Jenkinson: I’ve scored that goal 100 times


Carl Jenkinson says celebrating his first goal for Arsenal was the ‘best feeling in the world’ and revealed he spent endless childhood kick-abouts imagining what it would be like to score for the Gunners.

Netting on his 57th appearance for Arsenal to double the lead at Carrow Road, the 22-year-old didn’t hesitate to celebrate with gusto wheeling away towards the travelling fans before sliding on his knees and being mobbed by his teammates.

Speaking to Arsenal Player after the game, he admitted the strike – which was hardly a thing of beauty – was still the stuff of dreams.

“It took a while but I got there in the end. Since I was a kid I’ve been an Arsenal fan, I’ve scored that goal 100 times in my back garden and celebrated like I’m celebrating in front of the fans.

“I’ve done it for real today and it was the best feeling in the world. I think you could tell by my celebration.

“I’m a defender so I’m not going to score too many goals and hopefully that will kick-start it now and I will get a few more.”

Jenkinson did come close to opening his account in the Capital One Cup last season as he crashed home in injury-time against Reading only for Theo Walcott’s initial effort to be credited as the equaliser.

Pleased that on this occasion there’s no confusion, he continued:  “To be honest I was half happy that goal wasn’t given to me [at Reading] because it went in the back of the net and no-one knew whose goal it was.

“There was no question with today’s one and I could celebrate knowing it’s my goal.”

Arseblog News couldn’t be happier to see the Corporal end the season by getting off the mark in red and white.

Speaking to him back in August [interview here] he set himself the lofty target of usurping Bacary Sagna as the club’s first-choice right-back. As it’s turned out he’s played less this season than last (13 starts as opposed to 21) but with an England cap to his name and age on his side you’d be foolish to dismiss him as a candidate for the position next term once the Frenchman has departed. He’ll no doubt have competition on that front, but good luck to him. He’s proved many a doubter wrong already…



  1. Love Jenko! The Corporal! Really think he could do a job there next season regardless of the Sagna situation. Just look at Gibbs and how that turned out after Clichy left.

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    • Good point. Gibbs is a better player than Clichy now. I don’t think there’s a gooner out there that doesn’t want Jenks to succeed here. He’s living all our dreams and fair play to him, he seems like a good lad.

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    • Totally agree, think he’s got the makings of a quality player. That being said, I’d like decent cover/ competition, or maybe another year or two of Jenkinson really getting ready for regular first team football. Posted this on another thread, but what’re people’s thoughts re Micah Richards? Self-confessed arsenal fan, only 25, absolute monster physically and out of contract in the summer. If he hadn’t been injured regularly I reckon he could have kept his number 1 spot over Zabaleta- although it’s the last point which puts me off him slightly, don’t need another player plagued by injuries. Just interested to know what people think.

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      • I reckon Richards is a decent shout. Only out of contract next summer though, and City are probably paying him £200,000 a week. Maybe we can get them to keep paying 75% of his wages?? 😉

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  2. I am still scoring mine in the back gardens and Playstation. If only I had te chance to score for Arsenal in real life. Even if it was an own goal if I was playing against Arsenal, I would celebrate like Jenks.

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  3. I wonder, if he still thinks that one day he will wake up to realise that it was just a lovely dream.. wow, i cant even imagine what i would feel if i achieved the dream i lived for..
    So happy for him.

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  4. You just have to love Jenks.
    I so want him do well for us.

    He REALLY is one of us.

    Growing up, I have done it a thousand times as well.
    Scored on a muddy school ground, got down on my knees and kissed the floor.
    I remember the feeling.
    For a second. I was the King. The little, muddy ground was Highbury.
    The school boys around me were the North Bank.
    For a second, just a second, I got to live my wildest, most absurd dream.
    But this boy has really gone and done it. He has scored in the famous Red and White of Arsenal.
    And no matter where is career goes from this point. Maybe (hopeful) he will do much greater things. Or may be won’t. But nobody can ever take this from him.

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  5. Thanks for the clarification, Blogs. I was wondering whether I was too drunk to remember that Jenko scored in that crazy game against Reading…

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  6. Ive always liked Jenkinson and Im sure Wenger has a great future planned for this youngster.

    No matter which decision takes in the end, Id prefer to see Jenk-BFG-Kos-Gibbs, with Vermaelen and Monreal as our back-ups (still need 1-2 more defenders).

