Video: 2014 FA Cup winners: Over Land and Sea…


Yes, we know it happened nearly two weeks ago now, but that’s no reason not to re-live it. This fantastic video from Bryce Larsen captures the day and the reaction of fans from all over as Arsenal came from behind to lift the cup.

Enjoy, and give him a follow on Twitter to say thanks.


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great video. Made me emotional every time I watch it.

Could someone tell me which song fans are singing just before Santi’s goal.

Thanks in advance


After the game I had the opportunity to speak with the big monkey we got off our back, the following statements transpired between us-
Me: How do you feel now your finally off our back?
Monkey: Well to be very honest with you I wasn’t surprised, I always knew I don’t belong here infact I am surprised I stayed this long but you know one has to take advantage of things.
Me: 9 good years, how long was that?
Monkey: Uhm.. Believe me I got on your back 2007, seriously after your great trophy winning spells I mean the invincibles and even after your 2005 fa cup victory no monkey would dare get on your back the following season(2006)
Me: So now your sacked, what next? There are lots of backs to get on next season I mean man utd? Chelsea?
Monkey: Uhm! The shite red half of manchester is a good option and one with nice trophyless future but for the fact that it was once managed by that red nosed cheat who had a successful career on the back of numerous wrong calls by refs, I dislike the club albeit I would have had a change of mind had the choosen one stayed on, then uhm the bus wankers in london is also a nice option but we all know its managed by an arrogant thug(poked a coach eyes during his time in spain) and if you know me very well you’ll twig that I don’t associate my self with thugs and then again john terry is a massive! Massive cunt. All in all though I have to get on a back so I think the shit white club down that lame lane in north london looks like the best option I could ever dream of, I mean I could even become a legend and choose to retire there, what do you think?
Me: Perfect, just perfect!
Me: Through out your stay here, who was your favourite player?
Monkey: wojiech and koscielny, simply because they saved my job albeit unintentionally around 2011 I think, in that carling cup final against birmingham.

Our trophyless days are over, Happy trophy winning era! COYBBG!


Stupid sexy monkey

glory hunter

I like that monkey, it seems a a good laugh


The monkey shouldn’t worry, it’l have a comfortable back that is Maureens


Stupid monkey, he’ll never get on Spurms back … there’s already been one there for the past 53 seasons.


dats some crazy dope i’ll take all day… feels good


Highlights from parade bus. reportedly upwards of 250.000 people took to the Streets to celebrate Arsenal 🙂


I could re-live this forever!! As I do with our previous victories, and will do for our next ones…

Received and started to get stuck in to my “Together Book” together. Thanks Blogs! A must read!!!


Warning! Don’t watch this at work… it is a real emotional tear-jerker 🙂


My boss is Chelsea. Just emailed it to him. Got two fingers through his office window. Awesome.


sounds like he is a specialist, in being a cunt

ramey's spirit

dude my bro is a spurs fan, my gf…chelsea, i have been gloating lots 🙂


Too late! haha


Absolutely superb.

Rambling Pete

What a superb video. I’m not ashamed to say I got a little bit teary watching that. When Ramsey scored the winner the hairs on the back of neck stood up. “It’s somebody walking on your grave”, my old mum used to say when you got that feeling which always bothered me because I would hope people would have more respect than to walk on my grave. Where would they be going that my grave was a thoroughfare to their destination? If they were trying to access another grave, sure, but apart from that it’s not as if they’d pop out to the shop to pick up milk and fags and say ‘Hey, I think rather than go the short way down the road and into the alley at the back of the community centre I’ll trample across Pete’s final place of rest’. What kind of a person would do that? Can’t you find a better way to go? It’s got me thinking that I might booby trap my grave. You take a short cut too close to my headstone and BAM, LANDMINE! Ok, some innocents might die. Even some of my own family who forget it’s rigged and come up to lay flowers but at least they’d be in the right place for something like to that happen. I’m going to get cremated though. And instruct loved ones to snort a line of me.


The video made me cry.
Petey made me laugh.

Donut Maestro

On form!


