Sagna: I do not think I’ll stay at Arsenal

Bacary Sagna

Bacary Sagna has more or less confirmed that he’ll be leaving the club in the summer.

The right-back is out of contract in June, and is likely to sign for another club after failing to agree terms with Arsenal. Speaking to, he said, “I am out of contract , as everyone knows. I still consider myself as an Arsenal player at present. But actually we had a small problem to agree [a new deal], and I do not think stay I’ll stay at Arsenal at the end of the season.”

It’s hardly new news, but until now the player himself has remained fairly quiet on the issue. Despite reports to the contrary, Arsenal have offered him an improved deal with an increased salary and a signing on fee, but he has chosen not to sign it, as is his right.

It takes two to tango, and Bac feels like doing the Charleston somewhere else. He’s seen out his contract, and given us 7 great years, so that should be respected.

He also spoke about the season as a whole and believes that the Gunners should have maintained the title challenge longer, even if the injuries to key players played a part.

It is mixed, we started the season very well ” he said. “But we could have done better.

“Injuries have hurt us , especially those of Ramsey, Walcott. At this level , there’s no forgiveness.”


  1. As long as he doesn’t become a super cunt and mouth off after he’s left like so many others have, good luck to him

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    • He has the right to say what he wants after he leaves. If he thinks there were issues at the club he is free to voice his opinion once he has left. I would still respect him and wish him luck for his services.

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      • Speaking on issues is his right, every player has done that. Aguila however is referring to badmouthing Arsenal which isn’t welcome at all.

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      • It’s as if you think we’re disallowing Sagna the right to voice his opinions.

        We’re just voicing our right to hope people we like don’t turn into cunts and exercising our right to dislike people who dislike the club we support.

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    • So. We can safely presume that the pimped Lambo was bought with the sign-on fee he collected from city?

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    • Chelsea is a definite NO.

      As for City I honestly think they’ll be a split but I don’t think people will really care. Even though they are competition for the title, there isn’t too much rivalry (comparitively to Chelsea) between them and Arsenal. Just like Clichy, some people swore at him, some people wished him the best of luck but at the end nobody really cares.

      Nasri’s situation is too different from Sagna’s and Clichy’s before someone brings that up.

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      • Frankly I’d have more time for him if he goes ahead and plays every so often at Chelsea… A move to City is utterly ridiculous – Zabaleta is one of the best right backs in the world and Sagna would just be going there to take up Micah Richards place on the bench.

        At either club he will not be getting as much playing time as at Arsenal, or if he went to say Inter or Galatasary so sorry but I for one will be reserving the right to lose respect for him if leaves Arsenal but stays in England.

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    • Of course it would be disappointing – especially if it was Chelsea. But he would have to do a lot of bad shit beyond merely moving there to lose the respect of most Arsenal fans. With all our ups and downs in our years without a title, Sagna has just been getting it done, consistently, at a very high level. Mr Reliable in a team that has often not been very reliable.

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      • Don’t entirely agree, injuries means we’ve only really seen this reliability and consistancy in the last two years of the 7. Kinda strikes me he is somewhat leaving the club at his first real opportunity to earn a mlarger pay packet elsewhere. If he heads to another English club then the only real difference for me from the skunk is that van persie let his intentions be known well in advance so that the club could turn a tidy profit on his departure.

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    • if he goes to Citeh he will be the most expensive back up right back in history. So Citeh will continue to try and bend the FFP rules? This summer will be interesting for Citeh, Chelsea and Liverpool if they want to not fall foul of FFP next year.

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    • So if your current employer gives you sick pay, you wouldn’t leave for the company up the road that offered to double your wages? Oh, and also gave you sick pay.

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      • Downright daft to compare footballers wages to those of people in the real world.

        Even so there’s a reason there are statues of Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp outside of the Emirates Even Henry would have turned down many a lucritive deal elsewhere before the camels back was broken as Arsenal sunk in to their austerity years

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        • Why is it the daft? They’re humans too and want to be paid as much as possible.

          Henry is a bad example because he had fallen in love with the club, and more importantly, he was already among the highest paid players in the world (140k p/w in 2006). In fact, I believe Barca didn’t even give him a pay-rise when he joined them.

          While I love Sagna, we shouldn’t expect him to stay just because we want him too. There’s no reason for him to do so. He has plenty of offers for more money and in some cases highly chance of winning trophies as well.

