L’Equipe claim Sagna to City is a done deal

Wenger kissing Sagna

L’Equipe (paywalled) are reporting this morning that Bacary Sagna reached an agreement with Manchester City on Monday and will sign a three-year deal at the Etihad.

The right-back, who signed for the Gunners from Auxerre for £6 million, is out of contract at the end of the month and will leave on a Bosman after seven years of service at the Emirates.

It was reported earlier in the season that the likes of Inter Milan and Galatasaray were keen on the 31-year-old but with big money on the table – reportedly £140,000 a week – from City it appears Sagna’s head has been turned.

It’ll be a sad sight seeing him step out in blue next season, especially as his debut could come against us in the Community Shield in early August, but we can’t really moan too much given the exemplary example he’s set to countless other players during his time in N5.

You can’t really level too much blame at the club either, they’ve been trying to negotiate a new deal with the player for the best part of 18 months and on this occasion have come up short. There’s no official confirmation of a deal having been struck but it appears it’s only a matter of time.

Scouting the market for a replacement, Arsenal have been heavily linked with Toulouse’s Ivorian international Serge Aurier who at 21-years-old is tipped as a big prospect for the future.

If nothing else, Arseblog News is pleased Sagna leaves Arsenal with a medal in his pocket as a reward for his efforts.


      • My thoughts exactly. As much as he was a reliable player in defense, he was very limited in the final third. Serge Aurier is the exact opposite.

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        • Exactly, Sagna, a good player who was well remunerated by Arsenal but he was hardly Cafu. I can’t be the only one to think that a club such as Arsenal can’t sign a better player than him for the position. Granted Sagna was flexible in that he seemed pretty adept at centre back without being tested there over a period of time. I’d take Lauren over him any day at right back. He has a pretty hot wife though in fairness to him.

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        • I think you mean he has been good at times.
          Not so much in the last couple of years though.

          It really misses me why $ity would offer him that much as I can’t see him playing ahead of Zabaleta who’s one of the few RBs that’s ‘on par’ with Bac as a defender and probably a better attacker….
          Will Bac spend a year bench-warming and thinking of his bank balance or will he throw a hissy fit and move on after a year with a $ity pay-off…

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    • I love Sagna, wanted desperately for him to stay, but if that photo, or 250000 fans and the entire arsenal team singing for him to stay can’t make him change his mind, then I’ll be able to move on really.

      Let’s go on to something different and exciting in Serge Aurier.

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      • Totally agree with you, and disagree with the people calling him a “loyal servant [to arsenal?]”
        After Wengers kiss on the head, the 250 000 (plus im sure millions more) fans saying stay, a contract offer worth £4 mil a year (I think) and its not good enough for him?
        This only goes to show he was only a servant to money in my opinion, and frankly I would much prefer Aurier after this…well betrayal ha, Aurier seemingly is a gooner through and through and I’d like to think he wouldnt go to a rival team for an extra bit of money that nodoby on earth could justify really needing.
        Shame since Sagna is clearly an incredible defender, but at 31 he does not deserve a 3 year contract worth £140, 000 a week NO fucking way.

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        • Loyalty works both ways, he was loyal to us, If you stay at a club for 7 years whilst having a barren spell and nothing to show for it, when your a player who is easily good enough to attract attention (and offers) from other top clubs, then its the clubs responsibility to be loyal in return and offer money which represents his value in the current market, i.e. what another club is willing to pay him.
          Arsenal have decided off their own back they dont think his services are worth the money we could easily afford to pay him despite his years with us. So we decided to cut him loose. Is that us being loyal to him?
          And how exactly have you figured aurier is a gooner through and through? have you met him? has he ever even said anything that positive about arsenal other than that we have some french speakers amongst us?
          We are facing the posibility of losing a solid performer who we know operates at a good level, day in day out, to take a chance on a 21-year old who could turn out to be completely average IF he even comes whichisnt anoything more than a rumour at this point. I personally dont think its worth the risk when were as flush as we are and finally have a defense this stable. What does this tell jenkinson too? buying in a younger player to play ahead of him?

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        • Yeah but how do you know he didnt have offers? have you met him?
          £140 000 a week does not represent the current market, it represents a club willing to splash out an unreasonable amount of money, not for one year, but for three.
          How do you know what amount they have offered him, and that they think he is not worth it? I personally agree (on the assumption) that Arsenal do not think he is worth £140 000 for three years. If he was truly loyal he would perhaps come to an agreement with Wenger (who clearly wants him to stay and must have tried what was in reason) and take a little less money. And if hes such a warrior (which he is mostly) he could prove he is worth his money each year his contact would run out, but he choose not to.
          Look mate, like you I don’t know shit for sure, which is exactly why i said SEEMINGLY about Aurier being a gunner.
          Sooner or later Sagna was going to have to be replaced, and frankly the timings decent. Auriers had an excellent season, SEEMS keen, affordable and potential to be better than his predecessor, and good competition for Jenkinson.
          Well im afraid Arsenal disagree with you and think its worth the risk, and I for one agree

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    • Sorry, but I can’t agree with many of the sentiments here.

      Sagna understands Arsenal and what it means to be an Arsenal player. Man Citeh may not be one or our top hated rivals, but they are our ‘rivals’.

      I can never wish an outgoing Arsenal player well who will go and play for a rival and potentially hamper our chances of success.

      On a professional level, what kind of ambition does it demonstrate for him to go play backup and earn a lot more money doing it.

      Football has gone mental. Money is ruining the loyalty within the game. Comparisons made between an office job and footy is no way a justification. Head-hunters in other industries will rarely give you a 50% – 100% pay rise, as they know very well the market rates.

      In football the rates just keep going up, costs are going up, and these players are turned into millionaires with no sense of perspective.

      Sorry, but had to get that off my chest! :/

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        • I agree as well, if he can’t manage on £80,000 a week or whatever it is here then he can sod off. It takes me 6 years to earn that amount ffs

          Money and greed has ruined football, it is even more fucking out of touch than ever now. Players costing £90,000,000, players earning as much as £300,000 in a week?
          Is there no loyalty left at all to your club or manager or do you just fuck off to the first person to give you more money.

          Why the fuck would he not want to stay here? Even if he only stayed another couple of year at £80,000 a week is over £4,000,000 in one year. Please don’t tell me players can’t fucking manage on that amount of money because that is bullshit!
          So I repeat why the hell would he not want to finish his career here? Adored by fans, team improved this year, trophy won, much closer to title, couldn’t ask for a better and more loyal manager!

          I could understand if he wanted to finish his career back in France but if he fucks off to man shitty it doesn’t matter which way you look at it, it is pure fucking greed … end of!

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        • Who says there’s no loyalty left in football? City forgot to bake Yaya Toure a birthday cake and, now, perceiving this as a slight to his undying love for the club, he wants to go to a new club.

