Wenger tips duo for England & praises Jenko


Arsene Wenger believes Jack Wilshere and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain will be ready for England duty this summer should Roy Hodgson opt to include the duo in his World Cup squad.

Both Gunners men have endured lengthy spells on the sidelines this season with Wilshere only making a return from a two-month lay-off yesterday at Norwich and Chamberlain still working his way back to fitness.

Despite their respective injury problems, the boss said yesterday evening that their comparative freshness could be useful by the time England play Italy in their opening game.

“Jack has been out for eight weeks now so it was good to have him back. It was important for him to play today. But the World Cup is not for another month so there is still plenty of time for him. But he has shown now that he is fit to play again so there is no problem about him being available for England.

“The news is also good for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. He should rejoin our squad later this week so he will also be available for Roy Hodgson to pick for England as well and I would certainly not be surprised if he was picked.

“And the good news for England is that the two players, Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain, have definitely not been over played this season.”

Having watched his side beat Norwich 2-0 to end the Premier League season with a fifth consecutive victory, the boss also reserved a few words for Carl Jenkinson on the occasion of his first goal for the club.

“I’m happy for Carl because he’s a remarkable player and boy as well. He could share that with our fans so it’s great for him.”

On finishing fourth on 79 points, the highest total he’s achieved in six years, he concluded:

“It’s the first time in the Premier League that you finish fourth with 79 points and it was very tight. I believe that Liverpool can be frustrated tonight, we can be frustrated, Chelsea can be frustrated because only one team can win it. But at the top the number of points made by all the four teams is top quality.”


  1. Well done Jenko. I think he is a great RB and can only get better. He crosses well and is a strong lad. Given regular football he can only get better.

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  2. This is all good and well, but where is “By the Numbers”? I demand it, or I’m taking my readership elsewhere!

    Ok not really, but what happened to 7am, gonorrhea?

    Oh, and well done Jenkinson 😀

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  3. I think that the article hasn’t expanded enough on The question of whether we should promote Bould as the first team manager for the FA cup final, as a one off. It makes much more sense to give first hand winning experience to established members of the staff, rather than our current beleaguered manager whose position should “become untenable” just by losing a single football match.

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  4. Can anyone pls explain why jenkinson(a rightback) was playing as a striker as he recieved the ball?LOL was this planned by wenger or jenkinson just went berzerk and decided he was gonna get a goal today no matter what?either ways,a gooner play for gunners is simply what football is all about.every fan dreams of it.and im fucking happy jenkinson got his chance.might even be the goal of the season for me looking at how he celebrated as if he single handedly won us the premier league title with that goal.jenkinson for the future plans!

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    • Seeing how Bac probably won’t continue with us, Carl’s very likely to see a lot of action next season. I’m glad for him, but if Bac really leaves, we’re going to need to buy a right back in the summer.

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  5. Jenko made a run from the right hand side at the same time as gibbs received the ball, you can clearly see him with his hand raised, he just continued his run and fortunately the ball broke to him

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  6. I thought Jenks might benefit from a loan spell, though that looks unlikely now. I can’t see Wenger stepping him up the first-team choice straight away, despite his positive words about the player above. But even if we buy a starting-11 type replacement for Sagna (unless he stays…) Jenkinson will be needed as back-up in that position.

    With bids put in for Shaw and Lallana already by Liverpool and Utd it makes you wonder who Wenger might bid for this summer. His comments about needing 2-3 players are only semi-positive, surely we need more like 5-6 first-choice or supporting players. Keeper, right-back, centre-back, defensive-midfielder, attacking-midfielder-with-pace, and a top-quality striker (at least).

    Remy seems certain to leave QPR…surely he’s not enough to reinforce our attack? Is Vela a useful option? Would Wenger pay £30million for Javi Martinez? Do we need someone with age and experience in defense who is happy to play second fiddle to Kos and Per? It hardly seems worth doing the whole naming-the-best-strikers-and-wondering-if-we’ll-bid-for-them-thing, the WC is surely likely to force the price of these players up if they perform well.

    I think Wenger will do the business this year, though it should be another interesting summer in the transfer market for us.

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    • If you were to trust the papers (lol) he is looking at young Serge Aurier from Toulouse. Strong RB who can also plays CB and RM with good crossing and a decent shot. Obviously all I’ve seen from him are those YT-highlights where even I can look like that world class striker so I haven’t seen much of him defensively, but if you look at his stats he seems quite interesting. Leads his team in rating on whoscored for example.

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      • I couldn’t remember his name when I was writing the comment – looks a likely target and none-too-shabby. What are his Fifa 14 stats like though?

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    • A DM and attacking mid would be nice, but I think they are far from necessity – with Jack and Aaron playing alongside Arteta and Flamini, there’s plenty of room for rotation. On the right you have Gnarby, Theo, Ox, in the middle Giroud, Sanogo and possibly Campbell. A striker able to play across the fron three would pretty much solve most of the problems. I’m not saying I would not welcome Reus, but with attacking mids we seem well stock up. And DM can wait one more year, since there will be a lot of changes in defence anyway.

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  7. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind Jenko starting for us next season, this isn’t just a snap judgement from yesterday either.

    People say he’s poor in 1v1 situations or that he lacks intelligence on the pitch – these will only come with game time.

    That said I’m biased and want to vicariously live my childhood dream through him.

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  8. Jack is getting so much stick, and is now so underrated. Hope he shines at the WC. He has just as much potential as Ramsey has. And if we stick with him, we’ll have the 2 best midfielders in the country playing together for the foreseeable.

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