          He’s come to the stage of his career where he has to start thinking of his retirement fund and I wish him the very best regardless if it’s at the bench at City or starting in Fenerbahce or Galatasaray.

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    • What the fuck! Sounds like that injuries were his faults.

      If the club released him after those injuries, the club would lose more than keeping him.
      He worked hard to come back fit and performing. That’s his mentality and quality. Money did not heal his bones and did not make him fit and get back to form.

      Fans hide behind club’s name to insult ex players. Why don’t fans just shut up and accept that it’s normal life when a player wants to part way with the club.

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    • And he stood by us all through the bad barren years when everyone else was leaving, gave us the peak years of his career, always gave 100%, never complained to the press, and has been one of the best, most consistent fullbacks in the Premier League era. He owes us nothing but the mutual respect between him and the club, and I’m sure he’ll show that, however this situation turns out.

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      • While I agree with almost everything you’ve said, if I remember correctly Bac actually complained to the press around the time when the broken dutchman was sold. I think that and/or the club’s reaction to his public statement may be the reason why he in the end decided to move elsewhere.

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    • So would I. If he went to City I would cry. However if we could snatch Zabaleta off of them… I dunno.

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      • They’ve got Zabaleta and poor old Micah Richards can’t get a game, but I suppose he’s a millionaire so we shouldn’t feel sorry for him. Why would Sag want to go and not play? To be a millionaire and more. Tony Adams and Denis, we need more like you.

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      • City have the audacity to bitch and moan when UEFA lays down the rules on FFP that the club are well aware of, and then shortly thereafter likely pay £90k a week to keep a player on their bench just so a rival doesn’t have them. Its fucking outrageous.

        Hope UEFA stick to their guns so that if Sagna does betray us with a move to City, at least we don’t then come across him in the Champions League as a new entrant banned from playing.

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    • Whatever shirt he wears, he’ll be our beloved Bac. We’ll just not support him during the game. I would actually like to see arsenal fans cheer him when he returns to the emirates. Give him a round of applause at the start and then show all your love to the club. It’ll make him miss what he had here.

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      • That’s what we did for Eboue, and for Eduardo, and for Henry when in a New York Red Bulls shirt… Its bullshit Arsenal fans dont cheer our former players, its just we boo the ones who leave us for our direct rivals.

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      • Seriously? He’s been a model pro for the last 7 years and has put his heart into the club. Wherever he goes I will support and respect him (well maybe not Sp*rs) and wish him luck. He’s earned a big contract somewhere else, and winning the cup will be a great send off!

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      • He gave us 7 years of his life. He didn’t force his way out at any point, he respected his contract the entire time. Have some gratitude.

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      • @Roders1971…with all.due respect mate…piss off..
        no proper Arsenal can have anything but respect for him. He has been a model pro all these years and does not owe us shit..
        Point to remember is Pod gets 90k but he gets offered what he wants (if at all) at the third time of asking, that too when he is about to leave…if my employer did that after 7 years of service then I will be pissed off mate…but he has been very yah he does not owe shit…
        I would like him to go outside Premier league but then we should have sold him earlier.

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    • Sagna has been a fantastic servant, however how the fook are we in this situation? It’s either that Sagna is a liar & pulled the wool over the clubs eyes by dragging out his contract negotiations or incompetence by the club to let his contract reach this point and let him leave for free.
      He should be on the bench for the final along with Fabianski.
      Would rather give the experience of a cup final to players that are committed to the cause – Jenko & Chezza.

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      • I believe it is a case of him leading the club along until it was too late to do anything else. What can you do, if your first choice RB perpetually keeps the option open? Go out and buy another player of similar standard for the next couple of years?

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  2. Good luck to him, we had his best years and now he can go for a payday, and enjoy his retirement,, if he goes to a club abroad I will wish him all the best, but if he goes to another in England, I will wish all the worst.

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  3. Good luck Sagna. What a great service he gave. Really hope that we don’t need to face him on regular basis next season. That would be a nightmare

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  4. If I’m to be honest won’t even bother me if Sagna signs for someone like €ity. He’s put in his dues here, he fought back from two leg breaks, never complained & was our best right back since Dixon IMO. If he wants a bigger payday than what we offer, I won’t begrudge him that.

