Report: Norwich 0-2 Arsenal (inc. goals)


Arsenal: Fabianski, Jenkinson, Sagna, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Rosicky, Ramsey, Ozil, Podolski, Giroud

Subs: Szczesny, Monreal, Wilshere, Kallstrom, Flamini, Diaby, Sanogo

Arsenal concluded the Premier League season with a fifth consecutive win as they beat Norwich City 2-0 at Carrow Road to consolidate fourth place in the table. Aaron Ramsey and Carl Jenkinson grabbed the goals in the second half as Arsene Wenger’s men took their points tally to 79 points, they’re highest total since 2007/08.

The boss sprang something of a surprise ahead of kick-off opting to rotate a couple of players but certainly not as many as might have been expected ahead of the FA Cup final. At the back Wojciech Szczesny and Per Mertesacker were rested with Lukasz Fabianski starting in goal, his first league appearance of the season, Kieran Gibbs and Carl Jenkinson back on full-back duty and Bacary Sagna partnering Laurent Koscielny in the middle. Aside from the returning Tomas Rosicky, starting in place of Santi Cazorla, the midfield and attack were the same that started against West Brom last weekend.

As you might expect from a dead rubber, the game resembled a training exercise from the off. Norwich, needing to win by a bazillion goals to stand any chance of staying up, appeared resigned to their fate while the men in red and white strutted about in second gear making the occasional pass and tackle but little else.

The first shot in anger came on 17 minutes as Redmond stung Fabianski’s palms before Arsenal awoke from their slumber to step up the pace in the pouring rain. In a 20-minute spell that saw Mesut Ozil and Aaron Ramsey pulling the strings with nonchalant ease the Gunners squandered three great chances, John Ruddy first blocking a Podolski effort at close range before making two spectacular stops to deny Giroud.

At the other end Sweden’s answer to Grant Holt, Johan Elmander, did little to win over the frustrated home support as he spectacularly deflected wide a Robert Snodgrass effort with his sizable arse just before the break.

The Gunners continued to press for an opener after the break and within eight minutes finally got their goal. Great work by Olivier Giroud culminated in a fine dinked ball over the Norwich defence where Aaron Ramsey, arriving at the back post, angled a textbook volley into the top corner. The strike was a thing of beauty and a worthy rival to Wilshere’s pass-tastic goal of the season contender against the Canaries back in October. (1-0)

Just past the hour mark, Arsenal doubled their lead. Kieran Gibbs bombed down the left and cut back to Podolski in a crowded box. The German’s effort was deflected into the path of Carl Jenkinson who bobbled home his first ever goal in a Gunners shirt. It wasn’t the prettiest of strikes but as a boyhood Gooner he celebrated like he’d won the World Cup. Good on him. (2-0)

Jack Wilshere, Abou Diaby and Yaya Sanogo all got run outs in the aftermath of the goal as Ramsey, Rosicky and Giroud earned breathers before Wembley. The return of Diaby, on his 28th borthday, was greeted by particularly raucous noise by the travelling fans who delighted in reminding the world he once ‘knocked John Terry out’.

In the final 15 minutes Fabianski stopped Norwich’s young striker Loza and did well to close down Snodgrass, Arteta had a deflected free-kick saved and Sanogo, desperately attempting to break his duck, was also denied by the impressive Ruddy.

So a routine victory, seemingly achieved without injury complications, draws a line under another league campaign. It started horrifically, improved dramatically and in the blink of an eye was ripped to shreds. In the end the bare minimum, Champions League qualification, has been achieved but before we analyse whether this season marks progress or not there’s an FA Cup final to look forward to.

What did she wear?


      • If our away fans could somehow be given mini microphones at home games so they drown out the majority of the poisonous lot at home games I think we’d have the best home crowd in europe.

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    • Looks like he’s been bulking up, good to see. Hope he can step up and become #1 RB, we still need a another for competition and backup.

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  1. Why couldn’t we bring on Szczesny in the 80-89th minute as a sub and let him have his clean sheet?

    Him starting in the final or not is completely irrelevant, would have been a great boost to his confidence and career if he won the golden glove. :/

    Oh and good game boys, first half was pretty boring, but they upped it in the 2nd and it was great! Giroud MOTM for me.

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  2. what a great goal from ramsey! kudos to jenkinson, he does love arsenal! with regards to wojeich, i would imagine wenger asked him whether he would prefer the golden glove, or an fa cup winners medal and picked the cup…..

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  3. Got to admit, hearing the away fans chanting Diaby’s name brought a tear to my eye. AMAZING support for him!

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  4. Diaby made one typical long strided burst forward and i thought “Errr when did yaya toure join Arsenal???”

