Ozil ‘satisfied’, Lehmann eyes coaching role, Muller linked


Mesut Ozil admits he’s had ups and downs in his first season at the Emirates but is taking heart from the fact Arsenal can end the season with a first piece of silverware since 2005.

A lynchpin of the Gunners’ title charge until February, the German international was heavily criticised for a drop in form after Christmas before a hamstring injury kept him sidelined for five weeks.

Speaking to homeland publication Bild, the 25-year-old maintained he had nothing to be ashamed, perhaps well aware that he’s notched up an impressive nine assists and five goals in the Premier League:

“I had ups and downs, but I’m satisfied. Arsenal has not won a title in ten years [it’s actually nine Mesut] and next Saturday we can bring home the FA Cup. It would be for me the third cup victory in a third country.”

He also spoke of the pressure he’s endured from certain quarters of the British media, including those who claim he’s been ‘nicking a living’ since signing from Real Madrid.

“No [the criticism doesn’t hurt me], it’s just something that flares up. I have to deal with it. In [the Champions League game in] Munich I was injured after three minutes, but I wanted to continue playing. I’m happy with my first season.”

Elsewhere, Jens Lehmann says he could start coaching as soon as next season. While the ‘Invincible’ hasn’t mentioned Arsenal as a specific target, the madcap former keeper has hinted that a career in England is a possibility.

“It may very well be that after the summer I’m closer to football,” he told Bild. “It’ll probably be with a club and it doesn’t have to be Germany, England may also be a possibility, but as a coach.

“In Germany, people see me more as a sports director. I’ll make a decision in the next six to eight weeks.”

One final piece from Germany’s answer to The Sun…a spurious rumour claiming Arsene Wenger could try and sign Thomas Muller from Bayern Munich. Apparently Manchester United and Liverpool are also interested. We suspect this is utter bollocks; history suggests it’s just an agent playing silly buggers in the hope of securing his client a bigger pay day.


    • And he’s fuckin’ magnificent. What a joy it is to watch him amble about in the flesh. A genuine privilege.

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  1. Hopefully with Walcott fit again and the investment into another more versitle striker who looks for the runs in behind defenders, I can see mesut having a great second season. Him and Walcott looked very dangerous on the odd occasion they managed to play together

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    • Ozil also picks up ramseys runs very well whilst an ‘on form’ Jack attracts the opposition and allows Ozil more space to work in. So lots of potential for next year. We just need a few less injuries and another A1 player (or 2).
      And in the unlikely event we get a few games from Diaby as well, then we could win the champions League…..or is that a jump too far?

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    • Who gives a shit what he looks like?! The guy can play and if we did get him the team would be stronger as a result. Since when are looks important when it comes to playing football?

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        • I’m all for any and nearly all A1 (A+) quality players that we can add to the squad (No Terry, No Cashley, NO PEPE, No Robben, etc.). If Arsenal had one-half the “depth” issues of Bayern, Barcelona, Real Madrid, City, Chelsea, it could bode well for a very doable double or treble next year.

          We’d have a top quality 11 on the field at all times, in all competitions; w/o worry of fatigue, injury or ridiculous off the field antics. And everyone would be working hard to keep their spots or earn a spot each week for each competition, no?

          We are a big club. Let’s flex our muscles like a big club and sign more than a handful!

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    • World Cup Golden Boot winner, Young Player of the tournament, Champions League twice-finalist (won it, scored in the other final), and yet another German to add to the Arsenal mannschaft.

      Sure you’re being facetious but worth thinking about.

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  2. I remembered Thomas Muller being a key figure for Germany in the last World Cup – linking well with Podolski and Ozil. I know it’s agent’s bollocks but it would be excellent news if Arsenal signed him.

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    • But he shouldn’t be our priority.

      He’s not going to come cheap and if we have money I’d rather we spend on a good DMF or Striker or even RB (if Bac leaves).

      We can think of the luxuries of adding people like Muller once we’re done filling what’s needed.

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      • His price is around özils price. I think we can afford him, the only problem might be his wage. However, we have a lot money to spend and monsieur Wenger said the quaility matters, which means Arteta and Flamini are going to stay for one more season, Diaby is back, so we won’t sign DMF. Müller can play on the wings, secondary striker and centre forward also. He isn’t bad at striker position, but in this case we have to change tactics, because he can’t fight for air balls againts tall defenders. I think he could be a very good signing, but he won’t leave munich, because the big ones(beckenbauer,etc.) don’t let him go.

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        • Actually Beckenbauer has nothing to say in Munich. He is not working for Munich. Since he resigned in 1996 as a coach he has no official role there.

          At the moment he is an so called Sky-TV-Expert (with connections). He also told in Live Television that he would love to see Müller in the PL and that it would suit him well as a fast enduranced player. So possibly in the Future but I doubt that Müller will be playing in the PL next Season.