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  7. I feel you bro
    now and then I dream scoring the winning goal at UCL final.
    mine will always remain a dream,you have already lived your dream.
    am not jealous though

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  8. Come on Arsene!! Play this true gooner in the cup final NOT that ungrateful Gonner! Happy for you Jenks…

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    • I can understand your frustation…But thats too harsh on Bac!!! Yeah i know it hurts to see him leave but lets be thankful for him

      PS : Your Point is valid only if he joins Specialist In Failure (If u know what i mean)

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      • Ya it is harsh but really, I just don’t get it. If he goes on to France to end his career at home, like was suggested before, yeah sure I kind of get it… But to another PL team, I really don’t know. Especially because good as he is, he might get benched there or even only get one good season in. They can’t be offering that much more. But i guess that signing on fee is sizable too. Still love him, but if he wants to go, good luck facing us at your new team. You’ll need it.

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  9. He looks more deadly in front of goal than Giroud if Wenger were to give Jenkinson the right back role next season I believe we will have a 20 plus goal player in Jenkinson. Based on his entusiasm

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  10. Yep we’ve all done that out the back garden with the added self commentary and the imaginary crowd. Hopefully there’ll be load of kids doing that now over the summer with the World Cup on too. Dead chuffed for the guy and hope he gets a crucial one, maybe at the Emirates?

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  11. How lucky is he ay. Imagine playing for the club you grew up supporting… Not only is he doing what he loves for a job, he’s doing it for the club he loves. Living proof that it’s possible for any one of us to follow his footsteps 😉

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  12. Off topic slightly but how is that Gibbs is not even been considered for England call up for the world cup.

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    • To be fair, Shaw has had a pretty amazing season and Baines was always going to be first choice no matter what. Shame though, Gibbs does deserve to go to the world cup

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    • If he had stayed fit, there’s no doubt in my mind that he would have gone, along with the lack of match practice there’s a question mark over how long he can stay fit for, so unless he’s first choice it’s a big risk.

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  13. @gunnerjoe its called hype. Remember when they said that one-trick pony from Sp*rs was Englands saviour? Andros Townsend right? absolutely shit player who can’t get a start ahead of Aaron Lennon, who is definitely the worst right winger in the league. Gibbs will get his chance soon. Love that guy.

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    • Media trumpeted quality.

      Remember when they said none of the Arsenal starting 11 could get into the Spurs team.

      or that there was a revolution afoot at Spurs.

      or that Spurs were doing the right thing spending 100m quid.

      or that Spurs had the right approach with ‘progressive’ young managers at the helm (one in succession after the other each trying to claw at our minimum fourth spot)

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      • AVB was taking them in the right direction imo, he was making them tighter and more professional. He was gradually building a team capable of doing things, obviously it would have gone wrong eventually as they’re Spurs, but it was worrying me that he might make something of them.

        I feel stupid to have thought that though.

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  14. When he scored that goal, I tried to put myself in his foot steps and I could even begin to imagine how happy he must have been. Scoring a goal for the team you’ve supported from childhood has to be one of the greatest feelings

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    • Can’t begrudge where his heart is. Jenkinson plays with his heart on his sleeve and that’s why we like him.

      That said, his game still needs plenty of improvement and is a little predictable/one dimensional although his ball retention looks to have improved.

      Plenty of pace with those long legs and very direct but you feel he lacks a bit of talent on the ball which gets Sagna out of tricky spots.

      Still not sure how far he will go but you can’t fault Jenkinson for giving it a good go for a very good cause.

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  15. He could definitely do with more games Jenko.

    Will be interesting to see if Bellerin pushes him this summer.

    In any case, we will need to bring in a bit more experience in the position when Sagna goes.

    I prefer someone ready made for PL. Seamus Coleman for me if he is 15m or under. Debucchy should also be under consideration. That Aurier kid looks solid otherwise but there is some risk bringing a player in from outside the PL. Adaptation period may compromise start of season. Then again some players just take to water naturally so you never know.

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  16. I once scored a penalty at highbury when I was a kid. They did the joga bonito tournetment there (not sure if anyone remembers or went to that). That was one of the greatest moments of my childhood. I can imagine for jenko, a big as a fan of arsenal as anyone one of us, scoring for his beloved team must of been wonderful. He deserved it, and I hope that he gets to fulfil his dream and become arsenals first choice right back.

    He’s a great lad, and rightly deserves his chance to play for the best club in the world.

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  17. There may well be better right backs out there (whether there’s any available that we could get is another matter), but the fact that Jenks is a gooner will give him that extra 10% every game. He will die for the club on the pitch, and as he gains experience and grows as a player I think that will prove invaluable

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  18. I hope we can enjoy some 1-2-3 50 yard sprint combination goals when Jenks, Theo, and DaOx team up on our right hand side next season… I would add Ozil but I don’t wanna get too greedy!

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  19. Would people take not replacing Sagna this summer and living with Jenks and Bellerin if we got the big name striker we all want?

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