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  5. You called it blogs. Last season when very few believed Ramsey could be more than a squad player in a team like Arsenal, he has actually shown there is a good player in him. Hoping that there’s a great player in there too. The signs are good.

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  6. aaron van basten nuff said :). really hope we get to see a fully fit ramsey and ozil for the whole next season.

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    • He’s 2nd choice for England right now, I doubt he’s going to want to play 2nd fiddle to Szcz. He could be a great signing for a promoted side though.

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      • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Fab re-sign…this is he last chance at a WC and could really add to his career by playing here for the cup competitions…his best chance for silverware
        Starting for a lesser club even if he is playing regularly It’d be a stretch mentally….some decent team would really have to rate him…I don’t see that…

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  7. Amazing…arsenal have so many contenders for goal of the season

    1 – Wilshere vs Norwich
    2 – Rosicky vs Sp*rs
    3 – Ramsey vs Norwich

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      • Even Ramsey vs Norwich, thinking back. That goal gets underrated because the Wilshere one was in the same game, but his turns whilst bamboozling the defenders were sublime

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    • Honestly speaking, in my mind, there is no comparison to the Wilshere Norwich goal. You don’t see that kind of goal once a decade let alone once a season, because it had the rare combination of team play and the ball being played in the air.

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    • He’s going to share it with Cech anyway since Cech was injured so didn’t play today. They both have 16 clean sheets so it made no difference that Szczesny didn’t play.

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      • Just read up on it and apparently it goes to the keeper with the best games to clean sheet ratio so it will unfortunately be going to Cech.

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        • there probably is a minimum number of games criteria on top of that. if not someone who plays one game and keeps a clean sheet wins because he has a 100% record

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        • logical that is strange as t is more imressive when you have played more games for sure.. ver strange if it goes to te player With the fewest games…. It is like two players has scored 20 goals and the top goal scorer oes to the one With the most games… Strange

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        • How is it strange? 16 in 37 or 16 in 32? Obviously the percentage is higher for the lower number of appearances.

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  8. stupid to bench szczesney , I wanted him to get the golden glove and fabianski to play im the final (which he really deserves)

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    • didnt chelsea conceed? so here’s my question, on equal clean sheets, but with unequal games does it go to the 1 who played most games or least in this situation?vim wondering if its the same as top scorer or reversed

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      • It goes to the least.
        Think of it this way, if you’ve played 10 games and kept 10 clean sheets, do you deserve the award or someone who has played 12 and managed only 10 clean sheets. Logically you deserve it, and that’s the way it is.

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    • Do not question the manager & call his decisions ‘stupid’. Would you like it if I called your choices stupid?

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  9. We are the famous arsenal and were going to Wembley!! Let’s win the cup and it will be a successful season!

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  10. Congrats to Man City, deserved it this year and rather you than CSKA Chelski and Liverpool, enjoy it this year cos we’re coming for you next season!

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  11. Classy Arsenal players, Manager, and Supporters. Trophy or no trophy at the end of day still wear my shirt (from 5 seasons ago;) with pride.


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  12. Awesome dribbling by wilshere and Diaby when they came on, especially when Diaby was sarounded but somehow managed to get out.

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  13. In the last four year sp*rs have finished above every Premiership team…….apart from Arsenal!!

    Forever in our shadow!!!

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  14. Knickers. She wore knickers.

    On another note I reckon this means Fab is playing the final and Wenger wanted to make sure he was as sharp as possible. And it should be him playing as he got us there!

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  15. Is AW trying to get Fab sign-on by playing him in a league match as well as (probably) FA Cup final!

    It would be good to see Fabianski stay especially after having made the transition from Flap-iankski with us

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  16. Golden glove would of done wonders for his confidence. Just doesn’t make sense

    and amazing support for diaby. What an amazing moment

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    • Would have. Would’ve.

      Not would of.

      I’m sorry, I just can’t stand that term “would of”. My son is starting to speak like that and it grinds my gears.

      Would have or would’ve. Pick one.

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  17. With Ramsey not going to the World Cup / compared to our rivals we will be one of the few teams next season where our key player would have had the summer off

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  18. I’ve been led to beleive that the answer to your question “what did she wear?” is a “yellow ribbon”. Further reports suggest she was asked why she wore that ribbon, to which she supposedly replied “It’s for The Famous Arsenal, and we’re going to Wembley”.

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  19. Good job Gunners! easy peasy win. But, I was wondering where Serge Gnabry and Thomas Esfeld vanished. Now get the FA Cup please….

    Congrats! City & Pelligrini. Calm and dignified fellow. Not someone who shoots off his mouth. Oh! forgot Chelski won Zilch, nada, zero, and Shunya in Hindi…Ha Ha..

    Get 4-5 players quickly and let’s fight for the title next season…COYG!