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        • That Yaya Toure birthday cake story was unbelievable. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the immense sense of entitlement.

          Oh, and totally agree with ChrisGoona’s comment. Well said.

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      • 100% in agreement. I love Sagna and wish him all the best in his personal life.

        But, should he move to City, I hope the rest of his football playing career is barren and miserable. I am a fan of Sagna/any Arsenal player. But that support is totally secondary to my support for Arsenal Football Club.

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    • Agreed, however defensively solid baccy was and although he ran all day, he never really had any end product. But oh well. I guess now that he’s gone to Manchester City, he will get cut from the final 23 man squad for France now? I suppose Ludavine will have her twitter account ready when he does.

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    • The guy gave us best years of his career. It’s only right to make a big money move given he has very few years left. Just my opinion.

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      • I can understand his desire to move, he’s well within his rights to do so. But he can’t really argue that this is anything other than about money. He won’t be playing regularly, simple as that. So surprised he hasn’t pushed a move to PSG, seems like the perfect fit.

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        • Also surprised Sags isn’t returning to the French league. Whilst no doubt money has something to do with it (and at 31 he has every right to think about his future), but he may also see City as his best shot at an EPL medal.
          Frankly he’s earned the right to do whatever he want’s to do with his career and some of the vitriol directed at him from some Arsenal “fans” is small minded at best and stupid at worst.
          Good luck Sagna and thank you for all the hard work you’ve given us over the years.

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    • this hasn’t happened yet and could be a brinkmanship negotiating tactic by his agent. I know I sound deluded, but until its officially confirmed I hold on to my deluded belief that Citeh’s need to come within FFP will mean this is a non starter

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        • I seem to remember reading that part of the sanctions is not being able to increase the wage bill, or at least limiting any increase.

          I think he’s getting Lescott’s wage packet.

          Sagna is awesome, but 140k for a 31 year old? Am I the only one who thinks that sounds crazy?

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        • @DR no. By the sound of things, lé boss thinks that sounds crazy too.

          I certainly wouldn’t blame Sagna for moving on if he can get £140,000 and we’re only able to offer, say £100,000. We’d all be tempted to change our jobs for such a large wage increase too.

          Equally, our club has a budget to work in and can’t break the bank for one player, especially if that means we can’t sign other players we might need more.

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        • Let’s be honest – he’s not worth 140k/week, especially at his age, but this is why City’s destroying football.

          I will say, however, that it makes sense for us to pay a premium salary to keep him here as we’ll have to pay a transfer fee to replace him if we don’t, and he not only plays RB but is also a very good backup at CB, which is doubly important with TV5 unsettled.

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  1. He’s been a loyal and brilliant player for Arsenal and with that sort of money on offer he was always going to leave. In any other job if you were headhunted and offered £50,000 more than your current employer was offering, you’d be off in a heartbeat, so I can totally understand.

    All the best to him… except if/when he plays against us.

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    • I just can’t bring myself to hate Citeh in the same ways as I hate other clubs. I dislike them as they’re horribly vulgar and are contributing to the financial ruin of football, but their fans at least (for the most part) know what it’s like to suffer, and anything that winds up their glory hunting ‘Manchester’ rivals (whom I loathe so, so much as a Londoner) is alright with me.Chelsea’s fans are the most vile in all of football (only ground I’ve ever felt truly disgusted by the opposition fans and in fear for my safety was Stamford Bridge) and Sp*rs are Sp*rs-one must hate them, despite the fact that they are the comedy club that just keeps on giving. Liverpool have the most disgusting sense of entitlement and one can’t help but loathe them. If he has to go to a rival English club, might as well be Citeh-he won’t get as much game time. I wish him well, he’s been an excellent professional and there doesn’t seem to be any acrimony between him and the club, so hey ho. Although I am very interested to see how they plan to get around FFP, if (as someone pointed out) they’re offering a player in his thirties £140K a week.

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      • I wonder just what % of City’s CURRENT support base consists of those who remember how to suffer? Not much. I can hate them. I can easily hate them more than Liverpool at this point in time. And adding to that distaste is how frequently they come for Arsenal players.

        That said, Kolo was past it and anyone can have Na$ri.

        So I guess it’s $agna then. But nowhere near to the same extent as the one whose ladyfriend has just got sued.

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      • I think he’ll get plenty of game time at City to be fair:

        A backline of Clichy(?) – Kompany – Sagna – Zabeleta could be solid

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    • The difference is he could likely take his pick of any team. All this loved up talk is great but his time with us should mean something too him and he shouldn’t want to play for another English team.

      If my wife was loyal and consistent for ten years then cheated with my neighbour because he had a flash new car that spits notes out the exhaust I very much doubt I would look at her fondly.

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      • I’ve ceased to idolise footballers until they’ve retired and their legacies can be assured. After the Dutch traitor, I never take loyalty for granted from any of them. Perhaps the bar was just set very low by previous players like the little boy and the chinless wonder?

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        • I agree and for that reason this won’t hurt me in nearly the same way, my memories of sagna will however be tainted and that should mean something too him (I know, I know). It’s the family mentality we adopt as fans and it seems to rub off on very few players. Or it could just be they would sell their own blood ties for double wages.

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        • its strange, i hate it when i see current arsenal players or manager shaking hands and acting friendly with ex arsenal players who sold us out. Particularly dutch skunk, nasri, and ashley cole (i mean turning up to the christmas party? shouldnt he be barred?)

          but i honestly dont think ill feel the same extremes of hatred when i see sagna play against us for city. He didnt do something completely insulting like the ‘you guys’ garb and has generally just shut up and kept his cards close to his chest, its hard not to respect that attitude. especially with so many players being mouthy as fuck about their old clubs when they go to their new ones.

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      • I agree in that I’m not happy he’s chosen to go to a major rival. I’d be much happier if he had a go with Inter Milan or something.
        That said, he’s settled in England and you can’t hate him for choosing to stay. And, if he’s playing in England, his only real option is to go to a rival since he’s a quality player who deserves to play at the highest level.
        Good luck Bac, but I hope you never win a premier league trophy with City.

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      • Dont equate it to a marriage. Equate it to a job. If you were offered a much higher pay by rival company where you’d be working on a technology/product that would be competing with your current firm’s, I’m sure you’d be okay with taking that. This is emotional for the fans and players, but its not a purely emotional relationship. There’s money involved. I dont remember the last time anyone paid their wife a salary.

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    • Absolutely!

      The reason why this is a good ‘break-up’ unlike the Little Dutch Boy or Na$ri is because he honoured his contract during the troubled times, while giving us his best yrs.

      If someone is willing to pay him £140K weekly, he deserves it and there can’t be any hard feelings as he could have left earlier if he agitated like the other guys.