That was legendary, a stand-out amongst an anthology of superb posts. You should collect them into a book one day.


I would buy that book for sure 🙂


haha_really great post.


That was amazing.

Kiddleton Fan

Goosebumps indeed…

infinite thumbs up to the video – very emotional


Tears tears tears. People thought i was crying litterally


Imagine how it would be next season when we win the Premier League.


And/Or the Champions League…i reckon the earth will move from its axis.


Beautiful…. much love to Gooners across the globe! <3


Brought tears to my eyes you don’t appreciate how much Arsenal FC means to millions of Gooners around the world

adelaide gooner

i was in the adelaide australia video. About 200 fans at the pub. very loud. awesome night.


Which pub was it?

gunnersaurus rex

But we won the FA Cup!!!


Just incredible.

What a night.
Been a Gooner for 8 years. This was my first trophy. Will never forget it.

What a video!

And though there was no footage of the folks here in Mumbai in it.
I promise you. We too tore down the roof.


Goosebumps and tears. Awesome.


Epic video.

I find it incredible how much support the club gets throughout the world. That day was celebrated on very nearly every continent on earth. Can’t say with any certainty that there are Gooner king penguins out there.


But I’ll bet you there’s at least one Arsenal supporter at McMurdo Station.


I wish there was some way to make all the players see this.
Just to remind them how fucking big we are. And just what this club means to us.

If this video is doing this to us. Imagine what it would do to them. Knowing that from every country in the world. There are people screaming your name. Singing your song. And praying to God that they succeed.

Seriously, someone needs to get the players to see this.


Maybe tweet it at ’em or the official account or something.


Alot of support in The States, glad Arsenal are going there. Awesome video btw, gave me goosebumps.


I nearly killed my mate when Ramsey scored. I quite literally used him like a trampoline.

That was probably the most powerful football match I’ve ever seen. It encompassed so much of what football is all about. Heartache, terror, passion, joy. I was utterly spent when that final whistle blew for I was kicking every ball along with all the players.

Can’t put a price on things like that. It was football the Arsenal way.


‘Explosions in the sky’ such a great shout for backing music. Bloody love this. I assumed our contingent over the pond would be 2 or 3 lonely figures sitting in a grotty bar. There’s fuck loads if us! The bar tender had Jenkinson 25 on his back. Legend!


I’m that bartender, and that’s a capacity crowd fucking killing it at GMT -8:00. BTW, think I might be the only US Jenkinson out there. Anyone else?


Hey that’s me jumping around like a fucking idiot in Minneapolis.




Amazing how one sport and one club brings people together like this, both in suffer and joy. Goosebumps all over the place.

Also loved the monkey on our back-clock being reset at the end. This is going to be the best summer in a long time 😀


Im glad that this took into account how many gooners like myself are very very passionate about the club


Pulp Fiction is no longer my favourite movie of all time…..

Teague Dwyer

Yay I’m in that video 🙂

Parisian Weetabix

Sihanoukville was rocking and most of you don’t even know where that is…


Cambodia, no?


What a lovely thing to watch !! A beautiful pan-global brotherhood and sisterhood sharing a wonderful moment.

Take a bow Dr Blogs, Bryce Larsen, etc, you’ve played you’re part in creating this wonderful family.

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

If you had a video of the pub I was in, you’d have seen me using my Arsenal shirt to wipe away my tears, slumped in a corner with about two Brandy and Coke specials on the table in front of me, drunk dialling my ex. Needless to say I think our boys celebrated with a little more class.


Aha, so you have seen it. I nearly broke down into tears AGAIN after the thrid time I have seen this video.

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

Someone who was with me that fateful day tracking me down on Arseblog? I need to be more careful what I confess to on these pages #aha


That’s us! You can see my brother and me in the title pic! San Diego Gooners!

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

Fuckit, just watched it and I’m in tears now too. Speechless.


And in another part of North London their was silence with the occasional howling. Normal service has resumed.


So proud to be a gunner. I’m still amazed with the support we have in the USA. Keep up the good work lads !