    I’ll always remember that “f*ck this, we are not losing to these c*nts” headed goal that started the comeback against 5pur2

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  5. Well, all one can say is; Thanks for seven years of true class, fighting spirit, consistency and amazing hair. Good luck to you Bac, please dont sign for another team in the PL.

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  6. I believe sagna would never join a EPL team or at least will never say anything against arsenal like Cole or nasri. He’s one hell of a plyer and will suerly get ample offers from great clubs.

    He might be leaving arsenal due to any reason but will always be an arsenal superstar for me

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    • I love how you backed down from your first assertion straight away.

      Wenger made both Cole and Nasri and they are both shits for sticking the knife in, but with neither was there long years of patience while they were sidelined. I don’t think Sagna will go round badmouthing us, but he’d have no bloody right to if he did.

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      • Maybe AW knew what a dick Cashley really was, and deliberately offered him GBP5k less, hoping he would really crash!

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  7. Gutted about this..I’ve a feeling he’s going to a rival too, that will be hard to take. He deserves a trophy for his service though, been an incredibly consistent performer, at a very high level..

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  8. Will only wish him well if he goes abroad. If he goes Chelsea or City I’ll find it difficult to still respect him. Sorry.

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    • I guess you’re getting downvotes cause it might come of as slating off Jenkinson, but you’re right. Jenkinson might one day become great, but at this current moment isn’t good enough to

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        • People said the same when Gibbs was promoted up, and Clichy before that. I understand people want a ready made great right back to come in, and I would welcome one too, but I would be just as happy to see Jenkinson become first choice next season.

          A lot of talk that he isn’t ready yet, but in 3 or 4 years time he will be no more ready then he is now if he’s just sitting on the bench or playing in a lower league again.

          Wenger obviously sees something in him, and if he does become our first choice RB next season I hope everyone gets behind him.

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  9. The wages he wanted on a 3 year deal for a 31 year old, I don’t blame the club not meeting those demands. It’s a shame, he’s been an amazing player for us down the years but time to move on. Serge Aurier would be a quality replacement, he’s wanted by a lot of big clubs but he’s a self confessed Arsenal fan and for £10m, a 21 years old who can cover at LB and CB would be a bargain for us.

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    • Haha jesus christ sometimes I think he’s linked with us just because he’s so big of a gooner on twitter.

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    • Good shout on Aurier, but I had to thumb you down because the fact is that Sagna’s earned a payout from Arsenal and we should just agree to his terms (while still signing Aurier). Then we don’t have to worry about other defensive signings, as they can both cover CB, and we can just focus on improving further forward.

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    • “Failing to pay him what he is worth!” Fuck me! £4 million a year for 3 years is not paying what he is worth?

      Some people need a reality check.

      Do you think Arsenal should pay him anything he wants? Frankly, he is not that good!

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      • there are FFP coming and they seem to have teeth so choices need to be made. People are talking about top class strikers and defenders. if paying that sort of cash sagna means we have to lower ours budget on strikers I’d rather focus on that priority and buy Serge or promote Jenks

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        • Even if there wasn’t FFP (we are after all the biggest advocates of its introduction) it is still the case that Sagna is good, but he is not great, and you have to draw the line somewhere on how much you can pay such players.

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  10. I remember his first game quite well, and I thought then that he will be -and he was- a success in that right back position. I don’t remember many other right backs playing there other than him in the past 7 years… That’s how consistent he was!

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  11. If Arsenal wanted to sort it out, they could have. End of. If Sagna want’s to join $hitt€y with Na$ri, he’ll do it and end up just another mercenary in AFC history. Hope he win the FA-cup and signs for another european team outside UK

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  12. All the very best of luck to him if he signs for a club abroad.

    If he lines up for another Premiership club, maybe City in the Charity Shield then fuck him and watch us lift our FIRST trophy of the new season and wonder what might have been.

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  13. Bac spoke to a media house in France barely two years ago and he was reprimanded for going public on issues he could talk about in house. Here we are paying the price.
    We can hardly replace him immediately. Jenkinson can play that role if we are seriously going to challenge for a title next season

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  14. ” Despite
    reports to the contrary, Arsenal have
    offered him an improved deal with
    an increased salary and a signing on
    fee, but he has chosen not to sign
    it, as is his right.”