      Also this was the sort of deals the mad caps like are willing to throw, especially at Arsenal players, in the hope of a quick elevation to the top & it has worked for them. Its almost staggering to look at the num of Arsenal grown players & coaching staff.

      It’s no surprise that ManC are having trouble with FFP rules & Arsenal’s players are poached where they get only realist market rates and not inflated salaries.

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      • To be fair, Skunk and Nochin didn’t dishonour their contracts; they played until the club sold them.

        It’s easy to be bitter but don’t forget that the club was generously compensated for both those cunts.

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        • No, they just forced moves through in a distasteful manner when they thought they’d get more else where (more trophies/more money, whatever), that’s what makes them hated.

          There’s a little more hate to RvP because we gave him so much, we made him our number one striker, made him captain and when he had so many issues too…before turning around and going to a hated club as soon as he’d had one good season.

          Well, at least it was fun watching him play in front of CleverleyFellaini for a season while Giroud had Ozil and Santi supplying him.

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        • Yes, but the difference is Nasri didn’t give us his best years, RVP was also 28 (turning 29) when he left. Still could have given us another couple of years since both the club and player had finally made a breakthrough with his injuries going away. Not to mention how he said he’d stay if we showed ambition, and we went and signed frikin Podolski and Santi, and at the time ligue 1 golden boot winner Giroud! If RVP had stayed that season we might have been challenging for the title in 2012-2013 let alone the fact that we probably would have been favourites to win it this season.

          That’s not the case with Sagna.

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    • I hate that argument! How could you possible compare a common job to being a professional footballer?
      You don’t generally have a shred of loyalty for your boss in standard jobs, the man who essentially created you in Sagans case. Nor millions of people around the world being upset by the decision to leave for a rival company, who gives a shit in the normal world?
      Football is not a normal job, so dont compare it

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    • “Except when/if he plays against us”

      What are you talking about mate? i hope he plays terrible ALL the time helping us further our title ambitions while at the same time twatting city.

      i hope you play terribly for the 3 years at city we need all the help we can get if were to win the league… @bacarysagna sincerely herold

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  2. Probably for the best. Wouldn’t make sense to be paying a 31 year old 140k as much as we all love the man

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  3. Usually would be all bitter and twisted about a first team player donning the sky blue of City but in this case I can understand it. You’re a long time retired and a three year deal on that money is too good to turn down.
    I’m not going to wish him luck or hope the move is a succes but I get it.

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    • Precisely. Thank you for all your years of service Bac, we’ll remember you as a warrior for the club, but I hope your time at the Middle Eastlands is fruitless and barren.

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  4. Hope for his sake he doesn’t spend the rest of his career on the bench behind Zabaleta, he’s better than that.

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    • Most likely they’ll turn him into a centre-half. Kompany/Sagna ‘partnership’. 🙁

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      • Exactly. Its been driving me crazy for months now, hearing everybody talking about sagna, and how we wont sign him, or how he wants to leave… Do any of you “fans” remember an interview earlier this year when sagna himself said that his future is center back? He said that he didn’t think at his age he would be able to maintain the stamina for right back and wanted a move to center back. To me, this is why he’s moving. He can no longer keep up at RB, and arsenal are just not willing to give him a move to CB, while other clubs will. Everyone is like, why would he go to city to sit on the bench behind zabaleta, well because he won’t be, he’s going to be replacing lescott. Come on now people, stop reading the bullshit the papers write, and listen to what the players have to say for once.

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    • Zabaleta is more suited to the way city play, making runs in and around the box, better technically when going forward than Sagna. He almost plays like a striker at times, can sagna the immovable rock do that? anyways this could prove a costly experiment by city that i so badly want it to fail.

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      • I’m not so sure, I reckon Sagna will stay on the right whilst providing cover for CB.

        Zabaleta will play at LB, he’s not a career RB and he can give everything he gives on the right hand side to the left hand side but having Sagna on the right means they can get away with Kolarov or even Clichy at LB, he gives them nice depth for a year or two until he falls off.

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  5. I know he’s served us well during his time here but moving to city is a dick move when I’m pretty confident he could have got a lucrative deal elsewhere (out of England). Even cashley the cunt will move away from england due to respect for the Chelsea fans but i guess i was naive to think Sagna was class enough to do the same….@sagnaoffical you suck.

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    • you think he should leave the country solely not to hurt your feelings… you’re right, he is completely without class.

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      • Mine and the 250,000 other screaming gunners on Sunday yes… but I’m fairly certain the fact that Ade the whore, Clichy, Nasri, rvp made the move must have had the slightest bearing in his decision. sort of “they did it so why can i not?”

        The problem is how much “class” we think our players are….they are not. and i’m not willing to bet how much long till Verminator starts to entertain Manu..

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        • He’s been in England for seven years and has a family whom one presumes are settled here. Uprooting them and moving to Italy or Turkey, countries which are very, very different culturally to England, would be difficult, especially for children. I understand why he wants to stay put, it’s just a shame he’s going to a rival club. It would have been nicer if he’d gone to France, but it’s a matter for him, and perhaps the offers weren’t forthcoming. FFP maybe? City seem to be determined to ignore it in the hope it will go away, whereas my impression is that PSG are a little more sanguine.

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        • you support the team he plays for, you do not own him, get over your sense of entitlement. city will suck but hes his own man.

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        • Nobody owns anybody else but we judge people on their actions and choices daily. This would signal a big Fuck you too his “family” and I can’t respect that kind of action in any aspect of life.

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        • Disagree. A dick move would have been doing an rvp or nasfuckingcuntchinwankry on it and pushing a move through when the club was in dire need of holding onto it’s (at the time) best players. He stuck it out for the best years of his career at a club that was going through a, shall we say, lean period. Now coming to the tail end of his career he wants more trophies and a pay bump. Personally i think we will be challenging city for the title next season properly and the argument could be made for him to have stayed to push us on for one more but that is his choice and his gamble shall we say. Cheers Bac absolute legend in my eyes but i now hope you win nothing and we win it instead.I hope he personally does well at city.

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        • Many deluded gooners in here tonight.

          Sagna is leaving us sort of with a slap on the face… “oh so you guys leave me to run down my contract and refuse to up that offer by a mere £20K?, me sagna ? (Now he’s so incensed he doesn’t even want PSG anymore, he wants to ruin us, crush us for not bending the rules for him)

          He then does this>>>

          /runs down to pellegrinis house/

          That is his mindset all this respect/loyalty is for the few, very few. i repeat very ! like the r/ship me and my fridge have…

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      • @Don Cazorleone, you can say the same thing about Van Cunt, but I guess you choose not to. Oh how I love those double standards.

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        • What are you on about mate?

          If you don’t know the difference between RVP and Sagna’s situations, no amount of argument from me will be able to convince you.

