Video: FA Cup final tunnelcam


Here’s some behind the scenes stuff with the tunnelcam from Wembley on Saturday.


  1. Fairly sure these pitchside/tunnelcam videos are the only useful things the FA does.

    And, I suppose, put together this lovely cup for us to win.

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  2. i wish we do this
    tunnelcam at everymatch at the emirates. they are doing it at city and they are always nice video to watch

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  3. Guys where were jenko and giroud when the team reached the emirates? I saw then in the other videos but they weren’t at the emirates for some reason. Anyone know why? And I think poldi wasn’t there too or was he?
    But my first time to see Arsenall lift a trophy and boy does it feel goooddd. What a match. What a comeback. Only downsidemy exams are going on and will end in 2 weeks because of which I missed half of the parade as I was forced to study. ARSENAL <3

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    • I spent all day stalking Arsenal on social media, and am sort of embarrassed that I can answer all these questions – Jenko was with England U21s, Giroud left early to go on holiday with Bob Pires (as you do). You’d think that they wouldn’t let the two most attractive men in the universe fly together, like with the president and vice president, but apparently they’re willing to play fast and loose with these things.

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  4. Not sure about Pires’ full beard though…covers up too much of his lovely face for my liking. 😉

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  5. The only way is up for this team. In fact i don’t even care about the World Cup, let’s sign someone and get on with the new season NOW!!!

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  6. Who says arsenal fc never win a trophy, an important win & lots of support was watching the game coyg.

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  7. At 2-0 maybe the Hull players realised they had a genuine chance of winning and would then have to somehow throw Steve Bruce in the air…….and catch him!! …….just saying.

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  8. Funnily enough the Gunnersaurus tip toeing at the end was the best bit for me. He looked so cheeky. He will now be my brithday/xmas present to all kids from now on.

    I actually went for lunch at the new outlet thingy at Wembley last Tuesday and saw the signage up for the final. It felt immense days before, I can only imagine what it was like on the day.

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  9. I Really Fucking Love This Club. I have had the shitest year so far but every time i think of this, i almost cry with joy. To hell with all the mentalists. I have been here for over 20 years and i will be here again. I Love You Arsenal!!

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