    Still a bit of carelessness from the club IMO. waiting for a vital member of the squad to run out his contract before going all out to renew. Or maybe they saw him as done in a year or so and it’s a cruel but wise move.

    If you look at say Ramsey’s case, he just signed an improved long term contract along the rest of the British Fucking Core (BFC) he does well and boom another new improved contract.
    maybe Sagna getting those nasty leg breaks was a factor.

    What worries me most though is the fact we lost Alex Song ( despite what most of you think of him) who could cover as a CB. we replaced him with non CB type players. Now we are about to lose our best RB who doubles as our 4th choice CB.

    We might replace him with a decent RB but who’s as good as Arteta/Flamini/Wilshere/Ramsey at CB. Factor in a possibility of the skipper leaving and all of a sudden a new CB might not be enough cover more so you are talking a guy of lesser quality than TV5 as third choice. Not even a Djorou can stand being 4th choice.

    So that puts the loss of Sagna on another level. Can we be lucky and get a new Sagna/ Ivanovic type RB or add a RB, CB, CDM who can cover at the back? considering the boss hates an influx quantity wise?

    anyway back to my drink

    will miss you Sagna. you hated the enemy as much as I do

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    • Barca fans would rip our arms off to take Song back… his positional sense is awful so him at centre back is not an option. Also, Sagna was not great last year after the leg break so it would have been foolish to secure him into a long term massive contract without seeing if he was fully over it.

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    • I don’t think Vermaelen will leave unless Arsenal can find two cb’s and money for them. Thus what I think will happen is that we will buy a very young cb this year and an old experienced one, content with being the 4th choice, the next year.

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    • Ian Gaz “Yo Kozzer, how does a new contract with a 20% pay rise sound?”

      Ian Gaz “Hey BFG, yeah, the boss told me to give you a pay rise, how does 20% sound?”

      Sagna “Mr Ian Gazidis, me advisors tell me that City is going to give me a 50% pay rise plus a lot of signing on money”

      Ian Gaz “Oh shit”

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  15. Even if he joins City or Chelsea, I could never hate Bac. No matter what. The man is a hero. He could have left us in his prime with the rest of them but decided to stick with us through the barren years.

    I’ve just remembered his overhead goalline clearance at Villa Park and feel my eyes welling up…

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    • When the hell was his prime? Our barren years were his barren years. He is at his prime now… And his leaving us!

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  16. Sad to see him go but not all that surprised, getting to the last years and has obviously decided now is the time to chase trophies, can’t blame the guy for wanting to win things. Yes Arsenal might win the FA cup this year but will that be the case next year? We already have players leaving and Wenger has already intimated that there won’t be many additions so he might be looking at the team and thinking he has a better chance elsewhere. He has given a lot of years to Arsenal, considering today’s footballers and thank him and wish him good luck.

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    • Our best defender renewed his contract on Friday, but you sound to me like you think ourplayers should alreasy throw in the towel for next season.

      Liverpool have a stadium to extend and will have to sell their star striker to fund it, their captain fantastic probably only has another good year in him.

      Chelsea have tried not building their game around John ‘cunt’ Terry twice (under AvB and benitez) and had no joy. Neither their manager nor their owner have the patience to offer the club the stability it needs and I don’t think the latter is going to keep investing in them at this level for ever.

      City, certainly the biggest threat but they are squaring up for a war with UEFA over FFP, which they might well win, but if they don’t then I suspect they won’t have a clue how to get their books in order.

      United need major fucking surgery, even if Van Gaal can possibly fix it before the Glazers have bled the club completely dry, it’ll still take year.

      sp*rs hahahahaha

      Imp109, you need to have some faith in the cteam going forward, and some passion for the club, can’t be saying that our players need to be going elsewhere for the greater good

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  17. I don’t give a damn whether he signs for an English club or not. Bac will always be remembered as a stalwart and one of Arsenal’s greatest right backs ever. Will really miss ‘Mr Reliable’. Goodluck man.

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  18. He clearly wants more money. Ok he has given 7 years but ultimately is leaving for the same reason as nasri rvp etc. Really don’t see much difference. The days of Adams and o’leary have long gone.
    Most footballers are mercenaries and no amount of badge kissing will change that. Fuck em, just support those that are here while there here but don’t expect any loyalty that only comes from the fans these days.