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        • The difference is completely irrelevant to this discussion. It’s their decision, and only theirs. I swear, we are the most self-entitled people in the world. Whether or not a player respects the club after the fact and whether or not you should respect the player is an entirely different thing. Bottom line is, this is a career move and not something that should please you or the club, or both. Loyalty is a lovely thing, but nobody owes you shit. Talking thrash about it only makes us bitter fans. And besides, there is a lot of things you can do instead of focusing your hate and anger towards a player.

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  6. Seems strange for city to invest so much wages for a second choice RB, maybe they plan to play him as a CB.

    will be interesting to see if City make any effort to move into the black

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  7. I can lay blame with City though. Signing up the player for shits and giggles.
    Zabaleta is a good right back. There’s competing for places and then there is nonsense.

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    • That’s the thing though. He’s not going to be competing for a place. He’s done his job well. He’s won a medal. Now he has time to relax and rake in hundreds of thousands and occasionally get to play at right back for one of the best teams in England. Who would say no to that at 33 after 7 years of hard work? The guy deserves it.

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  8. Doesn’t make any sense from City’s stand point. Signing probably the second best right back in the league on a 140k contract when you have the best right back who is a couple of years younger on your books.

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    • True but there is the fact that Sagna has looked decent everytime he’s played at CB for us. Maybe they want to slot him at CB with Kompany. They’ve got a decent CB that is amazing at RB for free. Not too bad from their point of view if they do that.

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  9. I think everyone would have preferred to see him go abroad. He’s gonna have an hard time displacing Zabaleta, and, honestly, if we weren’t already think to replace a 31 years old right back, we’re the ones to blame. I don’t feel that City is strenghtening and we’re becoming definitely weaker, as long as we buy a proper replacement. This is not like losing Cesc or van Persie in their prime…
    Good luck to Bac, you’ll be missed and we’ll make sure you’ll miss us as well in the Community Shield!

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  10. Thanks for your service Bac, top player and human.

    However, I will piss my pants laughing when we win the league next season, beating city to it on the last day of the season!

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  11. Can’t wait to see Serge Aurier in action. He looks like a better Eboue, who can actually score goals and defend.

    I wish Bac well for the future, he’s been one of the best RB’s Arsenal have ever had – as good as Dixon and Lauren.

    He should have won more with us and deserves the Scrooge Mcduck level of contract he’s getting at Man City.

    I have a feeling he will play more in the middle for City, perhaps as a partner for Kompany or as 3rd/4th choice CB and 2nd choice RB.

    Maybe a replacement for the Klingon – like Lescott?

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  12. Here we go. suddenly the cons get louder. Once you go city i just cant seem to look at a player in the same light. i remember i used to like Clichy and even my favorite for a bit of time but after his low key not damaging move to city he’s just a cunt now and soon Sagna . it could be Clichy himself or it could be city’s 100 ways to not run a club that i hate so fucking much. god! i think its city!

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  13. Nasri doesn’t agree to stay, leaves and joins city, gets abuse. Sagna doesn’t agree to stay probably will join city and we are wishing him goodluck? Also basri was harder to replace. Sagna will be easy. The new rb night not be as good in defence but will certainly be much betfer than bac in attack and that’s the truth. And he also knows he’ll be on the bench behind zabaleta. Your choice bacary

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  14. Can’t blame him. Footballers retire in their early-mid-thirties and any future (non managerial) work is at a fraction of their salary. Anyone struggles to readjust to a smaller salary, regardless of their savings. The kind of wage offered is incredible and incomparable to what a 31 year old fullback could expect. It will make his transition to retirement immensely easier for his family, and it’s perfectly understandable for that to be more important to him than “loyalty” to a former club. It’s especially ridiculous to expect him to move country out of respect to us!

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    • Have to disagree there. The guy could retire today and live an opulent, pampered life for the rest of his days on the money he has been paid over the course of his stay here.

      I dont begrudge him leaving for more money, if that is his thing, but i dont think its unacceptable to expect a little respect to be shown to the same fans that have week in and week out chanted his name and supplemented his millionaire lifestyle. He could have signed a new deal here, left for a final payday at monaco etc and left with the thanks and gratitude of the fans. Joining one of our rivals shows a lack of consideration to the club and us fans, I believe.
      People say football is a business, thats true and yet it is also not true. The game and its fans are a synergy that carry within the hopes, the dreams, the memories and emotion that elevates a simple 90 mins from the mundane of passing time to a place of legend and this happens each and every week. The players carry the responsibility of the hopes and dreams of the fans, that doesnt mean they owe us everything…., but sometimes I wish they realised that they do owe us something. Sagna joining our rivals shows me that he either doesnt realise this, or that he doesnt care enough to turn down more money in order to maintain the special bond that was there between us and him or just not damage it.

      Sigh, shame, I thought Sagna may have been one to buck the trend. I dont wish him any harm, but to me now, he is just another footballer.

      The king is dead, long live the King.

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    • I don’t wish him anything. Loved him while he was with us, but as with any other player who leaves us for another premier league club, I hope they fail. It’s not a case of being harsh – I’m a gooner, I don’t want him to play well for City, I want him to score an own goal when we play them in the Charity Shield.

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  15. I don’t want to state the very obvious. It is just simple arithmetic.

    But I bet you that Sagna will be very surprised when he finds out that he is not on City’s CL 13 man team.

    The expensively assembled directors of football over at the Emirates have problem doing basic math.

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    • I have been doing some counting and it does seem that Sagna can be squeezed in, if they start discarding some players.

      Current City’s Foreign regulars squad (15 in total), excluding their backup GK who can be replaced by Wright for UCL.
      Defenders: Kolorov, Kompany, Zabaleta, Demechelis, Nastic (5)
      Midfield: Toure, Fernandino, Silva, Nasri, Navez, Javi Garcia (6)
      Strikers: Negredo, Dzeko, Augero, Jovetic (4)

      Out of this list, City will have to remove 3 guys. I see Javi Garcia and Demechelis leaving and Nastic going out on loan, or being left out of the CL team.

      The rest are too important to be omitted. This means that apart from Sagna, they can’t hire anymore foreigners. Which is good as that means 1 less competitor in the market.

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  16. Was awesome while he was here.

    Won’t be AS awesome anymore. He knew the controversy he would create.

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  17. Can’t see him getting too many games ahead of zabaleta. Modern day footballers eh. Need that extra 20 k on their final contract. Must have been earning very little over the last few years . Best of luck to him. NEXT… Just as well I don’t live on sentiment ..,, Arsenal forever

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 0

    • Must have been earning very little…….are you drunk?! He’s earned more in the last few years then many of us will in our life times, F*ck him now that he’s gone he can rot with the rest of them as far as I’m concerned. I hope he & City win absolutely nothing and have a terrible season topped off by multi-billion pound FFP fines due to not caring about the rules 🙂

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  18. Will he even play that much? Zabaleta has made that role his own, had a great season and is younger. I think Sagna needs to get to use to sitting on the bench and only playing in the COC cup.

