Ramsey: Win important before FA Cup final


Aaron Ramsey says all eyes are now on the FA Cup after Arsenal ended their Premier League season with a convincing 2-0 win over Norwich City.

Pleased with the way the Gunners have won five league games on the bounce to build momentum before next Saturday’s showpiece final, the 23-year-old told Sky Sports:

“Our target was always to win our remaining games in the league and we’ve managed to do that.

“We’ve got 79 points which is an improvement from last season and it was important to have a win before we go into the FA Cup final.

“That’s where you want to be playing, in finals, and we have one now so we’re looking forward to it.

“It means a lot; we haven’t won anything in many years so it’ll be a great trophy to win. I’m sure if we do go on to win it we’ll be even more hungry to get to more finals and to win more trophies.”

Smashing home a fantastic volley at Carrow Road to notch his 15th goal of the campaign, the Welshman also took a moment on the quality of his strike.

“We were on the counter-attack and I was screaming for the ball at the far post. It was a great ball by Olly [Giroud] and I just thought I’ll have a go here and it ended up in the top corner. It was a nice end to a good move.”

It’s fair to say that our Welsh Jesus is the king of understatement.

Showing slightly more enthusiasm, the boss said of his midfielder’s goal: “Fantastic, it was great. He has that instinct in the box to make the right movement and the right decision and it’s spontaneous, you feel it’s natural with him.”



  1. Next season will be the first time for several years I’m going into expecting silverware, pretty excited

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  2. I gave up on Ramsey a season ago. Both he and Wenger have certainly proved me wrong. Ramsey adds insane quality to the middle of the park, even more than Ozil. The combination of Ramsey, Ozil, Walcott and a clinical striker should make us one of the most feared teams next season. All we need is the clinical striker. Wenger, over to you!!!

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    • I wrote him off a few years ago as well. Glad to be proved wrong. It’s amazing how he was injured for 4 months and has come back and carried on scoring like he was never away.

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  3. Absolute wonder goal. Fitting end to his breakthrough performance in the league this season.

    Has Madrid fans on Twitter wanting him already. They’re having a laugh. He’s ours.

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  4. still wondering how our season would have unfolded if he’d stayed fit. Our demise came at the same time as our fall in the tables.

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    • We have the quality players. All we need is for them to stay fit for a whole season. Do you not realize we had ten first team players injured at times in March and February? Do you not think that had Ramsey, Walcott, and Ozil been fit for the whole season, we’d have been right up there in the title challenge?

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  5. It’s important arsene builds a great team around Ramsey, Wilshere and Ozil next season. And tbh I think he will. In arsene we trust.

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  6. What a right old thunderbasterd of a strike it was.
    This will be the longest week of my life now in work, Saturday is surely our day.
    She wore a yellow ribbon

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  7. We shouldn’t really be surprised with Ramsey now. He is so influential, he kind of reminds me of fabregas

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  8. Between March 2013 and January 2014 Arsenal were the best team in the country.

    The common denominator for Arsenal during that period? A fit Aaron Ramsey.

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  9. Talking of FA Cups, the Arsenal babes are through to the Fa Cup final after beating Chelsea 5:3 aet. Let’s win both of the fuckers lol

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  10. Ramsey’s was an absolute beeeeeauty.

    Read a bit of mild criticism about Jenk’s celebration over on Twitter. As a life-long Arsenal fan himself I thought he showed remarkable restraint. If that had’ve been me I would absolutely lost my shit and would probably have ended up being escorted from the stadium.

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  11. I’ve always been saying and chanting there’s only one Dennis Bergkamp for years… but this season I can proudly chant … There’s only one Aaron Ramsey!

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    • This always struck me as an odd chant cos there was also only one Sebastien Squillaci as there is only on GSTEL or one Park on the bench.


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  12. Ramsey, what if he had been fit through March.

    8 points we could have bagged at Swansea, Stoke and Everton.

    Didn’t think we should have started either today but both have become indispensable :

    Ramsey is indefatigable

    Giroud is indestructable

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