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  19. Massive shame. He’s been one of my favourite players. So consistent, a really hard worker. I hope we can see him off with the FA cup. I really hope he doesn’t go to a rival but he’s a footballer at the end of the day and will no doubt go to the highest bidder for the longest contract.
    I hope we can get a replacement in unless the boss thinks Jenkinson or Bellerin is ready to step up.

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  20. is he playing mind games on us? like ” if arsenal win the fa cup i’ll stay, but if arsenal doesn’t (hope not) i’ll fuck off? is that it? i hope he stays, i really don’t want to start hating him if he joins another english club.

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    • Hell yeah, let’s just ignore the fact Bacary’s been here for 7 years, stayed loyal throughout, played such a crucial part to our success in the cup so far and been one of the players of the season. Fuck him and his incredible hair!

      (But yeah seriously, I appreciate what you’re saying: I agree with you on principle that he probably shouldn’t have said this the week before the final and it’s a bit disrespectful, but a) he’s well and truly earned his chance and b) I want to give the club the best opportunity to win the cup. Been a while, ya’know?)

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      • But then there is c) Jenko is now the one we want to have some winning cup final experience under his belt

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  21. Can’t expect loyalty from players when the fans show no loyalty back. Booing Rambo, getting on Giroud’s back…. Our fans aren’t the best, if we’re being honest.

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    • I do think its horrendous when the fans boo individual players, and would have hoped they would have fecking learnt after the
      Ramsey episode. Still I’m with Tim Stillman on whether you can boo the team or the management, i.e. we sure as hell pay for the right to be entertained by the exploits of our own team and can expect them to at least be competative.

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    • If Sagna stays with us and loses some of his pace next season, I’m sure I’ll see many Arsenal “fans” booing him and telling him he should’ve fucked off to City.

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  22. Surprised people are more concerned with where he might go than why he’s not getting his payday. He’s been top notch for us, if you consider his performances relative to pay he’s the most underpaid Arsenal player this century. If his performances were slipping then i’d understand but he’s still extremely fit and one of the best right backs out there

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  23. Players don’t give a hoot anymore about legacy, all what they want is money money and more money, greedy lot. Bac has paid his due though and Arsne Wenger and Arsenal should spend this money because loosing Bac is another big blow and it is not good for Arsenal’s reputation as a top cllub

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  24. The man gave literally gave two fucking legs for the shirt and the cause.

    I’ll always respect him. I’ll always remember him.

    That said, if he wears another English shirt, a pain in the ass two times a year is what he’ll be.

    Got dodgy hair, but we don’t care. He’s Bacary Sagna!

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  25. Maybe it’s just pessimismmiss from the past nine years but I have the horriblefr1802eeling that he’s joining a rival. I can dealdeal woth it if it’s City, whilst stI’ll being very disappointed. But if he joins Chelsea…. Entirely different story. I couldn’t bear to see him playing for that merry band of cunts and metaphorically sucking off Mourinho in interviews

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  26. A shame, but not a disaster. At 31 he was coming to the end anyway. The important thing now is that we bring in an adequate replacement. Jenkinson will not do: he is just a squad player.

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  27. Nah f*** him. Love the guy heaps. That goal vs the cocks from up the road a few years back will live long in my memory/spank bank but if he goes to another EPL club now he can go take a flying leap off those big white cliffs you guys have over there. If you want to leave thats ok and understood but not to a rival club.

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  28. I am gonna be honest, if he wants to leave I honestly understand. All we can hope for now is for Wenger to go out there and bring in a proven replacement and not some young player with 0 premier league experience. I’d say go for Seamus Coleman as replacement.. Sagna has been an fantastic player for us and I wish him good luck in his new club, as long as he doesn’t join those blue cunts x)

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  29. It’s a shame he’s gotta go, but he is 31 and his consistency would inevitably become affected.

    Love the footballer, utter quality player and amd hard worker.

    I would only hope he doesn’t sign for a rivaled competitor of ours (or Spurs).

    Hope you enjoyed it at the club as much as we enjoyed having you. It’s been an incredible pleasure.

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    • Bang on with all of it, and fantastic sentiments in that last line especially.

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    • That’s exactly what he is suppose to be doing,holding doors for players and visitors except if he is going to undergo a wholesome surgery on the part of the brain that stimulate football understanding this summer

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  30. Great player but no one can ransom the club with demands like his.
    Lets hope his work ethic extends into the decision making process. Are PSG or Monaco looking for a right back?!