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  19. If I had to choose a defender who could attack or defend … I would pick sagna

    That said I look forward to proper attacking threat from our right back next season.

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  20. I am ok as long as he keeps up his excellent record of hitting the first defenders head to crosses delivered ratio.

    Thumb up 12 Thumb down 1

  21. It’s like when a really hot ex-girlfriend of yorus gets married to some other bloke.

    Normally you’d hope she and her new hubby both choke to death having their wedding cake; but in this case you’re somehow forced to wish her well… because she treated you really, really well despite you being quite a nincompoop most of the time.

    (I still hope her new hubby fucking chokes to death though!!!)

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  22. I accept Sagna’s decision. An extra year is big for a player that will be in their mid-thirties. He will see this as a chance to cash in before his earning potential massively drops in a few years. There will be an opportunity for him to pick up some soulless trophies too. But I think it’s mostly about retirement money.

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  23. Isn’t there a wage cap for city in the FFP fine levelled by UEFA. If they pay Sagna 140k/week I can only imagine they would be letting go some other equally high waged players.

    Thumb up 1 Thumb down 1

  24. Yaya Toure looks like he might be leaving. They could employ a medium sized business with his wages gone.

    Maybe even a cake making firm…

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  25. What everybody’s missing is that, despite winning a trophy after 9 years, we will continue to be looked as a feeder club for the likes of City.

    Sagna leaving for City would/should never be acceptable in million years. Why shouldn’t City be considered a direct rival?

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    • It’s not for us to “accept” this or not. He’s leaving on a free at the end of his contract. This isn’t them forcing us to sell a player somehow, this isn’t a player forcing us to let him go for less than he works for, if this happens it will be someone who, on the day he contract expires, no longer works for us choosing to get a new job somewhere else rather than sit on their backside.

      Thumb up 9 Thumb down 1

    • Anyone with half a brain can see that 140k for a 31-year-old is stupid money that we can’t afford to pay, and anyone with half a brain isn’t worth listening to, unfortunately that covers the vast majority of the media and pundits but still I wouldn’t let perceptions bother you too much, agents know we will pay big-ish money for good players and that’s pretty much all we need.

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  26. It’s sad to see Sagna go, but I’m not too bothered about it.

    If this transfer is true then it’s a really strange one. City already have one of the best right-backs in the world in Zabeleta – what part would Sagna play in their team next season? And at 31 why would Bacary want to join a side where he probably won’t play every week? I suppose 100k a week over three years is the answer. That’s a lost of money even for a club like City to pay for a reserve full-back.

    This guy Aurier looks like a decent replacement, and we’ve got Jenkinson too, so Sagna’s departure soukldn’t be much of a problem.

    Thumb up 27 Thumb down 2

    • The idea of c’h’ity is that they use money to hurt their opponents, very much like Bayern in Germany. Buy players and put them on the bench (or just even keep them at their homes), good idea, isn’t it.

      I wouldn’t be too worried that he leaves, honestly, even our own Jenko has a much better cross than him, just that Jenko doesn’t get enough play time and experience, he can be as good.

      P.S. C’h’ity is probably the best destination for our Muslim players apparently. Toure, Nasri, Sagna….
      We have to be aware that Ozil may end up there as well, but we can certainly give them Diaby!

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      • You’re right with the first paragraph. But for the rest… I don’t know if it was meant offensive but I’d just prefer if people left religion out of football…

        Thumb up 26 Thumb down 0

        • Don’t think it was meant to be offensive. Religion might be important to these guys and, if so, then it actually makes sense to go where you think you may be better understood by teammates/management. Happens in every line of work and is understandable; you can’t just leave it out as unimportant simply because it is unimportant to you. BUT… I don’t think it has anything to do with it in these cases and haven’t read anything that would give support to it.

          My thumbs down is chiefly for the Diaby remark. I’m still naive enough to think we’ll get a good year out of him in the coming season, and maybe beyond.

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  27. He and his family are settled in England so I understand why he’d choose to stay here and not go abroad. Also being offered that kind of money is his last big wage packet before retiring, so that’s understandable too. But I can’t hand on heart say I’m not gutted he’s leaving us, he won’t look right in a sky blue top.

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  28. Btw I believe they intend to use Bac mostly as a CB. What most pains me is that we could have had at least 4yrs out of him at CB hes a great option to have 🙁

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  29. What annoys me is that at the parade, he let thousands of hopeful fans sing for him to stay, and let us clutch at straws, when the much more admirable thing to do would of been to say after our cup final “I have played my last game for Arsenal and want to thank everybody involved with the club”, instead of saying “Im not sure where my future lies”.

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  30. Great respect for sagna. He has been with us through the drought seasons and fight with the team. We’ll miss you, your hair on your head that makes the ball goes fuzzy wuzzy twice on sp*rs. The “i don’t give a f*ck” attitude when that little timmy sherwood chuck the ball to your chest is classy. We’ll remember you even if u choose city. And we’ll remember your birthday too. #FAcupChamp

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  31. Strange acquisition for city. Zabaleta is such an acomplished player. Ah well, good luck warrior sagna, and thanks!

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  32. All of you are still in love with $agna. But I would like to know how is this $agna deal any different from Na$ri’s or Van Pu$$y’s. I know he won a trophy with us but it wasnt RvP’s fault alone that he didnt win a trophy. I think RvP is no more a greedy man than is $agna. At least RvP and Na$ri let us have a transfer fee.

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    • They let us have a transfer fee because they forced it upon us with their underhand rat faced tactics. Sagna just wanted to see his contract through and respect it. He’s going to be beginning his decline now, maybe another one or two years as a good performer, RVP and Nasri were in and entering their prime. That is the difference. They were not really replaceable and they fucked us over. Sagna has been irreplaceable but might not be within the next couple of years.

      Thumb up 3 Thumb down 2

      • Are you actually that naive. Do you really think Sagna would have thought that its alright to leave arsenal because he is replaceable. Unlikely.
        He left because he wanted a better payday. I am alright with players wanting to leave but its very disheartening that they would leave to a direct rival.

        If you wanna leave, please fucking leave. Why the fuck do you have to bullshit around loving the club and the manager and all that.
        …Imagine this…
        Yayyyyy!!! I am an army man and I love my country. Ofcourse if someone offers me a better salary I would open fire on my own country.

        I will just say that Sagna has been a thorough professional during his time at arsenal. And so was the case with the little boy and that chinless idiot at city. They are all fucking alike. Professionals who dont have a thought for all those who love them.