Mad Jens

Yes, i was surprised of the number of Stateside Gunners in this video. i was over there in 1998, and it was difficult to find any place that showed Premier League matches. in the end we found an Irish pub that showed the Arsenal vs Tottenham game we was wanting to see. Maybe 20 people watching the game, and they were mostly Europeans, with a majority of Brits. you could tell from the accents shouting. 😛

btw, this was in Orlando, Florida.

It was all about NFL, NHL or NBA back then for most Americans i think. Probably still is, But it is good to see the Soccer (Football) community growing so rapidly over there. 🙂



pumped at all the US support. I got to follow Mrs Blogs liveblog at a work meeting in Dallas, TX, all by myself. My screams of joy and anger were subtle to the outsider, but man it felt good to win in the end. Next victory i’ll be sure to be surrounded by fellow gunners so i can celebrate properly.

Tibetan Gooner

Yeah…can’t deny! I’ve never been to Emerits nor to Wembley, from very remote Tibet and grown up in India as political refugee, played and playing football from time to time as my best sport. Since 2002 flowed Gunner as my oily favorite club till today. This vedio is emotional one and I have relived the momentous occasion once again. Its amazing! thanks arseblog for the post.


*gulps, swallows, wipes away tears* Unless you are clinically dead, or Alan Hansen (much the same thing I suppose) you should definitely watch this in a quiet, solitary space, with some tissues to hand (not in that way). I didn’t and have just had to pretend that my hayfever is playing up……even though it’s been raining most of the day.

Good Omens

Who knew..who knew ?


I wish I had made it into NYC for that experience. Fan of the Arsenal for nearly 20 years, and usually sitting alone watching matches on my couch. I did not need to see the video to know that all of you were right beside me in misery and elation that wrenching day. Seeing it still makes me proud to have you all as fellow supporters. Damn, what an 11 minutes!


What a fantastic video! Nice to see Vancouver included, and there’s even a 0.1 second glimpse of me right at the start of our segment. The place was rocking, just like all the other Arsenal bars around the world. We truly are an awesome club with awesome support, and seeing the worldwide unbridled joy at the final whistle sent shivers down my spine.

I could watch that video forever. Thank you!


Very proud to be a Yank gooner

Scott from London, Ontario, Canada
Scott from London, Ontario, Canada

Okay, so this is my first post…

I’ve been an Arsenal fan since the 2010 World Cup. Why? My mom’s side of my family is Dutch. I thought this guy, Robin van Persie was pretty good. I found out what club he played for, did my research and fell in love. THAT’s RIGHT… Robin van FUCKING Persie. The bastard. Traitor… Whatever…

I digress… Growing up in Canada was pretty much all about hockey for me. In the past four years I have become a massive Arsenal fan with an assortment of jersey’s, t-shirts, hat’s, you name it. This is my first cup with this team and it has been absolutely amazing. I LOVE this club. In fact, I love this club more than any club/team that I have ever cheered for. Period…

My father passed away last August (2013). May 17th would have been his 64th birthday. So after going to breakfast with my wife, our son, my mom and Aunt and Uncle (my dad’s older brother) and seeing his grave later that morning, I sat down and watched the FA Cup final at my mom’s house. What a day. What emotions. Not just the emotions with this being my dad’s first birthday since his passing, but the match itself. I could hardly breath.

This is where it gets spooky…

My wife, who is a HUGE hockey fan (Toronto Maple Leafs, talk about a drought!), was napping on the couch while our son played and I was on the edge of my seat. It was the second half of extra time. No kidding, right as Sanogo had the ball, she woke up and said, “Arsenal is going to score right now, I just dreamed it.” I was like, “WHAT?” The ball went to Giroud, his back-heel to Ramsey, GOAAAL!!!. Sitting here typing this, I am getting teared up at the events that day, while my skin breaks out in goose bumps.

SportsnetWorld showed a recap of the FA Cup and I watched it on my PVR lastnight. I got chills then too. But watching this 11 minute video, seeing the fans from Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver… What can I say…

I love this club. I love Arsenal. WE ARE THE ARSENAL!!!