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  31. Sagna has been a warrior through and through. He’s been loyal to the club for seven long years, never complaining never been behind any scandals off the pitch. Only focused on football and always gave his best. I for one can really understand how he feels that he deserves a raise of salary and if the club can’t be the bigger man and give his this I will respect that he leaves, to wherever he wants, even if I will be sad about it. The club should regonise how much experience means and is worth; both when it comes to schooling Jenks but also to have around the dressing room. I can’t believe that the Bac is asking for astronomic top dollars, so give him what he wants.

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  32. He’s paid his dues and is entitled to another adventure whether for financial gain or sporting excellence. Only a petty man would begrudge him such an opportunity after all these years of selfless service.
    Bac man, only please don’t go to the chavs or mugsmashers, that would negate all that you’ve achieved.

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  33. We never slate the club for not paying what a player is due. Wenger et Gazidis get the wages hiked, long serving players gets fuck all. Karma is a bitch

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  34. Should have kept his council until the season had ended. Pointless saying what he has just said with 1 league game to go and the cup final.

    Not sure what he thinks that will achieve right now.

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  35. I love bacary I do, and as solid as his defensive side of the game was, I feel we could probably upgrade on him at this time. The majority of his crosses never make it past the first defender, I think from an attacking point of view, we could definitely upgrade. Thanks for the service bac

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    • His replacements ability to defend is the priority. Jenko is actually pretty good at crossing, but we will (hopefullyl have Theo, back, for that.

      Am I the only one thinking that in terms of what doing in the transfer market, we would be best to go for a Vermalenesque player, a centre back who can do a job at full back when called upon. That would be better for allowing Jenko to flourish then getting a direct replacement for Sagna

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  36. Should have known this last summer so we could have cashed in on him. Now our transfer Budget takes a serious hit, unless Jenkinson is promoted along with Bellerin as backup. Annoying if we have to target cheaper targets than we otherwise would have because we need to splash millions on a New RB. I really hope Jenkinson is ready to take over though.

    We know how tight Wenger is on the financial side of things, and he will not go a single pound above Budget Even if it meant signing Messi or Ronaldo was in the balance. I think he has OCD about avoiding red numbers in the financial protocol. Which is why Sagna leaving make me worry that we can forget about any world class signing since we must spread the Budget over yet another player. But lets hope Jenkinson is deemed worthy

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  37. What’s with all the negative gooners? Slating Jenkinson before he’s given a bloody chance! Slagging off Giroud too. No, he’s not amazing, but he’s all we have and tries his best so support him! It’s not his fault Wenger didn’t buy another striker.

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  38. It is time.we appreciate when someone has done wonderful job.for us hatred will not take us anywhere.sagna did a wonderful job for arsenal.he is not a first player to leave this club either goes on wishing him the best in life with his family.he see out his contract un like others who turned on their back while still contracted to arsenal.

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  39. We really should not be letting this man go. he is the most reliable and consistent man in an arsenal shirt. he definitely should be a top earner at Arsenal. Whenever sagna is playing i never really worry about the right side barring the rare gaffe. now i do think his legs are starting to show his age so i think it would be great to slowly move him into the CB role. he reads the game just as well as per except is more agile.

    Also him slowly transitioning will let us assess Jenko more so we know if he has what it takes. basically i don’t want us bringing in another young right back and keeping jenk to the detriment of a talented bellerin

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  40. For me, he’s been the first name on the team sheet for 7 years. I’d like nothing more than to see him stay and retire here. BUT……………. If he wants to go get that last big payday before he walks off into the sunset, then I’m Ok with that. He’s earned it in my book. He will go down as one of my favorite players ever to wear the red and white, a true fighter in the days of primadonna divers and pansy boys.

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  41. Arsenal were never going to meet the mad money his likely destinations offer at 31. And with the distorted amounts those travesties for clubs are paying out, the Gunners shouldn’t.

    Many may disagree, but if he actually said this, with this timing, (not recycled from 4 months ago, which is common ‘journalistic’ practice) then nothing we win should be ‘for him’ or as a ‘proper sending off’. Win it for Rosicky and give him a guitar solo at the celebration if we win.