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        • I didn’t say that he thought he was replaceable, I’m saying that, in my opinion, he was replaceable. We didn’t replace the skunk because we couldn’t. We didn’t replace Nasri because we couldn’t.
          Sagna clearly loved the club, yes he wanted a fucking payday but at least while he’s doing it he’s not going to be at his peak unlike those two scummers.
          Did you really just compare playing football with being in the army? Are you for real?

          And no, they’re not all alike because Sagna didn’t agitate for a move like RVP or play us like Nasri did, saying he would sign a new contract and then suddenly didn’t when the £ signs went off in his head!
          He just saw through 7 years and left when it was his time and the club weren’t prepared to value him that highly.

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  33. Well….. 140k and 3 years. No wonder Arsenal wouldn’t give him that!!! Now he will play second fiddle to Zabaleta. Guess thats just City logic. What a waste of money and talent. Not that that talent isn’t replaceable. Best of kuck to Sagna. He stood by when everybody was jumping ship. RESPECT!!!

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  34. With Richards and Lescott leaving both probably on around 100k+, giving Sagna that money and getting an massively better player is a no brainer for them. Sagna may also feel playing slightly less games will be better for him long term as at Arsenal we do tend to flog are better players to death.

    Sagna has fulfilled his contractual duty so i can’t see how anyone who do anything other than wish him well.

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  35. Really don’t understand why Sagna is being treated entirely differently to the other mercenaries who have left. If we say his loyalty, commitment and desire to reach greater heights ought to be respected, then why is Van Persie not shown equal respect? Very confusing.

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    • Because one of them gave us the best years of his career in our darkest time (recently…) and played his heart out for us, the other had one good season after so many years of problems and even stopped playing in the second half of his last season, before fucking off.

      It’s like comparing Citizen Kane to Transformers 2 because they were both shot using cameras.

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    • Van Persie burnt his bridges with that misjudged/naive statement he gave on his website ! if you add that to the little boy inside me nonsense and fergies smugness I don’t really see how he should be respected. Also I don’t feel Sagna owes the club anything as he has always been committed and stood by us in the dark days whereas RVP owe the club and manager everything. How many clubs would have kept faith in him with his injury record ?

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  36. Citeh will use him in central defence. So makes sense for FFP, they have a free utility player and can sell Richards for cash.

    Although that diminishes their homegrown quota.

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  37. It’s such a shame to see him go. Just when he got what he deserved. Would have been worse had he not lifted a trophy at all with us I guess. I do wish he wasn’t joining a rival but at least it’s not United, Chelsea or Liverpool who he would actually have improved. I can’t see him getting in ahead of Zabaleta that much but I guess he might be rotated like Clichy and Kolarov there. I’d rather he’d left the country because he’s a legend for us here in my book. He deserves his final payday though. Good luck to him, just not against us.

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  38. I wonder if the same people yelling “Wenger spend some money” are the same ones criticizing Sagna for leaving for more money.

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  39. I really dont get people wishing him well ? Our next competive game is v him new club for a trophy. He knew he wasnt going to sign another contract but did wenger ? We could have sold him if we knew he was gonna walk.

    anyway thanks for everything but as soon as u put pen to paper with another club u are a cunt

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  40. Absolutely gutted. It doesn’t matter who we buy, if they are not from the EPL chances of them being able to immediately fit in is doubtful, especially with a shorter pre-season due to WC.
    Sorry if my maths is wrong, but surely the time you pay for the transfer fee, signing-on fee and scouting fees it would be similar to Sagna’s new wage. Don’t get me wrong, there is no way in hell he should be getting 140k a week, but I think he should have been offered 100k.

    If he has moved abroad I would have respected him. But to see him in a city shirt, or rotting on the bench in one, will be painful.

    Thanks for your effort Bacary (I will always remember the bicycle kick off the line against Villa) but our relationship is over….

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  41. If City are prepared to double his wages, well that’s why they have been penalised by the FPP this season and fined because they just throw fucking money about like it is paper.

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  42. After FA Cup Parade,When he said “We will try to find out a solution”…i thought he was really trying to find out a solution:(:(

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  43. Sagna has been a stalwart servant for the entire time he’s been with us at Arsenal.

    Footballers careers are short and far too many end up penniless. Very few players would risk undermining the financial security of his family in the interests of loyalty (which incidentally is a two-way street).

    This may be Sagna’s only successful career and I, for one, don’t begrudge him his decision. Though, like so many before him, he may ultimately regret it.

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    • Must be really hard to make ends meet with 80k a week, i mean the average person in England barely makes half of that in a year. People using the football careers are short as an argument are invalid, Sagna would make over 12 million in 3 years at Arsenal on a 80k per week contract, that is more then enough for a family to live on for a lifetime, along with sponsorship and image right deals. Football playing careers are short, but most continue into other ventures, be it coaching, management, tv etc..

      I love Sagna as an Arsenal player, but anyone saying he deserves a big final pay off is ludicrous, its simply down to greed, but I guess football players really have no grip on reality.

      I will always like Sagna as a person and have fond memories of him being at Arsenal, but as soon as he joins citeh he becomes just another player for a rival that I dislike.

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      • I don’t know what drives comments like yours. Jealously? Envy? Hypocrisy?

        Of course £80K a week is substantial. But what right has anyone to tell someone he shouldn’t attain his current market value.

        How would you take it if a colleague insisted you stayed where you were at a salary well below your marker value?

        This isn’t director salaries where remuneration is set by the directors themselves. Nor is it financial sector remuneration where bonuses inspire greed and recession-creating ultra-risk-taking. This is a relatively free market similar to most top-flight globally-attractive well-marketed sports.

        If club A wants to double someone’s income then that’s the value they are willing to set. If club B says that’s too much, then the player would be insane to turn down the offer. All clubs have budgets. This even applies to Manchester City now FFP has hit them with penalties.

        I really don’t know where you’re coming from. Sagna has a few years left in the game. After that there’s uncertainty. He would be irresponsible to his future and family not to maximise his income while he can.

        But then I guess his detractors are themselves turning down job opportunities week-after-week for all sorts of noble reasons. I mean, as long as you’ve enough to live on relatively comfortably there’s absolutely no reason to seek an alternative situation elsewhere.

        Football, like many sports have astronomical revenue streams. And because Arsenal is one of the better earners we are also one of the better payers. But we still fall way below clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern for all sorts of reasons. The point being we still do very well out of this free market environment.

        If you really have an ethical problem with Sagna leaving us for considerably more money then you have a serious disconnect with the world. Either that or an indulgence in moral relativism.

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        • Its not about the fact of him getting as much he can, I understand that, but for people to argue their point being he needs to provide for his family is ridiculous, 15million to live on for the rest of him and his family life? If it means living within his means then so be at everyone else has to.