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        • Oh well. I have to correct myself. Since 2009 he has no official Role there. Before that he was the President of the Club.

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      • Some reference to a song by Prince I reckon: either its ‘Bob George’ (“Prince that skinny Motehr f***er with high voice) or ‘SMF’ (You Sexy Motherf***er). Pop cultural interpretations of postings in an Arsenal forum. Woe, what has become of me, I wonder.

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  3. Whoever we sign just don’t anyone else get their hands on Reus. Especially United. I always felt he is destined for Arsenal and we should snatch him up for whatever money since we have buttloads of money.

    But striker and Gustavo/Schneiderlin/Bender should be priority.

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    • I wanted us to sign Gevinho, and that seemed to flop. I want very much that we sign Marco Reus. If we do Im going to cross all my fingers that he pans out.

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  4. We must not underestimate hull at all and please Ozil don’t say we ended the drought, we haven’t yet and i don’t want to jinx it. just look at Liverpool they got cocky and acted as though they won the league when they haven’t and underestimated their next opponent. I still remember Birmingham and i swear to god its one of my worst memories and just thinking about it gets me depressed we have to go nuts in the opening and not be defensive prone.
    Also guys can you stop saying we won the trophy because we haven’t and for some reason i’m being really superstitious these days and i don’t want to jinx because i won’t be able to bear it if we don’t win the trophy

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    • Birmingham was fucking awful, but my worst memory is 4-4 against Newcastle. my mum came in at halftime to watch the game with me and started rooting for Newcastle, I still haven’t forgiven her.

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  5. A centre back, Bender, Reus/Griezmann, a striker, goalkeeper and a replacement for Sagna. Six players. Would Arsene ever countenance that? Don’t know but hope so. And yeah, Ozil is the bees knees.

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  6. Only jealous, bitter journalists would write such Bumbarass nonsense about our Mesut.

    Wish he’d smile a bit more though on the pitch though rather than only in sultry Instagram pics

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  7. Small skinny geeerman, we’ve got a small skinny geeeeerman!

    Nah, can’t see us singing that. Thanks but no thanks Bayern.

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  8. Muller would be a great alternative to giroud. Player that I admire certainly. Could also do a job on the right.

    Don’t get the desperate desire of some for a DM, surely arteta / Flamini / Wilshere / Ramsey / Diaby are enough?

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    • I agree, however I think we can do better. Arteta is 32, Flamini is 30 and Diaby hasn’t played since 1998. None of them are world class players (don’t get me wrong, I like all three). Ramsey is glorious to watch in a more advanced role, perhaps alongside a quality DM. Someone like Bender, Gustavo, Javi Martinez etc.

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      • Wasn’t Arteta in the top 5 DM’s last season? I know he isn’t young but experience coutns for a lot in that position. We can repalce him another year!

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  9. There are so many germans that would improve our squad. Reus, draxler, kroos, muller, bender. Get any one of them and that would be a really good signing.
    Maybe rosicky can give reus a sneaky phone call.

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  10. I’m just going to throw it out there that I’d also be chuffed with micah Richards as a replacement for Sagna. Strong in the air, reliable at right back, and more than capable in the centre.

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    • I was thinking this the other day, but “reliable at the back” is a pretty bold statement.

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    • Not sure about adding yet another injury prone player to our already fairly impressive roster.. But if fit, I agree, good signing. Not sure if I’m imagining it but I’m sure before City got rich he was saying to papers about being an Arsenal fan and how he’d like to play for us one day, anyone confirm/ disprove?

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      • I think he goes out of contract soon and with being frozen out of the england side might go for us for less.

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    • It’s pretty impressive how much this one word made me laugh. I’m 32, this shouldn’t be happening anymore.

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  11. But it’s not some rubbish paper like dailymail or metro, but the “Kicker” which is a very good informed german football magazine. They don’t print any rumors without checking it twice.

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  12. If we sign Muller, he wouldn’t be able to score against us…again and again! Like Franny Jeffers…and see how that turned out!

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  13. Oh, please. Ozil is criticised in his first season to the same extent Mertesacker was. Neither of them had a bad first season but every mistake they made was pounced upon by the media.

    Despite that, Per blew critics out of the water in the following season. Your turn, Ozil.

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  14. I really want to hear what Santori aka Pini Zavahi, has to say on our future transfer deals. I must know!

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  15. I am Pini Zavahi, how did you guess?.:D

    When you rad any of the media links this summer, just remind yourself that none of the ITKs even got a sniff of the Ozil deal until the very end.

    And as I mentioned, this sort of deal does not happen over night.