    Everyone should decide for themselves what a proper sending off is for a player talking like this right before a cup final. But if he really just said this it puts a serious tarnish on how I will remember him. He could have stayed true class and said nothing.

    And if he goes to City, to me I’ll just see him like Toure and Clichy. Beyond it on a fat pay packet and not a big contributing member to whatever trophies they may get at the club that is financially doping. And that would be sad.

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  42. Personally I feel we won’t miss him THAT much. I think he can be bettered for Arsenal. An Alves type (I know, I know — he’s a once in a lifetime attacking side back who looks like a goblin) or someone with a few goals and the skills of a tricky winger will give us a new dimension. Sagna is a hard bastard and that goal against Spurs, but I have a feeling a lot of people will not be bemoaning his departure as Wenger will replace him well.

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  43. And what’s with all this “he earned a big pay packet”.

    What, so Arsenal is some fucking graduation academy for good players to use as a stepping stone? Are you validating City, PSG and Chelshit’s financial structure? Fuck that shit.

    He only earns our respect

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  44. The fact that he said it was a “small problem,” makes me think that the board could have done more to make him stay! That said, I understand why he wants to leave and after 7 good years and seeing out his contract then why not. Right now I respect him. Move to City, Chelsea or Man Utd and i’ll lose complete respect for him as I do Nasri, Cole and RVP respectively!

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  45. That “fuck this shit” goal against spuds is my favourite memory of the man.
    It is disappointing that there isn’t more of a sentiment among footballers to want to retire at the club (rosicky aside lately) but what can you do.
    At least he didn’t “you guys” us to death like a certain cunt.

    I will be sad to see him go but like clichy will not hold it against him because he had been a loyal servant.

    Good luck wherever bac, thanks

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  46. I am not too worried about Sagna leaving. He’s been a very good, solid right back for us, but he’s not irreplaceable.
    If we know one thing about Wenger, he will have lined up/scouted some top targets a long time ago – probably once he got an inkling that Sagna isn’t signing.
    Contrary to popular belief, Wenger can actually spot a good first 11 defender – it’s always been the squad players that he cheaps out on (squallaci etc)
    This time next year we could be saying Bacary who?!

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    • If we know one thing about Wenger it is that he,all of scouted a world class rb…. But that he’ll then hold off from buying the person and next thing we know they will randomly be at Newcastle or QPR instead.

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  47. I think I says it in his interview the stumbling block was money n I think a player of his quality shouldn’t have to haggle over the wages he deserves ! When you have to do that it puts doubt on if you are in the right place especially when others will pay lots more for your services

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  48. I think this it not the right time of lossing Sagna he should remain till we get his replacement that will first have to play with him . For all long this is the problem we have been fancing while lossing our good and big players selling them while aiming at replacing with young / upcoming players that sometime fail to hold the competition up the end of the season and we end up winning nothing

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  49. One of my favorite ever Arsenal players. Deserves legendary status, and I can’t think of a better way for him to exit than with a trophy. Hopefully. Good luck Bac, and thanks for everything.

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  50. He was good. But frankly that kind of money for him, at his age. I am really waiting to see which team in the English Premier League will offer him better. I see only Monaco or PSG. Even they have the FFP to contend with. I beg to differ and say Arsenal have done their part in this case.

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  51. He is a warrior and a dependable defensive right back who helps us out a lot when defending high balls and set pieces, but as an attacking right back I feel as though we can do a lot better, his crossing is generally awful and considering most of our play when breaking down tough opposition revolves around giving the ball to the full backs high up the pitch, I feel our team will be significantly upgraded if we replace him with someone who can do more damage going forward (which isn’t asking much tbh). I do however think he’s been an excellent professional and wish him all the best with the rest of his footballing career 🙂

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  52. A little miffed, but hey, it is what it is!

    If he wants to go I’m not going to be cut up about him going. It doesn’t seem like there’s much love for the club.

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  53. Still a lot of Gonners think Sagna will stay. Very unlikely.

    And at 31, its a good time for him to move personally. The club have options in market.

    Personally prefer someone who is PL ready. This will minimize any adaptation period which may impact the start of season.

    Jenkinson as motivated as he is, is still a little too one dimensional.

    Personally like Seamus Coleman provided he comes in at 15m or less. Debucchy is also a viable and cheaper option.

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