          I am in no way envious, jealous or a hypocrite, I am not someone purely motivated by money, I’ve been through enough to realise theres more to life then money and true happiness is something that can’t be bought.

          You can’t honestly tell me he is moving club for any other reason but greed, and therefore I see him in the same light as anyone else that has left this club to strengthen a rival. If I’m in the wrong for wanting the best for this club then so be it.

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        • Please brilliantly put how a hugely wealthy man would be being irresponsible to his family by demonstrating to them that there are more important values in life than getting even more hugely wealthy. I don’t know what drives comments like yours. Paranoia regarding future security?

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        • @don’t believe the hype

          In our society no one has the right to impose one set of morals on another. I can’t do it of you, and you can’t do it for me.

          We have laws, conventions, and traditions that set some of this out – Sagna’s situation isn’t covered by any of these norms.

          You can talk about injustice or the ever-widening disparity between majorities and minorities in society … the haves and have nots … the 1% and the 99%. All of which is fine. But once you start imposing on members of that society a subjective moral position then you are returning to what we last had two centuries ago.

          If someone, in a similar situation, (comparatively regarding you as wealthy) told you you should be “demonstrating more important values” you’d tell them to mind their own business – and rightly so.

          I guess what you’re also saying is that if you were in Sagna’s exact-same situation you’d turn down any move and accept the inferior deal. (As would the majority of Sagna’s ‘critics’.)

          If that’s what you’re saying I don’t believe you. On the other hand, if, in all probability you’d find yourself doing the same, then you’re guilty of hypocrisy.

          Personally I don’t want Sagna to leave the club. I want him to behave differently. But I haven’t the right to expect him to behave differently.

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        • To interpret my comment as attempting to impose a moral position would be paranoid. I made no moral claims about Sagna, but you did. Your point was that his moral responsibility to his family was to become even more wealthy. I would still like you to explain, in your brilliant way, how alternatively his demonstrating to his family that there are more important values in life would be irresponsible.

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  44. I don’t care what anyone says nor about fan expectations vs. what it’s like on the inside circle for a player. If Sagna goes he is dead to me. Everything he ever did in a red shirt means zero. Even the goal against Sp*rs. Because a true lillywhite killer would never make a move to a scumbag team like Man City. Henry moved abroad because he was a red. And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  45. I don’t really mind, while he earns a shedload anyway, look at Yaya Toure, all top footballers are completely unrealistic because of the man city effect and if Sagna thinks he can’t organise 5 million quid a year into a lifetime of luxury for him and all his family then so be it.
    He’s no hero or villain for doing this, just as walcott wasn’t for not doing it last year though he got loads of flak from arseblog.
    He’s a good player who was pretty good for us but some do seem to be making one rule for him in the forgiveness stakes and one for people they dont like so much.
    I’ll remember him for being a good consistent player not an especially loyal or treacherous one BUT if he goes onto have a career with one of our rivals. if he goes to city, i don’t wish him good luck at all!
    I’d say “good luck in not splitting up with your wife and having a happy family life and i don’t wish you serious injury” but i do wish him consistently awful form which i wouldnt if he went to say monaco. and i wouldnt mind him having a lot of minor niggles or even better, being sold abroad next window.
    And an own goal every time we play them would be great too.

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  46. Unless zabaleta is injured, i cant see him play at all unless they use him as CB. City will need to sell someone to stay withIn they’re wage limitations after breaking rules. Demichelis perhaps.

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  47. To Say Sagna is not worth $140k/week, for whatever reason (age/ability) is SILLY to Me. If the deal goes through, then the Player is OBVIOUSLY worth that salary to SOMEONE. Period. To Arsenal he was worth $60k per week, which is CRAZY.
    People forget about the interview that he gave which got him in trouble with and scolded by Wenger, bc he had, I think, 2-3years left on his contract and NO ONE at Arsenal had bothered to reach out to him regarding a contract extension. This is one of THE BEST (if not THE best) R.Back in probably the best/toughest leage in the world. And you’ve got him on $60k/week??????! And u have the AUDACITY to say u want him to stay, yet u let his contract run down to 18 Months?
    I don’t begrudge Arsenal for their decision to pay this Warrior WELL UNDER what the market would have paid for him. I don’t begrudge Arsenal for deciding against taking a “gamble” on Sagna w/ even a short contract extension/raise after his broken legS, but its RIDICULOUS to hold this move against Sagna. 7years , 1 trophy, 0 complaints. He was BEGGING for a contract extension a few years ago and we left him floundering. What is the guy SUPPOSED to do?!?! (Can’t cross the ball? Huh?!?! Maybe these guys r thinking Jenkinson is the answer! Ha!)

    Love You Bac. Wish you were staying. Best of Luck to you, wherever you go. When you play the Arsenal next season, it will be an honor to play against you, and to Beat you.

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  48. to fair to Sagna.. he did some good crosses this season but no one good enough to get on the end of them

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  49. If he does go to Citeh, I just hope they remember his birthday, the bastards.

    Nobody deserves to go through whay Yaya Toure endured.

    In fact, I’ll go so far as to say Sagna is worth two birthdays a year, at the very least.

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  50. Let him go and take his old age pension,City have alot of money for nothing!
    140 for 31 yrs???we dont have oil money,,thanks for his memories,good luck to him!

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  51. I am seriously starting to hate football. I’m SICK of our players going to our rivals.

    You can say he gave us his best years, but the bottom line is, he is improving them. Zabaleta and Sagna at RB? That’s the best BY FAR in the PL, and he can play CB too.

    I loved Sagna, was quiet and reliable, but I’m sorry, he’s dead to me if he really does join City.

    I understand we can’t afford what he wants, but there’s just a part of me that feels he should love the club enough to want to retire here, on 90k a week?

    Great servant, great player, but the fact I’m so hurt is because I’ve respected him for so long, I won’t be able to bear seeing him in a City shirt. He’s declining, but again, my reasons for wanting him to stay are sentimental.

    Bye Bac.

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  52. Sitting on the bench is one way to extend your career.
    He’s got a good 10 years left in him with that strategy!

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  53. Who here would not leave a company if another company is offering you double your wages? It’s a retirement contract. I guess Arsenal don’t want to match the fees because they’d have to give everyone else a raise, although matching Sagna’s demands would still be cheaper than signing a new RB, no?

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    • In the short term it probably would be cheaper but in 2 years time when he’s crocked half the time and still on 140k a week? This Ivorian we’re looking at, shouldn’t cost much in terms of fee but we can give him a 4/5 year contract on less wages and there’s far less risk of him becoming useless.

      Tell me that you can’t see our physio team struggling with a guy 33 years old who broke his leg twice in two years, with a straight face, and you deserve a cookie.