By the way, the part of London, Ontario I live in, it’s the north…

Thank you,


I was there 🙂


I remember turning to the wife and saying ” I swear to god, if Ramsey takes one more shot I going to…….oh”

Johnny Jensen's Bender
Johnny Jensen's Bender

WE are THE Arsenal

(Even you Fats)

The Only Olivier is Giroud
The Only Olivier is Giroud

After watching this video I’ll even go so far as to say I’ll give him a hug (although I might pee a little while doing so. I’m one skinny bastard and he sounds like he’ll kill a man).

A Yank

The crowds in some of the smaller US cities are awesome. Madison, Kansas City, Fresno? We’ve got fans in fucking Fresno. Love it.


…the American support is amazing to watch. It’s really heart-warming. It makes me wonder if any other PL club has quite as much support.

We seem to have outstanding GLOBAL support. A real sense of belonging. A big warm civilised family. I want hug you all.

A Yank

Unscientifically, Arsenal is about the third-most supported club in the US.

United is the most popular (cough*front-runners*cough) followed by Chelsea. Actually it’s United and Barca and Madrid. I’m not going to pretend Spain doesn’t exist.

After that you see roughly equal amounts of Arsenal and Liverpool fans. I expect Man City’s numbers to start growing pretty quickly. People who are new to the game will pick a team and will likely pick one with a chance of winning. It’s the same reason I see more New York Yankees hats in Europe than I see Seattle Mariners. But the World Cup always brings a big spike in interest, so I anticipate noticeably bigger crowds at the start of next season. Some will show out of curiosity. A good number of them will be hooked.

But generally the game and the crowds are growing pretty rapidly. Put it this way, a couple of season back, I used to roll out of bed at kickoff time, get to my local bar about 5 to 10 minutes into the game and get a seat easily. This season, the last week I showed up to the bar a full half hour before kick and there were no seats to be had anywhere. Within 15 minutes the bar was turning people away because they were at capacity (fire codes and all).

Where I live now, there are more or less dedicated bars for each of the major teams (there are even bars that just show Serie A, and I’ve seen places in ethnic neighborhoods advertising Copa Lib matches). Still haven’t figured out where the Chelsea fans go, but the fact that I don’t see them at any of the other bars tells me they are all someplace.

Where I lived previously, about 6 or 7 years ago, there was one bar where all of the fans gathered and the crowds would be sparse. Maybe 20 or 30 people total on a weekend morning unless it was a big game (between any of the then-Big 4). That was a city of just under a million people. Now they have dedicated bars for each of the major teams (the Liverpool fans are kind of nomadic as they keep getting kicked out of places for being problematic (read: dicks)).

But it’s great. If I’m traveling anywhere on the globe, I can figure out where locals go to watch and walk right into a full room where I’m totally welcome and make new (even if temporary) friends. It’s why I ALWAYS pack an Arsenal kit whenever I travel (it’s usually the Titi maroon shirt from the last season at Highbury in case you’re wondering who that new guy who you’ve never seen before is).


I had to work that day and was the only arsenal fan on duty amongst spuds hammers mancs and chelski supporting piss takers. when we went 2-0 down you could not imagine the stick I got. Didnt hear a peep out of the cunts at the final whistle tho. Celebrated like there was 60,000 gooners in the room. Best feeling ever and this just brings back memories so will share with those miserable piss taking bastards. Thanks Arseblog


Just speechless… Got misty eyes after watching. I’m so glad to support this wonderful club. Goosbumbs all over reliving the events of that day. COYG!!! We won the Cup!


Absolutely fantastic video. A big thank you to the creator and Arsblog


Yay A Trophy LOL 😀


This video made me incredibly proud. It’s easy for us in the UK to moan about our season ticket prices – but at least we get to see our team play live and feel like we’re at the centre of the universe for 90 minutes each week. Fair play to any Arsenal fan getting up at an ungodly hour to cheer the team on from thousands of miles away. Maximum respect from the UK.


Watching fans celebrate The Arsenal in countries as diverse as Israel and Saudi Arabia tells me that there is still some hope for our world.