetings will crop up. Each WC you generally have a signing or two in between the tournament..

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  22. Fatgooner, you probably won’t have got this far down, but if you have, I’ll make a suggestion….if you are “so fucking pissed off right now” how about you stop following Arsenal until your dreams come true and Wenger leaves?
    I’m sure you’ll find you’ll be much happier, and it’ll also spare us all your negative bullshit posts EVERY TIME you come on here.
    In the past I’ve said I respect you more than the fickle fans cos you’re at least consistant and I’ve also said something along the lines of the comments would be a duller place without you…..I take it all back.

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  23. Fatgooner, why don’t you go away to the Chel$ki or Man $chitty boards and spew all your negativity there? I bet your effect on those teams would be so dire they’d drop five places in the table.

    Or better yet, just chow down a couple more burgers and undergo gravitational collapse into a black hole. Then you’d be indistinguishable from your outlook.

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  24. Arsenal Wenger now has more money to,spend on transfers than any of the premier league rivals. (Maybe not for wages).
    No wonder our rivals are pissed at us.
    Be afraid, Wenger is going to own this league.

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    • We still have teams who can out spend us and we still have to work within finite limits particularly as a self financed club.

      But yeah a bit of muscle now to flex about, not that it matters much with Spurs who would think to deem themselves our rivals having not qualified for CL with any consistency let alone won a tile over the last 18 seasons wenger has been on the helm.

      bet they were upset with their special relationship with Madrid when Ozil chose to come to us despite their back stage shennigans to block it. There was no chance in hell he would move to a team outside the Cl who cannot qualify for the fourth spot pot and spends 100m on mediocre players the press would deem world beaters.

      Close but no cigar….not even a cigarette. what were they smoking?;)

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  25. Wenger out!

    How many more trophyless seasons?

    Oh wait…

    So 3 more seasons of the gaffer? Then surely 3 titles back to back isn’t asking too much. he’ hasn’t done that yet. Should take or total tally to 16 which is decent.:)

    But first spend some fucking money….oh wait like you did with Ozil that is.

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