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    • I’ve been waiting all year to say that, but I’ll wait for another six days just to be sure. But it’s hard! I so badly want to put up a post “Okay, Moronho, who’s the specialist in failure now, you hypocritical bastard? Trophies in 13-14: ARSENAL 1-0 Chel$ki. Now fuck off!”

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    • At the start of the year I bet a United-supporting mate a pint of beer that we’d finish above United. He laughed and offered me a pint a point on the difference. Sadly, I chickened out.

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  20. Surely if Chech has played fewer games then Sir Chez should get it. He could have kept 5 clean sheets in a row then let in loads of goals for the rest of the season. That makes no sense to me.

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  21. Jenkinson have make some improvement…mybe he know he gonna replce sagna next year..1 more thing,how a great plyer diaby althought he play for a few mnutes

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  22. Got to be pleased for Jenks. Great to see. I’m also giving Diaby 10/10 in the ratings for getting on the pitch. Who’s with me?

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  23. Sir Chesney must be playing in the FA Cup final otherwise surely he would have played today to get the golden glove?

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  24. Kudos to the fans who kept chanting Diaby’s name out loud, if there’s anything the lad needed after all that he’s been through was some Gooner love. Cmon Abou, earn that extension!!

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  25. Seamus Coleman is good, but he’s Jenks with a few goals. Nothing more. In fact, Jenks is quicker and better in the air. They are about equal as defenders. Going forwards, not much in it. Coleman may get a few goals, but who’s quicker and the better crosser? Who has more stamina and who is better technically. It’s close, you know. I would sign Coleman (not for silly money) as I feel it would be a good battle for the first choice spot next season.

    Trust me, there isn’t much between them.

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  26. “She wore a yellow ribbon in the merry month of May!”
    “And when! I asked! Oh why she wore that ribbon!”
    “She said its for the Arsenal and we’re going to Wembley!”
    “Wembley! Wembley!”

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  27. Hey guys, I’m a police officer and Gooner from Norwich. I got a chance to work at the game today and I’ve got to say that I thought the away support today were fantastic, the loudest I’ve heard at the games I’ve worked this season. Everyone seemed to be in good spirits and we had no real trouble at all.

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  28. Sublime finish by Ramsey.

    Up there with Jack and Rosicky goals this season. The poster child for organic development over buying.

    So much to look forward to again next season.

    Walcott will be back to terrorize defenses. Jack will continue to develop. Ox and Gnaby, even Jenkinson will get in the act albeit he is still one dimensional to me and we need someone to come in for Sagna.

    Even Ozil will get better with the extra seasoning of the PL.

    But the development aspect of the team is every bit as exciting as new found spending power.

    Why we like the Arsenal.

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  29. As much as Manchester City have deservedly won an extremely competitive title race, we should do well to remember that we are not far off pace.

    Granted we lost some matches to peer rivals by grand margins through a combination of dodgy tactics and mental freeze, we also dropped 8 winnable points to Stoke, Swansea and Everton that but for injury to key players (Ozil, Ramsey) we may have edged and could have won us the title.

    The obvious shortfall in firepower that have made a difference for City and Liverpool has been up top which we must focus in buying this summer.

    But the squad to City isn’t far off :

    Aguero – ?????
    Negredo – Giroud
    Dzeko – Sanogo (not comparable)
    Jovetic – Podolski

    Silva – Ozil
    Navas – Santi
    Nasri – Walcott
    Milner – Ox
    Rodwell – Jack
    Toure – Ramsey
    Fernandhino – Arteta
    Garcia – Flamini
    Boyata – Rosicky
    Lopes – Gnabry
    ????? – Kallstrom

    Kolorov – Gibbs
    Clichy – Monreal
    Zabaleta – Sagna
    Richards – jenkinson
    Kompany – Metersecker
    Nastisic – Koscielny
    Demechelis – Vermaelen
    Lescott – ?????

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    • Negredo > Giroud
      Dzeko > Sanogo
      Jovetic < Podolski

      Silva < Ozil
      Navas < Cazorla
      Nasri < Walcott
      Milner < Ox
      Rodwell Ramsey (just)
      Fernandinho > Arteta
      Garcia < Flamini
      Boyata < Rosicky
      Lopes Gibbs
      Clichy > Monreal
      Zabaleta > Sagna
      Richards > Jenkinson
      Kompany > Mertersacker
      Nastasic < Koscielny
      Demechelis < Vermaelen

      Not as bad as I first thought but we are in dire need of a striker.

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  30. Arsenal 13/14:
    Goal of the Season: Wilsh vs Norwich
    Game of the Season: 2-0 vs Napoli
    Player of the Season: Mertesacker
    Most Improved of the Season: Ramsey

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