Thursday, September 18, 2014
Video: The road to Wembley, all the FA Cup goals

Video: The road to Wembley, all the FA Cup goals



  1. Lovely :3


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    • Question for Mr Blogs: You were in New York recently. What is the best Arsenal bar to watch the match ?

      Cheers buddy.

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        Blind Pig on 14th – check out the Arsenal NYC people, they’re good folk

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        • Bould's Eyeliner

          We’re good folk indeed! But there’s also a lot of us in a small bar. There’s also a overspill Arsenal bar a block away but plan to get to the Blind Pig very early. It’ll probably be at max an hour before the game….

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  2. Great vid! With all the talks of an “easy” semi- and final, it’s easy to forget we beat this years 2, 5 and 6th placed teams in the PL to get to where we are. Not too shabby.

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  3. Great video. But they should have included the two saves by Fabianski in the Semi-Final.

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  4. Gave me goosebumps :D

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  5. Eight different scorers by my count, and that’s without counting the rest of the penalty takers (Kallstrom got one I think…). Might have included some of Fabianski’s great saves in here as well, they had a large hand (ahem) to play in us getting to Wembley. Might also have included the odd clip of a dejected Liverpool or Spurs player/fan…

    Either way it’s been a great team and squad effort. The players, supporters and manager deserve this trophy. Come on the Gunners!

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  6. Great video! You guys are great. Go get the FA trophy

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  7. AWESOME!! Thanks blogs. Do miss the ‘Euro house’ backing music, so common place in YouTube compilations.

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  8. emir of emirates

    Oh how I love the gunners…hope for a version 2.0 after winning the FA cup come 17th

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  9. Jizzbumps.

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    The video made me realize that our Welsh Jesus is yet to score in the cup. So to make things even with his goal scoring exploits in other competitions a hat-trick for him and the FA cup to the Arsenal. COYG

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  11. Amazing!

    Off topic but does anyone have a link to the video of the reception Diaby got at the weekend. Seeing it once is not enough.

    Off topic again – what is this shit about Chelski signing Costa????

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  12. Poldi says #Aha

    What did she wear!

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  13. This is the best “Road to Wembley” video I’ve seen yet.

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  14. DialSquareGoon

    Rosicky is the absolute bane of Spuds! That was an pleasant reminder of how many goals Giroud scored to help is to the final. Now, finish the job!

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  15. Springbank 1965

    I’ve almost forgotten what this feels like.

    I thought it didn’t matter, and intellectually it still doesn’t …

    … But try telling that to my heart.

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  16. Good to see at least one of our fullbacks know how to hit a ball with some genuine power! Jenko!

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  17. Mr Blogs and Gooners what’s a good place to watch the FA cup final in Lisbon?

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  18. Got to love Danny Rose’s trickery on the halfway line!

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  19. Hey Blog, ever been to Vietnam?
    Amazing this weekend, because we’re the only one who play in a Final, not the other c*nts. Haha.

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  20. AND WHEN

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