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    • If you offered to triple my wage to join another company I wouldn’t I love where I am.

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    • It wouldn’t be cheaper given the knock on effects it will have on the rest of the squad. Not to forget Per and Kos just upgraded their contract. Wonder how they will feel if Sagna’s pay packet leaves them for the dead. Everyone has that experience before. You thought you got a bargain then find out the neighbouring store have it for 30% cheaper.

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    • It is easy mathematics for all three sides.
      Man City: He is free agent, so no transfer fee needed. He can play RB, CB, and LB and easily replace both Richards and Lescott. Even if they offer him this huge wage, it is still saving for them.
      Sagna: huge salary increase, three years contract, stay in England. The only negatives might be Arsenal sentiment and playing time in new team.
      Arsenal: Extend Sagna’s contract is 140k per week x 52 weeks x 3 years= 18.7m
      Alternatively, byu Aurier for 7m and give him 75 per week x 52 weeks x 3 years = 18.7m
      Same costs but in 2017 we will have 24-year old Aurier instead of 34-year old Sagna.
      Good job Arsene!

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  54. No abusive word against, wishing the best of luck in his future career. In case of who to replace him, I preferred Colman from Everton because of his expierence in the league.

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  55. I’m finding it difficult getting my head around why you would berate sagna’s move to a rival club after so much dedication to arsenal in the past years without trophy….now that he’s reach the peak of his career why stop him from trying something new someone regardless of it been a rival club….i’m a big fan of lasagna and i wish him a successful new life wherever he chooses to go

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  56. Man city are more likely to win titles than Arsenal. Let’s be real. It’s not just to get what he’s worth. Titles are fun. They make you feel special. If I spend seven years at Arsenal and don’t win a title I’m fuckin pissed. But it’s important that we understand this if we want to compete. We have to do what we can off the pitch, even if it’s nothing next to City, and then maybe the magic of the Arsenal way can overcome the bought expectations of Man City and Chelsea. As for Man United and Liverpool well they’re fucking horrible cunts so let’s beat them too yeah of course

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  57. Yaya Toure is going to take one look at Bac’s car in the lot at the City training ground and lose his shit.

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  58. We were never going to pay him that much, and i don’t think we should either. ManU held on to Vidic and Ferdinand too long and look where it got them. Au revoir Bac! There were some fine moments, but really, if you’re off to City then nobody’s going to remember them as fondly.

    This Aurier guy sounds rather good anyway.

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  59. We won the cup we won the cup eeiadio we won the cup. Isnt that reasons to be cheerful unless he comes Bac to haunt us. (Swift exit down the trap floor)

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  60. I love Bac as a dedicated player, but honestly he has reached an age where we should be looking for a more energetic full back to complement our game style irrelevant if he stays (stayed) or not, to compete with jenkinson. I will miss more the complete defensive cover he offers across the entire back line when needed. These players are rare and it seems such a shame that we will more than likely miss that aspect of his game. There are few better all round defenders in the PL than him. And I can’t think of too many better in the air.
    With a new era on the horizon with the trophy monkey off our back, he could have proved an experienced, versatile figure into this new time. Kinda feels like we need a couple players to replace him.

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  61. We really shdnt b letting experienced players leave. Next its gonna be Arteta. We can’t be playing inexperienced player and expect to be fighting for the league. Sad Some fans are playing down Sagnas contribution to the team.

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  62. wish Sagna well. I wish he wins a championship wherever he goes. We have fans here talking like they themselves won’t take more money if offered the chance. You only have so many years to play competitive soccer. Arsenal is a business. And from what I know about Kroenke I wont give him a discount.

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  63. So, in other words people, any time ANY team decides they want to overpay for one of our players, we will sell to them – every time. The past 4 summers (lest we have forgotten) have seen at least 1 of our top players sold. Period. The ONE “top, top” signing we have made was Ozil in the last minute of last year’s transfer window. And that is after being told in EVERY one of these previous summers that Wenger had “the full backing of the board” and all the money he could have needed to sign the players he wanted. So then, what gives? The fact is we live in a football world now where you have to pay big bucks to compete. We aren’t and we have suffered due to it. It is no coincidence that EVERY TOP TEAM IN EVERY LEAGUE are the ones that spend lots of money. Until we do as well (like it or not) we will be confined to the same position in the league year after year until that changes. Sagna is just the latest example of our failure to adapt, no matter how ludicrous the price tag.

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  64. Meh. We’ll survive. Many of these overpaid fools come and go but the Arsenal will always remain. This is why I REALLY hope Jenko makes it as an RB here. He wouldn’t leave us and I get the impression that boys like Jack,Gibbo,Ramsey and to a certain extent Theo are very loyal. Up Arsenal.

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  65. He’s no different than Adebayor or Nasri – head turned due to money. The only difference is that he played through his contract without moaning, which is great to write about but worse for the club since we lost him for nothing.

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  66. Look! The prospect of getting Serge Aurier is exciting but let’s stop talking about him. Arsene has a way of not giving us the transfer targets we the fans are excited about (M’Villa comes to mind). Let’s pretend he doesn’t exist and I’m sure we’ll get what we want!

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  67. Cheer up for fucks sake we won the cup and all i hear is moan fucking moan. Who gives a fuck about all this waffle? Lets be happy the cup win is not even a week old and people are whinging about next season.

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      • Sagna is perfectly entitled to go anywhere he wants. I am not going to begrudge him given the amount of $$ on the line.

        Let me ask if you would have done so differently.

        Sagna had a contract with us and gave us years of excellent service. He owes us nothing and is free to cash in on all the good performances he gave to us.

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  68. Hate to say it but if he really joins Man$hitty he will be dead for me. I know he’s been a great player for us for quite a few seasons but that would really indicate that it’s all about money for him. I think he had a lot of opportunities to leave throughout all these years. And now that we are back on winning tracks he decides to leave? If he goes to City…he only cares for the money…Simple as that.. AAArgh

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  69. Good luck to him. Sad to see him to but an upgrade really won’t be too hard to find i don’t think. He was great defensively, especially in the air but if i had a quid for the number of times i had to watch him sell a dummy with his right foot after being put through only to end up on his non-existent left to pass inside to Arteta, i could pay next season’s ST outright right this minute.

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  70. Personally I would be hugely disappointed if Sagna left Arsenal to sign for City.

    He’s obviously free to do whatever he feels but surely staying at Arsenal and achieving Premier League glory or even Champions League glory would really mean something?

    I’ve heard the money related points but seriously how much, when you also consider promotional deals etc does one human being need to live?

    Unfortunately as good as he’s been for us we have to remember we paid him a bloody good salary to play in our colours and I would personally like to see a little more loyalty and desire to want to finish off the job which we started last Saturday at Wembley.

    Sagna would go down in my estimation if he does ultimately join City.

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