    1) It would be remiss of Rm not to already have some fairly sold offer for Ozil before end of window particularly as their intent was to generate some cash to ‘make up’ for the big buy (Bale) in releasing one of their players

    2) We were not the only players who would jump on Ozil and who could pay for him.As you may recall, United were also (erroneously) barking up the wrong tree in their pursuit for a playmaker in Cesc Fabregas. had we not handled this sale correctly and went in last minute, ask yourself why Rm would not sell to United or why United would not have the money and gumption to pay for Ozil (considering how much they spent on err Fellaini). very likely there would have been interest other than us.

    3) More likely the ground work for Ozil was laid very early on in window through soft power (Per) and behind the scenes negotiations. Remember that Spurs have a ‘strategic partnership’ with RM for what it was worth and could have very easily blocked us. Worth noting as well the importance of 4th place pot in this one. 42.3m – CL would have very likely = No Ozil.

    4) More so the players motivation was equally important in this deal and Wenger must have got in touch with the player very early on to convince Ozil to make a switch to the Emirates.

    5) The pursuit of Ozil also complicated our striker hunt. As much as we have new found spending power, Wenger still has to work within finite limits (As oppose to say City). In order to ensure we had sufficient ammunition for the Ozil move late on, he would have had to ear mark the money aforehand which meant it limited him likely to 40m+2 for the striker.

    Too many confuse an inability to land a striker with a reluctance to get one. I don’t see any reluctance in Wenger’s pursuit of a striker and it seems clear to me that he knows this is the missing ingredient for at least a season or two now. Hence the pursuit of Higuain and Suarez, who are the sort of players that add a different capability to our frontline set up (and can afford us a different way to play the game)

    But the Ozil distraction meant Wenger did not commit to going higher on price and his biggest mistake IMO was holding out for Suarez for too long having misread Liverpool’s intentions. Should have dropped it quicker and went to a secondary target.

    In that I also feel Wenger is a little hampered by the fact that he is still holding on to two strikers who are taking up space on the wage bill (Bendtner and park) and whom he has found difficult to get rid of. The permutation in his mind must have been also factored in that if he takes on a reasonable quality striker (Lets take Soldao for example) for too much money, he will be saddled with this player for some time adding to his problems getting rid of non performers. Unlike certain clubs, Wenger prefers not to have to be in the situation to write off too much losses. This has afforded us the opportunity to build the stadium because of his record in sustaining profitability over time (and of course continuous CL qualification).

    Therefore his objective switched toward possible Jan window (which I believe he knew he had only a slim chance of landing someone) and more probably this summer.

    It was a massive gamble IMO. not entirely fruitful but one that must be weighed somewhat with landing the positives in Ozil who has added a different dimension (AND crucially belief) to the midfield.

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  16. Priorities this summer must be :

    1) Striker. Top top quality. Benzema class. 30-40m earmarked IMO but tricky again this summer.
    2) RB. We need to ensure the certainty in this position and my pref would be for someone already in the PL with start of the league in mind. If 15m, Seamus Coleman. Otherwise a cheaper option may be Debucchy.
    3) CB. We need someone 23-25 with sufficient ready built experience but just coming into good years (Particularly as Per and Koscielny are both 27++). Pref someone with height 6″2 or more. A plus would be if this player could handle CDM on occasion when we need more muscle. Not sure about the links to the Bayern man. Interesting but I suspect we would be out priced if he came on market. more likely 10m ballpark player
    4)GK back up. Under 5m pref

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    • I’m not sure Benzema is class, he’s improved this season but if you surrounded me with Ronaldo, Bale, and DiMaria, I’d be banging them in as well.

      I’d look for someone who can go past a few players to unlock teams that sit deep, make them break formation. We get nowhere passing the ball sideways around the edge of the area because nobody can (or maybe does not want to) take a player on.

      I think Wenger wants a holding midfielder and then he’ll probably do something stupid like play Flamini and Jenks at RB all season.

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    • Maybe Caulker could be a good CB backup. Cardiff was relegated, and he is surely a target for many teams though.

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  17. I can’t help but feel that winning the FA cup will massively improve our chances of signing more golden geese like Özil in the summer. Plus it’ll end that “trophy drought” statement we’ve all read a million times once and for all! COYG!

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  18. Ozil is pure class he would grace any team in the world and he’s ours win the cup get the monkey off our backs he is the link to getting other player’s to come to AFC. were it could all go wrong is catch 22 if we dont get players in early then they will shine at the world cup and cost another 5 mill plus and until we are officially in the CL draw players willaybe hold back play off is after world cup so unless wenger concedes he has to splash big cash then same old wait till january and thats the worst transfer window ever players cup tied etc etc so im not even gonna think about any one coming in till its official and let the hype and journos spill there poison on us. Dammed if you do dammed if you dont

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